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  Republican National Convention Day 4  CSPAN  August 27, 2020 8:30pm-10:21pm EDT

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president and mike pence getting out there. peopleg directly to despite the pandemic. >> thanks very much for being with us. our live coverage of day 4 of the rnc, right now. >> america is great, because it is good. if america ceases to be good, it will no longer be [indiscernible]it is the goodness and americans that informs the greatness of america. the freedom to do what is right and good. for yourself and your family. to accomplish dreams. to live securely. to help others. not by the force of government,
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but by the goodness of heart. where rights are not granted by government or claimed by identities, but are unalienable. as members of the human race. today, america's greatness is challenged by those with extreme notions. defunding law enforcement as lawlessness abounds. hateful rhetoric telling you what to wear and when you can work. limiting free speech and freedom of worship. ideas. let us restore the values that made america great. >> we will make america strong again. >> returned to the highest standard. >> we will make america proud again. >> a land of freedom of speech
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and worship. >> we will make america safe again. >> command of security and prosperity. >> and we will make america great again. >> a land of greatness. ♪ >> from washington, d.c., welcome to the 2020 republican national convention. tonight, celebrating america is the land of greatness -- as the land of greatness. ♪ >> let us pray. artheavenly father, which in heaven, we thank you for the great bounty you have bestowed
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on this nation and the many blessings we have received these past four years. we are forever grateful. as we come tonight, our country is facing trouble. tens of thousands in the path of a deadly storm. the pandemic has worked millions of hearts with fear -- gripped millions of hearts with fear. have witnessed and justice. anger and despair have flowed into the streets. we need your help. we need to hear your voice at this crucial hour. we ask that you would unite our hearts to be one nation under god. you are our only hope. we depend upon you. , for ourou tonight ,resident, donald j. trump
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hopes you will give him clarity of vision and strength as he leads this nation forward. bless him. weep for a -- we pray for our first lady, melania, their son, baron, and all of the family. protect him and keep them strong and safe. we thank you, vice president, mike pence, for a steady hand and clear voice. karen pence and their family. we know you can make this nation great once again, if we turn our eyes and our hearts to you and follow your board and obedience. may your will be done on this earth as it is in heaven. and we pray this in the mighty name of your son, my lord and savior, jesus christ, amen. ♪ >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united it's of america.
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-- united states of america. it to the republic for which stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. ♪ we cause ourns, own destiny. as americans, we look forward, not backward. our ancestors braved the unknown. they built this nation brick by brick. they lifted up millions from poverty and hunger and disease. they vanquished fascism and communism. a great nation with a great people. no one has done more to protect advancement and president trump. -- than president trump. as republicans, we are proud to stand with him and to work for you. together, we built the greatest economy the world has ever seen. and we will do it again. we confronted china head on.
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tour up bad trade deals -- tore up bad trade deals and made new ones. achieved energy independence. defended the sanctity of life. restored law and order at the border. we as every american knows, face an invisible enemy that we did not ask for. but we will defeated. becausedefeat it, america is where innovation happens. we have developed vaccines in record time. we will defeated, because president trump unleashed a marshall plan for mainstream. to get taxpayers back on their feet. we will defeat it, because tough times don't last. that americans do. that is what this election is all about. you, not us. joe biden and kamala harris think this election is about government, the law. it is about your family, your
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future, and to secure what really matters. to call on the bedrock of what makes us the greatest country in the world, the american promise. and promise everyone is equal under god. under the constitution and under the law. and promise that government is accountable to we, the people. that if you work hard, your opportunities are endless. as republicans, it is our mission to renew the american dream. andore our way of life rebuild the greatest economy in the world. the socialist democrats have a different agenda. they will dismantle our institution. defund our police. destroy our economy. as you cast your vote this november, remember this, for years ago, -- 4 years ago, trump made a promise to be your voice.
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he kept that promise, but there is so much more to do. the choice before you could not be clear. forward as freedom, backward is socialism. forward is prosperity, backward as poverty. forward and personal liberty, backwards and more government control. i know in which direction i am headed. -- for the best is yet to come. ♪ >> hello. 20 years ago, i moved to washington, d.c. to attend howard university. just like crossroads, america is today. in cleveland, a
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blue-collar street in a blue-collar city. when the media talks about forgotten places, or working-class people, who were overlooked and struggling hard, -- are overlooked and struggling hard, they never seem to show people like my mom, who worked two jobs at the gas station as a clerk. my mom showed me how to persevere. they never seem to show people ine my dad, who plowed snow the winter and paved streets in the summer. who stood by me through thick and thin and taught me strong values everyday. they never seem to show people like me. at first, i didn't live the values my parents taught me.
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i a starting spot on the for city football team, but i only had a 1.9 gpa. but then, i broke my leg. leg for me toen really get moving in life. i prioritized schoolwork, what inard -- went to howard, and that up working for the president of the united states. -- ended up working for the president of the united states. up, i believed all the stereotypes. it took a meeting, republicans who shared my values, to show me i was wrong. donald trump knows that in the work of revitalizing communities, america's strength is america's people. and i can tell you, he really cares. and he takes action. important to black
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communities have been a priority for him. prison reform, rebuilding broken families, bringing jobs back to america, jobs in cleveland, and traitt, -- in the -- in detroit, in milwaukee. securedwhat he permanent funding for historic black colleges and universities and is fighting hard for school choice. murder ofe of the ahmaud arbery, george floyd, and national moment of racial consciousness. i have seen his true consciousness.
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i just wish everyone would see the deep sympathy he shows the families whose loved ones were killed due to senseless violence. president trump has made it clear that if you want safe communities, you must have police departments with the highest standards. the roadver forget were the people of cleveland. they are tough, smart, and tell it like it is. that is president trump. for a new yorker, he's got a lot of cleveland heart. and i'm proud to say that he is my president. god bless america. ♪ >> people assume that if i am
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not a democrat anymore, that i must be a republican or must be conservative. i still consider myself a liberal, but liberalism changed. i don't fit there anymore. up, we black kid growing were taught that you had to support democrats, because republicans were for what people supporting the rich. >> i'm a democrat. my parents are democrats. i was a huge obama supporter. >> i voted for bernie sanders. >> i was a socialist. ♪ >> it wasn't until i got married and began expecting our own family that i began to question whether or not the things that we were really promoting and supporting were in line with the way we were living. that was when the shift kind of began for us. >> i was renting a room. fromad three or four kids
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three or four different fathers, she was my age. most of them were incarcerated. offeels like democrats sort get people hooked on this drug of free money, where they basically say if you want your fix, you have to keep voting for us. >> this bold man comes down the escalator in new york city. deep down inside, i knew it would be the first republican i would vote for. his entire campaign worked for all americans. that was a turning point for me. >> one of the hardest things to do is to challenge your unbelief. go straight -- your own belief. go straight to the source.
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i want people to hear my story and know that you can actually go from being a democratic-socialist to a trump supporter, but you have to look deeper. >> i think there's a political realignment taking place. have always been very antiwar. i am very much for pre-speech. -- for free speech. he is a pro-free-speech candidate. everywhere you look, you either say prosperity and liberty and things you want to preserve, or if you are a democrat, you see something you want to tear down and remake in the image of some other country not as successful as we are. >> it took me a good, long time to get here, but i hope that trump wins and that we can continue with the progress he has made and the policies he's put into place, get our economy back on track and move in the right direction.
