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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  January 6, 2021 10:01am-11:03am EST

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>> happening now in washington, d.c., supporters of president rally re gathering for a opposing the electoral college vote count taking place today. president trump is expected to at the rally on the grounds of the white house later this morning. nd you can watch live coverage of the rally right now on c-span2 and on our website, and president remarks will begin at morning.tern this >> today, the u.s. house of epresentatives and the u.s. senate will meet in a joint session to tally the results of the electoral college ballots and vice president in the 2020 election. some republican lawmakers are this ed to use congressional vote count to object to joe biden's wins in numerous swing states. live coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can also watch at or listen on the free c-span app. for the joint session of
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counting the electoral college votes, here are the names to look out for during the session, as far as those who will challenge some of those votes. -- the newes writing york times writing that ted cruz , kelly loeffler of georgia, who loss yesterday, and senator josh hawley of missouri plans to object the pennsylvania slate, according to people familiar with their plans. that's on the senate side. something to watch out for in the afternoon session. the vice president will also be under scrutiny. as far as his ceremonial role, the new york times saying that the vice president is telling the president of the united states about the limited role he has during the process, saying his message delivered during his weekly lunch came hours after mr. trump further turned up
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pressure on the vice president to do his bidding on wednesday, "the vice president has the power to reject fraudulent electors. accurate description of the role as they certify though votes by the state and announce the outcome." that will commence at 1:00 p.m. and you can see what happens on our website. you can listen along on our radio app. if you want to watch, join us at 1:00 p.m. on c-span, and on the radio app for that joint session of congress. you can see it play out there. that is one story today. the other is the result of the runoff races in georgia. but before that, also happening in washington, there's a rally hosted by those supporters of president trump. the president is expected to speak around 11:00 a.m., the
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margin to save america rally. watch it on c-span2, the radio app as well. thehow you the results of raphaelaces with warnock and kelly loeffler. race called for raphael warnock. ossoff leadingon over david purdue, with 99% votes counted. that is where it stands. this is where we will take you. orally want to hear from you concerning these events. here is how you can call. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents. maybe you want to texas your
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thoughts at 202-748-8002 -- text us your thoughts at 202-748-8032 . you can go to our social media sites, including facebook and twitter. several people posting on facebook this morning. g. phelps says, "i think the people -- thank the people of georgia. one down, one to go." josh, dean on the races, saying "shame on georgia." "he will not enjoy a short time in office." there is the state of facebook when it comes to the results of the georgia senate race. joining us to give us perspective on what is happening in georgia is adam van bremmer, with the atlanta morning news, serving as a columnist and local
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government editor. thank you for joining us. let's start with the victory of rafael warnock. what can you tell us about the factors that made that possible? complexell, it is a situation, but it appears that rev. warnock, the projections are believed, to be the first african-american senator from georgia, really wasn't successful in his bid to get out the vote in a runoff election, which if you look at the runoff results we are looking at 4.5 million or 4.6 million votes, and we had right around 5 million votes in november. that's quite remarkable how they were able to get people out to the polls. if you look at areas such as savannah, he and jon ossoff hit the same numbers percentage-wise that joe biden did. the democrats were successful at
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getting their base out to vote and get those moderate folks that came out and crossed over and voted for joe biden, they came back out and voted for the reverend and for jon ossoff. host: as far as turnout for the republican base, what can you tell us as far as what was seen? guest: it looks like that they were similarly motivated, which is not unusual in a runoff, to see the republicans come out and vote. the numbers were similar to what we saw just one month ago. if you look at some of the numbers in the rural parts of the state, particularly northwest georgia were present trump campaigned the other day, they may be were not as motivated. i think that people could point to different reasons for that, whether it was the doubts that were sowed by the president in the november results, whether people were disenfranchised, republicans were disenfranchised to come out and vote.
