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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  August 10, 2021 12:43pm-1:42pm EDT

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democracy. -- front row seat to democracy. >> beginning at 3:00 eastern, amy klobuchar joins the clinton foundation in a virtual discussion on promoting vaccinations and preventing misinformation. watch live on c-span. . the document that came out yesterday served as an overview of what to back from the spending plan. to give you an overall look on the bigger spending initiatives within the plan, it did include establishment of universal pre-k for three and four-year-olds and extend the childcare tax care credit and income tax credit and create federal aid family and medical leave benefits. it would make community college free for two years. they want to reduce prescription drug costs and require electric
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utility sectors to generate 80% of power from clean energy sources by 2030 and provide green cards to millions of immigrant workers and families. those are some of the topline issues in the document, the spending plan released by the democrats yesterday. "the washington post" highlights some of the details of the revealed, saying another bucket of spending would address democratic concerns that the bipartisan infrastructure deal doesn't go far enough to address issues related to the warming planet and the resolution would allow democrats to see significant changes to medicare, including an expansion that covers dental and health benefits and democrats have offered -- are looking for permanent resident status as part of a reconciliation process, embarking on a political journey that could find them tangling with the senate parliamentarian where they are narrowly restricted to
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rules that only affect spending and taxes. these are just some of the proposals. in this hour you can comment on the plan and whether you support it or not. if you support it, (202) 748-8000, if you oppose it, (202) 748-8001. one of the people on the floor of the senate yesterday supporting the plan was chuck schumer, who talked about the budget reconciliation plan and his support order. [video clip] >> divisions in the country in politics today have their roots in that a client of economic mobility. the american people do not expect one piece of legislation to solve all ills, no single law can do that, but we have to start in a bold, strong way, rebuilding the basic social contract for middle-class american families and for everyone struggling to get there . a promise of equal opportunity and equality, helping
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middle-class americans stay in the middle class, building ladders to help others climb into the middle class. at the core, that's what this ajit is all about and we are going to take the first steps towards passing it very, very soon. host: when it comes to the efforts for paying for the proposal, democrats are planning to undo key parts of the republican tax law, aiming to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 25% and have discussed raising the tax rate on investment gains and clamping down on tax benefits that have enriched the private equity industry and executives by allowing lucrative fees to be taxed at low capital gains rather than income. those are some of the proposals on how to pay for these efforts proposed by senate democrats. some of you commenting on facebook this morning, saying
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yes, there isn't much we need to do, we lost precious years. the water supply is drying up. we need to have a place left for our grandchildren and we are supposed to leave it better for them. this doesn't look promising. jason arnold says that he's at a point where he doesn't support a single thing that democratic already wants to push, they try to destroy our economy and sovereignty for the utopian oligarchy. nothing they do supports small business or the middle-class in any way. from helen, who highlights bernie sanders as a key driver of the proposal, saying go bernie. frederick says no one in their right mind would support this reckless spending. the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, talking about
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the reconciliation plan and why democrats shouldn't expect republican support for it. here's a bit of what he had to say yesterday. [video clip] >> they call it $3.5 trillion in spending. experts say that that would most likely caused americans 5.5 trillion. trillions more in borrowing and spending when inflation is already sticking american families with higher costs. new permanent welfare with no work requirements when small businesses are already struggling to find workers. sweeping amnesty on the southern border when it is already in crisis. new deal regulations when american gas prices have already shot up, crushing tax hikes for family businesses and farms as they fight to recover from the recession.
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so, apparently tragedy and comedy really are two sides of the same coin. the tragedy is that democrats want to inflict all this pain on middle-class families. here's the comedy, they won't let republicans have a say in this monstrosity, but they want our help raising their credit card to make this happen. democrats want republicans to help raise the debt limit so they can keep spending historic sums of money with zero republican input and zero republican votes. so, imagine a friend tells you he's flying off to las vegas to blow all his money. doesn't care that you think it's irresponsible. you are invited to come along. but he wants you to cosign a loan for him before he leaves. host: that was from yesterday,
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more is the hour goes on. -- as the hour goes on. conway, troy says anyone who wants to see insanity, look no further than this boondoggle. venezuela and cuba, hold my beer. from stephanie in michigan, i definitely support the new budget plan including projects that have been long overdue. we need this new deal, let's get on with curing america. our future is at stake. let's start with mike in ohio, who says no to this plan. mike, you are first up. go ahead. caller: good morning, pedro. none of our suppose that representatives have even read this bill. 2700 pages, i mean this is
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ridiculous. how long are we going to put this on a credit card when my great grandkids are still paying. the only way we will take care of this is if we vote to every one of these people, democrat and republican. i'm independent and i voted for trump. the only reason i did is because he did what he said he would do. host: what's your main opposition to the proposal, if i may ask? caller: ok, well, look into it. $2.5 billion for a reception station for illegal immigrants? they complain it's racist for not letting them in? we have legal ways of bringing them in. it's called legal immigration. as far as the pickers for the field, they come in on visas. what's the problem. as far as illegal immigration, i will tell you how to take care of it. we'd tie everything that comes out of social security on the government retirement fund.
