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  Campaign 2020 President Trump Campaigns in Latrobe PA  CSPAN  September 4, 2020 12:08am-1:51am EDT

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on-demand at or listen live on the free c-span radio app. c-span's washington journal. every day, we are taking your calls live on the air on the news of the day. we will discuss policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, a bipartisan policy center discusses voting systems ahead of election day 2020. of thehe editor in chief journal of the american medical association talks about the u.s. response to covid-19. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern friday morning. be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages and tweets. senator lindsey graham, chair of the senate to sherry committee -- senate to sherry committee discusses the role of judges. live coverage begins friday at
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2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. president trump held campaign rally thursday at a regional airport in latrobe, pennsylvania. this is an hour and 40 minutes. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free. and i won't forget the men who died in gave that right to me. and i proudly stand up. because there ain't no doubt i love this land. god bless the usa. ♪ from the lake of minnesota to the hills of tennessee
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from detroit down to houston , there isork to l.a. pride in every americans heart i am proud to be an american where at least i know i am free i will not forget the men who died and gave that right to me. and i proudly stand up. and defend her until the day because there ain't no doubt i -- until the day -- because there ain't no doubt i love this land. god bless the usa. and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free
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and i won't forget the men who died and gave that right to me and i proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain' no doubt i love this land god bless the usa. ♪ [applause] [chanting u.s.a.] [applause]
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pres. trump: thank you, pennsylvania. i am thrilled to be here in the home of the late great, my friend, arnold palmer. what a great guy he was. thank you so much. 61 days from now, we will win the commonwealth of pennsylvania, and we will win four more years in the white house. [applause] joe biden wants to surrender your jobs to china. you know that. his son walked out with a lot of money for doing nothing. he wants to surrender your nation to the radical left wing mob. he is trying to change now. he says it is not working
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because we are going up and he is dropping like a rock in water. [cheers and applause] and before the china virus, this election was over, and now i had to go back to work. we have done a great job on it. and we do not get the credit. we made a lot of governors look very good, but i will keep your jobs in america and i will bring rioters, looters, anarchists, we will bring them to justice. that is what we are doing. [cheers and applause] we have over 400 right now under arrest. these are bad people. over the last 3.5 years, we have secured america's borders, fixed are broken trade deal, fixed the united states military obliterated the isis caliphate , 100%. [cheers and applause] secured america's energy
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independence and built the single greatest economy in the history of the world, and now we are going to do it again. we have to do it again. [cheers and applause] we got to do it again. [cheers and applause] and it is happening. we see what is happening. job numbers, retail numbers all at records. it is happening fast. it is happening in a super v. that and big numbers are coming out and have come out. or watchh your set your newspaper. read your newspaper. you will see numbers that seenessman, we have not those numbers ever before. we have record stock markets. we have record everything. [cheers and applause] you are going to have an incredible economic year year. your stocks are going up.
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your 401(k)s are through the roof. [applause] people wanted to take some profits. somebody probably said something stupid along the way. but the stock market is at record levels. think of it. in the hopefully rounding return from the pandemic, the vaccine is coming along great. the job that they have done. the doctors, everybody else. we are years ahead of schedule. anybody else as president, you would not be talking about vaccines for two or three years from now. i will tell you that right now. biden will never be able to protect your jobs or your family. she is a puppet of the socialist hatingsts and cop extremists. and they are cop hating.
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we love our law enforcement. [cheers and applause] we have thousands of people behind this hangar. we are trying to get them in. i would love to get them in. it is an airport. let them go to the runways. let them in. literally, we landed. i actually thought that was the crowd. we are doing the hangar thing now because the arenas cannot do it because of the pandemic. in certain ways, i like this better. i do not have to travel. i make a speech and i get the hell out of here. right? remember the last days before the campaign, i would do a lot of them a day. get off that plane. it was black-and-white instead of the blue-and-white.
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we had some time. that was an important day. that was an important year, 2016. i will tell you, the election we have coming up is the single most important election in the history of the world. [cheers and applause] and we had a level of enthusiasm -- look at the kind of crowds we have. [cheers and applause] [chanting four more years] it's years]but we had record enthusiasm in 2016. was that the greatest evening ever? [cheers and applause] and now it is going to be november 3.
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we will keep it going. it will be like a tree. it takes a while to plant. those tax cuts. they will raise your taxes. they will take away your guns. they will criticize me for saying this. the fake news media, which is back there. [booing] the fake polls, the fake everything. you know what they are called? suppression polls. they are meant to make you depressed. are you depressed? you do not look depressed. we have the real numbers. we are leading everywhere. [applause] whatnk we are way ahead of we were four years ago and there more enthusiasm. our base is bigger. it is stronger. we have done the greatest job again. if we did not get hit by the plague from china, between us, i
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would have canceled most of the rallies. i would not have needed a rally. that is a little bit unfair, but that is ok. that is what china has done to our nation. they have screwed us for a long time in a lot of different ways. never has anybody ripped off our nation like china. and i have taken billions and billions of dollars. we never took in $.10 from china. i gave 28 billion to the farmers, because they were targeted by china. [cheers and applause] i do not think we have too many farmers in this wonderful pennsylvania town. i know we have a lot of boilermakers. [applause] i will be talking about them. look at those guys. nobody is going to mess with them. we will be talking about them in a minute. for the entire summer, biden was
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rioterss far-left attacked law enforcement burned terrorizednesses, civilians and just recently marched for the street chanting death to america. we could and it immediately. you saw what we did in wisconsin. they had to ask is in. we have to do something much bigger. it is totally unnecessary. the national guard is fantastic. i went to see them two days ago. biden went today and there was nobody there. he was a little late. i said, listen, we ended that problem. we could have ended in portland. we could ended -- we could have
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and -- we could end at in portland. we did it in seattle. we said we are coming in. we were going in the next day. i was disappointed, to be honest. they ended it in seattle. they took over 20% of the city. do you believe this? the mayor said, no, it is going to be a summer of love. these people are crazy. we end them very quickly. now what we are doing as we are holding back funds for cities that do not know what they are doing where they allow crime to run rampant. [applause] and we put a 10 year prison sentence on anybody that knocks down a statue. [applause] i took out an ordinance -- today in congress, you do not get
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things like that. they think you should have no cash bail. they do the no cash bail. you kill somebody, there is no bail. don't worry about it. i took out an old ordinance. i gave a new executive order. it says 10 years in prison. was like three and a half months ago. they were having a big march on washington. amazingly, that was the end of the statues coming down. no statues. [applause] we are actually prosecuting people. we made it retroactive to the beginning. terrible. by the way, the state statues and monuments, they have to do the same thing. it is really easy. the rioters who want biden to win, they want him to win because their agenda -- it is the craziest thing i have ever seen. they both want to cut funding for police.