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it was clear to people what was at stake in this election, so i think it was a matter of the turnout was a similar both -- the voters in both parties came out in mass and the democrats were just able to eke it out, at least it appears that way. host: because of the last election, the claims made about the inaccuracies, were any reported on last night when it came to this election? like theis election, one on november 3, at least on the ground, seems to have been a pretty clean election. like any other election, you have voting machine issues and other things. there were polls that stayed open an extra half-hour because they had issues earlier in the day, but in terms of claims of fraud or anything else we saw on
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november 3, when we were scratching our heads as to where these things were coming from, i think we are in a similar position today. any results or allegations of such are going to be investigated by the secretary of state's office and if it was there, they will be aggressive at pursuing them, just like they were in the november elections. host: those monitoring the election, putting it on, have they said when they will get definite counts, not only for raphael warnock, but the final counts for the jon ossoff and david purdue race? guest: the secretary of state said he thought he would have a firm grasp on what the results would be by noon today. i know from looking at the numbers we are still about 150,000, 200,000 shy of what they were projecting last night, so as those results are trickling in, we will see where they come from. analysts, they
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say the votes are coming from republican leaning areas and democratic leaning areas. they are looking for jon ossoff to win his race. host: what about georgia, consider what you saw from the november elections, and what you saw yesterday? guest: it is becoming purple. or it is definitely blue now. everyrepublicans won statewide constitutional office. here we are two years later and the presidency goes to the democrat and it looks like both senate races are going to democrats, so whether it is from demographic changes or from growth or the young people, or people general, is repudiating what they have seen from republicans -- but i am not
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exactly sure what is happening. could be the perfect storm of everything coming together. it will be interesting in two years, as the republicans try to win statewide offices again and hold onto those congressional seats. host: our comments from adam van bremmer, his work at . thank you for your time. guest: thank you for having me. host: the special runoff races and joint session of congress counting the oral votes. -- counting the electoral votes. you can make comments on the events on our social media. er have a ca;;er from -- callr from michigan starting us off. caller: i voted for donald trump and 2016. i was not going to vote for him in 2020 because he proved he is not a leader when it came to the
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way that he acted with the coronavirus. a member of a large group of people who have similar issues, such as we are in support of having assault weapons in our possession, given the lack of safety that is increasing in the country, and i did not see anybody other than trump that will support us from having assault weapons. host: of this and it turns -- if the senate turns over to democratic hands, do you think that will be affected? caller: i believe so. my question is for people who think like me, mostly republicans, you know, trump could very well go to prison for all the things. host: we will go to james in washington on the independent line. caller: thank you. it is a new day in america.
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joe biden and the democrats are going to get with the program. black lives matter. that people are the ones in an office. if he wouldn't have won the primary, he would not have won nothing. host: if the senate turns into democratic hands, what does it mean as far as the president and in the house and senate should do? caller: we want to some criminal justice, we want the system changed. we want minimum wage raised and climate change. that is what we want. host: margaret in kansas, on the democratic line. caller: good morning. there is joy in the morning. and i want to thank georgia from the bottom of my heart -- it just really lifted my spirits. thank you so much. and stacey abrams, you are a hero, all that work he did.
