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tv   Georgetown Institute Discussion on Building a New Administration  CSPAN  December 28, 2020 10:02am-11:00am EST

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to $2000. the bill was signed into law by president trump last night but he is still requesting paid to be increased. -- setting military pay, programs and policy for next year. in his veto, president trump said he objected the bills failure to repair protections for social media companies and the removal of confederate names from military installations. if the veto override is successful in the house, it will go to the senate. you can watch live coverage right here on c-span. we will get to your thoughts in a minute. start dialing in. this is what the president said, after signing the bill into law last night from florida, he said i will sign the omnibus and covid package with a message that makes clear to congress that wasteful items need to be removed. i will send back to congress a redlined version item by item accompanied by a formal rescission request to congress
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insisting that those funds be removed from the bill. he also, in his statement, says he supports more money for american families. the legislation include $600, he wants that bumped up to $2000. nancy pelosi agrees and said this in a statement. "the president must call on congressional republicans to end their obstruction and join him and democrats in support of stand-alone legislation to increase direct payment checks to do thousand dollars. -- to $2000. every republican vote against this bill is a vote to deny the financial hardships that families face and deny the american people the relief they need." the house will gavel into session today and they are slated to vote on this to -- $2000 payment the president and democrats would like to make. there is no mention of senate republicans agreeing to this.
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senator schumer put out a tweet saying "the house will pass a bill to give americans to -- $2000 checks and i will move to pass it in the senate, no democrats will reject. will senate republicans?" the majority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, a kentucky putom , out a statement yesterday not mentioning the $2000. he did have this to say about the president signing the bill. "the bipartisan rescue package that republicans in congress and the trump administration negotiated with the democrats will extend a another major lifeline to workers and struggling businesses. it will renew major relief for laid-off americans, invest billions more in vaccine distribution, and send help -- send cash directly to households and more." that from majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday. we want to get your thoughts on that. joining us on the phone this morning to give us more details is natalie andrews, congressional reporter with the
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wall street journal. what will happen today in the house? natalie: good morning. we will see the house vote on the $2000 cash package to increase checks to americans. they are going to vote to override the president's veto on the defense policy bill. that would be the first time, if it passes the house and senate, the first time that congress has overridden one of trump's vetoes. we will see the $2000 bill -- it is being brought up on suspension, it will need two thirds to pass in the house. if it gets that, it will go to the senate. that is why they will need republicans, pelosi is calling on trump to ask republicans to help her pass it. then it will go to the senate.
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will bring ithe up on tuesday when they take the vote. and we will see if republicans object to it or not. host: what time is this vote going to take place today? the vote on the $2000 and the ndaa veto override? natalie: it is going to be late this afternoon, probably around 5:00. the house has been out for the holiday and they are going to come back in this afternoon, probably 4:00 or 5:00 and start voting. because the house has been doing social distancing and boating in -- voting in blocks, these votes generally take upwards of an hour or two. expect it to be a late night at the house. host: natalie andrews, what have you learned about whether or not senate republicans would get on board? the president said in a statement he believes they
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would. what do you know about whether or not they would vote for it? natalie: we know that some senate republicans support increasing the checks and have called for more direct aid. josh hawley from missouri had been pushing with bernie sanders for an increase in checks. but a lot of senate republicans are worried about increasing government spending. this issue would certainly divide the republican caucus. there are a lot of senate republicans who are concerned about spending, there are some senate republicans who oppose d the covid relief bill anyway when it passed congress last week. expect this if it does come up in the senate to be a tough vote, macconnell does not want -- macconnell -- mitch mcconnell does not want to divide republicans on this. he does not want to have to put republicans on the record
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opposing donald trump at the end of this congress. it is going to be a tough vote. i would imagine it would split the conference. host: what about the president's line by line rescission he would like to make to this $2.3 trillion package? how does that work if he sends it back to congress? natalie: the law allows a president, this is from an act -- the impoundment control act of 1974. it will allow trump to send a proposal back to congress to rescind certain funds, and it will freeze those funds for a maximum of 45 days. because we have weird timing with the congressional session ending and starting over, the clock will start again on january 3 if he sends his redlines back tomorrow. the 45 day clock starts again. it allows trump to show his opposition.
