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tv   Campaign 2020 Rally for President Trump in Washington DC  CSPAN  November 14, 2020 4:41pm-6:25pm EST

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years. [cheers and applause] >> usa, usa. [sirens]
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>> usa, usa. freedomis the scene at plaza in downtown washington, d.c., as supporters of president trump rallied here and, in several other cities, organized the marches. idea the this crazy day after the election to throw a small rally. it turned into a massive rally. i just want to say welcome to d.c.. [cheers and applause] that was not very impressive. let's give that one more try. welcome to d.c.. [cheers and applause] there we go, much better. our team has managed to pull together, women for america first has managed to pull
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together a feet that, if i do say so myself, was pretty impressive. we started the official process on monday and here we are. this is because of all of you. it is because of all of us --ricans, sewing support showing support for our president, donald j. trump. can i get around of applause? [cheers and applause] yeah, that's right. we see what is going on and the silent majority is silent no more. not at all. make some noise, silent majority. let everyone know you are here. so i just have to go over a few housekeeping items, because we all know how things are. covid. just hear me out. wear our mask unless you are medically exempt. if you are not wearing a mask, we will assume you are medically
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exempt. wear our mask and social distancing less you are with family. hello, family. [cheers and applause] sanitizeour hands and your hands often, that is standard basic hygiene, so there you are. that's it. saying,s without because our groups are very clean, clean up after yourselves. we do not want to get stuck with a huge bill. thank you very much. if you want to go to our website, women for america first, we also have trumpmarch .com. that is where you want to share your photos, videos, to share them on the website. we had a crazy idea to do this and it has turned into a phenomenal outpouring of support for this president. we see what's going on. we see what is going on and we are here to say, stop the steal, because that is not
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going to happen. that's pretty much it. again, welcome from women for america first. we are so glad to have you. [cheers and applause] >> four more years. four more years. four more years. >> right now, i would like to and he is martin, going to lead us in prayer, because we definitely want our group to be covered in prayer today.
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i will say one more thing, obviously. there are opposition groups that are planning to try to agitate -- just ignore them. ignore them, pretend like they are not there. they don't even exist, because you know what? we the people are speaking and they are scared. they are scared. so they are going to try -- listen -- they are going to try to agitate you, they are going to try to invoke violence. we are not here for violence, we are here for a peaceful protest, peaceful trump support, to have our voices be heard. i want to wake him -- welcome ed barton from eagle forum. before i prayed, i would like to thank cindy. she is one of the great leaders here at women for america first, .orking tirelessly god bless america.
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god bless america. god bless america and god bless donald trump. [cheers and applause] favor now. i want to pray for a minute or two, so if you have a hat, it's a beautiful hat. they are the most hats. take the hat off. i do not want you to bow your head today. we are not bowing to anybody. look up to the lord as we pray. lord, we thank you for the gift of america. we thank you for the gift of donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] the giftthank you for of every life here with us around the world, in the bellies ofn the image and likeness our god, we thank you, lord. today, lord, we gather in this
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hallowed place. we make it wholly right now in your name because we ask you, lord, bless us in our work. nation, lord, you gave it to us as a gift, and you said, you will have this nation, founded on judeo-christian principles, and framed by a declaration and a constitution. cnn orl not be led by cable news or fake news. lord, you said to us, if you take this american nation -- lord, you said to us -- and you serve me in righteousness, i will give you prosperity and joy and i will give you further world a light, a beacon on a hill. and they say thank you, lord. we asked you for this today, to strengthen us like our founding fathers had an like our
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president has. fightstrengthen us in the , because the powers of darkness are descending. they are saying, concession, not constitution. lord, we know what you taught us. we will stick close to you, protecting the speakers, protecting these organizers, protecting all of you as we march and pray and joyfully celebrate, but lord, we ask you to strengthen us in a special way for the fight ahead. it may be weeks, months, but we will stand with this president, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] finally, finally, lord, we ask you to expose the fraud, expose the fraud, lord. we know it's there. we know the evilness. expose it and help us see it.
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we ask you, lord, when your will is done, we will praise you and we will praise america. say, like our founding fathers did, george washington, sam adams, all the founders, we turn our eyes to the lord and ask for the blessing. in a special way we say lord, people,guard of we the the bodyguard of western civilization is one-man. donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] thank you for the gift of donald trump, lord, and strengthen us to support him and fight for him and save this nation. god bless you and god bless america. amen. usa, usa, usa.
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[crowd chanting "usa"] hello, patriots. honor toe distinct lead you in the pledge to our flag and to the united states of america. the flag is there, if we could all salute the flag. if you served, put your hand over your heart. flagdge allegiance to the of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [cheers and applause] >> all right. now to lead us in the national anthem is cj from the deplorable
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choir. cj, can you come on up? >> how are y'all doing? oh my god, this is the most beautiful sight, is it not? i am cj and i like to sing songs about trump. today i am singing the national anthem, which is my favorite, and i want you to sing with me, ok? and i am going to take a picture of y'all. [cheers and applause] >> smiled. -- right, sing with me ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright
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stars through the perilous fight over the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air --e proof to the night through the night that our flag was still there does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪
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thank you, god bless you all. god bless america and god bless trump. >> are you guys ready for four more years? [cheers and applause] >> this is amazing. and so excited to be here join all of you. my name is kylie james kramer and i am executive director for a women for america first. we are an organization that was able to pull this off, get the permits, and be here in washington, d.c. with all of you. we the people. this is truly amazing. i can't believe that all of you have dropped everything and come --m literally every single da e single state in the united states.
