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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Makes Campaign Stop in Chester PA  CSPAN  October 26, 2020 6:25pm-7:00pm EDT

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mitigate and control this thing. thank you very much. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> with eight days left until election day, on november 3, when voters decide who will control congress and occupy the white house next year, stay with c-span. watch campaign 2020 coverage every day on c-span. or on or on at the c-span radio app. your place for an unfiltered view of politics. and as the senate continues debate today on amy coney barrett, a final vote on the nomination is expected this evening at 7:30 p.m. watch live coverage on c-span two, streaming or on demand at or listen live on the c-span radio app.
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you are watching c-span. your unfiltered view of government. created by america's cable television companies as a public service and brought to you today by your television provider. joe biden madey, an unannounced campaign stop at an early polling location in chester, pennsylvania. he spoke about the coronavirus fromnse and got remarks chief of staff mark meadows. this is 25 minutes. [applause]
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[indiscernible conversations] >> in addition to that, i don't speak spanish. [indiscernible conversations] >> welcome to delaware. >> i'll tell you what, man.
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you guys have done one heck of a job. the number they gave me are almost hard to believe. knocking on 250,000 doors. volunteers, more people engaged. how's the feel out there? >> it's great. >> for real. biden: i'll tell you what. you're doing more of your civic duty. she gave me a passport to come into the district. [laughter] i spoke to the congresswoman before i came in. >> we appreciate you. mr. biden: i'll tell you what, man. look, i will say a few things
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for the press and a little bit. ,ut the fact of the matter is this president's chief of staff, they have given up. these super spreaders going on. i wish i could shake each one of your hands and thank you personally, but i'll tell you what. ,s my grandfather said [indiscernible] maybe we can get together in washington at some point. >> as long as you are in charge. mr. biden: i feel good. it's not over until it's over. i am kind of superstitious whether you're running. it's not over until the whistle blows.
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[indiscernible] i'm heading to georgia tomorrow. rounds.aking the it just feels good. >> we are so happy to have you here. we know we need you in the white house and we can't wait for that to happen. when i went to , i kept saying to the , every time the prime , we wouldould come sit in the president's office. finally one day, they said, why don't you come to ireland?
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said it is a land of 100,000 welcomes. i had to go back on business and a went back and they did whole genealogy of my family. want to hurt her reputation, but i think we are related. [laughter] i don't know where your family hails from. >> a little further north. watertown, new york. placeden: watertown is a where when i was in law school, -- [indiscernible] can you believe it? >> do you need a ride back to wilmington? [laughter]
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mr. biden: is that where you're from? what is your name? >> becky. mr. biden: how are you? >> i'm fine. i'm from north wilmington. [indiscernible] mr. biden: all right. how about you, what is your name? >> sophia. mr. biden: how old are you? >> 18. mr. biden: well thank you for helping. >> my name is tristan. >> i'm beverly. mr. biden: we really got it going. --ell you what [indiscernible] >> whenever trump comes out and says -- [indiscernible]
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mr. biden: with h1n1, it was -- [indiscernible] panic, no any of that. but i just want you to know that sawas barack -- i know you him in philly, but he's a good friend. , the infectious disease experts said look, this is what will happen as we move forward. there are a lot more communicable diseases transmitted that you can't build a wall high enough. and pandemics are going to be caused. so we set up an office in the white house.
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we hired people, we put from the cdcerts and other areas of the federal government. we would put them in other countries so you would see it coming. we had 34 people in china. knowledge best of our , he never asked them to go into wuhan to figure out how best -- how bad the situation was. was praising he the president of china, president xi. from the beginning, it is clear. we will be covid, but you've got to be prepared to deal with future pandemics. it's not enough to just beat it in the united states. you have to go beyond that.
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>> people are trying to make history with court packing. alreadyblicans have packed the lower courts and are already doing that? [indiscernible] whatiden: well, i tell you -- by the way, i think you are asking legitimate questions. do, because ofto your hard work, if i am elected, we will set up a commission. scholar,utional liberal scholars, and mainstream scholars. you can have them do an analysis of what, if any, changes should take place. long to stay in courts, if there is a controller.
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and what we should do is the supreme court. there are all kinds of things. but here is what we have to do. i'm not a big fan of court packing or saying that we are going to add x number. listened to all ideas because it has become the silliest question in the middle of the 21st century. a lot of scholars are considering alternatives to how the president proceeds. back asked them to report to me as soon as we are elected in 180 days and we will decide what we are doing. questions, you are a pain in the neck. this guy. [laughter] but here is.
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-- but here is the deal. -- thing that is important [shouting] [applause] mr. biden: thank you. folks, how are you? thanks. we are glad to be here. i want to thank you very much. look, yesterday, the white house chief of staff mark meadows went on television to admit to the country that the administration wasn't even trying anymore to deal with the pandemic. he said, and i quote, we are not going to control the pandemic.
