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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  January 14, 2021 11:15am-12:34pm EST

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day in advance of the attack. that is something mikey cheryl has sent a letter to the top security officials were -- requesting some kind of investigation. there will be tons of video surveillance in the capital itself of the people not only who are there on january 6 but also of any visitors that might have been coming through the capital in the days in advance. towards have been completely closed during the pandemic. it would be pretty easy to see who had access to the building. host: scott is a group -- congressional reporter, thanks for being so good to us and our viewers throughout all of this and all the time you have name e
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writing from. you can also reach us on twitter and facebook. a very good thursday morning to you. you can go ahead and start calling in now as we show you nancy pelosi making her case for impeachment on the floor of the house yesterday afternoon. >> the president must be in --[video clip] >> the president must be impeached, a constitutional remedy to make sure that the public will be safe from this man who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold dear and hold us together. it gives me no pleasure to say this. it breaks my heart. it should break your heart. it should break all of our hearts. your presence in this hallowed chamber is testament to your love for this country, america, and your faith and work -- your faith in the work of our founders to create a more perfect union. those insurrectionists were not patriots.
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they were not part of a political base to be catered to and managed. they were domestic terrorists and justice must prevail. but they did not appear out of a vacuum. they were sent here, sent here by the president with words such as the cry to fight like hell. words matter, truth matters, accountability matters. host: nancy pelosi on the floor of the house yesterday. a trial will be held in the senate, though speaker pelosi has not said when she will transfer the articles, it seems likely now that the trial will take place in the opening days of a joe biden administration. for his part, president trump released a statement from the white house last night, calling for no violence and for a coming together in the country. here's part of that statement from the president last night. [video clip]
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>> by our actions we can choose to rise above the rank -- rancor and find common ground and shared purpose. we must focus on advancing the interests of the whole nation, delivering the miracle vaccines, defeating the pandemic, rebuilding the economy, protecting our national security , and upholding the rule of law. today i am calling on all americans to overcome the passions of the moment and joined together as one american people. let us choose to move forward united for the good of our families, communities, and our country. host: president trump last night from the white house after being impeached for a second time. the first president to be impeached twice. joe biden out with a statement yesterday. in part it reads that the attack on the u.s. capitol was carried
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out by political extremists and domestic terrorists incited to this violence by president trump and j the members of the house of representatives exercise the power granted to them under the constitution, voting to impeach and hold the president accountable in a bipartisan vote passed by members, following the constitution and their conscience. this continues to the senate in the nation remains in the grip of a deadly virus and reeling economy, i hope that senate leadership will find a way to deal with their constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while working on the other urgent business of this nation. president-elect joe biden, his statement yesterday, he noted the bipartisan vote in the house yesterday, 10 republicans joining democrats on impeachment , that one article inciting interaction -- for inciting insurrection. the republicans that voted yes to impeach president trump, liz cheney, the number three
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republican in the house, anthony gonzalez of ohio, and jamie butler, john -- adam kinzinger of illinois, peter meyer of michigan, dan newhouse of washington, tom rice of south carolina. david bell about out of california. the 10 republicans across the aisle who voted with democrats yesterday on impeachment. spending all three hours of our program today hearing your reaction and your phone calls throughout this program. lines throughout the show today, as usual, democrats, republicans, and independents. starting on the line for republicans, derek. caller: good morning. thank you. the democrats need to make sure that other representatives in congress are investigated. a lot of these people in these police officers are in these white supremacist racist groups themselves. firemen, doctors, lawyers, ceos,
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white supremacist groups that would do anything to maintain white supremacy. a lot of the people in congress, we see to how they voted. they voted against america but they talk about socialism. but what about a dictatorship. what about things like fascism and stuff? a lot of them came from these countries. black people in america have been exposed to what about slavery, genocide? host: when it comes to the investigations you're talking about, members of congress have promised those investigations to look into what happened in the security on capitol hill a week ago yesterday. congressman tim ryan, the chairman of the appropriations subcommittee in overseeing capitol hill promised to those hearings especially, we are expecting to hear more as the hearings get underway, for those to happen in the weeks and months to come. jerry, oklahoma, republican, go