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they want to end the cash bail. they want to hire far-left prosecutors and judges to let the criminals run wild. the radical left district attorney in portland, mike schmidt his name is has released , hundreds of rioters interfering with police officers, criminal trespassers, rioting and other offenses will not be prosecuted in any circumstances. oh, it is worse. you have somebody in philadelphia who is worse, right? in his manifesto with bernie sanders biden agreed with all , these things. do notice now? i never said about fracking. i said if you do not do fracking in pennsylvania, 900,000 jobs and your energy bills will triple. other than that, i do not think you should have it. no, but he said in the manifesto
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-- plus he said many times, we put on the clip no fracking. , no this, no that. no guns. how about guns? no second amendment. [booing] biden has pledged to appoint prosecutors to push far-left policies nationwide. he agreed to all the stuff. the craziest thing. you're supposed to bring it to the right. he brought it further left. bernie never drummed this -- never drummed this is possible. i had a lot of his voters come to me. you know why? i agree with him and he agrees with me on one thing. trade. he knew that other countries are ripping us off and so did i. nobody else got it. especially biden. he never got it. still does not get it. now he really gets nothing. he did not get it in prime time.
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now he really does not get it. it is ok for them to make every city look like portland, which is a disaster. we can clean it up, we just go right through it. 5000, 10,000, these guys are tough. they are smart and they love our country. we will clean it up in half an hour. it will be over. [applause] did you see this radical left mayor? out of his home last night. all he does is be nice to them because they do not understand nice. they only understand one thing. strength. that is the only thing. they do not understand nice. they chased him out of his home. unbelievable. [applause] biden's plan is to appease to domestic terrorists, and my plan is to arrest them and prosecute
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them. [applause] and i will always defend law-abiding citizens. that is why the rioters are voting for biden. the law enforcement people, all of them, we got ohio, texas, north carolina, south carolina, we got everybody. i did not know if there is anybody? i see rick perry right there. rick perry, what are you doing here? one of the greats. they are all voting for me. this election is about safety and jobs. today, i am delighted to accept a special endorsement from people i liked. sort of grew up with these people. the relationship we have with all of us. i am endorsing, i am getting an endorsement tonight from some
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very special people. they work hard. they do great. we will put them back to work because the state was in trouble and last year, you had the single greatest here -- economic year in the history of your whole operation, right? you have never had anything like that. [applause] this has been your greatest. this has been -- prior to the plague coming in it has been the commonwealth's -- you have two places. two places. do you know the other play the echo -- other place? that is right. how did you know that, congressman. this is a great commonwealth, it is a great place. the boilermakers' local --
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[applause] boilermakers,he they chartered in pittsburgh 125 years ago. none of you were around to see it. they now represent members in pennsylvania, ohio, and west virginia, and i want to thank john hughes and the boilermakers here today. it is a great honor to have you. where is john? where the hell is john? stand up, john. john, we appreciate it. we appreciate it. [applause] do you know why john is the head? he has the worst location. i say where is john? i'm looking in the front row. put up your hand. look at that guy, he is good. you have my vote, john. hey, boilermakers. thank you. what a job you do. you are the heart of this country. you really are.
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that is a great endorsement. [applause] joe biden spent the last 47 years shipping pennsylvania jobs to china and foreign nations, and i have spent the last four years bringing them back home and we are bringing them back home. [cheers and applause] i ended the last administration, eight year -- pure war on pennsylvania oil and fracking. if you look at -- the natural gas, what they have done to the state. what they were doing to this state, it was sort of easy, i opened it up and said do it. the investment put into the commonwealth of pennsylvania has been record-setting, but again, you had the greatest year have -- year you have ever had last year prior to the virus. you're going to be set now with what we are doing. i believe this next quarter, which will be announced
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interestingly just prior to the election, so i'm putting myself on the line. i know what is going to happen. the numbers are going to be great. next year will be one of the greatest years, not only for pennsylvania, but for the entire country. [applause] so joe hidin'. we have a new one. we call him joe hidin'. what you like better? we got a number. let's do a poll. i saved myself so much money. we do these polls -- these people are coming in from the back, are they not? i'm telling you, you would not have believed this. i was not waiting at you, i was waving at them. there is more. i do need polls. -- i do these polls. it is like a perfect poll.
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ever see the companies, you give them a million bucks and they do a poll. like 78 people were polled. so tell me, what is your feeling -- first of all on the name. do you like maga, make america great again? yes? you are the one. i made you famous today. you said the nicest things about me. did you see him on television today? i think you are great. i think you are great. thank you. he called me a great christian and a great christian leader. [cheers and applause] thank you. but he did say i was not perfect. but that is ok. i said thank you anyway. right? that was really great. but, if you look at it, the
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things they have done, we are going to go through a couple different polls as we go on. because i love the people saying do this or do that. one of the things i got you out of it as thing sounds so good but it is so bad. it is a ripoff of our country. the so-called paris climate accord. it is a disaster. it is a death sentence for your energy jobs. i took it out. i withdrew from that calamity. biden pledged to reinstate it. it will cost you billions and billions of dollars. you know what it is? it is a way to take advantage of the united states. last year, i visited the the shell petrochemical plant in beaver county. anybody hear of beaver county? [applause] the largest investment in your state's history, all made policy -- made possible by our pro energy policies. biden would wipe out that industry, killing the jobs of more than pennsylvania workers.
