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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Kamala Harris D-CA Campaigns in Gwinnett County GA  CSPAN  November 1, 2020 8:59pm-9:27pm EST

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visit] with amy coney barrett confirmed and sworn in as the newest justice, the supreme here'sith nine justices five or arguments this week. listen live at court. they her arguments in wildlife services versus the sierra club. mississippi, jordan versus the united states, and fulton versus city of philadelphia. the oral arguments live or on-demand at court. >> >> note to the, harris -- now to campaign eventis .
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she spoke about joe's plans. biden's plans. >> it is good to be back in georgia. it is good here -- to be here with my friend, stacey abrams. i was just talking to stacy. look at where we are, georgia. look at where we are. where you have been and what you have been doing, organizing and mobilizing and getting people registered to vote. happeningng is now but we want to remind people they can drop alice off at the drop boxes. we want to make sure they are doing that throughout.
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i was just saying to stacey abrams that i am so thankful to her for the worse she has been to fight forrs .eorgians and the right to vote which she has been doing for years. fight that good fight, often with thankless energy. she keeps giving. all that we are looking to now in terms of georgia and the prospect of what we medi-cal bush in the state, in large part, we have to say thank you, stacey abrams for the work you have done. [applause] [applause] i want to thank lucy mcbath. we've got to get her reelected. we talked about lucy. when you elected lucy mcbath, that made a real statement about who we are. that was a statement about who
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georgia is as a state. that was a statement about who the south is. all of that happened when you sent lucy mcbath to congress let's make sure we send her back. [applause] i see congressman hank johnson. i want to thank him. lucy, hank, and i serve on the congressional black caucus together. i see these guys when they are in the room with no cameras and i see them when the cameras are on and they are always the same person fighting for the people of georgia. i want to thank you both for your friendship and all of the support you have been giving joe and me. [applause] carolyn boudreau, where are you? there you are. we've got to send you to the
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u.s. congress, right? [applause] jon ossoff, i do not know if he is out here. we are sending him to the united states senate, we are going to take back the majority. his name is pronounced jon. [laughter] i want to think of course the democratic party chair nikema williams. [applause] in that great tradition of our dear ancestor and hero john lewis. we are proud of you. [applause] leslie palomino, who introduced me. a voice of who we are as a country and our future. when i look at her and many of our young leaders i know our future is bright. i am back in georgia. [applause]
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i came back to georgia because i wanted to remind everybody -- something is happening over there. [laughter] there we go. we don't want it to fall. you all are going to decide who is going to be the next president of the united states. [applause] you are. you are going to decide who is going to be the next president of the united states. i am back in georgia to thank you for all you have been doing these years, months, weeks and days. looking at the kind of turnout we have already seen in terms of early voting. i wanted to come back to remind us that we still have a ways to go. that last leg of a long trip is usually the longest and most important.
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this is not the time to let up. this is the time to put our feet on that pedal and go. let's get this thing done. make sure everyone votes, that they drop off their ballots in drop boxes. do not put it in the mailbox, put it in the dropbox. or vote on election day. there is so much at stake. we are in the middle of at least four crises. joe and i talk about that all the time. the first two, a pandemic. i am just going to come down here. how about that? [applause] let's avoid a catastrophe. [laughter] ok. we are in the middle of a few crises. for all of the friends in the cars, i am thinking about you
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even if you can't see me. [honking] there we go. we are in the midst of a public health crisis of a proportion we have never seen. it is probably one of the greatest mass casualty events we have experienced since world war ii. over 225,000 people have died in the last several months. many of whom tragically for their last days on earth were not able to be with the people they loved, to hold their hands. because of the nature of the virus. 9 million people have contracted the virus with untold long-term health consequences. doctors are talking about things like lung scarring. the thing is, it did not have to be this way. it did not have to be this bad. thanks to bob woodward, we know that on january 28, donald trump
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was informed about the seriousness of this. he was told it is five times as deadly as the flu. he was told it can impact people of every age. he was told it was airborne. what did he do? he covered that information up. he suggested that this was a hoax. he minimized the seriousness of this. he lied to the american people. this is now where we are. on top of it, he had the gall to be in court with bill barr to try to sue to get rid of the affordable care act that president obama and vice president joe biden passed to
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provide health care to over 20 million people that did not have it. that for the first time gave protections to people with pre-existing conditions. honk if you know someone with diabetes. honk if you know someone with high blood pressure, survivor of breast cancer. they want to take it away. they want to sue to get rid of it. on the other hand you have joe biden. joe biden says we need to expand obamacare. we need to expand it to the point we bring down the cost of prescription drugs. bring down the cost of premiums. bring down the age of medicare eligibility at age 60. joe biden says we understand that when we are talking about health care, the body does not start from the neck down, it includes the neck up. that is called mental health care. [applause]
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there is a very clear choice in this election. let's look at the crises we are facing in terms of economics. over 30 million people filed for unemployment in just the last several months. in georgia, one in eight households is describing a member of their household -- if not the entire household -- as being hungry. in georgia, one in five households is describing an inability or concern about their ability to pay rent. here in georgia, one in four small businesses have gone out of business. potentially never able to reopen. again, there is a real clear difference.
