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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Hank Johnson  CSPAN  November 19, 2020 7:29pm-8:02pm EST

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a different direction. mr. prime minister, it's always an honor to be here with you and visit israel. this is a place that has a special place in my heart and the heart of so many americans. i pleas you and i wish all of us many, many more years of successful partnership between our two countries. captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit lots.
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and then you have -- count those ballots. then you have a paper trail you can audit and it is not a $110 million system, but it is what it is. i've got to say to brad roethlisberger that he did a decent job. i want to thank stacey abrams for making sure that there were various court rulings in effect that mandated certain activities by the secretary of state, to ensure a free and fair election. i think that is exactly what we got november 3. host: what role did stacey abrams play in possibly, it looks like, a democrat winning that state for the first time since 1992? guest: she played a huge role. for the last 10 years, stacey effective been a registrar of voters through her
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various organizations, and in the run-up to the 2020 elections, there were one million newly registered voters. were were 800,000 of those abramsthe work of stacey and her organizations in the act thoses association with organizations. those 800,000 newly registered voters, mostly young, who made the difference and turned the tide in georgia, and turned georgia blue for the presidential election. like oneo, it looks house seat in georgia, the seventh district slipped. what is significant about that? guest: it is consistent with the
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fact that georgia is changing. the new south has come to georgia. thatw some bemoan the fact things will not be the way they used to be, but things will never go back to how they used to be in georgia. there is new blood in georgia, new people, young people, black asians.brown people, -- and forward thinking white people. it is a new day for georgia. ing's are moving forward, not backwards, and georgia -- things are moving forward, not backwards, and georgia is leading the way to the new south. these are georgia residents who changed georgia and the changes an indication of changing the south and changing the nation. we all know the sordid history of the south with slavery,
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leading the way on jim crow, apartheid racism for 100 years. we all know about voter suppression throughout the south. we all know how difficult the journey has been for black people who chose to remain here and not go north like many did, during the migration from the just, when lynchings and the ku klux klan, that whole actionrate thinking and was the south, but i think georgia has proven that the south has moved on from that sordid history. we've moved onto a history where we embrace our diversity. everyone has equal rights under the law. the law is enforced equally against all and for all. and it works for all.
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everyone has the right to exercise that cherished right to vote, which is what john lewis dictated -- dedicated his life to. it is what he walked across the edmund pettus bridge for, got on head bashed in, not just that occasion but on numerous occasions. it is what we need to pass in the house to restore the voting rights act. we passed it in the house. we need to pass it in the senate and we need a president who will sign it. that's why i'm so happy about the prospects for georgia being twoe -- being able to elect georgia senators who will be partners as opposed to obstructionists of georgia's sordid past. we need two senators that will work toward this new south ideal that was expressed by georgians on november 3 in voting for the
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democrats. i think we are going to measure up and i believe we will win these two senate seats in georgia and thus change the nation. north, southn carolina, democratic caller. caller: hello, sir. like they are charted black votes to be discarded, so how do you feel about basically what the republican party is saying is they do not respect the black vote? guest: this has been the history of georgia. it has been the history of the south, and frankly the nation has not been exempt from it. all across the nation, we have seen repeated instances over disenfranchisement of african-american voters, and the
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type of that has changed. unfortunately, the united states supreme court took us backwards despite congressional intent and despite a record that justifies the reauthorization of the voting acts right of 1965. the u.s. supreme court decided to, in a fit of judicial the votingviscerate , and leave it to congress again to come up with a solution. there is still disenfranchisement taking place by white people depriving black people of their rights to vote across the country in numerous ways, so we need the voting rights act to be restored to protect that right to vote,
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because we are not out of the woods yet in terms of people wanting to suppress our votes. you can see donald in his operation, which still has not enabled to admit that he lost the election. it is in various places across the country trying to suppress the counting of votes in , and youmerican areas can see that tactic being used right now as we speak, and it is something that needs to end. these two senators that we elect here in georgia will stand for that. tot's why this nation needs cleanse the soul of its past unrighteousness, its past and justiceness, it's past callousness of equal rights of black people in the country, so
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i was so glad we had a chance to do that in georgia. host: rocco in cartersville, georgia, republican. caller: i hear people all the time say, it is not that much voter fraud. equivalent if i gave each of you a pack of m&ms and told you that one or two of those had poison in them. you wouldn't accept the entire bag of m&ms at all. there is poison in this voting system and that poison is the illegal mail-in ballot a. that illegal mail-in ballot in -- balloting. that illegal mall in balloting pushed through with the woman from wisconsin, stacey abrams. you talk about disenfranchising the black people's vote, donald j. trump doubled his black voter. ballotsthese mailed in
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disenfranchises the black people that voted for donald trump. hank johnson only cares about black democrat votes. he doesn't care about the black people who voted for president trump. when you take the illegal mail-in ballots, you wipe out the black republican that voted for donald trump. host: congressman, your response? my friend would use the analogy of m&ms, i remember john lewis used to talk about how they used to force black people to count the number of jellybeans in a jar before they could be registered to vote, so that was a rich analogy that my friend used. but his point is that male in balloting -- male in balloting is fraudulent and nothing could be further from the truth.
