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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Rep. Hurd R-TX Farewell Speech  CSPAN  December 27, 2020 1:05pm-1:11pm EST

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greed.than loosening that life's grip on our country is the work of our generation. unseen, e that feel unheard, and unrepresented. for the most in need of protection, of justice and opportunity, who have been told by their there is no room for money or time or will. injustice is a reality etched in stone rather than a those in choice by power, about who is worthy and not.s i hope that in the months and years ahead this body can help that. that we will err on the side of xpansion, of inclusion, and acceptance, equity and grace. because history makes clear that error is when we do the absolute opposite. big and bright. but it will take everything and it.yone to reach i hope that a new generation of
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americans will rise knowing that people's house stands tall for them. mr. speaker, it has been ane the state of texas, mr. hurd, for five minutes. hurd: mr. speaker, our of opportunity. how else could a young black kid from san antonio, texas, grow up congress, represent a majority latino district and get 17 pieces of legislation signed into law? my mom always told me, you're either part of the problem or of the solution. so i ran for congress, and over the past six years i've done to work with my colleagues on both sides of the get things during my tenure, i've had some legislative lows. being two signatures short of a successful discharge petition back would have led to i -- daca fix being put on the president's desk. stop fighting
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for those like john lewis who told us this kind of work may be may be hard, but it is righteous. at the same time, i've had some highs.tive being the lead republican with y friend, jose serrano, to get the national fmuseum of the national latino act unanimously passed out of this house of representatives. after 26 years, we finally did it. i.t. procurement laws so that the government provides better digital facing a vices and establishing national strategy to ensure the .s. stays a leader in artificial intelligence are going to pay off for years. make our congress to nation safer. when i was first elected, isis as our biggest national security threat. as we look at the years ahead, he nature of the threat is distinctly different. the next generation of fighting battle, which has already begun, the chinese communist party. be a sole ing to
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uperpower in this world by 2049. every american should care about the struggle because we face a mandarin future where and the u.n., not english and the dollar, dominate the global economy. of this generation of struggle will not only affect economy but will shape the rest of the century for the entire world. context of great power competition, i urge my colleagues to confront this threat with rity the simple principle that i learned from my time in the c.i.a. nice guys.h and tough with tough guys. learned another simple principle -- show up. i was willing to shown up to -- to places other places weren't. listen to what other people had across the ork aisles. people, by empowering not the government. i could not have done any of this without my staff. one, my team and i held
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a belief that no problem was too big. and no goal was too this mentality is how we ended up helping a high schooler who preventing her friends from distracted driving and it's how we spent a year strategy a national for a.i. despite these legislative uccesses, the thing i will remember most is helping names folks whose don't know battle the federal bureaucracy, making the difference in the lives of those is something i'll cherish forever. to all of my staff over the nancy pack, ally thank you for your late hours, thank you for your hard work, with meu for putting up and thank you for your dedication, not just to the congressional rd district of texas, but to the enti entire american family. it has been a distinct privilege stand on this floor for the past six years to debate issues and represent the people of the 23rd. your faithor putting and trust in me. member of congress has not only taught me about
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this incredible institution, how it's proven a long-held belief that way more country than divides us. my final message for my i depart this body -- don't treat a artisanship like four-letter word. the only way big things have this country in is by doing them mr. lipinski: thank you, mr. speaker. when i was a professor teaching american government, before he was elected to congress, the first thing i would do when beginning to teach a class about congress and the legislative process would be to show this video. it's the three-minute schoolhouse rock cartoon video from the 1970's called "i'm just


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