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600,000 it is probably 940,000 they say. think of that. also, prices and everything else. now, biden came out today and said fracking is ok. did you see that? because he was getting killed. and now he came out in favor of law enforcement. look at all these handsome cops here. [applause] to --beautiful cup beautiful cop. how can anybody believe it? , weis speech and at the dnc got much higher numbers than they did. but they will say anything. we got higher numbers by millions and millions of people. did we have a great convention? [cheers and applause] there is my going. -- there is my guy. we had a great convention. it has been really terrific. i made a speech at mount rushmore, and since that speech,
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our numbers have been up, up, up like a rocket. like a beautiful rocket. the mount rushmore speech. i said, you know, we are getting hit by this pandemic very unfairly. in the sense that we have done such a good job with the ventilators. you have heard it a thousand times. we have to get back and i made a speech in really a great place. south dakota. but it was mount rushmore. you know they want to take off -- if you would see how beautiful this is it was like , this perfect evening. the sun was setting. the faces of these great, great, majestic heroes of our country, right? heroes of our country. [applause] and they want to blow up mount rushmore. but how about this one? the democrats came up with a plan, did you see it?
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they are the d.c. democrats. they want to change the name of the washington monument perhaps , take it down. [booing] thomas jefferson, pretty good, right? you can forget about hearing that name again. abraham lincoln, you can forget about it. they want to take down all statues and monuments in washington. we have some of your greatest people right here. let me not even talk to the congressman. the heck with the congressman. the boilermakers, how do you like the idea of taking down our statues to our great george washington, thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln, andrew jackson, all of them? i don't think the boilermakers -- you will do a ring around washington. along with christopher columbus, he is in big trouble i can tell , you. there was a group of italians that tried to take down
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christopher columbus's statue in new york. you saw what happened, right? these italians formed a little circle and said, come on. the agitators decided to leave. let's get out of here, darling. the protected christopher columbus. the italians are not big on taking down christopher columbus. you take down those statues, you can forget about the italian vote. when asked in a debate if there would be any place for fossil fuel including coal, fracking, natural gazans on many things that fire up these big plants where many of you work and produce millions of jobs throughout our country, biden said no, we would absolutely not allow anything like that. we would make sure it is totally eliminated.
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this is what he said. we would make sure it is totally eliminated or eliminated. now he is coming in saying this is not working too well. i made a speech a week ago in texas. we had crowds that were unbelievable. the highways, you cannot get in. it is like, incredible. you can sell your ticket for a lot of money, go to ebay. even as a used ticket, you could probably sell it. but you go down the highways. i was thinking in taxes of making a speech of obviously people that like oil. they like god. you know what else they like? they like their second amendment. [applause] so think about it. so whether it is pennsylvania or texas or oklahoma or north dakota or anyplace, you take a look at this, right? no oil no guns. , i do not think george washington running with abraham lincoln as his vp is going to
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win in texas or pennsylvania or anyplace else with those three things eliminated. that is what they want to do. they want to take away your second amendment. if i were not president, you would either have an obliterated second amendment or it would be gone entirely. i am standing between them and your second amendment. [cheers and applause] they know. he put beto in charge of guns. anyone who says they are born for this -- remember beto? he was on the cover of a magazine. --ill not mention the cover mention the magazine. he was on the cover. he said i was born to run for president. anybody that -- that is when he was doing well. since then, he has cratered. ever since he made that
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statement, he has looked really bad. take a look at what he says about guns. he got put in charge of guns. i guess biden will be saying, no, i never said that. check out all of the statements he has made on everything should now he is going the opposite way. he has agreed to the manifesto entirely. maybe he will do that and then he figures later on -- everything he said because he has no control on what is happening. the radical left has captured the party. they even elected a person that nobody ever heard of. a senator. it has been a while. against a young good-looking kennedy by 10 points in massachusetts. did you know kennedy lost in massachusetts because he was not a radical left? he was a seminormal person, just slightly left. think of it. this is what has happened.
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if you are not a radical lefty, meaning guns, fossil fuels, they want wind. to make the windmill, which are made mostly in china and germany, to make it, so much emission is let out that it is more than you can save. it is the craziest thing. also, i am truly an environmentalist. but you have to understand, when we do things and they do not, we clean, and it is very expensive to do that, and they do not. we have this massive planet in china, india, russia, germany, all these places that are fuming up, and we are doing our job, beautiful, no, they have to do it also. otherwise, it does not work the way it is supposed to. [applause] they want to ban straws.
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has anybody ever tried those paper straws? they are not working too good. had a couplee meals at mcdonald's over the years. wendy's. a friend of mine owns wendy's. burger king. what about the carton? the plate? the knives and the spoon that applies the echo they were ok. the straws we have to band. disintegrates as you drink it. if you have a nice tie like this tie, this would have no chance. by the time to get finished, the straws totally this integrated. does anyone walk around with a plastic straw? you never had to do that. when asked whether he would be willing to destroy the jobs of hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers, to push his
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anti-energy agenda, you know what the answer is, right? it is the green new deal. -- this wase by made up by people that do not get it. either that or people who do not like our country very much. but biden replied yes, we will get rid of those jobs. voter, imously told a want you to look into my eyes -- i have never seen a man that liked a mast. we have a big weekend. all of that is off and wear your mask when you are close together and wash your hands. we have labor day weekend coming up. did you ever see a man that likes a mask as much as him? he makes a speech and he always has it hanging down because you know what, it gives him a feeling of security echo if i were a say -- of security. if i were a psychiatrist, i
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would say this guy has some big issues. congressman, give me your mask. i do not want to touch your damn mask. mike, i will never touch your mask. the new one is, i went for a physical. the doctor said, would you like to go to walter reed? the job they do on people who have been hurt, the job they do is incredible. sir, would you like to go over and do your physical? you have some time. it was china. i decided not to see china because they did not like to -- like the way we were doing business. so the doctor, the white house doctor, highly respected. so, would you like to go over and do your president -- or physical? -- do your physical? i said, i don't know, i am not in love with the idea.
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i said, let's go. we went. we were driving. you have to understand, there are like 100 cars. it is like plane times 50. the cars are driving all over. it is a 20 minute drive. i was there probably an hour and a half, two hours. yesterday i read that i had , strokes. cnn. fake news cnn, right there. [booing] no, it's true. mini strokes, they called them. i do not know what a many stroke is, but it is not good. it happens to all of us, right? except these young ones. it is never going to happen to them. you know what happened? i went in. i did that part of the physical.