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look all the work, they are heroes. would seeought i the day. itived in alabama once and was rough in the 1950's. it's just beautiful. thank you to all the people that ran and put up with their families getting threatened and all that horrible ugliness. maybe we can start being a beautiful country again. and kansas, please, do not go there and do that thing today. it would be embarrassing. ok,: i ok, jeffn anaheim -- jeff in anaheim, california. caller: i want to echo what the other callers said, how joyous the moment is. georgiait is great that will be representative of the people as far as diversity. and i think it will be great. i have a message for people on the right. just, do not look at this is like -- do not be afraid of this
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moment, embrace it and know change can be good. not every left person is out to get every right person. this is a good thing. we want to work together. and that could be awesome and beautiful. you andly, i praise your cohost. i want your show every morning and you tolerate some insane stuff. you keep a cool head. that's impressive. keep up the good work. host: that was jeff giving his thoughts on the georgia senate runoff. from texas, alex on our republican line. caller: yes, i would like to say that i want to respect the democratic voters. and their right to vote and express themselves. i want to speak on behalf of the electoral college count today and the vice president's role. watching the vice president from the videos on youtube and live
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events on c-span, i believe mike pence is noble bit hesitant to express himself. i think now is the time to show visibility as vice president to try to reject the electoral college votes, try. there were votes, even in texas, even if donald trump won in texas, this is worth investigating. host: why do you believe the vice president has this power? caller: because he can try. i think what matters is he tries. people will remember his effort and not his hopelessness. i think this is the time, mike. host: this is leading up to the events of today when it comes to the joint session, the vice president's spokesperson issuing this to the hill, when it comes to his role, saying vice president shares the concerns of millions on voter fraud and irregularity in the last
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election. the vice president's chief of staff saying, the vice president welcomes the efforts of members of the house and senate to use the authority they have to raise objections and bring forth evidence before the congress and the american people on january 6. again, that is today. at 1:00 p.m., that joint session will convene. and you have a chance to watch what goes on with accounting of those votes and the reported protests of some of those estates. you can do that -- those states. you can do that on c-span,, or download our radio app and listen along. also today in washington, a rally that will take place, president trump supporters talking about the events of what is going on inside the capital. you can see that starting to set up. it will kickoff around 7:30 a.m. that is what you will see and you can watch along, if you
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wish, on c-span2 at 7:30 a.m. and going on through the morning and early afternoon, then the march to save america rally. steve in indiana on the democrats line. caller: how are you doing? that georgiaastic is going blue, because maybe we will be able to get something done on the coronavirus and we will get more help, because -- uh, the grim reaper is going to be in the minority instead of running things. so, hoora per georgiay -- hooray for georgia. host: ca;;er on the rep -- c aller on the republican line. caller: i hope that georgia comes out red, because there was
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voter fraud. everybody knows that. and i hope the wake-up and see and the electoral college sticks up. -- speaks up. host: what evidence do you offer as proof of that? caller: you can see that they had numerous affidavits and things of that nature that nobody ever got to speak on. host: so, you are saying as far as the senators that plan to protest, you support that effort today? caller: absolutely. host: do you think it will change anything? caller: i hope it does. we do not want to do -- not want to be taking vaccines. they say you can quarantine for 14 days, why can you take a vaccine if you can quarantine for 14 days? host: how does that refer to the electoral college votes? caller: because there is no
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need. host: ok, we will go to sam in nashville, hi. caller: good morning. host: you are on. caller: i want to give a shout out to georgia, like the lady who called, they are heroes. they are leading the fight in america to get america back to --. and i am tired of hearing about the stalemate in washington, d.c. maybe we can get something done now. i'm one of the few people being left out in america, since you don't care. , they last comment is also citizens of that are going to washington, get the $2000 stimulus package for america because we need it so bad. talking, that's sam about those events that will be
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taking place in georgia, not only with yesterday, but the results of that will be forthcoming when it comes to the race between jon ossoff and david produce. we have been talking -- and david produce. we have also been talking about the boots happening at 1:00 p.m. to give us information on that is david flatley as -- from bloomberg. good morning, thank you for joining us. guest: thank you for having me. host: as far as what to watch for, what would you characterize as the top things? guest: the first thing will be at 1:00 p.m., the declaration of the electoral college votes will begin. willo the house speaker gavel the chamber into session. and shortly after that, the sergeant at arm's will say the senate has arrived, and the vice
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president has arrived, and they will bring in the votes themselves in mahogany boxes that date back to the 19th century. and the vote will kickoff. we will start in alphabetical order with alabama. then shortly we will get to arizona, which is when we expect the first objection to happen. host: as far as the number on both sides of the senate and the house planning those objections, what is the latest count? guest: the latest i have seen is courtesy of representative mo brooks, who kicked off of the effort in december by saying he would be the first to object, or he was interested in objecting. he has put at 50 objections, at least. i have seen numbers as high as 140 or north of that for the people who actually vote for the representatives, who vote to not accept the results from some states.
