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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  August 10, 2021 2:24pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> c-span is live at the white house waiting for the president and vice president to begin their remarks on the senate passing the $1.2 trillion infrastructure built today. they are expected to come out shortly. we are live here on c-span.
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>> again, it is open forum.
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we look for the house or the senate to come in shortly to begin work on a final vote on the infrastructure built. you can see it play out on c-span two. you can also watch it on or listen to the c-span radio app. how many times have we heard in recent months that bipartisanship is impossible? we have been asked to accept a new standard by which important
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policy can only come together on a party line. while americans are more united than our politics would have you believe, we seek division. elected leaders are feeding that division on a daily basis with extreme rhetoric. all or nothing policy demands, and toxic partisan attacks. in washington, intrigue and drama often steal the spotlight from important policy issues. i promised arizonans something different. i chose to follow the example of the late senator john mccain who refused to demonize the opposition party and worked to reach bipartisan agreements that tried to bring the country together. >> again, you can hear those comments and more. you will probably hear a lot more leading up to the vote today.
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nancy pelosi has said she will not take up the infrastructure built or a separate proposal to expand the social safety net until they agree to pass both of them. congress for years failed to agree on a comprehensive infrastructure plan. both parties say it will boost the economy and create jobs. the reconciliation bill, we showed you some of the highlights of it. it establishes universal pre-k for three-year-olds and four-year-olds. it increases tax credit, it would also make community college free for two years. it would ridge or just reduce prescription drug costs, it would generate 80% of power from
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clean sources by 2030 and provide green cards the millions of immigrants. that is just an overview. those were the pages that were released as far as the bill was concerned and you can read them yourself online. jim starts us off, a democrat from missouri. >> good morning. as revolting as the voter suppression legislation passing in republican states is, having the vote actually count is the key. . hillary clinton one in 2016 by 3 million votes. what is wrong majority rule? our state has become a dictatorship. the governor was replaced without any vote of the people.
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the legislature did it. we passed marijuana -- medical marijuana. we were given a choice of three amendments. all three legalize medical -- medical marijuana. it was a done deal before the voters got the vote. just recently, the citizens of missouri are suing the state for medicaid expansion. we voted for it. the legislature says no, we're not going to do what you say. we have to have majority rule. >> that his jim in missouri. we will hear next from paul and west virginia. >> hello. the lady was on recently on the climate change thing and a lot of people don't understand that all of these charging stations across the country are backed up
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with coal. the people on the other side don't want us to mine ore. they want to put this in the infrastructure built created when it comes down to is, it is just attacks. it is our money being spent. on the climate thing, if you look at history, in the revolutionary war, it is in paper that it was over 100 degrees for one week. new jersey in the middle of the summer. you can read a book called the summer that never was. this is not stuff that we can do. it is god's will. we can't change india, we can't change china. people don't realize, this is an
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idea, a dream. it can't rid of the wind power blades. they can't get rid of them now. >> that was paul and west virginia and it comes to the debate over infrastructure. senator chuck grassley put out -- a tweet saying when it comes to taxes, there is no mileage tax or amnesty in the bill. it doesn't raise taxes. we kept those things out. my focus is in investing infrastructure for iowa's future. this bill does just that. we will see how he ended the other senators played out with the expected vote for today. james, a democrat from maryland. hello. >> the guy before made a good point. he was talking about the year without the summer. a lot of people when they talk about global warming or whatever you want to call it now, a lot of people don't call about --
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don't talk about geo-engineering, seating the clouds, stratosphere injections, solar management. none of these things are brought into the conversations. >> why do you think that needs to be? >> all of these are factors into, when you have clouds se eding in front of hurricanes, you will have harder rain that dumps down in a smaller area. just that alone should be brought into the conversation. >> one of the pieces of news coming out this morning looks at information expected from the 2020 census. this is from the washington post saying the number of white people in the united states is widely expected to show a decline in the first racial breakdowns are reported this week. for five years now, the annual updates of the senses have indicated the white elation is
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shrinking and all population growth has been from people of color. new census data will show definitively how the voting age makeup of neighborhoods has shifted over the past decade based on the canvas last year. it is data that governments use to redraw districts. the benchmark will have come about eight years earlier than previously projected. from new jersey, the name is captain. >> yes. i wanted to comment on the use of hydropower. hydroelectricity, ocean currents. the movement of rivers and how this nonpolluting source of energy is growing around the world. i think it is a force of nature
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that we have at our fingertips, which we probably need to make more use of and probably invest more money into looking at the future of hydropower. >> bob in atlanta, georgia. >> thank you for answering. i meant to call earlier, you were talking about the infrastructure built. i wanted to point out the human infrastructure positiveness toward that. in world war ii, that basically won the war. at one point, we put out about every 10 days out there in the east coast. we were putting out so many boats that hitler's couldn't sink them enough. that's what did it all.