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and i know that all of you are so concerned about what is happening this election, and we are all here to demand transparency and to protect election integrity. it is more than just about president donald j. trump. we sure as heck love him, don't we? [cheering] we have an incredible lineup today and we are so grateful for you all to be here. i need you to go to and follow along with us, because we were able to pull this off together, get a coalition of people, and we are so proud to be here, fighting for [inaudible] and follow along. this took a lot of [inaudible]
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we will make sure -- [cheers and applause] are going to get started with a couple speakers over here , and then we are going to be marching to the supreme court because we truly believe that the president has a very strong case in the battleground states and incredible legal minds behind him, and we will be taking this all the way to the supreme court to ensure that we get four more years of president donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] and i don't know if you guys saw her earlier, but about two hours before this event started, the president made a quick little drive-by around 3:00. and we are so grateful that they did that, and there might
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still be a little surprise over at the supreme court. will also be some incredible speakers at the supreme court, so make sure you work with us and if we all stick together and are peaceful, we are standing up with our american flag for the united states constitution. there is nobody that can get in the way of that. [cheering] >> please, do not be provoked by some of these groups that are out here trying to cause trouble. you.t let them bay to because one person that does that makes all of us look bad, and we are freedom loving americans who stand for the constitution. [cheering] >> so come on, follow along with us. if you don't want to go to the website, you can also text the word recount theo [inaudible]
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without further ado, i will bring up ed martin. i'm going to please bring up -- you guys know him and i love him, he's amazing, you guys see him on tv and probably on a lot of his products, mike lindell. [cheers and applause] [laughs] loves ourw, everybody president. some people just don't know it yet. i am so honored to be here with you all today to support our great president in the most important election in history. over.ot
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mr. president, we are representing today over 72 million people, which is a record in an election for a sitting president. we are also representing millions more who have been brainwashed since grade school who don't know any better, if they succeed in stealing the selection. we are also representing hundreds of millions from around the world who have prayed for leading us for four more years. believe thatesn't all this corruption and election fraud is real, they could not be more wrong. a big news outlet asked me the other day, what is the best thing the president has done so far? i asked, he smashed the tool of
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political corruption, or >> when i came out of years of addiction i cannot believe what i did, what our country had become, the path we were on. god had been removed from our schools. a president was giving money. jobs in any factoring had been moved overseas. it was politically incorrect to say merry christmas. so many things made sense, no sense. and when i started my commercials on tv, i was told by tv and shopping channels that i could not wear mike ross. -- i could not wear mike ross. -- my cross. i told them i would wear my cross. and then i did not realize, my years of addiction, i do not realize how important politics were to everything we do. and then donald trump reached
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out to be in the summer of 2016 for private meeting and i walked in there and we talked about what we talked about, he wanted to bring jobs back, like my pillow is made in the usa. he wanted, i told, i told him about my addiction, and how i was going to have a platform to help millions of a people in addiction. he said mike, i want to stop the drugs from pouring in to our country. he said he talked about what he was going to do for the unemployment. the economy, and we talked about all these things for half-hour. and i left his office that day on august 15, 2016, and i said he is going to be the greatest president in history. [applause] where, here is where the attacks come. i left there and by the way i talked to his employees and i cannot believe. it was just, everything about it
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was so real. i went and talked to him and hit -- his employees and everyone one of them said the same thing, he is a great boss, right later, and they had a personal story about how he helps them. back to minnesota and i went back there and i cannot wait to tell minnesota in 2016, tell all of the media that i met that this man donald trump and all of the great things we had talked about. well i did that press release and the media called me a racist. they attacked me. [booing] the better business bureau took me from an a plus to an f. , i was completely attacked. but then i knew i was on the right path. [applause] in november,race 2016. of president has a gift problem solution but he knows what it is going to manifest to. he has fought every day. for our country and us to
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overcome, to make our lives better, for each and every one of us. he has kept his promises he told me, he told all of us. economy inthe best history before this china virus. we had the lowest unemployment. he brought the manufacturing back. it would take hours to list everything. but right out of the gate we got to say merry christmas. now, the radical left and democrats, the future of our country and they are very good at marketing and brainwashing and deception. let's talk about, because i'm a marketer. planned parenthood. and black lives matter. here's what they have in common. planned parenthood sounds like a politically correct name.
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planning parent head is that you do not have to be a parent so there something wrong with that. and black lives matter come off course their lives matter but when you look behind the curtain and see the organization has been suppressing and trying to destroy them for 50 years, that is what they do. and, on, the, on, they have been described, ok, but now they are making their biggest plague ever. promise the president we would win minnesota, what we did, but the corruption was professional have usa. omar -- we have congressman ellen omar there.