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there's a process and play, so -- in play, so once the objection is made, it has to be joined by a member of the house, then the debate kicks off. that takes up to two hours. it can be no more than two hours. then there will be a vote. that will probably start with arizona this morning, or this afternoon rather, and we expect perhaps three states to be objected to, as many as six. it could be a very long day and bleed into thursday or beyond. host: when they raise objections, what evidence do they have to produce to be the basis of that challenge? guest: according to the law, there's a requirement to sort of state an objection. there is language about whether the electoral votes were
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regularly given and whether the electors who are casting in them are illegally or lawfully certified. but beyond that, there's a little bit of leeway. in the past, objections have been raised with allegations of a voter suppression or interference by foreign actors. that happened in 2017, objections along those lines, although they were not joined by senators. there are some technical requirements that need to be met, but in terms of the objections and what evidence has to be offered, it is not clear that any evidence needs to be offered when the objection is made. that could come during the debate portion, which would happen right after. host: what is the plan for the house speaker nancy pelosi, then the minority in the senate as far as responding to these challenges? guest: right.
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and thepelosi has said, house majority leader, they have both tried to put the focus on the members who are from the states that will be challenged, or expected to be challenged. we know that arizona, georgia and pennsylvania are likely to be challenged. and there are some others, including wisconsin, nevada and michigan that could also be challenged. when the debate portion begins, we would expect democratic members from those estates to mount a defense of what happened in those estates. of course, the republicans -- states. of course the republicans will launch questions about how the elections were conducted, whether they were conducted properly, and the democrats are expected to respond to those on constitutional grounds, as the speaker has previewed.
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they will not try to get into tit-for-tat on every argument, but rather try to address the constitutional questions, which at the end of the day the states appoint the electors and sanded the votes to washington, not the congress, so that is where most of their arguments will rest. host: there are many stories about the events today that focus on the vice president and the powers he may or may not have to change or challenge the votes. is there any president -- prece dent for the vice president to make changes? guest: not that i am aware of. we have seen president trump pressuring mike pence to somehowut electors or or other be more active in the process. my understanding of the law, and the understanding of legal scholars we have spoken to, is that the vice president is
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presiding over this process as president of the senate. his job is not to play an active role, but to act as the speaker of the house would in terms of hearing the objections and allowing for that. he will call for objections. thehe will ask, likely, objector, if it is the member of the house, whether a senator joins him or her, if it has been presented in writing, then they will continue with the count or move to debate. so we do not expect mike pence but thatn active role, is not to say he will not, given the pressure he is feeling from the president. so we will have to see what happens. but in the past, the vice president has not played an active role. host: how much of a presence
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does president trump have there, especially with his recent call to the secretary of state in georgia? guest: i think you will loom large in this debate, as he has over the last four years with many things in washington, but this is a unique moment for his presidency and for the republican party. you have the party essentially ong some alogn -- al ideological and constitutional lines about whether this challenge to the electoral college is the right thing to do. you have prominent senators, including some unexpected names, people who have been in his support all along, like senator lindsey graham and tom cotton who are saying there is no role for congress to play here. then there are others like ted cruz, mo brooks, and many other members of the house and senate who say that this is allowed for under the law, it has happened they areast, and that
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merely following the law and doing everything they can to make sure the election is certified in a manner befitting the constitution and all of that. but there are strong divisions emerging, particularly with the results coming out of georgia overnight, that will serve me be as a final referendum, at least on this chapter of the trump presidency. and that will definitely be something we are watching today. host: have you heard anything from the senate side, from the majority leader, about the results of last night and the potential of democrats gaining control of the senate? guest: certainly, mitch mcconnell wants to keep his job.. himself oned running the senate in a judicious, cautious but certainly forward-looking manner as far as his agenda and the agenda of the republican party. so he wants to keep his job.
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i have not seen reaction from him yet, but certainly there are people within the republican party who are not happy with what they see happening in the senate races in georgia. and i would expect that there will be a lot of finger-pointing reviews other action, happening after all this is said and done. reportsvid flatley who for bloomberg on congress, talking about the joint session today, has a story about what to watch out for during that as well on the website. thanks for your time. host: thank you. host: for the next half hour, we will take your calls, either on the joint session expected today, or the results, as we are seeing them so far, from the runoff races in georgia. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents.