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however, democrats have said they are not going to listen to it and democrats have to act on it to actually free up some funds. after 45 days the funds are unfrozen. host: that timeframe is bumped up against the inauguration of president joe biden on january 20. natalie: yes, exactly. democrats said they would ignore this request and once biden becomes president, biden is not likely to make the same objections. go ahead. host: how many days are left in this congress? natalie: it ends on january 3. they could technically meet the morning of january 3 and it would still be the end of the session. the session is winding down rapidly. host: they start a new session on january 3, is that unusual?
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january 3 falls on a sunday. natalie: it is unusual. i talked to historians and they said they had no record of congress ever starting a cycle on a sunday. usually both parties can come to an agreement to push it back a day when the new session starts on sunday. we are in very partisan times and they could not come to an agreement on changing the session. also they have to certify , electoral college results by january 6. because of the pandemic and because votes are taking long, house democrats did not want to risk coming in on january 3 and not finishing their business which is typical for a new congress and usually only takes an hour or two, but it could take several hours to approve a new speaker or pass a rules package, do basic business things because they are spacing out votes.
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host: with a new congress and a new president what is the likelihood that they passed more economic aid in response to the pandemic? new president what is e likelihood that they passed more economic aid in response to the pandemic? to depend on going the outcome probably of the georgia runoff. the two georgia senate runoffs on january 5. if democrats have control of the senate and the house and the presidency i would expect them to push for more aid because democrats have been pushing for more aid for months. they have been calling for it. i would expect to see them bringing it up. if republicans have the senate and democrats have the house and the presidency things will be divided and we will be forced to compromise, republicans may want to see how the vaccine rollout goes. does the vaccine rollout need more money? republicans have been supportive of aid.
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have wanted to wait and see what may be necessary. host: natalie andrews writes for the wall street journal. you can follow her reporting at thank you. natalie: thank you. host: let's get to calls. melissa in red lodge, montana, democratic caller. what do you think about donald trump signing this legislation? caller: thank you so much, c-span. i am so grateful. i watch you every morning. i am so grateful. thank you for everything you do. thanks for brian, i hope you bring that guy back. c-span -- i think it is wonderful he signed that legislation. thankd personally like to every american that went out there and devoted. thank you, no matter who you
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voted for, thank you for standing in line and doing the democratic process. thank you for standing up and boating. i'm so grateful we have a chance to build a way better future and take care of the environment, and our financial situation. come togethernd and accomplish anything we want to do. to focus way more on animal rights. host: i'm going to stick to the topic this morning. ray in elizabeth city, north carolina. a republican. are you pleased or disappointed that the president rejected than signed this legislation? caller: i'm quite pleased. i'm pleased he signed it, the people are going to get some relief, but people need to take another look at why trump wouldn't sign it. he wanted more money, and quite frankly the answer would have been quite easy to provide that
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for more americans. there's a lot of funding that for things that don't need it. an example, there are $400 million for the kennedy center that is not even open. money thatlot of could have been taken from other places and given to americans. many foreign countries are getting money, billions and billions of dollars. what we need is here. americans are hurting. we need the money here. host: ray, are you calling on house republicans today later this afternoon to vote with democrats on an additional $2000 for americans? take it fromey can the spending that we don't need,
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yes, of course. ray. all right, let's take a look at what is in this bill. a breakdown by the hill newspaper here in bc. 900 billion dollars in the coronavirus relief bill, up to $600 per adult and child, and double for married couples. unemployment aid for emergencyyed -- unemployment compensation extended for 11 weeks. that is the supplemental unemployment benefits. billion for the paycheck protection program. there is money for schools and colleges, and extends the eviction moratorium and includes $25 billion in rental assistance , $20 billion in grants for small businesses, and $15 billion for live venues. $9 billion for the treasury programs that cater to low income and underserved
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communities. there is $20 billion to purchase vaccines, $8 billion to distribute vaccines which states have called on the federal government to give them, and $20 billion for state testing. thisakdown of what is in $2.3 trillion government funding and covid-19 relief measure. the government funding part of it is to keep the government operating into the next year. without trump's signature they were headed for a government shutdown. trish in seattle, democratic caller. what do you think? caller: thank you for taking my call, c-span. did, and what trump delaying signing this bill, it's just so heartless for all those people that don't have jobs,
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don't have food, the fear of getting a vague did, and to extend this drama after christmas time, that is inhuman and cruel. if he really cared, which he havenot, he would gotten involved sooner. it's his way of sucking up the media oxygen. bravo, he did that with a very ugly outcome. i don't think it's going to do him any big favors. republicans don't want to do any spending now? spare me. money is totally cheap, fed chair powell said that. if you are going to borrow and spend, now is the time to do it. so, no. the republicans -- trump punk to the republicans and now they look like the little people they are.
