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tv   Washington Journal 01142021  CSPAN  January 14, 2021 6:59am-10:01am EST

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tens of millions of people they represent. you don't understand why they were here. they're scared to death we're going to go back to the days without donald trump, of hundreds of thousands of people crossing this border every month. they're scared to death our -- nobody's going to keep our manufacturing here. they're scared to death that nobody else will fight the cancel culture as we head to an era where some things can't be said. they're scared to death that a majority party teamed up with black lives matter, announcer: coming refinance, at noon on eastern. james comey joins washington post life to talk about his book saving justice. c-span 2 has georgia governor brian kemp at 11:00 a.m. delivering his state of the state address, and at 2:00 p.m., a discussion on domestic extremism and terrorism, hosted
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by new america. coming up, your reaction to the house vote to impeach president trump a second time, after the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. >> on this vote, the ayes are 232, the nays are 190 seven. without objection, the measured -- motion to reconsider is laid up the table. ♪ host: with that, president donald trump became the first president to be impeached twice. this time all house democrats in 10 republicans came together to accuse the president of inciting insurrection leading to death and destruction of the u.s. capitol last week. we are getting your reaction to all of it this morning on "the washington journal," asking you to call in on phone lines.
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as usual, democrats (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 748-8002. you can also send us a text this morning, that number (202) 748-8003. if you do, send us -- include your name and where you are writing from. you can also reach us on twitter and facebook. a very good thursday morning to you. you can go ahead and start calling in now as we show you nancy pelosi making her case for impeachment on the floor of the house yesterday afternoon. >> the president must be in --[video clip] >> the president must be impeached, a constitutional remedy to make sure that the public will be safe from this man who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold dear and hold us together. it gives me no pleasure to say this. it breaks my heart. it should break your heart.
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it should break all of our hearts. your presence in this hallowed chamber is testament to your love for this country, america, and your faith and work -- your faith in the work of our founders to create a more perfect union. those insurrectionists were not patriots. they were not part of a political base to be catered to and managed. they were domestic terrorists and justice must prevail. but they did not appear out of a vacuum. they were sent here, sent here by the president with words such as the cry to fight like hell. words matter, truth matters, accountability matters. host: nancy pelosi on the floor of the house yesterday. a trial will be held in the senate, though speaker pelosi has not said when she will
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transfer the articles, it seems likely now that the trial will take place in the opening days of a joe biden administration. for his part, president trump released a statement from the white house last night, calling for no violence and for a coming together in the country. here's part of that statement from the president last night. [video clip] >> by our actions we can choose to rise above the rank -- rancor and find common ground and shared purpose. we must focus on advancing the interests of the whole nation, delivering the miracle vaccines, defeating the pandemic, rebuilding the economy, protecting our national security , and upholding the rule of law. today i am calling on all americans to overcome the passions of the moment and joined together as one american people. let us choose to move forward
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united for the good of our families, communities, and our country. host: president trump last night from the white house after being impeached for a second time. the first president to be impeached twice. joe biden out with a statement yesterday. in part it reads that the attack on the u.s. capitol was carried out by political extremists and domestic terrorists incited to this violence by president trump and j the members of the house of representatives exercise the power granted to them under the constitution, voting to impeach and hold the president accountable in a bipartisan vote passed by members, following the constitution and their conscience. this continues to the senate in the nation remains in the grip of a deadly virus and reeling economy, i hope that senate leadership will find a way to deal with their constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while working on the other urgent business of this nation.
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president-elect joe biden, his statement yesterday, he noted the bipartisan vote in the house yesterday, 10 republicans joining democrats on impeachment , that one article inciting interaction -- for inciting insurrection. the republicans that voted yes to impeach president trump, liz cheney, the number three republican in the house, anthony gonzalez of ohio, and jamie butler, john -- adam kinzinger of illinois, peter meyer of michigan, dan newhouse of washington, tom rice of south carolina. david bell about out of california. the 10 republicans across the aisle who voted with democrats yesterday on impeachment. spending all three hours of our program today hearing your reaction and your phone calls throughout this program. lines throughout the show today, as usual, democrats, republicans, and independents. starting on the line for
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republicans, derek. caller: good morning. thank you. the democrats need to make sure that other representatives in congress are investigated. a lot of these people in these police officers are in these white supremacist racist groups themselves. firemen, doctors, lawyers, ceos, white supremacist groups that would do anything to maintain white supremacy. a lot of the people in congress, we see to how they voted. they voted against america but they talk about socialism. but what about a dictatorship. what about things like fascism and stuff? a lot of them came from these countries. black people in america have been exposed to what about slavery, genocide? host: when it comes to the investigations you're talking about, members of congress have promised those investigations to look into what happened in the
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security on capitol hill a week ago yesterday. congressman tim ryan, the chairman of the appropriations subcommittee in overseeing capitol hill promised to those hearings especially, we are expecting to hear more as the hearings get underway, for those to happen in the weeks and months to come. jerry, oklahoma, republican, go ahead. caller: yeah, i believe that i'm a newly republican member and i believe that we need to get rid of the kkk, denounce all the white supremacist stuff that's going on in the republican party . it's easy to do. just say no. bad words matter. everybody needs to patrol their bad language. host: what did you think of the 10 republicans who voted with the democrats yesterday for the article of impeachment? caller: well, at least they are voting their heart and you know that. it's not all political for them.
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host: patrick, independent out of lady lake. good morning. host: first, let me ask, how is steve doing? did the fbi find out who made those death threats against him? host: steve is doing ok. a statement about steve on our website there, you can read about his role at c-span, but i'm sure he appreciates your asking, patrick. caller: i'm just wondering because he did lie about all the death threats he came under an c-span is still supporting the lies that the trump people are starting to spread and let me give you a few examples. host: why don't we talk about impeachment, patrick. historic impeachment vote on the house floor, what are your
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thoughts on that? caller: yeah, i know, take any criticism away from c-span. you guys think you are so holy and u.s. saviors. what do i think of donald trump's impeachment? let's get off of criminal c-span is, yeah. i think he should have made this speech. take the country back? from whom ? i love the guy that you had on, the ethics, the senior fellow from somewhere talking about ethics, still blaming black lives matter, where c-span didn't bring up the umbrella ban , part of the arian brotherhood starting those fires in colorado with the boogly googly boys in the minneapolis police department. you let these guys spew that it's all antiphon a or black
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lives matter. you didn't put up leader mccarthy saying that antiphon a -- anti-fada is a complete law -- live. host: i can play that right now. do you feel that you have gotten your criticism off your chest? we are not afraid of taking criticism and we certainly do take it on this program, it's a daily live show that we do. caller: i'm just wondering why you guys keep these lies going. you bring some 50-year-old guy out and ask about what happened six months ago. you don't say let's hear your thirty-year resume of what you have been up to, no, you get to comment about the last month. i was really proud of c-span, over the last month you brought two people out over freedom of speech on college campuses. i called in a month ago about
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the guy that published all these police training manuals and he said that only blm is the terrorist outfit. he said he'll get back to it but he never got back to it. host: let me get back to you asking to hear from kevin mccarthy, the leader in the house yesterday. appreciate the criticism, it's not something we are afraid to take on this program, but let me played what -- play what you asked for. [video clip] >> some say that the riots were caused by antifa. there's absolutely no evidence of that. conservatives should be the first to say so. conservatives also know that the only thing that stops mob violence is to meet it with force rooted in justice and backed by moral courage. last week we saw mob violence met by courage. sacrifice and heroism from the brave men and women who protect this institution every day.
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but for the bravery of the capitol police, the destruction and loss could have been much greater and we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. the loss of officer brian said nick, and officer howard linda good, it's tragic and heartbreaking. we mourn their loss. remember their lives. and continue to pray for their families and loved ones. the officers of the capitol police deserve our internal thanks. we will never forget the dangers they face or the determination that showed or the sacrifice that they made. make no mistake, those who are responsible for wednesday's chaos will be brought to justice. which brings me to today's debate. i believe impeaching the president in such a short timeframe would be a mistake.
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no investigations have been completed. no hearings have been held. what's more, the senate has confirmed that no trial will begin until after president-elect biden is sworn in. but here is what a vote to impeach would do. a vote to impeach would further divide the nation. a vote to impeach would further fan the flames of partisan division. most americans want neither in action nor retribution. they want durable, bipartisan justice. that path is still available. but it is not the path that we are on today. that doesn't mean that the president is free from fault. the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw
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what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action from president trump. he needs to accept his share of responsibility, quell the unrest and ensure that president-elect biden is able to successfully begin his term. the president's immediate action deserves congressional action, which is why i think a fact-finding commission and a censure resolution would be prudent. unfortunately, that is not where we are today. host: minority leader kevin mccarthy yesterday on the house floor. here are the headlines from some of the major newspapers in this country, from usa today, impeached twice, donald trump called a clear and present danger, the only u.s. president impeached for a second time. this from the front page of "the wall street journal," began." rebuke deepens republican divide
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. another front take -- another take from the "washington times, today --," today, "the vote count, 232 to 197. trump impeached again." "the new york times," "impeached," the banner headline there. good morning. caller: what a fitting end to this disastrous trump presidency. a true fascist, a true wannabe dictator whose only purpose was to enrich himself. shame on all the traders, republicans in the house and in the senate, who continued to support this sedition. this attack on american democracy. they should be ashamed of
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themselves. they should be voted out. to all the trump supporters who voted for him, who continue to support him, you, too, are traders. you basically approved of this traitorous mob rushing our beautiful capital and beating our courageous capitol hill ndc police. those people who would use the american flag to be our courageous defenders of this capital. you people should be ashamed of yourselves. you are not patriots. you can wear your lapel pin, carrier flag, it's obvious now the only thing that matters to you is the party of trump. you are not, you are not the party of this, this great, this great democracy of ours. you are all traders and ought to be ashamed. thank you. host: glenn, republican line, good morning. caller: this is my first time on
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c-span to and i tell you what, it's taken the democratic party 12 years to reach the white house. now we have a crook, thief, and a liar in the white house, in the oval office. yesterday i watched c-span on the house. voters, the blm marxist thugs, voting their voice on impeachment of donald trump. the only words that democrats know is impeach. now they have it tattooed on their four heads. host: there were 10 republicans who joined democrats in the impeachment yesterday. caller: i also think they are traders, they have no party right now and are outcast. i also saw something yesterday that the democrats that are coming up for reelection have
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cut their throats on voters back home, the democrats cannot lie to the voters back home by trying to get them back in office. if anybody wants to get -- to be a candidate for the house of representatives now is your chance to put your name on the ticket. you have a lot of firewood to throw at the incumbents. host: that's glenn in texas on sentiment back home. we are starting to see polling stemming from sentiment in the wake of the attack on the capital last week. this from axios and their sneak peak column this morning on the new axios it so's hole that came out just yesterday. they noted republicans across the u.s. siding with president trump over mitch mcconnell in big numbers, big majorities of republicans still think trump
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was right to challenge his election loss, they support him, don't blame him for the capital mob and want him to be the republican nominee in 2024. why it matters? the survey shows trump could run again in 2024 if he isn't convicted and not allowed. it also shows the perils and opportunity for institutionalists like mcconnell trying to reclaim the gop. that is from the new axios if so's pole, a survey of some 1019 americans 18 or older conducted between january 11 and january 13. those are the polling numbers there. a lot of focus on mitch mcconnell in there will be even more in the coming days when that senate trial finally gets scheduled and starts, mitch mcconnell with a letter, a statement released yesterday about the timing here. this is a part of the statement, mitch mcconnell writing that there's no chance a fair and serious trial could take place
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before buying this warning next week. the senate has held four senate impeachment trials host: that statement from the office of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, though i should note a letter that "the washington post" first published yesterday, or parts of it that they first published, mitch mcconnell in a letter to his senate colleagues, this is the ap story that came out later
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yesterday on this, minutes after the house voted 232 to 100 97 to impeach trump mcconnell sent a letter to his colleagues that he's not determined whether trump should be convicted in the senate's upcoming proceedings. a letter stating in part "i have not made a final decision on how i will vote and i intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the senate." that from "the washington post," first publishing that part of the letter from mitch mcconnell to his senate colleagues yesterday. hartford, connecticut, independent, good morning. caller: good morning. the police are erecting barriers around the state capital in hartford. it's sad to see her in quiet connecticut. it's probably happening all over the country at courthouses. i just hope we don't have another kent state somewhere in our country over the next week or so.
