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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  June 14, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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he is not a journalist, he is a democratic operative. host: let's talk adjacent deck before we say goodbye. guest: the filibuster -- every few generations, we get a big question about whether we are going to change the filibuster, change the way it operates. we are in a 50-50 senate. there is a lot of pressure to pass legislation. if you keep your conference together, you get to lock things , particularly with the voting rights legislation. it is going to continue to be an issue, there will continue to be pressure on people like joe manchin. to change their views -- i don't see that happening anytime soon. mention -- manchin seems deliberate that he wants to keep the filibuster the way it is. there is talk in the caucus that
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they are giving coverage to other people who do not want to see the filibuster go away. it is taking a lot of arrows on the filibuster. but he is not the only person who is supporting it. he seems to be the focal point. i don't think we are going to see any kind of rules change anytime soon. host: jason is the deputy editor , you can follow their reporting if you go to take a look at this recent poll by abc. when asked americans the questions of confidence in the presence foreign policy, 57% said they have confidence in the president to do the right thing regarding world affairs. 52% trust biden to negotiate on america's behalf with world leaders. 49% trust him to negotiate with putin. 44% say america's leadership in the world has gotten stronger under biden, 36% say it has
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gotten weaker. what do you say to those questions posed in that pole? we want to know your opinion this morning. here's president biden yesterday after leaving his first g7 summit, and here's what he had to say. >> the only way we are going to meet the global threats is by working together with our partners and allies. i conveyed to each of my g7 counterparts that the united states is going to do our part. america is at the table. the lack of participation in the past and full engagement was noticed significantly, not only by leadership of those countries, but by the people in the g7 countries. america is back in the business of leading the world alongside nations who share our most deeply held values.
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the bottom line is, i was very pleased with the outcome of the entire conference. i notice there is a lot of coverage of my individual comments made by colleagues about how we were all getting along together, but the truth of the matter is, we did. it was not about me, it was about america. i felt a genuine sense of enthusiasm that america was back at the table, and fully engaged. host: president biden yesterday following the g7 summit in england. right now, he is in brussels for the nato summit, his first as president. moments ago, according to cnn, he sat down with the head of nato, the secretary-general, for a meeting. we can show you some of that video coming up on the washington journal.
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later today, he is also holding a news conference and taking reporter questions following the gathering at the nato summit. there is a look at the nato summit in brussels. that is where the needle -- leaders walked on the blue carpet. you see reporters and camera technicians as they had in for the first meetings of today. your confidence level on president biden. you heard him say america's back. you agree? the five takeaways from the g7 summit, according to politico's group the weekend. take a look at what they say. biden gave them a boost, but did the leaders to live on the big issues like climate, coronavirus, and china? let a co-writes this. no coal goal. and medially after the summit finished, activist from group extension rebellion parked van across the road near the venue. it did not affect the leaders, but the protesters highlighted
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the size of the gap between reality and politics. it was a glaring missed opportunity for the leaders to set a new global stated on climate change. they rejected a proposal to hold the production of diesel and patrol cars and barely touch the multi-million-dollar bill that must be paid to bring their own admissions to yield. no cold goal is what they write and political -- politico. china is another take away. train is one of the main topics. -- china is one of the main topics. china has stepped up military presence around taiwan. that was another take away. what were your takeaways from the g7 summit? dan from arkansas, you are a republican. what is your confidence level?
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caller: no confidence. he doesn't know what he's doing. trump got us out of the mess, he is getting us back in it. where did the money come from? it is coming out of taxes. it is crazy, nuts. host: you are happy president trump got out of many of these agreements -- oh, we lost him. what are your thoughts on president biden's handling of foreign policy? does our question for you this morning. -- that is our question for you this morning. she held a news conference yesterday, and he was asked about vladimir putin. he is scheduled to meet on wednesday with the russian president, and following that, he is holding a news conference. yesterday, he was asked rackley about the president and working with him. here's what he had to say.