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also a governor there that manifested for political reason s. it is sad they make decisions for political reasons. and we have a great president make some for us. what a different. he has turned the republican party. into the common sense party. but i look at mathematical equations. in my business if something is out of whack there is a reason for it. things do not just happen without input and i will tell you what. look at this election there are so many deviations. and there is something that had to happen. well, our president in this election. [applause] as these deviants will be revealed as corrupt and voter fraud. deviations will
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be revealed as corrupt and voter fraud, mr. president, we are here to support you anyway be can, so lead us in this fight for our country and future. [applause] now i want to say a quick prayer. a, everybody, i want you all to pray, please, i want you all to pray here, heavenly father, please give us grace. and it donald trump is our president. -- and donald trump is our president. fraud.d corruption and pray,.s name we amen. yes. [applause] today, mr. president, we are all in to tell you that you are the
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greatest ever and we are all in, god bless america. [applause] [whistles] [crowd chant] usa, usa, usa. when i say donald, you say trump. donald. >> trump. donald. >> trump. >> when i say president, you say trump. president. >> trump. >> usa, usa, usa. you may have seen me on television. black voices for trump was a campaign. [applause] , tell you this is a movement
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they doubted this could happen. but turn to the media and tell them we are here and not going anywhere. [applause] let them know. thank you to amy kramer for organizing this opportunity for us to come together and remind the world no matter what the media says there are 72 million people. we are not going to hide. proclaiming to loudly the support president donald j. trump. [applause] president trumps inclusive agenda that led to unprecedented support for hbcus, school choice, lower taxes. deregulation. support for the unborn. an expanding our parties.
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with the president winning the most votes for republicans from minority since 1960. [applause] trumpe of lack voices for and the campaign, the rnc and all of you, we got 12% of the black vote. [applause] was an amazing ground game and we slept 11 house seats -- flipped 11 house seats and held the senate and we are here today to say with one loud voice. we will fight for the integrity of our elections. we will demand transparency. and we will stop to still. we will not let them cancel america first. we will not let them cancel make america great again. we will not let them cancel our voices.
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we will not let them cancel our vote. we are going to stand together and proclaim you cannot stop us from supporting the president of the united states of america. president donald j. trump. [applause] [cheers] >> what is going on, washington, d.c.? what is going on, patriots of america? and what is going on, to all of the freedom fighters from all over this nation became to the nation's capital to show support for their president. who is here for trump? crump and i'mdler here for trump as well, for america, for the future. we saw something incredible last week. [inaudible] we knew we had an election in the back.
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-- in the bag. that is what we did. but the left to do something interesting that has never been done before in american history. immediate and strong voting. election fraud, boo that. stand for democracy. how come they are canceling out our voices? canceling out american voices? canceling out american voices? i want to stand for president that does something for them. how come they cancel that out? i say we stop to feel. [applause] yes. raise those flags and banners all the way up, all the way out. you guys are amazing, i will tell you that much. i want to thank each and every person that came out here from
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all of america to spend saturday here with us, at freedom plaza, in washington, d.c.. we sent ashley stand for something greater than ourselves. somethingd for greater than ourselves. we stand for america. we stand to keep america great. we stand for the future. i'm 16 years old, a member of generation c. this means america's nine for a long time. it has been yours. -- it means america's mind for a long time. it has been yours. i am fighting so there is a future for each and every one of us. isald reagan said freedom never a generation away from death. i am that generation that is going to keep fighting. we are the hero generation. with your support, with your fight, with your strength, with your courage and with your energy, we are going to keep america great for the next 10, 20, 30, and 40 years.
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[applause] not let america die, we will keep america great, we will make america great, and we will make the states something to remember for all time. one of therump presidents, and we will fight for four years. not going to still america. a joe biden presidency. we are going to fight and, like trump says. stay with me now. when. wind, wind crane -- wind, wind, wind. thank you so much. [applause] [indiscernible] out at what must be many
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people, i want to take a moment. take a moment to remember some i started with, 17 years ago, who came to be with us today -- it cannot be with us today. -- he cannot be with us today. but he is much with us today. my friend andrew breitbart. he is what we call have speed warrior. and we are happy, are we not? this is a peaceful protest, is it not? [applause] but happy is only half. our country is calling upon us to be the other half. warriors, every generation. kind, it was some foreign now to master. -- now it is domestic. our constitution prepared us.
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fight and in this order to win, you must first know. that is what i dedicated myself to in writing sent speeches, to know the faith did not come out of nowhere. you are witnessing the fruition of a plan in the works. you are watching the culmination of a plan that started with 60's radicals -- 1960's radicals. they did not hide the fact that they saw to overthrow the country or were socialists. one of them goes by the name of william. founded the weather underground. beings that the first meeting, they took time to cheer.
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charles manson had done or tempted you are radicals were attempting to do, divide and conquer. that is what helter skelter meant. helter skelter was a cataclysmic race were. -- war. williame wife of approached the microphone and said hello, i am bernadine. assad to start that war by dividing us by race -- they saw it to start that were by dividing us by race. they did not join the party of abolition. they do not join the party of abolition. takei not join the party of women's suffrage.
