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tv   Campaign 2020 President Trump Campaigns in Martinsburg PA  CSPAN  October 27, 2020 1:09am-2:24am EDT

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holding. ok? we will see you at the event. was i offered? no, but we have the vaccine very soon. we will have it very soon. they have not been approved yet. they are going to be approved very soon. >> we are now eight days away from election day and president trump continued his campaign for a stop in altoona, pennsylvania. he spoke to supporters from the airport. this runs an hour, 10 minutes. and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to
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me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa ♪ ♪ from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee across the plains of texas from sea to shining sea from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. there is pride in every american heart and it's time we stand and say that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free
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and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa ♪
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pres. trump: thank you very much. hello. wow. we tried to come here very low-key. we wanted to make a low-key appearance. did anybody notice the helicopter flying a little low? greatest pilots in the world, greatest equipment in the world. that's what we have. greatest equipment in the world, but the greatest pilots. nobody can do what our pilots can do. right, mike? hello, pennsylvania. eight days from now -- can you believe it? -- eight days. started off four years ago. it was a love fest right from the beginning and now it is more so than it was eight years ago, and they are going to be finding that out very soon.
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i have the ratings right on me. [cheers] >> four more years! four more years! four more years! pres. trump: joe biden -- sleepy joe biden said a little while ago he was a lid -- a garbage can, they put the lid on it. we had two of these, they were fantastic. different parts of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. sleepy joe was there and they said, you got to get out of this basement. he traveled from delaware to a tiny corner of pennsylvania right next to delaware and made a speech. he said he doesn't do these kind of rallies because of covid.
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he doesn't do them because nobody shows up, that's why. covid, covid, covid. that's all they talk about, the fake news. covid, covid, covid. that's all they talk about. what progress we have made on it, too. we understand it. we have to protect our seniors, especially when they have heart, diabetes problems. we have the best testing in the world. that's why we have so many cases. here i am. i am here, too. i didn't feel so good one day. one day i didn't feel exactly great, mike -- our great congressman. i didn't feel exactly great. i said, what's the story? sir, you have tested positive? i said, positive for what, tell
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me? as president, you are doing your job. you can't stay in the basement of the white house. you can't stay in a beautiful bedroom upstairs. you have got to do your job. i met a lot of people today. one day they came back and these doctors were so great and there were a lot of them. there is so many doctors. when you are president, there is so many doctors. i had 12 doctors. can you believe it? i have never had 12. each one was a specialist, different parts of the body. they would grab my body, and i hated it. get your hands off me, doctors. let's make me feel good. we took something incredible, regeneron. maybe i would have been perfect doing nothing, but who the hell wants to take a chance? i woke up the next morning and i felt like superman. [cheers] get me back, get me back.
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the first lady had it. she did great. she is great. and she is popular, too. people like her. she had it, doesn't complain about things. of course, barron had it. young, strong, immune system. i said, doc, what's the story with barron? he tested positive. like 15 minutes later, sir, it's gone. we have to get back to school. [cheers] you know, you have a governor who doesn't want us to do anything in pennsylvania. did you see the polls just came out? we are up two, in another one we are up four.
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i have a whole list of the polls that just came out. eight days from now, we are going to win the commonwealth of pennsylvania and win four more years in our great white house. a few hours from now, the senate will vote to confirm judge amy coney barrett to the united states supreme court. that was a good choice, wasn't it? i'm glad she is not running for president. i would much rather go against sleepy joe, much easier. she is a fantastic person, fantastic woman, a great student. her great professor at notre dame said -- and he has been teaching a long time, a lot of great legal minds he has taught -- he said she is the single greatest student he has ever taught. that was good enough for me. he is highly respected. he said, she is the greatest i have ever had.
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judge barrett is one of our nation's most brilliant legal minds. she will defend our rights, liberties, god-given freedoms. we were all watching in great amusement as she was so-called grilled by the opposition. that was easy, right? that was like one of our great football teams from the area playing a high school football team. that was something. judge barrett will be the third supreme court justice along with almost 300 -- right around the number -- by the time we end the first term. i will have 300, maybe a little more, a little less, federal judges that we have confirmed to uphold our laws and constitution. [cheers] part of that was that barack hussein obama allowed me to have
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142. we started with 142 -- i don't think everybody has ever had one, you don't do that. he left me 142, couldn't get them confirmed. to this day joe biden refuses to release his list of names. it is more than packing the court. he has got to say who he is going to put on, because we can't have radical left justices that are going to destroy our nation. and we will be very careful as to who we choose. i left a list of 45. i had a list of 25 and now i added 20 names, all top scholars. amy was one of them. took amy off. the fact is, you have no idea. a lot of people say i won because of the supreme court, because i gave a list and said i will pick somebody like this. they said, that's not good enough, pick somebody in that list. so ultimately there was a list of 25, all great scholars, all people who believe in something known as the constitution, if
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that's ok. [cheers] i don't think his list will. they say that was a big part of the reason we won four years ago. he has to do the same thing. he has to not only agree to not pack the court, or you can't put him on -- it would be terrible for our nation -- even justice ginsburg said you can't do that. nine is the right number. we have a senate, we have a house. nine great people, that's the right number. he has to agree to not pack the court, but he has to agree to give us a list of 5, 10, 30, 40 -- got to have people to pick from. if you don't have that list, you can't vote for him, and you can't vote for him for another reason. during the debate -- i'm sure nobody watched. did anybody watch the debate?
