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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Kamala Harris D-CA Campaigns in Lake Worth FL  CSPAN  October 31, 2020 4:25pm-5:01pm EDT

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hawthorne, new york. caller: i am undecided. is what does down to people want? for joee going to vote biden, looking at joe biden as what they can get from him? how can they prosper from him? if they vote for trump, they are looking at the same thing. it is divide and conquer. out there about joe biden and his son excepting millions of dollars in bribes, and what is out there about donald trump and what he has been doing in his life, this divide and conquer, the coronavirus, wear a mask, don't wear a mask, who is playing to how arewd, in actuality we going to survive? that is what we want to know.
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we are you leaning and why? caller: you said "other?" of course i have a choice. christ.write in we have turned our backs on god and that is why the world is the way it is. as anyone taken a look at what is going on around the rest of the world? all of the rallies and protests? you talk about coronavirus, right? biden is making such a big deal about making everyone wear masks. if you look at the truth about the studies of masks, they don't to anything. host: i'm going to leave it there. what we have not discussed is the youth vote in florida. could it make a difference?
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a reallyhat is interesting dynamic as well. florida young voters traditionally don't shut up -- don't show up at the polls that much. this election, i think there were 3.5 million new voters that registered. since 2016. 1.1 million of them were between the ages of 18 and 35. ist is especially remarkable that these younger voters are showing up in early voting and ine by mail ballots cast unprecedented numbers. with one week left in the overign, they are of 44% where they were at the end of 2016. these younger voters are much
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more energized. we are seeing there are a lot of which isexgen florida, the progressive group funded by former presidential candidate tom steyer, set up shop in 2016 and never left. it has been building that coalition among young voters and trying to get them energized and get out the vote. very hardlso working to get black and latino young people. this kind of energy and effort i think -- there is always a get out the vote effort every cycle. it just seems as if it is more organized, deeper than i have seen in the past. this youngerat
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voter contingent could actually make a different. the polls to show that they lean toward biden in double-digit percentage. biden if this group does show up. why the biden campaign had former president barack obama in florida? caller: -- guest: barack obama came to south florida. i think part of the reason was for him to energize the base. most populary the surrogate joe biden has. to appeal to not just young people, but the whole democratic coalition. everybody in south florida. he made a surprise campaign stop , he gave a rally friday and made a surprise campaign stop in
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broward -- i am sorry, miami springs saturday. unionpped at a teachers campaign headquarters. he was really trying to reach all of those groups within the democratic party. host: new jersey joe, supporting the president. caller: i just want to talk about the virus, they blame it on trump all of the time. he shut down the country. that, common sense will tell you. common sense will tell you you wear a ok? and then he was going to talk about, trying to tell the states especially in and new york, cuomo saying you ain't going to tell me what to do. they keep putting the blame on
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trump because of this virus. nobody knew really what's what with it. even the scientists to neva no. they are blaming him for this, ok? host: we go to bree in wilson, north carolina. you doing? are good morning. i was calling because i was about voternd out fraud. trump told his voters to get mail-in ballots and also go to the polls. when i was looking at all of the news, i noticed they said that trump had received his absentee ballot and sent it in. turned around not too long ago and said trump was going to be voting in florida. i was wondering, do we get
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special privileges? how does that work? >> we take you live now to lake worth, florida, where democratic as presidential nominee is making her -- democratic vice presidential nominee kamala harris is making her final stop this weekend. senator harris: florida is going to determine in every way who will be the next president of the united states, and you all have in doing your thing. you have been doing your thing. folks.e been organizing today, of course, is the day before the last day of early voting, and we want to make sure everybody votes, and we are three days away from directing and changing the course of the history of our country. [cheers and applause]
4:33 pm is so much at i have to tell you guys -- first of all, let me just say this. we've got to have some straight talk. there has been a bit of a chatter about joe and me in terms of, like, what are our values, so let me just set it real straight -- joe and i are proud, patriotic americans. who share the values of the majority of the american people. values that are about uplifting and supporting working families, values that are about having a president who speaks truth and conducts himself in a way that inspires good work, in a way that inspires people to understand the importance of treating other folks with dignity. joe and i understand the importance of having a president of the united states who understands they hold the office
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in the public trust. that's the first thing they should look at figure out their job is the american people, not to look in the mirror. that's who we are. so let's talk about the challenges we are facing right now. we are in the midst of at least 4 crises that are happening at the same time. we are in the midst of a public health crisis brought on by this pandemic. were over 200 25,000 americans in just the last several months have died. and many soly -- sadly without their family members being present because of the nature of this virus. people, who their last hours on this earth had to be spent
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without holding the hands of people they love. over 9 million people have contracted this virus with untold long-term health consequences. doctors are talking about things like lung scarring, other long-term consequences because of this virus. the thing about this is a did not have to be so bad. it did not have to be this way, but we have a president of the , thanks to bob woodward, we know new on january 28 about the seriousness of this when heew on january 28 was told it was five times more deadly than the flu. he was told it will impact people of every age. he was told it is airborne and lethal, and what did he do with that information?