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ahead. caller: yeah, i believe that i'm a newly republican member and i believe that we need to get rid of the kkk, denounce all the white supremacist stuff that's going on in the republican party . it's easy to do. just say no. bad words matter. everybody needs to patrol their bad language. host: what did you think of the 10 republicans who voted with the democrats yesterday for the article of impeachment? caller: well, at least they are voting their heart and you know that. it's not all political for them. host: patrick, independent out of lady lake. good morning. host: first, let me ask, how is steve doing? did the fbi find out who made those death threats against him? host: steve is doing ok. a statement about steve on our
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website there, you can read about his role at c-span, but i'm sure he appreciates your asking, patrick. caller: i'm just wondering because he did lie about all the death threats he came under an c-span is still supporting the lies that the trump people are starting to spread and let me give you a few examples. host: why don't we talk about impeachment, patrick. historic impeachment vote on the house floor, what are your thoughts on that? caller: yeah, i know, take any criticism away from c-span. you guys think you are so holy and u.s. saviors. what do i think of donald trump's impeachment? let's get off of criminal c-span is, yeah. i think he should have made this
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speech. take the country back? from whom ? i love the guy that you had on, the ethics, the senior fellow from somewhere talking about ethics, still blaming black lives matter, where c-span didn't bring up the umbrella ban , part of the arian brotherhood starting those fires in colorado with the boogly googly boys in the minneapolis police department. you let these guys spew that it's all antiphon a or black lives matter. you didn't put up leader mccarthy saying that antiphon a -- anti-fada is a complete law -- live. host: i can play that right now. do you feel that you have gotten your criticism off your chest? we are not afraid of taking
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criticism and we certainly do take it on this program, it's a daily live show that we do. caller: i'm just wondering why you guys keep these lies going. you bring some 50-year-old guy out and ask about what happened six months ago. you don't say let's hear your thirty-year resume of what you have been up to, no, you get to comment about the last month. i was really proud of c-span, over the last month you brought two people out over freedom of speech on college campuses. i called in a month ago about the guy that published all these police training manuals and he said that only blm is the terrorist outfit. he said he'll get back to it but he never got back to it. host: let me get back to you asking to hear from kevin mccarthy, the leader in the
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house yesterday. appreciate the criticism, it's not something we are afraid to take on this program, but let me played what -- play what you asked for. [video clip] >> some say that the riots were caused by antifa. there's absolutely no evidence of that. conservatives should be the first to say so. conservatives also know that the only thing that stops mob violence is to meet it with force rooted in justice and backed by moral courage. last week we saw mob violence met by courage. sacrifice and heroism from the brave men and women who protect this institution every day. but for the bravery of the capitol police, the destruction and loss could have been much greater and we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. the loss of officer brian said nick, and officer howard linda good, it's tragic and heartbreaking.
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we mourn their loss. remember their lives. and continue to pray for their families and loved ones. the officers of the capitol police deserve our internal thanks. we will never forget the dangers they face or the determination that showed or the sacrifice that they made. make no mistake, those who are responsible for wednesday's chaos will be brought to justice. which brings me to today's debate. i believe impeaching the president in such a short timeframe would be a mistake. no investigations have been completed. no hearings have been held. what's more, the senate has confirmed that no trial will begin until after president-elect biden is sworn in. but here is what a vote to impeach would do. a vote to impeach would further
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divide the nation. a vote to impeach would further fan the flames of partisan division. most americans want neither in action nor retribution. they want durable, bipartisan justice. that path is still available. but it is not the path that we are on today. that doesn't mean that the president is free from fault. the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action from president trump. he needs to accept his share of responsibility, quell the unrest and ensure that president-elect biden is able to successfully begin his term. the president's immediate action deserves congressional action,
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which is why i think a fact-finding commission and a censure resolution would be prudent. unfortunately, that is not where we are today. host: minority leader kevin mccarthy yesterday on the house floor. here are the headlines from some of the major newspapers in this country, from usa today, impeached twice, donald trump called a clear and present danger, the only u.s. president impeached for a second time. this from the front page of "the wall street journal," began." rebuke deepens republican divide . another front take -- another take from the "washington times, today --," today, "the vote count, 232 to 197.
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trump impeached again." "the new york times," "impeached," the banner headline there. good morning. caller: what a fitting end to this disastrous trump presidency. a true fascist, a true wannabe dictator whose only purpose was to enrich himself. shame on all the traders, republicans in the house and in the senate, who continued to support this sedition. this attack on american democracy. they should be ashamed of themselves. they should be voted out. to all the trump supporters who voted for him, who continue to support him, you, too, are traders. you basically approved of this traitorous mob rushing our beautiful capital and beating our courageous capitol hill ndc police.