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[cheers] the last question was just like perry mason. it was at the end, this guy was doing so wonderful -- not really. meaning he was getting through. the last one, i said, you know what, old joe? kristin, who i thought treated me good, compared to chris wallace, much better. chris wallace, i was fighting two people. i thought she treated us good. she went in and said, why did you say that to him? that's when he really blew it. basically he is not going to allow you to frack and you have a million energy jobs, probably more, and it is a big part of our nation, what you do. people don't realize that about pennsylvania, but fracking is a really big deal. who are you pointing to? [applause] oh, look at that.
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oh, boy, the coal miners. dig we must. dig we must. clean coal -- i don't call it coal, i call it clean coal. they can do more with coal. thank you very much. remember hillary, she said, we will stop all coal miners, never dig coal again. four weeks later she ended up in west virginia. that did not work out well for her. she was trying to explain she was just kidding, just like he is doing, sleepy joe is doing. he was just kidding. but he is down. if that doesn't win us -- we just had a poll come out, we are plus two, but we should be a lot more. i am not happy with plus two. you do a great job. dig we must. we brought it back. we are selling coal to vietnam
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and many places. are you coal miners from pennsylvania? [applause] that's good. you are not going to be voting for joe biden, that i can tell you. not like he is a sophisticated environmentalist. our opponent's agenda is of doom and gloom and depression, decline and despair. our agenda is one of unlimited optimism. we want to be optimistic. remember during the debate he said, it is going to be a dark winter. no, it is going to be a beautiful winter, a beautiful spring. our country is coming back stronger than anybody would have thought. you have to get your governor to open up your state. we had a big, beautiful site and he made sure we didn't do it. we had to go scouting for sites. this is my third one, all in
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pennsylvania. the problem is, how is he going to be the one, when he tries to play games with sites, that counts ballots? he counts ballots, the governor. and then they sue us because they didn't want to have poll watchers. poll watchers watch you count the votes. what's wrong with that, if you are doing it straight? we are in court and had a pennsylvania judge who said, you shouldn't have poll watchers. can you believe that? we lost the first case, but we will go up and end up in the supreme court. they want to drag out the election long beyond the third. [boos] in all fairness, this is a very important place and we can't drag it out any longer. we are in lots of court having to do with this and having to do with many states, about five. so far we have had a lot of good
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victories and will continue. we are not going to let this election be taken away from us. that's the only way they are going to win it. for the last half-century, 47 years, joe biden has been outsourcing jobs, opening your borders, and sacrificing american blood and treasure in ridiculous, endless foreign wars, countries you never heard of for the most part. now joe biden is trying to deliver an economic death sentence for pennsylvania's energy sector. you can't allow this to happen. for a year i watched him saying, there will be no fracking. we saw that with the radical left democrats. they are all screaming, no fracking.
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they couldn't scream loud enough. he gets the nomination because elizabeth warren, pocahontas, refused to get out. had she gotten out, crazy bernie would have been our opponent. i think i like joe better because he has no energy. bernie had some energy. we had a lot of his people. a lot of them with crooked hillary went for bernie. i won't use it because there are very young people here. he gets taken advantage of by hillary and then taken advantage of by the democrats the last time with mostly elizabeth warren and the others that ganged up on him. he goes back and goes into the senate. i think he is the greatest loser. he is a good loser, a great sport. crazy bernie. in last week's debate, joe biden confirmed his plan to abolish the entire u.s. oil industry. that's why kristin said, why are you doing this? because she is on his side. because that's nbc, owned by concast, con. she is saying, why are you doing this, almost pleading, why are
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you doing this? i am saying, just be quiet. that's what happened on perry mason. the guy was always great, great, great. then at the end, i did it. sleepy joe, that's what happened. you don't need a president like that. no fracking, no natural gas, no coal, no jobs, no energy, no pennsylvania families being well taken care of. fracking is saving pennsylvania families $2500 a year at least. it is saving families all over the country. we are energy independent and you are a big part of it. they want to end that. they want to go to wind. a nice windmill alongside of
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your house. your house is now worthless. when those windmills go up near the house, it costs many times the energy we are talking about, many times. like $.32 versus three cents, whether it is natural gas or other things, but many times. you put up a windmill, if you want to see a bird graveyard, go under a windmill sometime. you will see it kills your birds. it's got a lot of problems. and it needs massive subsidy. you don't want to be giving subsidy to energy when there is no reason to do it. he wants wind and solar. i like solar too, but it is not developed and is not going to power your big plants, which we
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have to have to compete and beat the rest of the world. it is not going to do it, and neither is wind. he will eradicate pennsylvania energy production and send your estate into a crippling depression. people just don't know that about pennsylvania, it is a big energy state. it is funny, texas -- he is against oil, he is against guns, second amendment, and he is against god. and then they say, president trump is four points up in texas. the governor calls me from texas. he said, sir, that is not true, you are up a lot. think of it, you are against oil. we are in texas. you are against oil, against god, against guns. trump is on four points, a very close race -- no, no. same thing here. to a little lesser extent, but -- you could say the same thing almost, to a little lesser extent, but texas was just amazing.