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you see how fast they close them borders. host: that's mike from ohio, bringing up the topic of immigration. the story thereby stephen dinan, democrats proposing 107 billion dollars to grant amnesty and border security, writing that on immigration it instructs the judiciary committee to grant lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants to invest in smart and effective order security measures, nothing about interior enforcement to allow businesses to weed out immigrant workers, which had been an element of the previous immigration compromises and again, if you want to read more, you can look at the website of "the washington times" for that. also not supporting the effort, todd joins us this morning from california. todd, go ahead.
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caller: good morning. i'm registered independent. last election i voted for trump. this bill as proposed is too expensive, it's too expensive. there's not enough money to pay for it now and they are going to have to continuously raise taxes on multiple generations just to be, just to be able to put a dent into this. plus it's not really bipartisan. they are not really taking into account any conservative concerns with this. host: is it the total price tag that bothers you or is it something specific within what's being proposed? caller: total price tag, lack of bipartisanship, plus certain things having nothing to do with it, like on broadband.
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electric vehicle power stations everywhere. most of the cars on the road are still electric cars. not to mention in order to fuel electric cars, you have to burn fossil fuels to do that, so it is kind of self-defeating. host: to clarify, the infrastructure bill that includes those elements to be voted on today, with the senate coming in at 9:30 this morning, look for deliberations before the vote and you can watch it and follow along on c-span two and our website, it's expected to pass according to reporting and then democrats are expected to move on to this budget plan that was introduced this week. it's what a lot of people have been focusing on and if you go to the website for a responsible federal budget, they put up a piece taking a look at the plan and under the headline budget resolution, it would allow $1.75 trillion of borrowing and say
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that the resolution contains instructions for 12 senate committees that allows them to increase deficits and more significantly the budget resolution would allow 726 billion dollars in borrowing for the labor pension committee and $332 billion for the urban development committee and in addition the finance committee is extracted to introduce benefits that would allow the committee to put forward one point true -- $1.8 trillion in spending along with increases in health savings that allows the committee to go further with the borrowing enacted from other committees by september the 15th, though the date is not winding. the state -- you can find the breakdown on the budget website and if you want to read it, let's hear from georgia in louisiana, who supports the effort. georgia, you are next.
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caller: i support it because in the past four years, we did not hear nothing about the debt ceiling, nothing about no bills at all, but $6 trillion was placed on the debt. you need to look into that, how we got $6,000 put on the debt. host: this legislation doesn't include anything for debt ceiling on top of that. what do you think of that? caller: that's what my problem is. no one said nothing at all when trillions were put there. no one debated nothing at all. nothing at all. they just didn't talk about it. complain about the 3.5 trillion every time to fix and infrastructure, not to mention all the bad behavior we got going on here. host: ray, good morning, north
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carolina. you are next up. caller: good morning. i am most evidently against this monstrosity, as mitch mcconnell said it is. the spending, the chickens are going to come home to roost. the word bankruptcy comes to mind here. host: as far as spending is concerned, what is it about spending besides the overall price tag, or is that the main concern for you? host: a lot of this -- caller: a lot of this spending is not necessary. it goes to a lot of democrat projects and pork. the national debt, again, is there, and if we don't do something about that, it's going to, it's a crushing, crushing
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realization. host: when it comes to the budget, you set a lot of it wasn't necessary. what would you highlight when you say there is spending that isn't necessary? caller: well, the southern border, ok, they want to spend for amnesty. a lot of committees are getting money without doing anything. a lot of the talk of infrastructure, there's a lot of infrastructure talk, but the reality is that a lot of this money isn't going to infrastructure at all. host: infrastructure is a separate piece today. go ahead and finish your thought.