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the end result is i was healthy. they were unhappy when i heard that -- when they heard that result. this was a long time ago. they want to try to get me in biden's physical level. they viewed me as being somebody who is all around -- hey, last week, this week, texas, north carolina, florida, south carolina, back to washington. let's go here. let's go everywhere. i think i have answered more questions from these maniacs than any president. [applause] and mean questions. i watched biden yesterday. he has not answered questions in two months or something. yesterday, he took a couple. they were set up like i have never seen.
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one young woman is smiling. hi. hi. hi. i'm sorry to bother you with this question -- it is the most incredible. so the doctor wrote a letter. saying no, these rumors are wrong. i did not like rumors like that. if it were a fact, it is fine. wife -- not true, -- my he came to me and said, i think i would have known that. and i said, yeah, i think they would have known that. the press follows me. they have a special deal, a van. we go in and we go out. --you remember that as time or member last time, i go in. i spend a little time. a physical, hopefully you have them. it is a good thing, i guess. as long as they give you a good answer. if 80 of you -- if they give you a better answer, don't bother. possibly too late., and i get into the
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the press sees me get into the car. on my way home, i get a call from my wife. the first lady. do we like our first lady? [cheers and applause] she is very popular. a great person, a great woman. she said, darling, are you ok? i go, why do you ask? she said, they are reporting that you had a heart attack. understand, i'm driving in a car that is six cars in front of the press. we try and give them as little room as possible. they are right behind me. they know i got in. and cnn reported that i had a heart attack. that was the same visit. that did not work. [booing]
12:48 am
it is unbelievable. cnn reported i had a heart attack. my wife was concerned. i said no, not that i know of. and if i did, i think i be back there. i will be back home in 15 minutes. thank you for caring. that is always nice. she sounded relieved. that is good. relieved,wife sounds -- but she said, i wonder how that happened. because they are fake news. so i go in -- and that rumor lasted a day or two. no matter what i did. i am in the same motorcade. i go in and i go out. i actually have to report it. i'm in the motorcade. one of them said it was a massive heart attack. again, it could happen someday. if it does, i hope things work out. they knew i was in the motorcade. visit, that same
12:49 am
was the stupidest thing. from now on, when i go to the physical, i not said. this was a quick thing. he is a great doctor. but i said, no more surprise visits to the hospital, so now, the same visit, they started yesterday because some joker from the new york times writes a book. e vice president was prepared to take over the reins because they thought the go under was going to anesthesia. you go home you turn on your record player. can that be?how
12:50 am
this is the same visit. they said heart attack. he said,d -- and suffered mini-strokes. they get a letter from the white house sang totally false, but they still go with it. butaying totally false, they still go with it. at least you spend a couple of nights at bankrate hospital -- at that great hospital. honest press, it would be so great for the usa. [applause] they are just a bunch of phony people. not all of them. you have some very good ones. like 10%.
12:51 am
they are doing anything they can to get this sleepy guy into the white house. i do not think the public will fall for it. in his best days, he was weak. was weak.or, he and he is not exactly prime time. pecial joined by some s warriors. dan, great job you're doing. he is a congressman who has really been a warrior for me. fred keller, great job. the great john joyce. john. thank you reschenthaler -- do you know
12:52 am
him? [applause] what are you doing over there? what happened? you don't get along with these guys? oh, that's good. now i understand. glenn thompson. [applause] great job. really great. -- and aly good friend really good friend. and ae in pennsylvania man from tennessee came up to us , i was getting ready to make a speech, and tennessee has early voting. you remember what he said? this was four years ago. he said i do not know what is happening in pennsylvania, i do not know what is happening in the rest of the country. but if what is happening in the rest of the country is happening in tennessee, they are coming from the hills, the roadside
12:53 am
scum the rivers, people are coming. they never wanted to vote. got trump hats, trump pins, right? [cheers and applause] duncan, right? remember that, mike? they said they had never seen anything like it. listened and wondered what that was all about. people who are not really political people came in -- like the good old miss universe. like this. they came with hat. pins. one person never had a pen in their life, but date -- had a pin in their life, but they
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loved the job that we did. [applause] mine whoreat friend of is a tough cookie and a great congressman. unfortunately, a former because -- he is a special guy. lou, you look good, lou. why don't you run again, lou? hear of this guy, conor lamb? he is like a lamb. area, he saidmpy he would be fighting for trump. he looked like he was a republican, especially when he -- except when he got to washington, he voted with pelosi. he voted with crazy nancy.
12:55 am
he even voted to impeach your president over nothing. that is very personal. when they do that, that is personal. i have to say, congressman, 19 6-0 they stuck with us. you can have romney. vote.e me half a half. 52.5 to a remember when he was walking with black lives matter? of mask on, i can tell you that. this conor lamb was out there
12:56 am
fighting it. he shouldn't have done that. we have somebody who blows him away. he is more of a hero. he is tougher, smarter. he's better looking, not that that matters. generation, ito does not look matter. -- it does not matter. but this man is something special. he is a real hero. a real tough guy. sean parnell. [applause] just remember that conor lamb, and i remember because he is like a little lamb. weak. we have a lot of weak people. ?e like strong people, don't we now.ed strong people right
12:57 am
he was the governor of texas for tell me, 14? 14 years he was. he has been an incredible friend. [applause] perry, everybody. [applause] there was nobody that got into the race tougher than rick. decided that i would be the one, there is nobody who had said that her things about me, but you are great.
12:58 am
huh? a. had a poll today in georgi they said georgia is going to be close. there was the same thing that happened last time. play.aid georgia is in we are up at seven. this is a poll that truly hates us. didn't they say that last time that texas was in play? and so they say the polls have closed in the state of texas. great trump has won the state of texas. .hey said utah was in play that is mitt romney. say, utah, same thing.
12:59 am
we had the guy with the shaved head. what was his name? and he was going to win utah. and i want it by many, many, many points. it was called immediately. so these are people that -- hillary even be this guy, hillary. hillary came in second in utah. in less than four years, we have achieved more than anyone thought possible. we passed massive tax cuts for part-working families and eliminated more regulations than any administration. [applause] i saved the u.s. auto industry by withdrawing from the last administration's job-killing catastrophe known as the transpacific partnership.
