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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Vice Presidential Announcement  CSPAN  August 11, 2020 7:32pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> that was senator kamala
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harris. her campaign began in oakland, california, and tonight she is the running mate for joe budden. born in oakland, california, she is the first african-american female on the ticket. she attended howard university here in washington dc and at the university of california and hastings school of law. she served as the district attorney and serve the scope from 2004 until 2011 and was elected state attorney general. she announced her own campaign back in january 2019 at the event we showed you just a moment ago. earlier today, vice president biden announced kamala harris as his pick to be running mate. shortly after kamala harris with the sweet.
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your reaction to this announcement of kamala harris as the vice presidential running mate joe biden. our phone lines are open. this is the line for democrats and republicans. if you are a independent. let's get right to your phone calls. motion side california, kenny on the republican line. -- from oceanside, california. kenny on the republican line. >> she is the worst candidate. she has made a mess of california and i'm sorry she was picked. i am actual as minority female, i'm embarrassed he has made his decision just on ethnicity and that he does not think there are enough smart women that it has to be done on
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ethnicity. he has he does not think what it takes to win the presidency by himself and he is using her. for her, as a person who has her eye on being the president herself, i think that is an insult but i don't think she takes it as that. she is somebody who is always looking for an easy way up the ladder. i did think she was a good candidate for california. she put too much into being cool and not really caring about what is right for our country and for everybody. i think she treated judge kavanaugh and other people, when she is questioning them, she is so disrespectful. i don't think she is a good image for our young women and it embarrasses me that he did not pick a better candidate, but it's not my party. i left that party.
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i am embarrassed by what they have done and i will never go back to that party unless they start a new party or something else. i am really sad. under and is going new york and chicago. they want the rest of the states that have run their states properly to bail us out. >> we are going to jesse, joining us for florida on the democrats line. your reaction to tonight's announcement. >> that lady can always come to florida, come to florida where we have got all of these kooky republicans running the state and in the senate. florida is a great place to her. we will walk place out in southern california. i am so proud of him for selecting miss harris. she's going to make a wonderful vice president.
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we have a lot of cooking republicans and she is a prosecutor, and she is coming after you, and i'm so glad, proud and happy that she is the one. that's going to be her number one job to come after the crooked republicans. thank you. >> tanks. from her time as a state attorney general to u.s. senate candidate serving in the senate and as a presidential candidate, all events we have covered over the years are all available on our website let's go to mary from california. go ahead, mary. time for >> as far as i'm concerned kamala harris is probably one of
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the first women, well, i can't say first, but a woman that could possibly take over the presidency if something were to happen to joe biden. and she has ad great attitude, regardless of what everybody thinks. she is trying to pool both parties together. she does not want them separated and they should not be separated other than the fact that democrats and republicans have to make decisions together in order to pass certain laws for the country. but she is trying to unite them. and not divide them. that is my comment. ferraro back in 1984 or 1988 for the republicans, and now kamala harris.
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the third time a woman has been selected as a vice president or candidate for a major party ticket. jefferson on the phone from columbus, mississippi. democrat line. what do you think? >> i think she's a great candidate for vice president. i want to go to say this country needs someone is going to bring the country to get. -- together, somebody who is a professional. right now, weouse need to get some lysol and disinfectant. with joe biden at kalama -- and kamala harris on the ticket, we are going to take back the white house at make america great again and forever. >> on the list includes susan harris, whose served as a national security advisor, a 20 year veteran in the white house she says my warmest congratulations to kamala harris. i am confident it will prove to
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be a winning ticket and i will do my utmost help them win and govern. from tammy duckworth a senator from illinois also on the shortlist. let's go to james joining us from palm desert california. your reaction to the home state senator? >> my name is james. i am very happy i am in their -- she is in there. she talks the talk and gave a good pitch. hopefully, she can walk that walk, bring america back. she can do that, and she has got my vote to be president. she should be there because she seems like she has that fight in her and that determination.
