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tv   President Trump Holds News Conference  CSPAN  August 14, 2020 6:35pm-6:57pm EDT

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israel and the united arab emirates. president trump: all right good afternoon. very corrupt fbi. he is expected to plead guilty. you probably heard that. it just came out. i guess that is just the beginning. whatever happened should not
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happen again, so he is pleading guilty, a terrible thing, terrible thing. they spied on my campaign, and they got caught, and you will be hearing more. today, the office of trade and manufacturing policy released a how my -- new report on administration has harnessed the full power of the defense production act to achieve the greatest industrial mobilization since world war ii in our fight against the china virus. factories, businesses, and laboratories are being built all over america to match our nation's demand for personal protective equipment, pharmaceuticals, drugs, testing supplies, therapeutics, and vaccines. it has been incredible, what we have been able to do in a very short period of time. we are helping other countries, also, because we really have been doing it at a level that
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nobody has ever seen before. it was just announced a little while ago. industrial production rose for the third straight month. that is a big thing. factory output was up three point 4% after a 5.7% increase last month. recordre getting to be numbers, incapacity and utilization is now up to almost 70%. very are coming back strong. we should have a very good third quarter. we should have an unbelievably good next year. next year, if we do not mess it up with somebody that has no idea what they are doing, it could be a fantastic year. my administration has exercised the authority under the defense to a number and a related authorities out of 78 times, dispersing over 3.5
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billion dollars to speed the development and manufacturing of put ital material, so to a little bit differently, the administration has exercise the authority under the defense production act and related authorities, 78 times. that is a lot. that is a big number. 78 times. it came in very handy. a lot of times, we just mentioned it, and they did what we asked them to do, dispersing over 3.5 billion dollars to speed the development and manufacturing of essential materials. i have used the dpa more comprehensively than any president in history. there was a time when they would say, why are you using it, why are you using it? well, we have used it a lot, only where necessary. for the most part, we have had tremendous cooperation. by invoking the dpa, we harnessed to productive mind of general motors to manufacture ventilators.
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kokomo,posed the indiana, plant in just 17 days, an all-time record, and has now produced over 21,000 ventilators. we are also working with ford motor company and general electric to produce over 30,000 ventilators a month. in michigan, they have done a great job. our nation is now the king of ventilators. i say that. the king of ventilators. we are sending them all over the world and helping countries who never would have ventilators. we are looking to produce over 200,000 ventilators by the end of the year. those are some numbers. so we are helping a lot of countries. in april, i directed 3m to increase its manufacture of the n95 masks. by may, they had increased production by over one million masks a day. think of that. they increased production of masks by over one million a day.
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3m is now manufacturing an additional 39 million masks a month. toalso worked with honeywell open factories in arizona and rhode island. they are now producing over 20 million masks a month. by the end of the year, domestic use of manufacturing will have produced over one billion n95 respirators, and all of them are made right here in the usa. that is a big difference from the past. in 90l, we have increased five mass production by 400 million masks a year. now, the media might say, why not 500, why not 600? nobody has seen numbers like this ever. we delivered more than $75 million in support to puritan medical in maine it. i was up there, as you remember. we had a tremendous visit, tremendous throngs of people along the roads on the way to puritan medical.
