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tv   Campaign 2020 Massachusetts U.S. Senate Democratic Debate  CSPAN  August 13, 2020 2:56am-3:55am EDT

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messages, and tweet. -- tweets. ♪ "the contenders," about the men who ran for the presidency and lost, but changed political history, all week at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. on thursday, five-time socialist party presidential candidate eugene b dabbs. senator edward markey has been in the senate since 2013, and this year he has a primary challenger, congressman joe kennedy. they debated last night. the candidates also answered questions about the coronavirus pandemic and racial equity. this debate was sponsored by cbs channel 4.
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the senate debate for mechanics in september 1 primary grade i am john keller , political analysis for wbz. and across the country on c-span. and our radio audience on wbz news radio 10:30. let's meet the candidates. the incumbent, ed markey has represented the u.s. senate since 2013. before that he served in the u.s. house for nearly 37 years. the challenger, joe kennedy has served in the u.s. house since 2013. now before we get started a brief word before our format. there will be no opening or closing statements. the candidates will each get one minute to respond to the same question. after that there will be open ended periods of rebuttal and discussion. otherwise known as the fate. during which they are free to
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question one another and expand their focused others topics. there are just three hard and fast rules. no filibustering. no talking over each other, and always obey your moderator. thank you gentlemen, we appreciate you being here. let's begin our debates. and she'll go in alphabetical order so mr. kennedy you'll take the first question first. and senator markey will take the second one. throughout this campaign keeping the same question from voters who are not already committed to one of you. what's the difference between these two? so let's try to give them some clarity tonight. what is the most important difference between you and your opponent? one minute. thank you all for being here tonight. look, i believe you deserve more out of your senator. if there is a connective thread since the election of donald trump, the devastation of covid-19, on this moment of interracial justice. it is we have a government is
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disconnected from its people. we have a middle-class and economy was on was impossible for middle-class prey to healthcare sick where they can't afford care. justice system or bracket round lives are stolen. we have politicians in washington who think these problems are going to be solved in some back room someplace. not in our communities here at home. that's why i am running. that is the biggest and resulting myself and senator markey. senator markey doesn't live here. he spent less time in the state and elizabeth were given she is running for president. he said he's in washington voting for us. but he missed over 50% of the votes in this critical time of covid-19. a public health and economic catastrophe. we need more data deceits. if elected i will give it to you. time. same question senator markey. thank you john, representative senator kennedy. i know so many of the voters right now are sitting with the ballot trying to decide who to
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vote. i know many are considering me because of my prudent leadership and experience. and i do that many are looking at congressman kennedy through all of his negative ads that he has been running on television, he keeps using the word change. welp, the massachusetts don't need to make a choice. because i represent experience and change at the same time. i do both. i am inspiring a generation of young people to rise up on the green nude deal and other issues that get into politics in our country. congressman kennedy when he uses the word change he means something different. pace changes position on medicare for all. he have changed his position on the issue of super pacs. he's changes position on the racist, that's his own words that he was in for 20 years and he only. [inaudible]
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one month before this campaign, you can it is a paternity inspired by robert e lee. open rebuttal for let's gutter open rebuttal go-ahead. you've known me my whole life. it is sad to hear you say those things. you are running on your records let's examine that record. he sayest and for racial justic justice. you voted for three strikes you're out. you voted for mass incarceration. you impose the integration of the boston public schools. when a mom and dad came to you to ask for justice for their murdered black son, you literally did nothing to help them periods essays hamper economic equity. when the proudest bills you say you passed was a telecommunications act. which has thousands of people
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is in their jobs here in massachusetts. when that workers wanted to meet with you, you did not want to be with them. you say you stand for the change we bring. you voted for the iraq war which continues to send young men and women to the middle east to fight for a war that didn't begin until before they were born. let him respond. snack on the issue of racial justice. in 1973 there is no black senate seat in massachusetts. i had to side with king and bunty to cast about to defy the democratic leadership is not going to allow black senate seat to be created in the state of massachusetts. i did so jeopardizing my own relationship with the leadership rate i did that. on the issue of ensuring every child gets the internet on their desk for learning that's my program. rich report every child gets
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that on their desperate that is my program. with cory booker i have introduced the next step dark to overhaul the criminal justice system in our country purred with kamala harris i've introduced legislation to provide $2000. individuals. month to make sure they get what they need for healthcare. that they get what they need for food, for rent, for the mortgage so they can pay the bills every single month. that is my leadership on those issues. a mom and dad came to you to ask for justice for their murdered son. they came to you as a united states senator. as someone in a position of power who they thought would help them, rectify what happened to their slain young boy. and when they came to you to ask for help you did nothing. the only thing you did a month letter was to sign onto a letter that my office put together. i have stood by that family