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he sat on it. he covered it up. he told the american people it was a hoax. -- can youthe thing imagine what you would have done and how you would have planned as a parent, as a small business you hads a teacher if known what the president had known on january 28? how you would have gotten ready for this? because, remember, even before this pandemic -- he wants to talk about the economy -- even before the pandemic, we have far too many american families that were working two and three jobs to put food on the table and pay the rent. and, by the way, in a biden-harris administration, our belief is you should only have to work one job to put food on
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the table and pay the rent, but imagine how people would have prepared. how people, knowing that most working families don't have more than $1000 in life savings, what they might have put aside, knowing it might be the case that you have to shut down for a while. teachers, parents, how they might have prepared for the fact that our children are missing significant portions of critical education -- days, months, weeks -- and how we might have gotten ready. i mean, i joke about it, but how we might have just bought a couple extra rolls of toilet paper. had we known. but the president did not tell anybody, you see, because he was more concerned about his political prospects than he was about american public health, and on top of all of this, in the midst of this pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands
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of americans, donald trump, with theboy bill barr, are in supreme court right now trying to sue to get rid of the affordable care act. which president obama together with vice president joe biden created to offer health care to over 20 million people who did not have it, which covered people with pre-existing notitions and said it's right to deny folks coverage because they have a pre-existing condition. honk if you know and love somebody who has diabetes. honk if you know and love somebody with high blood pressure. honk if you know and love somebody with lupus or a breast cancer survivor. on the one hand, you have joe biden who says access to health should be a right and not
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just the privilege of those who can afford it. you have joe biden who says we are going to tilde the success of obamacare, expand coverage, bring down the cost of prescription drugs, bring down -- we are going to build on the success of obamacare. joe biden says that we understand when we are talking about health care, we've got to stop thinking about the body that starts from the neck down. we also need to provide health care from the neck up. that's called mental health care. that's joe biden's approach. and then there's donald trump, who wants to get rid of all these protections and has the gall to suggest as though we are not watching that we are turning the corner. choices ineal clear
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this election. on the issue of the economic crisis that in large part has been brought about because of this pandemic, you've got over 30 million americans who just in the last several months filed for unemployment insurance. florida,oking at in one in nine families is describing their household as having been hungry. in florida, in one in seven households, folks who have described an inability or concern about their ability to pay the rent. smallrida, one in four businesses out of business unlikely to be able to reopen. on the economy, here's the thing -- you ask joe biden how is the economy doing, and you know what joe biden asks -- how are working people doing? how are working families doing?