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usedin balloting has been throughout the decades that we , throughout the centuries actually, mail-in voting. it was no different this time other than the fact that instead of going to the polls, people decided to use mail-in ballots because they did not want to risk catching the coronavirus infection and dying, so people chose to vote from home instead of going to the polls to vote. when you vote at home, you have a signature match that has to be made by the election officials once your ballot is received, and once that match is confirmed, then your ballot is placed in the stack to be counted. that's the way that the system works.
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there were white people and the people who utilized mail-in ballots. there were democrats and republicans and some independents, so it is impossible for my friend to know that all of the mail-in ballots were sent in by democrats. that just doesn't make sense. iny people exercise prudence trying to keep themselves safe, and they voted from home. there is really nothing wrong with that. host: congressman, respond to carter,league, buddy who said the president is justified in his legal challenges. [video clip] >> we need to get it right. this was a razor thin margin. this race has national implications. changes in georgia could change the outcome in the election and change other states looking at two different things. --on't think that it is out
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i think that donald trump and that campaign has every right to challenge this. as we have seen already, we have seen some things go up that we can move on and make sure they don't happen next time. when you were talking again about a razor thin margin like we are talking about, certainly these things are important that i do not think it is a sham. the democrats -- if the role were reversed and the democrats called for a recount, that's what we should do. we should make sure we are getting it right. republican, democrat, independent, we all want the same thing, a fair, transparent, honest election. host: congressman? guest: a recount has been performed in georgia and it did not have to be performed because donald trump has not officially requested a recount of the votes in georgia.
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he can only do so after the votes are certified, with what happened on november 20. is .05%argin of defeat or less than he has the right to an automatic recount, but donald trump did not wait until november 20 to request a recount in georgia. he sent his henchmen like lindsey graham into georgia to pressure secretary of state roethlisberger to institute a hand recount of the ballots. a hand recount of the ballots is not authorized by georgia law. this is something that brad roethlisberger decided to do because he was under so much immense pressure from people trying to actually get him to throw out the votes. lindsey graham, exhibit a.
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to his credit, he did not go that far, but he did do something that the law does not require him to do, and that is to call for a hand recount of the ballots before he had actually certified the votes. that's what has happened here in georgia and the only reason that happened like that is because donald trump is trying to steal this election. he actually stole the 2016 election, but when measures were taken to ensure it could not happen like that again, he is now attacking the votes. this vote nationally is not even close. he is losing by 5 million popular votes and he is losing the electoral college by a profound amount, a tremendous victory nationwide. now in georgia, it is a razor thin margin of victory.
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i think it's 12,781 votes now. that is very close, and trump will have the right to ask for recount once that count is certified on november 20. he is actually going to get two recount in georgia, and it is not fair that the georgia secretary of state would choose to do a hand recount for one vote under immense pressure to theory of in another votes, he can decide i am not going to do a hand recount. that is something we need to correct in georgia law, because one law should fit everyone and everyone should live in accordance with that law. host: stephen in connecticut, independent. caller: thank you, lady greta, for taking my call. i want to focus on get out the vote efforts. i'd donate -- i donated to stacey abrams on the fair fight
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organization so the two senators can win this race, after the draconian tax restructuring that really hit me hard. i am ready for a change. see youngke to people, there is going to be a whole group of them eligible to vote in this one-off election. i want to see people get masks on, put lobs on, knock on doors, make phone calls, get president obama on there. vice president harrison president biden down there, get out the vote. what are you guys going to drive -- doing to drive the vote? host: congressman? guest: that is exactly what the plan is, to do everything you mentioned. first with respect to registration, massive numbers of voters in georgia are already registered. i think it is over 90%.
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17.5urse, there are million who will turn 18 and they have the ability to get registered to vote. we have up until december 7 to register new voters, so there is to registering made those voters who remain unregistered, and then the thing that we have to do in january is to turn out the voters. voters turned out in record numbers in georgia for november 3, and we've got to repeat that same success on january 5. so massive amounts of work are being put in to ensure that we get that. i thank you for your observation. host: bloomington, indiana,
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lizzie, a democratic caller. caller: thank you, c-span, and rep johnson. and i am foriana stacey abrams too, for the job she has been doing and helping us get back in there. all of this fake information is coming from the top, our president. it has been happening for four years now. he had a lot of help, like you said, from russia at the beginning when he first came in. and he is prejudiced, in my eyes, and i have relatives that get all of that information that isn't true. it is really hard, because i love my relatives but it is crazy. the other thing is, i heard carter say that the
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president has a right to do this. in my opinion, we have picked our president and he is the suppose it when a. where is -- supposed winner. where is the gsa and why isn't this being done? can you please get them to sign over, because they are going to kill a bunch of people because we are not getting help out here? host: congressman? guest: i agree that the gsa should ascertain a winner in this election, and that's easy to do. all indications, not some, but all of the indications are that we have elected a president-elect and a president and a vice president elect. to serve be sworn in as president and vice president on january 20. it is easy to ascertain that and
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the only reason why the gsa director has refused and failed to open up our transition process and the resources that flow and the information that shes there from is because is being leaned on by donald trump and his minions. they care nothing about the law. they care nothing about the rules. they care nothing about the traditions of our country. they disrespect the rule of law. they are selfish and they are self-centered and they are only in it for themselves. i am including david perdue and kelly loeffler in with that group. ownhat's -- they put their interest ahead of that of the nation and its people, and it is hurting our people. it is hurting america.