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--omment to the jenna bowen gentleman about cutting off support to other things. remember congress did not get hoursill until may be 24 before, 5000 pages. then they are expected to vote on it? these people have no idea what they are voting on, and that's the way this country is being run. it has run like that in the past. ,hese times are exceptional exceptionally scary times. you it is, i can tell absolutely frightening out there. for everyone playing these upsetting,s it is so i can't stand it. i can't wait until january 20 when that clown is out. host: because unemployment
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benefits are processed weekly and the legislation was not signed before the beginning of the week, it is likely workers in most states will lose a week of benefits under the expanded program as well as a week with the $300 supplemental benefit. other reporting says that states will have to reach out to the labor department to get approval for this past week when those supplemental unemployment benefits lapse. joe in ohio, republican. joe, what do you think about donald trump signing this bill into law? was against the signing of this bill. as far as i'm concerned this bill is illegal. thatess has their own law says that they are supposed to get 48 hours to review any bill before it is put up, they were only given six hours. a lot of the congressmen never had a chance to go through 5000
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partsto see where all the from all the special interests were buried in this bill. host: joe's thoughts, a republican. lily in st. louis, missouri. democratic caller, you are next. caller: i want to say this. he could have fixed all of this. he could have got involved but he did not want to do that, now he wants to put all his conditions in there. thence all these people on sixth of january to be there -- joe biden will be president. it shouldn't be about trump causing trouble like this. he knew this and didn't say a word, he wants to play god in all of this. he knows people are hungry, but he doesn't care then and he doesn't care now.
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to thousandant dollars, he's playing games with politics. goodbye. host: politico reports this morning that it was house minority leader kevin mccarthy and several republican senators including senator david perdue, republican of georgia who is headed towards the runoff on january 6 in that state for his reelection bid and senator lindsey graham of south carolina labored to convince the president to sign off on the bill over the weekend according to multiple sources. ally loeffler, who is in special election runoff in georgia, she tweeted out last trump"thank you president , with the poet's signature help is on the way for many georgians. we will never stop fighting for the people of the peach state. " terry in boone, iola, and independent. share your thoughts with us.
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caller: i am curious why no one ever -- you just explained what's in the bill, and you didn't explain all the rest that's in the bill. in these callers calling saying trump doesn't want to do this, trump doesn't want to do that. the reason he is not wanting to do it, it's not money for the people. it's the waste they are spending , new services are giving un-american people a disservice. all these people calling and have no clue other than what you have been putting on here. it's great for everybody, i'm not saying that's bad. all the things that are in there that have nothing to do with covid, it's ridiculous. thingslar amount and the that are in there are just totally ridiculous. they are talking about giving money to pakistan, talking about giving money for research. talking about giving money for researching birds and
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environment, what does that have to do with covid at the moment? now people need money. you take that money and spend it on your plug rent -- programs and put it into the package. you will have a lot more money than $600 for people. put the facts out there. host: terry, let me get your reaction to this $2.3 trillion -- this 2.3 trillion dollars is not just economic aid for the moneyic, it also includes for federal agencies to keep the government running. it is two different pieces of legislation put into one package for the president to sign. that is why it has that price tag of $2.3 trillion. do you disagree with the funding for the federal agencies? or just some of the funding for federal agencies?