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that is how joe biden thinks. joe biden says we are not going to raise taxes on anyone making less than or hundred thousand dollars a year and we are going to put in place middle-class tax cuts. joe biden says i understand one of the greatest ways to create wealth in a family is homeownership, so we will have a $15,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers. joe biden says working families should never pay more than 7% of your income in childcare. gothe other hand, you donald trump, who when asked about how the economy is doing, asks about how the stock market is doing, asks about how rich people are doing. -- welet me tell you guys
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are going to turn everybody out to early vote today and tomorrow, and those who did not get around to it, although we want them to get around to it, are going to vote on election day and joe biden and i are about to get rid of that tax cut benefiting the top 1% and operations, and we will invest working families. we will invest that money in an infrastructure plan that is about thing back up our roads and prisons and investing in renewable energy, and that is going to be about the creation of jobs. we are going to invest that money in our students who come from families who make less than $125,000 so you go to a 4-year public college for free, including an hbcu, both public or private. we will invest that money in our students who come out of school and graduate and decide to go into a job that might be public
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service that pays less than $125,000 and e raise your debt. -- erase your debt. that's what the people deserve. -- the public health crisis and economic crisis -- and then let's talk about the long overdue on racial injustice in america. [cheers and applause] on the one hand, you have joe of americandent history, someone who has the courage to speak truth, who has the courage then to speak the phrase black lives matter.
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[horns, cheers and, at applause] joe biden says it may be difficult to hear, it may be difficult for some to speak, but we've got to deal with this. we've got to deal with our history. we've got to deal with the present. we need to deal with the fact that the racial disparities across from our public health sector to our criminal justice sector to the economy to our education system. we have now figured out from covid how these things manifest themselves to the point that african-american and latino americans are experiencing three times the contraction of covid and dying at twice the rate of other populations. we need to speak the truth that black women are three to four times more likely to die in connection with childbirth than other women. speak the truth that our native american brothers and sisters have the highest rates of
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diabetes of anybody in our country. and let's confront these truths. on the other hand, you have debatetrump who at that -- at that debate -- remember refused toebate? -- condemn white supremacists and then double down and said stand back and stand by. it is important to remember this was not a one-off. there is a pattern at play here. it is important to remember that this is someone who campaigned and came into fame running for questioning the legitimacy of the first black president of the united states. here whenthe pattern he was asked about charlottesville, where people were peacefully protesting
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,acial injustice, a woman died and on the others, there were neo-nazis wearing swastikas, quoting tiki torches, racial and anti-semitic epithets, and when the president of the united states was asked, he said there were fine people on both sides. .e deserve better than this [cheers and applause] we deserve better than this. because, you see, joe knows -- joe knows that the true measure of anyone's strength and in particular, the true measure of a leader's strength is not based on who you beat down. it's based on who you lift up.
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you know, look, palm beach, we are going to have a lot of healing to do. we've got a lot of repair to do. i'm going to tell you, joe, in his heart and in his soul, is committed to unifying our country. of knows that regardless where you live, your race, your city -- your ethnicity, your age, your gender, the language , joegrandmother speaks knows that the vast majority of us have so much more in common than what separates us. [cheers and applause] the crisis includes -- florida knows this well -- a climate crisis.
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you all know i come from california. the west coast of our country, from california, oregon, hasington, over to colorado been burning. i have met with families that have had to be evacuated from their homes, never to be able to go back. i have met with firefighters who are fighting fires while their own homes are burning. my brother-in-law is a firefighter. coast, wen the gulf have seen five named storms just this year. and you know you name a storm because it is really big and harmful. midwestseen in the floods that have cost farmers to lose a whole season of crops. so joe says, we've got to deal with this with a sense of urgency and put in place timelines. we need to have met zero
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emissions by 2050. we need to invest in renewable energies. we need to invest in solar and wind, and joe knows that all of building back up our economy. it will be about creating jobs. it will be about partnering with the carpenters and the plumbers and electricians knowing that this is about building up the skills of the american workforce to be a leader once again on a global crisis issue. on the other hand, you have donald trump. about thes asked , theyres in california asked him and basically said, wildfires are happening and scientists are telling us that there's a connection between them and extreme conditions that are human caused, and what do you have your say about it --
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what do you have two say about it. the president of the united sayingresponded by science doesn't know. what is that? mr. president, science does know, and that's why the leading scientific magazine has endorsed joe biden to be the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] to deal with.ot and that brings me to my visit today and us coming together this beautiful afternoon. people --a lot of everybody is a leader here. you would not be here if you were not a leader, and i'm sure people have asked you what they asked me, and they asked me -- -- kamala,ome allah
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why should i vote? i believe there are three reasons why people should vote. one is to honor the ancestors. honor the ancestors. a greatr, we just lost american hero in congressman john lewis. honk for john lewis. i know he hears us. i know he hears us. [car horns honking] i know he hears us. john lewis, who shed his blood on that edmund pettus bridge for the right for us to vote -- in particular, for the right of black folks to vote.