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through thick and thin year after year since pushing on the department of justice, doing everything we possibly can and continue to this day. so it's great you talk about the things you might have done or the bill you might have passed. but while you're trying to fight for that seat you say mr. owens, you were opposing the integration of the boston public schools. >> response. the neck the henry family deserves justice. i can't fathom the pain the henry family must feel for the loss of a child. the pain is unimaginable. but, let's talk some and kennedy saying is just not true. i have two letters, right here. not congressman kennedy and i wrote in 2014 to eric holder, the attorney general of the united states to ask for an
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opening of a case to provide justice for the henry family. in may of 2014 we wrote to eric holder. in december 2014 with elizabeth warren, we also wrote to make sure there would be an opening of this case. so congressman kennedy says i did nothing he knows it's not true. he knows it is a falsehood. and he keeps repeating it because it back then i stood with him to fight to make sure that this case was opened. >> go-ahead let's get this very clear. it's not my words and said you did nothing. it is mr. henry's words it said you did nothing for you sign the letter, setter, that my office put together after months of trying to get you on that letter. notes great that you signed it. but for those out there wondering what the differences between myself and senator markey, as is literally it. when i say there's more to this job that a bill you file
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in a vote that you cast, this is it. because i pushed on the obama administration. a push on the authority of new york. i pushed on washington d.c. we filed legislation. i have met repeatedly with the family. i attended their benefit every year, almost every year since they started an honor of their son to provide scholarships for underprivileged kids. and i am still in contact with on your senate colleagues today pushing on this administration, pushing on authorities in new york city. why? because you are you senator and i'm a congressman. and there's something we can do about it when a parent asks you for justice for your murdered son. >> go-ahead. [inaudible] let him respond congressman. [booing] is just not true what congressman kennedy is saying. i've a letter here is his signature next to mine. not one to letters with our nays asking eric holder of the justice department to open an
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investigation. so in he says i did nothing, he knows it's not true. he knows it is a falsehood. he keeps making a false accusation that i did nothing. he keeps her. yet knowing that is completely and totally not true. and so the evidence is right here. the letters are right here. i we acted together as partners in that's right we should do separate undescended up partner him is absolutely untrue. it's a misrepresentation, it is a falsehood and he should just stop saying it. go-ahead. every parent of a child. if you believe, if your son was murdered, your young boy was murdered by police officer and you came to a united states senator and you asked for their help. and the response you got was a month later to sign a letter i ask if you think that is sufficient? i don't. apparently senator markey does. i'll give you the final
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word and then i went to move on. snack it's not one letter to two letters in our staffs work together in drafting the language in those letters. so again, what you're saying is not true when he sings a misrepresentation. i just absolutely think he should stop it because otherwise the signatures of myself and him and elizabeth warren on these letters is actually something he is disrespecting in terms of the partnership we created to help get justice for the henry family. spinning i want to move on. >> it's not my criticism you should be concerned with. ice dj's father. it's coming from the family that's the issue. equal time. again congressman candice making these charges right now and it's not trooper he knows is not true when he should not be making the charges he knows better. >> since her time of social justice, racial justice and so forth, this question, you'll
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start here mr. markey. there's been lots of talk in democratic circles about empowering people of color politically. job pride and jim biden did today with his choice of senator kamala harris to be his running mate. let's hear more about your commitment prefer the past 20 years boston has been a majority nonwhite city. and yet the city has yet to be run as a mayor of color even though other cities have elected non- white mayor. it seems likely a of color will make the runoff to challenge next year. will you pledge right now to support that qualified person of color? senator, one minute. schematic verse about would say this. it's impossible to predict the future. it just is. you are asking a hypothetical. and the mayors doing a great job right now i'll say that right out front. i am in a race here with congressman kennedy, we are
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unsure of the outcome, three weeks ago or two years for now. >> next year. >> i want to go back to 1973 when i stood with the black caucus to make sure there would be a black senate seat in boston. i did stand by them that's why they are endorsing me in this race. those people there long ago trying to get justice for boston. i stood with him, i fought with them and we won. that is why there is a black senate seat in the city of boston right now. >> thank you, mr. kennedy one minute. correct that record real quick. you reference at sea was senator owens. the majority of democrats voted to create that seat. and while you were working on that, you oppose the integration of the boston public schools. i don't think racial justice is something you can cherry pick. racial justice is something you were committed to her you are not. your question, john, the mayor is doing a good job.