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caller: i agree we need money for the federal government to be run, but we needed to be spent properly. you want to talk about playing games, nancy pelosi is playing games with the money because she sat on it to get all this extra money out there. get the bill out, put it on the table here, and read the 5000 pages to the people instead of the 20 pages that show all the relief for the covid and the 10 pages that show the starting and stopping of the government. show the other 3000 pages -- host: that would take hours obviously. it is 5590 something pages. here is the usa today headline. "spending bill contains controversy, some entries include $500 million in aid to central american countries, $25 million for gender equity and democracy programs in pakistan,
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1.3 million dollars in military aid to egypt, and aid to southeast asian nations. it has an expanded military budget, the buildin -- lawmakers include 690 $6 billion in military appropriation including $1.3 billion to build 10 warships and 9.6 billion dollars for 96 f fighters. democrats oppose those budget increases. democrats objected to a bill that would allow businesses to deduct two full years of of business years when deriving taxes, deriving the measure as free martini lunches for the rich. argued thisuse would help restaurants if projected at $6 billion in tax breaks for corporations over the next decade. keeping live venues afloat, $15 billion of aid is designated for performance art centers in --ependent movie theaters
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getting hard by the imposition of social distancing members. the save our stages act is aimed at helping venues that have closed door at risk of shedding down. the grants will provide financial support to pay employees. also aid for cultural institutions, more than $40 million was approved for the kennedy center for the performing arts, the washington cultural jewel. many trustees are appointed by the president. money includes 26 million dollars for maintenance, operation, and security and $14 million for improvements. also receiving taxpayer funds will be the u.s. holocaust memorial, the national endowment for the smithsonian institution, more than $1 billion. there is also money for the border wall. let me go through others. a nascar tax break, the establishment of museums, tax breaks for the liquor industry,
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presidential transition expenses included, and money for the postal service. want tofind this if you read more on usa dixon, tennessee democratic caller. good morning. caller: good to see you again. a lot of the previous callers covered what i want to talk about. i understand the help in the bill was separate from covid relief. about the people who have been so supportive of him and he put them through hell at christmas time wondering if they would have to pay their rent or be evicted at christmas. wonder if they still feel as supportive of him as they did
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because if they are losing $300 in unemployment benefits and only getting $600 it seems like they are really only getting $300. i think that the president -- i think -- i hope after january 20 he will become irrelevant. thank you for your time. host: let me try to answer your question about stimulus payments for others that are interested you can read it on the new york times website. on what is ina this legislation. for the stimulus payments, will i receive another stimulus payment? individuals with an adjusted income of up to 75,000 dollars a year will receive a $600 payment and heads of households making up to 112,000 or a couple earning up to 150,000 a year
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will get twice that amount. if they have dependent children they will get $600 for each child. people with incomes above these levels will receive a partial payment that declines by $500 for every $100 in income. when might these payments arrive? some payments could arrive in two weeks, but with -- werestimulus checks approved under the cares act in march it took about two weeks for payments to begin landing via direct deposit of people who receive payments by another method often had to wait much longer. if you questions about the stimulus and unemployment benefits. as donald trump said and colors have mentioned, he once waste full spending eliminated from this legislation. the chair of the appropriations committee which is the committee in congress that controls how the money is spent, congress controls the purse strings, a
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democrat from new york who is retiring put out this statement. the house appropriations committee has jurisdiction over rescissions and our democratic majority will reject any rescission submitted by president trump, by turning the page on this request we will allow the biden harris administration to begin to build back better. the new york times notes that the 25 day timeframe for considering the request will collide with the inauguration of president joe biden on january 20 and house democrats said they will not be voting on it. frank input cap c, new york. frank, you you are unemployed. getting supplemental unemployment benefits? when the pandemic first started they said everyone had until march 20. the weekly $600 for unemployment.