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>> why think he has not changed his behavior in spite of everything the u.s. has done at this point? >> he is vladimir putin. i have got to sit down with him, and i would he be happy to talk to after that. >> he said russia would be happy to send over cyber criminals to the u.s. if the u.s. would do the same to russia. are you open to that kind of a trade? >> if there is crimes committed against russia and the people committing those crimes are being harbored in the united states, i am committed to holding them accountable. i heard that, i was told as i was flying here that he said that. i think that is potentially a good sign of progress. host: biden when he was asked
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about his upcoming meeting with the russian president and had to negotiate with the president. how do you think the president should handle russia, and do you like what he has been saying so far? listen to the former secretary of state, he was on yesterday's fox news sunday. here is what he had to say. >> when it these two men sit down on wednesday, are you worried about what is going to happen? >> i heard secretary blinken say the right words. we want to find places we can work alongside the russians. try to do that, but there was no administration that was tougher on russia. we worked diligently to support ukraine with defensive weapon systems. people took the military. we left nato $400 billion stronger than when we took over. we built up that relationship between the u.s. and nato in a way that pressure on putin. what i look for is the actions. it will not be about what is
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said or whether the tone is right, it will be about the actions the government is prepared to take to preserve and defend american interests and stop russian online activity around the world. when you hear biden talk about taking us back, back is the russians taking crimea under the watch of president obama. a fifth of ukraine. that is not a back the united states can afford. we need to continue to move forward in defend the u.s. against the threats putin may pose, whether it is cyber or kinetic or any other information he will try to force upon america if biden is weak. host: former secretary of state under president trump. you're looking at drove brussels, belgium where biden for his first time in his presidency is attending a nato summit with the rest of our nato allies. his message is that america is back, and he is going to try to strengthen that transatlantic relationship.
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what is your confidence level in president biden? you heard former secretary of state say that he is looking for actions from this administration. according to politico, they say it is time to consider hitting back at russia. he is a top republican on the house foreign affairs committee. the house needs to demonstrate that they will be consequent is to her actions if you continue to do this. -- consequences to your actions if you continue to do this. what you think of the president's performance on foreign so far? caller: i think he is the most incompetent president we have ever had as far as i am concerned. there is not a bra made by could support that uber -- a bra made that could support that boob.
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he is senile. i mean, who is this guy? he does not represent the united states of america? . not the republic. democrats love him. this is ridiculous. it is ridiculous that he got voted. he is ungodly. an ungodly man, we got the worst president we could possibly have had. host: what mistakes has he made? caller: well, the pipeline, taking credit for warp speed. you name it. everything he does, he botches. he lies. host: we lost him there. rick from massachusetts, democratic caller. caller: i think he is doing a
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good job. but the last guy was talking about, that is what trump was like. the ones in the senate, they should be arrested -- [indiscernible] host: let me ask you, how do you think president biden should handle russia? caller: i think he should get the embassy out of there, the ambassador out of there. the g7 has gotten abbasid or -- anna -- an ambassador. jail. why do people think trump is
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going to get elected? host: all right. mary kay from new jersey, democratic caller. what do you like about the president's foreign policy agenda? caller: i do like his foreign policy agenda because, first of all, he has extreme experience. i think the surrounding him have experience. what i don't appreciate is the take you have from politico -- where are the people like the secretary of state from the united states and the dumb question peter alexander asked. what do you expect the president to say about putin? please, let's have a little more evenhandedness and stop having so much negativity about the biden administration.
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host: we are going to show you both sides. we are going to sherry with the headlines are, what the reporters -- show you what's the headlines are, what the reporters ask, what the people are saying. you asked about the secretary of state. antony blinken was on cbs's face the nation, and this is what he had to say about the u.s. dealing with russia. >> as an illustration of the relationship with russia, on one hand, the u.s. is working with russia to revive the nuclear deal with iran question mark on the other, the washington post is reporting that russia is preparing to supply iran with advanced satellite systems. are the russians going to pay up to four offering the systems, or do we need them into we are tops so we can move that? >> when it comes to nuclear talks, we are not trading any issues or interests for the sake of the nuclear talks.