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my other comment is i'm just astounded at how quiet the american church has been during this whole process. host: what do you mean by -- caller: the only comment i heard from a church leader happened last weekend when the pope was asked to comment on what he saw and he saw -- he said he was just simply astounded. they made many mentions yesterday on the floor of the house and in the news commentators later on in the evening about the speech that president lincoln made about trying to raise up the better angels inside of each of us, and i hope that possibly over this weekend when we have "martin luther king day" reflecting on what he said to us as a people, maybe some of the leaders of our church, the national council of churches, the cardinals and bishops in this country might come out with a statement that
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simply says to their followers that it is time to some plea, down a bit. that is my comment for today. my last comment is i hope that sometime soon we can get our troops out of afghanistan. i don't know what they are thinking about when they look back at america to see what's going on, but we have so many men and women in harm's way over there, i would certainly like to see them come home safely. thank you for your comments. i want to congratulate you, you keep a very calm mind and voice and you hear these passions that are hot right now. host: thanks. can i ask you one question before you go, when was the last time the american church as you describe it came out forcefully on a political matter in this country? caller: they've been speaking about the right to life as an ongoing issue. the church has been quiet.
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maybe it is because of the pandemic and people are having to stay away? but they still can come out with some kind of a statement. the bishops on the cardinals in the catholic church. the protestant church, the national council of churches in new york city, our friends of the jewish faith and the muslim faith. we all share a love for this country, but the passions simply have to quiet down. i have listened to the calls since you came on the air this morning and people are simply very hot. i hope that over the next weekend and approaching the inauguration things might get cooler, but i certainly do not want to see another kent state somewhere in this country. host: that was built in hartford. california, up early, lying for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning.
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how are you? host: i'm doing well, turn down your television and go ahead with your comments. caller: ok. the republicans always say that they are for the people, but actually they are for power and money. so, when i sit here and watch c-span over the last couple of days, listening to them, you know, it's like they are trying to play with the black lives matter versus what happened last week, which was totally different. the protests were peaceful except for the people from out of town who did whatever they needed to do. in fact we have a president who first of all doesn't respect women. if he doesn't like you, he fires you. it's been building up and the republicans, mitch mcconnell has sat there and just let him do whatever he wanted. so, at this point this man is dangerous. you know?
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we had covid and he said nothing. i couldn't even believe that. and we are still suffering because of the way that, you know, he didn't order enough, there's this and that. we have conspiracy theories, but when you really look at what's happening it's like the republicans, i don't know what type of kool-aid they are drinking, you know, from trump, but he doesn't need to be president. he really doesn't. you know, there was no fraud when it came down to the election. so, with the election it was like he kept going, kept getting money from people to, you know, for them to recount, recount, recount. i don't understand this. and he did call for those people to come in. so now, you know, from the 16th of this month through the 20th there is a worry within our, you know, civilization here that the
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u.s. is going to be torn up, the capital is going to be torn up because they are coming back again. host: greg out of mechanicsburg, pennsylvania, republican, good morning. caller: good morning, mr. mcardle. it's a difficult time. i appreciate what you have done in the past to try to be objective and to comment on the criticism from the rabid democrat in florida about not taking criticism. in the past when i've called in, i don't think all of your moderators and hosts have been so apparently objective. we accept criticism, everybody should accept criticism. everybody.
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everybody's got an opinion. this is the united states still. as far as impeachment, i would appreciate it if you would keep people on topic. the second impeachment, there is reason to consider that this was a valid impeachment, yes. was it rushed, yes. has the mainstream media, including c-span, in my opinion, contributed to the rush? yes. i think there will have to be a time for self reflection. i suggest that c-span go back sometime after the inauguration and, and, and include a video of all the things that have been said about donald trump since he was inaugurated. all those things that happened within a week of him being inaugurated, january of 2017. let your listeners decide
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whether any of or all of that has incited what has happened since. since november of 2016. i believe it has and i think you it to your listeners, if you want people -- if you want to allow people to vent about donald trump, just put yourself in his position. try to do that in one of your shows. i think it would be a good idea. that's my suggestion. guest: host: we always -- host: we always appreciate suggestions this morning and every morning on "the washington journal." a rush to impeach -- impeachment, from 13 months ago, to put it in perspective, a comparison in "usa today," nancy pelosi announces the official inquiry on september 24 of 2019 and the house voted to charge trump with abuse of power and obstruction of congress and 85
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days later january 15 of 2020 the house approved sending articles to the senate 113 days after the inquiry was announced. back in 2000 19 six house committees with democratic majorities investigated the president and this time no house committee investigation was carried out. that vote happening yesterday after just a couple of hours of debate on the house floor. this is carrie from tennessee, independent, good morning. caller: how's it going? i'm carrie chester the second, i want to identify myself. regardless of either party, i feel like the country is never going to be the same again, between covid. i was out there for george floyd in minneapolis and i've seen it, everyone trying to make it about race. it was never about race. it was native americans, black,
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white, mexican, everyone was riding. between covid and the real pandemic, which is the heroin. i'm just, i don't know, i feel like our country failed us. host: i wonder, are you going to feel any different in a biden administration six days from now? caller: mama, i don't like either of them. at the same time i don't like biden are trump and at the same time i feel like they are after trump and it's like a witch hunt. we all know for real that the people in the lower class just out here in the slums, we all know for real which one -- we don't know for real which one is for us are not. it's a witch hunt both parties. host: democratic line, kansas, good morning. caller: i guess i will define myself, i'm a democrat from the
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time when kennedy said ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country. that's the time i'm from. as we watch this impeachment, it kept going wrong. iran kept their nuclear programs going full force. we have let so many other things go for this impeachment that would have been over in six days anyway you look at it. it was just foolish for them to do this. the democratic party today i feel is ask not how much money i give you but ask how much i can take from you before i give it to you. the democrats today are, and really, most of washington is just becoming a total cesspool, i think. host: when is the last time it wasn't a total cesspool?
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caller: you know what? i'm going to expose myself a little bit, i have a son who worked for john for four years on a subcommittee for aviation. anyhow, he left d.c. because he said if it looks corrupt, it's twice as corrupt as what it is. they are all corrupt up there. thank you. host: that's roger in kansas this morning. spending a full three hours of our program this morning getting your reaction to the second impeachment of president trump yesterday on the house floor. here is where we are now, impeachment articles set to be transmitted to the senate, we don't know exactly when that will happen. a senate trial within take place , likely happening in the opening days of a joe biden administration and when that trial happens here's who will be managing the impeachment process on the floor of the house for
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the house, the democratic impeachment managers as appointed by nancy pelosi include jamie raskin, a lead impeachment manager and a democratic constitutional scholar. the rest of the list includes congresswoman diana degette, representative david cicilline, joaquin castro, eric swalwell is on the list as well, ted lieu of california, joni goosed and a madeleine dean. the lead impeachment manager there from maryland, here are some of his comments from the floor yesterday and you might hear them repeated in the lead up to the senate trial whenever it happens. >> smashing windows and beating police officers over the head, a bloodthirsty mob attacked the capital and invaded this congress last wednesday.
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they erected a gallows and repeatedly chanted hang mike pence. they stormed speaker pelosi's office yelling where's nancy. they branded the cover -- confederate battle flag, wounding dozens, hospitalizing dozens, killed five of our people and for six hours they shut down the counting of electoral college votes. our sacred process under the constitution for a peaceful transfer of power in the united states. they may have been hunting for pence and pelosi, but everyone of us in this room right now could have died. as senator lindsey graham said, the mob could have blown the building up, they could have killed us all. and now the far light is calling for a return engagement january 17 to january 20, they are asking the president to pardon the conspirators last week -- from last week's rampage as they
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foment a race war next week and it's a bit much to be hearing that these people would not be trying to destroy our government and kilis if we just weren't so mean to them. well, despite the floor leader's desperate efforts to polarize this body and nation along party lines, it's the chair of the republican conference who best articulated what happened in a statement yesterday and i recommend every american read this. liz cheney of wyoming, the elected chair of the republican conference, "the president summoned this mob, summoned this mob -- assemble this mob and assembled the flame of this attack. none of this would have happened without the president. the president could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence and he did not. there has never been a greater pretrial of the president of the united states.
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an additional 10 seconds? >> additional 10 seconds. >> never a greater betrayal. read her statement. let's come together and impeach the president for this high crime against the public. we don't have a minute to spare, he's a clear and present danger to the people. congressman -- host: congressman jamie raskin. he mentioned liz cheney, the number three republican in the house, one of those who cross the aisle and voted for the impeachment of president trump yesterday. here are some other statements from the other nine republicans who joined her in voting for impeachment. adam kinzinger, one of the most outspoken about supporting impeachment, the congressman from illinois saying it was a sobering moment
7:38 am
host: his tweet, yesterday, 45 minutes, about the same time that boat was taking place in the house on impeachment. 10 republicans joining all democrats yesterday on one article of impeachment, incitement of insurrection.
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bennett, maryland, your next, go ahead. >> thank you for taking my call. listening to that speech, it's very difficult. it's so hyperbolic when they take the worst aspects of the day and the pictures that we see on the internet are men taking selfies and certainly the day was terrible. but that was not by far the worst aspect of that day. the worst thing that happened that day was donald trump demanding pence to test the constitution. none of that was spoken about. during the impeachment. it was simply about how trump incited an insurrection which, obviously he did not attempt to do such a thing. obviously he was a sore loser,
7:40 am
for one, trying to pressure mike pence to exert some power that he didn't even have. he did not intend for this to get out of control, for sure. the basis for the impeachment is mostly political because it doesn't even target, in my opinion, i suppose the most important aspects of the events. host: what would you do as a member of congress? you are clearly concerned with that aspect. what would be the appropriate response from congress? caller: i don't disagree with impeachment, but i think sensor would've been appropriate as well. i don't like the hyperbolic nature of the, of the discussion. listening to c-span is difficult, i tell people please, don't listen to editorialized
7:41 am
news as you are basically going to get enraged and that's going to lead to facebook battles. but the problem when you listen to people like jamie raskin or a lot of people on the republican side, quite frankly, is if you are not aware of things that happened, then you are going to be emotionally triggered just as you would if you were to watch fox or cnn. host: do you find it helpful to listen to the opinions of other americans on this program? caller: yeah, there are certain ways in which i'm encouraged. one of the callers this morning, clearly they sound something like my mother, was very angry and filled with hate and i just, i have very little hope right now for the country because, you know, the people are so, so hateful towards those that they
7:42 am
assume think differently. that's because they get their source of information, their information from alternative sources. host: that's bennett, maryland. greg, good morning. caller: this impeachment is a joke. the first one was a joke. they've been trying to get this man from the beginning. you can ask anybody that knows me, 2018 was the beginning of the end, when they put all the tallow heads and everything else in congress. host: all right. we will try to hold the insults. robert, democratic line, go ahead. caller: good morning. the great american experience ideal was a complete failure. the branches of government are supposed to work separately, but
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you have two governments working against one, that's a failure. when hamilton and jefferson, the founders of this country, jefferson and john adams, they fought like dogs. john adams, he gave jefferson his chance and gave free rein and passed on. the metro college vote, that was to make sure we didn't get a tyrant. all the people voted and it was a very bad vote. the electoral college, it's their job. we have people now like lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell, josh hawley, ted cruz, rand paul, jim jordan, he needs to buy a jacket. and kennedy from louisiana. they ought to be ashamed of themselves, running this country into the ground like that.