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able to catch up on some bills. the have this card they put money on, i'm thinking the card is like a credit card or a savings card. i am holding on to this money and trying to rack up all my bills. i call up unemployment office and they said they will reschedule for the new program since the money has run out. i rescheduled and they cut me off again. i did not get anything. i didn't get the $1200, i barely got the unemployment insurance, and now the senators and everybody is playing games with my life. that just blew himself up, i know. wyden, theor ron
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ranking member of the finance committee in the senate will put this statement out about unemployment benefits. he said, for families wondering how they will pay january rent or buy groceries, weeks long delay could have consequences. it's a huge relief that the bill is being signed, but the trump tantrum has created unnecessary hardship and stress for millions of families. from the new york times on unemployment benefits, lawmakers agreed to extend the amount of time people can collect unemployment benefits and restart extra federal benefits that are provided on top of the usual state benefits. instead of $600 a week it will be $300 a week, that would last through march 14. everyone eligible for unemployment benefits would generally receive an extra 11 weeks, although the new federal extensions would go away in full after april 5. the extensions applied to people
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receiving state-level benefits as well as individuals receiving checks through the so-called pandemic unemployment assistance program. it covers the self-employed, gig workers, part-time, and others who are eligible for regular unemployment benefits. here is how the extension would work in practice. it would extend pay benefits for 26 weeks. after that the cares act had extended benefits by 13 weeks. the latest package would tack on 11 more weeks bringing the total extension to 24. for anyone receiving state benefits or pandemic unemployment assistance. the federal extension would turn off on march 14 unless you have already reached your benefit maximum, in that case benefits would continue until april. there has been some discussion over whether or not senate republicans would support the
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$2000 checks that donald trump has said some of them have committed to. senator pat toomey, republican of pennsylvania, was on fox news yesterday and here is what he ofd about the reluctance republicans to increase stimulus checks for americans. toomey: i understand donald trump would like to send big checks to everyone. i think what he ought to do is sign the bill and make the case, congress can pass another bill. i don't agree with $2000 checks to people who have had no lost income, which is the vast majority of americans. the president is free to make that case and democrats will agree with that. we will see where it ends up. we have a bill that his administration helped negotiate and we have to get that done. host: that was the senator before the president last night did indeed sign that $2.3 trillion legislation. howard from louisiana, i
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democratic collar. caller: i think the legislation should have been signed obviously long ago. trump is such a disgusting failure. i think all republicans should be ashamed of themselves for putting this fool in office. if he was serious about getting people more money he should have been behind the original bill that democrats approved in may for $3.4 trillion which is the outcome of a well studied assessment into what the american people need to get us through this unique time in american history, that was not done, so we are down to less than $1 trillion in this package. we will do some good. everything with trump, he does it in a closet, backroom, non-caring way. i don't think he had any interest in increasing funds for people, i think he just wanted to make a show.
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that's all he does. this is such an awful time in our history. we have this disgusting person in office. he should be impeached tonight along with mike pence. they are failures, they don't care about this country. all the republicans who voted for these thugs should be ashamed of themselves. it is awful that we are going through this mess with this man playing theatrics with the needs of this country. i am so upset by how we have gotten ourselves into this position. tonight,rump and pence we don't need to wait another 20 days. host: i assume you did not vote for him and 2016 or this last election? caller: i'm a democrat so obviously i wouldn't. some democrats did vote for him unfortunately. i could never vote for some thug like trump. ruth in haverford, pennsylvania. an independent.