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on one hand you have joe biden, who on the subject of the economy when asked, joe says you tell me how are working people doing? how are working families doing? joe says we need to deal with the fact that you want to talk about the economy, let's not ever raise taxes on anybody making less than $400,000 a year. we will also bring down the middle class tax rate. we will pass a bill that allows people to have a $15,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers, for down payment and closing costs. joe says no working family should pay more than 7% of their income in childcare. [applause] there is a real difference here. on the other hand, you have donald trump. who, when asked about the economy, asks about the stock market. asks about rich people.
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passes as one of his first orders of business, a tax bill benefiting the top 1% and the biggest corporations of america to the point that we are now going to have to deal with it $2 trillion deficit. well, georgia, if we do our thing these next two days and get elected, joe and i are about to get rid of that tax cut and invest that money in working families, invest that money on building up our infrastructure, our roads, bridges, renewable energy. we are about to invest that money in our students coming from homes that less than $125,000 to say if you are coming from such a home, you will pay nothing for a four
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college or hbcu, private or public. [applause] we will invest that money and college graduates who have student loan debt if they take on a job in public service or a job that pays less than $125,000 and erase their debt. we will invest in the american worker and the american family. georgia, there is a clear choice in this election. a clear choice. in the midst of it all, we are having a long overdue reckoning on racial injustice in america. joe biden, a student of america's history, someone who has the courage to speak truth, has the courage to speak the phrase "black lives matter." [applause] joe biden says, let's deal with it. deal with the history that has resulted in stark disparities in
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our health care system, in our criminal justice system, wealth disparities. joe says, let's deal with this on criminal justice. we will decriminalize marijuana and expunge the records of people convicted. we will shut down private prisons. we will end the cash bail system, which is not only a criminal justice issue, but an economic justice issue. we will require reform of policing. we will ban chokeholds because george ford would be alive today if that were the case. we will require a national registry of police officers who break the law, because it shouldn't be they get to be fired in one place, and go to another and get hired there. joe says, let's deal with the racial disparities in our health care system when we see that blacks and latinos are three times as likely to contract
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covid and twice as likely to die from it, when we see that our native american brothers and sisters have the highest rates of diabetes of any population in our country. when black women are 3-4 times more likely to die than other women in connection with childbirth. joe says, let's deal with that. on the other hand, you have donald trump who, at that debate -- remember that first debate? at that debate, refused to condemn white supremacists and then did not stop there. he doubled down and said, "stand back and stand by." georgia, here's the thing.
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it's not like it was a one-off. when he was running for office or thinking about his political career, he had the gall to question the legitimacy of america's first black president. don't forget charlottesville, where folks were peacefully protesting racial injustice. a young woman was killed. and on the other side, there was a group of neo-nazis wearing swastikas, carrying tiki torches, spewing racial and anti-semitic epithets. and the president of the united states said they were fine
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people on each side. the president of the united states who called mexicans criminals and rapists. who has his first order of business put in place a muslim ban. georgia, we are better than this. we deserve them this. we want a president who understands that regardless of where you live, your race, your gender, or age, the language your grandmother speaks, that we all have so much more in common than what separates us. america knows we need a leader like joe biden, who understands the importance of bringing folks together, who understands that the real measure of a person's strength is not least on who you be down, it is based on who you
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lift up. we have a real clear choice in this election. not to mention the crisis that we are facing which is the climate crisis. i come from california, but the west coast is burning. washington, over to colorado, wildfires. i have met with families evacuated, never to return to their homes. i have met with firefighters fighting fires while their own homes were burning. in fact, my brother-in-law is a firefighter. in the gulf coast states. you're looking at -- we have had five named storms just this year. you name a storm because it is that big. in the midwest, floods that have caused farmers to lose a whole season of crops. so, joe biden says, hey, we need to deal with the reality of this. we need to have timelines like net zero emissions by 2050. we need to invest in renewable energies and wind turbines, and solar paneling, and let us understand, this is about the creation of jobs. millions of jobs.