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that's why texas and pennsylvania, i hope you are looking and listening. that goes for ohio and oklahoma and a lot of other places. [applause] we had polls, because the fake news is always giving fake numbers. suppression polls. here they are, all brand-new. rasmussen, did you ever hear of rasmussen? very highly regarded poll. we are at 53 and 52. it is hard to lose at 53 and 52. rasmussen -- and that is national. that's not what i am doing. i go to places -- hillary used to campaign in california when it doesn't matter, although if i were in california, i would vote for trump because the place is going to hell.
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taxes are too high, crime is too high. new york, taxes are too high, people are fleeing, crime is too high. i put out, vote for trump. african-american, i said the same thing. vote for trump. what the hell do you have to lose? that was last election. now we are doing so well with the african-american, the black community, and the hispanic community. it's unbelievable, they get it. because we did criminal justice reform, we did the historically black colleges and universities. we have done opportunity zones with the great tim scott, senator from south carolina. we had a poll today at 40. nobody knows what that means. it is a number nobody has heard of with respect to the republican. it should be much higher than that. joe biden is a globalist who shut down your steel mill, killed your coal jobs, outsourced your industries, and supported every terrible and disastrous trade deal for more than 47 years. he was a cheerleader for nafta,
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one of the worst trade deals ever made. usmca just kicked in, it's great. your companies are not going to be moving to mexico or canada anymore, i can tell you. biden enthusiastically voted for china's entry into the world trade organization, decimating your manufacturing and enriching china at your expense. you were one of the biggest victims, this state. you lost 50% of your manufacturing jobs after biden's nafta and china disasters. he signed it along with other people, but he was one of the people that pushed it. decade after decade, vote after vote, sleepy joe biden has betrayed pennsylvania. he repeatedly tried to cut social security and medicare. you did not know that until a week ago when we started showing the cliffs. bernie sanders exposed him on that. now after years of economic
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treachery, he wants to ban fracking, and he is going to. what about his wonderful running mate? [boos] they asked her about fracking. she has only said about 300 times there will never be fracking. now she says joe wants it. she says it was the harris-biden administration, the first time i have heard of that one. she came first. she is nothing special, never was. i can't believe she was picked. nobody treated him worse than her, plus she was a disaster. her poll numbers were so bad, she left before iowa.
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she started off at 12, went to 10, 8, 7, 5, 4, 2, 1, 0. then she said, i think i am going to get out of the race. she treated him so badly, what she called him and everything else. then he said, i would like to announce i am going to pick kamala to be my running mate. you don't have to take my word, we have joe on tape. i only do this when the location is very important to me, because this costs a fortune. but go ahead, roll the video. mr. biden: my problem is i voted for nafta. i'm supporting nafta because i think it is a positive thing to do. i do not pretend to be an expert on international trade matters. >> when you ran for president and when barack obama ran for president, you both said you would renegotiate nafta. you didn't. sen. sanders: trade deals which forced the american workers to compete against people making pennies an hour has resulted in the loss of 160,000 jobs. >> the president's right when he says china has been cheating for 25 years and bill clinton didn't do enough about it, george bush, barack obama.
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pres. obama: how are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have? mr. biden: the rise of china is a positive development for the united states and the rest of the world. the rise of china is a positive development. it is in our self-interest that china continue to prosper. we want to see china rise. china is a great nation and we should hope for a continued expansion. china is not our enemy. we talk about china as our competitor. we should be helping. the idea china is going to eat our lunch is bizarre. the idea that they are our
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competition is bizarre. china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. they are not bad folks, folks. china is not a problem. >> allowing china into the world trade organization, extending most favored nation status to china, which he supported, those steps allowed china to take advantage of the united states by using our own open trade deals against us. do you think in retrospect you were naive about china? mr. biden: no. pres. trump: today we are ending the nafta nightmare and signing into law the brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. >> it is hard to overstate the importance of the usmca. this is the single biggest bipartisan legislative victory for this president and administration. it is a huge deal. >> better than it has been since 2009. that means better than it has been for seven out of eight of the years obama was president. pres. trump: usmca has filed for protections to keep auto manufacturing jobs. since the election, we have created 41,000 brand-new motor
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vehicle jobs. >> doesn't he deserve some credit for that? the usmca is better than nafta. mr. biden: it is better than nafta. i never said i oppose fracking. >> you said it on tape. mr. biden: show the tape. >> would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in a biden administration? mr. biden: no, we would make sure it is eliminated. i guarantee you we are going to end fossil fuel. no fracking. we move away from fracking. >> i think it is critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public land. >> what about fracking and the pipeline? mr. biden: no pipeline, exactly. >> they want the same thing i
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want, we are going to phase out fossil fuels. sen. harris: there is no question i am in favor of banning fracking. pres. trump: would you close down the oil industry? mr. biden: i would transition from the oil industry, yes. pres. trump: in terms of businesses -- he is going to destroy the oil industry. will you remember that, texas, pennsylvania, oklahoma? [applause] [cheers] >> four more years! four more years!