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sheila in cincinnati. caller: good morning. thank you for that channel, you are so transparent with this. my hope in georgia is that when we cans settled in, repair our relations with our allies, with our plan and with each other. that's what i'm looking forward to, a brighter day. thank you for your show. i watch it every morning and i appreciate it. lauderdale, fort florida on the republican line. caller: thank you. one thing i do not understand is forblack women could vote raphael warnock. own words, he is a wife abuser, so look at of hypocrisy is going on where
10:32 am
democrats say women should not be abused and his own wife basically saying he is a wife abuser. the other thing too is the black lives matter movement, which is strongly affiliated with the democrat party, they say the nuclear family is not necessary. in other words, a father in the home is not necessary. which basically means that they think black women are child raising cows -- host: we will stop there. gloria in mississippi. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. very happy for the people of georgia and what they did last night. and i believe that jon ossoff will win his race as well. ad also, i want to give
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really big thank you to stacey abrams and the other organizers, who got out, did not listen to the noise around them. because her name has been on president trump's -- coming out of his mouth for awhile. she stayed steadfast. she went out and organized. so we think -- thank her for that and for the people fo georgia -- of georgia. as far as the electoral college count today, it is a shame. it's a shame. if you look at what is going on in the last 40 years, the republicans have lost the white house, they have lost the house. and now they are going to lose the senate. following donald trump. i do not understand, the writing is on the wall. they need to wake up. have a great day. host: that is gloria in mississippi. when it comes to jon ossoff, challenging the incumbent david
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perdue, as it stands now jon ossoff has the lead with 52%, an d senator david perdue with almost 2.2 million votes, coming in at 49.8%. that's the state of that race. we showed you raphael warnock being called to win in his race against kelly loeffler. all that playing out today, as it turns out the counting of the electoral college votes, which some have mentioned this morning and you can watch on c-span. and the two senators he may see make comments throughout the day putting all beds in the -- putting all beds in the papers -- op eds in the paper saying why they are doing it. talking about serious allegations of fraud.
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specifically the elections of three states, florida, louisiana and south carolina, allegged to have been conducted illegally, going on to say that we should follow the president, congress should appoint an electoral commission, a full investigatory and fact-finding authority to bring forth an audit of those disputed states. accordingly, we intend to vote on january 6 to reject the electors in the disputed states, which is not given. and until that emergency audit is completed. that is some of the justification that senator ted cruz and others are making further protests this morning. a republican from nebraska also with and op ed this morning, americans deserve better. president'sw the readings are bone.
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no one argues at that the election was stolen, the argument is about how mr. trump and his reporters will respond. republicans are facing pressure from a vocal minority, wrestling with their political consequences. he adds politics have become so poisoned that members of congress see benefit in attempting to overturn an election, disenfranchising millions of americans with the senate voting for the other party. our institutions are not meant for this and the apocalyptic rhetoric will push us further and faster into idiotic receipt. int's -- that is ben sasse the washington journal this morning. now here is karen. caller: good morning. yeah, i want to say, here we go again. everybody knew that the republicans would be in the lead last night, and we wake up this morning and the democrats won. what is the voter fraud going
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on? y are part of it is the counting votes that are not legal. afore the election, there was county that said we have 4000 votes, or registered voters on the voter rolls that we do not think are eligible to vote, because they do not live in georgia anymore or they are dead, whatever the reason. they wanted to clear the roll. happening? it from the sister of stacey abrams. how is that fair? why are you not talking about something like that? that's number one. the next thing that happened was the governor of georgia, this happened in other swing states also, we have the secretary of state changing the election laws right before the election, they did it in november and they are
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doing it now. they are counting votes until friday. host: was it up to the state? caller: no, the state legislatures have to pass the law. host: ultimately, the state decides before they send them to congress, that is the job of the state. caller: what happened was the governor decided these are the electors we want. the state legislature came up with their own electoral votes. they have those from the state legislature, which those are the ones that are valid, and you have the governor's, the ones he certified. mike pence can select those that came from the state legislature. and i would like to say -- host: why do you believe the vice president has the power to do that when it has been described as a ceremonial role by many? caller: one of the problems is
10:39 am