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♪ >> good evening. my name is jeff. i speak to you as a member of the republican party. but it wasn't always that way. how i became a republican says a lot about today's democratic party. where wesouth jersey, work hard, look after our neighbors, and care about her communities. -- about our communities. use ago, i was asked by the democrats to run for a town council seat. i had my doubts. wereined to them my views middle-of-the-road to conservative, but the democratic party was a big tent, and they accepted people like me. i was elected to counsel is a democrat. -- as a democrat. but as i won seats, state legislature, then congress, i
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noticed things were changing. the democratic party has become less accepting of american tradition, less believing in american exceptionalism, less supportive of traditional faith and family. this was not the party that i knew. in 2018, after being elected to congress as a democrat, i was already uncomfortable with the san francisco liberal running the house. which is why my first vote in congress was cast against nancy pelosi for speaker. but imagine how i felt after seeing members of the squad quickly take control of the democratic party just weeks after being elected. the party had moved from liberal to radical. this new democratic party wasn't just for higher taxes, they were for open borders, against our police, and against our god-given rights.
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when the radical democrats went after president trump with impeachment, they made another mistake. democratic leaders told me that i had to vote for impeachment, or my life would be made difficult. and i wouldn't be allowed to run again. i'm from south jersey, you better come at me with more than just words and empty threats. i voted no on impeachment. it was an easy call. soon after, i met with president trump. he made me feel more comfortable . a few days later, i officially changed parties and i became a republican. let me tell you about joe biden. when the democrats tried to order me around, i was ready, "illing, and able to say, have had enough with the radical, socialist agenda."
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do you really believe joe biden is ready, willing, and able to do the same? as joe says, come on, man. joe biden is being told what to do by the radicals running my former party, the same medicals trying to -- radicals trying to install him as their local president. i tell people that america is the best nation in the world, and that president trump has helped make it that way. republicans, independence, and even democrats all know that. america, we trump's have strong military, strong support for police, strong support for veterans and strokes of work for seniors. wepresident trump's america, have a strong supply chain, good schools, we are energy independent, and we protect our environment. whoe are a lot of democrats support our president and are disgusted for what their old
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party, what mild party has become -- what my old party has become. here is my advice. be true to who you are now. not who the democrats used to be. that is why i'm a proud republican and why i will be voting for donald trump. thank you, and may god bless you, bless our president, and the united states of america. ♪ for me, the most important issue is jobs. you need to be able to pay our bill -- pay a bill. i trust donald trump way more than i do joe biden. there is no doubt donald trump has built the strongest economy we have ever seen. i know he will do it again. joe biden doesn't have the energy. his ideas, like raising taxes, will hurt us. electing joe biden as the president is a huge risk.
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i don't want the future of my son in the hands of joe biden. i want my son to be able to go out and get a good education. i want the economy to be strong. i want the country that he lives in to be safe. and i want our borders to be secure. i don't want that in joe biden's hands. donald trump has built a strong us economy we have ever seen. ,e has made our country safe and as a mom, those are things that i am very proud of and those are things that are very important to me when i am looking for a president. i am sticking with donald trump. i'm a single mother of two boys and a work in houston texas with engineers and constructors. after serving my country in the marine corps, i worked various jobs. i thought i needed a degree in order to have a career. i put myself into significant
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debt to earned my bachelors degree in finance. --one point, my board we found ourselves homeless. i was a bit skeptical at first, but i thought, i should be willing to take a chance on myself. at the start of the program, i was making $16 an hour while i trained to to the position. it was not easy, but was it worth it. i was learning new skills and was able to support my family again. i worked hard, got promoted and even got a few raises. president trump started the national council for the
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american worker and the american workforce policy advisory board. he wrote policies that made it easy for states and companies to give opportunities to hard-working americans like me. president and ivanka partner to launch a website helping to commend workers with -- commit workers with training apprenticeship programs where they live. if you find yourself in a situation like mine where you feel like you have nowhere to turn, nothing to fall back on, you feel like no one believes in you, go online to find president trump believes in you, and more importantly, believe in yourself. remember, just a few years ago, i was homeless. now, i have a brand-new home at the end of the month. my message to you is, keep pushing. you can do it. find a training program like the one i participated in.
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like me, you have an opportunity to build a career you are proud of. i would like to talk to you about a different kind of change. this is the trump campaign's national week of volunteer training. you know how important it is to put americans back to work. .comtrumpvictory and keep the president fighting for you for another four years. thank you and god bless. ♪ >> when i was 16 years old, i got a part-time job at a golf course just outside of new york city. one day, i was cleaning golf
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clubs, when a man pulled into the parking lot. there was not a single person who did not know who it was. were on theaws ground. it was donald trump. all i could think was, nobody will believe this at school tomorrow. i have now been at president trump's site from a 30 years. all these years later, there's a part of me that still feels a sense of wonder every day when i consider the journey we have taken together. and taken with so many of you watching tonight. my personal story with donald trump in so many ways is yours, too. me, a spark.ial in the possibility that i could be more, do more, and achieve more than even i thought was possible. that's how he views this country, too. we have all scratched the surface of how -- of what we can do together.
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trump is a kind and decent man. with me toould be see his endless kindness to everyone he meets. be a fogng could machine creating a partisan mist around everything that is hard to see through. but in 2016, you navigated through it all. you found your way through the swamp and you arrived safely on the other side. with donald j. trump is your new president -- as your new president. there are some things that were todayhen that remain true as to why you chose them as your leader. the president cannot be bought. the american people must know the president is not building his life. he is building yours. he knows the president cannot be bullied. president trump is the first leader who has been too strong,
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to tough, and to savvy to be crushed by the status quo establishment -- too tough and savvy to be crushed by the status of the pro-establishment media. he's got a fighting spirit, like so many of you do. winning for america is what he does. while they called it chaos, president trump calls a change. think about what we achieved together. the strongest economy in history. the lowest unemployment rate for almost all demographic groups, black americans, hispanic americans, women, and so many more. he did that once, and he will do it again. you know it, and i know it. will on the somebody to believe in our capacity to do great things. donald trump believed in me when
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i was a teenage golf caddy. he was already one of the wealthiest, most famous people on the entire planet. he saw my potential even when i couldn't. he sees greatness in our country, too. and in each of you. he believes the world you dream about at night can be yours. he truly is a man of the people. just think about when he has done with this convention. you heard from real americans with real stories. people who are just like us. people whose lives have been forever impacted by the president and his policies. you have heard from people like john peterson, has a factory in ohio -- who has a factory in ohio. jason joyce, a fisherman from maine. chris peterson, a dairy farmer from wisconsin.
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you see a man who turned his life around, get a second chance with a presidential you felt the passion of pro-life and religious freedom advocates . on november 3, vote for the man who believes in america and believes in you. for my friend, your friend, our friend, donald j. trump. thank you, and god bless the united states of america.