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this is a failure. the country was founded from the separation between church and state. they can come up and fight and run for office but we should be subtracting those numbers from them because they are not doing their jobs. host: that's robert in massachusetts. he mentioned lindsey graham. a front-page story, looking inside the final days of the trump white house amid the second impeachment, they spend a decent amount of time focusing on the role lindsey graham is playing. here's a little bit from that story. one of trump's a few confidantes these days is lindsey graham, who broke with the president last week over attempts to overturn the election only to be welcomed in to the president's good graces a couple of days later
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host: that from that "washington post" story, the headline, trump is isolated and angry in his
7:46 am
final days in office. dana, green cove springs, florida, republican, good morning. caller: good morning and thanks for c-span. i watch you guys a lot and i was watching at the day that trump gave his speech. everything was peaceful, i was watching greta cover it. they were already riding before trump ended his speech. the democrats know this happened. they know it was set up. the ones already arrested, how come they won't say what group they are from? they are keeping it quiet. trump did nothing wrong. i'm sorry, he didn't. look at democrats. we just had the vice president to be on cold air's show to say that they should not stop, they will not stop, and they will continue this. where's the outrage for that?
7:47 am
that's an incitement to violence there. where's maxine waters? we have been attacked since trump has been in office. we are racist. if ucs in a restaurant, get out there and get in our face? why is the democrats against that? you don't hear it, do you? they all stick together. what about hollywood holding up the head of the president? what about them shooting him in the head, the play? your other caller was correct. you need to go back and show everything that has been done to this man. not just him, but his wife, his family. has trump done things and said things that we all don't agree with him don't like? yeah, he has. tell me what human being has not . tell me things obama has done that everybody agreed with. he's just a god, right?
7:48 am
this has not stopped. antifa is coming after the democrat party, soon as they don't do what they want. and they know george soros is behind this. why aren't they after this man? go ahead. host: it was yesterday that congressman cometh mccarthy, leader of house republicans, said there is no evidence that antifa -- caller: he lied to. i watch one news. the police there, they got them in jail. why aren't we being told where these groups are from? host: you don't believe the republican leader of the house? caller: no, i do not. host: baltimore, good morning. caller: good morning, john. and fellow c-span viewers. i talked to you last month, if you recall, and i said we were headed for a civil war.
7:49 am
well, we are in the midst of it. i'm going to tell you, i'm a first generation ghetto child from detroit. i'm 81 years old and i can see, yesterday was an abomination on this country. without a trial, congress can impeach a president on nothing more than what they perceived as a speech. now that speech that president trump gave could be taken anyway you want to take it. you heard what you wanted to hear. they heard what they wanted to hear. i'm reminded of the merchant of venice, who demanded his pound of flesh. at least he just wanted a pound. these democrats in congress, along with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they want
7:50 am
everything. they are going to take this country to oblivion. i can see it as plain as the nose on my face. what they did yesterday was not bring this country together, but intentionally rend it, to tear it apart, to make it as communist as it can be. we have no representation. it's very sad. i am so sad. remember the merchant of venice. he lost everything. these democrats think they are going to gain something from what they did yesterday? they are sadly mistaken. there are good democrats out there who think straight, who don't believe all this rhetoric they are hearing and they can see where our country is headed. host: maxine, michigan. 10 minutes to 8 a.m. this morning, promised you at the
7:51 am
beginning of the program that we would be looking for your text messages and tweets as well, let me just run through a few of those. staying in michigan, this is david, who lives in fred upton's district, one of the republicans who voted for impeachment yesterday. saying that the impeachment was a kangaroo court and goodbye, fred. ohio, the impeachment was necessary to keep future leaders from doing anything worse. this is the purpose of checks and balances. jeffrey from las vegas, i truly believe that the president earned his second impeachment and i hope he is found guilty and can never run for public office again. what he did was get five people killed. a liar is a lie, we must tell the truth. kathy from new jersey, witchhunt, congress needs to find something other than to do than attack the president over and over again. myrtle beach, every republican
7:52 am
voting for impeachment will never be elected to public office again, they are traitors. george, tennessee, "i noticed all 10 republicans were from blue states, so perhaps their vote was more for their own future than any convictions they have. the 10 republicans who voted for impeachment, one of those was not expected on the list going into yesterday. there was at least five republicans expected who had announced they would vote for impeachment but not on the list was tough -- congressman tom rice of south carolina. punch bowl news, the new website covering capitol hill news, they had this writeup about the politics of his vote for impeachment. "it was a shocker that leadership didn't see coming. trump won his district by 20
7:53 am
points and many people thought that his yes vote was a mistake but it wasn't. he said this in his statement wednesday evening, "it has been one week since so many were injured and the capital was ransacked and six people were killed, including two police officers, yet the president didn't address the nation to ask for calm, has not visited the injured or grieving or offered condolences and at the border he said his comments were perfectly appropriate. i have backed this president through thick and thin for years. i campaigned for him and voted for him twice, but this utter failure is an excusable." congressman tom rice, republican of south carolina in that statement yesterday. we are spending this morning on "the washington journal" getting your reaction to the impeachment vote yesterday. phone lines for democrats, republicans, and independent, tom rice and that statement talking about his concern over a lack of an address from the
7:54 am
president. that statement coming before the president released about a five-minute address yesterday evening in the wake of that impeachment vote. we want to play the statement for you in its entire -- entirety. [video clip] >> my fellow americans, i want to speak to you tonight about the troubling events of the past week. as i have said, the incursion on the u.s. capitol struck at the very heart of our republic. it angered and appalled millions of americans across the political spectrum. i want to be very clear, i unequivocally condemned the violence that we saw last week. violence and vandalism have no place in our country and no place in our movement. making america great again has always been about defending the rule of law, supporting the men and women of law enforcement, and upholding our nation's most sacred traditions and values. mob violence goes against
7:55 am
everything i believe in and everything our movement stands for. no true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. no true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great american flag. no true supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow americans. if you do any of these things, you are not supporting our movement, you are attacking it and you are attacking our country. we cannot tolerate it. tragically over the course of the past year, made so difficult because of covid-19, we have seen political violence spiral out of control. we have seen too many riots, too many mobs, too many acts of an timid asian and destruction. it must stop. whether you are on the right or on the left, a democrat or a
7:56 am
republican, there is never a justification for violence. no excuses, no exceptions. america is a nation of laws. those who engaged in the attacks last week will be brought to justice. now i am asking everyone who has ever believed in our agenda to be thinking of ways to ease tensions, calm tempers, and help to promote -- promote peace in the country. there has been reporting that additional demonstrations are being planned in the coming days. both here in washington and across the country. i have been briefed by the u.s. secret service on the potential threats. every american deserves to have their voice heard in a respectful and peaceful way.
7:57 am
that is your first amendment right. but i cannot emphasize that there must be no violence, no lawbreaking, and no lawbreaking of any kind. everyone must follow our laws and obey the instructions of law enforcement. i have directed all necessary resources to maintain order. in washington, d.c. we are bringing in thousands of national guard members to secure the city and ensure that a transition can occur safely and without incident. like all of you i was shocked and deeply saddened by the calamity at the capital last week. i want to thank the hundreds of millions of incredible american citizens who have responded to this moment with calm moderation and grace. we will get through this
7:58 am
challenge, just like we always do. i also want to say a few words about the unprecedented assault on free speech we have seen in recent days. these are tense and difficult times. the efforts to censor, cancel, and a our fellow citizens are wrong and they are dangerous. what is needed now is for us to listen to one another. not to silence one another. all of us can choose by our actions to rise above the rancor and find common ground and shared purpose. we must focus on advancing the interests of the whole nation, delivering the miracle vaccines, defeating the pandemic, rebuilding the economy, protecting our national security , and upholding the rule of law.
7:59 am
today i'm calling on all americans to overcome the passions of the moment and joined together as one american people. let us choose to move forward united for the good of our families, our communities, and our country. thank you, god bless you, god bless america. host: that was president trump last night after the second impeachment of his presidency. a reminder about that first impeachment 13 months ago, it was december 18 of 2019, the president impeached on two charges then, abuse of power and obstruction of congress. back then there were three democrats who voted against one or both of those impeachment articles and one independent who voted for the impeachment articles. yesterday it was all democrats voting for the article of
8:00 am
impeachment on incitement of insurrection and they were joined by 10 republicans. it's 8:00 on the east coast and we are taking your calls throughout this morning and for the next two hours we will continue to chat with you, getting your reaction to this second impeachment of president we will put those numbers on your screen as we turn to scott wang joining us to talk about the next steps. tickets through the steps of how this works from transition of the articles to what we know about the timing of the senate trial. guest: there had been some debate that nancy pelosi and the democrats would transmit the article of impeachment. that single article, incitement of insurrection. james clyburn has advocated to
8:01 am
try to delay until joe biden could establish his administration. also, get his top officials confirmed through the senate. the consensus now among democrats seems to be to do this as quickly as possible. i'm hearing the article could be transmitted in the coming days, perhaps even today even. democrats huddled last night in nancy pelosi's office. the nine impeachment managers. it seems like they want to move this as quickly as possible. they want to send this to the senate. impeachment managers will be working through the weekend to develop their game plan. there is still a number of outstanding questions. it looks like things will be moving very quickly.
8:02 am
host: what do we know at this point of the count on the republican side, how many republicans do we expect to cross the aisle with 10 in the house? will it be that number or more in the senate? guest: hard to say at this point. the most significant development that happened last night was mitch mcconnell -- according to the new york times, mitch mcconnell is leaning towards convicting the president. he sent a letter to his republican colleagues yesterday after the house impeach the president saying he has not made up his mind. he is leaving that door open to convicting the president. if mcconnell votes to convict the president or signal fact to his republican conference, that will provide cover for the rest
8:03 am
of the republicans to vote for conviction. they would need is 17 republican votes in order to convict, at a minimum. that is a pretty high bar. we only saw a few vote for conviction including mitt romney, the republican from utah. this is a different scenario. the capital itself in the united states editors themselves were under attack in this siege. the representative said it was incited by the president's words before the rally at the white house. this is a very personal act of violence against members of congress. each of them it was on the floor that day. they had to flee for safety. they understood what was at stake.