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>> when it comes to other aspects of immigration, the politics section of the washington times, a journalist talking about micro populations falling in the first part of the trump administration saying the number of illegal immigrants in the u.s. fell by 447,000 in the first three years of the trump administration. by march of 2019, the tally for 10.3 5 million said that's the lowest rate in 15 years. that was driven by a major change in migration patterns as mexicans were returning to their home country. central americans have suddenly increased as illegal immigrants but not to outset the outflow of mexicans. we will hear next from dennis in south dakota.
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>> thank you for taking my call. when it comes to infrastructure, i have had several close calls. one because of a barge knocking down to bridges. after hurricanes, i have driven on temporary bridges. i have right at 5 million miles when i retired at the age of 67. i run at 48 states and three canadian provinces. i think i look a little -- i know a little bit about infrastructure. >> did you specifically change your route to avoid a bridge? >> yes, the cb radio saved my life many times. people told me about it before i got there. you never know when something is happening ahead of you. if you don't have a cb radio,
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now people don't use it like they should. they use it for gossip. when you are running in the fog, you need to know what's ahead of you. because of big pileups. >> let's hear from joe in illinois. >> we had edward before. he was talking about the infrastructure. it's only about 25% of the budget. the rest of it is in their. everyone wants to save the child. if they wouldn't kill them we would have enough to take care of everything. that's not my point. my point is the schools today are dumbing down the students. for instance, an oregon -- in oregon you have an idea that they don't have to have masks or reading to graduate.
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that is where a pool of our politicians come from is from the schools. if they don't how to read and they don't know anything about math, they should be forced to go to the cato institute running a political forum that would run a seminar on economics for the politicians. if they don't pass it, those politicians should resign. >> let's go to conrad in pennsylvania. >> good morning. i just wanted to talk about the two major weather modification programs that the government currently has. one i participated with back in the days of vietnam. it is called the chemtrail's. johnson couldn't stop the
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chinese from supplying the troops in south vietnam. we wound up trying to slow them down by making it rain 24 hours per day seven days per week. it was called operation popeye. >> john in new york. a democrat, hello. john in new york? go ahead. >> i want to make a request. to our supreme court that donald trump is not above the law. every time he comes up, he stops it for one reason or another. he is not above the law. he should be prosecuted for all of the things he is done. thank you. >> john in new york calling on
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the form. we will go until 10:00. house is set to go into a pro forma session at 10:00 and we will take you to the house when they do that. the senate is set to vote on the infrastructure built. you can watch that on c-span2. also taking the time this week to talk about the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. >> divisions have their roots in the decline of economic mobility. people don't want one piece of -- they don't expect one piece of legislation to solve all of our ills. but we have to start in a bold way, rebuilding isil -- basic social contracts. a promise of equal opportunity
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and equality. helping middle-class americans stay in the middle class. building letters to help others climb into the middle class. at its core, that is what the budget is all about. we are going to take first steps toward passing it. very very soon. >> again, it was senator chuck schumer yesterday. mike from philadelphia, hello. >> hello. i want to talk about trump and the election and everybody saying he stole the ballots. he is a disgrace to our country. he hasn't taken a question on it or defended himself yet. he spoke up about it. he goes on channels where people ask him a question and he goes on the same rhetoric about how good he was for our country.