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i think there's a lesson from this moment in politics, nobody knows what dhec is going to happen. i think there are a number of -- that we have seen extraordinary empowerment of particular women of color. number very talented members of the city council. but is far too early to protect if anyone's going to jump into that. i think the mayor certainly deserves the chance. >> rebuttal? just another correction for the congressman. it was our majority of democrats that voted that black senate seat in 1973. it was a small minority of democrats who buck to their own party leadership in the house of representatives at this time. a small minority pride we had a the republicans to support governor frank sanchez at that time. it took a small number of democrats out of a huge number. i was part of that small number of democrats that did that. that's just completely untrue it's not a majority but a small minority. and i joined with them to
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bring justice to ensure there will be a black senate seat in. >> response. again, senator. the fact is you say you're advocating for the creation of that seat, one of the most searing racial justice moments in massachusetts history for the integration of the boston public schools, you chose to support the continued segregation. that was your choice. that the issue here is not that it was just one choice. you have opposed, he voted for three strikes and mass incarceration. he still to apologize for the consequences of the 19 i'd four crime bill. rejoinders are republicans against the obama administratio administration, the caucus, and democrats were the only member of the house democratic delegation to vote to maintain the number of immigration detention beds used to detain immigrants. and when a mom and dad came to
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asking for justice justice for the murdered son this isn't some bill, this is a family in front of you. >> r8 there is a laundry list there, take your time to respond. thank you john very much. the crime bill was supported by every member of the massachusetts delegation, by nancy plessis by joe biden. the provisions in their created violence is women's act. it was a ban on assault weapons. the sentencing guidelines were clearly wrong. they needed to be corrected. i do believe that is something that has to be done amounts one and did with cory booker to achieve. but on this immigration bed issue, let me just again say very clearly that congressman kennedy, later on in the same year, he cast a vote for a bill that had the very same provision in it. i did not support increasing
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those beds. i was working hard, and i was successful in putting a ban on knives on planes because of what happened at logan airport. because of the hijacking, because of the murder of whether 50 people in the other nine hijackers on that day. and i know is knives on planes in an effort was going to allow knives back into the passenger cabin. so i worked successfully to get that language in. on the issue of those in that one bill, yes it was because i was successful in banning knives on planes. but later on the same year, congressman kennedy and another bill voted for the very same language. so give me a break, congressman, you did the exact same thing but in a different bill. schematic go-ahead. to next sorry everybody going to correct this yet again. senator, you had a chance to vote to whether we should
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lower the number of detention beds or not. you are the only member of the massachusetts delegation to side with republicans to pass that bill. the only one, fact. you now claim has something to do with knives on planes. this was 12 years after 911 prayed the issue of knives was worked out earlier that day. this amendment had nothing to do -- make this bill had nothing to do with it. yet t vote. that was your choice. because of you with republicans to pass a bill it got wrapped u up. the distance between our two votes is you had a chance to stand with the immigrant community and the delegation and present obama and hispanic and you chose not to chant and transcends republicans. when it came back to both the government or not, because they pass the bill you voted for, you had to swallow it to fund government. >> one final go around. thank you john, thank you john. again congressman kennedy,
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cast the same vote. it was a large package again as it was a time before. it's a legislative process. i think we both opposed increasing those bedspread we both did. to say that he did not vote on a bill to increase those beds is absently wrong. thank you. >> i voted against that he voted for. let's move on. gentlemen thank you. you'll start here, first mr. kennedy. president trump was criticized recently for warning voters that joe biden's pledge to expand and enforce the fair housing act would mean an influx of crime and a loss of property values for suburban homeowners. do you believe the government should do more to promote suburban racial and economic diversity? and if so what should be done? one minute. yes, without question. what i think this moment has taught many prominent it's a
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moment this done before. that myriad of ways in which there have been structural racism codified at every level of government. one of the most prolific examples of that, john, is a fair housing act. we have in boston as of 2018, the meeting of the white house is student $47000. the median income of black household, that disparity comes down to lack of opportunity, lack of good wages, lack of good paying job. but the inability to then get access to housing market. if we are going to take on the structural racism leading to it order to provide opportunity for truly every american, we need to be good to her promise and our values. and we need to invest and rectify the ills of the fair housing act. mr. markey one minute. >> donald trump said he wants to make america great again. he really wants to make america hate again. what he is doing is
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systematically trying to bind issues that can somehow get votes out of the suburbs. that's what it's all about just racism plane & he is the most racist president of all time in our country's history. so we just have to break down these suburban barriers that make it more difficult for minority families to be able to move in. i live in walden we have a very racially diverse community but every community in the suburbs should be similarly diverse. and that has to be the goal of the federal government next yea year. we put justice on the ballot for housing policies in our country to make sure this historic bias that goes all the back to slave in terms of black families able to accumulate enough wealth to build homes in the suburbs so they can begin to rectify that historic injustice that is deeply into the fabric of our
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country's history. art response here and i would like more clarity in both of you and exactly what you would do to integrate the suburbs? and responding to center markey's point though. i agree largely with what he said. when the federal government need to do more in order to tackle those systemic structures for the differences that multiple points over center markey's career he actually exacerbated those challenges. voting for three strikes you're out in mass incarceration hasn't generation of african-american men to jail. opposing bussing and our school system is not a way to break down structural barriers that continues to codify them, it perpetuates. voting to detain more immigrants keep them as high as they can, that is the way you actually integrate immigrants into our committee that's a way to separate, to exacerbate fear to exacerbate the vision.