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hopefully, she can just walk that walk and talk the talk. she has got my pick. >> thank you for the call. the democratic convention a literally scheduled for milwaukee is a virtual convention. it will get underway next evening and scheduled for a 9 p.m. start. again, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the proceedings. the republican convention is taking place in charlotte, north carolina and we will have those proceedings, including the nomination speech of donald trump. we are also getting word there is an event tomorrow in delaware in which joe biden and kamala harris will have a joint adherent. when that happens you will have it live here on the c-span network. ronald in florida, good evening. >> yes sir. the first thing i noticed is nobody is wearing masks. with all the hogs if the kisses going on. that hug's and the kisses going
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on -- the hugs and kisses going on. >> what you were looking at was an event from january 2019. that was an acid speech a year and a half ago. >> -- announcement speech year and a half ago. >> well the only thing i can say is the office will become ruined. there going to get rid of bided because he is already sick. >> why is he sick? >> you know why he is sick. >> robin next in muncie, pennsylvania. she is a perfect vt for joe. sick. not know how he is giving that information, other than where he got them from.
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the president in the white house joe is not in dementia at all. >> thank you, let's go to richard from massachusetts good evening. us?ard, are you with what i have right now is when the coronavirus took over, president trump and all his cronies in that white house went and took their money out of the stock market. nobody is doing anything about it. out of the stock market is back up, they put the money back in and know he has caught that yet. the other thing is that we need to move this world ahead.
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tomorrow and i don't understand why we are not in star wars. we can make movies about it, but we can't be there? why are our rains not moving that forward? why is all this money going to all these people that are way up high and none of it is being put back into our society. move us ahead. get out of this debt. move us forward. we should be in star trek. why 50 understand million people over 50 million years can't move us forward. i'm all for that ticket though >> phoning from massachusetts on c-span2, live coverage of the second to last debate and ascent rate between congressman joe kennedy and ed markey. it is also streamed on the web in case you missed it in its entirety.
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let's go to the republican line. mark, go ahead with your comment. >> i think it's a shame for her to be brought in with joe biden knowing he picked a pretender. he should not be picking for that. you should be kicking for our country, for our people and not just the race. >> at the white house earlier today during the regular briefing, the president was asked about the selection of senator kamala harris. this was his response. person that has told many, many stories that weren't true. she is big into raising taxes. she wants to slash funds for the military at a level nobody can even believe. she is against fracking. she is against petroleum products. how do you do that and go into pennsylvania, ohio, oklahoma or
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the great state of texas? she is against fracking? do the question first. >> your going to lose your doctors, lose your plan. she wants to take your health care plans away from 180 million americans. americans that are very happy with their health insurance. she wants to take that away. she was my number one pick. she was my number one draft pick. we will see how she works out. she did very, very poorly in the primaries, as you know. andwas expected to do well she ended up at right around 2% and spent a lot of money. a lot of things happening. i was surprised he picked her.
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i have been watching her for a long time and i was surprised. he was extraordinarily nasty to judge kavanaugh. thatas nasty to a level was just a horrible
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the words have no meaning. better watch his water glass if you catch my drift. host: will next, joining us from north carolina. good evening. fromlly, joining us mississippi, apologize. good evening. caller: this is will from mississippi. i think he did good to pick a to be his vice president. i think he will make a good president and she will make a good vice president. -- he gets my vote.
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she gets my vote. joe biden gets my vote. she gets my vote. and let the country move on. and let the country move on forward. >> thank you for the call. >> that i support joe biden and that woman all the way. >> kamala harris, 35 years old. join thealled today to ticket on the biden campaign, tweeting this afternoon his selection, kamala harris. in addition to the events tomorrow you notice in the afternoon. there is also a virtual fundraiser she will be participating in tomorrow evening. rachel is joining us from indiana. good evening.
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i want to thank you for covering this. i really appreciate seeing the rally. was great to get more familiar with her. her but it was fantastic to hear her speak. just such a shot in the arm of hope. hope, based on real activities. real professionalism's. legitimate. it's a real good feeling to me, because i am here in indiana. i am not like the current administration at all. survivoro-time cancer and have six autoimmune diseases , so when i hear these people talk about taking away health care, i am thrilled that we have a team that can finish the job that biden and obama started. >> thanks for the call.