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they will stand or fall on their own merit and on their own weight. i want to be clear about that. second, i am not going to get ahead of the president. i suspect he will be taking this up with putin and a couple of days. this meeting with putin is not happening in a vacuum. he will be coming off of the g7, of the nato summit, the meeting with the eu leaders. collectively, when we bring the world's democracies together, it is an incredibly powerful force -- militarily, double medically. a major poll came out that showed across these countries, confidence in american leadership, under biden's leadership, is at 75%. that is up from 17% a year ago. we are in a position as a result of reinvigorated american leadership to work and bring these countries together in common cause and common courtesy , including dealing with challenges from russia or china. host: secretary of state
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blinken, take a look at the poll that found amid the g7 summit that took place last week, most americans are confident in biden's handling of world affairs. that is what we are asking all of you this morning. john, republican. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am in total disagreement with biden's foreign affairs. he has created and started problems in the middle east, giving money to iran, hamas -- he is absolutely doing the wrong thing. host: what problems in the middle east are you referencing? caller: we just saw it on tv with the bombing in israel, and if biden had not released that -- the foreign affairs he is doing is going around and giving
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away money. he is giving americans money, so they are all laughing at him, they are all 75% happy that he is doing that. it is crazy. host: you mentioned israel, there is news from the israeli parliament yesterday. this is the ap headline, israel swears in a new coalition. they point out that a former ally of the t audio -- of net anyahu -- will try to compare of either logical differences. he has no intention of exiting the political stage. denise in michigan, a democratic caller. what do you think about biden's foreign policy? caller: i agree with president
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biden's foreign policy. what concerns me a lot is listening to some of these people that call in and up and down so bad, calling him senile and all the other things. we need to support our president. and continue to stand as one nation. host: do remember the saying, politics stops at the waters edge, and when the president went overseas, his political rivals do not criticize him when he is overseas. what do you think about that? caller: 100%. i was raised military. i was raised that we respect our president. i don't understand some of the callers and how dirty they get. when trump was president, i would never call into a news
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station and use the language, even though i disagree with him, because the people against us love it. our nation needs to grow up. host: where do you have concerns? what countries are you concerned about? caller: i believe china is just loving this. i think russia is absolutely -- i mean, january 6. they love it. what is concerning about that is the fact that every country witnessed our capital -- capitol being attacked by their own and how easy it was. there are so many meetings -- we can't have hearings. where hillary clinton came for
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11 hours, why can't we get president trump to come in for 11 hours and talk about what happened? host: i will leave it there. more of your calls coming up. your confidence in president biden's handling of foreign affairs, that is our question for you this morning. keep dialing in, send as text, on twitter as well as facebook. joining us is a white house reporter with the hill newspaper to talk by the president's schedule. what is on the agenda today over in brussels for the nato summit? guest: president biden is meeting with leaders today, secretary-general jim stoltenberg, he is also having a bilateral meeting with the turkish president later today. he will proceed through these nato meetings, he is also holding a summit with eu leaders later this week before he meets with vladimir putin in geneva.
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he has a packed schedule following the g7 summit over the weekend. host: what is he going to tell me to leaders? guest: his focus is on reaffirming u.s. support and commitment to article five. they are supposed to discuss a myriad of issues, including the more traditional challenges that nato faces, including russia and defense cooperation, but also more emerging challenges like the challenge posed by china in the security realm with its activities in the asian-pacific and cyber. leaders are also expected to talk about climate change and the security challenge that poses. there is quite a bit on the agenda for the nato summit over the next couple of days. host: what are these leaders expected to say to him? guest: i think there is going to
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be -- this foreign trip that president biden has taken has been about reaffirming u.s. support for its alliances with european partners and partners in asia. there is a lot of experts that say there is a sign of relief in some sense on members of nato and other european allies that were taken aback i foreign policy of former president trump because of how unilateral some of the actions and pressing nato countries to spend more. president biden is going with a different rhetoric and trying to affirm u.s. support for nato and commitment to nato. there is going to be some talk about that, and talk about china, as i mentioned. that is an emergency -- emerging security challenge, not only for nato, but for president biden's
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foreign and domestic policy. it is a priority for the white house to be discussing issues related to china. host: are there cracks in the alliance when it comes to afghanistan? guest: i think afghanistan is obviously going to be a big topic. it is going to be about figuring out how the drawdown works and how they ensure that there is a plan for making sure the security of afghanistan stays and they can maintain security even as the u.s. and other nato partners withdraw forces. we could see some cracks, some disagreement over the next couple of days, but we will have to see how they handle discussions about afghanistan and the withdraw there. host: how is the white house couching this upcoming meeting with president putin? guest: they are handling it with low expectations. the meeting is a big challenge for biden. he has to balance his effort to
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confront the russian president on the provocations and behavior he has had with cyber attacks interfering in elections, ukraine, which russia continues to be occupying -- but biden also wants to find a way to move the relationship forward and try to cooperate with russia on these issues of mutual concern, like climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. the white house has been trying to set expectations low for this meeting. talking about their differences, seeing if there is a way to move forward. but it is a high-stakes meeting for biden. host: domestically, what is the white house pushing this week? where are they on and for such negotiations? guest: as we saw early last week, there was a collapse of those talks between the white house and senator.