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crowjoin the party of jim and wallace because it did not matter as long as we hated each other. nobody who lived in the real world, the last of the great generation, wanted any part of what they were selling. millions had fled hitler's to come here. millions fled stalin to come here. millions more went overseas to fight. wantedey came home, they no part. there is a great story in my book, forgive me, i have to do it. the supremacy. muhammad ali, the great boxer, went to africa, to train for a zaire.nsight here -- in
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man from theack democratically controlled south who had converted to islam, a black muslim man. they said what to think of africa? , thank god my granddaddy got on the boat. so back then in the hardest times people knew america was not that great. and when this revolution felt they went underground and started the long march. schools, ministry of indoctrination. news and entertainment industries, ministry of propaganda. ministry of social communications. founders who the said it must be wonderful.
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the kind of people who trained this generation. booing] you are not billing me, right? thus you are not booing me, right? said the true flowering of the 1960's will come in the 1990's, when we have taken over institutions. he missed the obvious. once they had taken over the institutions, they then had to use them. the 60's -- 1962 the 1990's -- 30 years from the 1960's to the 1990's. they have always been socialists. it is why they are killing cops.
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this is a revolution they are attempting. i do not care if they put a smiley face on old man's face in front of it. a figurehead for the evil that lurks behind. i will tell you this, i will tell you this. slow to theys been fight, as americans we do not want to fight. we are the true liberals. live and that love. -- live and let live. we have other things to do with our life. we have families. we have schools. we have businesses. we were slow to world war i, world war ii, the cold war and the culture war. we want world war i. ii.e won world war and we won the cold war. [applause]
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and in the culture war. [applause] let me hear you beautiful people, whoo. [cheers] my name is dustin and i want to take a moment to say women for america first and the organizers and all of you for coming out to stop this deal and support president trump -- to stop the steel and support president trump. jeff and i have been doing this for a long time in politics. i have one message i want to get across to you. it is for when you go back home. we have to beat sam adams. -- we have to be sam adams. and fight big
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media and big money to protect america for my kids and your kids. [cheers] a seminal moment in our country's history if we let this steal the election for president trump we will never get it back. our freedom is not coming back. you.w every single one of is here, thank you. . -- this is why i know every single one of you was here, thank you. on, whattea party people do not realize is that donald trump was a natural progression. of tea party movement. and you come together must [inaudible] [applause] scott always said the m.v.p. is
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a movement of logs but we must fight, stand up to the fake news. we must stand up to big tech oligarchs who want to silence us. when we marched to the supreme court we have a message, this, or institutions corrupted and weaponized against the people. agenda, there is fool be thesenile greatest president ever. [cheers] i love you guys, thank you for being here. [cheers]
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>> good afternoon, america. debby kerr lightest, vice president of moms for america. i am honored to say a few words today. of mothersmovement reclaiming our country for troop -- for truth, family, freedom and the constitution. [cheers] amen. three, ind mother of stand here concerned like you.
5:25 pm
america is at a crossroads. threat.test votes that are not legal, the crisis must be exposed, it must be corrected, and it must be stopped. project america had a called mom vote. we encouraged moms across the country to get ready stirred and vote their values. god,ld moms, if you love if you cherished freedom, if he respected life, and you treasured family, he told them they must vote because our country was at stake, so you know what happened, our mamas came out and they voted. [applause] right? demand -- right
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now the mothers are demanding a wantimate election and i our children to worry about the security of their future like all of you here. the hardest heavy. my son graduated from college and got engaged. he is trying to plan a wedding. during covid. when,ghter is wondering, in person college classes will resume, and how to function in a world that is socially distanced. my 16-year-old is constantly stressed out in a virtual high school, while his basketball season is postponed. these are true issues in each of our homes, let alone the security of the country. ande are not the hopes dreams he have all mothers. our president has worked so hard to save america. to rebuild america, and make
5:27 pm
america great again. [applause] so we must stand by him and ask for a valid election without a legitimate president -- without a legitimate presidential election we are no longer the land of the free. as moms we have to pass the torch of freedom. if the torch is extinguished, there is no hope. bright andust burn illumined at the way for our families. the light must shine in the darkness. and as mothers, we will fight for the torch of freedom. our childrenut it, and grandchildren will not be able to radiate and live in america. that is why we stand united for an election that ensures every legal vote must count. [applause]
5:28 pm
president trump, mamas are with you. [applause] let us carry the torch of freedom. and may it shine ever so brightly. god bless you. [applause] >> you are awesome. i'm excited to be here. i name is megan bars, i am referred to as the reagan babe from the tea party for 12 years. this is reminiscent of the tea party when we kicked the democrats assess in 2010 up and down the ticket. the grassroots, the silent majority, is loud and we are alive and well. [applause] stop the steel. [applause]
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say it with me. steel,is steel, stop the stop the steel. , stop the steel. this election. do we believe the party who inieves lewd is justified .he name of social justice did it still the election in the name of social justice? three men that affected my life, ronald reagan, my father, and my grandfather. they were veterans. they fought tooth and nail and nearly died for this country. do the same because i am not going to watch my country destroyed from within by communists, marxists, socialists.
5:30 pm
[cheers] they have found a home, why is it communists and marxist and socialist find a home in the democratic party? that is where they are welcomed. fundamentally to transform this country. we will defend it with our lives. [applause] we will defend this country with our lives, this president with our lives. we will march all the way to the supreme court and our fight does not stop at the supreme court. we take the fight back to our precincts, we take them back to our neighbors and we make damn sure that our local elected officials are elected fairly, squarely in our voice which is our vote is not stolen. thank you so very much for showing up.