it's unprecedented. host: specifically, why is it not a ceremonial role? caller: he has the power because hase votes the governor certified were not valid, so his electoral college that he certified is basically not valid. host: karen in alabama. another republican in ohio. mary, you are next. caller: i want to say that i watched this from the beginning, you know, and today is another day, of course. and i've heard people saying it is a brighter day, brighter day, on the democratic side. sealed that georgia has their fate. i think the world will become the world that democrats wanted it to be. in a year's time, if i am still
10:40 am
living, i hate to see this happen but it is going to. and as far as president trump doing the electoral votes today, i do not know if anything will come of it. if it does, it does. if it doesn't, it doesn't. host: the president does not have a role today, just the vice president. caller: i know, i am sorry. host: i just wanted to say that. caller: they can say, we tried everything we could do to prove this. -- thes really a lot majority of it, actually, has -- they have gathered and they have talked. and so i believe that's the role it's going to play. willoncerned about what we be looking at any year.
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host: ok. a caller on the democrats line. caller: i am worried about david perdue. i feel he has covid. can you tell me if that is correct? it could change everything. it could be serious. aso, like you said, this is ceremonial process. this is not a process to litigate the validity of the electorate. i do not understand. host: this is a story from five days ago, ahead of the runoff race, cnn reporting about david perdue, saying he would quarantine because he came in close contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19. that's what his campaign announced.
10:42 am
dill in springfield, illinois, if i am saying that correctly. caller: that is close. thank you for taking my call. 'm very happy -- im very happy -- i am very happy with the election of joe biden. and yesterday's election in georgia, i feel like we have won the super bowl. i expect joe biden to push his administration on three basic policies, if you allow me to define these policies. singleon a time, a earner could raise his family of four without any kind of hardship. they used to have three or four weeks of vacation plus. we need to push the minimum wage to $15. and i think that would allow the working poor and middle-class to sustain itself. and having a good life. working for several years, teh retire -- then retire.
10:43 am
you need to take some of that and put it towards health care. i do not think that people should declare bankruptcy if they are sick. we should be proud of her health care. this is something, if you watched 60 minutes a few weeks ago, they covered hospitalization and how much it costs. and put it into health care, we would generate millions per person. host: the third policy? caller: we need to have affordable education for our young people. , if they weregs done, they could make america great again. we need to have affordable education. host: we will go to offered in -- alfred in ohio on the republican line. caller: this is america's vote.
10:44 am
why won'tons --- them look at the machines and ballots? there's plenty of time. host: the constitution says the votes have to be certified today. caller: certified them. but they have -- certify them. but they have of time to look at things. why won't they let them do an audit? host: what do you think it will reveal? caller: it will reveal fraud. it is the people's ballots. let us see it. host: john in pennsylvania on the republican line. caller: hi, i'm glad you have taken my call. i like when you are on, because you are usually fair, but you seem to be pushing and the republicans today that there was not fraud in this election.
10:45 am
have you seen videos of the people pulling votes out from underneath tables in georgia? running the votes through the machines over and over again? that does not make you question what is going on in the original vote count from the presidential election? either them pennsylvania, there were 205,000 more votes counted than people registered in the state. l overturn thewil election and give it to donald trump. you do not know this? host: i have heard stories. the person who managed the election address to this. i was saying it was up to every state to verify its own vote before they send them to congress, that was the point i was making. caller: the march in d.c. is
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just the beginning of the revolution today. and this country will be in bad shape. i do not like to see this happening. you are disenfranchising too many people in this country with the voter fraud. and just like the gentleman from ohio said, let's give it time. host: that is john in turtle creek. the constitution says today is the day to certify those votes in that joint session. again, you can see that play out, as people have talked about, the protests by several members of congress, at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. watch on c-span, see -- on and on c-span2. senators who will be confronting the votes. senator mitt romney was approached by a supporter of
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president trump and asked about the certification process, it included a video. here is a portion of that. [video clip] >> how are you doing? >> [indiscernible] please put your mask on. >> i am standing six feet away. i i will do it because i want to have a chat with you. why are you not supporting president trump? >> [indiscernible] >> you are not supporting him. >> i agree with him. [indiscernible] >> are you going to support im in the fraudulent -- him in the fraudulent about count? why not? >> you will hear my remarks in congress. it's a long story, but we have a constitution. the process is clear. i will follow the constitution and explain that in congress. >> you have not supported him.
