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tv   Campaign 2020 Doug Emhoff Rep. Cindy Axne D-IA Host Early Vote Event Near...  CSPAN  October 17, 2020 9:36pm-10:06pm EDT

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or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> next, doug emhoff joins cindy rally inn urban vote iowa. the latest poll average from real clear politics show mr. biden with a slim lead of just over one point. --wonent trump one iowa iowa in 2016. ♪
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>> good afternoon. please welcome congresswoman cindy axne. [applause] .> hello, polk county how are we doing today? very exciting to see everybody here. will does so much to help the party. thank you to all the volunteers today. we appreciate your help. thank you to the great electives, and the candidates running. don't we have a great ticket in iowa? [applause] i am excited to be here today. we are just a little over two weeks out from the election. many of you know last time when , i was running, i thought it was the most important election of our lifetime. and it was. and in many ways, i still feel that same way.
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had you not helped me flip the house here right out of iowa, i do not know what we would've done if we did not have the democratic house majority to stand up against this administration. [applause] so thank you for all that you did. we have been out in washington visiting our districts to make sure that we are bringing the voices of iowans to washington. families that are doing all they possibly can to survive during this difficult time this , pandemic in our country. we have stood up against this attack andion's their continual attacks on affordable quality health care for every single person in this great district of ours. and in this country. we have stood up and said we need to raise the wages of every american to make sure that they can put money in their pockets,
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feed their family live a life of , dignity and maybe even save a little something and send their children to post secondary education. we have fought to make sure that the voices of those who have not been heard are being heard. folks in our lgbtq community, our black community, our latinx community. so many people who do not have a voice from elected officials on the other side. it is time we elect officials all across the board, turn this state completely blue and make sure the voices of all those communities are heard. [applause] i couldn't have been elected last time if it wasn't for every person out here. single and boy, we have a lot of work to do over the next couple weeks. i want everybody to remember that there is only one thing
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that votes, and it is the ballots. we cannot fall into a situation that we did last time in the presidential election thinking that it all looks great. it does look great, folks.
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and premiums for people to put more money in their pocket. we have been fighting to address mental health and all of the issues that our children and teachers and community members are facing. we have been working overtime to put in bills like the george floyd policing act to protect members of our black communities. and we know that the job is not over. we need to make sure that we are doing every single thing we can, as i mentioned, to make sure that we turn this state blue.
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iowa is a pivotal state when it comes to ensuring that this country lives up to its responsibility that it has with people in this great country of ours. that only comes by electing democrats up and down the ticket because democratic values are the values of hard-working middle-class americans all across this country. so i am grateful that you are here, but we need to keep pushing this agenda forward. we need to put a covid package in place that addresses the issues we are facing so that iowa does not continue to stay at the top and hurt people in our country and state and send too many of our older iowans into an early death because of what jim reynolds is doing. we need people to push back against that. we need to put national mandates in place for testing. and make sure that vaccines are available to every single person
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, not just to the wealthy. we need to adjust the tax rates that we have right now, to give all the benefits to the wealthiest among us and the largest publicly traded corporations at the expense of middle-class families across this country. once and for all, we need to stop the attack on our health care that is happening right now in washington as they select the next supreme court justice. once again, thank you for being here, to show your support for the biden-harris ticket. we are going to unite this country, bring dignity back to the office of the white house where it belongs. [applause] and i am so excited to introduce our next speaker, he is breaking the glass ceiling himself as a
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second spouse, second gentlemen i think he likes to call himself the second dude. we are going to have doug emhoff standing next to his beautiful, stunning, smart wife in the white house. i cannot wait to have him be our next second dude. a big welcome and applause for doug emhoff. [applause] ♪
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off: i am going to take this off because no one is up here. it is so great to be back in iowa. so great to see so many friends. so great to see so many people that we got to meet last year. and that we have gotten to stay in touch with and stay close with. where is sean? you are doing so great to see such a great job. so great to see you. let's hear it for congresswoman axne. 2018 hi, howere in . hi, how are you doing? we came out here in 2018 and got to know her and she is such an amazing -- hi!
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good to see you too. i know everybody here. we got to help her out and she is such an amazing congresswoman representative. her back to d.c. too. we will send her back too. it is so great to be back here talking on behalf of joe and kamala. it is such an honor and a privilege to be able to talk about two people, one you know i love, and one i love as well, joe biden. how great was he in that town hall? [applause] i mean, what a contrast. what a contrast between what you saw with him and what was on that other channel. it is not even close. i have been blessed with this opportunity to come back on the campaign trail and you know spent a lot of time here, and i love iowa, and it is so good to be back.