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puritan has doubled their production of testing swabs from 20 million to 40 million per month. they are doing a fantastic job. and so is maine. i have also used the dpa to fight price gouging and hoarding. my administration located in seized over half a million pieces of hoarded personal protective equipment, including 299 thousand pairs of medical grade gloves, 192000 and, and 130 surgical masks. is hoarding. my administration's decisive actions have yielded truly incredible results. people have done a truly incredible job. we have replenished the strategic national stockpile that was very badly depleted when we took office and totally neglected by the last administration. since the start of the pandemic,
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we have tripled the number of n95 masks on hand to over 40 million, triple the number of over 50 million, and ventilators to over 60,000. the strategic national stockpile or is on track to contain over 300,000 -- excuse me, 300 million n95 respirators and surgical masks, over 4.5 billion gloves, and over 190,000 ventilators. that is far more than we have ever done before. it is not even close. as we talk about the economy, we continue to restore america's industrial mites. we are bringing more jobs to the usa. we understand that economic health is critical, very critical, to public health. we will be discussing next week some of the outstanding numbers we have compared to any other country. there is no country even close
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when you look at what we have from theared to them standpoint of the economy. and also, even during the period of the china virus, in the last three months, we have added an average of 100,000 jobs every single day. over 620lso added thousand manufacturing jobs in the past three months. that is despite people saying you cannot do manufacturing jobs anymore. wand, theymagic said, but they were wrong. one million for the first time in a long time. announce that as part of operation warp speed, the federal government will be partnering with a corporation, great company, which is a major medical company to rapidly distribute a china virus vaccine as one as -- is approved. they are in phase three trials.
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we have many of them going along in different passes. also, many different companies doing them. very, very incredible companies. we currently have three candidates in phase three clinical trials and are on pace to have 300 million doses of the vaccine ready before the end of the year and 500 million doses very shortly thereafter, and we are ready logistically to distribute them. our military is ready. a great general is in charge read this is what he does. he distributes things. it is usually people, weapons, tanks, but in this case, it is a vaccine or therapeutic, as it may be. we continue to actively monitor the virus, executing the strategy to protect the vulnerable and prevent hospital overcrowding. as of today, hospitalizations continue to be very stable, and we will be watching always very carefully. we remain vigilant.
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we ask every citizen to practice good hygiene, socially distance, wear a mask when distancing is not possible, and to protect the elderly. always, protect the elderly. so now, we will take a few questions if you like. the issuesident, on of more money for the u.s. postal service and mail-in ballots, if the democrats were to give you some of what you have articulated in a series of tweets in the last hour, would you be willing to accept the $25 billion for the postal service, including the $3.5 million? president trump: it is not what i want. it is what the american people want. so in addition to, and i think as part of your answer, -- in addition to the executive orders that we signed, which we are going to be doing terrific things in terms of payroll tax cut, which is a lot of money coming to a lot of people very quickly, i have directed the
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secretary of the treasury to get ready and send direct payments, 3004 hundred, for a family of four, to all americans. 00 for a family of four to all americans. democrats are holding this up. pppre sending additional benefits to those hurt by the virus. democrats are holding this up. we are talking about those are two things directly involved in really a victim of the china virus. we are ready to send -- democrats are holding it up. i am ready to send rental assistance to workers hurt by the china virus. all of these things are on the list. emma kratz are holding this up. i am ready to send $105 billion to the states to help open school safely with additional pp
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holdingemocrats are this up. so this is $105 million to help states open schools with additional ppe. democrats are holding that up, right? and i am ready to spend more money to -- send more money to great for local jobs, our firefighters, first responders, and teachers. it is already to go, so they are holding all of that up. >> money for the postal service? >> giving it to the american people. i would certainly do that, sure. >> when you said you directed secretary mnuchin to send direct payments, you are doing that directly or after approved? president trump will: we are waiting for the democrats to approve. republican star, a
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qanon.nt of the are you for that customer president trump: she had a tremendous victory, so absolutely, i congratulate her. >> the conspiracy theory, do you agree with her on that? that was the question. brother, how is he doing? president trump: i have a wonderful brother. we have had a great relationship from day one, and he is in the hospital right now, and hopefully, he will be all right, but he is pretty -- he is having a hard time. the want to ask you about invitation from putin with iran? president trump: i have been told a bit but have not heard of
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it yet. who should get it first? president trump: i will rely on the doctors to tell me that. i would say probably the elderly, nursing homes. a lot of people have said, would you take it, and i have set i will take it or go first or last. i will do whatever they want me to. but i think the elderly and the people who are most vulnerable to the disease. they're actually making those lists right now, mostly nursing homes and retirement centers. >> russia has approved a vaccine. what do you know about the vaccine? president trump: we do not know much about it. we hope it works, we do. we hope it works. they have cut off trials, and we just feel it is important to go through the process. we have numerous different vaccines that we think are going to work, but we want to go through a system of trials. we are very advanced.