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[applause] >> hello, hello, hello. this is the most beautiful crowd i have ever seen in my life. my name is courtney holland, i am a conservative activist out of nevada and i am here to tell you that nevada is maga country. [applause] this election was stolen from us. it is critical to the world that they see what happened in nevada
5:32 pm
this country. we are out here today from all around the country to demand transparency. we want a free, fair, transparent election. and we want to stop the steal, am i right? [applause] all right. for five days in nevada, i held late hundreds of nevada and standing in front of the clark county election department. we are fired up and we saw this happen in michigan and wisconsin, georgia and arizona because we want to be loud. i ask you all we can no longer be the silent majority. we need to be the loud majority. [applause]
5:33 pm
transparency should not be political. we are here to fight for every person's vote. i don't care if you are a democrat, libertarian, independent or republican. all of your votes matter. [applause] all of your votes matter. every time an illegal ballot is cast, it silences one of your voices out there. and what we are witnessing today is a modern day coup to take over this country. we cannot let that happen. i have a call to action for all of you. this does not end today. am i right? are you going to go back home and fight? [applause] alright. our president fought for us for four years. so i ask you this, are you ready to fight for your president? [applause]
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all right. stop the steal. stop the steal, stop the steal, stop the steal, stop the steal. thank you, everybody. keep it up. [applause] >> all right everybody, are you ready? all these speakers. have you been seeing the helicopter fly around? do you think they are ignoring us? because what do we want -- [inaudible] >> what's up, washington, dc?
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courtney and megan, we are leading the protest out there. it is incredible to see these people here today. the day the one thing that we , want is a fair and honest and open election. [applause] in key swing states trump needs to secure the presidency we have major problems with the election infrastructure in this country and they need to be fixed and audited, not just recounted. we need to make sure every vote is legal and valid.
5:36 pm
trump is a fighter, he fights everything. he fought off the russia hoax. he fought off all of the media slander. he even got covid and kicked covid in its ass. [cheers] he will be the same and we will fight for our president. we will not allow this election to be stolen and we will be out and we will fight and we will make our voices heard. thank you guys so much for being out here. i love you all. [applause] >> how is everybody doing? [applause] this is beautiful. can we do a chant? all right i love you all.
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[crowd chant] stop the steal, stop the steal, stop the steal, stop the steal. >> those are my people. my name is ali alexander, i am the national organizer for stop the steal. thank you. how many of you all were at your state capital last weekend? there were 30,250. right now at all 50 state right now at all 50 state capitols. there is more and we have tens of thousands coming into town here. we are going to make our voices heard and we are going to protect this president by stopping the steal. these other guys are fiery lookthese other guys are fiery speakers. , i am more of an organizer. december 14 is the day we need to remember. next week we will start lobbying the legislature of pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, arizona and georgia.
5:38 pm
we are going to tell them to ignore the election and send republican electors to our electoral college. or send it to the house of representatives where donald j. trump will win. [cheers] trump won, trump won, trump won. let's terrify this town. [applause] >> [laughter] hello, everyone. these are indeed interesting times.
5:39 pm
many would label me because of where i come from and how i look. [indiscernible] minority, a word used to imply people are not capable to succeed for themselves. but no, that is not me. i was not raised for pity from but the owner of my destiny. anyone but the owner of my destiny. , i i am an american. ampart of the majority [applause] , the united states is the first country in the world to succeed. [cheers] though it is clear to me, even before the start of immigrating to the nation crossed my mind. i believe president trump holds
5:40 pm
dearly not only in words but in actions. he is a president that provides the necessary tools to build the american future on solid ground. because he knows that just hope may only build the future on loose sand. president trump knows with the understanding that we must put america first together. [applause] president trump fight for us. it is time to fight for him. [applause] the election evolved many memories from voting days in my home country venezuela. in the united states [inaudible]
5:41 pm
venezuelans was unbelievable. seeing people destroy their , communities was heartbreaking. but politicians' inaction to protect their constituents was infuriating. from experience i can tell you that socialist ideas and destruction will not just hurt some people. it will get closer to you, to everyone's doorstep. the last democracy from president trump clear your -- clear your tears with hope. trump, and it will clear your tears with hope. -- president trump and will clear your tears with hope. we have a long journey ahead of us. we all, democrats, republicans, and even those who were too young to vote this time need to demand a clear election.
5:42 pm
using legalt procedures election integrity is because the right thing to do. let's remember the constitutional process determines the next president, not the mainstream media. [applause] let this be an awakening of citizens who are more politically active. participate in townhouse. meet your legislators to discuss community issues. and keep them accountable. together we will make sure that we preserve the american dream and keep socialism away. [applause] by the way, i am a gun owner, proud second amendment advocate [no audio]ve
5:43 pm
[inaudible] and olympian. no minority here. too strong for that. this is a country in which the people are the owners of our destiny, aren't we? we refuse to be the beggars of the government, gently? we are eager to protect, preserve and defend our constitution, especially our second amendment, aren't we? we demand those who would interfere in our election system receive the full force of the plus, don't we? land of the free and the home of the brave i was , not born here. but god is my witness that i feel you through my veins because here is where true freedom exists and dreams are conquered.
