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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  July 23, 2021 1:19pm-1:33pm EDT

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january 6, views from the house, starts sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span,, or listen on the c-span radio app. announcer: c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more, including the. ♪ midco supports c-span as a public service, along with these television providers, you a front row seat to democracy. nal continues. host: we will have about 15 minutes here and more later to talk to you about your top news story of the week, whether that is the rising covid cases due to the delta variant, the demise of
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the committee, the january 6 committee, at least the republicans on that committee, or other stories. 202-748-8000 is the line to call, the democrats line. republicans, 202-748-8001. all others at 202-748-8002. a color on the previous segment called in alleging the number of deaths reported on the vaccines. thousands have died from covid-19 -- that does not support the idea that thousands have died from covid-19 for some it is important for you to know the facts to make an informed decision. some articles on social media, with data supporting the claim that thousands of died -- have died as a result of the covid-19 vaccine. this claim is false, they safe that is co-managed i the cdc and fda, which are credible sources.
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the agency says these claims are misconstruing the data. more than 334 million doses of covid-19 vaccines were administered in the united states from december to july 12, 2021, the cdc said. during this time, they have received 678 -- 6079 reports of death among people who received a covid-19 vaccine. that number is not a death toll. health care providers report any debts come even if it is unclear that the vaccine was the cause. anyone able to make a submission to database cases are not facts checked, aching them scientifically unreliable. in detroit, this is the top news story of the week. we hear from detroit. go ahead on our democrats line. caller: i would just like to ask a question. why the national urban league,
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the head, the ceo president, whoever he may be, why he is not reaching out to all communities? i feel like if they reach out to all communities, then we can all come together, because we all need each other. host: marc morial was our guest the previous segment. scott in ionia, michigan, republican lie. caller: i would just like to know -- republican line. caller: yes, i would just like to know who killed ashli babbitt. that's it. host: the independent line. caller: hey there. i discovered a website called the real law and it tells them about the military, the tribunals that they are having at various
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places, and the clintons have been sentenced, james comey has lost his head. brendan has been put to death, adam schiff is guilty of treason , susan rice and also william barr. it is very interesting website if people want to check it out. it is called host: what is the purpose of these obvious false reports? caller: they are not false. host: you are saying they have been arrested? caller: that's what i'm saying. they've been arrested, and hillary was hung back in april. host: this is the hill this morning, the opening of the olympics in tokyo. the headline, joe biden attends tokyo olympics opening ceremony, leaving the -- leading the -- kicking off a unique olympics.
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the look picks are -- the olympics are his first international trip with the first lady, seen wearing a black mask. pennsylvania on the republican line. hello. caller: so top headlines -- it is hard to choose, but i would say any headlines that speak to our infringements on life, liberty, and happiness, which are spelled out in our constitution. i am going to pick on one that is starting to infringe on life, and it is the vaccine story. with all the deaths that are being linked to the vaccine, i can't believe the media is not reporting on it. host: we just read a story about that. caller: right, i know you did, and i think that's false. and i think anyone can access that as public information, and people are reporting that -- i think there is a lot of looking
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away, looking the other way. i also think there is a lot of smoke around -- it says something that the cdc won't investigate or won't track how many of the vaccinated people are spreading -- are spreading covid. how many of these new cases are being spread by vaccinated people? there is some smoke there, and i think it needs to be tracked and publicize for the people instead of pushing this vaccine. host: this is a story this morning about the efficiency, the efficacy of vaccines. politico -- most vaccines offer protection against the delta variant. according to a study, just one dose of the moderna or astrazeneca vaccines offer protection, more so than previous studies have shown. a canadian study reported. that is from alex is in texas on our democrats line. we are doing -- top news stories