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that is center markey's record when it comes to justice in the country bread >> first avoid change my position on the party years ago just we get that out that was 40 years ago. terms of the housing issue in the suburbs right now we need state walls address law surpass that are tough is that break down discriminatory areas all across the state of massachusetts. when he federal policies that provide the funding for families who have historically not had to put down the deposit to live in the suburbs. so we need something that happens at the local level, the state level, on the federal level. were about to have a moment of justice for these families. justice it ensures they get the health care, they get the education, they get the housing, they get the criminal justice that they deserve.
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it's a big moment in our country's history prayed we can see it on the streets of our country prayed the soul of our country is on fire. one of the things we have to do is put housing in the suburbs at the top of the list of things that we are going to provide all of those communities have been historically excluded. >> go-ahead. >> center actually grew theo. and out of this record comes a reckoning summary structural failures that have left us with this injustice we see. the difference is you are not going to bring that about just by voting the right way and passing the right bill. those deals are not going to happen the back rooms in washington d.c. you need a senator who is fully engaged in all aspects of the job. the revolutions we talk about, from the american revolution to women's suffrage rights, it happens on our streets. and it's hard to be here on our streets when you are
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living in washington d.c. you spend less than a week a month before this election cycle in washington. but you say you have to be there to vote. but during this time of covid-19 and public health crisis you missed over 50% of the votes. if you want to bring about the change that you say we need, that in 2018 when that have the house the presidency literally went nowhere, campaigned for no one to help bring about that change. if you are here in massachusetts and you're not in washington and you are not out there on the front lines campaigning to bring about the change that we need, then jack, i think massachusetts deserves more out of their senator. >> go-ahead. >> thank you. first about carson county, during the time we served together both have a 95% apiece. so just put that to rest. and on this issue of change, well, i took on the oil industry and the auto industry to increase fuel economy
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standards and the largest single reduction in american and world history, i took on the nra to now have $25 million being spent at the cdc through research on gun violence and societies make nr nra's stand that's my law. i have a 25 to 30 billion-dollar program for alzheimer's by the year 2025, that's my law. i have a bill which put the internet on the desk of every single child in our country and i'm fighting hard right now to make sure they get it at home during this pandemic. because 12 my people do not have it. that's my law. the difference between us as i have more than 500 laws on the books that have been signed by president. the job of a senator is to go to washington, to pass laws to get them back in the home state. that is what i do. the congressman himself has
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said that he's got 13 bills to pass in his own words and most of them small and insignificant. the difference between us is that we have a job. it's too go to washington and it's to get bills passed to help people back home. i do that. so lesson a mental break split. go. >> i don't think i'm a senator, making hearing aids insignificant. i don't think overhauling manufacturing policy to re- device american manufacturing is insignificant. i don't think that providing guaranteeing mental and behavioral health care for pregnant women and new moms is insignificant. i don't think for the other coalition to actually fight for economic opportunity is insignificant. >> use the word small and insignificant herd i'm only quoting you, using your own words. you use those. >> i characterize my own
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legislative record is small insignificant. i find that hard to believe. so okay on that agenda might have a breather have a sip of water. when we come back, taxes, jobs, partisanship among the topics on the agenda that the democratic primary debate senate continues, stay with us.. they massachusetts primary is september 1. ♪ ♪ welcome back to our debate between the incumbent senator ed markey and the challenger joe kennedy. i've been remiss here. some of these questions you're hearing were submitted by voters via social media. we appreciate all the input and include this on, senator markey will go first on this. in the past, he both boasted of your ability for productive working relationships with your republican colleagues but in this era of cars partisanship.
