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tv   Campaign 2020 Delaware Electoral College Vote  CSPAN  December 14, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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11:30, pennsylvania at noon. you can spend your day watching the electoral college vote counts on c-span, and listen to them on the free c-span radio app. for now, jeffrey rosen, do appreciate your time. we will see back down the road. thanks for helping us understand the electoral college process. guest: thanks for having me and thank you to the c-span viewers for educating yourself about the constitution. appreciate that. moments of the segment from washington journal and retake you to dover, delaware next, in the counting of the state's three electoral votes. the electoral college meeting today across the country. live coverage on c-span.
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>> good morning. i am secretary of state jeff pollock and i want to welcome everyone here to the campus of delaware state delaware. in dover, under the laws and constitutions of the state of delaware and the united states, i am directed by the governor to convene this meeting of the electoral college of delaware for the purpose of electing the president and the vice president of the united states. dr. tony allen, the president of delaware state, as well as jackie griffith, who is here today, for allowing us to be on campus, and thanks to
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david mangler of my staff for all his work in putting together this meeting. begin, i want to say a few things very briefly. first, i want to congratulate anthony slbsnd our state election commissioner, and his staff, for a smooth and successful election here in the first state. in delaware, as well as throughout the country, the pandemic required many people to vote remotely for the first time, and anthony and his staff rose to that challenge with great success. second, to my fellow secretaries of state around the country, and to thousands of county and municipal election officials and workers, thank you for your incredible efforts this year.
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fair elections are nothing to be taken for granted, and we have watched as many of you put the interests of our country above all else to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the selection. you are the true patriots of owe youd all americans their gratitude. finally, to our new president delawareresident, as -- we could not be more proud to send one of our own to lead this nation. he do so at an unprecedented time in our country's history, the combined challenges of the pandemic, economic uncertainty, and the struggle for social, economic, and environmental justice are a test for even the greatest nation in the world. we wish the new administration to lead use
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through this long, dark winter, and, as lincoln said in his second inaugural, "bind up the nation's wounds as we move towards renewed prosperity." begin that process today by completing the work of this election. i am honored to be here with our electors, marla blunt-carter, jonatha john daniello, and marie mayor. , as others have for over a two centuries, by fulfilling the role of the people with the casting of their votes for the president and vice president of the united states. the process for nominating and selecting electors and having them vote is established by the constitution. shortly after the republican and
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democratic parties nominated their presidential and vice presidential candidates at the national political conventions this past summer, state leaders of both parties nominated electors to stand for those candidates and send those names to delaware's elections commissioner. last month, we cast our votes as citizens. those were tabulated and then certified by our superior courts in each county. the results were then sent to governor carney, who added together each county's vote and ascertained the names of the winning electors. the governor then prepared the following certificate of ascertainment. it reads, -- whereas an election was held in the state of delaware on tuesday, november 3, 20,the year of our lord 20 that being the tuesday next
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after the first monday in said month, in accordance with the provision in the constitution and laws of the state of delaware, in that for the purpose of choosing by ballot three electors for the election of a president and vice president of the united states, whereas the official certificates were returned of said election held in several manner signedrue and executed, have been delivered to me according to the laws of the substate by the superior court of said counties. having examined said returns and and immigrated and ascertained the number of votes for each and every candidate or person voted for as one of such electors, the results appear as follows -- 296,268unt-carter, votes. aniello,
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290 6000, 268 votes. and marie mayor, 296,000 268 votes. for robert, 200,603 votes. chris kenny, 200,603 votes. can settler senior, 200,603 votes. the certificate of ascertainment reveals that the duly elected chosen at electors for president and vice president of the united states are marla blunt-carter, john daniello, and marie mayor. to the time, i will turn electors to cast their votes for president and vice president according, again, to the laws and constitutions of the united
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states and the state of delaware. mr. daniello. >> good morning. serve as the to chairperson of the electoral delegation. to you all agree? >> yes. blunt-carter marla , and i volunteered to serve as secretary of this electoral delegation. do you agree? >> we agree? >>. >> madam secretary, the certificate of vote is before us. i am casting my vote for joseph b -- andand come along kamala harris. >> i am casting my vote for kamala d.iden and for harris. >> i am casting my vote for joseph r. biden and for kamala
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harris. >> we proceed to sign the certificate of vote. signask that each elector the duplicate originals of the certificate of vote also.
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>> thank you, mr. chairman.
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>> ms. mayor.
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>> electors for president and vice president of the united states of america, for the respective terms beginning on the 20th of january a.d. 2021, being electors duly appointed and qualified by and for the state of delaware as appears by a certificate made and delivered to us by the executive of said agreeably, onma met
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the first monday and the second wednesday of december of the year 202020, being the 14th day of the month to hereby certify that being so assembled and duly organized we proceed to vote, by ballot for the president and then vice president by distinct ballots. we fully certify the following are two distinct lists, one of the votes for president and the other of the votes for vice cast.ent so witness our hands on this 14th day of december a.d. 2020. these certificates have been prepared and signed in accordance with state and federal law, and will be distillate as follows. mail to thetered president and senate of the united states.
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two, to the delaware secretary of state, which is to be held subject to the order of the president of the senate of the united states. two by registered mail to the archivist of the united states. one to the chief judge judge of the u.s. district court for delaware. prepare andary, sign the minutes of these proceedings, please. mr. secretary, they electors have concluded their business and are adjourned. >> thank you, electors, for performing your constitutional duties today. that electors have cast three votes for joseph r biden of
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delaware for president of the united states, and three votes for kamala d. harris of california for vice president of the united states. before we conclude, do any of -- [inaudible]sh make remarks? mayor? >> thank you, secretary bullock, and director mangler for such a safe process for us to execute this process today. this is the year 2020, the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage, and i want to thank -- [inaudible] -- the committee of women in america, especially african-american women, who not only voted but they also
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educated many other americans on how to register and to vote in 2020. i also want to thank my parents and teachers in the community, members of our country who educate our children and youth to understand u.s. government, our constitution, the rule of truth.d how to discern it's an honor to be here today to vote for joe biden and kamala harris. thank you. >> thank you. ms. carter? please. >> thank you, secretary. first, i would like to say that this is an amazing day and such a historic moment. to be able to vote for delaware biden to be
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president of the united states is such an honor. is also on honor to sign my name and cast a vote for vice harris,t elect, the first woman to serve as vice president and the first person of color, and to do that at delaware state university, our hbcu, has really moved me. i am humbled and honored to serve as an elector, and to sign to document times that will become a part of history. it is personal, because over a year ago, i had a stroke and could not even pick up a pen let alone sign my name. so to sign my name it signified, so much, because if i can come
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back from a stroke, i know that this country, under the leadership of joe biden and a kamala harris can come back from this very dark time. so i believe that this is historic for all of us. and i am just so grateful for this opportunity to serve in this capacity. thank you for all that have floated, for all that has this for all that have voted -- thank you for all that have voted, that have been part of this process to make our democracy work. i believe we are stronger because of this election. thank you. >> thank you. mr. daniello. >> 50 years ago, almost to the , about three months difference, i met a young man, asking him to run for local
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office. the young man explained to me that his interest really was constitutional law and foreign affairs. an argument. but with the help of his wife, we convinced him to run for office. that,two months after that same gentleman asked me out to lunch, i thought, to talk about the election that was now me he was man told going to run for senate of the united states. that man was joe biden, obviously. i have known him that long. then -- heexpression was a comer


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