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tv   President Biden Meets with South Korean President at White House  CSPAN  May 21, 2021 6:30pm-6:40pm EDT

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c-span's online store. your purchase will support our nonprofit operations and you still have time to order the congressional directory with contact information. shop now to get a 20% discount. >> today, president biden and members of his cabinet met at the white house with the south korean president. the two leaders talked about leadership in response to the covid-19 pandemic and securing the korean peninsula. president biden thanked president moon for attending the medal of honor ceremony earlier in the day for his service during the korean war. pres. biden: the united states and the republic of korea our allies with a long history of shared sacrifice.
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on a personal note, i want to thank the president for being with me as i had the great honor of presenting the medal of honor to arrange her in his mid-90's who showed incredible acts of valor and bravery during the korean war. the president was kind enough to come and spend the entire time there and personally congratulate our honoree. i also want to point out here's to your shared sacrifice and our cooperation is vital to maintaining peace and stability in a critical region of the world. we and our teams of had good meetings addressing our shared agenda. we had a private meeting in which my staff kept coming out
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and saying you are over time, you are over time. i enjoyed the meeting so much it caused us to move everything back. i look forward to continuing our discussion today here and growing the relationship further as we take on new challenges and we take them on together. mr. president, the floor is yours. [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language]
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>> i would like to express deep attitude to president biden and the american people for extending their warm hospitality to me and my delegation and my congratulations on how the u.s. is becoming an example for the world as it succeeds in overcoming covid-19, achieving economic recovery and uniting under president biden's leadership. [speaking foreign language] >> korea and the u.s. are strong
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allies. america is our everlasting friend who helped us and lead us in our time of need and i am pleased to visit the u.s. as my first trip destination since the start of covid-19 and to meet president biden and his new team. [speaking foreign language] >> even in the midst of the covid-19 crisis, our two countries left the door open to each other, helped with the
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fight against the virus and we are seeing increasing cases of successful cooperation between our two countries assisting in an industry that will shape the covid-19 era such as semi conductors, batteries, and communication. expanding -- will be a breakthrough in economic recovery for not only the two countries, but the entire world. [speaking foreign language] >> in previous meeting originally commitments to strengthening alliance and
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bringing peace on the korean peninsula. i believe our peoples will be delighted to hear this. korea will closely work with the u.s. to achieve complete denuclearization and establish permanent peace on the korean peninsula. [speaking foreign language] >> the world is welcoming america's return. president biden also underscored the importance of building back better and asserted his willingness with the power of example. [speaking foreign language]
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>> although challenges lie ahead of us, our two countries will actively work together to address global challenges such as covid-19, economic recovery, and climate change and we will usher in a new era. [speaking foreign language] >> following our meeting today, i look forward to welcoming president biden again in the not-too-distant future. thank you very much. pres. biden: i will have time to answer questions later. thank you.
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♪ this is a look at the korean war memorial in washington, d.c.. while we wait for that event to begin, here is president biden awarding the medal of honor to ralph puckett for his service during the korean war.


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