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Mike Pence
  Campaign 2020 Vice President Pence Campaigns for GA U.S. Senate Candidates  CSPAN  December 17, 2020 5:46pm-6:24pm EST

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>> today, vice president mike pence campaigned for republican georgia senators david perdue and kelly loeffler at a rally in columbus, georgia. the two senators have runoff elections in january against john ossock and rafael warnaock.
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mr. perdue: thank you for being here. remember when benjamin franklin was asked what kind of democracy e had, a or a republic, he said a republic if you can keep it. and you all are what will keep it. i'm delighted to be here to introduce someone i know very, very well. david an i are first cousins, our fathers were brothers, we've known each other all our lives. i would be here today even if we weren't related because we want united states senators who will go to d.c. and keep their georgia values in d.c., not have washington, d.c. values. that's what david perdue has done. that's what he'll continue do -- continue to do to represent you and georgia and the armed services committee and all the things that are so important that region and our state. these two fighters here.
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david perdue and kelly loeffler. georgia needs them, america needs them, our republic needs them. help me welcome my cousin, david perdue, united states senator. ♪ ♪ everyone's watching to see what you will do everyone's looking at you ♪ david: hello, georgia! god bless y'all for being out here on a great georgia afternoon. thank you. sonny said it best. we're the last line of defense. the eyes of america are on us. and we're not going to let them down. with your help we're going to win georgia and cey america. [applause] there are a couple of reasons why we have to do this. one is we have to hold the line against this lad call socialist agenda the democrats are trying to perpetrate on our beloved america.
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the second reason is that we have to hold the line and to make sure that what we've accomplished under donald trump and mike pence, that we hold on to what we've accomplished. the regulatory work, the tack work the energy work, we're energy independent for the first time now history. [applause] let me remind you. the democrats told us what they want. they said if they get these two seats, they said we're going to take georgia and what? change america. i got a message for chuck schumer, i'm a georgian. we ain't ready to give him georgia, right? [applause] a.o.c. said we have to have these two seats because we don't want to negotiate. we want the green new deal without compromise. we're not going to let that happen either, are we? i won't give you all the reasons why we can not let this happen but i will tell you this. if we hold the line now we can
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set the stage for future generations. we don't have to worry about this, you can listen to what people have already told us. no less than ronald reagan said to us, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we don't pass it down in the bloodstream, it must be fought for, protected and passed on, or one day in our sunset years we'll be telling our children and our children's children what it would look like in america when women and men were free. that's not going to hatch happen. it stops here buzz of you. [applause] we know, history tells us this price of socialism is freedom. with your help, we're going to save -- win georgia, save america and ensure socialism never runs through the the state of georgia. thank you. now, it's my high honoring guys, to introduce somebody to you today i am proud to be running. with kelly loeffler is the real deal. she's a fourth generation farm girl, y'all.
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we know what that that is like in georgia. she's a self-made person. she's a businessperson. and this was the thing i liked the best, she's an outsider, y'all. that sound familiar? god bless y'all. help me welcome the next united states senator, kelly loeffler! everyone's watching to see what you will do everyone's looking at you ♪ kelly: hello, columbus, georgia! thank you so much sclatch -- so much! i have one question, are you ready to show america georgia is a red state? yes! all right. we're ready. all right. you know what's at stake, you just heard from my good friend david per draw what's on the line here. it's the future of the country. as i talk to people across the country, every day, they say
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kelly, please tell me that georgia is going to hold the line. we're going to hold the line. thank you, georgia. that's right. [applause] you know, and -- i like it. i like it. "!owd chants "hold that line >> we know we're the firewall to socialism. david's opponent is a trust fund socialist my opponent, radical liberal, rafael warnock is a marksist. if we don't win, we will see the first marksist elected to senate if we don't win these races. we are going to hold the line here in georgia. everything is at stake. we've got -- i love these guys. thank you so much. all right. so here's what we got to do. it's my job to come up here and remind you how we get this done. i know y'all know but your
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leaders in your community -- you're leaders in your communities and you're going to help us get the vote out. we have to vote early. we have to get to the polls now. it's happening now. this is the fourth day of early voting. that's how we make our voices heard. if we vote, we will win. if we don't vote we will lose the country. that's what's at stake. so now, it is my distinct honor, now -- we're going to be tracking you. we're going to be tracking you to make sure you voted. vote. make a plan to vote. take your family, your friends, you co-workers. people you don't even like. take them to the polls. make sure everyone votes. and i could not now be more humbled than to introduce a great patriot, a great fighter for america, someone that led operation warp speed under president trump's leadership, vice president mike pence!
