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tv   Campaign 2020 Vice President- Elect Sen. Kamala Harris Campaigns for U.S....  CSPAN  December 21, 2020 3:39pm-4:05pm EST

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>> we are wait for the u.s. house to gavel back in. the house and nat reached a deal on a $900 billion economic aid package that will be part of the federal spending bill. the combined package is $2.3 trillion, and you can read it on our website, c government funding is set to expire tonight at midnight eastern. we'll have the house when they gavel back in here. watch the senate on c-span2. vice president-elect kamala harris spoke in georgia on ehalf of jon ossoff and rafael warnock, campaigns ahead of the runoff election. please welcome reverend warnock, candidate for u.s. senate. ♪
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reverend warnock: hello, columbus, georgia. sounds like you're ready to win an election. is that right? [car horns honking] we want to say to the rest of the country, welcome to the new georgia, welcome to the blue georgia. cheers and applause]
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georgia, they didn't see you coming. but here we are. and here she is, in just a little while, madam vice resident-elect, kamala harris! like the sound of that. , and ip this state blue come january 5, when you send me and jon ossoff to the united states senate, we are going to seal the deal. [car horns honking] so make sure that we keep this momentum going. all the way to january 5.
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don't let up for one day. january 5 is election dayful but let me tell you, we should no longer be talking about election day. there's no such thing. it's election season. we can't wait until january 5. anything could happen. ice storm in georgia, you know we're in trouble. so start voting now. during this early voting period that goes through december 31. make voting part of your holiday plan. don't wait. there's too much at stake. because the four most powerful words ever uttered in a democracy are, the people have spoken. and on november 3, you spoke loud and clear. and you sent joe biden and kamala harris to the white house
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. with georgia's 16 electoral votes. we know they won. because we counted them. ha. nd then we counted them again. nd then we counted them again. can there be any doubt that joe biden and kamala harris are the president and vice president-elect of the united states of america? [car horns honking] but they will need help. and that's what this moment is all about. that you would send jon ossoff and myself, that you would give us the great honor of representing the people of the greatest state in the union, the
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state of georgia. the home state of martin luther king jr. in whose pulpit i'm honored to speech from every sunday as pastor of ebenezer baptist church, spirit wrule home of dr. king and the great john lewis who would be telling us right now, vote like you've never voted before. and i'm honored just to be a part of this effort. i really am. because no matter whatever i've been able to achieve, i've never forgotten where i came frfment i was raised in public housing. one of 12 children in my family, i'm number 11. 12 kids. my folks are preachers and they clearly read the bible, be fruitful and multiply. i'm the first graduate of a
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four-year institution in my amily. morehouse college. i got there through hard work, grit and determination. but i got there because somebody gave me some pell grants and some low-interest student loans. and i'm running because it's hard enough for kids growing up in struggling families than it was for me all of those years ago. but when you look at me, you see an iteration and an example of the american story. because i grew up in public housing. my mama is from waycross, georgia. that's waycross georgia. she grew up in the 1950's and as a black teenager, she spent many summers picking somebody else's cotton.
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she spent many days picking somebody else's tobacco. but the other day, those 82-year-old hands that used to pick somebody else's cotton picked her youngest son to be our next united states senator from the great state of georgia. [car horns honking] that's what i like about america. i love america because it is a great country that gives us the power to make it greater and the way we make it greater is for the people to stand up. we're the only ones who can. this is our democracy. it doesn't belong to the politicians. it belongs to the people they serve. at our pleasure. so i'm deeply honored. the stakes of this election cannot be overstated. we've got to pass covid-19 relief.