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senator mcconnell: good evening. it is an honor to come to you tonight from the commonwealth of kentucky. i consider it my responsibility to look out for the middle of america. this election is consequential for middle america. president trump inherited the first generation of americans who couldn't promise their children a better life than their own. hisas made it a mission of administration to change that. i know, because i have worked beside him every day. today's democrat doesn't want to improve life for middle america. they prefer all of us in flyover lettry keep flying, and them decide how we should live our lives. they want to tell you when you can go to work, when your kids can go to school, they want to tax your job out of existence and then send you a government check for unemployment. they want to tell you what kind of our you can drive, what
9:01 pm
sources of information are credible, and even how many hamburgers you can eat. they want to defund the police and take away your second amendment rights. they want free health care for illegal immigrants yet they offer no protection for unborn americans. they want to pack the supreme court with liberals intent on eroding our constitutional rights, and the want of 5 -- and they want to quantify all this by making the swamp america's 51st states. we can't undo the damage they have done. now you understand why democrats spent a week telling us about who joe biden is, not what he intends to do. i'm proud of the work the republican senate has done. we are the firewall against nancy pelosi's agenda. like president trump, we won't be bullied by a liberal media intent on destroying america's
9:02 pm
institutions. we will stand our post on be half of the millions of americans whose stories are told in the newspapers, whose struggles are just as real. we will continue to support american families as we defeat the coronavirus and return our economy to the envy of the world. the stakes have never been higher. which is why i am asking you to support republican senate candidates across the country and reelect my friend, president donald trump. ♪ >> to all these titans of american sport, know that many valuable lessons are learned on the field competition and the ability to overcome adversity. [inaudible] ♪ and your relentless will to win, win, these qualities
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embodied the americans. of pushing boundaries, defying limits, and always striving for greatness. you stay in the fight, you finish the fight, often bumpy roads lead to beautiful places. this rate delving is celebrating great people -- this great building is celebrating great people. [laughter] -- [applause] it is our honor to be in the company of great, great champions. [applause] we can't wait to see what is next. never give up. never lose faith. never, ever quit just keep forging ahead. give everything you have got. victory is always within reach.
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white, president of the usc. many of you know what i do, and i am friends with the president. i spoke at this convention four years ago and i am back because i believe we need president trump's leadership now more than ever. before the pandemic, president trump built the greatest economy and our history and created opportunities for all americans like one before him. financial markets hit all-time highs, unemployment was at an all-time low, and we weren't facing the lawless distraction that now is occurring in a few of our great cities. it blows my mind how quickly some of the leadership in this country has forgotten the critical role first responders play in our society. police departments and other law enforcement, even some fire departments, have faced opposition from many in this country, but they are always the people asked to step up when things are at their worst, and
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put themselves at risk. that has been the case during this pandemic. america, defunding these vital positions is not the answer. first responders have always taken care of us. and now, more than ever, we need to take care of them. now, let's talk about covid and let's be very honest about it. no one place and could have anticipated the challenges that covid would bring, but president trump placed all these obstacles -- faced all these obstacles head-on. he immediately put protective measures in lace and reached out to the best and brightest leading american businesses across all industries to discuss what ent's administration could do to get the economy up and running safely. that may give you detail. in early april, president trump organized a task force of business leaders, and i was fortunate enough to serve on that task force.
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firsthand, i had the opportunity to witness how hard-working and interment president from was, to solve unprecedented problems our country was facing. i observed his ability to listen and understand issues impacting americans of all backgrounds. it was clear his highest priority was always the health and save the of every -- and safety of everyone in our country, not just republicans, not just supporters, but every single american. president trump recognized that one of the ways to instill normalcy people's lives was to bring back entertainment. the president went above and beyond to help all sports leagues to figure out a way to overcome the challenges of staging live, professional sporting events in the middle of a pandemic. and we did it. first to do it and we are continuing to do it. now, other sports have joined
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us. and some lessons learned are being used to help reopen other types of businesses and schools. make no mistake about it. we still have a long way to go. that is why we need a leader with president trump's unique attributes at this critical time. i have said it before and i will say it again, he is one of the most loyal human beings have ever met. the man has unstoppable energy. no one is going to out work this guy, but most of urgently, he loves and believes in our country. he believes in the people of this country. lace -- place everyone wants a solid job, they want to take care of their family, take care of their community, assist the less fortunate done enjoy the freedom this country has provided to all of us. we have certainly experienced a ton of negativity into thousand 20, president trump's mindset is andork to find solutions
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help restore america. he needed once and he can do it again. and remember, president trump may be the only president in modern times who has actually done everything he said he would do during his campaign. love is this quote that i from ronald reagan. he said, "there isn't any problem we can't solve if government will give us the facts, tell us what needs to be done, then get out of the way and let us have at it." what that means is, as americans, we work hard to overcome adversity and face tough times head-on, irrespective of your gender, race, religion or sexual oriented nation what unites us as a nation is freedom, equality, and opportunity. that is what it means to be an american. ladies and gentlemen, let's reelect president trump, figure
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out what the problems are, and continue to find solutions to those problems. then, let's get to work. i would like to close with his. while it is critically important to reelect president trump, this pandemic has also taught us to be very, very careful. who you select as your next governor, senator, congressperson and mayor, it is so important about -- important to vote. don't think your vote doesn't matter. it has never mattered more than it does right now. thank you, and have a great evening, america. ♪ [speaking foreign language] good evening. i'm a proud american and proud descendent of warrior ancestors, women and men alike, from my
9:10 pm
hawaiian, latino, japanese and spanish heritage. my father demonstrated his warrior spirit over 50 years ago, fighting a dictator in his homeland, the philippines. barely escaping with his life, he started a new in america. he arrived with nothing but faith, determination, and a willingness to work hard. he lived the american dream, building businesses, a family, and seeing the top's first minority statewide elected official. today, i channel my warrior battling human trafficking. i have been able to lead some of the largest trafficking prosecutions in america, and traveled to foreign countries working with law enforcement and ngos to dismantle trafficking networks and rescue people from the most brutal conditions andinable, young earls women sold into sex slavery, young boys and men, forced into
9:11 pm
labor servitude, illegal adoptions, organ harvesting, human life debased. president donald trump is a fierce warrior against human trafficking. how do i know? occasion to visit with him about our rescues. westerns,nsightful expressed deep concern for victims, overwhelmed with compassion, he promised to attack people -- attack this people. ivankant trump summoned and leaders of his cabinet to help victims, prosecute creditors and empower survivors. together they have done more to combat human trafficking or than any other administration in history. pt.t is a promise ke president trump has taken similar, aggressive action to break the chains of drug
9:12 pm