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pres. trump: so you never heard me say that, that i can tell you. isn't that great? it is a very expensive deal, but it saves me a lot of work because nothing says it better than that. a vote for biden is a vote to offshore your jobs, ban fracking, and deliver economic ruin to pennsylvania and your families. in 2016 pennsylvania voted to fire this corrupt far-left establishment, and you elected an outsider as president who is finally putting america first. with your vote, we will continue to fight for american workers, lower drug prices. you know what we are doing on drug prices? had the first year in 52 years when drug prices came down, but
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we are doing favored nation, so we pay the lowest in the world. right now we pay the highest, and the drug companies don't like me too much. they are spending more on advertising than sleepy joe. support police, protect our second amendment. defend our borders, maintain energy independence, and ensure more products are proudly staffed with that beautiful phrase, made in the usa. right? we will deliver record prosperity, epic job growth, a safe vaccine that quickly ends the pandemic. we are rounding the turn -- they hate it when i say it -- with or without the vaccine, it is going to be great.
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we have numerous companies, great ones. we are rounding the turn. we understand the disease. we closed it up, the greatest economy in history, saved 2 million lives. it was going to be 2.2 million lives. we saved 2 million lives and we are rounding the turn. normal life, that's what we want. normal life will fully resume. we will never forget what china did to this country and the world. next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country. that's where we are heading if you look at the job numbers. automobile numbers, if you look at housing. i gave working families record-setting tax cuts. in my second term, i will cut middle tax classes -- middle class taxes even further. this is the craziest campaign. all my life i watched politicians running. they always say, we are going to cut your taxes, right? i got a guy running now. he goes, we will raise your taxes. i say, what the hell? did he just say that?
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yeah, he is going to give you the biggest tax code in the history of our country, including regulations and all the other stuff, which made it so good for us. this election is a choice between a trump super recovery or a biden super depression. you are going to have a depression if you go with this guy. it is a choice between a boom anti-lockdown. who wants to lock down your country? you are already locked down with governor wolf. there is a beauty for you. sure, governor, we trust you to count our ballots. it is a choice between the rule of the people or the rule of the corrupt political class. if joe biden and the democratic-socialist -- that's where you are heading. i always said this country will never be a socialist country, never, ever. but if joe biden and his democratic-socialists are elected, they will delay the vaccine, delay the therapies, prolong the pandemic, close your schools.
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they are already closed. open up those schools. and shut down our economy. we are coming back with numbers like nobody has ever seen before. the end of last week, the atlanta fed projected gdp for the third quarter is going to be announced just before november 3 of 35%. nothing ever even close. i think the record is 8%, 9%. 35% and he wants to close it down. not a good idea, joe. biden says he has a plan for the virus, and he doesn't. he copied our plan. it is the same plan. everything he has proposed, my administration has already done, including mass production of rapid tests and ppe. what we have done with the ventilators is incredible because we were not prepared.
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our hospitals did not have them, government did not have them. we went into a production of ventilators the likes of which they have never seen anything like it since the end of world war ii. biden doesn't know how to defeat a pandemic. his own chief of staff said when he managed the h1n1 -- which he always reverses -- the swine flu, a much less lethal flu, it was an outbreak. he said, quote, we did everything possible and we did everything possibly wrong. we were a disaster. 60 million americans got h1n1 in that period and it is purely fortune it was not a mass casualty. he said, we did not know what the hell we were doing.
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this guy comes in. he should have closed it down sooner, but he is saying i should not have done the ban to china, to europe. if the h1n1 had the same fatality as the china virus, over 2 million people would have perished based on the way they ran it. it was a disaster, and his own person said it. he said, we did not know what the hell we are doing. now he is going to help us. this guy can't help himself. in an interview last night, biden said he opposes letting young americans resume their lives. 99.98% of those under the age of 50 recover, and most recover very quickly. biden wants to keep them locked down in their homes while letting rioters and looters run wild. in pennsylvania you can't go to church, restaurants, you can't do anything. but if you want to have a nice little riot, a protest -- we call everything a friendly
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protest. you can't go to church, but if you want to burn down center city, we have no problem with it. we are bringing our country back. do you think it is easy with the people we have to deal with? divide in lockdown will crush america and my plan will crush the virus and we are going to have a boom like we have never seen before. like we have never seen before. when the china virus arrived, we moved heaven and earth to fight the disease. we band everything we could. we airlifted medical supplies, built hospitals from scratch. look what we did in new york 2800 beds we put in the ship. unfortunately governor cuomo barely used it. if he would have used it for our great seniors, he would not have caused the death of 40,000 people. slashed the red tape, pioneered groundbreaking therapies,
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reduced the fidelity rate 85%. think of that. look at regeneron for me. we are going to make regeneron available to anybody who feels they want it, need it, same as i have, free. and the vaccines being produced -- it is not your fault, it is china's fault. we are not forgetting the vaccine is going to be free, distributed free to everybody. we will deliver 100 million doses of a safe vaccine before the end of the year, may be quite a bit sooner. seniors will be the first in line, and frontline workers. i will break through every obstacle, which we have already done, use every resource, and i will not rest until we eradicate this disease that should have never come to our shores or to the rest of the world. should have never come. never forget. we will vanquish the virus and emerge better, stronger, more unified than ever before.