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those people who would use the american flag to be our courageous defenders of this capital. you people should be ashamed of yourselves. you are not patriots. you can wear your lapel pin, carrier flag, it's obvious now the only thing that matters to you is the party of trump. you are not, you are not the party of this, this great, this great democracy of ours. you are all traders and ought to be ashamed. thank you. host: glenn, republican line, good morning. caller: this is my first time on c-span to and i tell you what, it's taken the democratic party 12 years to reach the white house. now we have a crook, thief, and a liar in the white house, in the oval office. yesterday i watched c-span on
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the house. voters, the blm marxist thugs, voting their voice on impeachment of donald trump. the only words that democrats know is impeach. now they have it tattooed on their four heads. host: there were 10 republicans who joined democrats in the impeachment yesterday. caller: i also think they are traders, they have no party right now and are outcast. i also saw something yesterday that the democrats that are coming up for reelection have cut their throats on voters back home, the democrats cannot lie to the voters back home by trying to get them back in office. if anybody wants to get -- to be a candidate for the house of representatives now is your chance to put your name on the
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ticket. you have a lot of firewood to throw at the incumbents. host: that's glenn in texas on sentiment back home. we are starting to see polling stemming from sentiment in the wake of the attack on the capital last week. this from axios and their sneak peak column this morning on the new axios it so's hole that came out just yesterday. they noted republicans across the u.s. siding with president trump over mitch mcconnell in big numbers, big majorities of republicans still think trump was right to challenge his election loss, they support him, don't blame him for the capital mob and want him to be the republican nominee in 2024. why it matters? the survey shows trump could run again in 2024 if he isn't convicted and not allowed. it also shows the perils and opportunity for institutionalists like mcconnell
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trying to reclaim the gop. that is from the new axios if so's pole, a survey of some 1019 americans 18 or older conducted between january 11 and january 13. those are the polling numbers there. a lot of focus on mitch mcconnell in there will be even more in the coming days when that senate trial finally gets scheduled and starts, mitch mcconnell with a letter, a statement released yesterday about the timing here. this is a part of the statement, mitch mcconnell writing that there's no chance a fair and serious trial could take place before buying this warning next week. the senate has held four senate impeachment trials
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host: that statement from the office of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, though i should note a letter that "the washington post" first published yesterday, or parts of it that they first published, mitch mcconnell in a letter to his senate colleagues, this is the ap story that came out later yesterday on this, minutes after the house voted 232 to 100 97 to impeach trump mcconnell sent a letter to his colleagues that he's not determined whether trump should be convicted in the senate's upcoming proceedings. a letter stating in part "i have not made a final decision on how i will vote and i intend to
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listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the senate." that from "the washington post," first publishing that part of the letter from mitch mcconnell to his senate colleagues yesterday. hartford, connecticut, independent, good morning. caller: good morning. the police are erecting barriers around the state capital in hartford. it's sad to see her in quiet connecticut. it's probably happening all over the country at courthouses. i just hope we don't have another kent state somewhere in our country over the next week or so. my other comment is i'm just astounded at how quiet the american church has been during this whole process. host: what do you mean by -- caller: the only comment i heard from a church leader happened last weekend when the pope was asked to comment on what he saw and he saw -- he said he was
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just simply astounded. they made many mentions yesterday on the floor of the house and in the news commentators later on in the evening about the speech that president lincoln made about trying to raise up the better angels inside of each of us, and i hope that possibly over this weekend when we have "martin luther king day" reflecting on what he said to us as a people, maybe some of the leaders of our church, the national council of churches, the cardinals and bishops in this country might come out with a statement that simply says to their followers that it is time to some plea, down a bit. that is my comment for today. my last comment is i hope that sometime soon we can get our troops out of afghanistan. i don't know what they are thinking about when they look back at america to see what's going on, but we have so many
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men and women in harm's way over there, i would certainly like to see them come home safely. thank you for your comments. i want to congratulate you, you keep a very calm mind and voice and you hear these passions that are hot right now. host: thanks. can i ask you one question before you go, when was the last time the american church as you describe it came out forcefully on a political matter in this country? caller: they've been speaking about the right to life as an ongoing issue. the church has been quiet. maybe it is because of the pandemic and people are having to stay away? but they still can come out with some kind of a statement. the bishops on the cardinals in the catholic church. the protestant church, the national council of churches in new york city, our friends of the jewish faith and the muslim
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faith. we all share a love for this country, but the passions simply have to quiet down. i have listened to the calls since you came on the air this morning and people are simply very hot. i hope that over the next weekend and approaching the inauguration things might get cooler, but i certainly do not want to see another kent state somewhere in this country. host: that was built in hartford. california, up early, lying for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i'm doing well, turn down your television and go ahead with your comments. caller: ok. the republicans always say that they are for the people, but actually they are for power and money. so, when i sit here and watch c-span over the last couple of days, listening to them, you
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know, it's like they are trying to play with the black lives matter versus what happened last week, which was totally different. the protests were peaceful except for the people from out of town who did whatever they needed to do. in fact we have a president who first of all doesn't respect women. if he doesn't like you, he fires you. it's been building up and the republicans, mitch mcconnell has sat there and just let him do whatever he wanted. so, at this point this man is dangerous. you know? we had covid and he said nothing. i couldn't even believe that. and we are still suffering because of the way that, you know, he didn't order enough, there's this and that. we have conspiracy theories, but when you really look at what's happening it's like the republicans, i don't know what
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type of kool-aid they are drinking, you know, from trump, but he doesn't need to be president. he really doesn't. you know, there was no fraud when it came down to the election. so, with the election it was like he kept going, kept getting money from people to, you know, for them to recount, recount, recount. i don't understand this. and he did call for those people to come in. so now, you know, from the 16th of this month through the 20th there is a worry within our, you know, civilization here that the u.s. is going to be torn up, the capital is going to be torn up because they are coming back again. host: greg out of mechanicsburg, pennsylvania, republican, good morning. caller: good morning, mr. mcardle. it's a difficult time.
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i appreciate what you have done in the past to try to be objective and to comment on the criticism from the rabid democrat in florida about not taking criticism. in the past when i've called in, i don't think all of your moderators and hosts have been so apparently objective. we accept criticism, everybody should accept criticism. everybody. everybody's got an opinion. this is the united states still. as far as impeachment, i would appreciate it if you would keep people on topic. the second impeachment, there is reason to consider that this was a valid impeachment, yes.