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>> what would you ask him? >> i would want to know where he was at. what happened? what did he do? he sat there silent and watched it. if he didn't then speak out and say what he was doing. there's a lot of reports of him sitting there enjoying what he was watching. i want to know why wasn't nobody called? god forbid it was up black lives matter, a helicopter over their head. that would never have went that far. you have the vice president going to be attacked and he doesn't say nothing, that's going to be a disgrace. >> next guest from new jersey. >> we did that already. you put me on hold. >> you are on now. >> ok.
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go ahead. >> i am calling about the senior citizens that this president. >> you are listening to the television and there's a delay. ignore the television and go ahead. >> hello good morning. i am a senior citizen. i worked all my life. >> hello? >> i'm going to put you on hold. then can we come back to hurt so you can turn on your television. then we can come back and let you finish your thought. nina, if you would do that for us we would appreciate it. let's go to james and west virginia.
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>> good morning. i think that the illegal immigration problem is a republican and immigrant problem that they don't care. they are bringing people in for cheap labor. we have covid on the rise because of it and the independence want to step up and put these people out. we need to do our research and find out who is for illegal immigration and who is against it. we need to vote them out because they are breaking the law. >> that was james and west virginia. another james joins us. this one is from florida, the independent line. >> i have been listening to all of this from both sides. i would like to know why this administration gets a pass on everything.
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it will not answer any questions unless it is from a certain side of the media. they are not held accountable for anything. i get so frustrated. i just had a comment to say please, the media needs to hold this is ration -- this administration accountable. look what happened in china. they get a pass. this is not fair to the people of this country. the immigrants coming across the border, flowing across the border. i am all for helping anybody. i people, but they need to come across and we need to know who they are and not let them go into all the cities with covid and spread the disease everywhere. thank you for your time. >> that was james on our independent line. let's back to nina. >> i'm here. i am calling about the senior
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citizens in the country. i feel that they have been totally neglected. nobody is helping us and we are on fixed incomes. i retired when i was 73. i am 77 years old now. i still pay rent. i still have to put gas in the car. i still have to go grocery shopping. i'm sure my rent will go up soon. i don't know why president biden hasn't thought about the senior citizens in this country. i raced a couple of kids. >> what exactly are you looking for him to do? >> to consider us. he has all of this money for the illegals that are coming in. what about us? what about senior citizens? i worked all my life. i don't see anything going up in
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our social security. it's a fixed income. we are still getting it with all the bills. i still have to pay my gas and electric. have to pay rent, i have to go grocery shopping and put gas in my car. i have to pay car insurance. he is not thinking about us. why is this president ignoring us? >> that was nina in new jersey. again, if you are on hold if you wouldn't mind using your television so you can keep the conversation going between us and not be distracted or the television we would appreciate it. the wall street journal is taking a look at issues of unfulfilled job openings. some saying that the openings roast by -- rose. the highest level since record keeping began in 2000 according to the labor department.
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the increase was driven by professional and business services, retail and commendation food services. as pandemic restrictions continued to ease and more people were willing to dine out and travel. they also said the number of job openings exceeded nine point 5 million people unemployed last month. to be counted as unemployed, a person must be available and looking for work. again, that was on the pages of the wall street journal and online as well. our next caller from texas. >> my opinion on trump is he has done more for america than the rest of these politicians have done over the last 50 years. all they want to do is line their pockets. trump brought america back. the countries who have owed us money for the last 50 years, he made them pay their bills. cough up their cash because they
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owed us for the last 50 years. he is the only one that has done anything for america. to help our country. >> that was daniel in stanford, texas. >> 40 miles north of abilene. >> thank you. another texan from laredo. >> my parents were democrats, but i voted for donald trump. with all due respect, god bless america and not bless donald trump. let me tell you what is going on here at the border. 60% of the people that are crossing are positive. nobody is saying nothing, they are releasing them all over the country and if my parents had to wait in line, what happened to this country? we had to wait in line to come into the country. i had to learn english.