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if biden and the democratic-socialists are elected, they will raise your taxes to a level you have never seen, buried you in regulations, dismantle police departments, dissolve borders -- they don't want borders. they have even said, maybe we will take down the wall, which is almost complete. the border control said, give me your specs. i said, let me use concrete plank, it is quick and cheap. they said, we can't do that, we need steel, concrete, and rebar. i said, that's great. we gave them everything they wanted. we are now beyond 400 miles and it will be finished very soon. [cheers] it's amazing. it used to be all about the wall. they never thought i would get it built. the democrats would do anything not to have. remember all the work, every day front page -- the wall will not
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happen. -- the wall will not happen, now it is almost finished. you don't hear about the wall anymore. the fake news media does not talk about it anymore. look at how many there are. that is a lot of valuable equipment. a lot of valuable equipment. mexico is paying for the wall, in case you had any questions. they said, but mexico will not -- no, mexico is paying. they will figure it out soon. they will confiscate your guns, terminate religious liberties, destroy the suburbs. women of the suburbs, you must love me. i tell you. i got rid of the regulation that was going to destroy you, suburbs. unless you like crime.
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they did a thing about three or four weeks ago. suburban women don't like trump, he is losing suburban women. that is only because i know two things about suburban women. they do not want low income housing next to their house. they do not want that, a project. and they do not want crime in the suburbs. antifa says that is the next place they want to head. they are not heading to the suburbs. as soon as i say those words, they want law and order, safety, they want their families to be safe. i think we will do well with suburban women. we got rid of regulation and ben carson, a great guy, said if you allow this, it will be amended. it is horrible. they change the zoning and do whatever they want and ruin everything. i said, let's terminate it. ben, let's terminate it.
1:51 am
he said, that is a tough one, but we will do it. it is gone. if sleepy joe comes back, you know who will be in charge? cory booker. the former mayor of newark, new jersey who never lived in newark. don't know how he got away without one. they will censor you and anti-american lies, but we don't let that happen. you saw that two weeks ago. joe biden made a corrupt bargain in exchange for his party nomination, he handed control of this party to the rage-filled socialist, marxists and left-wing extremists. joe does not have a clue, let's
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not kid ourselves. how are you doing joe? not well. i have to say it. winning 52% and 53%, not bad. that is national. as crazy as it is, it does not mean anything. nevada, trump is up by 2%. texas, trump is up by 4%. much more than 4%. remember, guns, oil and god. i am on their side. let me ask you, if a candidate is running in texas and says, we are against oil, i think that is it, right? now add guns to it and religion. that is what they are doing, closing your churches. it is really terrible. ohio, the great state of ohio. we have great people in ohio. jim jordan. ncaa wrestling champ, they don't know that about him.