10:48 am
you did not support him in the election. >> i did not. >> why? you are devoted in as a conservative to represent the conservative constituents, period. >> that is not how the constitution works. >> it is. you work for us. am i wrong? >> i listen to the people of utah. >> i am from utah. i voted. there are many people that did not vote for you. host: that was senator romney about to board an airplane to come back to participate in this process. you saw what was happening as far as what was going on with that interchange or exchange with the supporter of president trump. this happened after he got on the plane with other supporters of the president. we will show you that. [video clip] [chanting] traitor,r, traitor,
10:49 am
traitor. online ife are videos you want to see more, but that is the lead up to the joint session today. on the democrats line, johnny, you are next. caller: let me let everybody know that we black people have been going along with the results. and we have been through everything trying to vote. and every time -- with president bush, when we came up to a level it was trickery. and now it is time for more trickery, people saying the election is fraudulent. this is supposed to be a ceremonial thing. if he does that, that will wreck everything. [static] -- do-
10:50 am
not think it will be easy. it will be dangerous. host: scott in georgia, the independent line. caller: how are you doing? good morning. i was calling -- we have seen all -- i saw biden yesterday, yeah. host: you will have to not listen to the television, you will have to pay attention to the phone. what did you think about the results from yesterday? caller: sorry about that. host: what do you think about the results so far? caller: i am ecstatic. i do not understand why the republicans think everything is all void and this conspiracy thing, whatever they are thinking. they need to put some pants on. and ite seat, walk away, is time to leave the building. you are done. describingre you
10:51 am
yourself as ecstatic? caller: you had to be down here. i couldn't believe it. this is a great time to be here. i thought it was. host: scott in georgia. now to savannah on the democrats line, brad. caller: happy new year. i have three points. georgia is not out of the woods yet. we are as divided as the rest of the country, maybe more so. i do not think that there are any true independents here. and some of the conspiracy theories that have been bouncing around, i actually talked to a person who believed in the atlanta votes were weighted more heavily than their vote, because they came from atlanta. it is like to countries down here, atlanta and everybody else -- two countries down here, atlanta and everybody else. i but she would show a
10:52 am
population density map of georgia. host: do you think it is a purple state as it stands today, especially after the results from last year and yesterday? caller: no, georgia is a blue state by population. a red state, clearly, by area. that's hard for some people to wrap their brains around. host: what do you mean by that? caller: if you look at the county where savannah is, it is surrounded by red counties. they have more livestock than people. they do not understand because everybody they know voted republican. they do not understand why their vote did not count as much as savannah, you know, with twice the population. host: we will hear from annalee in georgia on the democrats line. caller: hi. i agree specifically with what he said, that it would be
10:53 am
helpful to see a population count when looking at the maps. but what i want to say is to the people who support donald trump, what i do not understand is that we have a constitution and leave vote for the president. we do not vote for a man based on that person, we vote on his policies and what he will do to help the nation overall. and so, what i keep on hearing is these peopele, that somebody that does not support his policies, it does not mean they do not like him as a person or whatever. i do not like him at all. but that was my point. and i hope that we have jon ossoff win. i'm happy to hear that raphael warnock has. i think we are moving in the right direction for our country. one: annalee from georgia,
10:54 am
of the many georgians giving comment on the state of the race in the runoff election. we have shown you the boards, some of the boards with the results during the morning as far as the state of the race. we take those numbers from the associated press. as they put them in their systems, we can show you what is happening in real time, what is going on as far as that. bill on her independent line from illinois, you are next. hello. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to say that i am ecstatic about the results. the you know, if republicans want to make and decide that our elections are fake and they want to follow donald trump into the abyss and
10:55 am