addiction and mental and behavioral health. he declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency and made available billions of dollars to confront this threat. he signed a bill creating a phone number like 911, but for mental health. will be aated, 988 lifeline for those struggling with thoughts of suicide, depression, addiction, self-harm harm or even hurting others. it will save countless american lives. my father, mygo, warrior hero, lost his fight with cancer. when he passed, he had by his bedside his scriptures, family pen president trump gave me to give him. dad loved that pen. it represented freedom to him,
9:13 pm
the freedom that only exists when someone is willing to fight for it. to my father, president trump is that ultimate warrior, fighting for freedom. if you listen to democrats, the media and liberal elites, they will tell you that america's light doesn't shine as brightly around world as it once did eerie deck is simply not true. -- as it once did. that is simply not rude. the same light that brought my father to america inspires the downtrodden equally today. i interact with some of the most marginalized victims on earth, and they love america. they left president trump because he is fighting for their freedom in america's freedom. thank you, president trump. god bless you, and god bless america, this land of greatness. ♪
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] flood. my name is debbie i work at a machine shop in wisconsin that manufactures architectural hardware. my father started the business with used equipment at the american dream. today we are one of the only u.s. companies left to make our products from start to finish under one roof. we make things and we love it. 50% of ourt nearly business to china in the mid-2000's, we wondered how a small company like ours could compete. joe biden was a senator -- biden was a senator. he voted to normalize trade with china and pave the way to join the wto, even though they were hurting american companies like ours. but we are to nations -- but we
9:15 pm
are tenacious and we are creative. we took a risk and did -- and purchased a 3d printer. a customer'sake idea from sketch to sample to production in just a weeks. this opened new opportunities for us. later, we fought our way the great recession. trump wasd elected, and we breathed a sigh of relief. he fought for american workers and american craftsman. he actually cared about ringing back those three words -- about bringing back those three words, made in america. now the government was on our side. we enjoyed a thriving economy stimulated by president trump's pro-business central worker andcies -- pro-business pro-worker policies. thanks to the trump tax cuts, i raise my employee wages, so they got a pay raise and a tax cut. even in the face of the
9:16 pm
pandemic, the president tumbled -- the president doubled down on support business. our is this was approved for the paycheck protection program, that allowed us to keep our people working at a time when the future was very uncertain. our president understands the best solutions unleash the innovation of american entrepreneurs and the creativity of american workers. joe biden doesn't know anything about business or creating jobs. he spent 47 years in government. it is doubtful he will figure it year 48.ur 48 -- in he wants to raise our taxes and bring back excessive regulation read i own a business whose mission it is to solve problems. creativity takes courage, commit to and ideas, and those are all things that come naturally to president rob. and that -- president trump. and that is what he has my
9:17 pm
support. he has my support. ♪ judy: my name is judy smith. >> my name is manwell martinez. >> my name is claudia perez. >> i live in new york city public housing. >> i am resident council resident at washington houses, which is in spanish harlem. >> i am the president of douglas houses. >> 3500 strong resident. -- residents. >> i am a lifelong democrat. blasio and the way he has dealt with public housing residents is disgraceful. >> this mayor has made our lives here and i think every housing development, very uncomfortable.
9:18 pm
under the trump administration come of the new york city housing authority received an influx of cash it has teens and 1997 -- influx of since 1997.'t seen >> i am grateful for the spotlight president trump is putting on new york public housing. democrats put immigrants before black americans. we have people waiting on waiting lists for new york city public housing for 10 years or more, but yet we have the illegal immigrants living here? something is wrong with that x are -- with that picture. >> since i came in with lynn patton as regional director, it helped us identify systemic problems we are putting on the table and having discussions on. >> president's administration has opened their ear and has
9:19 pm
lifted. >> there has been improvement in public housing. we are very appreciative of this administration, that has finally shined a light on what is going real solutionsg to a real problem. ♪ dorn.lo, my name is ann ofhusband david is a father five, brother of 12, grandfather of 10, friend of thousands. he was the kindest, most dedicated, lovingest partner i could have hoped for. he had a big smile and a heart to match. he was blessed with the gift of gab, and i gift enabled him to touch souls and inspire people, especially young people. how kids love him.
9:20 pm
and he really loved them back. dave was all about service. he served 38 years in the st. louis metropolitan police avenueent, as six years -- six years as chief of police in another department. he retired from law enforcement but never retired from helping a friend in need. since he befriended every person, e was a very busy man -- he was a very busy man. one example is his friendship with a man named lee. david met him after members of his family were murdered. dave took a special interest in the boy, they bonded, and their friendship remained strong over the years. lee opened a pawnshop. he trusted dave and asked dave to help with security. david readily agreed.
9:21 pm
when the shop alarm would go off, the alarm company called dave. he would investigate. if you got a call after i went to bed, he would wake me and tell me he was going to leave, just to make sure everything was all right. most of the time they were false alarms, triggered by a storm or animals, but i never rested easily until i heard dave's key turn in the door, knowing he was home safe. the morningnt off of june 2. it was for real. it was a violent night in st. louis. four officers were shot, others were hit rocks and fireworks, at least five's misses were damaged, did, or sent on fire. as the cit coordinator at the police department, i was aware of the writing and spent evening getting ready to support officers who were impacted.
9:22 pm
after i went to bed, david received a call from the alarm company. the front door of the pawnshop had been read this time, he didn't wake me to tell me. he probably knew i would have tried stop him, or insist on going with him. as i slept, looters were ransacking the shop. they shot and killed david in and thend, livestreamed his execution and last moments on earth. david's grandson was watching on ace book in real time -- on facebook in real time, not realizing he was watching his own grandfather dying on the sidewalk. i learned of all this around four clock a.m. when our doorbell rang. the chief of police was outside. i wondered why dave hadn't
9:23 pm
answered the door. it wasn't uncommon for him to be up watching tv. i called out to him several times. it was no reply. he just wasn't there. i let in the chief, and fighting back tears, he said the words every officer's spouse dreads. breaking] i relive that horror in my mind every day. my hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from this nightmare we are witnessing in our cities, and bring about positive, peaceful change. how did we get to this point where so many people are callous and indifferent towards human life? this isn't a videogame where you and commit mayhem and hit reset and bring all the characters back to life.
9:24 pm
backis never, never coming to me. he was murdered by people who didn't know did care. he would have done anything to help them. violence and destruction's are not -- and distraction are not legitimate forms of road test. they don't see our black lives, they only destroy them. president trump understands this, has offered federal help to help restore our communities at a time when police departments are short of manpower. we need that help. we should accept that help. we must deal before weekend affect change, but we can deal amid devastation and chaos. president trump needs we -- president trump knows we need more davids in our community, not fewer. need to come together in peace and remember that every life is precious.
9:25 pm
♪ secretary carson: good evening. i'm ben carson, overtired neurosurgeon and public servant. our hearts go out to the blake family and other families who have in impacted by the tragic event in kenosha. as jacob's mother has urged the , ourry, let's our hearts love and our intelligence to work together, to show the rest of the world how humans are supposed to treat each other. america is great when we behave greatly. in order to succeed in change, we must come together in love of our fellow citizens. history reminds us that necessary change comes through not senseless and
9:26 pm
destructive violence. said to ancoln once yourca divided that," purpose then, plainly stated, is that you will destroy the government unless you be allowed the constitution as you please on all points of dispute between you and us. you will rule or ruin in all events." these words of warning are relevant today. we have a choice. do we want big government that controls our lives from cradle-to-grave? powerwe believe in the and wisdom of the people in their ability to self govern, with help from a limited federal government? trump,sident, donald j. believes in the people. he is one of us.