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a great guy. florida we are up. just came out. georgia we are up very nicely. don't forget if we are up four, add another 5, 6, 7 to it. people don't want to talk about it. arizona, we are up. we are up in iowa and montana, utah and 22 points in west virginia. but you don't hear this. they want to give you negative stuff. they are dishonest people. but that is ok. they were dishonest last time. you have to get out and vote. we have to put this thing away. we win pennsylvania, we win the whole ballgame. you notice a late voting state,
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which is a good thing. who is going to vote soon? who is going to vote on november 3? one of the few. you don't like a ballot sent out and then put into a garbage can. you are smart people. who is going to vote for sleepy joe biden? only if you have the courage to raise your hand. please don't do it. who is going to vote for president trump? [cheering] now -- they are calling it the great red wave and they are
1:55 am
waiting for it. all these ballots are pouring in from all over. nobody knows who is sending the ballots, signing them. they want to have a thing in nevada where you don't have to prove your signature, minor things like that. they will have a wave. i think the great red wave will be better than -- bigger than people have any understanding about. you don't hear those numbers, it is suppression. they want to make you nice and depressed. take your wife or husband and say, i like the president, but i don't think he can win because i listen to fake cnn. or fox. fox, they have the worst -- did you hear that, john roberts, who i like a lot -- he is right there. hi, john. they have the worst pollster, fox's terrible. you listen to these polls and say, we will go to dinner,
1:56 am
darling, and go home and sadly watch television. you know what happened four years ago? people said no, we are not going to dinner, we are going to vote. hillary with her statement about the deplorables. the deplorables -- was that incredible when she said that? who would have thought it was so bad. she actually said a worse word than that, the irredeemables. i thought irredeemable was worse than deplorable, but it did not catch on. deplorable. next day i made a speech like this, came out, we are deplorable and they came out by the millions. that shirt sold like crazy. the fake news -- every time that happens -- it is happening with
1:57 am
biden, because that is a crime family. never they say lock him up, they -- where they say lock him up, they go crazy. they say you incited that, i did not even talk about that. that was a hostile attack by a woman that knew nothing. if biden wins, the flag burning liberals will be running your government. look at portland. if you look at seattle, we said, we are going in. the night before they said, we are leaving now. the government has to be asked. we did a great job in minnesota. minneapolis. they should have told us to go a week and a half early. it would have saved a lot of distraction. remember that cnn anchor -- they
1:58 am
don't want to talk about riots because it is bad for them. we are at a peaceful demonstration and the entire city is burning down. they had a fire that looked like berlin on its worst day. he said, the military -- it was a great group of people. you saw that, the national guard. all of a sudden, one line, two lines. they marched forward, tear gas. didn't velshi get hit in the knee with teargas anti-went down teargasrgas a-- with and he went down. didn't he go down? i don't know who he is, i just remember. i decided against it. i did not want to go down 25 points in the polls. he got hit on the knee with tear gas. he was not the bravest guy. i will never forget him saying,
1:59 am
this is a friendly protest -- i never saw fire like that. it was the craziest thing. we sent in the national guard it was over and a half hour max. they started walking. most expensive uniforms. the helmet, like a giant computer. there was something very nice [applause] pres. trump: there was something very nice about it. after watching what went on for a weekend a half. we can solve it all. all they have to do is ask us. the federal government is waiting. it is always run by democrats. a new york problem, run by democrats. a chicago problem. how do like her as a mayor? all run by democrats. this election day, the people of pennsylvania need to defy the corrupt media, the big tech machines.
2:00 am
pres. trump: you look at what they are doing. they won't write anything negative about a man who is corrupt. they won't write -- there is nothing they will allow to go in, and there are forces trying to keep you down and hold you back, it is the most incredible thing. i give great credit to the "new york post," who endorsed me, by the way. [applause] because they are the only ones with courage to do it. you must stop the anti-american radicals from doing what they are doing. you cannot let the democrats and joe biden have a far-left victory. this has to be a thundering defeat. not just a defeat, it has to be a rebuke. a rebuke of socialism. [applause] and as corrupt as he is -- and his son is like a vacuum cleaner. let me follow you to china, dad. dad, i'm going to be managing $1.5 million. have you done it before?
2:01 am
no, i haven't, dad. china does not do that. they do not give other people money to manage. but you know, the scary part is that the big guy gets 10%. he is the big guy. i don't think he is the big guy. the big guy gets 10%. the big one with china, they wanted $10 million a year for introductory purposes. $10 million a year. that sounds like a reasonable number. then ukraine, $183,000 a month to sit on a board of an energy company with questionable representation. sit on the board, and he has absolutely no knowledge of energy. this young person sitting right here, very young, knows more about energy than where's hunter. hunter's first name is where. where's hunter? remember when we made the t-shirt? joe wants to send your jobs to china while his family rakes in millions and millions of dollars from the chinese communist party. [crowd booing]
2:02 am
oh, they want him to win. can you imagine? i am charging them billions of dollars in tariffs, joe said he would take those tariffs off. $28 million. joe wants to take the tariffs. remember, 25%. they were killing our steel companies. 25%. our steel companies are doing great now. if biden wins, china wins. when we win, america wins. if i don't sound like a typical washington politician, it is because i am not a politician, if that is ok. [cheering and applause] and i don't always play by the rules of the washington establishment, because i was elected to fight for you harder than anyone has ever fought for you before. [cheering and applause] you think this is fun? i had a good life before this.
2:03 am
i had a nice, beautiful -- i could go anywhere, do anything. thank you. >> we love you! we love you! pres. trump: thank you. [crowd chanting "we love you!"] thank you very much. that is the chant they say they have never, ever heard in politics. i will not repeat the chant, because i do not want to cry. i will start crying. now they will say, president trump broke down in tears today. we are joined today by a couple of warriors. real warriors. and great people who have been with me day and night, fighting this movement, this horrible left, radical left movement. congressman john joyce. [cheering and applause] congressman, g.t. thompson. great people. [applause] and a man who is so popular, he
2:04 am
was with me the other night in a different location. it was about 30 degrees out and he refused to put on a jacket. by the end of the evening, i think he regretted it, but he is a powerful guy, a great guy. he loves everybody, and they love him. mike kelly. congressman kelly. as well as state senator judy ward. thank you, judy. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] great job you are doing. we built the greatest economy in history, and now, we are doing it again. make america great again. again, again. make america great again again. we did it, and now we have to do it again. it is happening faster than anyone would believe.