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what do you think about this, economic aid, is it enough? caller: absolutely not. the theatrics that trump pulled, why are we also surprised? he wanted his name to be on television every single day. that's how he was elected the first time. he had a free advertisement constantly. is these afraid of now people that he pardoned. he pardoned mercenaries, is he planning to have his own army afterwards? we still have a couple of weeks before he is out of the office. i am afraid of what he is going to do between now and then. i've been afraid by what they have -- he is not human. he has no empathy, he has no humanity. he has no morals. everything that was taught to us
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to be human beings is lacking in him. wecannot change, therefore have to get rid of him. also, watch every move he makes. our lives are at stake. host: let's hear from a republican, roy, and las vegas. hello, roy. caller: thank you for taking my call. at the democrats that downplay everything he has done. topic,.hat it is off 74 million people are disgusted with democrats. as to the topic of what is in the bill. redlined, itrump would like to see you show what
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the bill was. you didn't show the items that he redlined. i would like that you have that. i would like that to be presented, thank you. host: he said he is going to send it back to congress with his rescissions. he put out a statement after he signed the bill into law. jason in gilroy, california. a republican. caller: hello, how are you? host: are you pleased or disappointed that the president signed this bill? caller: i'm pleased that he signed the bill, and i'm glad that things are going to start moving along. host: ok, where you frustrated when he wasn't? when he said he would not sign it? caller: yes, i was a little frustrated. him, so i think things will go well. host: celia from mount pleasant,
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south carolina, democratic collar. trump is a menace to this whole nation. taking us all down this rabbit hole with him. , alls pardoned criminals the stuff with these foreign countries that he is doing undermining our democracy. he is a menace and he needs to be impeached. all he wants to do is be on tv. this bill was in mitch mcconnell's office since may, now these people are talking about -- it's crazy to me. this man needs to disappear, january 20 we don't have to hear anything else about him. the media needs to diss include him, don't take any calls from him. host: celia, thank you. mike from ohio, independent.
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me thatit just amazes people just don't read anymore or come prevent facts. you want to talk about our rabbit hole, let's look what biden and obama did for eight years. nothing. trump comes in and rearranges everything and structures that like a company. we are a company. we produce things and collect money. the thing that kills me is there is a law on the books, 48 hours to read the bill. six hours and what did they do? those 5000 pages, it would take me a week to read 5000 pages. all these people that know trump is so bad. i will call back in a year and see how well things are going. jeff sends us this text from ohio. "i'm glad he signed this bill, but if he objected to the spending items he should have
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been involved in the process and not wait until the clock runs out to protest the spending. -- protest the spending." debt,oint $5 trillion in congress is such a failure." michael in portland thinks the president did the right thing. if we don't act now when would ever be more appropriate? in newear from carol york, a republican. good morning to you. what do you think about the president's reversal here? i hate what's going on with the democrats. thing should be taken out in this bill. unfortunately nancy pelosi made it clear she was not going to pass this bill no matter what until trump was not going to be president.
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what i have seen in the democrats makes me sick. i am a senior citizen, i have one grandchild. it hurts me so bad what is happening to this country. i can't tell you how bad it's hurting me. ist donald trump is doing wonderful, he is pardoning people because the democrats spied on his campaign [laughter] -- these people are criminals. go after the fbi, the cia. not trump. had doneat barr something. he may have done something we don't know about. on hoping and praying he did.