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♪ oh there she stood smiling from head to her feet said hey now baby i said hey what's your name see we can all right now baby it's all right now all right now i took all right now
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her home torse to my place watching every move on her face she said look what's your game baby ♪ vice president pence: hello, georgia. crowd chanting: four more years! four more years! vice president pence: senator david perdue, future senator kelly loeffler, former governor sonny perdue, reform n.c. national committee woman ginger howard, your great state party g.o.p. chair david schaefering, my fellow americans, it is
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great to be back in the peach state. [applause] great to be back in the state of georgia that's going to hold he line for america. crowd chanting: hold that line! hold that line! vice president pence: it is good to see so many friends. thanks for coming out on this warm and balmy day. you are one hardy bunch. i see that look of victory in your eyes. [applause] good to be with so many friends. speaking of friends of mine, allow me to bring greetings from another friend of mine. i was talking to him on the phone this morning. told him i was headed to the great state of georgia. and he wanted me to tell you all that he has been here before, we're going to keep fighting every day to keep the
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promises that we made to the people of georgia. i bring greetings from the 45th president of the united states, president donald trump! [cheers and applause] you know, with your support, president and i are seved more than 74 million votes across this country. 10 million more than 2016. the greatest share of minority votes in the last 60 years and we added more than a dozen seats to the united states congress. [applause] and i am here because i stand with president donald trump. and i'm here because we stand with senator david perdue and senator kelly loeffler. we're going to keep fighting. we're going to keep fighting for every legal vote in america.
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and we're going to keep fighting to hold the line in the united states senate. we're going to win georgia and we're going to save america. crowd chanting: hold that line! hold that line! hold that line! vice president pence: it's why i'm here. it's why these great senators and supporters like you are out here. i'm grateful that you all came out today, i truly am. to each and every one of you, i'll make you a promise. as our election contest continues, in courthouses across the land, we're going to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. we're going to keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out. and we will never stop fighting to make america great again. cheers and applause] [crowd chanting: four more
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years! four more years! four more years! vice president pence: that's why president trump and i need david perdue and kelly loeffler back in a republican majority in the united states senate. are you with me? we need georgia to send these two is great senators back to washington because of who they are, because of all that we've accomplished together. and because a republican senate majority could be the last line of defense to preserve all that we've done for this country, to revive our economy and preserve all the god-given liberties we hold dear. just going to take two of them. starting with the fourth generation, a gal that grew up on a family farm to the heartland, she got here to georgia as soon as she heard about it.
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built up her own company. broke barriers to become one of the most successful businesswomen in georgia and in a short period of time i can tell you firsthand, she has emerged as one of the most courageous conservative voices on capitol hill. we need senator kelly loeffler back. n the united states senate. and then there's senator macon who literally worked his way up to the top of the business world. he could have retired and relaxed but he felt a calling to serve georgia. literally he spent 40 years as one of the most successful business leaders, not just in this state, but in this country. but he stepped forward. and i can tell you firsthand, in his short term in the united states senate, he's emerged as a
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man of integrity, man who's fought every day for the conservative principles that make georgia great. we need senator david perdue back in washington, d.c.,! cheers and applause] crowd: david! david! david! vice president pence: so president trump and i support your two senators because of who they are. but we also are here just like you are, because of all that we did together. serving together in washington, d.c. think about it. four years ago we inherited a military that had been hollowed out by reckless budget cuts. an economy struggling to break out of the slowest recovery since the great depression. terrorism was on the rise. and we witnessed the steady assault on our most cherished values. but with the strong support of david perdue and kelly loeffler, under the leadership of president donald trump, we rebuilt our military.