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caller: that, too. mercy, if the democrats don't get what they want in the infrastructure bill, they are throwing temper tantrums. putting everything in this one little nest egg. if they don't get what they want. host: ok. let's hear from larry, maryland, fort smith, calling in on the yes line. larry, hi there. caller: i'm calling to comment on these trump loving insurrectionists. where were they when trump was in office and they passed that to trillion dollar bill for all the rich people in the world and all they did was introduce supreme court judges all day long and didn't do anything for the people. where were these trump lover insurrectionists? host: when it comes to the bill being proposed in the senate,
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what do you support about it? caller: the whole bill. guest: specifically what -- host: specifically what? caller: infrastructure, i think it's a good thing. the country has decayed, the ridges and the roads, anybody can see that. philadelphia, there are potholes with a front-end being pulled off the car. bridges across the country that you show on television where the steel is breaking. where were these trump lovers, these insurrectionists, when they passed -- host: when it comes to the budget reconciliation package being proposed, what do you support about that? caller: that to trillion dollars, going to rich people. it's about time they took care of the people on fixed income. time they got a slice of the
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pie. it don't have to be these billionaires and millionaires that get all the money. host: larry in maryland. to give you a highlight on some of the proposals in the package, separate from the infrastructure bill being voted on tightly today, establishing universal pre-k for three-year-olds and four-year-olds, extending the earned income tax credit and creating federal paid family and medical leave benefits and reduce prescription drug costs and when it comes to issues of climate change it would require the electric utility sector to generate 80% of power from clean energy sources by 2030 and when it comes to those clean energy futures that some of you have commented on this morning it would provide green cards to millions of immigrant workers and their families. for the next 40 minutes we can
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comment on whether you support the efforts were not in it comes to the budget land. (202) 748-8000 if you support it and say yes. if you say no, (202) 748-8001. text us at (202) 748-8003. dexter is in washington, d.c. you are next. hello. caller: hello. i 100% agree with the plan. i think it's a good deal for the american people. rich people have been getting over on this country forever. i also want to say something to my fellow republicans crying those crocodile tears. why would we go out of our way to submit this to republicans when we can clearly see all over the country that they are trying to create an apartheid system in america. host: back to the budget bill
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specifically, why do you report -- support it? caller: i support the tax credit for children, the earned income. all the things that would help to pass for the working poor and working middle class in this country who have basically been given a bad deal when the country just seems to only look out for people that has a lot of money. they don't take care of anybody else. food stamps, if you are on that you are basically living in the gutter. you can't afford anything out here at all. host: ok, let's hear from joe. arnold, maryland. he says no to the package. caller: i totally disagree with this type of massive spending
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bill. i also disagree with the suppose it infrastructure bill. all of these expenditures should be voted on and weighed on their own merits. what are we buying here? no one knows what's in this bill and what we are getting and they are spending money on things that nobody knows about. it's absurd that we are doing this to our children and grandchildren. host: when you say spending money on things that no one knows about, what do you mean? caller: i guarantee there stuff here that no one has any information on. these senators don't read these bills, it's absurd. you've got to be kidding me that we are going to vote for this. host: some of the specifics like universal pre-care and child tax credits, what's wrong with that
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approach? caller: let's look at the individual merits of each individual program and discuss the causes and who's going to benefit and then vote on it. why are we plopping it all together? you pick and choose little items like this that everybody is warm and fuzzy about. the problem with that is they are shoving in the 80% of the guard did -- garbage we don't need to see money spent on. this country is about free enterprise, not government spending. host: illinois, good morning. caller: i disagree with it pedro for the simple thing. what these people said, it's all in the bill. the child tax credit, we all get child tax credit.
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this is just not, it's the democrats doing what democrats always do. they throw us a bone and then after they throw us a bone, we find out there's not much meat on the bone. but there are tons of things in this bill, just like the man said, they will have to vote for it. host: you focused on the child tax credit. why is that? caller: we already get a child tax credit. host: you still get a child tax credit for children? caller: heck no, i'm 77. host: it was only temporarily extended to the end of the year. there is an effort to extend it further. that's a part of this package. go ahead.