9:27 pm
he makes promises and he keeps them. he is transparent, and we certainly know what he is aching. he does not submit -- know what he is thinking. he does not submit to political correctness or its enforcers, the media. he israel. right now, we need real. we need courage. we can't cower in the corner and hope no one calls us a name, believing that will keep us safe. that is not courage and that will not lead us to a good and just lays -- just place. we must remember all those who sacrificed everything to give us freedom, and we must be willing to do the same for those who come after us. president trump does not dabble in identity politics. he wants everyone to succeed, and believes in the adage, a rising tide lifts all boats.
9:28 pm
many on the other side left inside division by claiming that president trump is a racist. they could not be more wrong. years ago, jesse jackson gave donald trump an award for the economic opportunities he created for black people. in palm beach, florida, donald trump led a crusade to allow blacks and jews in private clubs and resorts. one of the first things he did as president was bring the office of historically black colleges and universities into the white house, so it could get proper attention and financial support. pandemic, african-american unemployment was at an all-time low. president trump accomplished prison reform. he created incentives to encourage investors to become involved with economically-deprived areas of america. he strongly supports school choice, fully recognizing that
9:29 pm
no matter what circumstances a person is born into, they can achieve success with a good education. it was true for me. when my mother forced me to read books about doctors and entrepreneurs and inventors and scientists, i began to recognize that has most to do what happens to you in life is you. my mother always told me, b en, you can do anything, but i will never allow you to become a victim. it was then that i stopped listening to people who were trying to convince me that i was a victim, and that others were responsible for my victimhood. what is racist is the fact that african-americans have the highest abortion rate. mostdent trump is the pro-life president in the country's history. he will continue to fight for those who cannot yet speak.
9:30 pm
the vision of a shining city up on a hill came from jesus' sermon on the mount. america is that shining city. we are the beacon of hope for the world. at this moment in time, president donald trump is the man with the courage and vision and ability to keep it shining rightly -- shining brightly. ♪ i'm pat lynch, president of the police benevolent association, speaking on behalf of 50,000 active and retired new york city police department. we are proud men and women who wear a shield and put ourselves in harm's way to protect our city. we are proud to endorse donald j. trump for reelection the stakes have never been higher. we are staring down the barrel
9:31 pm
of a public safety disaster. more than 1000 people have been shot in new york city this year. almost 300 have been killed. these are not just numbers, they are real people. a father gunned down while holding his seven-year-old daughter's hand, a beloved peacemaker killed by a stray bullet, a 17-year-old who made the right choices, work hard to go to college and earned a scholarship, murdered before he could tell his mother the news, a one-year-old child shot dead in his stroller, innocent people, innocent lives lost. one tragedy is too many, but every day the number keeps growing, and every day our communities are asking us, why is this happening? the answer is simple. democrats have walked away from us. they have walked away from police officers and the innocent people would protect. democratic politicians have surrendered our streets and our institutions. have taken voices
9:32 pm
control, and our so-called leaders are scrambling to catch up with them. in city after city, they have cut police budgets, hijacked and dismantled the criminal justice laws making it impossible for police officers to do our job effectively. here is the sad truth. the violence and chaos we are seeing is not a side effect. it is not an on and ended consequence. it is the goal. the radical left doesn't really want that are policing, they don't care about making the justice system fairer. what they want is no policing. they want the justice system that stops working altogether. in places where democrats are in power, the radical left is getting what they want and our country is suffering for it. i have been a new york city police officer for 36 years and spent 21 of those years protecting the cop to protect new yorkers. i have never seen our streets go
9:33 pm
this bad so quickly. i have never heard from so many cops from every corner of the country who are saying our hands are tied. if we return -- if we turn the tide and restore law and order, we can fall into the trap nobody hates bad cops more than good cops, but that doesn't matter to the radical left, we are all bad because we are all blue. their anti-law enforcement campaign isn't about a single incident or the result of one bad law or policy. it is about a message. the message is, police are the enemy. the message is, criminals have the right to resist. the message is, if you commit a crime, victimize the most vulnerable people, the justice system will not hold you accountable. that is the messaging echoing through city halls and statehouses throughout the country and playing on a loop in the media. metals heard that message and are taking full advantage -- criminals heard that message and
9:34 pm
are taking full advantage. we must expose the left's lies about police officer and the job we do. and we have something they don't. we have a real leader. we have a powerful voice in the most powerful office in our country. we have president donald j. trump erie unlike the democrats running fear of the mob in the street, president trump never apologized for supporting police officers and standing up for law and order. unlike democrats who rose in the face of rioting, president trump matches with action. he gives law enforcement this important tools we need. end of story. it has never been harder to be a police officer in this country, but two things keep us going. theook at the victims, vulnerable, regular working people who count on us. we strap on our due to belts and estset resistant v because we can't let them down. and when we do that, we are the words of our president says to
9:35 pm
police officers everywhere, i will never let you down. we know that he won't. we have been fortunate to have him in office and no we can't afford to lose him. when it comes to your safety, your family on the safety of all americans, there is no other choice. you won't be safe in joe biden's america. we can have or more years of president trump or you can have no safety, no justice and no peace. ♪ rudy: good evening. my name is rudy giuliani and i am the former mayor of york. my city elected a progressive democrat as mayor. new york city, once described as america's crime capital, had become by the mid-1990's america's safest large city.
9:36 pm
today, my city is in shock. violent shootings, crime, increasing at percentages theard of in the past, return of rioting and looting. during riots, the democrat mayor, like others, often vented police from making arrests. and even when arrests are made, progressive da's release the rioters so as not to disrupt the rioting. new yorkers wonder, how did we get overwhelmed by crime so quickly and the client so fast? don't let democrats do to america what they have done to new york. democrats are urging you to vote for an obviously defective candidate. his principlesed so often he no longer has principles. he is a trojan horse with
9:37 pm
bernie, aoc, pelosi and black lives matter in his party's entire left wing. they are pro-criminal, anti-police, socialist. the unprecedented wave of lawlessness began with a truly the unforgivable police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. peaceful protests began all over the land. condemnation of the killing was universal, from president trump democrat readers. it seemed for a few reef, shining moments, democrat -- moments, democrat and republican leaders would come together with the uniform proposal to reduce police misconduct. this possibility was dangerous to the left. they had a president to be ten-day country to destroy. and although an action on police
9:38 pm
brutality would be very valuable to the country, it would also make president trump appear to be an effective leader. they could have none of that. so black lives matter and antifa sprang into action and in a flash, the hijacked protests into vicious, brutal rioting. protests turned into riots in other american cities, almost all democrat. businesses were crushed. people beaten, shot and killed. police officers assaulted, badly beaten and occasionally murdered, and police handcuffed by progressive, crack mayors from doing anything but observe crimes and absorb the blows. but the worst was the slaughter of innocent young people with their whole lives ahead of them. the murder of four-year-old talifarro shocked the
9:39 pm
nation, but not black lives matter were democrat supporters. 17-year-old ascot all-star brendan hendrix was killed in the bronx days after graduating high school and on his way to st. john's to play basketball. passed with only a brief mention. a one-year-old was shot and killed in a stroller at a cookout in brooklyn. it caused no outrage. and ussident trump republicans, all black lives theer, and the lives of grand and rendon matter to -- rendonf legrand and matter toand brandon us. this gives you a look at the future under biden,.