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was it rushed, yes. has the mainstream media, including c-span, in my opinion, contributed to the rush? yes. i think there will have to be a time for self reflection. i suggest that c-span go back sometime after the inauguration and, and, and include a video of all the things that have been said about donald trump since he was inaugurated. all those things that happened within a week of him being inaugurated, january of 2017. let your listeners decide whether any of or all of that has incited what has happened since. since november of 2016. i believe it has and i think you it to your listeners, if you want people -- if you want to allow people to vent about donald trump, just put yourself
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in his position. try to do that in one of your shows. i think it would be a good idea. that's my suggestion. guest: host: we always -- host: we always appreciate suggestions this morning and every morning on "the washington journal." a rush to impeach -- impeachment, from 13 months ago, to put it in perspective, a comparison in "usa today," nancy pelosi announces the official inquiry on september 24 of 2019 and the house voted to charge trump with abuse of power and obstruction of congress and 85 days later january 15 of 2020 the house approved sending articles to the senate 113 days after the inquiry was announced. back in 2000 19 six house committees with democratic majorities investigated the president and this time no house committee investigation was carried out. that vote happening yesterday
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after just a couple of hours of debate on the house floor. this is carrie from tennessee, independent, good morning. caller: how's it going? i'm carrie chester the second, i want to identify myself. regardless of either party, i feel like the country is never going to be the same again, between covid. i was out there for george floyd in minneapolis and i've seen it, everyone trying to make it about race. it was never about race. it was native americans, black, white, mexican, everyone was riding. between covid and the real pandemic, which is the heroin. i'm just, i don't know, i feel like our country failed us. host: i wonder, are you going to feel any different in a biden
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administration six days from now? caller: mama, i don't like either of them. at the same time i don't like biden are trump and at the same time i feel like they are after trump and it's like a witch hunt. we all know for real that the people in the lower class just out here in the slums, we all know for real which one -- we don't know for real which one is for us are not. it's a witch hunt both parties. host: democratic line, kansas, good morning. caller: i guess i will define myself, i'm a democrat from the time when kennedy said ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country. that's the time i'm from. as we watch this impeachment, it kept going wrong. iran kept their nuclear programs going full force.
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we have let so many other things go for this impeachment that would have been over in six days anyway you look at it. it was just foolish for them to do this. the democratic party today i feel is ask not how much money i give you but ask how much i can take from you before i give it to you. the democrats today are, and really, most of washington is just becoming a total cesspool, i think. host: when is the last time it wasn't a total cesspool? caller: you know what? i'm going to expose myself a little bit, i have a son who worked for john for four years on a subcommittee for aviation. anyhow, he left d.c. because he said if it looks corrupt, it's twice as corrupt as what it is.
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they are all corrupt up there. thank you. host: that's roger in kansas this morning. spending a full three hours of our program this morning getting your reaction to the second impeachment of president trump yesterday on the house floor. here is where we are now, impeachment articles set to be transmitted to the senate, we don't know exactly when that will happen. a senate trial within take place , likely happening in the opening days of a joe biden administration and when that trial happens here's who will be managing the impeachment process on the floor of the house for the house, the democratic impeachment managers as appointed by nancy pelosi include jamie raskin, a lead impeachment manager and a democratic constitutional scholar. the rest of the list includes congresswoman diana degette,
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representative david cicilline, joaquin castro, eric swalwell is on the list as well, ted lieu of california, joni goosed and a madeleine dean. the lead impeachment manager there from maryland, here are some of his comments from the floor yesterday and you might hear them repeated in the lead up to the senate trial whenever it happens. >> smashing windows and beating police officers over the head, a bloodthirsty mob attacked the capital and invaded this congress last wednesday. they erected a gallows and repeatedly chanted hang mike pence. they stormed speaker pelosi's office yelling where's nancy. they branded the cover -- confederate battle flag, wounding dozens, hospitalizing dozens, killed five of our people and for six hours they
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shut down the counting of electoral college votes. our sacred process under the constitution for a peaceful transfer of power in the united states. they may have been hunting for pence and pelosi, but everyone of us in this room right now could have died. as senator lindsey graham said, the mob could have blown the building up, they could have killed us all. and now the far light is calling for a return engagement january 17 to january 20, they are asking the president to pardon the conspirators last week -- from last week's rampage as they foment a race war next week and it's a bit much to be hearing that these people would not be trying to destroy our government and kilis if we just weren't so mean to them. well, despite the floor leader's desperate efforts to polarize this body and nation along party lines, it's the chair of the
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republican conference who best articulated what happened in a statement yesterday and i recommend every american read this. liz cheney of wyoming, the elected chair of the republican conference, "the president summoned this mob, summoned this mob -- assemble this mob and assembled the flame of this attack. none of this would have happened without the president. the president could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence and he did not. there has never been a greater pretrial of the president of the united states. an additional 10 seconds? >> additional 10 seconds. >> never a greater betrayal. read her statement. let's come together and impeach the president for this high crime against the public. we don't have a minute to spare, he's a clear and present danger to the people.