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host: my grandkids receive child tax credits -- caller: my grandkids received child tax credits and have received them every year for the past 15 years . why is it all of a sudden going to go away? host: this is an effort to extend it from under covid. there is probably reporting out there when it comes to the details of the bill. we are just showing you the topline figures we have been doing all morning and you can see that for yourself, the people on the senate floor, some of the chief architects of this effort. senator bernie sanders from vermont, this is a part of his presentation yesterday about the budget plan. [video clip] >> i will tell you what is even more important, that is to address the long neglected needs
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of the working families of our country and the children of the elderly, of the sick, of the poor, whether they are black, white, latino, these are needs that congress has ignored. for much too long. i understand that senator mcconnell, the republican leaders and others are really shocked. they can't believe it. imagine, just imagine that the united states senate is addressing the needs of working families and is going to stand up for ordinary americans rather than just the wealthy and powerful. what is this world coming to? don't we understand that here in the senate we are supposed to take campaign contributions from
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the drug companies and the insurance companies and the fossil fuel industry and from the 1% and do their bidding? is that not the way it's always been done here in the u.s. senate? well, senator mcconnell. things are changing. for once in a very long time, the united states congress is going to stand with working families and not just the rich and the powerful. host: again, that's senator sanders from yesterday. you can see more on when it comes to the senate they highlighted the fact that the moat -- more centrist wing in recent weeks have had their own trepidation around the hefty price tag. senator sinema of arizona signaled in late july that she
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would vote to adopt the budget and begin the work of rafting legislation to carry it out even as she remains concerned about the overall cross, saying -- host: so, that's just some of what to expect when it comes to the back playing out on this piece of what's being debated. again, the infrastructure bill being finished up and voted on today. we have been showing you highlights throughout the course of the morning and you can tell us whether you supported or not for the next 30 minutes or so. (202) 748-8000 if you say yes, (202) 748-8001 if you say no.
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some of you texting us this morning. this from dave in illinois saying that this helps to overcome 30 years of trickle-down economics. m a in texas saying that republicans will not agree with anything democrats do because they don't want infrastructure, they want to take the money and give it to rich people. they don't intend to help the democrats at all. peter in charleston, south carolina says that it doesn't build a ladder from the ground but a rope from the top. the people relying on it will really suffer. america was built on work and not handouts. ron cleveland, tennessee, saying that he supports a bill that helps the middle-class republicans take care of the rich, democrats take care of the middle-class class and the poor. (202) 748-8003 is how you make those thoughts known to us if you want to text us this morning. arkansas, linda, on the no line.
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caller: i don't agree with this bill. what do they do with pre-existing foundations? headstart, does that exist or is it a new bureaucracy? i just, they spend their money but these bills are already there. they passed money, the departments don't go away, loaded with people that make good salaries. are they eliminating those to make room for something new or are they just going to hire more people? host: from ronnie in morrisville, pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have heard the arguments of people about this bill. i would like to reach out to these people that don't want to. i would like them to remember that wealthy people out there
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have the best lawyers and they can get around every tax that is put out there against the poor and the working class. they have a direct line to your representatives and they tell them what they want. remember that. the poor don't have that. they cannot afford top lawyers to defend them. host: how does that apply to the budget plan specifically? caller: specifically? they are offering the poor people in the middle last the handout to support, to support their life and what they are doing. they can't go to their lawyers and get cuts in taxes. the rich all the time. they control their representatives.
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-- look happening. i approve of this law. this is the best thing happening to this country. god bless our president. he is working so hard. -- so hard, right now. he has seen it all, being in congress 40 years. he knows it all and knows what's going on in this country. host: all right, that's ronnie in pennsylvania. let's hear from sean in new york. go ahead. caller: morning. i feel as if a lot of people are in agreement with social programs that the united states has to offer to the majority of those who are disenfranchised. but we see that this bill is 2700 pages.
