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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  May 21, 2021 10:48am-11:05am EDT

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and share in our freedom and economic opportunity. i am optimistic. i'm optimistic about our great country. i think we can outcompete china, germany, france, every other country, let's just stop spending, let's do the rational things and i think we will have a great future. host: more details at our guest is stephen works, -- is stephen moore. joining us from chicago on this friday, stephen moore, thank you for being withwe are also on fa. good friday morning. thanks for being with us. headlines from inside the "washington post co. republicans balk at the security bill, the price and use of funds. three opposed the legislation. no republican supporting this $1.9 billion security bill. both sides in just a moment, beginning with congress and tim ryan.
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[video clip] >> we're trying to do this in a bipartisan way. it is what the american people want and deserve. and this bill here is largely based on the recommendations from general honore, who went to great lengths with four or five or six other generals to analyze what happened on january 6 and provide us with recommendations. the time is now. we have to act. we hear about the rank-and-file of police officers here that her 12 hour shifts, 16 hour shifts, do not have the equipment they need, securing of the capital, the trauma that happened here. and none of us are going to forget those events, but this is a narrowly tailored bill to provide long-overdue support -- here we are working ourselves into the end of may. this is support for direct costs incurred by the attack on the
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capitol and restore the faith that members of congress can safely carry out our constitutional duties, demonstrate the -- strong commitment to continue to allow americans from across the country to be able to come to the capitol. we are not militarizing it. we're going to have a quick response force in case something happens, similar to if something happens, there is answer to the president or to washington, d.c., we starttol -- we start flying fighter jets overhead. this is the equivalent. we have to maintain the workforce until we can jire and -- hire and recruit more officers. the bill includes $3.3 million for the capitol police intelligence division, which was a huge part of the failures that occurred on january 6, so we want to invest and make sure we have the intelligence
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capabilities that we need. host: ohio congressman, democrat tim ryan. we have cameras outside the u.s. capitol to show you what security is like, enhanced security, including some temporary and permanent fencing, which is also part of the debate and discussion. security of the capitol must remain the responsibility of federal civilian law enforcement, we cannot and should not militarizing security of the capitol complex. congress has held processing no hearings to examine the creation of a quick reaction force to weigh the costs and benefits and the questions about its nature and its responsibility, according to two republican representatives. here is republican congressman lance gooden of texas. [video clip] >> i rise in opposition to this
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bill. this partisan proposal would allocate over $2 billion of taxpayer resources for a wall around the u.s. capitol and spend money on other things like members' personal security at home. i do not believe the american people support that. i do not believe they understand was his -- what is in the bill. i believe it would further separate the american people from their elected representatives here in washington. it is not the way we do business in the united states of america, not the way we should do business. there are so many issues that are more worthy of our attention. the crisis at our border is unlike anything we have ever seen. we are recording 20-your-the border crossings, but instead of completing the wall at our southern border which would protect innocent filtered from being exploited from traffickers and drug cartels, democrats would rather spend $2 billion on a wall around this building in d.c. this is the people's house, madam speaker, and i cannot support this proposal. i yield back. host: just some of the debate on
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the house floor yesterday as makers narrowly passed that bill that would provide about $1.9 billion in security. a statement from congressman mike rogers of alabama and senator jim inhofe of oklahoma, we will show you that as we listen to robert in baltimore. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to tell the american people that donald trump is not going to go to jail. what he's is doing right now is -- [indiscernible] every penny he can get. from new york, georgia, or d.c., he jumping on his plane, and only one country in this world that will let him land that plane. host: we will leave it there. we are focusing on security on
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capitol hill. the question, how do you strike the balance between security and access? capitol hill is very open, but security has been tightened significantly, especially in light of what happened on january 6. this is part of the debate from the house for yesterday. the lead sponsor of the bill, democrat from connecticut, here is what she had to say. [video clip] >> this bill is narrowly tailored to respond to january 6 and to protect the capitol going forward. it contains 1.9 billion dollars in emerging think funding to reimburse the national guard and the district of columbia for their response. provide the capitol police with overtime pay, retention bonuses, replacement, wellness, trauma support, and ensure the department of justice can parse secured every person who attacked law enforcement and ransacked this building. it provides bonuses and help to
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custodial staff, and it renames the capitol police wellness center and the memory of officer howard li bin good. as recommended, the legislation protects the capital by providing resources, hardening windows and doors, construct security screenings, install new cameras, provide specialized training, riot control equipment, and body cameras to the capitol police. to augment them, the legislation establishes and funds a dedicated quick reaction force of national guard personnel, another recommendation of the capital security review. this legislation also bolsters security for members of congress with dedicated funding for enhanced security and threats assessments, coordinating member travel security, and upgrades to security in district offices. host: representative rosa delauro. to give you a sense of what they