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he's drawn fire from within the democratic party for suggesting that if president trump is defeated, republicans in congress will have quote an epiphany and return to the bygone days of working with democrats in a bipartisan manner. i move he says he will than awad. his critics call that naïve and out of touch with reality. who is right? biden or his critics? one minute please. >> we hope when donald trump as he fumigated out of the white house in november and republicans lose control the senate and they are in the minority that they will see the lights. and they will begin to cooperate on the bipartisan basis. that is what we hope. but if they don't, here's a big agenda next here on healthcare. on the economy, on education on criminal justice. justice, justice, justice, justice, it's on the ballot in november it will be the agenda next general. if the republicans continue to be obstinate, then we will
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just have to change the filibuster rules in order to get that agenda passed. because america can't wait. justice must be delivered. especially to those essential workers in our country who right now are rain the risk of catching the coronavirus and giving that to their whole family. we see with the are, they're poor, the black, or immigrants i we need to make sure he put an agenda on the books at the republicans if they block it cannot stop because we just change the rules. >> thank you congressman kenned kennedy. return to bipartisanship is that naïve and out of touch? >> i hope not. but i fear so. and that's why i would pointed to the way which i have got about my job over the course of the past four terms in congress. the majority of those under republican control paid the bills i referenced a moment ago, all passed under republican control of the house. i was able to find areas to push that legislation through. the difference of him myself
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and senator markey as i am not content to just say that is going to be enough. he talks about a big bold agenda we need to have a big bold agenda prayed the differences help vote for, i will fight for. that big bold agenda doesn't just come about because we wish it to be so. you got to go out there and make it so. you've got to be here with chelsea, salt river, brockton, springfield for listening to the concerns of our constituents. you gotta take that fight nationally. except the support he's gotten some of the bills with congressman with cortez and bernie sanders for the differences they are in every corner of the country fighting for that change. and he has gone nowhere to combat that. >> rebuttal? so i introduce the green new bill with alexandria cortez you're a half ago. we have real environmental justice during our country as we solve the problem of climate change for the planet that we would save all of
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creation and engaging in massive job creation for a bit alexandria and i make sure with the green new deal, which was criticized by the way. just like by republicans of fox news with many democrats as well by going too far. because we talked about intersection algae. we talked about front-line communities, extra people of color. we talked about how those who aren't the most polluted situations invariably are the pores they are the immigrant families and we can see that during the coronavirus. so when i introduce that bill it was pooh-poohed in certain circumstances. in the thing mr. about medicare for all when ice next to bernie in 2017 introducing medicare for all congressman kennedy took two years to sign on to medicare for all. that now it looks like predictive of where we are now. millions of people have lost their healthcare. we are 47th in the world and life expectancy. we are 38 counts plastered two thirds of all bankruptcies were because of healthcare bills. medicare for all now looks
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like it is a bill that has it's time that has arrived the same as the green new deal. that is the leadership i would like. movements across our country to fundamental change which our country once and needs. so response. >> center it took you 40 years in office to show leadership on medicare for all, 40 or so let's get that record straight first. second, the fact of why you'd say because those movements are built in washington? you are not here. you are here less than a week a month. but you are not out there campaigning to drive that chang change. bernie sanders is out there building a movement. whether that's on racial justice or social justice or economic fate agree or disagree with him, by the way you endorsed hillary clinton twice. you never endorsed senator sanders in his run for presidency. never. so that you are somehow leading that same movement that you have no claim to try to hold, it's just not the case. you're not here to our
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communities galvanize in those forces act should bring this to pass. because as your own campaign is said, when democrats were desperate for that change brigham republicans had the house and the presidency, i traveled to dozens of districts to win the house and hold the said ms. ray schenk accountable and pass the changes. you senator, went nowhere. nowhere. so go-ahead. so thank you. look, alexandria ocasio-cortez and interest in the green new deal start a movement of millions of young people across this country prayed the sunrise movement they are on every campus. high school, middle school in our country right now, young people rising up, demanding more from that we solve that problem. it's at the grassroots in our country. it has changed the whole debate in the way in which people view this issue. president biden is now asked alexandria ocasio-cortez to head by simon climate change but in fact president biden
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says that is a climate change legislation will pass next to prayed that is a movement that came from the grassroots of our country. that is a movement which i built with alexandria ocasio-cortez. it's why the sunrise movement is ahead me, the ciara club is with me the league of conservation voters is with me. the national resource defense council is with me because i have a movement at the planet with the win, solar and all of those things plug in batteries within energy energy efficiency strategy that's going to create millions of jobs in our country and do so with justice not just jobs but just as especially families of color. i want to move on but go ahead you can finish. so 47 years and now we have this. senator if that's the movement we are building, then why not go out and fight for? why not go out there and actually build it? the campaign says you've been here. and you haven't been out there building it.