9:40 pm
all the cities being looted are governed by aggressive democrats using the progressive democrat approached a crime, which is to do nothing, to release visitors, as many as soon as possible, and to go to war with only, the only group capable of protecting your citizen. and theor biden democrats creates the risk will bring this lawlessness to your city, to your town, to your suburb. there is no question that this awesome job of restoring safety to our people cannot be done from your basement, joe. there is no question that president trump will fight with all his strength to preserve the american system of government and our way of life. in critical times in our history, america has always
9:41 pm
blessed the right person to handle the crisis. washington. lincoln. roosevelt. reagan. perfect for the challenges they faced, they brought our nation room gloriously -- nation through gloriously. president trump, with his bliss love for our country and all our people, his disciplined work ethic, his exceptional ability to inspire, his deep understanding of our government and the strength of american values is the man we can trust to improve the american way of life. mr. president, make our nation safe again. ♪ the u.s. attorney announced charges against a doctor and two chinese nationals. >> a systematic decision by many
9:42 pm
powerful leaders to sell out america to china. china is going to be our lunch. >> a 2013 trip to china, getting due attention, not for what joe biden, but for who he brought with him. >> as the threat from china grew larger, biden grew more accommodating to the chinese government. >> questions about foreign business dealings while his father was vice resident. -- vice president. to raise biden hoped $1.5 billion. >> when it was clear china lied the deadly coronavirus, biden was still cking for the chinese government. ♪
9:43 pm
>> guess what, they are not, but should or us -- they are not competition for us. ♪ senator cotton: good evening. i'm senator tom cotton. a lot has changed in four years. back then, we gathered in an arena. tonight, you are probably at home, while i stand alone. standalone. old was the motto of my army unit, the 506 infantry, the original band of others. brothers. we fought alongside each other but were always prepared to stand alone. so it is with our nation we lead the world -- so it is with our
9:44 pm
nation. we lead the free nation but are prepared to stand alone. donald trump put america first. that is why the nation is safer. joe biden would return us to a week and dangerous past. barack obama's own secretary of defense said joe biden has been wrong on nearly every major national security decision over or decade -- over four decades. let's compare records. joe biden cut defense spending again and again president trump rebuilt our military and enacted the space force. joe biden let isis terrorists rampage across the middle east. president trump eliminated the isis leader and destroyed the caliphate. joe biden opposed the mission to kill osama bin laden. president trump avenged the murder of hundreds of americans by killing iran's mastermind,
9:45 pm
qassem soleimani. of cashn sent pallets to the ayatollahs. president trump ripped off the dangerous iran nuclear deal. joe biden treated israel like a nuisance. president trump moved our embassy to jerusalem and brokered a peace deal in the middle east. joe biden coddled socialist dictators in cuba and is wailing. president trump fights communism in america's backyard and around the world. and on the communist party of china, there is no comparison. joe biden aided and abetted --na's rise for for years 450 years with eric -- china's rise for 50 years with terrible trade deals for our workers. president is standing up to china's stealing and cheating and lying.
9:46 pm
president trump sanctioned chinese drug dealers. joe biden said chinese communists aren't even are competitors -- aren't even our competitors, months before they unleashed display -- unleashed this play. -- this play. plague. andbiden would be as wrong weak over the next four years as he has been for the last 50. we need a president who stands up for america, not one who takes a knee. a strong and proud america is a safe america, safe from our enemies and safe from war. no one who has seen the face of war desires to see it again. aremany fellow americans
9:47 pm
honored already i darlie -- at arlington. weaknesses provocative. president trump's strength has kept us out of war. joe biden won't stand up for america. donald trump will. this november, let's stand with the president and devote keep vote togreat -- and keep america great. ♪ marsha: my name is marsha mueller. this is my husband, carl. our doctor, kayla, was taken hostage and murdered by isis. kayla was amazing. she taught herself languages,
9:48 pm
how to write music, how to play guitar, she worked with troubled youth, military veterans and native americans. everywhere kayla went, people smiled. kayla had a gift, to be able to see the world through someone else's eyes. she became a humanitarian aid worker, and when she was helping children at an orphanage in india, kayla wrote," i find god and the suffering eyes were ducted in minde. this is how i shall forever seek you." she went turkey to help syrian in 2012. in 2013, she was asked by another aid worker to cross the border into syria to help out at a hospital. on august 4, 2013, isis terrorists stopped her vehicle and took her captive. >> kayla was mostly held in a 12
9:49 pm
x 12 cell that was cold and dirty. terrorists shined bright lights in her face, shaved her head, feet hurt, and torture. the leader of isis raped her repeatedly. and18 months, she endured, we endured an agonizing back and forth between us, the obama administration and isis. we put our faith in the government, but the government let us down. president obama refused to meet with us until isis already beheaded other americans. to this day, we never heard from joe biden. instead, the obama administration hid behind policy, so much that we hopeless when they cap us from negotiating to save kayla's life. moredministration showed concern for terrorists in guantanamo that american
9:50 pm
hostages in syria. the military prepared a rescue mission, but the white house delayed it by the time it went forward, kayla had been moved to another location after 18 months of brutal torture. we learned from isis kayla had been killed. the obama administration kept-- administration telling us they were doing everything they could, but it wasn't enough. under president trump, operators conducted a raid on the al back baghdadi compound and he was killed. the task force members named after august 14, kayla's birthday. thank you. kayla is looking down on you.
9:51 pm
the trump team gave us empathy we never received from the obama administration. the obama administration said it was doing everything it could. the trump administration is. kayla should be here. if donald trump had been president when kayla was captured, she would be here today. hostage, iwas a would go outside and look at the moon, look at the moon and promised her i would do everything i could to get her home. now, when i see the moon, i am reminded of a promise to her i couldn't keep. >> all kayla wanted was to make it home. we are still working to find her and god willing, we will bring her home. kayla was born a miracle. we were told we would never have a second child, but not gave us kayla, and she gave herself to the world. kayla'snths into
9:52 pm
captivity, another hostage was able to smuggle out a letter kayla had written. we could see that god was holding her in his arms. in her words, she felt tenderly cradled. she also wrote, i have been shown in darkness light and have learned that even in prison, one can be free. i am grateful. i have had many hours to think how only in your absence i have finally come at 25 years old, realized your place in my life. none of us could know it would be this long, but i am also fighting in the ways i am able, and i have a lot of fight left in side of me -- left inside of me. i am not breaking down and i will not gave in, no matter how long it takes. kayla top so many things as her mom -- taught me so many things as her mom. she is still teaching us.
9:53 pm
carl and i support donald trump because of his commitment to make and keep america great, not with the power of government, but with the passion of people like kayla, americans who even in the darkest days have more fight left inside of them, americans who don't just talk, they act. that was our doctor. that was president trump -- our daughter. that was president trump. as long as we refuse to break, we will be great. thank you. ♪ my family,e to hug free to start over. it is the greatest day of my life. i want to thank president donald john trump.