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security looks like, areas that have been closed or cordoned off, this is some of the temporary fencing that is not part of what you see here in washington, d.c., around capitol hill. security has been eased somewhat since january 6 and the inauguration but still very different from what many of you might have been used to if you have traveled to washington over the last couple of years. bill from red bank, new jersey. how do you strike the balance? good morning. caller: i am not sure about striking a balance, but i just wanted to say that in 1965, my brother and i visited washington -- i was 17, he was 15 -- we went to our congressman's office, got passes to go to the senate, rode on the senate subway, wandered all over the capitol building. we had a really great time and learned a lot about how our government works. and it certainly is a gigantic change since those days. it is very sad. i also went to the capitol in
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the 1970's, again, able to wander all over the building. host: you could even park in front of the capitol back then. caller: correct, yes. it says a lot about the status of our country that we have gone from that, sort of, open admission to the citizens of the united states to see the representatives to the way it is now. i understand that some republican representatives are calling the capitol building now fort pelosi. and i think it is a sad day if a bill like the one they are considering will be passed. it says a lot about the status of our country now and how it has changed. and it has not changed for the better. host: bill, thanks for the call from new jersey. headline from political, democrats approving that bill, but as it advances to the senate, republican leaders disputed some of its provisions. next call is from ithaca, new
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york. ray, good morning. caller: good morning. i am against this for a few reasons, one is the price tag. it is crazy. two, i believe the thing they set about building a wall around the capitol is correct. at the same time, democrats do not seem to care about what is going on at the border. the third is we will also be funding police and cutting back on things that will cost america. they seem to care more about their safety than anyone else's. i think the combination of everything is almost -- [inaudible] host: thank you for the call. harold from wilmington, carolina -- north carolina. caller: they feel threatened, people attacking them? shoot them, like they do a lot
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of people, now killing people because they think they have a weapon. these people went in there with weapons, and lead tribes, bear spray, and only one girl got shot that was going through some kind of window. if they had opened fire on those people, they would have ran off and you never would have had another problem at the capitol. you come in there, and they eliminate you from this planet, they would not go back in there tomorrow. they do not need all this, just a little bullet in the head. host: this tweet, spending money is not the whole problem. incisors, says this year -- insiders -- investigation of january 6, the world clearly knows who they are. they will try insurrection again. send us a tweet at @cspanwj or text us at (202) 748-8003. scrutiny in the commission fight, here are some of the
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details from "the hill" newspaper. for kevin mccarthy, january 6 is personal pure and he not only has his eyes set on the speakership after next year's midterms, he was also the only lawmaker to speak directly to president trump in the midst of the violent attack on the capital. those seemingly unrelated facts are, in fact, related in the context of the debate over the generous six commission. the dynamics make mccarthy unique among republicans and make him in a unique dilemma. he is likely meeting with loyalists in congress, but revealing the details could put mccarthy and the dog house with the former president, who with republican voters has kept him a kingmaker, even from self exile at his mar-a-lago resort. the issue came up yesterday as leader mccarthy met with
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reporters outside the u.s. capitol. here is that exchange. [video clip] >> would you be willing to testify about your conversation with donald trump on january 6? >> sure, next question. >> [inaudible] >> no, not at all. i thought it would probably be higher. this pelosi commission that we have tried to work on for a long time -- remember, she has spent four months playing politics with this. in that time period, an officer got killed on good friday just across from here. i just felt we're going to have four things happening right now. you have two committees in the senate already doing their investigation. i believe in two weeks, they will have the report back, even though pelosi wasted all this time. you have the architect of the capitol given $10 million to study what needs to be done here protected. then you have the justice
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department, which does a much better job than we could ever do, already arrested over 400 people. that is the kind of work we want to make sure is done, that it never happens again, that those who participated can be held accountable, and that we secure this capitol and do not play politics with it. i think a pelosi commission is a lot of politics. host: congressman kevin mccarthy, house republican leader. our question, the balance between security and access to capitol hill, part of the debate we saw yesterday, we have heard it live here on c-span, and the debate over that january 6 commission. this headline from the, we lose too much with a fence around the capitol. this from michael in portland, oregon, a text message that says make washington, d.c., the 51st state and the problem will take care of itself. another call. good morning. caller: yes, i love c-span.
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you know, my mother and father to me to washington, d.c., when i was five or six, and i ran up the stairs. no matter what, after january 6, i don't want nothing to happen to these senators or congressmen. and so, you know, i believe they will make good decisions to make it secure and for us to visit, just like they made a good decision to make washington a state. you know, i did not think of that. they are not senators and congressmen for nothing. i would not want pence to get hung, even though i do not agree with him. so i thank you for allowing me to make this comment, and i love c-span. host: bob, thank you here at we love the fact that you are tuning in. make sure to get the free c-span radio app, by the way.
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this is from eric in seattle, why would republicans back the investigation? trump and cited it, and numerous representatives and senators were complicit in support of the overthrow of the government, and it is ongoing. the >> we will this recorded program here. we take you live now to today's white house coronavirus response team briefing with doctors vouch and walensky. -- doctors fauci and walensky. >> are doing to assist with the vaccination efforts. scores of businesses and organizations have responded to the president's call to action to volunteer their services and help the american people to get vaccinated. over the next few weeks we will be highlighting a number of outside initiatives to provide incentives for people to get their vaccinations.


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