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number one, how many people in congress have read through it? how many people actually know what to do with this thing and where all this money is going? we passed three stimulus bills. $5 trillion spent amongst other nations in this country, where you know, we get $1200, $600 or what have you and we don't know what them at -- where the majority of the money is going. host: the highlights have been out there when it comes to pre-k and child tax credits and things like that. with those proposals specifically, what do you think of them? caller: it's minutia. department of education is something we already have here. it's likely to be educated -- allocated to the department of
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ed that receives aliens and funding and they are trying to allocate even more money when the country has $28 trillion in debt. the value of the money in terms of just, you know, inflation and, you know, the cost-of-living and everything going on here, it just seems like we are really going in the wrong direction. from covid to literally everything. people have to understand that we are really headed into dangerous care tori -- dangerous territory here. host: that is sean in new york. giving us his thoughts on the package released by senate democrats. $3.5 trillion price tag has been in many of the headlines. the details of some of the major spending programs we have been showing you throughout the course of the morning about what's being proposed, there are bigger aspects in those pages
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that have been highlighted as well. when it comes to the issues of the debt ceiling this morning, business insider reports on it was yesterday that the treasury secretary, janet yellen, warned that a fairly year to raise the federal debt ceiling will cause irreparable harm to the economy. "in recent years congress --
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host: is where you can see that story. dorothy, north carolina, supporter of the effort. go ahead. caller: good morning. this is a psychological thing. we don't owe anyone anything. could be a trillion, but that's it. we don't owe anybody anything. but i like this bill because it is for the people. like you said, the elderly get their prescriptions. childcare for the middle class. college for the young people so they can get the training they need to get a job. middle-class got the family leave. if there fan -- parents get sick or something, they can at least have time to take care of the child or anything when they
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leave. first of all, we all pay taxes. we are not getting money from out of the sky. i don't know where they think it's coming from. we all pay taxes and sometimes the working people need to get something back for the taxes they pay. host: do you think it justifies the total price of the bill? caller: if we don't do it now, it's going to be $6 trillion in some years. things going bad, they cause more. if people in the call breakdown, everything starts breaking down. house go bad, everything goes bad. if we don't do something now, the reason it's so big as we don't do anything. we don't do anything necessary to keep this country in the place it was a long time ago. it was great a long time ago. my friends used to buy a new car every year at bethlehem steel.
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they had great jobs, sending their children to college. host: what do you think of the moderate democrats not on board because of the price tag? caller: all of our politicians, and this is true, all of our politicians have been bought other people with money and they only do things for people with money. they never talk about bailing out the people. they didn't fight too hard about the money. they got it quick and didn't even really need it. they was already billionaires, they didn't lose their money. when it comes to us, seniors like myself who made the prescription plan, they fight. why? i've worked since i was 16. when i stopped working, my husband was a vietnam vet. we paid to the federal government only. $11,000 per year and we never
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got anything for it. host: that's dorothy. donald, go ahead. caller: you know there's a lot of elderly in this country and the things i said about this ill are medicare, adding dental, glasses, hearing aids, home care that will help you stay in your own home. i advise all these elderly people in the country to, to support this bill. don't vote against something that's going to hurt you. that's the way i feel about it.
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host: to donald's point, it allows democrats to pursue changes to medicare, including an expansion to health benefits, story adding that democrats are attempting to seek lawful permanent resident status or millions of immigrants as part of the reconciliation process on a political journey there. that is some of what donald brings up when it comes to the medicare expansion and things that run along that. you can bring others into the mix as well and we have been showing you throughout the morning some of the reaction from the actual text itself and the big price tag. you can direct either of those things on our lines, tweet us and post on facebook as well, as well as text us. let's hear from lance in naples, florida on the no line. hello there. you are on, go ahead. would you mind turning on your television real quick? caller:
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yeah. i'm trying to find out where, yeah. i'm trying to find out how we got to $3.5 trillion plan, budget plan and then infrastructure plan that's going to be voted on after the trillion dollars when the original plan as proposed was $2.6 trillion. he added to it actually. host: ok. that's lance in naples. anthony grady saying on twitter that nothing the government does is a simple yes or no answer. does it still have the mileage tax? linda from indiana saying that we need to improve our country, don't let it fall apart, got to spend to keep up.