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we've got to make sure that workers are at the center of any relief that we provide. we've got to protect ordinary people. we've got to look out for our frontline workers. for our health care workers. for our police officers and our fire men and fire women. we got to look out for those who put it all on the line for us. who risk their lives by saving lives every day. we've got to get this vaccine distributed, safely and efficiency -- and efficiently. we've got to make sure that communities of color and other marginalized communities don't find themselves at the back of the line. [car horns honking] we've got to stand up for our essential workers. isn't it interesting, the folks that we have too often ignored,
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refused to pay a livable wage, this pandemic has reminded us of how important they really are. the folk who stock grocery store shelves in the middle of the night while many of us are asleep. the folk who keep the economy humming wesh now call them essential workers. if they are essential workers and indeed they are, we ought to y them an essential wage and provide them essential medicine. [car horns honking] it's only right. and we have to strengthen the ffordable health care act. and make sure we cover everybody. i believe that health care is a human right. and it is certainly something that the wealthiest nation on the planet can and ought to provide for all the citizens. we can do it.
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we just have to commit to doing it. been moving all across this state, dropping by little towns, and when i go into these small, rural towns, they're surprised that i'm there. i'm surprised that they're surprised. they say reverend, we're not used to someone running for the senate coming by our little town. that's strange to me because i'm running to be a united states senator for the whole state of georgia. and too many of our rural areas have been devastated. we've had nine hospitals close in this state in 10 years because we refuse to expend medicaid. georgia deserves a united states senator or two united states senators who believe that shk a human right, who will strengthen
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the affordable care act instead of trying to get rid of the affordable care act and who will make sure that people with pre-existing conditions can never be denied coverage from ealth insurance companies. i will be a united states senator who understands that when kids come out of school, they should not be so burdened with college debt that they have a mortgage before they have a ortgage. then we've got to invest in this country through infrastructure investment that will create broadband in these rural areas, repair our roads an bridges and our broken infrastructure because our broken infrastructure is a reflection of our broken politics and we must rise up in this defining moment in america an repair roads and bridge, repair our
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democracy for the sake of the people. [car horns honking] and we can do it. the only way to do it is to stand together. so push hard now. in these remaining couple of weeks. and push back against the forces that try to divide us. have you noticed, i'm trying to have a substantive debate about the people of georgia, and my opponent is trying to reduce of empty o the kind choolyard insults made between children who aren't thinking very carefully on a playground. this is serious business and she's busy calling me names.
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i'm trying to have a debate and she's engaged in name calling. that's all right, as we say in he south, bless her heart. she can call me whatever she wants. here's what i believe. i believe that shk a human right. we can provide it in the richest nation on the planet. i believe that seniors should not have to choose between buying food and buying prescription drugs. and i believe that people who work hard every day deserve a livable wage. she can call that whatever she wants. call it common sense. and so here's the thing. i know it's dark but we can get through this together.
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we the people can do it. that is the covenant we have with one another as an american people. we the people. who are we? we are those who work hard every day. and can barely get by. we the people. we who work hard because we have heart but we don't have health care. we the people. we who work to make others rich but we can barely make the rent. we the people. we who are trying to struggle and make our way through college and technical school and voy vocational scal so we can contribute to the great american democracy. we the people. we who -- we who are doing ok. economically. but deep in our heart we know that something is amiss.
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something is wrong. and that it needs to be repaired. and we the people are the ones who can fix it in this defining miami in american history. my dad used to wake me up every morning as i close and nobody believes a baptist preacher when he says, as i close. they say he's got at least two or three more closings. but i'm honestly, as i close. my dad used to wake me up every morning because he had a serious work ethic. he was a vet reason. learned early to wake up early and get started. he was a pastor and he was a small businessman. he had things to handle. so he -- it didn't matter to him whether it was a school day or summertime. or saturday. he woke me up seven days a week, often at dawn. he had a way of say, son, get
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up. get dressed. put your shoes on. get ready. he didn't think you should sleep late or walk around, you know, unprepared. so he said get up. get dressed. put your shoes on. get ready. i was a little boy and so i asked him, dad, it's saturday. and you know, i'm 7, 10 years old. get ready for what? sometimes i'd stop him, he said, i don't know, i'll figure that out later. you just be ready. put your shoes on, son. he'd wake me up at dawn. and the thing about dawn is that it is morning but it's still dark.