8:04 am
they understood the process they were engaged in. that they were certifying under the constitutional duty, certifying the election of joe biden. for many of these senators, it is very personal. it hits very close to home. host: it would take 17 republicans to convict with that two thirds majority needed. that is if all 50 democrats vote to convict as well. has there been any indication that any democrats might not vote for conviction, especially like moderates like joe mansion -- joe manchin. guest: we will have to watch him very closely. he has a lot of power in this 50-50 split senate with this georgia democrats that will be sworn and pretty soon. we don't know.
8:05 am
that's why i said at least 17. that is a pretty high bar for people to break with their party. anything is possible at -- as we have seen in this past week. there are a number of questions out there. mitch mcconnell said yesterday that they will not come back into session until january 19. despite democrats wanted to push this process forward as quickly as possible, mitch mcconnell and the senate will not come back until january 19. that is donald trump's last full day in office as president. tom cotton of arkansas has raised a constitutional question about whether you could even impeach a former sitting president? that is a legal question that senators will beat wrestling with in the coming days. as this process charges forward.
8:06 am
host: any other interesting senators that viewers should watch the story lines that are planning out in the background of this second impeachment? guest: right around the inauguration will be critical. joe biden and his incoming administration want to hit the ground running. especially in light of how bad the coronavirus situation is with a record number of debts happening every single day. there is a concern among many democrats that the first week of his administration will be consumed by impeachment. it was just one year ago we were in the same situation. it was a much simpler time. there's a concern impeachment
8:07 am
could bog down his agenda, his 100 day agenda. his government as they try to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, and joe biden -- how they could expedite that trial. some people, some democrats have argued you don't need witnesses in this case because there is so much video evidence of what has transpired. we all know what happened. we saw what the president said. we saw how minutes later the capitol was attacked. that is all you really need. you young need to go through a lengthy trial. these are some of the questions and debates that will be happening in the coming days. host: overlooking the senate
8:08 am
park, we can see the controls of national guards, troops armed with weapons and they patrol around the fence. that is the view from up here. take us inside the building. we showed some of the videos you took of the capitol police officers. one has it been like for you as a reporter these past seven days? guest: it has been extremely trying. as i wrote in the piece yesterday on the the capitol is a community. we spent countless hours there. trying to interview and get information from lawmakers during key moments in terms of legislation moving forward this
8:09 am
past year when it was coronavirus relief legislation. everyone from police officers, food workers to the people who clean the building every day. it really is a community. as i talked to a lot of people in the building, it wasn't just an attack on democracy on january 6. it wasn't just an attack on the legislative branch. it was an attack on this community that exists. that really holds that building in high esteem at high respect. it was a pretty jarring scene yesterday to see. thousands of national guard troops staked out in that building. preparing for any sort of potential violent threat in the future. there were troops you saw from pictures sleeping on the floor.
8:10 am
tried to get any sort of rest that they could. as i was walking up from the capital yesterday, they were trying to get a strategy in real time. they were informing some of the troops, this is where you should be station. i will move some other personnel over here on this corner. this has really been unprecedented. it was quite a sight to see yesterday. host: before we let you go and start your day, what do we know about when these investigations into the breakdowns that happened on january 6, when will those take place? guest: i think they are already
8:11 am
underway. there will be numerous investigations. there all -- already doj, fbi investigations happening. we have seen dozens of arrests across the country. people that have not only broken into the building but had stolen materials. they could've stolen mail, laptops, raw weapons into the building. another point i would make is there are multiple letters of investigation. we have now democrats controlling the house and senate . you can anticipate there will be rigorous investigations. they are trying to sort out at the moment which committees will hold jurisdiction. there are some calls for a 9/11 style look back at how we got here. that will be a more
8:12 am
comprehensive in-depth investigation. there's cultural democrats including mikey cheryl from new jersey about whether any of these rioters had been corresponding with republican lawmakers themselves in the days leading up to january 6. there seems to be some suggestion that there were towards being given by members of congress or staff for these rioters -- would be rioters the day in advance of the attack. that is something mikey cheryl has sent a letter to the top security officials were -- requesting some kind of investigation. there will be tons of video surveillance in the capital itself of the people not only who are there on january 6 but
8:13 am
also of any visitors that might have been coming through the capital in the days in advance. towards have been completely closed during the pandemic. it would be pretty easy to see who had access to the building. host: scott is a group -- congressional reporter, thanks for being so good to us and our viewers throughout all of this and all the time you have given us. thanks so much. guest: thank you, john. host: back to your phone calls this morning. it is your phone calls all morning long as we get your reaction to the vote to impeach president trump yesterday. the second impeachment of pelt -- president trump. caller: trump, for all his talking still has not conceded.
8:14 am
the lie about the fraudulent election has not been refused. think about what would've happened if hostages had been taken? think what would've happened if -- instead of troops surrounding the inauguration there would be unification and hope for the next administration for dealing with what america faces. why is he saying what he is saying now? host: what did you think of that five-minute message he released last night? caller: it is only the threat of consequences that has made him change his discussion. joe biden is our next president. host: this is seth in fayetteville, tennessee. caller: i was kind of concerned
8:15 am
about -- trump got impeached first time, i don't get why they want to come after him and stuff like that. i know it was because of the mobs and stuff like that. why was the first time him getting impeached, what was it for? host: it was two charges the first time. it was obstruction of congress was the second charge. the first charge in that impeachment vote was abuse of power stemming from the phone call with ukrainian president. caller: right.
8:16 am
i fred hope for america -- pray and hope for america. i hope we could get together. i want america to be great. i really hope it does. we could all be one again one day. host: ones last time america was great? caller: i'm 20 years old. i've heard a lot about ronald reagan and stuff like that. i heard he was pretty good. any other opinion and economy and stuff like that. that's the last time i think i've heard a being as good as it could possibly be. host: that is seth.
8:17 am
are you with us? have to stick by your phone. this is bernard in atlanta. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i for one am definitely in favor of the impeachment. as a person who has worked in the community and has kids of my own, the question i have for those who voted against impeachment, how could you watch what i watched on television about eight days ago, most of you guys were laying on the floor. some of you probably pooped in your pants. forget politics. how could you as a man
8:18 am
specifically look in the face of your own children and will one day look back on this in history and say you didn't have the backbone to step up and do the right thing as a human being. one of the first things i learned about freedom of speech was very simple. freedom of speech does not give you the right to sit in a theater and yell flight. what they did was much more than sit in the theater and yell fire. they were not assembled at the capital. it was under his voice that learned him to that place. forget politics, how anyone could look at that and not stand
8:19 am
up right now as a sworn person to uphold the duties of the constitution. how could you look in the face of your own kids because you did not do the right thing at this moment? host: one of those members of congress who has been in the spotlight quite a bit, senator josh hawley of missouri has a column in the southeast missouri and about why he objected to that. he writes last week i objected during the joint session counts of electoral votes in order to have a debate on the issue of election integrity. my objection proceeded according to the letter of the statute, which specifically permits debates and follows the tradition of congress.
8:20 am
they had lodged objections in the same forum over the last three decades. democrats objected after the elections of 2000, 2004, 2016. every time a republican has won the white house in the last 30 years. it was in their rights to do so. the joint session is a forum where concerns about election could be raised, debated, and ultimately resolved with a bow. when democrats objected they were praised. in 2005 when they objected to counting ohio's electoral votes, nancy pelosi praised the objection. anyone who objected has been called an insurrectionist. sadly much of the media and members of the washington establishment one of them thinking those who raise concerns inciting violence, that is false. the allegation itself is corrosive and dangerous. josh hawley's column out today
8:21 am
if you want to read it. floyd from jonesville, virginia, a republican, you are next. caller: thanks for taking my call this morning. i hope everybody has a pencil and piece of paper. i do think trump was a little bit late on giving his speech. i think it is wrong what people have done going to the capital. that absolutely was wrong. the democrats did a bad thing, trying to rub salt in the republicans eyes. they should be trying to get together and make peace. he was sleeping with the chinese.
8:22 am
let me give you a website -- one man called in and said -- host: are you administer a venture? -- a minister of that church? caller: i am not. i don't attend in person. i intend on the website there. it is really good, it is every day. it is seven days a week. you will hear about what russia and china seeks to do to us. they are fixing to come against us. host: that is floyd, in virginia. this is juanita.
8:23 am
caller: i kind of have -- as with all new presidents, i hope to give president the benefit of the doubt when he started out. it looks as if he has a nice family and so forth. as he began the preliminary debates with the other republican candidates, i became more and more disenchanted by him. he bullied and treated people terribly. this was not a man i wanted to be my president. i don't think things improved any over the years. if other people listen to him claiming he won a major victory and it was fraudulent and he
8:24 am
thinks votes were stolen from him. there is violence and also verbal violence. you are intelligent enough to know that this kind of abuse and untrue rhetoric will lead to serious trouble. if you are not smart enough, you better go back and become smart enough. having said all of that, i have very mixed feelings about impeachment. i want there to be secret service and protraction -- protection for melania trump and her son baron. they did not deserve to have all of this brought down on them. one of the things i really regret, i blame president trump for this, melania trump had a message about bullying. having been the victim of
8:25 am
bullying i was very interested in. he destroyed whatever witness she might've had. he was the biggest bully of them all. i feel very badly that we did not get to know melania trump better. i thank you for taking my call. i pray for our country every day. god bless america. god bless all of you. host: this is teresa in a new york. a republican, good morning. i have a question. could this inauguration be postponed because there is so many investigations going on with what happened at the
8:26 am
capital and when the investigation started going on in the capital? it is our mitt -- is our military investigated and everything? even the election, everything that happened this past year with the rioting and everything? is everything being investigated? i know they say everybody at the capital is being investigated. what about the people in congress? are they all being investigated? i know a lot of people would like to know in this country. host: on postponing the
8:27 am
inauguration, the 20th amendment of the constitution that set the date, the terms, at noon of the 20th day of january. caller: that got postponed. during all of the investigations that are going on, could they be postponed so the american people could find out the whole truth about everything? host: that would take another amendment to amend the 20th amendment for that to happen. you bring up the police presence in the city. we have sown you -- shown you some of the pictures -- it was
8:28 am
added conference yesterday that they spoke about the national guard presence. we want to play you a portion of that press conference. >> those numbers are final numbers. the following numbers will be provided from the united states secret service. i think you could expect to see upwards of beyond 20,000 members of the national guard. host: back to your phone calls this morning. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i appreciate c-span giving the american people the opportunity to speak. i think president trump should be impeached. he has exploited a situation
8:29 am
that exists in america. there's not resources in this country for us to be able to take care of all of the social issues. trump and the people in the background, the elite have pitted poor people against poor people. there are reasons they have been in the situation that they are in. they are bringing in trillions of dollars. they are hoarding type of money. if this was able to be circulated throughout this economy, there's no reason we would not have health care. at least some sort of an assistance type income to make sure people could live at a human level. it is really how the government -- what are we fighting for?
8:30 am
we have a military budget -- we spend more money on military than every other nation combined. we are leaving -- living in a legalized insane asylum. it is hard to understand why the people who are actually manipulating all of this don't see that by circulating this, that it would change all of this. we are fighting for the same thing. what happens is they have manipulated it into one tight -- one side thinks it is the other side's fault. host: this is jennifer in louisiana. good morning. caller: good and thanks to you and c-span for allowing us the opportunity to voice our opinion. as the other caller stated, i feel like we have been in turmoil for the last four years.