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this is something that i hope will end soon. you mentioned, ma'am, about your relatives and the false information that is being said, and the fact that many are consuming this false information . it is like poison in the minds of the people aren't -- and the minds of the people are infected by poison. it is hard to talk sense to them and hard to get some people to understand that to wear a mask's do not just protect themselves but to protect others from being infected by them who may be asymptomatic carrying this virus. so people, some people, it is not that they do not care. it is that they do not believe -- they believe that covid-19 pandemic is a hoax and there is
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nothing that you can say to them that can convince them otherwise. liesf this is due to the that donald trump has used the presidency to spread, and he has done so for his own purposes and it is to the detriment of the people. how to we get our people to take the antidote of truth to break the spell of the poison of mistruths? that is the question, how do we administer the truth to our neighbors and relatives who have been -- you have consumed this donald -- who have consumed this donald trump poison. it is nothing more than love and understanding and gentle persuasion. we must insist on the truth and we must spread the truth. the fact thatt
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others are under the influence and not quite ready to hear the truth, but we have got to keep giving it to them and soon they will see the light and start protecting themselves, protecting others, and we can start moving our country forward based on truth, based on science, based on logic as opposed to fear and anger and ignorance. host: let's go to pittsburgh, harry, republican. caller: i have been a fan of yours ever since you were a general. brad savannah, georgia, democratic caller. caller: good morning, greta. good morning, congressman. guest: good morning.
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caller: i am in congressman i am a new transplant and i guess i am one of the transplant changers. the rural divide in the state of georgia and across the country's i think worse than race, worse than economics, worse than education. what can our party do to reach hicks.these are not dumb they are good hard-working people. they are not all misinformed, but how do we heal that divide? guest: i think we have to -- i mean, it would seem nice for a city boy to be down in south georgia hunting and fishing with some of the good old boys, and meal, maybe camping
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out, doing some things that ,aybe city people don't have you know, they have not done that before, and maybe there should be them -- some opportunity for people to come together, share culture and that kind of thing. once you know people, you can communicate with them a little better. the same way with the good old boys who have never been to the city before. come on up to the city, see how things roll there. you may not like it, but at least you can come and understand that there is real people who live in those cities and they have their own challenges to meet, just like you have yours in the countryside. sir, isi am saying, basically people need to start coming together. people need to make conscious
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efforts to establish dialogue with people who they disagree with, who they don't identify with, black, white, latino, asian, american -- native american, all kinds of people. and when we do that, we start to understand the fact that we are all people, even though we have different experiences and backgrounds and lifestyles, and we get past all of that, we start recognizing we are all people. then we can start to trust each other and we can start to listen and learn from each other, and i think that is pretty much what we need to do. a mass scale,on but just person-to-person, so each person has to take the opportunity to get out of their
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comfort zone and go out and meet people. i know that is difficult to do in a pandemic situation, but perhaps is not as difficult as you think, because social media, which can spread disinformation, can also be used to establish bonds of communication and friendship among people. it is all in how we utilize what we have to workhave to work wit. person totted as a try to promote understanding around the world, particularly within my own country and particularly within my own state. james,et's go to mississippi, independent. you are our last call for the congressman. caller: how are you doing, sir? how are you doing, ma'am? i was calling because i give the
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republican party's props on the winning senators and they had an african-american. i give them props. whatever they did, they got the women involved and i'm so glad the women are involved and not just men. i wanted to ask you one question. , i senator from florida would hope that you relate this message to her and to the president of the united states. i desire and pray that she become the attorney general. we need more women in powerful positions. i know for a fact she would be a great attorney general. i hope and pray you spread that word. and kamalat biden harris when we need more people in powerful positions, and she should be the number one candidate for attorney general, because she was a police officer
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. she was a 27 year police officer. she knows the role. she doesn't go by race or color or male or female. she goes by law. host: congressman? guest: he is talking about my friend val demings from orlando, florida. a great member of congress and a great public servant with a bright future ahead of her. i know that her heart is full of service for the people. i look forward to supporting her in whatever role that she finds herself in. she is just good people. and i agree with you. host: we want to thank you for your time and for talking to >> we appreciate it. thank you for having me.
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