3:33 am
you weren't in washington you miss votes for months on end. that is where the fight is. and why are we fighting for? that is the difference folks. you support it, i support the green deal is from day one. the difference is i will fight for this great i am 39 years old but i've a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. we need environmental justice in our country. the difference is, i know that's not just going to come to pass. this injures you talk about they will put up a fight for every last obstruction they can. but you're the guy who took a generation from the chairman from exxon mobil during this campaign, not me. for going to actually do this, we need to bring that fight to every corner of our country part and you haven't. >> right now, there is a super pack run by the congressman's
3:34 am
twin brother that are running negative ads against me. on television all day long every single day. and there are reports that his father, his father may be providing funding for that super pack. and again, that funding could be coming from some of the fossil fueled money that is father raises a congress and because he is using that money right now to attack me. so my question is, p was to go to this, my question is this, is your father funding that super pack that is attacking me right now? >> no clue no idea. in center list be very clear about this. the only reason why there's a super pack in this race, the only one is because you would not stick to your word. you signed a pledge back in 2013 to keep super pacs out. senator nye came steve to ask you to do the same thing but she and i signed that pledge preview refused to. you have had -- there been negative ads on me by your
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campaign for long time. your campaign, your super pack is funded by telecom billionaire, a private equity lienor and one of the folks that funded mitch romney super pack when he ran for president. you have taken more money from the telecom industry than any living member of congress. so if we want to talk about campaign financial support. i asked you multiple times to keep this money out. you said no. here's the difference. >> wrap it up. >> this is important subject. >> here's the difference the difference is this. this super pack is running relentless negative ads. i challenge the congressman to say that if any super packets in that it only be positive and that it be disclosed money. and so right now if the congressman is saying is, with all these relentless ads coming at he said i have no idea if my father he sang i don't know if my father is
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providing the funding for all of these negative ads that are being run because they should be positive for any super pack should be positive. here's what i say to the congress in part i'm sure your father's washer and now, tell your father right now that you don't want money to go into a super pack that runs negative ads tell your twin brother and tell your father you don't want any money to be spent on negative ads in massachusetts in 2020 and the arab donald trump >> i've said that multiple times. >> have you told your father that? >> and set it publicly. >> abbey said it's your father >> publicly >> to be told your father soon i tell your father you don't want money spent on negative ads. [inaudible] schematic when i asked you back in february at a debate whether you would stand by your word and you said there'd be positive, hold on you said there needed to be positive voices. you didn't have an answer who is to judge those positive
3:37 am
voices. it's because of those workers like miles calvi and the folks it ended up losing their jobs because of it. and you would not meet with the them. they have a very different take on some of your positive voices of the economic devastation is brought for those families. >> my campaign is people powered. congressman candice campaign against me is now fossil fuel. all i want to do is tell his father stop spending money on negative commercials and messages in the air of truck prayed we should all be positive with a vision, big vision for this country is going. instead the congressman is running a relentlessly negative campaign which i do not think is good for massachusetts and asia tells brother, his twin brother and his father to stop. >> ten seconds. >> you are campaign supporters have put out tweets and have
3:38 am
bullied my supporters, have put out tweets saying that lee harvey got the wrong kennedy. that where is lee harvey's old and not a word coming from you not a word. so cut the negative complaining. look not a word from you or your campaign. >> i obviously would never comment any time except anyone saying that about your family. and no one affiliated with my campaign would ever say anything like that. so i say to you, okay that is just something which is completely unacceptable. should not be in politics and i make that a pledge to you it's absolutely wrong. >> okay let's move on thank you. and i believe you will take this first mr. markey. among the issues facing the next congress will be massive budget deficits. what specific tax hikes will you support to help dry up that red ink?
