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tv   Campaign 2024 Gov. Noem Remarks at Iowa Family Leader Summit  CSPAN  July 18, 2021 2:43pm-3:06pm EDT

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>> more from the iowa family leader's annual leadership summit now with south dakota republican governor, kristi noem. she talks about support for law enforcement, her states covid-19 response, the concept of critical race theory, and her pro-life agenda as governor. she's considered a potential 2024 presidential candidate. this runs about 20 minutes. [applause] [applause] gov. noem: good afternoon. thank you. i was doing really good until they showed that video of foster and lynn, so i'm a little bit of a mess right now. i love foster and lynn so much.
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foster change my life and i didn't know him just a handful of years. let me tell you one quick story. when i decided to run for governor, i walked into my first republican governors meeting. when i walked into that meeting, it was a reception with hundreds of people and most people don't know this about me but i tend to be a little more of an introvert. i love people and love being around people but going into crowded rooms of people, even after spending a lot of years in public office, i always have to go i can do this and i'm going to meet a bunch of new people and god always blesses that. i walked into this room and didn't recognize anybody. then, i saw cowboy hat and i thought i'm going to go talk to the cowboy hat because i'm always the most comfortable when there is a cowboy hat in the room. i don't know if we have one here, i haven't seen one yet. foster introduced me to every single person in that room and
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we became dear, dear friends. he and lynn came into this world to put into people and to be jesus in the flesh. they did that and lynn continues to do that and everything away. lester they called us around christmas time and foster said we want to give you money to donate to a charity in your name in south dakota, but we also want to do it for your husband i know your children. we were blown away. we got all the kids together and set them around the table and said foster and lynn are giving us this incredible gift of donating to a charity that they will donate in our names. who would you like to donate to? we had the best discussion. the kids went through days of research on charities. the number one priority was at to be a cries-centered charity. it wasn't just about outreach but lifting people up and giving people the tools they needed spiritually and to get back on
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their feet. it was such an incredible exercise for our family to go through, what them recognizing how special this was and the people that would be last because of it and they taught our children how exciting it can be to give. that's the one thing foster said all the time. if it was his money, he would hang onto it. but it was the lord's money, therefore he was going to give it all away. that's a great thing to remember. whatever we have financially in our life, it's the lords's to give away. i want to thank bob for inviting me to be here. the person who first invited me was kim reynolds. she's a dear friend of mine and you guys have a fantastic governor. i love her. [applause] she called me and asked me to come and i said i will do anything for you, kim. that's why i'm here and i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to chat with you all today. in reality, the first time you probably heard my name was when
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i was attacked by the liberals in the media who said i was making all the wrong decisions for my people and south dakota. but i do want you to know my people are happy. they are happy because they are free. they are free and they have an appreciation for the values and principles that have made this country the greatest country in the world. south dakota, when i ran for governor, i ran on it being an example to the nation. i had no idea that was going to happen through a pandemic, but it did. so when those liberals were coming after me and attacking me, i stayed focused on giving people as much information as i had, trusted them and letting them use personal responsibility to make the best decisions to make decisions for their families health. i've had a lot of jobs in my
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life. i think a lot of you have heard and know that i'm a wife and mother, i've been a farmer and rancher my entire life, i've been a waitress, a checkout girl at a grocery store, i sold vacuum cleaners, yes, i did. i can to this day tell you the best one you should get. and i sold carpet cleaning over the phone, which apparently i was incredible at, so if you need your carpets cleaned. i took care of people in their home, i was a home health care person. but i would say my most important job is one i got three weeks ago, and that is a grandma. i'm a new grandmother and i love it. [no audio] -- [applause] her name is adeline west peters and she has changed my life forever. how many of you are and parents? she is and test it.