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they remained to be engaging with the second group of bipartisan, including joe manchin and senator cassidy talking about his other proposal. it is 1.5 trillion or one point $4 trillion proposal for infrastructure. one for --$1.4 trillion for infrastructure. the white house is trying to move on two tracks at once, trying to push forward this possibility of reconciliation while also engaging bipartisan negotiations to see if there is common ground on infrastructure. host: you can follow on thehill .com and on twitter. thank you for your time.
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the present will meet with the russian president on wednesday. take a look at his schedule today. he is meeting with the prime minister's of estonia, the president of lafayette -- latvia , and of with wayne you. they will have a call with all of the nato leaders today, as well is participating in the summit, a bilateral meeting with the president of turkey, then a news conference from nato headquarters. we will have coverage of today's conference with the president at 12:50 p.m. eastern time. you can watch it on here, our website, or the free radio app. john, you are a rep can. what is your confidence level in president biden? host: good morning -- caller: good morning.
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i am concerned about the direction foreign policy is taking. joe biden's foreign policy -- it is clearly laid out in hunter biden's laptop. this is money laundering, corruption, all proven cases. we see he is taking our foreign policy back to the obama area. line my pockets, i will line yours. that is a concern for every american. the president's son is under an active criminal investigation. host: ron in missouri, democratic caller. caller: let me. the lady earlier -- let's meet -- let me parrot the lady earlier. the things these people say. at least these -- this president
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is not conducting himself like some frat boy. if the man drank, it would be something to lay on, but the way trump conducted himself in front of putin, i don't think we have to worry about that. i am with the lady earlier. the vitriol they display towards this man -- i watch fox news occasionally. just to see the vitriol that these people come up with. they are all angry people. it comes from the orange line coward. -- orange, lying coward. we have got to come together. stop letting the in's call in on the democratic line. thank you, have a great day. host: rick in california send us a text. the foreign policy is a failure.
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america's back where? last i see, crime is up. i think we should come up with a fixed rate for trade around the world as well as a tax rate for fortune 500 companies and the elite. that is her tweet to us. another one, having a competent and experienced president like biden, our allies are no longer alienated and have confidence working with the u.s. on foreign matters. you also have this text from chicago. keeping those seeking asylum in mexico may appeal to xenophobic's, but it is not a solution to the immigration problem. they have a right to seek asylum in the united states. ohio, in the that. what do you say about president biden's foreign policy agenda? caller: i am scared for the country. it and are not paying attention, and the fact that we had a big
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problem with joe biden running originally when he was under or should have been under investigation and it seems that our fbi as a biden, obama, and hillary clinton organization. they have to be vetted and we have to have better security, especially our military needs support. this is very sad for this whole country and where it is going. host: what is the biggest -- which country is a big threat to the united states and why? caller: right now, i would have to say china. china, hands down. they are positioning themselves, they are very open about it. >> we will leave this discussion but you can finish watching it online at we take you live now to hear from the chair of the


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