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[speaking foreign language] i don't think that what they are doing right now, not only is it legal, but it is not right. what we have right now is a problem. all of the border. we need to these people come down here. we need to have some kind of respect. you can't have people running around wild, that's ridiculous. i appreciate mr. trump. god bless him and his family and everything they did for us. we had to wait in line. >> larry in florida, a democrat. >> i have a solution to the climate change they were talking about in west virginia. a lot of people talking about they are losing jobs as far as coal. if they would retrain them to do wind power, that would help them out a lot in my opinion based on
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what they have as far as generations because that gives them another avenue to earn money. it keeps them going. i did have another comment with the filibuster in my opinion, they should do away with the filibuster with anything that violates the constitution. with the voting rights act, the 14th and 15th amendment guards the voting rights act. nstitution, there should be no filibuster, just a simple majority. thank you for taking my call. >> the new york times highlights the fact that there was a lawsuit brought against the biden administration due to migrant children. the filing describes shocking conditions into emergency shelters in texas this year. it draws on reports from whistleblowers who have worked at the shelters. as well as from legal advocates.
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under a court directive, a decree, children are to be transferred to a state licensed shelter with specific standards within three days of being taken into government custody. while many of the conditions have been previously reported, monday's act carries the weight of this case which was filed at the beginning of the pandemic. " a leader saying these allegations don't reflect the direction this administration has aspired to. reporting another gang of 20 republicans coming out against the bipartisan infrastructure bill. one saying i could not support this legislation in its final form. another voted against it and is up for reelection in south dakota next year. those are the names there. you will see that play out on
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the senate side today is the vote scheduled to take place. it's just about time for the house to come in for a pro forma session. a caller from virginia, we are just about to go to the house session. go ahead please. >> i am a combat veteran. i have several diagnoses which landed me in homelessness and an shelters. there are two major things in the list of advocacy work that i do. one conversation that is the hardest for me to hear is anything other than why we have housing first on the table and we continue to make it something that isn't bipartisan. because we don't like who is running it, we don't pass it. as someone who was homeless, i did not need food or counseling or drug rehabilitation.
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i needed housing. the shelters that i landed in were terrible. the military solution for that is not adequate. to me as long as we continue to say make america great again, if we don't include housing, women, and children and our veterans as a top priority. i work suicide prevention. the power of words, one of the super-spreader's i see is bullying. >> i apologize we have to leave it there the house coming in for a pro forma session. we will take you to the house now.
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> we're alive the white house waiting to hear from the president and vice president. we will have live coverage on c-span when that gets underway. after the passage of the measure in the senate, the senate continued on. they are continuing with taking up the $3.5 trillion budget plan proposed by democrats. debate is underway. you can follow that on our companion network, c-span2. other news from new york state, the governor andrew cuomo announced his resignation earlier today.
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in the wake of the report by the new york state attorney general of sexual harassment allegations. the governor resigning into weeks. the governorship will be taken over by the lieutenant governor. she will become the first woman to hold that post in new york state. again, waiting to hear from president biden and vice president as well. the white house.
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>> earlier today the senate passed of the 1.2 trillion dollar industry tractor -- infrastructure bill. the president will be making comments on it shortly with the vice president and we will have those remarks live when they get underway here at the white house. earlier we mentioned that the new york governor, andrew cuomo, resigned after april work from the attorney general in that state alleging sexual harassment . here's a look at the statement earlier today from andrew cuomo. >> i have


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