8:31 am
the woman from south carolina mentioned that in the beginning from trump she was willing to give him the opportunity. i have done the same thing. i want the american people to know that i am exhausted from these last four years. i would like to say he needs to be impeached. something must be done. we cannot leave this and think it will go away. it remains under the rug until you finally get rid of the dirt, thank you. host: anna in oklahoma, good morning. go ahead. caller: hello. i have come across an opinion in the "washington post." it was in there on january 12. the author served as a judge
8:32 am
on the u.s. court of appeals. the first paragraph he writes is the fears that even the house of representatives could impeach this president, the senate trial on that impeachment would not begin until after he has left office. president-elect biden will become president on january 20. the senate trial would be unconstitutional. he references the portion of the constitution that says the sequencing of the house impeachment proceedings before his departure from office. followed by a senate impeachment trial perhaps months later raises the question of whether a former president could be impeached after he leaves
8:33 am
office. the constitution itself answers this question clearly. he cannot be, once trump's term ends, the congress loses its constitutional authority to continue impeachment proceedings against him, even if the house has already approved articles of impeachment. host: i remember reading that as well. i would note there is some debate on that including in the pages of the washington post today. the professor at harvard university law school writes in his column today. he disagrees with that assessment you were just saying. he says the constitution references impeachment in six places but nowhere answers the question that you raise. article one, section three comes closest, instructing the judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further then to
8:34 am
removal from the oval office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor. the divisibility was first established by the senate during the 1862 trial of the federal turned confederate judge, wes humphrey. during the 1936 trial, he says former officers may no longer be removed upon conviction of two thirds vote. that has no word on whether exxon officers maybe barred. that judgment would require no more than majority vote including otherwise disqualification power from the constitution. if the impeachable officer became immune from trial any official seeing conviction as imminent could easily remove the prospect of disqualification simply by resigning moments
8:35 am
before the senate anticipated verdict. i reject you to know that there is a disagreement on this point. caller: who says which one is correct? host: that is not up to me to decide. i guess higher powers. caller: the president was impeached legally. -- illegally. he said words of peace. he said we will walk down to the capital peacefully and cheer the members on. that would not incite me to riot . this judge, he speaks from
8:36 am
article two, section four of the quonset touche and -- constitution. should be removed on treason, bribery, and other high crimes. in the constitution article one, section three provides judgment in cases of impeachment shall not exclude further than removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor. host: i think that debate is going to continue here in the coming days and weeks. those are the constitutional debates that are happening right now in real time. when it comes to the senate trial we talk about 17 republicans needed to get that two thirds vote for conviction if all 50 democrats stayed together and vote for conviction
8:37 am
, eric watson of bloomberg news with this tweet quoting jim clyburn from his npr interview. he said there aren't 17 republican votes needed to convict trump in the senate. it becomes a numbers game at this point if president trump is to be convicted. that conviction needs to come first before a separate majority vote would take place on whether he would be disqualified from a running for office in the future. dan, good morning. caller: i wanted to first of all congratulate you on being about the only media outlet that seems to allow views that are diverse. thank you for that. i guess i have a differing opinion about what is the purpose of this impeachment? it is clear it is not to remove the president.
8:38 am
he is going to be out of office before any kind of trial could even happen. what i believe it is, is voter suppression. it is an organized effort to suppress the 75 million people that did vote for trump and basically tell them it doesn't really matter what your vote is. we will impeach whoever you will act anyway. why even bother voting? your vote means nothing. host: this is kyle out of maryland, good morning. caller: if everybody could watch or listen to c-span an hour a day, we would be a lot better country. the previous caller, i think it is the opposite. the idea of these hearings and the impeachment will incite more interest from the 75 million
8:39 am
folks. i think it really has to do with what is right to do. this president from the beginning, the last two months challenged our election process. this president, when it was said that mike pence could overturn the election, i asked folks to think about this. these folks who invaded our capital would've ran into mike pence. they were chanting hang mike pence. they were chanting hang mike pence because donald trump had just told them and put that responsibility on mike pence to basically go against the constitution and somehow not certified the election. these folks who give these excuses that donald trump didn't say anything or do anything. if you didn't do anything, why were these folks hanging -- chanting hang mike pence? donald trump incited them to do that.
8:40 am
if they would've found mike pence in the capital, you would not be alive today. if they found nancy pelosi of the capital, she would not be alive today. this could gotten really bad if people had guns, bombs, this could've been a mass murderer in the middle of our capital. what scares me is the percentage of republicans after all of this still stand by and say this was ok to do. this is literally domestic terrorist. it is literally timothy mcveigh. they have an ax to grind with our constitution. they are anything but patriots. they are a threat to our democracy. i really hope when donald trump is gone, when you impeach him he could never run for federal office again. hopefully no matter what party you are on, 85% of us are down the middle.
8:41 am
these talkshow people and other folks making money up off the stuff they make hundreds of millions of dollars off dividing this country. i hope we could get back to being more simple -- civil, debating policies. trying to focus on making sure our country could be civil and we could move forward. host: there are republicans and speeding and speaking out against the president's actions. one of the groups is out with a new advertisement that is called the republicans for the rule of law. an antitrust group that put this out. i will talk to about some of the language in this ad. we will play this ad now.
8:42 am
[shouting] >> welcome to news today, the president is said to state -- take the stage. president trump: this election was stolen from you, from me. fraud. >> fraud. >> corrupt. president trump: we are going to the capital to your voices heard. >> we are coming in after them. this is our building. we will not stop. president trump: you will never take back your country with weakness. you have to show strength and be strong. >> we know the military is on our side. these people are ready to go. president trump: when you catch somebody, you are allowed to go by different rules. >> do i think biden will be in
8:43 am
office? no i do not. we will not allow it to happen. we will come together like our founding fathers. president trump: you will have an illegitimate president. it is time somebody did something about it. host: that ad from republicans for rule of law. taking your phone calls all morning long. caller: i have one way to solve the republicans concerns. i would order a full investigation. i would have them comprised of
8:44 am
just republicans. i would announce that fraud was found and could overturn this election. i would immediately step down. is everybody so sure that this is right, it will be brought out. if it isn't, i don't know what kind of gesture he could make for these people. i really don't. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i don't know where to begin. the night of the election, november 3, a lot of people were saying this would cause a lot of problems. we have mail-in ballots, even jimmy carter said that is an easy way to commit fraud.
8:45 am
i watched until 4:30 in the morning the night of the election. i saw some strange things happening. five of the battleground states stopped counting. why did they stop counting when every other state continue to count? one state said there was a water main break. host: what would it take for you to believe the results of the election? caller: i wanted that to go to court to show the evidence. host: what about the court cases? it did go to court and was dismissed. or than 50 times. caller: these people were afraid because of what is happening right now. the democrats said they would pack the courts. if you take up any cases, we
8:46 am
will pack the court they said. people were threatened. why weren't they allowed to show the evidence the night of the violence? i read trump's speech. i did not see a single thing in that speech that incited any violence whatsoever. i watched on c-span, i watch hearings, i watch all kinds of things. the mainstream media isn't close to what actually happened. people going into the capital they were strolling in. police officers just watching these people going into the capital. on the other side of the break,
8:47 am
people were ushering in. there was something very strange going on. the fbi knew that something was going to happen. i'm not sure which station, they knew something was going to happen. i said to myself, the vice president's in that capital. mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi, that place was not secure. host: this is mary in idaho falls, democrat, good morning. caller: there have been some nice people talking. i would like to appreciate them for their point of view. i would get my point of view. people lie. this world is a world of sin.
8:48 am
there is no truth. the truth is what a person says out of their mouth. if they say it, that is what it is. the impeachment, i would say he needs to be impeached. not only what he did that but what he always has been doing. , lying. this should be a law against those who live. if you lie in court, you pay a penalty for it. host: more from the debate yesterday on the floor of the house, this is congressman jeffries. >> i did not come to congress to impeach donald trump. the constitutional prime -- crimes by an out-of-control president inspired by his hatred
8:49 am
and the lies that he told cannot be ignored. donald trump is a living, breathing, impeachable offense. it is what it is. the violent attack on the u.s. capital was on an insurrection incited by donald trump. he is a clear and present danger to the health, safety, and well-being of the american people. that is why this impeachment is necessary for a second time with a bipartisan majority. violence will not win. insurrection will not win. terror will not win. lawlessness will not win. mob rule will not win. not today, not tomorrow, not ever. host: hakeem jeffries from new
8:50 am
york on the floor yesterday. >> arrests are being made in the anarchist are still high. in this moment we need to be focused on toning down the rhetoric. we've moved towards a peaceful transition of power. as well as all of the police officers who risk their lives to keep us safe. they are true heroes.
8:51 am
[applause] >> madams. it needs to stop all of us need to be unequivocal in calling it out every single time we see it. not just when it comes from the other side of the aisle. i oppose this rush to impeachment. the senate will not even take this up until president trump out of office. let's keep that in mind. it will only serve to further divided nation that is calling out for healing.
8:52 am
host: the votes work 232-197. 10 republicans joining all democrats. president impeached for a second time. james in north carolina, republican, you are next. caller: i would like to point out that george soros, zuckerberg, bloomberg, all paid for this. anybody could look it up. that is all they need to know. host: any thoughts on impeachment? caller: the impeachment. just like the first impeachment, it is what it is. your earlier caller called in, they need to look at their own party. host: this is joel in michigan, a democrat. caller: good morning, how are you doing this morning?
8:53 am
i think one of the things that needs to be taken into account is accountability. if trump gets away with what he has done, he got away with it the first time. he's above the law, he could do anything. he doesn't know the constitution. he put out the information that mike pence could overturn the election. he doesn't even know the constitution that he is sworn to protect. as far as that article on josh hawley and what he said, i would like to know whether -- i don't remember, in 2000, where there 60 court cases that were dissolved? the ag of that same party saying
8:54 am
there was no fraud. in 2004, 2017, what was being said? it is not the same. this year there were 60 court cases which were thrown out. the number of votes was really close. host: that is joel in the wolverine state. to the pine tree state. caller: thank you for taking my call, good morning. you asked the perfect question a couple callers back. host: what was that question? i have asked the couple today. caller: i'm sorry. i did not know if i was on. the question was who will you
8:55 am
believe? whoever saying the election is a fraud and rigged. who will they believe. the supreme court, they threw the case out. you had a caller say they didn't listen to the evidence. the supreme court listens to the evidence and threw it out. there was no case. they told giuliani, there is no fraud. i don't know everything. i'm just saying. who are they going to believe? that is my question to everyone. all of the republican congressman standing up yesterday spewing lies that this impeachment can't go on until he is after out -- until he is out of office.