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-- she is fantastic. i had high school champions at the governor's residence and one of them asked me and raised his hand during question time and said that having a granddaughter want you -- make you want to be more involved in politics or make you want to be less so you can stay at home and hold her. that was a tough decision because i really hate this america we are giving her. i don't recognize the country i had the opportunity to grow up in. i just don't. when i grew up, people were proud to have a job. they weren't confused on the difference between boys and. we prayed in schools, which, by the way, and south dakota, i'm putting prayer back in our schools. [applause] we stood for the national anthem. we honored our flag, and we were our country that was proud of
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our history. and that is not joe biden's america. his america is built on hate and division, on pitting people against each other and it is a shame to watch the violence in the crime and lack of unity america sees today. so that is one of the reasons i'm still involved and still running for reelection. i'm going to be involved because i truly believe one person can't save this country. but we all have our part to do and every single one of us needs to step up. my husband says all the time you always pick the hardest thing to do. so there are going to be for things in front of you and you will pick the hardest one. and i just say, well, it's always the right one. it's the one i think is right and we honestly need to understand that we have an opportunity in front of us. that is a little bit about what i want to talk to you about today. i was the first candidate in the country to sign the 1776 pledge.
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i did that with dr. ben carson. a pledge that every candidate in the country could sign saying they are going to ensure the honest history of this country is told to our children. that it would be taught in our schools. [applause] that the 1619 project, critical race theory are hate, division and racism and it has no place in america. we do not have hatred and racism in our dna. we reject that wholeheartedly. it is a lie and if you want to know what kind of leaders you have and you are voting for, check first to make sure they have signed on the 1776 pledge. ensure everyone who is running for elect to office, county commission come all the way up to state elected official, at the federal level, there's nothing in the 1776 pledge that
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they would disagree with if they want to continue to grow up in the america we continue to do. i love the family leader statement that this organization stands for. it stands for a revived america that honors god and bless his people. that is exactly the type of heartfelt message we all need to embrace today. you all know my story. since the time i was a little girl, all i wanted to do is be a farmer and a rancher. my dad was a cowboy. one of the reasons i love iowa so much is because i feel at home in a tractor and chasing cows. but my dad was a lot like john wayne. he loved john wayne very much. he quoted him quite often to us. we are burning daylight, you can be scared to death but settle up anyway. it seemed like he always bought me a horse i had to break myself. but he was tough. he is the kind of guy who yelled
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at the stairs every morning -- more people die in bed than anywhere else. [laughter] and i've never seen a little girl laying in bed thing do they really? because i didn't want to go to bed. he would say sleep fast. we worked all the time. i loved my dad and when i grew up, all i wanted to do his farm and ranch with him. he was killed in an accident when he was 49 years old and our whole life changed. i was still in college but ended up coming home and becoming the general manager of the operation. but we got through his death taxes and we had a lot of land, machinery, and cattle that we did not have a lot of money in the bank. it made me angry. people asked how i got involved in government, it was because of that. we needed to show up and have an impact on the country. that is why i got involved in politics, served in the
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legislature, ran for governor because the governor has not to be a ceo, to make an agenda. my agenda was to build strong families, make decisions that would build strong families and be an example to the nation and be estate people could look to that would grow and thrive, and create opportunities america new is going to be incredibly special. so i have committed to be the most pro-life governor there is. we did eight pro-life bills this year, one to protect children with down syndrome. [applause] i believe i'm still the only governor in the country who has a person on staff whose job description is to be an unborn child advocate. he wakes up every day to look at statute in law and make sure it life is going to be protected. [applause] we are continuing every day to keep our low tax environment,
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low regulatory environment. the first bill i signed into law, we are going to defend our freedoms and the estate that wraps its arms around our law enforcement officers. [applause] in fact, last year, in august and september, i saw the violence and riots happening in other cities and i said to myself this is not right. we did one week of national advertising to law enforcement officers and said if you want to live somewhere where the government respect you and we honor you and take care of your family, move to south dakota. in one week, 900 police officers from 41 states set i want to go live in south dakota and be part of that. [applause] my 2020 state of the state address was entitled open for business. isn't that prophetic? at that time, the virus had not hit us in the midwest and all
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and my state of the state title was open for business. we were the only state that did not close a single business, never defined what an essential business was because frankly, i didn't believe governors had the authority to tell you your business wasn't essential. we did not shelter-in-place, we just trusted people and in south dakota, we have the least amount of hours lost by any worker in the country, the least amount of wages lost by any worker in the country, the least amount of is this is closed because of the pandemic. our unemployment is 2.9% and we have the fastest growing gdp rate in the country at 9.9%. [applause] thousands of people are moving to south dakota. they are not moving because of our weather. they are moving because they want to be like us. they want to live somewhere where the government respects them. in our state, we just did what
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conservatives have always said they believed we just did and we proved it worked. south dakota has been an example to the nation. i was shocked by how the media and liberals used fear to control people and how people gave up their freedoms. they just rolled over because the government told them they couldn't assemble, they said ok, we won't assemble. they gave up their freedom of religion. they told them what they could say and not say and gave up their freedom of speech. we need strong leaders that have grit and tenacity that make the right decision the first time and protect their people, understand their constitutional authority, and stand by it even when they are in an unprecedented situation. that's what i'm going to encourage you to continue to look for. i'm going to tell you one story because i see i'm out of time. it went fast. i spoke in church about a week ago. i talked about heroes.