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we will be announcing something in the not too distant future, also with therapeutics, which i think are very, very important. yes? and one on oil. first, on china. there is a lot of talk about apple,der on wechat, disney, because it is such a big payment platform in china, that if you ban u.s. businesses from working with them, they will not be able to sell iphones in china or similar. so you do not mind? president trump: i do, we are working on the security of our country. we have been very damaged by china. weekd the u.s. this seizing the iranian oil tankers going towards venezuela. i am wondering what you are going to do with that oil. >> the tankers, they are going
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to houston, and they are there. they are not supposed to be doing that. so we did, we seized the tankers. and we are moving them and moved to houston. >> mr. president, two questions if you do not mind, mr. president. first of all, kamala harris, you have been very blunt about her being a nasty woman. she has treated joe biden worse than anybody else. i watched those debates. they were very boring, but they were debates, nonetheless, and i watched pretty good parts of them, and she treated biden worse than anybody else by far. there was nobody, even pocahontas. nobody treated biden so badly as kamala. >> do you have an issue of a strong woman of color being in this race? president trump: no, none whatsoever, not at all.
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>> thank you, mr. president. and as second question, if you do not mind. even before you were president, you always talked about being the ultimate dealmaker. why not sit down with democrats and cut a deal? president trump: because they want $1 trillion going to their friends in cities and states doing badly. most are doing well, even in terms of crime. but when you look at chicago, when you look at what is going on in illinois and new york and economically both and in other ways, it is horrible. it is horrible. look at oregon. look at what is going on in oregon. they do not have a clue. we could stop -- if they requested it, we could stop that in one hour, like we did in minneapolis. we would stop it in one hour. it is so easy to do. go ahead. >> yesterday, you announced a historic deal with israel and
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the united arab emirates, and later today, joe biden tried to take credit. president trump: we announced the deal, and i appreciate that even "the new york times" gave it great coverage, "the wall street journal," "the washington post," and this is something we haven't working hard on, and this -- we have been working hard on, and sleepy joe tried to take credit for it. what they did is made a terrible deal with iran, and the deal was a horror show, and i ended it. they gave them $1.8 million in cash for nothing. they got nothing from that deal except trouble. they did nothing, and just like they have been weak on china, they have been weak on russia and week on everyone, and they were the weakest of all on iran. it was a great deal made by very talented people who work with me, and it has been praised all over the world, and what you will see now is other countries
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will come into that deal, and you will have peace in the least, and he does not even know the name of the countries i am talking about. thank you very much, everyone. mr. president? will you now denounce them? ♪ announcer: "the contenders," about the men who ran for the presidency and lost that changed political history all week at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. tonight, the 1916 presidential candidate and chief justice of the supreme court, charles evans hughes. announcer: during the summer months, reach out to your elected officials with c-span's congressional directory. it contains all of the contact information you need to stay in touch with congress, state
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leaders, and governors. order your copy online today at announcer: joe budden and kamala harris filed paperwork to put them on the ballot in all 50 states. here is a look. biden: in here. will make this official, official. sign our request to get on the ballot in each of the states. i am starting off by signing delaware, and the senator is going to sign california, and then we you guys will do the work and get all of the states and territories, so thank you. ready?
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senator harris: that is it. mr. biden: they make you sign a lot more in delaware. >> what do you make of president trump about picking your running mate? i am signings: this because i am in the race to when and with that guy right there, and we are going to get it done. >> senator? >> come on, guys. come on, go. thank you. next hour, ar the look at the life and career of california senator kamala harris, the democratic vice presidential candidate, and we will also show you some moments -- from theifornia c-span library. she is from california and
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attended howard


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