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[cheers and applause] we revived our economy. we secured our border, stood with law enforcement, and fought for life and liberty and the constitution of the united states of america! [cheers and applause] i mean, just incredible progress. fort benningome to , i couldn't be more proud to report to you, with these senators' strong support, we've restored the arsenal of democracy. president trump has signed the largest increases in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. we're finally giving our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guards the support they need. it's true. and none of that would have been possible without the strong support of senator david perdue on the senate armed services committee. thank you, senator. [cheers and applause]
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and the last administration saw years of scandal at the v.a. you remember. scandal that shocked the cop shens of the nation -- conscience of the nation. when president trump came into office, with the support of your two senators, those days are over. president trump has actually signed the most sweeping reforms in the v.a. in 50 years. we fired 5,000 v.a. employees that weren't giving our veterans the care that they earned and veterans' choice is now available for every veteran in america. and from her seat on the veterans' affairs committee, senator kelly loeffler was there every step of the way. [cheers and applause] and after the slowest recovery in some 75 years, with the support of georgia senators, this president revived our economy. we cut taxes. we rolled back regulations. we fought for free and fair trade, unleashed american energy, and in our first three
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years businesses large and small created seven million good-paying jobs, including 350,000 jobs right here in the pea state. with the support of your two senators in our first three years, we had a blue collar boom going. then the coronavirus struck from china. with the solid foundation that we poured and with their support every day, we launched the greatest national mobilization since world war ii. we reinvented testing, we saw to the distribution of billions of medical supplies to hospitals and nurses. we provided support directly to families and small businesses impacted. it's remarkable to think, after losing 22 million jobs at the height of this pandemic, with that foundation that we poured, we've already seen 12 million americans go back to work. e're opening up america again.
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[applause] and while the other side said it couldn't be done, with the strong support of your two senators, this week america witnessed the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic. we made history and the first coronavirus vaccine is being administered in every state in the union. and david perdue and kelly loeffler were there every single day putting the health of georgia first. [applause] and when it comes to the rule of law, and our most cherished liberties, i couldn't be more proud to serve with a president and to stand with two senators who have helped us appoint more than 220 conservatives to our federal courts. [applause] and they're all men and women
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who will uphold the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution. like the freedom of religion. the freedom of speech. and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] it's amazing to think, none of that would have been possible without the consist support of senator david perdue and senator kelly loeffler. it was georgia's senators who were there. all along the way. when we confirmed more than 200 judges, and when we confirmed three justices to the supreme court, including justice amy coney barrett. [cheers and applause] you know, you remember under the last administration, our values and our freedoms were under regular assault. the last administration trampled the religious liberties of americans on a regular basis. they compromised the conscience
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rights of doctors and nurses and religious charities. they even hauled a group of nuns known as the little sisters of the poor into federal court to force them to compromise their faith, to live under the mandates of obamacare. in fact, we saw that religious intolerance two years ago when amy coney barrett was up for her first seat on the court of appeals. you remember it? the democratic leader of the judiciary committee actually said she was concerned about amy coney barrett's christian faith. she said, and i quote, the dogma lives loudly within you. and hollywood liberals have been attacking judge barrett ever since. well, i got news for the democrats in washington. and their friends in hollywood. that dogma lives loudly in me. [cheers and applause] that dogma lives loudly in you.
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and the right to live and worship according to the dictates of our faith lives loudly in the constitution of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] so for our liberties, for our freedoms, we need senator david perdue and senator kelly loeffler back in the republican majority in the united states senate. i think you all know the stakes in this election have never been higher. the choice has never been clearer. where david perdue and kelly loeffler stand for a strong national defense, the opponents are going to cut our national defense to fund their big government programs. you just watch. where david perdue and kelly loeffler cut taxes, the others want to raise taxes. on working families and businesses here in the state of georgia. and as you may have seen,
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warnock is on tape calling members of the u.s. senate gangsters just for voting to cut taxes on families and businesses in the peach state. and where david perdue and kelly loeffler support our military, i mean, radical liberal warnock alone has demeaned our military. he's repeatedly defended the anti-semitic rhetoric of reverend jeremiah wright. in fact, rafael warnock called our most cherished ally, the strong democratic jewish state of israel, an apartheid state. and he compared their law enforcement to east german storm troopers. well, i couldn't be more proud with the strong support of kelly loeffler and david perdue to serve alongside of a president who moved the american embassy to jerusalem. and has stood without apology
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for the jewish state of israel. [cheers and applause] and where john and warnock support abortion on-demand, and taxpayer funding of abortion all the way up to the moment of birth, david purdue -- perdue, kelly loeffler, president trump and mike pence will always stand for the right to life. you all know what the stakes are here in georgia. chuck schumer said it the other day. couldn't be clearer. he said, now we take georgia, hen we change america. well, let's send a message to chuck schumer and those washington democrats. we're going to keep georgia, we're going to save the senate, then we're going to save america. [cheers and applause] you know, i saw joe biden was in
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tlanta just the other day. he said that we didn't need to send kelly loeffler and david perdue back to washington. because he said we don't need two senators that are, quote, just going to get in the way. well, georgia, that's exactly what we need in the united states senate. [cheers and applause] we need david perdue and kelly loeffler to get in the way of higher taxes! we need david perdue and kelly loeffler to get in the way of open borders, socialized are ine, a green new deal, you with me? we need two georgia senators who will get in the way of the radical agenda of the democratic
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party and fight for georgia every day. [cheers and applause] that's why we need georgia to say no to them and yes to david perdue and kelly loeffler. on january 5. [cheers and applause] as i came here today, with one message. it all comes down to georgia. so stay in the fight. stay in the fight for integrity in our elections. stay in the fight to defend the republican majority in the senate. until until -- until the polls close on january 5, you stay in the fight until we send david perdue and kelly loeffler back to washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] we need to keep america great.