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it's dark. but morning is on the way. so i want to say to you, columbus, georgia, i want to say to you, america, that i know it's dark but morning is on the way. and weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. are you ready to win this election? [car horns honking] get up! get dressed! put your shoes on! get ready! tell everybody you know. tell them it's time to vote like we never voted before. get up! get dressed! put your shoes on! get ready!
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and here we have affordable -- until we have affordable health care, until we have a livable wage, let's fight together, let's struggle together, let's stay together, let's pray together, let's merge together and together we win. god bless you. [cheers and applause] >> jon ossoff. ♪
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r. ossoff: hey, y'all. hello, columbus. columbus, give it up again for y friend, reverend raphael war werenock. columbus, it is great to be here. thank you so much. for coming out. thank you for all you're doing. thank you for how hard you're working. thank you for joining us this morning to welcome the vice president-elect of the united states, kamala harris. [car horns honking] columbus, the whole country is watching georgia right now.
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the whole country is watching georgia right now. all eyes on georgia. and columbus, think about how far we've come. think about how far we've come in the american south. think about how far we've come in the great state of georgia, now the most competitive battleground state in the united states. hosting two u.s. senate runoffs for control of the united states senate. think about how far we've come, columbus, that your standard bearers are the young jewish son of an immigrant mentored by john lewis and a black preacher who holds dr. king's pulpit at ebenezer baptist church. columbus, think about how far we've come.
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good trouble. and we're running against like the bonnie and clyde of corruption in american politics. columbus, how did we wind up with kelly and david? two united states senators more concerned concerned with lining their own pockets without looking for we the people who pay their salaries. and retirement is coming for kelly loeffler and david perdue. we have the power, columbus. we have the power to hold them accountable. and we have bigger and better things to discuss than david perdue and kelly loeffler, like where we go from here. georgia has the power to decide
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where we go from here. we have the power to right the -- write the next chapter in american history, because the fog is lifting. donald trump is leaving. honking] horns mr. osoff: you did that. so what comes next is up to us. and columbus, we are building a movement for health and jobs and justice for the people. health and jobs and justice for all the people. let's talk about columbus, do you believe like i do and reverend warnock that health care is a right? do you believe that every single
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person deserves the best health care on earth? we can make that happen. i was just just out in cuss per, georgia, three days ago. they lost their hospital in october in the middle of a pandemic, their hospital closed down. and david perdue and this state's political leaders who refused to expand medicaid are responsible for the closure of rural hospitals across this state. we lost nine rural hospitals in 10 years, columbus and if you send me and reverend war knock, we will reopen those hospitals because we believe that health care is a human right and not just a privilege. we can stand up to the insurance and drug companies that are
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ripping off georgia families every day. surprised medical bills that arrive six months after a visit to the hospital. the prices that families are forced to pay at the pharmacy for life-saving medicines like insulin. we can make affordable health care because columbus health care is a human right and not just a privilege for those who can afford it and this is about jobs for all the people. let's talk about jobs, columbus. we have the chance to pass the most ambitious infrastructure and jobs and economic relief plan in american history to build back our economy after this crisis. we can repair our roads and bridges, we can rebuild those roads and hospitals and upgrade
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our public schools and every community in georgia has high-speed community access and clean and renewable energy in the american south and america, the number one producer of clean energy in the world. we can do these things, columbus and we can create tens of thousands of jobs and raise the minimum wage to $15. it should allow us to thrive. we can do all of these things, columbus. let's be very clear about the stakes of these elections. because as mitch mcconnell continues to control the u.s. senate -- >> we are going live to the floor of the u.s. house. ker, ho madam, this is to notify you formally pursuant o rule 8 of the rules of the house of representatives that i, paul d. irving, have been served


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