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congressman -- host: congressman jamie raskin. he mentioned liz cheney, the number three republican in the house, one of those who cross the aisle and voted for the impeachment of president trump yesterday. here are some other statements from the other nine republicans who joined her in voting for impeachment. adam kinzinger, one of the most outspoken about supporting impeachment, the congressman from illinois saying it was a sobering moment
11:53 am
host: his tweet, yesterday, 45 minutes, about the same time that boat was taking place in the house on impeachment. 10 republicans joining all democrats yesterday on one article of impeachment, incitement of insurrection. bennett, maryland, your next, go ahead. >> thank you for taking my call. listening to that speech, it's very difficult. it's so hyperbolic when they take the worst aspects of the day and the pictures that we see
11:54 am
on the internet are men taking selfies and certainly the day was terrible. but that was not by far the worst aspect of that day. the worst thing that happened that day was donald trump demanding pence to test the constitution. none of that was spoken about. during the impeachment. it was simply about how trump incited an insurrection which, obviously he did not attempt to do such a thing. obviously he was a sore loser, for one, trying to pressure mike pence to exert some power that he didn't even have. he did not intend for this to get out of control, for sure. the basis for the impeachment is mostly political because it doesn't even target, in my opinion, i suppose the most
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important aspects of the events. host: what would you do as a member of congress? you are clearly concerned with that aspect. what would be the appropriate response from congress? caller: i don't disagree with impeachment, but i think sensor would've been appropriate as well. i don't like the hyperbolic nature of the, of the discussion. listening to c-span is difficult, i tell people please, don't listen to editorialized news as you are basically going to get enraged and that's going to lead to facebook battles. but the problem when you listen to people like jamie raskin or a lot of people on the republican side, quite frankly, is if you are not aware of things that happened, then you are going to
11:56 am
be emotionally triggered just as you would if you were to watch fox or cnn. host: do you find it helpful to listen to the opinions of other americans on this program? caller: yeah, there are certain ways in which i'm encouraged. one of the callers this morning, clearly they sound something like my mother, was very angry and filled with hate and i just, i have very little hope right now for the country because, you know, the people are so, so hateful towards those that they assume think differently. that's because they get their source of information, their information from alternative sources. host: that's bennett, maryland. greg, good morning. caller: this impeachment is a joke.
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the first one was a joke. they've been trying to get this man from the beginning. you can ask anybody that knows me, 2018 was the beginning of the end, when they put all the tallow heads and everything else in congress. host: all right. we will try to hold the insults. robert, democratic line, go ahead. caller: good morning. the great american experience ideal was a complete failure. the branches of government are supposed to work separately, but you have two governments working against one, that's a failure. when hamilton and jefferson, the founders of this country, jefferson and john adams, they fought like dogs. john adams, he gave jefferson his chance and gave free rein
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and passed on. the metro college vote, that was to make sure we didn't get a tyrant. all the people voted and it was a very bad vote. the electoral college, it's their job. we have people now like lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell, josh hawley, ted cruz, rand paul, jim jordan, he needs to buy a jacket. and kennedy from louisiana. they ought to be ashamed of themselves, running this country into the ground like that. this is a failure. the country was founded from the separation between church and state. they can come up and fight and run for office but we should be subtracting those numbers from them because they are not doing their jobs.
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host: that's robert in massachusetts. he mentioned lindsey graham. a front-page story, looking inside the final days of the trump white house amid the second impeachment, they spend a decent amount of time focusing on the role lindsey graham is playing. here's a little bit from that story. one of trump's a few confidantes these days is lindsey graham, who broke with the president last week over attempts to overturn the election only to be welcomed in to the president's good graces a couple of days later
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host: that from that "washington post" story, the headline, trump is isolated and angry in his final days in office. dana, green cove springs, florida, republican, good morning. caller: good morning and thanks for c-span. i watch you guys a lot and i was watching at the day that trump gave his speech. everything was peaceful, i was watching greta cover it.