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what's happening to this country makes me sick. it really does. i love my donald trump. for our last president, obama, even though i did not like the man or what he stood for. i didn't do anything to hurt or say anything nasty about him. even though i didn't like him. host: elizabeth from connecticut, democratic collar. caller: good morning, thanks for taking my call. i listened it to the other collars and i try to learn about other people's points of view. it hurts me when i hear them say nasty things about the democrats. altogether we represent this country, and the things they are claiming about democrats are the same things we feel about republicans. himselfrump has proven to be corrupt, selfish,
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narcissistic, and if you want to talk about pork one about all the money he directs to his personal business is? what about all the money he spends on golfing? what about the money we don't know about? divisiveness,t this country is so divided and to hear them say these nasty comments about democrats is really hurtful. i take it personally, and i don't know how this country will heal. thank you for taking my call. host: chris from pump on a beach -- pompano beach, florida. independent. isler: all i want to say obama had to make difficult decisions, trump has to make difficult decisions. this is the largest corporation on the planet, you have to run your business like a business. people that have been in business know that there are tough decisions that have to be made in order for this country
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to grow. ,ood luck to everybody everybody mask up. everybody try to chill out. merry christmas and happy holidays and happy new year's. daniel in madison, wisconsin. democrat collar. -- democrat caller. caller: i would like to thank the state of new york justice department, because i get a weird feeling how the republicans think trump is going to come back in 2024. it's my prediction that by the time this year is out trump and his family and a lot of others are going to be dealing with the justice system of the state of new york. it's not going to get any better, so the republicans better change their face very soon. onalled up two years ago your questions of long-term problems with the president that we have and what is going to be down the pike.
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i said it's going to be the foreign relations that we have to deal with to get this country back in the world, and the unforeseen. the unforeseen has happened, here's where we are at. the only way we can straighten it out is to put all of this onrupt this -- corruptness an even keel. we have to get some results from it, otherwise, what is going to happen? we are going to put a democrat in the presidency and he will do the same thing trump did, so we have to hear this all over again? nazihave to ditch their party right now. host: from texas, and republican. good morning. caller: i am a vietnam vet. these people that are calling in, half of these people have never been outside the country. they don't know what not having their freedom is. i'm proud of our president for signing this bill. i know he didn't want to, but he
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is trying to help the american people. done70 years old, he has more for this country than any president in the short time he has been there than i have seen since i've been alive. god is not going to let any man take amount. just hang loose. john in coleman, florida -- sean in coleman, florida and independent. caller: good morning. presidentthat if the had an issue with the bill, he loves being in front of the camera, why didn't he -- i know he doesn't read, but he has people that read and go over the bill. newsidn't he have a normal conference to waste time and say "i don't need to sign a bill that has this in it, this or
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that in it, what does that have to do with covid?" calling ine talking about god, what god are you serving? great, have a happy new year and i hope that in 2021 all these so-called god loving people will read the bible. thank you. host: ray from homestead, pennsylvania. a democrat, ray? caller: a couple of comments on the covid released bill. i see you stopped trying to tell people there were two separate bills, because they simply won't believe you. they are too stupid to know and thee two bills, covid bill has nothing to do with the pork they are talking about. not beingats are tough enough on republicans as the $2000, they should be talking to the republicans who voted for these republican congressmen and senators and tell them, you are hurting just
10:50 am
as much as the democrats. you are not getting your rent paid and your food. years, our member that these people voted against the $2000, for any republicans that did. like kelly loeffler. she said she was going to work as hard as she could for the people of georgia. warnock should be all over these people and not allow them to answer any question until they say whether they will vote for the extension. biden should put the pressure on pelosi and schumer, they should talk to republicans who voted for these people. in two years you are going term ember that people did not vote for these $2000 that would help the country kickstart the economy. i don't think they are being tough enough on them. i don't have much more time left, i have a lot more to say. host: will you be watching this afternoon. we learned earlier that the vote
10:51 am
for the $2000 checks to americans would take place around 5:00 p.m.. will you be watching on c-span to see how republicans and democrats vote? caller: i will be watching, i'm sure it's going to pass the house. the senate is where i am going to be looking at. house is in today, the senate is in tomorrow. you will have to watch c-span two for our senate coverage when they gavel in tomorrow. the washington post had this story that they posted on december 23. "trump rails against federal spending he requested in his budget." inhe list trump rattled off his surprise video conflated the coronavirus stimulus measure with the year and federal government omnibus spending bill passed in tandem by the senate. moreover, much of the spending allegations trump criticized were the exact amounts he requested for those programs in
10:52 am
his fiscal 2021 budget. and thelion for each of egyptian military, but trump budget asks for $1.3 billion. -- 130 $4 million for myanmar, the trump budget asked for the same money. $40 million for the kennedy center, the trump budget asked for a little over $40 million. his rant focused on foreign aid, arts, and humanity, and fish. $25 million -- 25 -- to promote the breeding of fish in federal hatcheries, he listed among programs he didn't think should be funded. trump is threatening to not sign the bill, creating confusion among republicans. lastd indeed sign the bill night. steve in chatsworth, illinois, independent. hello, steve. caller: how are you doing?