8:56 am
host: this is donna, republican, good morning. caller: am i on? host: yes. caller: i am upset and appalled at all of the trap going on with the president of the united states. the liars that have called in. why don't you produce the lies he told instead of saying he just spews out lies. name the lies. name one. he has done everything he said he would do and then more. then you have nancy pelosi up there, this woman needs to be stopped. this woman is pure evil. 75 million of us are not going to go away. if we have to, we hope the president will break off and start a new party called the patriot party. we are all going with the president. guest: this is patrick, --
8:57 am
host: this is patrick, good morning. caller: the last caller said 75 million. well 84 million more americans disagree with her. the most important live being told is he won the election, he did not. he also said mexico is paying for the wall, they are not. two easy lies right there. there is a big problem with the conspiracy site qanon. you hear the site and everything they say. qanon has become such an influence on trump supporters, they could say two plus two equals cat and they would believe it. as long as qanon exists, we have to deal with this trumpism. like a cancer in this country.
8:58 am
that is all i have to say. host: patrick in virginia. patrick, you might be interested in c-span's q program -- q&a program. want to play a portion of this interview talking with c-span. she studies right-wing groups, specifically the proud boys. here's a bit of what she had to in that interview. >> what do adherents to these kind of groups, what kind of country do they envision? how do they realistically see getting there? >> that question asked us to go back and look at the history of this movement. we want to emphasize that we are decades, if not generations into this. the white power movement brings together klansmen, neo-nazis, some parts of the militia movement in the 1980's and 90's.
8:59 am
they have been at war with the federal government and the united states since the early 1980's. they have at various times advocated things. the fourth genocide. the use of chemical and biological weapons to eradicate the entire world. one important thing to remember is the nation is not necessarily do united states. white nationalism is often imagined as the area nation -- aryan nation. the apartment of homeland security has issued a report that shows not only our these groups, meaning white power extremists and militia movement groups the largest threat in the united
9:00 am
outstrip the threat of antifa and what the president calls the left, and the terrorism extreme. this is something our nation needs to address. >> how specific of this group gathered, since obviously no one is answering surveys and the like, how do we know? >> since the early 1980's, this movement has been using what it calls leadership -- leaderless -- it is what we identify as self-styled terrorism. one or a few activists would communication -- act toward central goals without communication with others or central leadership. that strategy did a number of different things.
9:01 am
it made it difficult for us to describe and document the white power movement doc you -- violence as it happened, because we hear a lot of stories about "lone wolves" when we are hearing movement motivated violence. it means there is not a great correlation between relative group size and violent activity. in other words, if you are trying to recruit 2000 people to march down main street, that's a different recruitment effort than trying to get six people to detonate a bomb. what we see is there is not a neat relationship between relative size of these groups and the frequency of violence that they carry out. instead, what experts are interested in looking at is the momentum of activism and activity. we can see it through smaller acts of violence but tends to lead up to larger mass casualty. host: appearing on c-span's q
9:02 am
and day program in october. you can see the entire program on an hour left in our program, getting your reaction to the house vote yesterday to impeach president trump, his second impeachment during his presidency, on the article of incitement of insurrection. debbie has been waiting in missouri, independent. go ahead. caller: hi. it seems like we have to look at the timeline. they need to get the security videos from the capitol. somebody high up wanted to prevent inquiry into the election to preserve and protect our election process. it seems very orchestrated. people were allowed into the ca pitol almost like a play act
9:03 am
early around 9:30 in the morning. i don't know if they made it up to the chamber. host: there are plenty of investigations underway, house and senate members promising those investigations, law enforcement investigations into the breakdowns that happened on capitol hill a little over a week ago. a very heavy security presence in the wake of that around capitol hill. we've told you about the seven foot high fence that has been erected around the capitol, within several yards, armed guards patrolling those gates, some on the others of the street from where we are on north capitol street on the north side of the capitol. we can see them out the window from our studio, and a heavy presence inside as well, as you have seen from some of the pictures. little rock, arkansas, richard,
9:04 am
republican. caller: thanks a lot. first of all, i hate it that everyone uses the word "liar." nobody has respect for anybody anymore. that's probably part of the problem. as far as the election, i washed about a day and a half of the georgia legislative -- watched about a day and a half of the georgia legislative conference and there were a lot of questions. the fbi and i guess secret service and everybody going after these people at the capital deservingly, i have no problem with that, but this summer we had 142 cities burned, 17 federal buildings broken into and damaged, countless numbers of police stations, and we had major -- mayors and councilman marching with these people. we had kamala harris raising money for milwaukee to get everybody out of jail. we are looking for all these
9:05 am
people, 100 people so far and going over tapes. how many people from those activities this summer have been followed up on and arrested? we have another section of town taken over. as far as your lady from chicago, i respect the people like that, but she sounded more like the severn poverty -- southern poverty. everyone who is not liberal they call a hate group. university of chicago was a basis. i am not saying she is not correct, that tends to be one side of the plate, but why is this attack on the capitol treated so differently than all the other attacks and everything, and all the people involved are suddenly 100 times worse than people who -- we had over 50 people killed in these riots. host: anthony in miller place, new york, democrat. caller: thank you for your articulate moderation, as
9:06 am
always. the wonderful people of c-span do an amazing job. i would like to give a little history, although i know i might not make sense. i remember back when there was this congressman jeffers or jefferson, he had gotten caught up in a sting, fbi sting whereby they found $75,000 of marked bills in his freezer. nancy pelosi to his defense to say the fbi had no right to orchestrate the search for his house, and to retrieve those moneys. when you put that into context of, this is jack abramoff's city, this is k street. they have basically undermined the american people for a very long time, and the chickens are coming home to roost on them. i saw c-span had shown me a hearing with senator johnson, who exposed that hillary clinton had actually been dealing yellow cake uranium at the test with
9:07 am
the russians at the same time she launched the russian hoax as a way to take attention off of her smashed blair back -- blackberries. host: fast-forward to 2021. caller: it's 2021. hillary clinton lost the election, and she sick her underlings, the fbi, on the president. it is kind of an autocracy. she was a sore luer and he -- loser and he perhaps is a sore loser. we need fingertip verification. i cannot trust it. much like our currency, we need faith in the process. host: w d out of georgia, republican. good morning. caller: thanks i call. i'm from georgia and everybody says there was no fraud in
9:08 am
elections don't know what they are talking about. one reason everything was turned down in georgia was because stacey abrams and the judge was kin to one another. host: what would it take for you to believe that joe biden fairly won the election? caller: joe biden didn't win the election. host: what would it take for you to believe that? what would you need to see? caller: i know he didn't win it. the vote was changed. and the mail-in ballots. stacey abrams had 6000 mail-in ballots. host: will you ever accept joe biden as the president? caller: i will never accept joe biden. he ain't nothing but a liar. he stole it from him. he don't know what he's doing. host: this is joe in northfield, new jersey, democrat. good morning. caller: how are you doing.
9:09 am
everybody in this country better take two steps back and screw their head on and look what is going on. the establishment is playing america. the parties are pitted against one another and the people. the people better wake up. this is a power struggle between both parties, and the people are losing the battle here. host: max, enid, oklahoma, independent. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i totally agree with the last caller, divide and conquer. i live in washington, d.c. i was in the house of representatives the first time three months ago. i was awestruck at the immensity of the building and security around that building was something i've never seen in my life. i was scared going in the building and i was invited into the building to do work. this is the thing -- i voted for biden. i didn't like trump ever, but
9:10 am
you can't censor people in the united states. it is going to cause problems. twitter, during the arab spring, boasted about the effectiveness of being able to incite the arab spring. the actually advertised on the fact that they were able to bring the arab spring to tunisia and several other places in the middle east. now, they are deeply in people for the same thing, free speech. this is complete hypocrisy. thank you for taking my call. host: theresa in wisconsin, republican, good morning. caller: i was giving a call in regards -- i am a republican and i did vote for donald trump -- i do believe that the things he has done for us have helped this country, but i did not appreciate how he handled the speeches and the things he said, but i do not believe he incited this at the capital, which was absolutely horrible.
9:11 am
i believe all violence is horrible, for whatever reason it is. i think that republicans would accept these things as well as the vote, if they see some proof and some fairness and some truth when it comes to the democrats and their party, and all the things that went on over the summer. it just never seems to have anything to prove these things to us. always, we are constantly, democrats constantly are saying everything that we did -- i should say that republicans did -- and they press charges, do whatever they need to do to make sure that trump is impeached and -- but when it comes to their side of things, it seems like it drops off the other side and
9:12 am
nothing happens to them. nothing really gets done. during the whole summer, people who did get arrested got let go that night and were out the next day. so we need some honesty when it comes to all of this and some proof. host: we have been looking for your text messages, tweets, facebook posts. i want to run through a few of those. this from an independent voter, jl in utah -- i vote my conscience eat cycle. i think that each cycle. i thank each and every member of congress. james from florida -- frustrated listening to some of these callers. i am 100% independent, voted for trump, but his untruthful nature turned me off. yes, he deserved to be impeached for his untruthfulness regarding the election and the capital riots with no doubt in my mind.
9:13 am
-- due process and the speaker bypassed it. perhaps he was guilty, perhaps not. without due process, we had political rhetoric not judicial fairness. steve saying -- convict in the senate, take away 45's access, it would be great if done in the senate and done soon. just some comments from social media. we would -- we have been showing you some of the debate that happened on the floor yesterday during the impeachment -- the impeachment debate that happened over the course of several hours. among them, it was a name that viewers got to know well from the first impeachment of president trump and 2019, congressman adam schiff. this is his comments from the floor yesterday. [video clip] >> one week ago, the president incited an insurrection against congress to prevent the peaceful
9:14 am
transition of power, the most dangerous moment for our democracy in a century. we invoke the remedies our founders provided, impeachment. we begin the long road to restoration. america has been through a civil war, world wars, a great depression, pandemics, mccarthyism, and now a trump best and white -- trumpist and white supremacist insurrection. when people threatened to overtake good, patriotic americans stuck -- stepped forward to say enough. this is one of those moments. you preserve this sacred place, the citadel of democracy for ourselves and posterity, let us say, enough, enough. host: california congressman adam schiff yesterday from the house floor. from the other side of the aisle , freshman congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. these were some of her
9:15 am
arguments. [video clip] >> madame speaker, i am against the impeachment effort by the democrats. president trump has held over 600 rallies in the last four years. none of them included assaulting police, destroying businesses, or burning down cities. democrats have spent all this time endorsing and enabling violent riots that left billions in property damage and 47 dead across the united states. democrats are on record supporting violence when it serves their cause. in their own words on social media, on interviews, and on fundraising platforms, act blue, democrats support defunding the police when it is someone else's city, someone else's home, and someone else's business. democrats will take away everyone's guns, just as long as they have guards with guns. democrats' impeachment of president trump today has now
9:16 am
set the standard that they should be removed for their support of violence against the american people. host: georgia republican freshman marjorie taylor greene tweeting out yesterday evening some comments from her interview late last night. she said -- on filing -- on january 21, i am filing impeachment for president joe biden. it is time to take a stand. i am proud to be the voice of republican voters that have been ignored. #impeached biden. #biden crime family. we will look at some of the headlines from around the country and newspapers from around the country. we will show those to you as we hear from sharon in gaithersburg, maryland, democrat. caller: yes. thank you, c-span, for taking my call.