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they were already riding before trump ended his speech. the democrats know this happened. they know it was set up. the ones already arrested, how come they won't say what group they are from? they are keeping it quiet. trump did nothing wrong. i'm sorry, he didn't. look at democrats. we just had the vice president to be on cold air's show to say that they should not stop, they will not stop, and they will continue this. where's the outrage for that? that's an incitement to violence there. where's maxine waters? we have been attacked since trump has been in office. we are racist. if ucs in a restaurant, get out there and get in our face? why is the democrats against that? you don't hear it, do you? they
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all stick together. what about hollywood holding up the head of the president? what about them shooting him in the head, the play? your other caller was correct. you need to go back and show everything that has been done to this man. not just him, but his wife, his family. has trump done things and said things that we all don't agree with him don't like? yeah, he has. tell me what human being has not . tell me things obama has done that everybody agreed with. he's just a god, right? this has not stopped. antifa is coming after the democrat party, soon as they don't do what they want. and they know george soros is behind this. why aren't they after this man? go ahead. host: it was yesterday that congressman cometh mccarthy, leader of house republicans,
12:03 pm
said there is no evidence that antifa -- caller: he lied to. i watch one news. the police there, they got them in jail. why aren't we being told where these groups are from? host: you don't believe the republican leader of the house? caller: no, i do not. host: baltimore, good morning. caller: good morning, john. and fellow c-span viewers. i talked to you last month, if you recall, and i said we were headed for a civil war. well, we are in the midst of it. i'm going to tell you, i'm a first generation ghetto child from detroit. i'm 81 years old and i can see, yesterday was an abomination on this country. without a trial, congress can impeach a president on nothing
12:04 pm
more than what they perceived as a speech. now that speech that president trump gave could be taken anyway you want to take it. you heard what you wanted to hear. they heard what they wanted to hear. i'm reminded of the merchant of venice, who demanded his pound of flesh. at least he just wanted a pound. these democrats in congress, along with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they want everything. they are going to take this country to oblivion. i can see it as plain as the nose on my face. what they did yesterday was not bring this country together, but intentionally rend it, to tear it apart, to make it as
12:05 pm
communist as it can be. we have no representation. it's very sad. i am so sad. remember the merchant of venice. he lost everything. these democrats think they are going to gain something from what they did yesterday? they are sadly mistaken. there are good democrats out there who think straight, who don't believe all this rhetoric they are hearing and they can see where our country is headed. host: maxine, michigan. 10 minutes to 8 a.m. this morning, promised you at the beginning of the program that we would be looking for your text messages and tweets as well, let me just run through a few of those. staying in michigan, this is david, who lives in fred upton's district, one of the republicans who voted for impeachment yesterday. saying that the impeachment was
12:06 pm
a kangaroo court and goodbye, fred. ohio, the impeachment was necessary to keep future leaders from doing anything worse. this is the purpose of checks and balances. jeffrey from las vegas, i truly believe that the president earned his second impeachment and i hope he is found guilty and can never run for public office again. what he did was get five people killed. a liar is a lie, we must tell the truth. kathy from new jersey, witchhunt, congress needs to find something other than to do than attack the president over and over again. myrtle beach, every republican voting for impeachment will never be elected to public office again, they are traitors. george, tennessee, "i noticed all 10 republicans were from blue states, so perhaps their vote was more for their own future than any convictions they have. the 10 republicans who voted for
12:07 pm
impeachment, one of those was not expected on the list going into yesterday. there was at least five republicans expected who had announced they would vote for impeachment but not on the list was tough -- congressman tom rice of south carolina. punch bowl news, the new website covering capitol hill news, they had this writeup about the politics of his vote for impeachment. "it was a shocker that leadership didn't see coming. trump won his district by 20 points and many people thought that his yes vote was a mistake but it wasn't. he said this in his statement wednesday evening, "it has been one week since so many were injured and the capital was ransacked and six people were killed, including two police officers, yet the president didn't address the nation to ask for calm, has not visited the
12:08 pm
injured or grieving or offered condolences and at the border he said his comments were perfectly appropriate. i have backed this president through thick and thin for years. i campaigned for him and voted for him twice, but this utter failure is an excusable." congressman tom rice, republican of south carolina in that statement yesterday. we are spending this morning on "the washington journal" getting your reaction to the impeachment vote yesterday. phone lines for democrats, republicans, and independent, tom rice and that statement talking about his concern over a lack of an address from the president. that statement coming before the president released about a five-minute address yesterday evening in the wake of that impeachment vote. we want to play the statement for you in its entire -- entirety. [video clip] >> my fellow americans, i want to speak to you tonight about the troubling events of the past week. as i have said, the incursion on
12:09 pm
the u.s. capitol struck at the very heart of our republic. it angered and appalled millions of americans across the political spectrum. i want to be very clear, i unequivocally condemned the violence that we saw last week. violence and vandalism have no place in our country and no place in our movement. making america great again has always been about defending the rule of law, supporting the men and women of law enforcement, and upholding our nation's most sacred traditions and values. mob violence goes against everything i believe in and everything our movement stands for. no true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. no true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great american flag. no true supporter of mine could
12:10 pm
ever threaten or harass their fellow americans. if you do any of these things, you are not supporting our movement, you are attacking it and you are attacking our country. we cannot tolerate it. tragically over the course of the past year, made so difficult because of covid-19, we have seen political violence spiral out of control. we have seen too many riots, too many mobs, too many acts of an timid asian and destruction. it must stop. whether you are on the right or on the left, a democrat or a republican, there is never a justification for violence. no excuses, no exceptions. america is a nation of laws. those who engaged in the attacks last week will be brought to
12:11 pm
justice. now i am asking everyone who has ever believed in our agenda to be thinking of ways to ease tensions, calm tempers, and help to promote -- promote peace in the country. there has been reporting that additional demonstrations are being planned in the coming days. both here in washington and across the country. i have been briefed by the u.s. secret service on the potential threats. every american deserves to have their voice heard in a respectful and peaceful way. that is your first amendment right. but i cannot emphasize that there must be no violence, no lawbreaking, and no lawbreaking of any kind. everyone must follow our laws and obey the instructions of law enforcement. i have directed all necessary
12:12 pm
resources to maintain order. in washington, d.c. we are bringing in thousands of national guard members to secure the city and ensure that a transition can occur safely and without incident. like all of you i was shocked and deeply saddened by the calamity at the capital last week. i want to thank the hundreds of millions of incredible american citizens who have responded to this moment with calm moderation and grace. we will get through this challenge, just like we always do. i also want to say a few words about the unprecedented assault on free speech we have seen in recent days. these are tense and difficult times. the efforts to censor, cancel, and a our fellow citizens are
12:13 pm
wrong and they are dangerous. what is needed now is for us to listen to one another. not to silence one another. all of us can choose by our actions to rise above the rancor and find common ground and shared purpose. we must focus on advancing the interests of the whole nation, delivering the miracle vaccines, defeating the pandemic, rebuilding the economy, protecting our national security , and upholding the rule of law. today i'm calling on all americans to overcome the passions of the moment and joined together as one american people. let us choose to move forward united for the good of our families, our communities, and our country.