3:39 am
one minute. cnet thank you. there were massive unjustified tax breaks given during the bush administration and during the trump administration. all of them should be repealed. 80% of them went to the upper two percentile. we need those revenues in order to make sure that we have medicare for all. to make sure we have a great new deal. that families get access to the education which they need for their family members. we have to make sure that we provide to help for everyone who needs it. we have to think big in 2021. and not only do we need to increase taxes, we also need to cut through the defense budget. it is bloated, there's upwards of a trillion and half dollars in new nuclear weapons built into the defense budget. over the next generation, we do not need any new nuclear weapons we must cut those programs and transfer those into the healthcare, education all the rest the program
3:40 am
sweetie need for the people in our country. >> mr. kennedy, tax hikes fuel support to drive the deficit? >> we need to repeal the bush and the trump taxes. that's where we should start. but that's not going to be enough odor to action bring about structural change i believe we need. but in addition to those tax changes, john, workers have been exploited for generations spent taking literally over the past 50 years the percentage of households to the flattening of wages to the economic ability of the americans the fact is much of that has happened on senator markey's watch. look, that bites is why i got into office prayed that is why iran i get some peoples you were going going to be able to make enemies.
3:41 am
we have to update that social compacts. when it comes to issues like affordable childcare for every family, it is more expensive to send a child send them to college in the state. that needs to change. >> rebuttal. >> will come of this is just a question of justice. in our country right now for example, there are 12 million children without the internet at home. that's going to lead to a learning gap which is going to lead to an opportunity gap for those children parts of building on my 54 billion-dollar internet program for every child to get a desk in the classroom, i am fighting for the $4 billion mixer those 12 million children get internet at home. otherwise will have an educational tragedy in our country. the same thing is true, we need to ensure that there is paid sick leave, that theirs paid child lee. that we ensure everyone gets
3:42 am
the basic income they need in our country. we need to think big next year. but in this coronavirus package right now we have to protect those children, we have to protect our fishermen here in massachusetts, with dementia there is an extension for unemployment benefit for all the workers here in massachusetts. that is what i am fighting for right now on the floor of the united states senate and in our cities and towns. they don't have to lay off teachers or public safety or healthcare officials right now. that's a fight that's being waged on the floor at the united states and apart i'm standing up and fighting for them would want their senator to fight. >> much of the details that senator markey just related or core aspects of the heroes expert a builder passed the house of representatives literally months ago. and the reason why would you pass that? because want to have it and set the terms of that debate to pass legislation that supported our hospital, first responders are families, and states amidst the pallets are
3:43 am
tedious and get to work. the additional 50 billion we provided for child care services. that is the difference of what happens when you have folks that will go up there and actually campaign across this country to deliver change. senator markey has been in office for 47 years. he's had the chance to do that. we needed him most the voice was to drive that change flipped the senate but he didn't do that. we are seeing the consequences of right now. >> okay briefly. >> i just have to correct the congress once again. in march when the coronavirus hits, actually cross the aisle, went over to the delegation, took elizabeth and we said we need three new million dollars for the fishermen. we got that past comments in the coronavirus package. it's very clear that the gig workers of massachusetts to a 55000 of them would have no un- employment benefits at all from the state or federal government i was successful in making sure they got $600 that
3:44 am
lasted until the end of this year. the administration did not want to provide one had a $50 billion in healthcare assistance, the only one to give 100. i reckoned it mended because of the leadership of the massachusetts hospital behold, we fight, we got that money and he got the money for testing as well. so on the floor of the senate, in this fight i stood, i thought, and i one for the people of massachusetts. >> so since were talking about jobs and i want it i know you had worry when to say but let's talk about the 61 year old man is been unemployed since december. he wrote and a lot of us over 60 won't be able to find jobs again. reduce the or lowering the retirement age to 60 with full benefits and medicare? mr. kennedy. >> look this is deafly something that has to be considered. john, this is what happens we have economic policies and end up hollowing out our middle class. we've got folks coming up on their time and age for social security that savings get
3:45 am
wiped out. we are also seeing economic devastation for my generation, the millennial's, that are coming-of-age in the worst economic crisis after the worst economic crisis they confronted ten years ago. by almost every single statistic they're worse off than their parents. they are delaying marriage, they are delaying children, they can afford the lifestyle. but that's what happens when you have leadership that the sleep of the switch able to provide economic dignity for our people. and that is why we need change. >> mr. markey. [inaudible] >> medicare for all is the answer. he is afraid he 60 he would not be covered prayed so that's it medicare for all is all about. that's it bernie and i and elizabeth, were trying to accomplish and we introduced a bakken 2017. it's a deal this anxiety that exists in families all across our country. and this gentleman that you're talking about he feels it right now. he may not easily find a job,