5:44 pm
[applause] thank you. god bless our president. let's keep america great. god bless america. [applause] >> fight for president of venezuela. >> you should see the view from up here. you guys are awesome, awesome. [applause] i am from arizona, i do not need a plane to fly back with the enthusiasm and energy that is coming off of you. keep it up, keep it up. [applause] we want one simple thing. what's that? four more years. four more years, four more years, four more years.
5:45 pm
[crowd chant] >> let me get serious. week in the state of arizona, state senator for i whatever that is worth. am a last week our senate president in arizona sent our secretary of state, a democrat freeaid let's have independent inspection of the , polls. she said no. no. in fact, we found out that in 2017 she said you are supporting donald j. trump. [booing] my message to you this afternoon is simple. arizona 11 electoral votes and madam chair where we are back there, arizona is ready
5:46 pm
to cast 11 electoral votes for the next president of the united states. trump!j. it is time that each one of us, no matter where we are from, what corner of the country, go home and fight for donald j. trump. god bless you, god bless donald trump and god bless america. thank you very much. [applause] >> hey, everyone. my name is tracy. i'm an independent investigative journalist and the editor-in-chief of we do actual journalism. the fake news is the enemy of
5:47 pm
the people. the reason why there is such a divide in this country is because the media has lied to people for decades. you all saw through the bull and you are here to support elections with integrity. and our president for four more years. [applause] it is supposed to be the fifth estate that brings you information so you can make informed decisions. that has gone by the wayside. so independent journalists are coming back to make the media likable again. support independent journalists. support the president and his family. support transparency and integrity in our elections. god bless all of you and god
5:48 pm
bless the united states of america. [applause] >> cnn sucks, cnn sucks, cnn sucks, fox news sucks, fox news sucks, fox news sucks. [crowd chant] fox news sucks, fox news sucks. >> how bad is fox news now? what the hell happened? what the hell happened? what a disgrace. [booing] they are the enemy of the people and i have a message for the enemy of the people, the fake news media. you do not decide who the president of the united states is. we, the people, do.
5:49 pm
so we are watching fox news with some friends, charlie cook. so, we are watching the election results come in. we are big in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. everybody is so happy, we are going to win. trump goes on t v, he declares victory. and then everybody goes to sleep and then what happens? the cheating started, right? and the fraud started. they start finding hundreds of thousands of ballots at night when everybody's sleeping. do you guys believe the results of this election so far? do not give an inch. the media, the left and the establishment republicans are expecting you to get tired. are you going to get tired? we are going to fight for president trump every single day
5:50 pm
because he spent four years fighting for us. we will not get tired, we will not be silenced, we will be out here every single day all over the country. until we stop the greatest scam in the history of our nation. this should not happen in the united states of america. we are the most successful country in the history of the world. there is a software from hell called dominion. [booing] have you noticed the dominium glitches only glitch in one direction? they never find hundreds of thousands of ballots for donald j. trump. it is only for joe biden. we are never going to accept joe biden as the president of the united states.
5:51 pm
lock him up, lock him up, lock him up, lock him up. [crowd chant] we are not letting that crackhead and that pedophile in our house. god bless you. god bless president trump. god bless the united states of america. let's win this. [applause] >> hello, everybody. [applause] my name is bianca gracia, the president of latinos for trump organization. also the texas state director. let me tell you everybody is wondering what happened in texas and the border. we we are what happened.
5:52 pm
the democrats are passed off, -- off.- pissed 2016, i vowed to get the hispanic-latino vote. we built an army and that is exactly what we did. you are taking nothing, buddy. we are benjamins and deborahs. let me tell you, we are armored up. our heritage was at the battle of the alamo. mexicans were the first to get the medal of honor. if you think that we are going to stop fighting now for our freedom and liberty, you've got something coming. [applause]
5:53 pm
four more years, four more years, four more years, four more years. [crowd chant] and i have one more message for you, mr. president donald j. trump. latinos for trump. #we are woke and #we are the storm. all right. stop the steal, stop the steal, stop the steal. [crowd chant] thank you all so much. our organization is united from people like jesse. we made it a point to make sure that the legend of latinos are exiting the democrat party. you do not own us. [applause]
5:54 pm
we are god loving people. we are family oriented. [applause] get ready, latinos for trump. [applause] thank you all and god bless you and god bless the united states of america. and god bless donald j. trump. >> how are you guys doing today? [applause] good morning, america. let's make one thing clear to the media here, it is not joe biden or the president of united states, they do not decide that. we decide that. every person here the media does , not tell us who the president is, cnn does not tell us who the president is we decide who the president of these united states
5:55 pm
is. we decided that donald j. trump is our president. he is our president. there will be four more years of this president. just a week ago, i was proud to cast the first ballot of my life for this president. i will not allow that vote to be stolen. i would not allow nefarious tactics to steal this election away from the american people. because if we let them do it again, if we let them do it now, they will do it for years from now. they will do it again and again. we will lose our country. we will lose our democracy. but what they did not realize is that we are here and we will stand up and fight every single one of you. we are in this for the long haul. we are not going to roll over and allow our country to be taken away from us. we are not going to allow our country to be stolen away from us. what they thought is, they thought we did not exist. but if you look around, you see
5:56 pm
the person next to you and i see the people all the way back there today. guess what, we do exist. [applause] we exist. we exist. donald trump did not need to have people voting for him. because he had every single one of you. every single one of you. this election, the stakes cannot be overstated. we are in a battle for our country's foundational values. we are again, at a time of choosing. we must decide what type of nation we will be. will we be a nation of lawlessness? of open borders? a nation of law and order? where the american people are still put first? or we are still able to say god bless america? that is a country i want to live in. that is the country that i love. that is the country that i adore and that is a country that we are out here today to fight for,
5:57 pm
protect, and to defend. [applause] and we will win. we will win. they think they have us going. they think they got us down. but what they have underestimated in this fight is the heart and dedication and a love for our country we have. america is the greatest nation in the world. but it is made great by continued activism, continued work, and perseverance of patriots like yourself. once they realize we are not taking any off days. the fight is just beginning and we are in the game for the long haul. [applause] we will make america great again. we will keep america great. and donald trump, the president of these united states. for four more years. thank you. >> what's up? stop the steal. my name is bostic and i have a message for these media people who are infiltrating our ranks and the message is this.