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fightewis knew that the for the right to vote was a civil rights fight which is why john lewis was also front and center in the fight for marriage equality, why john lewis was front and center in the fight dreamers. john lewis understood that all of these issues are connected. let's honor the ancestors. let's remember this year, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. so let's honor all those suffragettes who were there marching for a woman's right to vote. while we remember history, we must also speak truth that not until 1965 could black women vote, so we've got to deal with let's honor the ancestors. that's a reason to vote.
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reason number 2 -- everything is at stake. everything is at stake. the healthked about -- literally the health and well-being of the american people. we have talked about our economy. we have talked about issues of racial injustice. we have talked about the climate crisis. let us also talk about the need to create a pathway to citizenship or our dreamers. let us talk about the fight a woman's right to make a decision about her own body. let's talk about restoring the dignity of our country on the global stage and restoring the principles of a rule of law in a democracy. all of these things are at stake and so much more. ie third reason to vote, -- florida, wes
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been seeing what is happening around the country. remember the supreme court gutted the civil rights act, and almost immediately thereafter, about two dozen states put in place laws that were designed to suppress the vote, to purge the voters roles, right? awful things. in fact, so much so that north carolina, where i have been and will go back, the court that reviewed it said they rode the lawwith -- they wrote the with "surgical precision" to prevent black people from voting. here in florida, we know that has been happening. i mean, i'm traveling the country. i was in texas yesterday, right? stop in houston as my last
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. harris county -- i love the word they passed aty, per for only one dropbox county for dropping off your ballot, and in harris county, that's 4 million people. other states saying if you have to -- if you want to vote by mail, you have to fill it out and put it in one envelope and put the envelope in another envelope, and you've got to sign it and make sure in other places that somebody else signs it -- they are trying to make it difficult to vote. they are trying to make us weary and tired and overwhelmed. they are trying to confuse us about the legitimacy of the process. they even stooped so low as to mess with the post office. the post office. people in thecest world are postal workers. why are they doing all this? this is the question that must would so manyy
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powerful people try to make it difficult or confusing for us to vote? that is the question for us to ask, and here is i believe what is the answer. they are doing this because they know our power. they know our power. they know when we vote, things change. they know when we vote, we win. let anyonet ever take our power from us. let us always know our power. and at election time, the power ourur voice is through vote. and here is my last point -- this moment will pass.
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this moment will pass, and years from now, our children and our grandchildren and others, they will look in our eyes, each one us -- and they will ask where were you? where were you at that moment in time? and what we, palm beach, will be able to tell them is so much more than just how we felt. we will tell them what we did. we will tell them what we did. we will tell them we were hanging out in a parking lot this particular saturday kamala and all of our friends. we will tell them how we mobilize. we will tell them we emailed and
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called folks and texted until folks got tired of hearing from us, but we knew they would get over it. we will tell them that we elected joe biden the next president of the united states. thank you, palm beach. thank you. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ going hold your head high say you're a pretty woman follow me, follow me, girl be
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yourself i'm talking about things that i know untilh three days left election day, on november 3, when voters decide who will control congress and occupy the white house next year, stay with c-span. watch campaign 2020 coverage every day on c-span. stream or on demand at, or listen on the c-span radio app, your place for an unfiltered view of politics. >> within three days to go until
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election day, president trump heads to pennsylvania for a campaign rally tonight, one of a number of events he is holding in the keystone state today. he narrowly won pennsylvania by just 44,000 votes against mccright hillary clinton in 2016. watch live coverage at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> with amy coney barrett confirmed and sworn in as the newest adjusters, the supreme court, with nine justices, here's five oral arguments. next week, listen live at c-span. com. they will hear the u.s. fish and wildlife service is versus the sierra cub, jones versus mississippi, gordon versus united states, and fulton versus city of philadelphia. listen to the oral arguments live or on-demand at


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