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i have been here virtually, and i am back here today to tell you that i am so excited to be speaking on behalf of the next president of the united states joe biden and the next vice president of the united states my wife, kamala harris. , [applause] when i see her, she is going to say, how was your day? oh you were in iowa. she is going to say hi to everyone. she says hi to everyone. she loves it here it is great to be here. you cannot believe the energy and excitement in our campaign, so i do virtual events, live events, and we will do a phone bank and we think that 60 people will show up -- 600 will show up on the zoom. there is that much excitement for this campaign. i am doing smaller events with smaller businesses and they are
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telling me about how devastating this pandemic has been for their businesses and a lot of them are not going to reopen because of the failures of this administration. i talked to working mothers. working mothers out there who are just trying to keep it altogether. urgent need for paid childcare, affordable childcare. paid leave. we need to help everybody. americans are sick and tired too. roadi am out there on the you can just see people are , upset and they are done. they come to our events with a stiff upper lip. how is it going? what is going on? you can see the air deflate out of the chest. and then they just talk about how truly horrible it has been and why? the common refrain is the same across the country, lack of leadership. no direction.
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failure on covid. zero direction. you know that it's going to change when we elect joe and kamala. [applause] the other difference is this lack of compassion. it is this lack of empathy. he saw the difference last -- we saw the difference last night. joe sat there and answered every single question, look people in the eye. if you did not have an answer that someone might not have liked, he still explained himself. on the other channel like we years,en for four someone just talking about themselves. just caring about themselves. not about the people, not listening, not caring. you know that is going to change. covid. i know it is spiking all over the country again because of a lack of planning. i noticed terrible here in iowa. i saw the stats. and i talked to folks. when i was in texas, colorado last week, i talked to folks
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who have been affected so deeply by covid. i talked to this young woman in colorado who is diabetic, who has a pre-existing condition. she is also a caretaker to her brother who needs a kidney transplant. she lost her job because of the devastation to the economy, lost her health care, and now she is so afraid of how she's going to keep it altogether. i also met a nurse who had covid because she is putting herself out there on the front lines like so many of these caregivers , she recovered, went back on the field to take care of people. she is working twice as many hours for the same or less pay, using the same mask every shift because they are not providing her with a mask or other ppe.
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it is an outrage. this is happening all over the country and why? there is no leadership. there is no relief. organizers, one community organizer whose father had just died, one whose father had just gone to the icu in south texas. i met another one of our organizers whose father died of covid. was not able to say goodbye. was not able to say goodbye. the same thing that is happening all over the country. like i said, you must be reeling from the news that i saw that i could not believe. 1500 deaths in this state alone. which is just outrageous. so many communities all across the country, so many are going through the same thing right now because of the failure of this administration to do anything about it. [applause] when i saw that debate with joe a couple weeks ago, one of the most compelling things was when he talked about the empty chair at the kitchen table.
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it is such a striking image that we are seeing all across this country. thousands upon thousands of us are trying to cope with this virus. insight from this administration. you know that is why you are here. this is why you are seeing people showing up even though they are trying to suppress the vote all over the country, but that we are not going to stand for it because we want change and november 3, we are going to have change in joe and kamala. why? [applause] unlike what is happening now where there is no plan and there is no leadership, joe and kamala have a plan. you know they do. let's talk about the virus. joe and kamala have been talking about this pretesting. testing where you get the results right away. a test does not really matter if
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it takes two weeks to get the results back, right? contact tracing. you saw this super spreader they have in the white house and they refused to keep in contact -- it is irresponsible, outrageous. free treatment goes without saying. we must have free treatment. let's talk about a vaccine. we all want one. but we are not going to trust donald trump to say it is safe. we are going to trust the scientists and when the scientists say it is safe, when we hope it is, we are all going to go in get that vaccine. -- and get that vaccine. does anyone here actually trust donald trump and this administration to ethically distribute a vaccine when it is safe? no. we need joe and kamala in there to do that. absolutely. [applause] the congresswoman talked about the affordable care act. you saw kamala in this
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illegitimate process called a senate confirmation hearing on this judge. this judge who was on the record, on the record against things like the affordable care act and roe v. wade. this is outrageous to push this through while votes have already started, trying to pull away the affordable care act. you talk about people around the country being afraid. people want the affordable care act. it is working, i have heard their stories. this administration is in federal court right now as we speak, trying to rip apart the affordable care act, -- pretending that they have a plan to replace it. for four years they have been pretending. they have no plan. they just want to take it apart, who knows why? i think we do know why. and without a replacement during a pandemic. we cannot stand for that. [applause]
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health care is a right. it is not a privilege. health care is a right. joe and kamala firmly believe that, like i know everyone here does. they will do every thing they can to save the affordable care act and build upon it after they are elected. let's talk about the economy. i'm traveling across the country. you see it. i saw it in nebraska this morning at an event. you see small businesses boarded up. you see businesses closed down. you talk to the small business owners. they are hurting, they are struggling. and they are afraid. and why? because this administration failed on covid, tanked the economy and only cared about keeping his wealthy friends happy, not the rest of the people. that is wrong. joe and kamala have a plan to bring this economy back.