5:58 pm
we are the majority. [applause] back in 2018, i helped ali alexander launch stop the steal in broward county, florida. after the 2018 midterms we noticed that days after the election results started changing and new votes were found all over broward county, florida. we were getting reports of ballot boxes being found. we descended on broward county, florida, with a friend of mine. maybe you have heard of her. let me tell you something, when those corrupt election officials saw laura loomer with a megaphone, you could feel the wave of fear.
5:59 pm
but it was not just us. we had an army of patriots behind us. we were a small piece of a greater team. brave patriots in florida stepped up, they showed up, they protested and we held our election officials accountable. they knew that we were outside and that we were watching every single thing they did. we did it because we realized that we had to bypass the mainstream media, that we cannot rely on technology or social media anymore. we need bodies in the street to demand fair, free, and open elections. they can't ignore us anymore. thank you guys so much for being here and the best is yet to come. >> welcome. look at this beautiful day that god has given us.
6:00 pm
the primary mission is to protect and defend free speech. defending our rights and words and actions is our most precious right under the constitution. they tried to marginalize those. they called us names and give us labels to create division amongst us. but we ignore them and we hold onto our own. we have stood by our values and beliefs. they use technology to censor us with labels and phony fact checkers. but we wear those badges of honor because we are fighting a righteous mission. we have been tolerant to all they have tried to do to deprive us as americans because we know better.
6:01 pm
now they are censoring our president. they are censoring the truth about our election. they are trying to gaslight us into believing something we know is not true. freedom of speech, to vote for our leaders, should not be trifled with. we are standing our ground. we are no longer going to allow injustice in our lives. it is time for our leaders to know that the line is drawn here and they should cross no further. [crowd cheering] our leaders need to understand that we give them the privilege to lead us and without us supporting them, they are nothing.
6:02 pm
we stand for equal rights, equal justice under the constitution. we stand for free speech under the constitution. president trump fights for us every day. president trump fights for law and order. president trump fights for the constitution because that makes us all equal under the law. today we stand in support of our true president, president donald j. trump. [applause] patriots, let me hear you say trump. trump! the president is not far away. i want him to hear us say that we have his back. they tell us we cannot worship
6:03 pm
god, i say screw that. we are here. we are not going anywhere. mr. president, we have your back and we will never surrender. i want to introduce the most amazing woman in the world, get over here, girl. >> hi, everyone. listen, we are so excited to be here. i just want to say a special thanks to amy kremer and kylie kremer and all of the coalitions of people that came together to make this possible. i want to thank you because without you, none of this would be happening. thank you so much. [applause] and i want to close by doing a chant that means a lot to me because divided is what they want but we are one. we are one. we are one, we are one, we are one. chanting "we are one"]
6:04 pm
thank you, everybody, thank you. [applause] [chanting] >> hello, washington, d.c. seems a little low. my name is scott presler. i am a conservative activist and i have to give homage to president trump because president trump brought national attention to the city of baltimore and i saw while everybody else was pointing the finger and blaming and scapegoating but nobody was
6:05 pm
taking action and i said i am going to the city of baltimore and in one day we picked up 12 tons of trash in 12 hours. and afterwards i went home to my mom. i was like mom, i am really good at picking up trash. her heart swelled with pride, as you imagine. the reason why i bring up this story is because i want you to realize what we are doing here. you are the people taking action. you aren't pointing to finger, you are not blaming, you are here. after baltimore, i did not stop. i went to atlanta, chicago, denver, duquesne, detroit, houston, los angeles, kenosha,
6:06 pm
milwaukee, miami, portland, pittsburgh, philly. i was protested for picking up trash in san francisco, california. well nancy pelosi, hear us now. [applause] i want people to know that this is not just a trump rally. this is a truth rally. [applause] and to speak the truth is an act of love. and i want you to realize that that is what this movement is about. this is a movement based on love. [applause] and i want you guys to know i feel this within my bones,
6:07 pm
within my spirit from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and i promise you as i stand before you, i am not giving up. i will fight peacefully, i will give everything i have to fight for truth and justice because freedom is worth fighting for. and i am so glad you are here. but don't let this be the only time that you take action. when you go home you are going to call your state legislators and your congressmen and you are going to demand an audit of the vote in every single state. [applause] and i make one last promise to you. we are going to march to the supreme court and after i am done with you here in d.c., i'm going to georgia and we are
6:08 pm
going to hold the senate. [applause] i want you guys to know that you have changed my life. i am deeply grateful, humbled, and honored and i look forward to remaining in this fight with you and president trump, we have your back. [applause] [chanting "four more years"] >> ok. who is glad to be at this rally? hold on. i think the microphone is messing up. we will accommodate, right? all right.