10:53 am
i was just wondering, what about nancy pelosi not bringing to the trillion that was supposed to be used for covid relief? why is she suddenly for $900 billion now? instead of the $1.9 trillion? that all thehe way democratic callers can put everything bad on trump, but when it comes down to nancy pelosi right before the election, and i could use the october instead of the new year. make any sense. these congressmen and women are so vain and so stuck up, it's
10:54 am
pathetic. it's because a lot of americans don't vote. they get outraged highthey get all of these class and luxuries while the working class -- pays the taxes and everything nothing, andy get if these guys live like superstars. i am just talking about the whole set. host: diane in mount laurel, new jersey, a republican. diane? what was your reaction when you saw the president signed the bill? he signed thek bill because they hold him hostage all the time. they are always bad mouthing him and showing disrespect. he has done so much for this country and the people in this
10:55 am
country than any other president has done. evil man everyone makes him to be. i agree with him not wanting to sign the bill. inare in a bad situation this country, desperate. , andbanks are going empty he is trying to help people by giving more money. maybe that bill, his fiscal budget, was prior to all of this bad stuff happening in this country with the covid. we giving money to the kennedy center and over to other hurting sohen we are bad ourselves? our country is going to go bankrupt. from diane, did you hear the washington post article that i read, the president possible budget requested that $40 million for the kennedy center. caller: but when did he signed that budget?
10:56 am
host: congress holding the purse strings gets to decide how that money is spent. they agreed with him and said they will do $40 million. he requested it. caller: even the last time when covid relief was out they gave a whole bunch of money to the kennedy center. why are we doing that when people are hurting so bad in this country? we need to take care of ourselves first. then we can help other countries. host: diane, a republican. reaction one capitol hill to the president signing the bill yesterday. senator dick durbin, a democrat from illinois, sending out this tweet saying "i'm glad the president found the time between rounds of golf to sign the bipartisan covid-19 relief bill aimed at helping american families. this was never about substance for him, just grievance and tantrums. january 20 cannot come soon
10:57 am
enough." other lawmakers sent out as edges. ,ongressman kevin mccarthy according to politico helped the president -- convinced the president to sign this "pelosiion last night delayed and damage to the countries for months while president trump signed covid relief into law, paycheck protection is renewed, thousands of small businesses will be able to keep -- keep doors open and businesses paid, thank you for putting people over politics." let's go to leanne in hershey, michigan. a republican. caller: i just want to say i and 74 our president million support him also. the people that are saying we are not christians, and we don't read the bible and those kinds of things.
10:58 am
they are so off. they are so wrong. trump told all of you, he told you that media is lying to you, pay attention. they are all lying. thank you. warrenton, oregon. a democratic caller. caller: good morning. i want to say i'm one of those dirty democrats, but i'm not a liberal really. the i do find puzzling is separation, the warring factions can takeght that just a loss. that his lovehink i sent him a free lunch certificate to 1600 pennsylvania avenue from his favorite restaurant, the sign
10:59 am
with a golden arches, and i certainly hope he uses it. there is nothing i would like better than to buy that man lunch. host: joe in ohio, and independent. hi, joe. caller: i would like to say that i think trump is working his far as being able to, hello? host: we are listening. caller: he is taking everything all the way to the limit, pushing it to the very limit just like he did with north korea, he takes it to the limit, then brings it back. he does the things he says he is not going to do. i kind of expected that from trump. host: does that disappoint you or are you ok with that? caller: it's kind of disappointing. people


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