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this world is looking for idols and music stars and movie stars, and i said what we need was more heroes. heroes, like the biblical heroes we find in hebrews 11. you look at hebrews 11, we have people that stepped up and live their faith even though they never had the fulfillment during their lifetimes. abraham, joseph, many of them lived for many, many years and never saw god's promise to them fulfilled, but they were faithful. this country, this world is looking for idols, people to look up to. we need to buckle heroes. hebrews 11 references have us and how it was going through times of violence. he cried out to the lord and said answer me, what is going on , what is your purpose? the lord responded back to him and said if i told you, you would not believe it.
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if i told you, you would not believe it. don't you feel that way sometimes today? this is exactly what the lord said in that scripture verse. i want to read it to you -- write my answers plainly on tablet so a runner can carry the correct message to others. this vision is for a future time. it describes the end and it will be fulfilled. it seems to be slow in coming but wait patiently, for it surely will take place. it will not be delayed and look at the crowd. they trust in themselves and their lives are crooked, but the righteous will live by their faithfulness to god. that is what the lord said. we need faithful people right now. we need an example of people who are faithful even during challenging times. my favorite song is the battle hymn of the republic, written during the civil war. when she wrote the new lyrics, laid in bed and knew god woke her up and gave her the lyrics to that song.
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sing it with me. ♪ mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord. he is trampling ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah ♪ ♪ his truth is marching on ♪ be faithful, be strong, be
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happy, god bless. may god bless the great united states of america. [applause] announcer: tonight on q and a, jessica delong with chief engineer of the historic buyer about john j harvey on september 11 when it was called back to service to aid firefighters following the attacks on the twin towers. in her book, ms. dolonc tells the story of the community of mariners who came to the rescue of thousands. >> the maritime evacuation that delivered nearly half a million
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people to safety is an incredible example of the goodness of people. when you were given the opportunity to help, you have the tools, the skill set, the availability, people over and over again made the choice to put themselves in harm's way for the sake of fellow humans. that is very instructive and something we really need to remember. announcer: jessica delong, tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q and a. you can listen to q and a as a podcast wherever you get your podcasts. ♪ ♪ announcer: every day we take your calls live on air with news of the day and to discuss policy issues that impact you.
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monday morning, morgan -- reviews president biden's schedule. author michael wolf discusses his latest book, the final days of the trump presidency. vanderbilt university infectious disease professor william schaffner talks about the delta variant and vaccine hesitancy. watch washington journal and join the discussion with phone calls, facebook comments, texts and tweets >> monday night on the communicators. >> ransomware has become a problem because it has become a huge threat. not only a cyber criminal threat, but the implications for vertical infrastructure, like pipeline companies or the largest meat supplier in the country. these are significant targets and they have increasingly
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become something cyber criminals are targeting. ransomware is a concept is simple. defending against it has become increasingly complex. >> -- oversaw the justice department's national security and cybercrime investigations during the trump administration. he discusses recent ransomware attack send other cyber threats. monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. the -- >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. provided by these television companies and more. >> the world has changed. today, the fast reliable internet connection is something no one can live without. wow is there for our customers with speed, reliability, value and choice. >>wow supports c-span as a public service along with these
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other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> now the house financial services task force on artificial intelligence looks at digital privacy. those testifying include experts in digital technology and security who will answer questions on the future of digital identity, how to protect data and digital privacy, making ai a more inclusive and diverse, and block chain. this runs one hour 40 minutes. recognized. the staff of any stripe not to mute members been sent when a member is not being recognized >> mrs


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