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confirmation today from john kasich. he will be among the speakers is a former republican governor, delivering remarks to the democratic convention next week. we also know the speakers will include former president barack hillaryill clinton, clinton, former first lady michelle obama, and of course kamala harris and joe biden, accepting the perspective nomination. that's all next week. live coverage here on c-span as part of the coverage. earlier today, the trump campaign and the president with this ad released just a few minutes after the announcement was made. >> kamala harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left, embracing bernie's plan for socialized medicine, calling for trillions in new taxes, attacking joe biden for racist policies. voters smartly spotted a phony. but not joe biden. he's not that smart. he calls himself the transition
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candidate, handing over the reins while they jointly embrace the radical left. perfect together, wrong for america. >> so the battle lines are drawn. just a shorted while after the biden campaign announced the selection of, -- the selection of kamala harris. >> i don't support this ticket at all. she is a closet racist. and really, all the democrats of the left, all they do is divide america a race when they control the radio. so the elite liberal media, you know, democrat serves as the defensive team of the left. when you vote democrat, you vote for the elite liberal media's values. end up withou incompetent people like barack obama.
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but then black lives matter's, that's a big part of the constituency of democrats. they have just all come out and that stole all that product from stores in philadelphia, that that is ok according to black lives matter because it is part of reparations. unbelievable. and they want to talk about race relations. how do you possibly have an open honest discussion on race relations in the country without first recognizing that blacks aren't politically correct. -- r politically correct. but it's not about equality. it's about preferential treatment. i just look at people individually. instead of looking at them as groups like liberals want to do. i consider people from the inside out individually as opposed to the liberals who
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consider groups from the outside in. i think that is insulting, especially to minorities. they are telling minorities that they are black or brown have to be a liberal or democrat. that is racism. >> we believe that there. thank you for the call. z is joining us from north carolina. your reaction? harris ford miss accepting the nomination for vice president of the united states and i applaud joe biden for being a strong honest man and choosing her and seeing her worth, the worth she will be to this country. i am a disabled army veteran who i willmy country and serve and do everything i can to help us lead the country in the way it should go. biden and imr.
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thank you miss harris for taking the reins and leading us where we need to go. >> thank you for the call. another former rival who was reported the on the shortlist, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. she tweeted tonight, saying that is from senator elizabeth warren. rick is joining us from white creek, tennessee. >> thanks for taking my call. i just want to say that the democrats, all they want to do is create chaos for our country. that's number one. that's how they think they will get the win in 2020. i do not support kamala harris. i don't think vice president
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biden really had a good pick choice. demeanedhat when she cavanaugh during those hearings and said to the woman accuser that i believe you when she had no evidence, that, to me, said it all right there. >> let's go to john from the democrats line from carthage, missouri. >> my name is john and i am voting for joe, the president-elect. he will be a good one and i think joe will turn this country around and make america great again. that's all i got to say. he has got my vote. >> jimmy from florida. good evening. >> hello. thank you for taking my call. i just want to say my day was made wonderful when i heard that
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president -- i hope i can call him that your go biden, i was thrilled to hear that he picked kamala harris. i was hoping and hoping. we have got to get trump out of the white house and get joe biden and kamala harris in. i think they are going to be a wonderful team and i believe in them. i just hope that everybody votes for them. thank you for taking my call. inthank you for all who wait your will have much morning -- much more on tomorrow mornings washington journal. it will be live here of the c-span network. you can continue to follow all of our campaign coverage on our website, and a reminder live coverage of the convention vetting underway at 9 p.m. eastern time, 6:00 for
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those of you on the west coast. has covered every political convention since 1984, and we are not stopping now. to democrats will meet nominate joe biden on monday and president trump will accept his party's nomination the next week. watch c-span for live coverage of the democratic convention starting on monday, and the republican convention the next monday, august 24. the free c-span radio app. c-span, your unfiltered view of politics. ♪


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