2:05 am
we increased middle-class family income, over $6,000, more than five times the gain in all eight years under the last administration. it is really something. right? did you see the crowd president obama had today? nobody showed up. did not have a crowd like this. nobody showed up. they said he is going to start campaigning. i said, who? barack hussein obama. is that good or bad? because he campaigned harder than hillary. how did that work out? he went to a few locations. he is averaging 25 people. he is averaging very little. it is disappointing. african-american unemployment, hispanic american unemployment, asian american unemployment, people with diplomas from high school, college diplomas, m.i.t., first in your class. women had the best they have had it in 71 years. they all reached their lowest levels ever recorded. since april, we created a record
2:06 am
never happened before. 11.4 million jobs. just april. we achieved the most secure border. because of the wall, largely. and mexico has 27,000 troops at our border, protecting it. i said, you've got to do that. a good man, the president of mexico. good man. my opponent's insane immigration plan would eliminate u.s. borders, implement nationwide catch and release. that is where you catch a killer, and you release him into our country, and we say, come back in four years. you have a court case. joe biden said at the debate, they come back. they don't come back. only ones with extraordinarily low iq come back. nobody comes back. they don't come back. remember, we had an argument about it. he said they come back. they don't come back. making every community a sanctuary city for violent criminals, we are not going to do that. they want sanctuary cities for violent criminals. the biden-harris plan would increase refugees 700%. from the most dangerous places in the world. they plan to terminate all national security travel bans.
2:07 am
i had a travel ban that was tough. people didn't like it. i said, no, thank you, i don't want people who come into our country and blow up our stores and streets and people. and i put in a very strong travel ban, and we won in the u.s. supreme court. [applause] if you don't mind. and we keep out radical islamist terrorists. we keep them out. we invested $2.5 trillion in the u.s. military. 2.5 trillion, with a "t." joe would say we invested $2.5 million dollars. no, it's trillion. oh, it is? i didn't know. the worst is when he is constantly saying he is running for the u.s. senate. [laughter] "i am a proud democrat running for the u.s. senate. thank you very much." that has only happened three times.
2:08 am
but worst of all is what he said tonight. it is great to be in the state of ohio. no, no. joe, you are in pennsylvania. it is ohio, isn't it? [laughter] or when he was in idaho, and he said iowa. no, no, it is idaho. remember, potatoes. idaho potatoes. or when he is in miami, with beautiful palm trees, and he says he is in vermont. it is great to be in the state of vermont, and you have palm trees all over the place. i always say, if you ever do that when you are speaking -- if you ever do that, just walk off the stage, because there is nothing you can do to make up for it. [laughter] you can be the great winston churchill, a great orator. would not make any difference. they would say the speech is a disaster. we also passed v.a. choice and v.a. accountability. [applause]
2:09 am
and exactly one year ago today we killed the leader of isis, bloodthirsty al-baghdadi. [cheering and applause] and we took out the number one terrorist in the world. soleimani is dead. i withdrew from the last administration's disastrous iran nuclear deal -- think of it, 1.5 -- they gave $1.8 billion in cash for nothing, we got nothing in that deal. in fact, the deal would be almost terminating now, a short-term deal. john kerry, remember he went into a bicycle race? rm and his leg. i kept saying leave the table, get up and negotiate. he left, went in a bicycle race and did not come back for two months. should have stayed out longer than that. what a deal that was and we
2:10 am
terminated it and iran is having a very bad time. the first person that's going to call me after we win, the heads of iran because they are losing a fortune and i don't want that to happen but they cannot have a nuclear weapon, they cannot have it. they will call and make a deal. i said you better wait until after the election, let's do it right. i recognize the true capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. every president said they were going to do it. every president for decades and decades said they were going to do it. it was tough. we got it done after many years. instead of never ending wars, we are forging peace in the middle east. no cost and no blood. no cost and no blood. amazing, three countries now lined up to get in the deal and they all said you could not do it this way, i reversed it
2:11 am
because it wasn't working. i reversed it and we just did sudan, uae, bahrain and there's a lot of countries will be in there. no blood on the sand. no cost, no nothing. they've been fighting that stuff are so many years, they all want to see if they can do something. a vote for republicans is truly a vote for the american dream, if you think about it. it is the american dream. you know we are the party of abraham lincoln. a lot of people don't know that. the great abraham lincoln, a man i have always competed against. i said, i can be more presidential than any president ever, with the possible exception of abraham lincoln when he is wearing the hat. that's tough.