1:00 am
it would have been a catastrophe for everything else too. foreigned tariffs on aluminum and foreign steel. that kept you guys very busy. there were dumping all over the place. there were dumping. it was bad steel too. it was dirt steel. administration reached a breakthrough agreement imports from brazil and mexico, despite the usmca. they get a little carried away and china's to entrance into the world trade organization, one of the worst things that happened when china came in they were flatlining for
1:01 am
many years and then they came into this crazy deal. they are considered a developing nation. i am protesting that. they consider china developing nation and you get all kinds of things you would never get, advantages over the united states. we have very strongly protested. they are not a developing nation. they are a very powerful, develop nation and they've got to pay what everyone else has to pay. tos year i kept my promise the commonwealth of pennsylvania when we ended the nafta nightmare and signed the brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement into law, which is in effect now and really doing well. everyone said, it will never happen. i had a great help from these gentlemen. i took the toughest action to stand up to china's pillaging, plundering and rampant theft of pennsylvania and many places' jobs. that is through out the world,
1:02 am
by the way, but our states have been pillaged china and others. in biden's agenda is made china. my agenda is made in america. [applause] [crowd chanting] >> usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. president trump: after years and years of rebuilding other countries, we are rebuilding our country. it is called america first. we are america first. and we are bringing our soldiers back home. you see what is going on. after 19 years in afghanistan, faraway places. cities, i created opportunity zones. tim scott, great senator, worked on it with me.
1:03 am
i passed criminal justice reform, delivered permanent funding for historically black colleges and universities that obama would ever do. the china virus, we achieved the lowest african-american, hispanic-american, asian-american unemployment rates ever recorded, by far. and they are now heading back in that direction quickly. democrat politicians have failed the black community for decades. they failed the asian community, the hispanic community, women. the numbers on women's unemployment were the best in 61 years. last 47 yearse betraying the american people. he was always for things that you wouldn't want. and now he is changing. no, i never said that, i never said that. i spent the last four years keeping my promises and delivering for the african-american community and
1:04 am
all communities. [applause] but the best is yet to come. perhaps in no area have our opponents most betrayed working families than on the subject of immigration. under my administration, we achieved the most secure border in american history. we ended catch and release, deported 20,000 gang members and we get them out and we get them out fast. thank you, ice, ice and border patrol. i send border patrol. they don't like ice because they are tough. you have to be tough for that job, by the way. anybody up you like to work for ice? i don't so. you could probably be ok. but you would rather do what you
1:05 am
are doing, right? i agree with you. these are tough guys. you have to be tough. these are bad gang members. look at ms 13. look at what happened with ms 13. but we get them the hell out. sometimes we have to put them into prison because we don't want to take a chance of them coming back in after what they have done. we have built 300 miles of border wall and are adding 10 new miles every single week. every week. at the while will be finished very soon. they keep saying mexico will be paying for the wall and i said respectfully to mexico, they will be paying for the well. they understand, they just don't want to write it, but that is ok because president -- because mexico has treated us very well. the president of mexico. right now they have 27,000 mexican soldiers on our barter -- on our border guarding us from people coming in illegally. [applause] point $5ed two
1:06 am
trillion in the united states new --y and launched the first branch of the u.s. armed forces in nearly 75 years. this space force. her to good -- pretty good. i am going to send mike into space, our great congressman. that, we created a branch of the united states. that alone, if you had that, but then you had judges, all the other things, we passed v.a. choice and v.a. accountability. now, instead of waiting for nine goks to see a doctor, you out and get a private doctor, we paid the bill, as our great veterans get better quickly. and accountability. we keep people accountable for the way they treat our veterans. and if they don't treat them
1:07 am
well we say, you are fired. we couldn't fire anybody. we had sadists, thieves, very bad people at the v.a. and they are all gone. thank you. i love you tooo. thank you. such friendly voices. but beautiful too. only in pennsylvania. i withdrew from the last administration's disastrous rn -- iran nuclear deal. obama paid $150 billion for a short-term deal, gave 1.8 million dollars in cash. million --er seen $8 $1.8 billion in cash. have you ever seen $1 million, like at a casino in $100 bills? they gave them 1.8 billion dollars. i kept my promise and recognized the true capital of israel. [applause]
1:08 am
you never know, nowadays. right? i opened the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. [applause] recognized israeli sovereignty over the go along heights -- over the golan heights. they have been trying to get that done for 52 years. jerusalem, they have been talking about it, many, many presidents. they all promised it. nobody did. i did it. and we just did something incredible. even the new york times gave it good reviews. tom friedman gave it phenomenal reviews. achieved the first breakthrough in middle east peace in decades, a deal with
1:09 am
israel and the uae. the deal with israel and the uae, and i will tell you we have representatives over right now i'd other people are saying, we want to get into that deal. we want to get the hell out. let's get them all back. don't forget, we are energy independent. there used to be a reason. now we have a reason. it is called israel. but, and we have very good partnerships over there. we have some countries that have treated us very well and we are put to take care of those countries. but we are energy independent for the first time and that is a very good feeling. [applause] our military has never been stronger. it is new and it is beautiful. 100% of the isis caliphate in iraq and syria.
1:10 am
and we killed the founder and leader of isis, al baghdadi. killed theely, we world's number one terrorist for decades, qassem soleimani. we killed qassem soleimani. big step for the middle east. we kept america out of wars. the always say trump is radical, radicalf the, he is too , he will get us in wars. i kept you out of wars. what happened in north korea? i got along with kim jong-un they said that's terrible. it's good that i get along. if i get along with russia, is that a good thing or bad thing? i think it's a good thing. these maniacs always talk about russia. they never talk about china. it is always russia. i heard it starting again. they said somebody spoke to russia, russia, russia, russia.