12:14 pm
>> the washington post reports this is part of the security measures going into effect as part of the attack on the u.s. capital last week. more than 20,000 national guard will be patrolling the capital and the surrounding capitol hill area. sunday night on q&a, discussion on presidential inaugural addresses from jfk to the upcoming inaugural address of president-elect joe biden, with the former senior speechwriter for barack obama and john mcconnell, former senior speechwriter for president george w. bush. >> speeches, especially inaugural addresses, have a feel , a sense of where the new president plans to take the country. you think about jfk's, there was a feeling of freshness, of
12:15 pm
newness come of turning the page on an older generation. you get that sense from inaugural. this will be an opportunity for president-elect biden to offer what he thinks the tone of this moment ought to be. >> if you look at inaugural addresses through american history, the best ones are the ones in which the new president points forward and talks about his agenda. not necessarily in great specificity because you do not have the time to do that it is more of a thematic speech, but to point clearly and confidently forward. >> presidential inaugural addresses sunday night at it upon eastern on c-span's q&a. >> you are watching c-span, your unfiltered view of government. c-span was created i america's cable television companies in
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1979. today we are brought to you by these television companies who provide c-span to viewers as a public service. >> a look at our live coverage on c-span. federal reserve chair jerome powell joins the princeton university center for finance to talk about monetary policy. that will start at 12:30. at 2:30 eastern, james comey interviewed by the washington post national investigative reporter. james comey has a new book out called "saving democracy, truth, transparency, and trust." later today joe biden talks about his covid-19 response. that coverage starts at 7:15 eastern on c-span. you can also watch on or listen with the free c-span radio app. on tuesday, a day before the inauguration, watch confirmation
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hearings for two incoming joe biden administration nominees. at 10:00, the senate finance committee hearing for janet yellen to be secretary of the treasury. janet yellen previously served as chair of the federal reserve. at 3:00 eastern, the senate armed services hearing for lloyd austin to be defense secretary. if confirmed, austin will be the first african-american secretary of defense. watch live coverage of the confirmation hearings on c-span on at, or listen on the c-span radio app. impeachment of his presidency. a reminder about that first impeachment 13 months ago, it was december 18 of 2019, the president impeached on two charges then, abuse of power and
12:18 pm
of congress. back then there were three democrats who voted against one or both of those impeachment articles and one independent who voted for the impeachment articles. yesterday it was all democrats voting for the article of impeachment on incitement of insurrection and they were joined by 10 republicans. it's 8:00 on the east coast and we are taking your calls throughout this morning and for the next two hours we will continue to chat with you, getting your reaction to this second impeachment of president we will put those numbers on your screen as we turn to scott wang joining us to talk about the next steps. tickets through the steps of how this works from transition of the articles to what we know about the timing of the senate trial. guest: there had been some
12:19 pm
debate that nancy pelosi and the democrats would transmit the article of impeachment. that single article, incitement of insurrection. james clyburn has advocated to try to delay until joe biden could establish his administration. also, get his top officials confirmed through the senate. the consensus now among democrats seems to be to do this as quickly as possible. i'm hearing the article could be transmitted in the coming days, perhaps even today even. democrats huddled last night in nancy pelosi's office. the nine impeachment managers. it seems like they want to move
12:20 pm
this as quickly as possible. they want to send this to the senate. impeachment managers will be working through the weekend to develop their game plan. there is still a number of outstanding questions. it looks like things will be moving very quickly. host: what do we know at this point of the count on the republican side, how many republicans do we expect to cross the aisle with 10 in the house? will it be that number or more in the senate? guest: hard to say at this point. the most significant development that happened last night was mitch mcconnell -- according to the new york times, mitch mcconnell is leaning towards convicting the president. he sent a letter to his republican colleagues yesterday after the house impeach the president saying he has not made up his mind.
12:21 pm
he is leaving that door open to convicting the president. if mcconnell votes to convict the president or signal fact to his republican conference, that will provide cover for the rest of the republicans to vote for conviction. they would need is 17 republican votes in order to convict, at a minimum. that is a pretty high bar. we only saw a few vote for conviction including mitt romney, the republican from utah. this is a different scenario. the capital itself in the united states editors themselves were under attack in this siege. the representative said it was incited by the president's words before the rally at the white
12:22 pm
house. this is a very personal act of violence against members of congress. each of them it was on the floor that day. they had to flee for safety. they understood what was at stake. they understood the process they were engaged in. that they were certifying under the constitutional duty, certifying the election of joe biden. for many of these senators, it is very personal. it hits very close to home. host: it would take 17 republicans to convict with that two thirds majority needed. that is if all 50 democrats vote to convict as well. has there been any indication that any democrats might not vote for conviction, especially like moderates like joe mansion -- joe manchin.