3:46 am
especially in massachusetts with 17.4% unemployment, the highest in the united states. this anxiety is real. my father drove a truck, my mother because my grandmother died she had to actually raise her three younger sisters. and i grew up in that house. with a truck driver. i could see the anxiety the kitchen table for them trying to pay the bills. when that anxiety exist all across massachusetts in her country right now. family try to pay the bills paid medicare for awk for this healthcare issue goes right to the heart of ensuring that no one has to worry that their healthcare will be in jeopardy because they are not getting the insurance they need. >> response. i am proud of the leadership in this country and my time in office. from my work trying to defend and expand the affordable air unchecked cares act to protecting medicaid expansion to my fight for medicare for all. because what we are seeing in this moment is, john, your
3:47 am
health effects mine and mine affects yours. we need to pass this for the differences i'm out there fighting for the changeable delivery. >> i go to squeeze in homer question i'm connected now for going to get it. you will start here mr. kennedy. the pandemic seems to be widening the education access gap. families with money are able to move their kids to private schools they believe are more protected from the virus or for learning pods where families pool their resources to hire private tutors. what, if anything, would you do to provide options for less affluent parents who don't feel safe sending their kids back to the local public school? one minute. >> john, i've got a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. and this question about what we do for schooling and daycare, it is a topic every night for me. because as of now there is not a good decision. do you provide the educational
3:48 am
opportunity and social emotional learning that our kids need? do you risk their health and the health of teachers and parents and other family members? what we are seeing is one, the need for that money to commit for the heroes act and actually provide resources so we can infect try to reopen schools appropriately. but two, it's a consequence of literally decades of underfunding basic social services from childcare and affordable childcare to intranet to schooling, to healthcare. and that's the problem we have in front. that's the challenge before us whether we are going to big enough and bold enough and relentless enough to deliver on that change. >> educational options for less affluent families mr. markey. >> big question. back when i was drafting the telecommunications act as the lead democrat yes i was trying to break down the monopoly suite on leash the broadband we did and it had trends of dollars into investment of millions of new jobs. but he also did something
3:49 am
else. and that was because of my cousin mary who was a teacher, a math teacher. i was in her classroom and she had one computer and 25 kids. and i asked the kids, how many of you have computers at home? only for them said they did. and i said how many of you would like them? all the kids in the class raise her hand. that's all we have the internet and it is on the desk of every single child in america because of my law that i got password $54 billion. but we are right now is there's going to be a huge gap that opens up if we don't get the internet at home so they can learn, the poorest children black, brown, all across her country immigrant kids there's going to be a huge problem that we are going to have to live with for generations if we do not get them help. that is what i'm going to fight and win on the senate floor over the next tape and turn ten days to make sure funding is there for every poor family in our country. >> right gentleman there are two minutes left pretty each get half of it, go.
3:50 am
>> center there is still 18 towns that don't have access to broadband. talk to folks in western massachusetts you will see folks literally crowded outside of a library to get high-speed internet access. that is still the challenge we confront. but look, everybody, you've all heard a lot of back-and-forth for a long time. let me simplify this debate and make it clear. this is about our future and the future of our country. we have a choice to make. because so many families are hurting and the less government's have been brutal. we have a chance to actually go big and to make sure that out of this wreckage comes a reckoning part or we can choose to do more of the same. i hope to have that chance to serve you in the senate to make sure we continue to build on this change. schematic thank you mr. markey equal time. >> we still have not heard from congressman kennedy on his father's funding of this super pack of running negative
3:51 am
ads. >> the agenda for our country has to be justice next year. environmental justice, the greener deals. medicare for all, healthcare justice. educational justice, criminal justice, that has to be what is on the ballot. that is what the agenda is next year. martin luther king said all of our hands must be on the ark of justice to ensure that everyone has access to it in our country great i pledge to the voters of massachusetts that i be given the honor to continue to fight for justice for every person in our state. and the entire united states of america. select gentleman thank you good debate and that concludes our debate. primary day is just three weeks away on september 1. if you haven't done so you still time to vote early by mail third call your local city or town hall or check the secretary of state website for more details. early voting in person runs from august 22 to the 28th.
3:52 am
and of course you can still go to the polls on tuesday september 1. make your voice heard. then watcher voigt and trump voice that night with full election coverage stay safe, and thank you very much for watching. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> during the summer months, reach out to your elected officials with the congressional directory. contactins all of the information you need to stay in touch with members of, -- congress and state governors. >> here's a look at our live coverage thursday.
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