1:11 am
iff total maniacs shifty sch is a total maniac. i can't even listen. when i russia i just turn it off. it is crazy. getting along with countries and a good -- is a good thing. it is a very good thing, not a bad thing. it is a very good thing. but i was the one that was going to be leading you into war. the first week, he will be in war, he is a radical personality. i'm not. i like to have peace. but if we ever do get into war, we will not the -- knock the hell out of them. these guys fight to die. they don't fight to win. we fight to win. but you look at what is happening where they are all coming back home. i reduced in germany even, they are an ally but that took advantage of us very badly with our trade and very badly with our militaries that we were moved a lot of soldiers out of are not happyey
1:12 am
and they said this is going to hurt their economy. they thought it was going to hurt the german economy. they don't treat us right. they don't pay their bills. they are delinquent. do you know what delinquent is? they are to link went. they don't pay their bills. we protect them. they don't pay our bills. we have to do something. at they treat us horribly entree to the european union come out basically they run. i have been rapidly fixing half a century of disasters and biden was therefore everyone of them. supported nafta, china's entry into the world trade, the korean deal. the korean deal was so bad. it was so bad. this was a deal that was going to producing south korea done by hillary clinton. this was a deal that was going to produce 250,000 jobs. be 250, will and she was right. for south korea, it produced
1:13 am
250,000. we got nothing. we got losses. it was a terrible deal. i renegotiated. now it is a good deal. they also gave and want to give mass amnesty to illegal aliens. biden supported cutting social security. he voted for the iraq war. he opposed the mission to take out osama bin laden. he opposed the killing of soleimani. he said that is a terrible thing, terrible thing, everybody in the middle east couldn't believe it, they celebrated some of them, quietly, i must say. he oversaw the rise of isis. ascheered the rise of china a positive development for america and the world. say, i cantarting to be tough on china. no he can't. china owns him. china owns sleepy joe. it is not going to. be tough on china. he set all these wonderful things and all of a sudden his phone numbers started going down.
1:14 am
not going to be tough on china. he said to all these wonderful things and all of a sudden his poll numbers started going down. and at his convention they did something terrible. the words under god. right? it is called the pledge of allegiance. under god. he left those words out twice at their caucus, which is part of their convention. that is where they are coming from. he is saying, we didn't do this and we gave it to him any sort of shut up at two days later he is saying it didn't happen. they lied. in these mail-in ballots, these mail-in ballots are a disgrace and they know it. sign your mail-in ballot. sign it and send it in and then you have to follow it. and if, on election day or early not tabulateds and counted, you go vote.
1:15 am
and if for some reason after that, it shouldn't take that long, it comes in, they are not going to be able to tabulate it because you will have voted. you have to make sure your vote counts. the only way they are going to oft us is by doing that kind stuff. i'm trying to be nice. i'm trying to be nice. they want to send out congressmen, 80 million ballots. have have enemy -- there been many races where they have done this and they have been a disaster. ,ew york had a con congressional race, not a very good congresswoman, i know her well, i lived in new york, she hasn't got much going. they have no idea what the vote is. 20% of the ballots i think were missing and that declared her the winner and the other guy said, what about me? he's not too happy, her opponent. look at what happened in paterson, new jersey, virginia, you look at what happened, there
1:16 am
is not a race, these are small, easy to control, another want to 80 million unsolicited, i like it much better, the used as a universal, used to say live ballots, i like the word unsolicited. and solicited. solicited is ok. because that is when you are asking and you want it and you send in the necessary documentation and you get the ballots and you feel it out. you can't, this whole thing with the unsolicited, unsolicited means you are sitting there. we have a big cozy as a match -- big enthusiasm edge but when they threw these things in your face on the list are inaccurate and people like dad and dog some gotten ballots, they have come a dog gotten ballots. and they know i am right. everybody knows i am right. at they say i am right behind the closed doors. and it is a disgrace, what they do to our country. 80 million unsolicited ballots.
1:17 am
people that had no idea. but that weren't going to vote. it is really unfair, because our people haven't news gaza. they are going out to vote. they are all going out to vote. everybody are going to vote? everybody? [applause] but they have no enthusiasm. so i said that is unfair. a guy walks up, somebody knocks on the door, listen, we would like your ballot. i don't want to vote, i don't care about biden come i don't care about this guy, i'm a democrat. here. take it. blah blah blah. they have a provision where you don't have to verify signatures. what is going on? they have another provision were some said that you could harvest, where you grab them altogether and you drop them. and nevada has a pers vision where they don't have to be counted until seven days after the election. and if we have a close election, i hope it's not, i hope we have a landslide, [applause]
1:18 am
but if we have a close election, that means nevada has a right to, and i love nevada, i think we are going to win nevada, x when they send hundreds of thousands and millions of unsolicited ballots to people in the bad and people that probably left a long time ago. it is very unfair. it is very unfair. but think of it they have seven days after the election. did you know that mike? seven days after the election. i want the results of the election on november 3. [applause] if it is anything like these other events, it could go on forever. raceongressional gave her inust i think they should do it over because it was rife with fraud and theft. i think they should do it over. people are selling balance.
1:19 am
people are selling balance. they talk about russia. they are so worried about russia. what about sending out 80 million ballots? that is your problem. end of russia and china and china in these other countries want to cheat, all they have to do is forge ballots. it is much easier than the way they have to go about it, right? so we have to put pressure on these people. the good news is, we have a lot of court cases. we have one in pennsylvania. we have two judges, state judge, federal judge, both highly qualified from what i understand. i hear that they are not too happy about what they are seeing. so we are going to see what happens. the lawyers feel very confident. but we have to win those cases. but what you have to do is send in your early ballot and then go and make sure that violet is tabulated or come to. and if it is -- make sure that vote is tabulated and counted. and if it is not counted, go
1:20 am
vote. if he comes in late and it is not too late, they have the job of making sure they don't count them. but follow that ballot. because these people, they will be lost, they will be gone, the off,rs are incredible, 25% 30% off, 20% off, follow your ballot. china,band travel from biden called it xenophobic. if we had listened to sleepy joe, hundreds of thousands more americans would have died. he gets up today, covid-19, covid-19. have a country, and i agree with that, and we have done a hell of a job. we have done a hell of a job, if you look at some of our numbers. but you have to start talking about the economy and you have to start talking, your place, when you look at pennsylvania, you are in a shutdown.
1:21 am
your governor has you shut down. that's right. i didn't even think. it.dn't even think about you have a governor that has you shut down. that's right. [booing] almost all states are open and their numbers are good. look at florida, way down. arizona had a spike, way down. california. texas is going way down. you haven't even opened up. you haven't even opened up the great commonwealth. thing in northme carolina and you have the same thing in michigan. what she is doing in michigan is said. and you have deaths with the shut down. you have depression. you have drugs and alcohol. you have sickness. you have lots of jobs. and people, you have suicides. don't even think about it.