12:23 pm
guest: we will have to watch him very closely. he has a lot of power in this 50-50 split senate with this georgia democrats that will be sworn and pretty soon. we don't know. that's why i said at least 17. that is a pretty high bar for people to break with their party. anything is possible at -- as we have seen in this past week. there are a number of questions out there. mitch mcconnell said yesterday that they will not come back into session until january 19. despite democrats wanted to push this process forward as quickly as possible, mitch mcconnell and the senate will not come back until january 19. that is donald trump's last full day in office as president. tom cotton of arkansas has
12:24 pm
raised a constitutional question about whether you could even impeach a former sitting president? that is a legal question that senators will beat wrestling with in the coming days. as this process charges forward. host: any other interesting senators that viewers should watch the story lines that are planning out in the background of this second impeachment? guest: right around the inauguration will be critical. joe biden and his incoming administration want to hit the ground running. especially in light of how bad the coronavirus situation is with a record number of debts happening every single day. there is a concern among many democrats that the first week of
12:25 pm
his administration will be consumed by impeachment. it was just one year ago we were in the same situation. it was a much simpler time. there's a concern impeachment could bog down his agenda, his 100 day agenda. his government as they try to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, and joe biden -- how they could expedite that trial. some people, some democrats have argued you don't need witnesses in this case because there is so much video evidence of what has transpired. we all know what happened. we saw what the president said. we saw how minutes later the capitol was attacked.
12:26 pm
that is all you really need. you young need to go through a lengthy trial. these are some of the questions and debates that will be happening in the coming days. host: overlooking the senate park, we can see the controls of national guards, troops armed with weapons and they patrol around the fence. that is the view from up here. take us inside the building. we showed some of the videos you took of the capitol police officers. one has it been like for you as a reporter these past seven days? guest: it has been extremely trying. as i wrote in the piece yesterday on the the capitol is a community.
12:27 pm
we spent countless hours there. trying to interview and get information from lawmakers during key moments in terms of legislation moving forward this past year when it was coronavirus relief legislation. everyone from police officers, food workers to the people who clean the building every day. it really is a community. as i talked to a lot of people in the building, it wasn't just an attack on democracy on january 6. it wasn't just an attack on the legislative branch. it was an attack on this community that exists. that really holds that building in high esteem at high respect. it was a pretty jarring scene yesterday to see.
12:28 pm
thousands of national guard troops staked out in that building. preparing for any sort of potential violent threat in the future. there were troops you saw from pictures sleeping on the floor. tried to get any sort of rest that they could. as i was walking up from the capital yesterday, they were trying to get a strategy in real time. they were informing some of the troops, this is where you should be station. i will move some other personnel over here on this corner. this has really been unprecedented. it was quite a sight to see yesterday. host: before we let you go and start your day, what do we know
12:29 pm
about when these investigations into the breakdowns that happened on january 6, when will those take place? guest: i think they are already underway. there will be numerous investigations. there all -- already doj, fbi investigations happening. we have seen dozens of arrests across the country. people that have not only broken into the building but had stolen materials. they could've stolen mail, laptops, raw weapons into the building. another point i would make is there are multiple letters of investigation. we have now democrats controlling the house and senate . you can anticipate there will be rigorous investigations. they are trying to sort out at
12:30 pm
the moment which committees will hold jurisdiction. there are some calls for a 9/11 style look back at how we got here. that will be a more comprehensive in-depth investigation. there's cultural democrats including mikey cheryl from new jersey about whether any of these rioters had been corresponding with republican lawmakers themselves in the days leading up to january 6. there seems to be some suggestion that there were towards being given by members of congress or staff for these rioters -- would be rioters the day in advance of the attack. that is something mikey cheryl
12:31 pm
has sent a letter to the top security officials were -- requesting some kind of investigation. there will be tons of video surveillance in the capital itself of the people not only who are there on january 6 but also of any visitors that might have been coming through the capital in the days in advance. towards have been completely closed during the pandemic. it would be pretty easy to see who had access to the building. host: scott is a group -- congressional reporter, thanks for being so good to us and our viewers throughout all of this and all the time you have given us. thanks so much. guest: thank you, john. host: back to your phone calls this morning. it is your phone calls all morning long as we get your
12:32 pm
reaction to the vote to impeach president trump yesterday. the second impeachment of pelt -- president trump. caller: trump, for all his talking still has not conceded. the lie about the fraudulent election has not been refused. think about what would've happened if hostages had been taken? think what would've happened if -- instead of troops surrounding the inauguration there would be unification and hope for the next administration for dealing with what america faces. why is he saying what he is saying now? host: what did you think of that five-minute message he released last night? caller: it is only the threat of
12:33 pm
consequences that has made him change his discussion. joe biden is our next president. host: this is seth in fayetteville, tennessee. caller: i was kind of concerned about -- trump got impeached first time, i don't get why they want to come after him and stuff like that. i know it was because of the mobs and stuff like that. why announcer: we take you live to a conversation with federal reserve chair jerome powell on monetary pol


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