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that's what's on the line. to preserve the progress that we've made, to protect our values and our liberties. we need you to vote, georgia. we need to you vote to send david perdue and kelly loeffler back to washington, d.c. that's what i came to ask you to do. to tell you a your neighbors and friends. take your opportunities to vote early, vote by mail or make your plans to be there on january 5. i'm told you can actually request an absentee ballot today, if you need information you can just go online,, will give you everything you need. you can do that until december 31. i want you to be confident about your vote. right, david? our great g.o.p. state chairman and these senators will tell you. question a ballot, we're on them this time. we're watching. we're going to secure our polls, secure our drop boxes, and you can be confident, you mail in
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that absentee ballot, every single one of them will be counted. [cheers and applause] so if you don't want to vote by mail, in person-voting is also -- in-person voting is also already charted -- started. i checked on my way in. you still have time today. about 2 1/2 miles down the road, you can go to columbus technical college. 928 manchester expressway. it's right across from the al-mart and the pizza hut. open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. you got all the time in the world. go and vote today to send david perdue and kelly loeffler back to washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] and remember, friends don't let friends vote alone. bring a family member. bring a neighbor. and vote to hold the line, georgia! do it today!
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[crowd chanting] now i know we've all got doubts about the last election. that's why we're going to keep right on fighting. but i got to tell you. i hear some people saying down here in georgia, you're frustrated about the last election, just don't vote. my fellow americans, i say from my heart, you got to remember, if you don't vote, they win. if you don't vote, there could be nothing to stop chuck schumer and nancy pelosi from advancing their radical left agenda. cutting the military, raises taxes, trampling on our values. so for all we've done and for all we have yet to do, for our
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president, for our future, for georgia and for america, cast another vote for all that president trump has accomplished, cast the vote to sent -- send david perdue and kelly loeffler back to washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] and i promise you we will keep fighting. we can fight for our president. and we can fight for more republicans in the united states senate at the same time. we've been doing both and we're going to keep doing both. and we're going to keep making america great again. [cheers and applause] so here's the deal, georgia. it might all come down to you. so, georgia, we need you to step up. and i got a feeling looking at , l you hearty people out here this looks like a win coming on
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january 5 to me. i don't know about you. [cheers and applause] because i got to say, i got faith. i truly do. in my house we don't know what the future holds. but we know who holds the future. [cheers and applause] so while you get out there every day and remember, right across from the wal-mart and the pizza hut you can go vote today. you get out and vote, you get your neighbors and friends out to vote. you talk to everybody about everything that is on the line and why georgia needs to hold the line. i'd encourage you, if you have a mind to bow the head and bend the knee from time to time, now would be a good time to do it. i truly do believe. i truly do believe that in this challenging time in the life of our nation, it's never been more important. for us to go to that well spring
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of strength that has seen our people through much more challenging times, even in which we live today. and when you pray, pray with confidence. claim that ancient verse. that if his people who are called by his name will humble themselves and pray and turn, that he'll do like he's always done. in the long and storied history of america, he'll hear from heaven and he'll heal this land. this one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. so pray for america. [cheers and applause] pray, georgia. it will matter. and i just know, if all of us do all that we need to do between now and january 5, to vote, to speak up, and to pray, i know we're going to have a great
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victory on january 5. when georgia sends david perdue and kelly loeffler back to a republican majority in the united states senate, georgia will have done more than your part. to keep america great. so with confidence in all of you , with confidence in these two great senators and on behalf of the president of the united , let's go getica, it done, georgia. let's send david perdue and kelly loeffler back to washington, d.c.
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live at 1:00 p.m. eastern, for the joint session of congress to count the votes and declare the winner for president and vice president. and finally, at noon on january 20, the inauguration of the 46th president of the united states. our live coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. eastern, from the state house to congress to the white house. watch it all live on c-span, on the go at, or listen using the free c-span radio app. >> today, russian president vladimir putin held his annual year-end news conference in moscow where he answered questions on the economy, foreign interference and relations with the u.s. and europe. >> could you please introduce