1:22 am
but you have suicides. at this stage, we did the right thing. we closed the country down, we studied, learned about it, we know the susceptible are old people, senior citizens, nursing ,ome people that are old especially if they have heart problems or diabetes. we note that. we learned it. and we opened it up. but these shutdowns are causing much bigger problems. you remember my original statement? an original statement a lot of people pick up and it is so true. you have to open this commonwealth. it has to be opened up. it has to be opened up now. here is what i think they are doing, because you have the same thing in new york. a governor in new york and 36,000 people died, people
1:23 am
died in a nursing home. he made a mistake. i built to make convention center with 2800 beds and they didn't use that end i sent up a ship, a great hospital ships, a massive hospital with hundreds of rooms and they didn't use it. he requested it. then i said, you're not using it. why aren't you using it? he could have put those people in the convention center, and the hospital ships. what a shame. but you look at new york, the restaurants are closed. it sat for me. i love new york. i did well in new york. i get sad when i look at new york read it's all politics. somebody, they don't prosecute you, but they go after political enemies. what is happening in new york is a terrible thing. and the place is dead. no restaurants. the restaurant food -- how long can you do this?
1:24 am
the people are going to lose their jobs. you are never going to open. the restaurant isn't the greatest business, it's our business. new york is closed. you are closed. north carolina is closed. all democrats. on november 4, they are going to announce they are opening. they are doing this for political reasons. [applause] they are, right, john? it for political reasons because they want our numbers to look at going into november 3 election day. and as soon as the election is over, they are going to open. if got nothing. it's a shame what they are doing. political reasons, you will be opening november 4. is from your standpoint, it very close to the election, it is very far if you can't open your restaurant or your store. it's a disgrace. and they ought to get together. they ought to do it. inse are democrat governors
1:25 am
all instances, and democrat mayors. when the china virus arrived, we launched the largest national mobilization since world war ii. thanks to lifesaving therapies we pioneered, the mortality rate has been reduced by 85% since april. we have achieved among the lowest case fatality rates of any major country. you never hear that from the fake news. they don't want to talk about it. this is a big country. this is a tougher country to do that. the european union case totality rate is nearly three times higher than ours. spain is having a blowup. france is having a big blowup. now, we have done a great job. we haven't been given credit. and he always starts off, covid-19, that's all you here, covid-19. what about the economy, jobs come all the things we have to do? it's adoes, he thinks weak spot and in theory, if we
1:26 am
get a fair shake from those people, the job we have done is actually a strong spot and that includes you people, with the ventilators that nobody had. nobody that needed a ventilator didn't get a ventilator. we were supplying them all over the world. the nations of europe experienced a 30% greater increase in excess mortality than the united dates. you don't tear these numbers. cases in the u.s. have declined 20% nationwide over the last month. 28% nationwide over the last month. three vaccine are in final stage of clinical trials. that would have taken two years for another president. i should say a normal president. there is a little truth to that. another president, especially, in the last administration, they had the h1n1 pandemic.
1:27 am
someone. joe always called it the and one mnihi. -- the the n1always called it h1. he doesn't know where he is. joe didn't want to ban china and we saved hundreds of thousands of lives. i was the only one who wanted to do it. then we ban europe. i saw was happening. we banned europe and saved hundreds of thousands and if i didn't do the closing on opening, we are at 175 thousand, far too many, one is too much, because this was given to us by china and it is a disgrace. they could have stopped it. they stopped it from going into china but not the rest of the world. it's a disgrace. think of it. marksden got the worst
1:28 am
you've seen for his handling of the h1n1 flu. they said it was incompetent. and the head guy who is not trying to retract it, it is a little tough, that is one great thing about the tape, he said we did a horrible job. he said they got lucky. it's not contagious like this. this is a tough one. i can look at that guy, he will catch it right there and he is very far away. it is a top one because it is contagious. this one flu is a different thing. but nothing is easy about that pandemic or epidemics. and his marks. look at the job they did. it was so bad that their top person criticized it. and they went after him. they said, don't ever say that. it's a little late. he said it was one of the worst jobs. we had a gallup where we got very high marks for the job we did.
1:29 am
they had a pool where it was so low, it wasn't recordable. and he is telling us how to solve this difficult problem. we've done a great job. i don't want credit, but i want the people, mike pence, our vice pence, and the task force headed i mike and working along with a lot of great people, they have done a fantastic job. and they get no credit. if i was a democrat, a different president that they did the same job they would say it was one of the greatest jobs they have ever seen look at what they say about this one. it was a disaster. it was incompetent. they called themselves incompetent. and now they are like, we would have done this. hiding was totally against it. xenophobic, racist, because a closed down china. and then two months later, two
1:30 am
and a half, three, nancy pelosi was having dances in chinatown. a month later. no problem. i was way ahead. that comes out and he said i was right, but they said, don't say that. try doing it softer than that. bite did it a little softer. we were right, they were wrong, they handle it so badly, just take a look. i sent to my people, we've got to fight this differently. we are getting a lot to fake news, bad people saying bad things and you look at how we have done compared to smaller countries, it is amazing. if you took new york, which was a disaster by governor cuomo, we would have numbers that are better than they are. a big percentage of the people that died in this country died because new york was incompetently run by mayor de blasio and governor cuomo.
1:31 am
and by the way, there is another incredible thing happening. pfizer announced it expects to have the results of its vaccine trials in a matter of weeks, very shortly. under operation warp speed, we remain on track to produce a safe and effective vaccine. this would have been years later. it will be delivered before in my opinion, before the end of the year, it might even be delivered before the end of october. how do you like that? [applause] pres. trump: not because of the election. because we want to save people. that is the important thing. together we will defeat the virus. the job that all the other people are working on it, our generals, admirals, we but
1:32 am
billions and billions of dollars of things and now we make gowns, we make masks, we make shields, we make ventilators, it is very complicated. very expensive. statement, it is very sophisticated -- they said no it's not. these people are the worst. we will next four years make america into the manufacturing superpower of the world and we will end our reliance on china once and for all. and let me just tell you something. if they did not waste a year and a half of my life on a ridiculous impeachment based on a phone call that was perfect, this would have all been done. it would have all been done.