say everything is fake, don't be surprised when people who know it's not fake are going to vote like hell. and look what we have as a result, we have a new president, we have a new senate, we have the wins in georgia. host: only one has been claimed the victor, the state of the race between jon ossoff and david perdue is a still outstanding. caller: technically, but it will not be. jon ossoff is going to win. the statistics are more than overwhelming for him. whyi just do not understand the republicans now think that everything is fake. know, then they do
10:56 am
not ever have to vote ever again. that's infine. illinois. in ] another person wanting -- and another person wanting is a republican from kentucky, commenting he is watching the show today. we appreciate it. said thataller who the legislature sends electors. that's false. many congresspeople watch this program on a daily basis, as part of what they are hearing from you, and what is going on. several things going on today. it is a large day politically. the joint session at 1:00 p.m. you can see the on c-span starting at 1:00 p.m. for our coverage of the vote counting process. there are the results yesterday
10:57 am
from the georgia runoff elections. we are still waiting to see that. and there is a rally connected to the electoral college votes, the president expected to speak at that rally at 11:00 a.m. it is supposed to start around 7:30 a.m., but people are still gathering. you can see that on c-span2 during the course of the morning. missouri,kansas city, on the democrats line. caller: hello. god bless everybody. i want to make a remark, then i will get off of here. the reason i was against trump, i was not against him as much as i am now, is because of manipulation of the facts. i want to give one anecdotal example. withhing in the ukraine the prosecutor that they constantly said we were
10:58 am
interfering with ukrainian justice. ukraine,who was in the it was not because of biden he was investigating, the european union was trying to get rid of him. host: before we take a look at that, as far as the topics of today, you can comment on the races in georgia or maybe the counting of electoral college votes, if you can relay it to that. caller: in general, i am not putting the blame on trump, because i think it started way back in when nixon was in. it is the manipulation of facts that has a so many of these people twisted, and i mean twisted, because this guy is a crook. i do not like trump. host: how does it relate to today? caller: we needed to get him out of there and thank god for
10:59 am
georgia. host: linda on the independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want you to be aware of people in utah, they love and respect mitt romney. d is not alady sai representative of utah. i'm so ashamed of her. host: caller: three things. number one, thank you georgia. the presidential election to the senate election, change is coming. two, in the senate today, kabuki theater will take base and the -- take place in the ofher of the deaf fissure
11:00 am
the republican party will grow wider. that is what will happen today. very unfortunate they put all of their eggs in the truck basket. in pennsylvania, we have our own funds. sitstate senate refused to -- seat a democrat who was but wasby a slim margin elected by the people. very similar to what donald trump has accused of the democrats stealing election. the republicans have accused this gentleman of not being the legitimate person to take that seat. host: how is your state going to resolve that? caller: that is going to be interesting because the state senate is republican dominated. yesterday they actually throughout the the tenant governor presides over the senate in the same way mike pence has with the u.s.
11:01 am
constitution. they threw john federman out of the discussion because they believe he was ruling in favor of the gentleman who wants to be seated. it is going to require a great statef push here in the for them to rectify the situation. host: that is josie in pennsylvania giving us a call. >> today the u.s. house of representatives and the u.s. senate will meet in a joint session to tally the results of the electoral college ballots for president and vice president.
11:02 am
in the 2020 election. some republican lawmakers are expected to use this congressional vote count to object to joe biden's wins in numerous swing states. watch live coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can also watch at c or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> "washington colone" continues -- "washington journal" continues. a scholar fortier is at the american enterprise institute. thank you for joining us today. guest: thank you for having me. host: can we start with what your expectations are as far as the events today compared to anything historically as far as something happening like this? voted ine voters november, the states resolved their elections.


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