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the washington post headline today says white house gives up on trying to slow virus spread. no caveats. just a deadly admission. pandemic, trump called himself a wartime president. fighting a war against an invisible enemy. i've been saying for months, as you well know, that he waved the white flag all the way back then. he wasn't doing much at all. some people said i was being harsh or unfair. the white house is coming out right now and admitting what i said months ago was absolutely true. look at how many people are dead. 220,000. it is expected as many as another 200,000 could die between now and the end of the year. and he said, we are not going to control it. bottom line is, donald trump
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is the worst possible president, the worst possible person to try to lead us to this pandemic. he either doesn't have any idea what to do or he just doesn't care. fauci, thedr. nation's most respected infectious disease expert publicly acknowledge that the president has not met with his covid team for months. worse, saturday, donald trump said the covid-19 count wasn't really going up. everything was leveling out. he suggested the doctors were inflating the numbers, catch this, because doctors get more money. what the hell is the matter with this man? doctors and nurses have given their lives trying to save lives. and he says the reason they are talking about testing is that they want to make more money. mr. president, more than 1000
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health-care workers lost their lives fighting covid. doctors, nurses. they are not profiting. they are dying. but remember, during the debate if you want to call it that, during the debate, trump said that we are learning to live with this covid. he's asking us to learn to die with it. folks, this has got to end. we can and this crisis. only get together with the house and senate and work out a compromise on the spending bills out there. it that way we can safely open schools. it will cost $200 billion to do it. but it is worth doing it. sizes, more class teachers, ventilation, ppe, masks, gloves, sanitation. able tobusinesses to be
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open if we provided the help we said we would do. there is so much more to do. testing and tracing. we should be pouring billions of dollars into how we get rapid testing so that you know within hours whether or not you have tested negative or positive. to wait,es you have sometimes up to six days or seven days. and look, folks. i promise you this. i'm not going to give up. president, you have to have a little bit of shame. just a little bit of shame. because people are dying. more people are going to die. as many as 200,000 is suggested by some. if we justted out, wore a mask and kept social distancing and got tested, we can save between now and the end of the year over 100,000
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american lives. we are not going to give up. at the rate he's going, it's not going to be good. by the way, i am happy to take some questions from the press. but let me make it clear, i'm not shutting down oil fields and i'm not eliminating racking. i'm investing in clean energy and we will make sure that we don't continue to subsidize pollution. between $25ewhere billion and $40 billion in subsidies. to doing ashould go lot of other good things. you have a relatively light public schedule the last few days. can you give us a sense of how much you will be traveling? mr. biden: by the way, i traveled the last few days. i've told you where i will be
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traveling. i will be going to iowa, wisconsin, georgia, florida, and maybe other places as well. there's a lot we've been doing online in terms of being and everything from fundraising efforts to making sure -- i met today with a group of leaders in the democratic party laying out where we will go. constantly, there has not been a day that hasn't been a 12 hour day at. >> [indiscernible] look, you know me. i am not overconfident about anything. i just want to make sure we can earn every vote possible. that is why we are here. and you know that it has to be reestablished. by the grace of god, i will win pennsylvania. it is a great deal to me
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personally as well as politically. i think we will win michigan. i think we will win wisconsin. i think we will win minnesota. i think we have a fighting chance in north carolina, georgia, iowa. because of over 6 million averageal voters, the contribution of $49, we are able before.te like we have we will continue to travel. we reason why it looks like are not traveling as we are not putting on super spreaders. we are doing what we are doing here. everybody is wearing a mask and trying to do what we can to be socially distant. it is important to be responsible. said as part of your
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commission, you will look at how long justices serve on the court. are you open to term limits? mr. biden: no, no, no. it is a lifetime appointment and i'm not going to attempt to change that at all. there is some literature about the possibility of going from one court to another court, not just staying the whole time on the supreme court. but i have made no judgment. it is just a group of serious scholars that have a number of ideas how we should proceed from this point on. we will give them 180 days, god beling, if i am elected, to able to make such a recommendation. >> do you have reaction to president trump planning an outside event at the white house tonight? mr. biden: look, you know, if
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, all parentsdren are taught that the example you set impacts on how your kid reacts. set matters to the rest of the company. the words of the president and the actions of the president matter. they matter a great deal. and when the president of the united states puts on these super spreader events, you saw what happened when she was announced. all the people, including his family, thank god they seem to be ok. all people came down with covid. came down people that with covid. i'm just hoping that he can learn a lesson. i don't blame him for celebrating. there are lots of things we could be doing.
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but it is just not appropriate now. i hope he and the vice president and others act with some dispatch and do what everybody knows. people should be tested first before they even show up. number two, they should be wearing masks. number three, they should be socially distanced. number four, it should not be a huge crowd, whether it is outside or not. thank you all very much. [applause] >> we are going to unload.