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joe did it before. 2008?er in jobs makinglions of , sure that work is rewarded, bringing manufacturing back to our country. futures made in america with american workers. they will also invest in our future. future employees. let's see. high-quality training programs. free community college. student debt relief. we need our young people to have the skills in this new economy, this new 21st -- yes. that's right. young people. [applause] let's talk about climate. i was here a couple weeks ago with dr. biden. we were in cedar rapids. we saw the effects of the
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derecho. i could not believe it. buildings were destroyed. trees were everywhere, crops were down. it was unbelievable. that is happening. my home state of california devastated by fires all throughout the west. floods throughout the east coast. climate change is real. climate change is an existential threat. this administration after laughs about it, ignores it, thinks it is a hoax. that has got to change. you know joe and kamala will have a plan for getting ahead of this, but as joe says, it is going to mean jobs. it is going to mean building , full on clean energy infrastructure and that means jobs. [applause] so you know i love kamala. but i love joe, too. he is awesome. what i have been saying, joe and kamala just get it.
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they understand what is going on out there. they have spent their entire lives in public service. they just get it. they are both about family. they are both about faith. they are both about their community. they are both about just helping the people. the empathy,ok at the conviction, look at the knowledge, the experience. immigrants -- daughter of immigrants who is living the dream through your brains, talent, compassion, caring. she is doing it all. i love seeing these for the people signs. they are both for the people. [applause] and they have never forgotten where they have come from. they remember who they are and where they have come from.
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so folks -- i like to say that -- because joe says it folks, just 18 days. just 18 days left. no onat i want to say this point, 18 days left, and we are going to win, folks. andre going to win in iowa, we are going to win all over the country, because people are sick and tired of what is going on. they want leadership. big becauseto win we need a mandate. we want to show the country and we want to show the world that we are better than this. , becauseant a big win we want to be able to refute all the nonsense that you-know-who is going to come up with after we beat him in this election. so let's win big, have a mandate, shove this country who we are and show the world who we are. [applause]
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know you know this, but if you don't, you can vote right now. you can vote right now in iowa. you see these pictures all over the country of people lining up, you can go out and leave this event underwrote right now. and if you have any questions on\--, i'll but don't just go vote, tell your friends, family, tell people you see at work, tell strangers on the street. get online, text, tweet like me, go on instagram, do whatever you have to do, but just get everyone out there to vote, and we are talking about voting early. get it done, get it out of the way. go vote. if you vote, it is going to turn out the way we all want it turn out. we are going to have new
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leadership. a are going to have brand-new, amazing senator here named theresa greenfield. i had a chance to talk to her today. let me tell you something. she is fired up. she is confident. and she sounds like a winner. and sendback her up her to the united states senate. we are going to send cindy axne house, where she is doing a great job. i have heard from several folks that we are going to take back the iowa house. that means we are going to win we are going iowa, to win iowa. i am going to close by saying this. go vote, go vote early, and let's send joe biden and kamala harris to the white house. enough is enough. we are done with this guy.
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let's send him packing and let's take our country back. [applause] iowa, it is so good to be back, it is so good to see everybody. let's do this thing. thank you, very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ >> sunday, joe biden campaigns at a voter mobilization event in durham, north carolina, where early voting is already
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underway. that is live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. democrats need to win four republican-held senate seats to take control of the upper chamber. they are targeting kentucky, where majority leader mitch mcconnell is facing amy mcgrath they met for their only debate just before the start of early voting in kentucky. >> breaking news in louisville. >> my name is courtney. >> i am bill bryant from wkyt. >> the most-watched senate race in america is happening in kentucky mitch mcconnell versus , amy mcgrath. >> while we are not in front of a live audience, we know what is at stake is too important not to debate. >> over the next i will talk hour, with the candidates about everything from the covid-19 pandemic to the u.s. supreme court. >> tonight, gray television and


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