1:33 am
[applause] pres. trump: it's true. it would have all been done. and yet, with all of the stuff, the fake russia witchhunt, the fake ukraine -- how about that. did anyone read the transcript of that call? a perfect call. congratulations, good luck. it was a perfect call. has never beene anything like this. lopsided 100%ly political witchhunt and it goes on and on. these are bad people. i really believe they don't love our country. i watched nancy pelosi -- you must wear your mask. you have to wear your mask. we are going to keep every beauty salon closed all over the country. then i see a picture, i say, nancy pelosi, where is her mask? she mustll you what, have treated that beauty salon owner pretty badly.
1:34 am
she uses the salon and the salon turned her in? the salon turned her in. [applause] pres. trump: i don't think i would have turned her in. i would have said, you know, she is a customer, i have to take care of my customers, right? but she made them open and this upon -- the salon did business with her. how much do they hate nancy pelosi? [cheers and applause] and then she made a terrible mistake. you want people that can't be set up, she said i was set up. i was set up by the salon owner. i was set up. tell me she did not say that. i just put out that if she was set up, she should not be leading the house of representatives. owner to leadon
1:35 am
the house of representatives up -- think of it. she set up the speaker of the house. that was a big mistake. as soon as i heard she said, well, she set me up, nancy, you are not supposed to get set up. you are representing our country. you know what she should have done? she should have said, i made a mistake, sorry, and nobody would be talking about it. crazy nancy. highly overrated person, let me just say. she is a highly overrated person. they give her such good play. she is a highly overrated person. look, they just turned off the camera because they don't want me saying that. [booing] so just in closing, we will rapidly return to soaring wages and record prosperity. we will hire more police,
1:36 am
increase penalties for assaults surge federal prosecutors into high crime communities and bad sanctuary cities. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we will appoint prosecutors, judges, and justices who believe in enforcing the law, not their own political agenda. religioushold liberty, free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] down trump: we will strike terrorists who threaten our citizens. we will not let them threaten our citizens. and we will keep america out of endless foreign wars. we will end surprise medical bills. we don't want surprise medical billing. it is terrible. we have ended it. also we have done something that is incredible. some people say it is bigger
1:37 am
than health care. it takes place in january. you had better elect me. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: you had better elect me. it is called price transparency. four more years] pres. trump: i said to my people the other day, what is price transparency? this is going to lower your prices -- you will be able to negotiate. you are not even allowed to do that with hospitals, with doctors. you get better doctors, lower prices. you haveomplicated -- no idea. they fought me on this. price transparency. could be bigger than health care. but i said, when does it start? they said, sir, we have it all set.
1:38 am
january 1. i said, i better when the selection. this election. much --educing how reducing insurance premiums massively and the cost of prescription drugs went down for the first time in 50 years last year, now it is going to go down very big. i see drug companies, they are killing you with ads. they have nothing but money. countries payher much less than we do. a comparison of prices. -- instituted it, a pill,aying $2.50 for some other countries paying $.10 for a pill from the same factory.
1:39 am
companies can't sleep and i tell you mark meadows is here, our chief of staff. where is mark? they want to negotiate. they want to negotiate and they are negotiating. let us see what happens. we are going to get prescription drugs the likes of which you have never seen. we will protect medicare and social security. they will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. always. [cheers and applause] will be the america first nation to land an astronaut on mars. when i took over, nasa is dead. now it is the most vibrant space center in the world. we will restore patriotic education to our schools and we will teach our children to love
1:40 am
our country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and we will live by the timeless words of our national motto, in god we trust. [cheers and applause] , you hadmp: four years a president who apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america, standing up for the great people of pennsylvania. from pittsburgh to harrisburg, from erie to easton, and from bethlehem to right here in latrobe,lmer's beloved we love arnold. only one arnold. we stand on the shoulders of pennsylvania patriots who gave their blood, sweat, and tears for this beloved nation.
1:41 am
pennsylvania is the state where our founding fathers declared american independence, right? declared american independence. [cheers and applause] and the word commonwealth in there. it is where the army whether it's winter at valley forge, where george washington, by the namethey want all of the washington removed from everything. [booing] pres. trump: i have not been keeping up with it. what did he do? george washington, they want the name off. are we ok? i don't think you like that idea too much. george washington, they want his name off everything. but we will keep it. i promise you this. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: as long as you have cancel culture you're going to have a strong president. george washington, can you believe it?
1:42 am
he led his men on a daring mission across the delaware. this is the commonwealth where our union was saved by the heroes of gettysburg, where generations of strong pennsylvania workers mined look cold, worked the railroads, worked the steel that made america the most powerful nation in the history of the world. we are making it greater than it has ever been before. that is what is going to happen. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: proud citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country from these very arranged people -- deranged people. we are returning power to the american people. with your devotion we are going to keep working. we are going to keep fighting. we are going to keep winning, winning, winning.
1:43 am
[cheers and applause] pres. trump: we are one movement, one people, one family , and one glorious nation under god. america will soon be thriving like never before. next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] and together, we will work very hard. the people of pennsylvania, the great people of pennsylvania where i went to college, it is a place i know very well, but we will make america wealthy again, we will make america strong again, we will make america proud again, we will make america safe again, and we will make america great again.
1:44 am
thank you, pennsylvania. ♪ young man, there's no need to feel down, i said young man, pick yourself off the ground, young man, you're a new town, there is no need to be unhappy ♪ ♪ ♪ young man, there's a place you can go, i said young man, when you're short on your do, you can stay there, and i'm sure you will find many ways to have a ♪od time ♪
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♪ it's fun to stay at the ymca, it's fun to stay at the ymca for youngverything men to enjoy, you can hang out with all the boys, it's fun to stay at the ymca,
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♪ ♪
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ymca, it's fun to stay at the ymca young man, young man, there's no need to feel down young man, young man, pick yourself off the ground ymca, it's fun to stay at the ymca young man, young man, are you listening to me young man, young man, what do you wanna be? ymca, you'll find it at the ymca no man, young man, does it all by himself young man, young man, put your pride on the shelf ymca, and just go to the ymca young man, young man i was once
1:48 am
in your shoes young man, young man i was down with the blues, ymca ♪
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our campaign 2020 coverage continues with candidates campaigning and debating. view ofyour unfiltered politics. on friday, joe biden talks about the pandemics impact on the economy at an event in wilmington, delaware. live coverage begins at 12:15 on c-span. >> biden record is a shameful roll call of the most catastrophic betrayals and blunders in our lifetime. he has spent his entire career on the wrong side of the. >> our current president has failed in his most basic duty to