9:17 am
this has been a rough four years. and it started off in the beginning when he took presidency and started bashing other countries, other people, other americans. me as a black american woman, if i did stand up in congress and disagree with my president, which i have the right to do, and for my president to tomi to go -- to tell me to go back to my country, disheartened me. he has done this numerous times when football players take a knee to support their interests in the harm that is going on, to call them sob's. he has degraded lots of americans, including republican
9:18 am
americans. he has a dishonest cabinet. which most of them have gone to jail. he has -- it goes on and on. and why somebody doesn't agree with this man, that they are fired or talked down to, or made fun of. host: a quick question. which cabinet members went to jail? caller: his cabinet members that were acquitted of fraud or trying to protect him. he has already pardoned all of them. host: this is marvin in new york, independent. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. one thing that hasn't been
9:19 am
brought up, and i'm curious, rudy giuliani says he has documented proof that thousands of dead people voted, thousands of people voted twice. they came from out of state to vote twice. i don't understand that. it may not be enough to turn the election, however it is the tip of the iceberg. they never investigated this. what happened with sidney powell and rudy giuliani when they said they had documented proof that thousands of dead people voted, thousands of people voted from out of state, where is this documented proof? there is an old expression saying don't kill the messenger, listen to the message. a lot of people don't like the message of trump -- host: what happened was they were allowed to make their claims in court, and over 50 courts around this country dismissed those cases. caller: but what happened was it wasn't dismissed on the merits. it was dismissed on the procedure. they didn't do it the correct
9:20 am
way. but they never listened to the evidence. they dismissed it on technicalities that it wasn't brought correctly, so they never was able to hear the documentation because again, the judges just undermined it and said, you are not bringing it right. it is procedure and we will not accept your procedures so you cannot present your evidence. host: this is rob in independence, missouri, independent. caller: i am sitting very close, not too far from where president truman was, and he had a sign on his desk that says "the buck stops here." that is the responsibility of every president that has ever been president, but i guess on trump's desk there is a sign that says "the buck never stops here are co-he is not
9:21 am
responsible for the pandemic, for the riot. he was about to bankrupt america if he got four more years and thank god he is gone. peach mint is a right remedy for what he has done, and mitch mcconnell has to call -- impeachment is a right remedy for what he has done, and mitch mcconnell has to call the senate back to continue with the impeachment. president trump is not a businessman, has no experience in politics, but because of the russian collusion and because of comey, saying something about hillary's emails, trump got into the white house. he never belonged there. he doesn't care about governance, doesn't know nothing about governance. the last thing is, i have a niece and nephew when they were little, my nephew would always blame his sister for everything that went wrong, and he was three years old.
9:22 am
he would say "but sarah." all of these people calling in and blaming black lives matter reminds me of my nephew who is two years old. my message is grow up. host: you mentioned mitch mcconnell, his role. this is the statement released by the majority leader in the senate yesterday on the issue of the senate trial following the impeachment vote yesterday in the house. the senate majority leader saying -- there's simply no way a fair and serious trial could conclude before president biden is sworn in next week. they have held three impeachment trials and they have lasted 83, 37, and 21 days respectively. even if the senate process where to begin this week, there would be no decision until after the president leaves office. the president stated -- the president-elect stated that his
9:23 am
inauguration is the quickest path to any change in our democracy and they should spend the next days focused on facilitating a safe inauguration and an orderly transfer of power to the incoming biden administration. ray, virginia, republican. caller: i want to say, why are we wasting time and money on trump when people are out of jobs, people are rioting in the streets? we need coronavirus vaccinations. and we are focusing on trump getting out of office. he is going to get out of office anyway. why are we doing this? i don't really understand. maybe you can explain. host: what i can tell you on the issue of people needing jobs, a new number out today on that front. here is some of the reporting, a big spike in unemployment claims last week, one point 2 million
9:24 am
people filed for unemployment benefits -- 1.2 million people filed for unemployment benefits. that is not for seasonally adjusted jobs. the reporter ben castleman reports another 284,000 people filed for pandemic unemployment existence. big numbers reported by "the new york times." those numbers always come out this time of the week. barry, cincinnati, ohio, independent. good morning. caller: good morning. i wasn't born a democrat or a republican. i was born an american citizen. this appalls me how our political regime has gone out of control. biden is a sympathizer to communists. he is a sympathizer to iran. it just disturbs me how much
9:25 am
money they've gotten from foreign countries to back up their illegal world. republicans have been locked down. i just don't understand it. i am a career veteran and this is absurd, absurd. by the people, for the people, united we stand, and that's the way we should be. but there is too much rivalry between republicans and democrats, and the democrats i personally believe, is a democratic mafia. host: how would you bring people together? what would be your suggestion? caller: i would say cut the house of congress in half and cut their pay by 25% so they can feel the heat the american workforce has, whether they are union or nonunion. herding over this political rivalry going on, -- hurting over this political bribery, and the people -- political rivalry,
9:26 am
and the people are the ones paying out. we have shed our blood across this earth for humanity. and it's ironic, it's sad. it really is. then we turn around and spend our money all over the world and half of it comes back to democrats and republican parties, like the $100 million what's her name, hilary got from iran. host: this is frank in pennsylvania, manheim, pennsylvania, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning, sir, and thank you for taking my call. yes, i do believe president trump should be impeached. it is long overdue. he was a gangster when he first got it. that is his attitude. i am wide open forever. i am not a prejudiced person, but as you can see in front of you is this white supremacy attitude, and i'm wondering,
9:27 am
where did they get the dog on things -- doggone things to climb the scaffolds on the white house? did they bring them with them? i do believe it was an inside job. host: this is bill, mobile, alabama, republican. caller: good morning. i was a student at the university of alabama 55 years ago, and a writer of the school newspaper, the cw crimson white. i decided to do an article on the ku klux klan so i went downtown. robert shelton, the head of the klan was there and i said, how's business? he said, business is terrific but we are -- and we are way up in membership. they are fbi agent. they know when the news people are coming down and do stuff to
9:28 am
make us look bad. why would they do that? he said, they are undermining us, making us look terrible. i don't know if this invasion of the capitol was done to make trump look bad, but most of the people walking in looked peaceful. host: to be clear, what are your feelings about the kkk? caller: it is a horrible thing and i am glad they are gone. but in those days, the people believed that the newspaper was like the weatherman. they just reported what went on. we didn't know the newspeople would coordinate with demonstrators and show up to have pictures made that were made-for-tv, or actually made for newspapers most of the time and sometimes for tv. host: this is david, denver, colorado, democrat. caller: good morning, john. i am supporting the impeachment
9:29 am
and here is why. from the day this president took office, he has simply failed to serve. he has failed to have the servants -- servant's mentality. he has failed to adhere to the most basic tenets of democracy, which from my perspective, you accept the results of an election. from day one, i didn't vote for him, but i wanted him to show growth. i wanted him to show he was willing to lead this country. shortly after he was inaugurated , there was an incident in portland where a white supremacist went after two muslim women, and two white guys
9:30 am
stood up to this white supremacist. he killed one of them and severely injured the other one, and i thought to myself, right there, that's the opportunity for president trump to honor these two men who stood up to the white supremacist. and we heard nothing from this president, nothing about that incident, nothing about honoring those men who stood up. and then you look at helsinki and portland, charlottesville, every major event that this country has faced, he has failed to stand up. most notably is covid-19, lying to us about the severity of it, encouraging americans not to take basic precautions to protect ourselves, not
9:31 am
encouraging us to be unified in fighting this virus, instead sowing division, and then failing to respect the election votes, undermining the votes of 80 some million people who voted for president biden. even after the vote, he and giuliani are working to still undermine the electoral college. host: we have about 30 minutes left in our program today on "washington journal." we have been talking about the impeachment. it now goes to the senate for the trial and a simple majority needed in the house, democrats exceeding that, 232 votes for impeachment of president trump on incitement of insurrection, 10 republicans joining democrats in that vote. we are taking your calls. for democrats, (202) 748-8000.
9:32 am
for republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 748-8002. in about a half an hour, we are going to ohio. governor mike dewine holding a news conference to discuss the presidential inauguration, protests expected in the state capitals around the country, specifically the ohio state capital. we will show you that live at 10:00 a.m. stay on the phone lines, continue to call in. i did want to show one more time , leading the debate on the house floor for democrats, nancy pelosi, this was her case for removing president trump from office. [video clip] >> this presidential election in november, and election the president lost, he has repeated -- repeatedly told lies about
9:33 am
the outcome, sewed self-serving doubt about the constitutionality, and sought to influence federal officials to appeal reality. then came the day of fire we all experienced. the president must be impeached, and i believe the president must be convicted by the senate. a constitutional remedy that will ensure the public will be safe from this man who was so recklessly determined to tear down the things that we hold dear, and that hold us together. it gives me no pleasure to say this, it breaks my heart. it should break your heart. it should break all of our heart. your presence in this hallowed chamber is testament to a love for our country, to america, and to your faith in the world of our founders, to create a more perfect union. those insurrectionists were not
9:34 am
patriots. they were not part of a political base to be catered to and managed. they were domestic terrorists and justice must prevail. but they did not appeal -- appear out of a vacuum. they were sent here by the president with words such as a cry to "fight like hell." words matter, truth matters, accountability matters. the president sowed the insurrectionists not as the foes of freedom they are, but the means to a terrible goal of him clinging to power, of 14 the will of the people. the goal of ending nearly two and a half centuries of our democracy. this is not theoretical. and this is not motivated bipartisanship. i stand before you today as an officer of the constitution, the
9:35 am
speaker of the house of representatives. host: speaker nancy pelosi yesterday on the house floor before that impeachment vote. an interesting story from " people" magazine, not on nancy pelosi's words but her outfit. they write -- without saying a word, she spoke volumes as she arrived at wednesday's house impeachment vote, wearing the same outfit she wore at the first impeachment. losey's office confirming it was the same outfit she wore when the house voted to impeach president trump on two articles. heard dark peace -- dark two-piece suit -- missing was a brooch, designed to symbolize a -- her sartorial chances -- choices have included white pants for the suffragists.
9:36 am
pat, coatesville, pennsylvania, you are next. caller: i needed to call. i have been listening every day to trump supporters and i want to let them know how ridiculous they sound. i am 65 years old and have voted in every election. when i vote, i give my name, they look it up in a book, and give me my ballot. this has to be how everybody votes. how can somebody say they bust people in? that is ridiculous. in pennsylvania, there was voter fraud. a republican asked for a ballot for his dead mother and voted. he was caught. the next thing is how they say fake news. look at some history. with all authoritarian regimes throughout history, started with getting rid of the free press. there's a reason why it is in our constitution.
9:37 am
you need to have a free press for a democracy to thrive. when i look at all the news reporting from all of trump's antics, they report what trump did or said. they are saying it is fake news. it is on film. i have heard people say, he did not say that, and they say the film is fake. get real, people. this is crazy. with the covid, he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. he knew it was dangerous. the bob woodward tape, he said it was worse than the flu. it is in the air, bob. you can wash off surfaces but it is in the air. and he still didn't support the one thing that we need to do is have everybody keep their spittle to themselves. host: this is david in the
9:38 am
pelican state, republican, good morning. caller: hello? host: go ahead. caller: i am from independence, louisiana. a caller from ohio who said he was a career veteran, it made me think about what he said some of us traveling the world and spilling our blood for all the people in the world. it made me think about how when i was young, they traveled to the other side of the globe to stop communism getting a foothold, or socialism taken over countries, but here in washington, d.c., it really just doesn't matter if we become like that. they was going to ask me to sacrifice my life and die fighting for communism. i would like to say something else because i have been on hold for a long time, it is tough to concentrate. there are two realities.