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patrick in maryland saying that he supports it, childcare is outrageous here, double what it was in virginia. clear out the pork and do a smart budget. jack in michigan texting us this morning saying all this destruction -- discussion about reconciliation, why isn't there consideration for the huge tax breaks for industry? it's been highlighted by many democrats in the weeks since the plan was revealed. details are on our website, you can find the debate there as well. when it comes to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation budget, that's what we are getting your thoughts on this morning. let's hear from rich in ohio. marion. he also said no to the plan. good morning. caller: it looks like sometimes we get extra money and we get in
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big trouble. sometimes students get into drugs because of extra money. we don't know where the extra money is going. we sent some to china to research by accident that thing. we should make sure every dollar doesn't go to bad things. host: we have been highlighting specifics on the reconciliation as far as the blueprint is concerned. what's wrong with those programs? caller: because we aren't tracking the loose money. college students are good kids but every once in a while the extra money gets them in big trouble. the other thing, spending money we don't have. obama spent all the money we didn't have end biden is getting ready to do it again, spending more than all the presidents combined. these trillions of dollars. the other thing, we have a
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budget where at the top of it we said by the way, we can't buy a fire truck. if they set up budgets, we can pass anything for a fire truck, but we are supposed to budget the money for right rings and separate the issues. host: that is rich in ohio. go ahead. caller: i love cable satellite public affairs network, you guys are the best and i do support this plan, excuse me. i am very happy to see it going not for some war in the middle east and not for foreign aid, but going for the united states. as many have pointed out, we need our infrastructure updated. that's all i really have to say area host: when it comes to the
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budget plan, what do you like most about it? caller: roads and bridges. host: this budget plan includes other things, any thoughts on that? caller: medicare, expansion of medicare. host: ok. one of the other issues coming out yesterday or at least news that comes out when it comes to the topic of climate change, when it came to a new report, this is the highlight from the washington post saying that three decades ago it was warned that humans were fueling a dangerous greenhouse effect. that there would be profound consequences for people and nature alike --
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"the only real uncertainty that remains is whether they can stave off a darker future than the one it already carved in stone." the other news yesterday, aside from the reveal of this budget land. tony, connecticut on the no line. go ahead. caller: good morning, pedro. i've been watching since the beginning of the year as a timeline and we have been shown these shiny objects where people are like yes, we need this and that. but yesterday we were talking about the infrastructure. all of those good things, roads
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and bridges, that's only $550 billion. we don't talk about the remaining $700 billion. we have launched these different covid relief packages. we didn't even spend them. i watch you guys daily, you show the shiny stuff and add up the money and it says look, we are giving this and that and it only comes to a fraction of what the total bill is. they are looking to spend money they can't even spend. host: as far as the budget bill itself? you have seen the price tag, it looks like you keep an eye on these things. what's wrong with it specifically? caller: specifically it's what we don't know. you didn't show other than the $3.5 trillion how much the shiny objects costs and what the rest
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of the money costs. like yesterday you showed that we need bridges, we need this and that. host: sure, we show the highlights. caller: it's only a partial part of the bill. host: but ultimately you don't support it based on what we don't know, so what is it we don't know yet? caller: where the rest of the money is spent. for example, yesterday you told about the bill and only talked about $550 billion of it. where's the $700 billion? host: we have shown highlights online. you can go back and look at that if you wish. terry, hello. caller: i believe that the
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democrats [inaudible] [indiscernible] children and older people, old people in general, blah blah. this is just camouflage for the true agenda. they have things in there that we don't know about. host: such as what? caller: to destroy this country. host: if you say that there are things that we don't know about, such as what? caller: hello? host: if there are things we don't know about, such as what? caller: such as this government [inaudible] [indiscernible] there to protect us, not be big daddy. they want to make people dependent on the government, not themselves. americans get things by working hard. host: one of the people giving
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her thoughts yesterday on the senate floor, marsha blackburn on the budget plan. [video clip] >> democratic colleagues are not paving the way to prosperity. they are building the gateway to socialism. this bill can be seen as a down payment. later this week, if all goes according to plan for my colleagues from new york, we will take a vote on the budget that is going to make the american people think they got a discount on the infrastructure package. it's another day and another fight over a multitrillion dollar spending spree that defies common sense and rejects all notions of accountability. if the infrastructure bill was the down payment for the gateway to socialism, this budget rips the gates off the hinges and invites the big spenders and
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central planners to roll right on through. for $3.5 billion they will have it all, a laundry list of incentives for government dependency. a foot in the door for homes and families and a skew's to seize power and centralize it right here in washington. my democratic colleagues really enjoy using the words free and universal to describe their government handouts. universal pre-k, tuition free community college, universal health care, and even a free path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. host: again, more of that is available on our website, it's another one of the ways you can watch the vote from the senate today. you can follow along at and if you want to listen along, you can download the free radio app and listen there.