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this is also about equity and civil rights. all of the poor air quality district in our country. 70% of the residents of those places are people of color. joe understands that. on the other hand, you have donald trump, who, i kid you not -- so, he was asked about the wildfires in california. the question went something like, so, the scientists are telling us that there is human behaviors contributing to these extreme weather conditions and the wildfires. the president of the united states, the commander-in-chief of the united states, responded by saying, science doesn't know. what is that? here is the thing, mr. president. science does know. and so does the leading
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scientific magazine that endorsed joe biden for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] so, everything is at stake. that brings me to today. and this vote. so, by virtue of us being here together, this is a group of leaders. this is a group of leaders. so, like you, i have been asked by folks, why should i vote? and i believe there are three reasons. one, let's honor the ancestors. [applause] honor the ancestors. and georgia, for you this is a particular point of pride. in that most incredible ancestor who was a great american hero by
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the name of john lewis. and what we know he did in shedding blood on that edmund pettus bridge -- he got arrested 40 times. got in good trouble, told us to get in good trouble. you know, the thing about john -- and lucy knows this -- he was an extraordinary human being. john also understood that the fight for voting rights is an extension of our fight for civil rights. john was front and center on the fight for marriage equality, john was front and center fighting for daca and fairness. that is the reason to vote. this is a moment to honor the
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ancestors. to honor -- we just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. [cheers and applause] all those suffragettes in their rights, marching and shouting for a woman's right to vote. of course, while we remember history, you must remember it accurately. black women could not vote until 1965. so, we still have work to do. reason number one, honor the ancestors. reason number two, everything is at stake. everything is at stake. we have talked about so many issues. let's talk about a woman's right to make decisions about her own body. let's talk about renewing protections for daca. let's talk about pay equity and
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what we need to do to make sure all people get paid equal for equal work. everything is at stake. reason number three. this brings me back to where i started, talking about the work of stacey abrams. which is this. which is this. i have been traveling the country again. i have come to georgia many times. i was in florida. i was in texas yesterday, and florida. i will be in pennsylvania. i was in michigan. north carolina, i'm going there after i leave here. what i don't need to tell georgia, but i will just remind us all. all over this country -- and in particular since 2013 -- almost two dozen states put in place laws designed to make it difficult for us to vote. you know here in georgia they were purging the voter rolls.
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we have seen in texas how they were picking up drop boxes. they put a thing in texas -- one dropbox per county. i was in harris county, where houston is, 4 million people live there. they have one dropbox. in states they are saying if you do a mail-in ballot, have to put it in one envelope, then you are supposed to seal that, and put it in another envelope, but in some places you've got to make sure somebody else signed it? trying difficult. to make it there were even messing with the post office. the post office. i mean, the nicest people work for the post office. and so, we have got to ask, why do you think so many powerful people are trying to make it so
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difficult for us to vote? and i do believe the answer is because they know our power. [applause] they know our power. they know when we vote, things change. they know when we vote, we win. so, let us not let ever anybody take our power from us. it is ours. at election time, the power of our voice is through our vote and we will not be deterred. we will not be sidelined. we will not be silenced. [applause] and here is my last point. [laughter] here is my last point.
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this moment will pass, and years from now our children, our grandchildren, and others, they will look in our eyes, each one of us, and they will ask us, where were you at that moment? and what we will tell them is so much more than just how we felt. we will tell them what we did. [applause] we will tell them about this particular sunday afternoon and we were hanging out in a parking lot together. we will tell them how we
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organized and mobilized. we will tell them how we called and texted everybody we knew to the point that they got tired of us, but we knew they would get over it. and we will tell them we elected joe biden the next president of the united states. thank you all. ♪ ♪ beautiful queen you can be. they orchestrated for you. hold your head high because you are a free woman. get your rights and your freedom going. ♪ >> now joe biden campaigns in philadelphia, speaking to


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