9:39 am
the one reality that the normal people live in, and then there is the reality that is created by you tv people. the news people are the same as politicians. they are in news administration and half of them is lawyers anyway. host: this is jerry in sauer lake, texas, democrat. caller: yes. what a coincidence having a giant rally on the same day they're going to vote for a peaceful transfer of power. also, the first impeach -- impeachment, they produced evidence. someone stood up, tabled the motion. it was voted on and dismissed. every time. thank you. host: eddie out of lake,
9:40 am
independent. -- l.a., independent. caller: good morning. i am just sitting here listening to the american citizens and it is really sad that we've let a handful of sociopaths and psychopaths -- and that's who our government is. any times you can be 20 years in a country that didn't invade you, they are making money off of wars and making money off of us being split, and it is sad it doesn't matter who gets in office. we all get screwed. we have to get the pepsi and 7-up team. we have got to come together. they are pitting us against one another. we are trying to kill off each other and we are in the same boat. host: perhaps you've heard this of the capitol police officer eugene goodman, who faced down
9:41 am
protesters, the rioters who broke in on the senate side, was chased up the senate staircase and led protesters not towards the then unlocked doors of the senate chamber, but away from them, towards the help of fellow officers. his name now familiar as one of the heroes from last week on capital hill during the capital. -- during the siege of the capital. new legislation introduced in the house to give the congressional gold medal the u.s. capitol police officer eugene goodman. we will see what comes of that in the days to come, and if there is a ceremony. lauren, winston-salem, north carolina, democrat. caller: good morning, how are you? host: well. caller: very good. i don't care -- and i hate to put it this way -- if jesus christ came down and handed
9:42 am
every one of the republicans who are drunks -- trumpters a ballot and say, trump did not win. i am afraid republicans would not believe him. it is so sad when you are dealing with close minded people who say that their people vote. tell me how that is even possible. that doesn't even make sense. and for the president to sit up and say that, this is a fraud, this didn't happen, we are dealing with somebody who has dealt with putin, who infiltrated into our voting system. nobody's talking about that. he is just a modern-day mob, he is a gangster, and for all of those who stand behind him, let them go down with the gangster. host: this is jesse in
9:43 am
salisbury, north carolina, republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i tell you, [indiscernible] they didn't impeach him the first time. they went through the court process and [indiscernible] president trump is the best president we have had in this country in many years. the democrats has had it so long, they want the power so long, and now they have run as here -- running scared. they need to run scared. you know what i mean? they is done with the heydays. we are going to wait -- going to war in a hand basket. host: joseph in fairfax, virginia, independent. caller: i am a resident of the washington metropolitan area and it has been culminating for the
9:44 am
past four years. everything trump has said, he should be held accountable along with those who have helped stoke the fires over the last four years. i would -- agree with what the lady is saying, all of this culminated with russia interference as well. when you look at it, who benefits from america's destruction? fighting against each other, and with the upcoming future, it is disturbing for the new generation. host: should president trump be responsible and those who have helped stoked the fire, who are you referring to and what should happen? caller: his supporters over the last four years, even the flip floppers. the majority speaker for the republicans should be held accountable because despite everything that's gone on, everything that trump said, he was willing to look past that and choose party over country. host: senator lindsey graham, as we reported, "the washington
9:45 am
post" reported and we showed you, accompanied the president down to texas on tuesday during what's expected to be his final trip outside the white house outside of washington as president. the senator from south carolina was on fox news this morning. here's what he had to say -- " every time you asked president trump to calm his people on -- off, he has done it. what good is impeaching him after he is out of office? it will incite violence it was lindsey graham who according to the washington post was on air force one and calling fellow senators alongside the president, asking them to vote against convicting the president of the impeachment charge that came yesterday from the house. fairport, new york, democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. i agree with all the folks about
9:46 am
trump needs to be impeached, because he needs meaningful consequences. taking his phone away and twitter away was meaningful, but a good first step. canceling the golf tournaments at his resorts, that was good too. he needs consequences. i am so sick of this false equivalency. the demonstrations and yes, looting, which was wrong, that happened, was based on something that actually occurred. we all saw the civil rights violations in the news. this thing last week at the capital based on a lie. speaking of false equivalency, i know trump said that antifa is a terrorist organization. i'm hoping that proud boys, boogaloo boys, kkk, qanon, all these other groups in total also would be considered a terrorist organization because they are. host: leo, norman, oklahoma,
9:47 am
republican. caller: good morning, how are you? host: doing well. caller: i would like to talk about the impeachment process but i am 70 years old, worked -- let's start with the impeachment process. we have gone through two. i want to thank c-span. i have learned so much because i am retired and get to sit around and watch. having watched two impeachment process is now, even though nixon -- i didn't get to watch nixon and clinton, that process needs to be abolished, and we deed to have a constitutional convention -- we need to have a constitutional convention. host: how would you change it? caller: about my fellow republicans, lindsey graham and james lankford, they are finished.
9:48 am
there is one thing that bothered me about this forced entry into the people's house, the capitol building, is that we had i think 433 members of the house of representatives and nine -- 99 members of the united states senate. what bothers me is that if these were republicans -- and i believe they are republicans -- and wondering why not one single member of our government had the courage to go out and talk to these people, that is the first thing i would have done. that shows just how weak this present government is. i don't want to overthrow the government, but i do think we need to make some changes to the way our government is run. one of the things that you could benefit the people of america by , and watching the impeachment process and listening to the different people, the different members of the house speak, is
9:49 am
please put underneath there that they are not held responsible for what they say. so much vitriol and haitian -- hatred being said. host: isn't holding them responsible deciding whether to hire them again for another two years or six years for the job at the voting booth? james lankford, you say he is done. i want to drill down on that as a resident of oklahoma. what's your issue with james lankford? caller: james gave his word he was going to do something, and he turned and backed out of it. host: are you talking about his original attention to object to the certification -- intention to object to the certification of states and then stopping that? caller: yes. the thing about that is when i saw senator lankford act the way he acted, he had no control of
9:50 am
people who force their way in. lindsey graham had no control of those people. no republican did. those people did that on their own, but yet lindsey graham and senator lankford took it upon themselves to say, i'm so sorry, but it needed to go on. we needed to hear exactly why these six states violated their state constitution -- not state constitution, i don't know about fraud or any of that. one of them was in business and the second was in chemistry with a minor in biochemistry. host: brian out of avon, massachusetts, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span. you guys are fair and impartial reporting and that's what we need in this country. you know i'm a democrat. i am not going to argue with
9:51 am
republicans about this and that. you know? and who knows if we are going to mend this country, but we have to. if we don't, it's going to be gone. thank you very much. have a blessed day in america. host: how do we do that? caller: how do we do that? i have no idea. there is so much crazy talk out there. it is what about this, they burned down portland or whatever. besides that, something different. it starts at the top with the president. he has not been helpful since he got in, not at all. i can't think of -- but he is not well in his mind for what
9:52 am
america stands for. he thinks it stands for him and his power. thank you very much. host: one tweet from our list of members of congress, that twitter list you can find on c-span's twitter page, but we check it often. the democrat from new york, this from just before 9:30 eastern -- i am following the guidance for my physician and quarantining at home following having tested positive for covid-19. i received the second dose last week and understand the effects take time. i follow the recommendations and guidelines. the latest member of congress to announce they have tested positive for covid. margie in west branch, michigan, independent. caller: thank you for taking my call. my goodness, where will i begin?
9:53 am
we are not living under our organic constitution that was signed in 1776. we were sold out in 1871 to keep us in debt to the bank stars. -- banksters. i like president trump and oppose this impeachment horrendously. we had a bombing in the white house in 1983, and president clinton pardoned the woman that bombed it. host: this is gideon out of grants pass, oregon. caller: you have been asking this morning what would it take to believe bidens presidency is legitimate? i would like the explanation and the videos that showed ballots being run through counters three times, explain the suitcases of ballots pulled out from under the tables and counted after
9:54 am
republican watchers were sent home, explain why republicans were not allowed to watch the counting in other states that are in question, and explained the spike of biden votes which was a statistical impossibility. if those things were explained to me, i might have some consideration for this. otherwise, i completely back president trump and i think he is one of the best presidents we have ever had. and i am 67 years old. host: this is roberta in hemingway, south carolina, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. host: turn down your television and speak through your phone. caller: i have to turn the tv down. host: makes it a whole lot easier. caller: ok. host: it is a bit of a delay that happens and you end up talking over yourself, but it is easier to turned on the television.
9:55 am
caller: ok. thank you for taking my call. i am calling, i hope that what i am saying -- what i'm going to say will have everybody who voted and stuff like that, that we should look at it this way. everybody voted for who they wanted to vote for, and we know that we can only have one of the candidates that will be president. and if it is not who you voted for, we should still do what we are supposed to do for whoever wins the election. and then should not be back and forth with one another, judge one another. if it wasn't who we want, we still got to vote for who god put up because he is the one who puts it down. host: this is joe out of pittsburgh, independent.
9:56 am
good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i think both sides, same on both sides. shame on republicans, shame on democrats. both sides have dropped the ball. number one, especially in a state like pennsylvania where i am fun, where they knew there were going to be issues with the votes, they knew there were going to be issues with the mail-in voting, the time to fight the battle was immediately , not wait until after it is over. they had the opportunity to vote democrat or republican to make it a clear and unrestricted view of the votes and how they were counted, not wait until afterwards to fight it. also, everybody is talking about trump and what he said. they also should talk about what biden and harris said about if it was black lives matter, it would have been done differently at the capitol building. that is ridiculous to say that
9:57 am
and it will only add fuel to the fire. host: this is allen in florida, republican, good morning. caller: how are you doing? thanks for taking my call. i agree with the previous caller from pennsylvania, on both sides they are at fault. and if they want to hold trump accountable for what his supporters did -- which i don't think they were his supporters that broke into the capital -- but you got people who are telling their followers to go out and hurt american citizens if they see them in public, trump supporters. that is on both sides. and another thing, they want me to accept the election. they need to go through and physically count the votes and check against their names and make sure they are legal, and that they are alive.
9:58 am
host: zach cohen of the national journal with some quotes from members of the senate where this impeachment now goes. their thoughts on the impeachment trial, zach cohen with a tweet quoting marsha blackburn, republican of tennessee in the senate, saying "to persist with impeachment will further divide americans and exacerbate tensions another republican, he quotes tom cotton , republican of arkansas -- "the senate lacks constitutional authority to conduct impeachment against a formal president. i reject the effort to -- oppose the effort to reject certified electoral votes. for the same reason i am poached purse -- i opposed impeachment." still waiting for the
9:59 am
impeachment article to be translated -- transmitted to the senate, but democrats would need 17 votes from the republicans, a two thirds majority. this is if all democrats stay together and vote to convict. john in surprise, arizona, democrat. you are next. caller: hello? host: go ahead. caller: my name is john. i am from arizona, proud arizonan. we have a diverse population here. we just voted in mark kelly. we are very proud. there's a lot of opportunity here, progressive going on. i would like to tell you about
10:00 am
president trump. he is a thug. he is a -- whoever opposes him will be hurt by his words, by his deeds. i am glad they took away his platform, his social media. all i got to say is he needs to be removed along with the texas guy -- i forgot his name. host: are you talking about the senator? ted cruz. that is the last caller. we will be back at 7:00 a.m. eastern governor mike dewine


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