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[indiscernible conversations]
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[indiscernible conversations] >> with eight days left until election day when november 3
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will have voters decide who will control the white house and occupy congress next year -- who will control congress and occupy the white house next year, stay with c-span. on demand at or the c-span radio app. your place for an unfiltered view of politics. >> the senate continues debate today on u.s. supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. a final vote on the nomination is expected this evening at 7:30 p.m. watch live coverage on c-span 2,, or listen at the c-span radio app. >> let return to the debate in the senate over the nomination of amy coney barrett to the supreme court. n of amy coney barrett to the supreme court. "washington journal" has spoken with republican and democratic senators about their thoughts on the nomination and today joining us from capitol hill, kevin cramer of north dakota.
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how do you plan to vote tonight on the nomination of amy coney barrett to the supreme court? thanks for having me. i feel a strong obligation to the people of north dakota and it would be my pleasure to confirm her to the supreme court. your viewers may recall, if they were following the race two years ago, i ran against a democratic incumbent in the blue wave and i just happened to of course be on the ballot just weeks before the judge kavanaugh fiasco began . we were in the middle of a race against the democrats where the issues of the day were things like law and order as it relates to sanctuary cities and other immigration issues. we had a strong pro-life message in the campaign resonating with voters. as soon as democrats started attacking brett kavanaugh and
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his family and his character, falsehoods rather than facts, everything shifted in north dakota. the supreme about court and that's not just me. my democratic opponent voted to oppose brett kavanaugh. she raised a bunch of money overnight doing it. so, this really is a moment for me from which i would not shrink because the people of north dakota would be outraged if i did that. do you have any concerns -- host: do you have any concerns at all about voting for a nominee eight days before an election? guest: imagine if i told my constituents that i know you sent me here and i know we have been given this opportunity shortly before the election but maybe i should just wait to see if joe biden can name the supreme court justice? i would be recalled and
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rightfully so. i'm grateful for this moment and opportunity. i'm not going to shrink from it that i'm going to step up to it. the: do you agree with process in place for nominating justices to the supreme court? would you like to see any reforms? caller: not at all. the role of the senate is in the constitution. how the role plays out, you know , the rules of the senate are the senate's. the number of supreme court justices are a matter of law, not a matter of the constitution . but it is a law that has been around for 100 and 50 years and survived the test of time. it has been challenge from time to time, as you know, but tradition and practicality has led to a nine-member supreme court. some of these reforms they are talking about are nothing.
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consequences. you have to, you can exercise reforms by going to the ballot or the polls or by voting by mail or voting early or whatever works for you in your particular circumstance. but that is where we have the debates about policies. not with the supreme court. host: what did you hear from judge barrett, what about your record did you like? guest: great question. i had said, this is my first one, the first time i get to vote for a nominee. i wasn't there when she became judge merrick. when she was nominated to the seventh circuit. i wasn't as familiar. certainly she has been waiting for a long time, a high-profile circuit judge awaiting this moment and this opportunity. but it was not until the conversation with her that i was
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completely comfortable. i focused specifically on the role of states and federalism. i have seen in my six years in the house, two years in the senate, even prior to that as a state regulator i have seen the federal government get larger and larger and impose more and more of its overreach on oversight at the state levels. theears as a regulator, people of north dakota have resented it. there are big issues like powers in the u.s., power plants, but there are many, many other issues at the bureaucratic level where the federal government is always overstepping its bounds and the court has always defended states rights, state sovereignty. so, for me i really focused my discussion with her on what she sees as the role of states in cooperative federalism that we are experimenting with as the freest country in the world and i was very satisfied in her
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grasp of the issue and her commitment to federalism as a jurist. host: are you hearing that the vote will take place tonight at around 7:30 p.m. eastern time? i am. we voted on and pass cloture at around 1:00, wrapping up at around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. meaning that we fast 30 hours, the time under senate rules for democratssuming the take time to put speeches on the floor. with brett kavanaugh, they had 30 hours and they only used 25 of them. it appears we have at least 52 republicans that will vote to confirm judge amy coney barrett. as you know, they are in the middle of session right now, the supreme court.
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i'm sure they would like to have a fully seated supreme court and it would be a pleasure for them to have her be the ninth one. host: have you received the invitation to the swearing-in at the white house? guest: i have. host: you are expecting it, today? guest: i am. host: dean of harvard law school overlapped with my own. the second is today introducing an endorsing amy coney barrett in equally strong terms. some might find these recommendations to be injection at that position. but i find them entirely consent. to anybody wondering
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the role of america in reaction he economy after the covid-19 pandemic. e heard from the chair of the council of economic advisors obama.resident it's an hour. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp 2020] [captioning performed by did national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]


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