9:54 pm
[hearing] -- [cheering] group.ame together as a we worked across party lines that we got it done. >> i am an example of a woman who has been given a second chance in life. god bless you, god bless america. [applause] ♪ alice: good evening. i'm alice marie johnson. i was once told that the only way i would be reunited with my family would be as a corpse. andby the grace of god the compassion of president donald john from, i stand before you tonight at the assure you that i am not a ghost. am well, and most importantly, i am free.
9:55 pm
in 1996, i began serving time in his, life plus 25 -- time in years. life plus 25 i had never been in trouble. i was a first-time, nonviolent inventor -- nonviolent offender. what i did was wrong. i made decisions i regret. some say you do the crime, you do the time. however, the time should be fair and just. we all make mistakes. none of us want to be find forever based on our worst decision. i became aison, playwright, mentor, certified hospice volunteer and ordained received a special olympics event coordinator of the year award for my work with disabled women. worsee the only thing than unjustly imprisoning my body is trying to imprison my mind.
9:56 pm
my transformation was described as extraordinary. the truth is, there are thousand justlike me -- thousands like me who deserve the opportunity to come home. i never stopped fighting my freedom. my christian faith and the prayers of many capped hope alive. aboutresident trump heard the injustice of my story, he saw me as a person. and he acted.ion, free in body thanks to president trump, but free in mind thanks to the almighty god. i couldn't believe it. god knewremember that my name in my darkest hour, but i never felt our president would.
9:57 pm
when i was released on june 6, 2018, i run across that road and hugged my grandchildren for the first time. i will never forget that feeling. and then, i remembered a promise i made to the men and women i left behind, that i would never stop fighting for them. and i haven't. i'm using my voice to tell their stories, and i pray that my face reminds you of those forgotten faces. six months after president trump granted me a second chance, he signed the first step act into law. it was real justice reform and it wrought joy, hope and freedom to thousands of well-deserving people i hollered -- well-deserving people. i hollered hallelujah. my faith in justice and mercy
9:58 pm
was rewarded. imagine getting to hug your loved ones again. and to think this first step meant so much to so many. i can't wait, because we are just getting started. the nearly 22 years i spent in prison were not wasted. god had a purpose and a plan for my life. denied.t delayed or i pray that you will not just hear this message, but that you will be inspired by my story, and your compassion will lead you to take action for those who are forgotten. that is what our president, donald trump, did or me. and for that, i will be forever grateful. god bless you. andbless president trump,
9:59 pm
god bless america. thank you. ♪ >> is one of the great american success stories, a builder who left his mark on skylines around the world, a businessman with extraordinary ability to communicate directly with the american people, a leader who grew tired of politicians leading our country down a road to ruin. he didn't do it for money or power or fame. he had all that. he did it because of his love for our great country. >> we will make america great again. trump beat thed odds, smashed the establishment, and won the presidency for the american people. >> donald trump has defeated hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton called donald
10:00 pm
trump concede the race. >> it >> they were all, all of them wrong, making this one of the greatest upsets in american political history. >> immediately upon taking office, trump changed things. change threatened the establishment and the establishment fought back, democrat obstruction, phony investigations, the dishonest funny media, 92% of stories are negative. no president has seen everything -- anything like it. trump delivered for the american people and he delivered like never before. building the strongest economy in american history, at 7 million new jobs, the lowest ever unemployment for black and hispanic americans, ending the biden era of lopsided trade deals that sent our factories overseas, fasting -- passing the
10:01 pm
historic u.s. sca, winning the trade work, protecting and strengthening medicare and social security, delivering the first real drop in drug prices in 50 years on that restoring our military, fixing the v.a., bringing our troops home, and taking the world's deadliest terrorists, soleimani, al-baghdadi brought to justice. having a new era of strength and solidarity with israel, negotiating a story peace deal between israel and the united arab emirates, securing our borders, miles of new border wall being built, illegal immigration to the lowest point of the decade, tackling the coronavirus head on, bending travel from china, mobilizing -- and lodging operation warp
10:02 pm
speed, and unprecedented effort to develop a vaccine to eradicate the coronavirus from the face of the earth in record time. president trump has accomplished more for the american people in four years than any other president in history, and in his second term, he will lead america to even greater heights, draining the swamp, rebuilding the economy, bringing back millions of jobs, creating 10 million new jobs in 10 months, new opportunities for all americans, not just those at the top, lowering drug costs, expanding access to high-quality health care for every american family, defending america's police, restoring law and order to out cities, stopping illegal immigration, and protecting american families, and ending america's reliance on china once and for all. bringing back jobs and factories, making medicine and products in america again.
10:03 pm
president trump will rebuild america's infrastructure, renew hope, and our entrepreneurial spirit for a new generation, and restored the american dream. it will not be easy, never pretty. the stolen -- swap will continue to fight every step of the way, but under president trump our families will thrive, our incomes will rise, our communities will be kept safe, our factories will --, our flag will fly high, our country will sort, and we will make america great again. [applause] pleasees and gentlemen, welcome ivanka trump. trump: good evening.
10:04 pm
before i begin, i want to send out a special message to everyone who has been affected by: hurricane laura. our hearts are with you. the president will continue to support you every step of the way, and it just like americans always do, the nation will come together to help you rebuild your homes, businesses, and communities stronger and more resilient than ever before. [applause] four years ago, i introduce to you a builder, an entrepreneur, an outsider, and the people's nominee for the president of the united states. tonight, i stand before you as the proud daughter of the
10:05 pm
people's president. [applause] he is our commander-in-chief, champion of the american worker, defender of common sense, and our voice for the forgotten men and women of this country. here is our president and my father, donald j. trump. [applause] this evening, i want to tell you about the leader i know in the moments i wish every american could see. i want to tell you the story of a president who is writing from you from dawn until midnight when the cameras have left, the microphones are off and the decisions really count. when jared and i moved with her three young children to washington, d.c., we did not know what we were in for, but
10:06 pm
our kids loved it from the start. my son joseph promptly built grandpa a lego replica of the white house. the president still displays it on the mantle in the office -- oval office right over there so he can show world leaders that he has the greatest grandchildren on earth. [applause] i agree. over the last four years, we have learned a lot. i have seen in washington, d.c., it is easy for politicians to survive if they silence their convictions and skipped the hard fight. i could not leave so many politicians actually prefer to complain about a problem whether than fixit -- rather it. i was shocked to see people .eave issues unsolved donald trump did not come to washington to win praise from the beltway elite. donald trump came to washington
10:07 pm
for one reason and one reason alone, to make america great again. [applause] my father has strong convictions. he knows what he believes, and he says what he thinks. whether you agree with him or not, you always know where he stands. i recognize that my dad's munication style is not to everyone's taste and i know his tweets can feel a bit unfiltered , but the results speak for themselves. [applause] she is so unapologetic about his beliefs -- he is so unapologetic about his week that he has caused me and so many other americans to take a hard look at themselves and ask ourselves what do we stand for? what kind of america do we want to leave for our children?