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on the no line, maureen. go ahead. are you in california? caller: florida. host: thank you, caller, go ahead. caller: yes, my concern is the electric cars and the equipment they will be putting in the cars to track mileage and what the costs is going to be for that, along with the added tax for gas. the infrastructure bill, only 40% is going for infrastructure. what you talk about in terms of medicare as far as perks, i already get that from united health care and don't pay anything for it. i don't understand what's so great about this. host: from a cliff in maryland. hello. caller: i'm 82. people in this country say
1:35 pm
nothing about the money that we spend in iraq and afghanistan. the money that we spent in korea. we don't have anything to show for it. but they don't complain about that. how many trillions did we spend? do we have any idea? host: what do you think we get from the spending there? caller: well, some more kids are going to be offered more education. you are going to be able to help people to raise kids through some financial help. it's a lot that goes on in this country that people don't even think about. host: that is cliff in maryland. tony in florida saying that it's hard to oppose the spending without knowing the details, it's clearly by design, a plan so large that no one knows what can be in it. from ed in new york, saying that when the bill is passed it will be the straw that breaks the camels back and interest rates
1:36 pm
will rise, the housing department will collapse, it's economics 101. texting us is a way to reach out to us if you wish. one more piece of news to show you out of the pentagon. the announcement that vaccines will be required for military under this new plan. one of the people talking about it yesterday was the press secretary. here's what he has to say. [video clip] >> requesting an approval waiver to make it mandatory by mid-september. i have seen some reporting out there that it means all the troops have to be vaccinated and that's not accurate. he will make the request by mid-september unless or until fda licensure occurs before that time, at which point the secretary has the authority that
1:37 pm
he needs upon licensure to make whatever vaccine has been given the license mandatory. i want to clear that up. in the meantime, two things are going to happen. services will be tasked to come back with implementation plans for how they will get this moving. there is not probably a lot of time between now and mid-september. if fda licensure comes sooner than that, there's pressure to suggest the pfizer vaccine will perhaps be even completely approved by the end of this month. services have a fair but limited amount of time to come back with implementation plans for how they would go about and a tory vaccines for all of their personnel. we understand -- go about mandatory vaccines for all their personnel.
1:38 pm
we understand that and will be respectful of that. in the meantime we will be developing policies to comply with the president's direction that the unvaccinated will have to be subject to restrictions and other policies. i don't have the details for that and we are working hard on what will be the policy directive to come in the coming days that will make it clear what those restrictions are and how they apply to everybody in the workforce, including uniformed personnel. the last thing i would say about this memo, and i hope you caught towards the end of it where the secretary said that we would watch the trends closely. it's an uptick in cases and hospitalizations where the delta variant is a factor. as the secretary told the force today, if he needs to act sooner than this timeline, he will do that. host: ron in west chesterfield,
1:39 pm
go ahead. caller: before i make my comment i would like to ask that at some point in time you should have a segment to just ask the folks out there, what does a more perfect union look like to you? have the folks call in and tell them for our politics and for our country. as far as the $5 trillion bill hillyer -- bill here, to me that's a bargain. if that's what it takes to save the planet, that's a bargain. in 10 years from now if we don't spend it, we will all wish that we had. host: what convinces you it's going to save the planet? caller: well, it's going to help. help clean up some of what we
1:40 pm
have been pumping into the atmosphere. you can't pump tons and tons of stuff into the atmosphere every single year and expect it to not have an effect on the atmosphere . we have got to start somewhere and 3.5 trillion, that's a pretty decent start towards capping emissions and getting us into some electric vehicles and things like that and it is certainly a lot better than giving a couple of trillion dollars to the wealthy again for tax breaks and stuff. we need something for the general masses in the country. unless you are wealthy, the republicans don't give a darn about you. they don't care about the general masses or the health care were seemingly our planet, economy, or democracy. host: barbara, california, you are next up.
1:41 pm
caller: you keep saying about the unknown. this infrastructure bill, i was watching and they say that in the bill the government is going to be notified when us normal people take $600 out of our bank accounts. why is all that going to happen? why do they need to know when we take out $600? also they are saying we are going to tax everything. medicare, any time we take out money from savings, they are going to tax everything. tax any money that we have her savings to retire. you are asking people, what are the unknowns. that's the question. host: i was talking about reconciliation, you are bringing up infrastructure. finish your thought. caller: it's everything. you tell people, what are th


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