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of the week, alex. go ahead. caller: my top news story was -- i think -- i got jim jordan off the committee. that is the biggest clown in the united states congress. and what he had to offer, who knows? a lot of obstruction, a lot of crazy talk, and it is just the best thing when she kicked him off the committee. thank you. host: just want to remind our viewers that the committee will meet. they have one republican remaining on the committee, liz cheney, appointed by speaker pelosi. the select committee will meet next tuesday, 9:30 eastern, their first hearing with witnesses. we will have live coverage of that on c-span3 full-time it will stream at, and you can listen to it live as
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well. on the c-span radio app. in texas, we speak to tiny. go ahead. caller: my top story is dr. fauci, him helping to create this covid vaccine in the wuhan medical lab over in china. why they are not talking about that. and i think they need to bring up charges on him. and the entire democratic party, because i think they all supported it. even button. host: this is sterling -- even biden. host: this is sterling heights, michigan, the independent line. caller: hi. have a couple of things here. first of all, the voting that is going to be taking place -- i think that there is a lot of misinformation in both parties, and if we could have maybe republican or democrat get
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together on tv and let's have a debate and less have both of them talk about the good points of it and the bad points, so that everybody can hear what this bill is really about. host: ok. thanks for your comment. no action this week on voting rights from the senate, but they did vote earlier in the middle of the week, on wednesday, and failed to move forward on the infra-structure bill. here is the reporting, the aftermath of that on bipartisan infrastructure talks said to be stuck on transit. a member of the team negotiating, the $579 million -- billion dollar -- the 507 and billion dollar infrastructure bill -- the group of 22 republicans and democrats have ironed out dozens of differences in the framework since they reached a deal with president joe biden last month, senator jon tester said the group, which hopes to finish its negotiations
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this weekend, is still at an impasse over and funding for transit. the disagreement could sink the whole thing, said the montana democrat, who has been traditionally one of the more optimistic members of the negotiating team, but i don't think it is going to. so negotiations continue this weekend on that. we will keep you posted on any news out of the negotiations. watertown, tennessee, good morning to al on the independent line. caller: i have about three topics. the first is when you have these individuals like the president of the urban league on, the first question you need to ask is, who funds your organization, where is your money spent, how many full-time employees, and where are your offices? it is quite possible that some of your guests are the only employee. i think for disclosure, any of your guests to represent an organization, you try to find out on a consistent basis, these topics.
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the next thing is, you know, you claim that the cdc and the fda are credible sources. i question that. the thing that has happened just in the last few weeks is that the cdc is requiring a greater cycle threshold value to get a positive for someone who has had both vaccine shots. that is, there are two separate ways to see if you have got covid. if you haven't had a vaccine or if you have had a vaccine -- and that is to my mind what they are doing, they are trying to say that the vaccines are more effective than they really are. the next thing is on the urban league, he says that people that have black skin are more susceptible to covid. that is simply scientifically not correct. when you control for all the other comorbidities, the susceptibility of the person,
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with black skin, is absolutely the same as anybody with any other colored skin. so the guy from the urban league is a grifter, and the cdc and the fda are not credible sources, and you need to drill down to find out who is paying these people that come on your show. and that is it. host: onto nathan in connecticut, democrats line. hello there. caller: thank you for taking my call. i did not like that last comment, and i didn't like tiny's comment linking biden with wuhan. i don't think there's any evidence at all of that. the reason i'm calling, bill, is that the less time you were on comey you were called by a woman named diane from new york. you will remember because she was specifically complement to reach you you, being very evenhanded. she was very heartbroken about the condition of the country and
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the condition of the news media. the days of walter cronkite and peter jennings are gone because of the nature of 24-hour news and the loss of the interest in entertainment -- and the interest of the public in entertainment. i felt diane was a very caring person who represents a lot of people out there. i don't want her to feel lonely about that. i think that washington journal represents the finest in programming, because all of the hosts -- steve, yourself, greta, pedro -- are just so well-trained. not to react and to let the public share their announcer: we will leave this recorded program here. you can finish watching on her website, we


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