6:09 pm
i am a woman for america first. we're so glad to have you today. and you talk about georgia. we've got a great lady here today to talk to you about what she is going to do for the united states of america in georgia. congresswoman elect marjorie taylor greene. [crowd cheering] >> i am so proud to be here with all of you. god bless america, god bless every single one of you for coming out today, standing up for president trump, standing up for america, and fighting for our freedom. my name is marjorie taylor greene, i am congresswoman elect from georgia's 14th district. [applause]
6:10 pm
and i am here to represent my district but i am here to represent every single one of you because this is only beginning. you see, i am not a politician. i'm a proud american woman. and i am here because this is what we have, ladies and gentlemen. the democrat party is no longer an american party. no. they are a party of socialism, the party of riots, burning businesses, aoc's green new deal. they are the party that wants to murder babies up until birth and make taxpayers pay for it. [booing]
6:11 pm
and they are the party that wants to take away your guns. this is the party that is working very hard to steal this election and stop donald j. trump from being our president for four more years. you see, i have lived the american dream. i'm a business owner, a wife, and mother of three kids. the first one in my family to get a college degree. i'm a blessed american and i thank god for allowing me to be born right here in this country. and i'm here coming to work in congress because i want my children and i want your children and our grandchildren to be able to live the same american dream. it does not matter who you are, your identity.
6:12 pm
if you are an american, you are guaranteed these freedoms. i will ask every single one of us and i want you to think hard, what kind of generation of americans are we? there were generations who fought to save our freedoms, fought to give us our freedoms, fought to preserve our freedoms. and if we are complacent, we will be the generation that loses our freedoms. and i refuse to be a part of that. that's why i ran for congress. but right now we have a situation here in we are working very hard to raise a grassroots army. is where you can be a part of that.
6:13 pm georgia is in a recount right now. and things are not going well. [chanting] that's right. audit the vote. we demand our governor and our secretary of state do a good job because the fate of this country depends on it. i want to tell you something else. this is not one battle. it is a battle of many and you have to stay in the fight and you have to stay strong, you have to stay confident and you have to stay together.
6:14 pm
the republican party is the party of love and unity. the republican party is the party for every single american. and i'm going to be working very hard to defend the unborn, to defend your second amendment rights because gun rights are american rights. and you are going to see me holding big tech accountable. i gotta tell you something, we are sick and tired of having our conservative voices banned, silenced and kicked off. here's the deal, we have a great president, president trump. he is not giving up this fight. he is not giving up this fight. he will stay in the fight regardless of the outcome. we have his back. so here is what we're going to
6:15 pm
do, everybody. we are going to show the swamp how real americans work it out, right? all of us together are about to march to the supreme court. because it is at the supreme court where this very battle may be won and i thank god that we have the majority, right? but as we are moving on i want you to remember we also have a big battle brewing in georgia. we are fighting for our senate seats. we are in a runoff so we need everyone here to engage in georgia and help us save our senate seats because in georgia if we saved our senate seats, we save america and we stop socialism.
6:16 pm
georgia, that's right. [chanting] as we march, i'm going to ask every single one of you and i'm going to remind you, you represent our president. so do so in good manner, do so in peace. ♪ you also represent our country and our great american flag. do that with honor because this flag is something to stand for and never to kneel for. all right, are you ready? [applause] let's march to the supreme court and stop the steal. stop the steal. ♪ all right, let's go.
6:17 pm
>> there are thousands of people here to hear that message and let's hear him speak. >> we want to hear them speak about what the globalists are trying to do before we march. >> ♪ it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca they have everything that you are meant to enjoy it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca
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you can get yourself clean you can have a good meal you can do whatever you feel young man, are you listening to me? i say, young man, be what you want to be can gotyoung man, you this one thing to know no man does it all by himself i said, young man, put your pride on the shelf and just go there, to the ymca i'm sure they can help you today it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca they have everything for you men to enjoy you can hang out with all the boys it's fun to stay at the ymca
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it's fun to stay at the ymca you can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal you can do what ever you feel , ing man, i say young man say young man it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca they have everything for you men to enjoy
6:20 pm
you can hang out with all the boys ymca, it's fun to stay at the ymca young man, young man, there's no need to feel down young man, young man, pick yourself off the ground ♪
6:21 pm
[chanting "alex jones"]
6:22 pm
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announcer: you can watch the rally tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c-span, online at, or listen on our free radio app. with joe biden as
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