10:08 pm
i am more certain than ever before it we want a future where our kids can believe in american greatness. we want a society where every child can live in a safe community and go to a great school of their choice. [applause] we want a culture where differences of opinion debates are encouraged, not canceled, where law enforcement is respected, where our country's is celebrated and where people of all races, backgrounds, colors, and creeds have the chance to achieve their god-given potential. this is the future my father is working to build each and every day. [applause] building, after all, is what he has done his whole life. she has admired and befriended construction workers on job sites. it has been a new and profound experience for him and for me to
10:09 pm
steel and machine workers and thank him for be the only person willing to go to bat for them for their jobs, for their families, and for their future. to the hard-working men and women across america and here tonight, you are the reason my father fights with all of his heart and all of his might. you are the reason he ran for president in the first place and you are the reason he is going to keep fighting for four more years. [applause] [chanting four more years] i remember one evening in
10:10 pm
february of 2018, we were in the oval office with my father's top economic advisors and he was trying to keep his promise to renegotiate the trade deal that it darted millions of middle-class jobs. most of the advisors argued that the economy was so strong following tax and regulatory cuts that it did not make sense to risk rocking the boat. after the meeting as i walked with my father, he said the reason this as never been done before is because our leaders never had the guts. when the economy is good, they settle for good, edwin the economy is bad, -- and when the economy is bad, they kick the can. if my father did not take on these fights, no one would. in the months that followed, president trump refused to settle for a good deal. he wanted a great deal, and ultimately that is what we got. [applause]
10:11 pm
remember each time he was updated on the progress, the new trade deal with mexico and canada, he would say do not let those dairy farmers in wisconsin -- i do not want them to like this deal. i want them to love it. [applause] this, in the midst of unprecedented global pandemic, it is more clear than ever that our president was corrected to take on trade when he did and bring our jobs, our factories, and our life-saving medicine back to the usa. [applause] nation endures this great trial, i pray for families mourning the loss of loved ones, for those who are battling covid-19 and for first responders and health care heroes were made on the front line of this fight.
10:12 pm
the grief, sorrow, and anxiety during this time is felt by all. i have been with my father and i have seen the pain in his eyes when he receives updates on lives that have been stolen by this plague. i have witnessed to make some of the most difficult decisions of his life. i sat with him in the oval office as he stuck traveled to europe. i watched him take the strongest and most inclusive economy in a lifetime, the lowest unemployment in half a century and the largest wage increase for working families and decades and close it down to save american lives. [applause] it is why our president rapidly mobilized the full force of government in the private sector to produce ventilators within weeks, to build the most robust testing system in the world, and to develop safe and effective treatments and very soon a vaccine. my father is not deterred by
10:13 pm
defeatist thinkers. the word impossible only motivates him. donald trump projects the cynical notion that this countries -- country's greatest achievements are behind us. he leaves nothing is beyond our reach and the best is yet to come. [applause] seen all of my life how my dad believes and the potential of each individual. earlier this evening, we were all inspired by the incredible testimony of alice johnson, a great-grandmother who was sentenced to life in prison for a first time nonviolent drug offense. i was with my father when he decided to commute her life sentence. together, we watched alice leave prison after nearly 22 years. as she ran into the arms of her family and they celebrated a joyful reunion, my father got
10:14 pm
very quiet. i could see the emotion on his face. after a long silence, he looked at me and said, imagine how many people there are just like alice. aom that point on, key became voice for those who had been unfairly silenced in our prison system. president trump rectified the disparities of the 1994 biden crime bill that disproportionately hurt african-americans. [applause] odds, he brought together republicans and democrats and pass the most significant criminal justice reform of our generation, and we are just getting started. [applause] my father did not campaign on this issue. she tackled this injustice because -- he tackled this injustice because he has a deep compassion for those treated unfairly. the ability to build consensus
10:15 pm
and achieve bipartisan success will help heal our country's racial inequities and bring us forward together. president trump is advancing the american values of work and family. in cleveland, i said president trump would deliver for working women. last year, over 70% of all new jobs were secured by women. [applause] years ago, i told you my father would focus on making childcare affordable and accessible. term,sident trump's first we secure the largest ever increase for child care funding, even more than 800,000 low income families great childcare at a cost they could afford. as part of republican tax cuts into thousand 19 alone, our over $2000redit sent
10:16 pm
into the pockets of 40 million american families. democrat politicians recently introduced a plan to increase the child tax credit, yet when i was fighting less than three years ago at the president's direction to get congress to double the child tax credit, not a single democrat voted to pass the law. we got it done anyway. [applause] ago, i promise trump would support mothers in the workforce. in his first year in office, he signed into law the first ever national paid leave tax credit. today, 8 million more americans have access to this benefit. [applause] ago i said americans needed an economy that permits people to rise again. first president trump's
10:17 pm
years in office, 72% of all new jobs what do americans who had been outside of the workforce. [applause] four years ago, i told you i would fight alongside my father, and four years ago -- years later, here i am. [applause] asy of the issues my father champion are not historically republican priorities, yet where washington, d.c. chooses sides, my father chooses common sense. party,oliticians choose our president chooses people. [applause] since the day he took the oath of office, i have watched my father take on the failed policies of the past and do what no leader has done before. recently, he took dramatic action to cut the cost of prescription drugs, despite fielding angry calls from the
10:18 pm
ceos of nearly every major pharmaceutical company. ads paid we see attack for by big pharma, my dad smiles and says to me, you know, we are doing something really right if they are hitting us so hard. [applause] presidentg, our sought that american crops were going to waste because food supply chains were disrupted by the virus. -- he directed secretary perdue and me to get fresh food to families most in need. within a matter of days, we launched the farmers to families food box program, which is now delivered over 100 million meals into the hands of american families. [applause] to protect the most vulnerable among us, i have worked alongside the president as he signed into law nine pieces of
10:19 pm
legislation to combat the evil of human trafficking. [applause] i have stood by my father's side as he has received our fallen it stealsd each time his resolve to finally stop the endless foreign wars. [applause] to change the paradigm in the middle east, he took a fresh approach. i heard foreign leaders begged him not to move the american embassy to jerusalem, yet he delivered in promise also made an unfulfilled by past presidents because my father knew it was the right thing to do. [applause] expectations, just weeks ago, he rewrote history again by making a peace agreement in the middle east,
10:20 pm
the biggest breakthrough in a quarter-century. [applause] for the first time in a long time, we have a president who has called out washington, d.c.'s hypocrisy, and they hate him for it. dad, people hate you for being unconventional, but i love you for being a real, and i respect you for being effective. [applause] our president refuses to surrender his police to score points with the big political elite. to my father, you are the elite. carese the only people he about scoring influence with.
10:21 pm
if these problems were easy to solve, previous president would have done so. you do not achieve different results by doing things the same way. washington, d.c. has not changed donald trump. donald trump has it changed washington, d.c. [applause] america does not need another empty vessel who will do whatever the media and the fringe of his party demand. now more than ever, america needs four more years of a warrior in the white house. [applause] , i could not be more proud to introduce my father, a man i know was made for this moment ist