2:12 am
much easier than what i do. but we would not have quite this audience which goes to a point you cannot see it. i would love to have the cameras show it, but they do not want to do that. they do not want to show it. they don't want to show the crowd because it would look like we have too much success. they don't want that. in conclusion, over the next four years, we will make america into the manufacturing superpower of the world and end our reliance on china. we are already doing it. we will hire more police, increase penalties for assault on law enforcement and ban deadly sanctuary cities. we will uphold religious liberties, free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. second amendment. your second amendment, under siege, but we have it ok for you. we will end surprise medical billing, require price
2:13 am
transparency, a big deal. it's already signed. it goes into effect on january 1. bigger than health care. you watch. lower drug prices even more, and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions, always. they agree. we will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our schools. we are already there. we will teach our children to love our country, honor our history and always respect our great american flag, always. we will live by the timeless words of our national motto, "in god we trust." for years, you had a president who apologized for america. now, you have a president
2:14 am
who is standing up for america, and standing up for the great people of pennsylvania. standing up. through the last four years, you have seen me fight for you and i am relying on you to deliver another historic victory for our country. on november 3 or sooner, we must finish the job and drain the swamp. it is deeper and more vicious than we thought, but we have them on the run. think of it. they spied on our campaign. what they did to us. and this new one is just incredible. i say it's number two. number one, they spied on our campaign and tried to harm a duly elected president and talk about peaceful transition. now, what we did and the fact we are
2:15 am
able to catch them and fight them and beat them and know everything about them, watch what happens. just watch what happens. get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, get your coworkers and get out to vote. you have to vote. you have to get out to vote. from allentown to altoona, from pittsburgh to right here in martinsburg, we stand on the shoulders -- you like this location, right? we stand on the shoulders of pennsylvania patriots who gave their blood, sweat and tears for this beloved nation. this is the state where our founding fathers declared american independence. think of pennsylvania. think of what you have done, how important it is. it is where the army weathered the brutal winter at valley
2:16 am
forge, where general george washington -- they will not be touching the washington monument, i promise. led his men on a daring mission across the delaware, and where our union was saved by the heroes of gettysburg. what history. this is a place where generations of tough, strong pennsylvanians mined the cold, worked the railroads and forged the steel that made american into the greatest and most powerful nation in the history of the world and we are making it stronger and stronger every single day. proud citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country, we are returning power to you, the american people.
2:17 am
with your help, your devotion and your drive, we will keep working, fighting and keep on winning, winning, winning. we are one movement, one people, one family and one glorious nation under god and together with the incredible people of pennsylvania, we have made america powerful again. our military, never been a military like we have. we have made america wealthy again. 401(k)'s, stock market. we have made america strong again. we have made america proud again. we have made america safe again and we will make america great again. thank you, pennsylvania. thank you very much. ["ymca" plays] ♪
2:18 am
>> ♪ young man, there's no need to feel down i said, young man, pick yourself off the ground i said, young man, 'cause you're in a new town there's no need to be unhappy young man, there's a place you can go i said, young man, when you're short on your dough you can stay there, and i'm sure you will find many ways to have a good time it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca they have everything for you men to enjoy you can hang out with all the boys
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it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca you can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal you can do whatever you feel young man, are you listening to me? i said, young man, what do you want to be? i said, young man, you can make real your dreams but you got to know this one thing no man does it all by himself i said, young man, put your pride on the shelf and just go there, to the ymca i'm sure they can help you today it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca they have everything for you men
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to enjoy you can hang out with all the boys it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca you can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal you can do whatever you feel young man, i was once in your shoes i said, i was down and out with the blues i felt no man cared if i were alive i felt the whole world was so tight that's when someone came up to me and said, young man, take a walk up the street there's a place there called the ymca they can start you back on your way it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca ♪
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>> "washington journal." every day, we are taking your calls live on air. tuesday morning, we will look at this year's presidential campaign in wisconsin with washington bureau chief for the alwaukee journal sentinel and political science professor at the university of wisconsin madison. watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern tuesday morning. be sure to join the discussion with phone calls, facebook comments, text messages, and tweets. ♪ >> coming up live on tuesday, c-span's campaign coverage continues with the joe biden speaking in warm springs, georgia, home of fdr's little m.ite house at 1:00 p.
2:22 am
eastern on c-span. kamala harris campaigns in reno, nevada. mike pence speaks to supporters in greenville, south carolina. on c-span two the hill hosts an event focusing on the pharmaceutical supply chain. . the heritage foundation hears from leaders from operation warp speed. at 7:00 p.m., the indiana governor's debate between eric holcomb and his challengers. tuesday evening, president trump holds a campaign rally in omaha, nebraska. easternve at 8:30 p.m. on c-span, online at or listen to the free c-span radio app. ♪ >> the competition is on. be a part of this year's c-span's studentcam video
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competition. make a 5-6 minute documentary exploring the issues you want the president and congress to address in 2021. lee bold, show supporting and opposing points of view and include c-span video. the winner gets 100. -- be a winner. there is $100,000 in total cash prizes, including a grand prize of $5,000. the deadline is january 20, 2021. you will find competition rules, tips and more information at our website, ♪ >> joe biden made an unannounced campaign stop monday at an early polling location in chester, pennsylvania, a suburb southeast of philadelphia. he was greeted by representative mary gay scanlon, spoke with a group of volunteers for his campaign, and delivered remarks. this is 20 minutes.


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