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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  August 24, 2021 10:01am-10:23am EDT

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the $3.5 trillion budget resolution. a bill restoring provisions of the 1965 voting rights acts. and that $1.2 trillion infrastructure package that was approved by the senate earlier this month. now, if the house approves those debate rules, the budget resolution will be deemed to have been approved by the house without an individual vote on the budget resolution. the house would then move on to debate infrastructure and the voting rights bill. you should know house democrats are meeting this morning to talk about this process, but we could hear more about the way forward on this legislation shortly. when the house gavels in at noon eastern, you can see live coverage right here on c-span. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we're funded by these television companies and more, including mediacom. >> the world changed in an instant. but mediacom was ready. internet traffic soared and we never slowed down.
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schools and businesses went virtual and we powered a new reality. because at mediacom, we're built to keep you ahead. >> mediacom supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers. giving you a front-row seat to democracy. . what do you support? what do you want washington to do? the senate approved that bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill. it included $100 billion for roads and bridges, $66 billion for rail, $46 billion for severe weather resilience operations. transit would get nearly 40 million and airports, 25 million. the senate also pushed through a reconciliation bill that included what democrats are
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calling human infrastructure. that price tag, $3.5 trillion. that includes 726 billion dollars for universal pre-k and community college tuition. clean energy develop and would get $198 billion. to reduce forest fires, democrats want to spend hundred $35 billion. -- $135 billion. of these proposals, what do you support? it is your turn to tell washington as they huddle and negotiate in the house what to do on these proposals. listen to what republicans are saying. this is how freedom congress -- caucus member chip roy of texas spoke out against the budget resolution yesterday. [video clip] >> when thousands of americans are still on the outside of gays looking to get into the airport in afghanistan and kabul mac --
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gates looking to get into the airport in afghanistan in trouble -- kabul, instead of having hearings of we can push this administration to do we are here to spend $3.5 trillion we do not have and have a federal takeover of elections. let's make no mistake about what this bill is, a bunch of leftist nonsense that the american people do not want to see with a massive takeover of health care and expansion of green new deal policies trying to push us to being 80% carbon free by 2030. all of the stuff is the wish list of the progressive left and the squad. that is why the speaker called us back in august -- calls us back in august while our people are on the outside looking in in afghanistan. >> listen to democratic rule
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share jim mcgovern of massachusetts responding to what republicans are saying, criticizing the view on this. here he is from yesterday. >> i am tired of the talking point that we look forward to working with you because you do not. i also get tired of the debt and deficit. you passed a tax cut mostly for rich people that cost over $2 trillion over the next decade. none of it was paid for. talk about problems to solve, we have people that do not believe we have a climate crisis and yet they work overtime to find ways to block anything that might address the issue. talk about government shutdowns.
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the government shutdown i remember was when you guys controls the house, senate, and white house and shut it down. that is a first in history. on infrastructure, one of the things joe biden's predecessor said when he was campaigning was he wanted to do some begun infrastructure. and yet republicans did not want to work with us on anything meaningful. it is only on infrastructure weeks. how insulting to the american people, infrastructure weeks. we now have an infrastructure bill that has bipartisan support in the senate. i expect when it comes to the floor there will be some republicans who support it. host: more on these negotiations happening behind the scenes within the democratic party. joining us is scott wong from
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the hill to tell us about it. let's begin with what was supposed to happen yesterday. guest: what was supposed to happen was a procedural vote to advance joe biden's -- key elements of joe biden's domestic agenda forward. what nancy pelosi had done was to package three items of that agenda, the john lewis voting rights bill, the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package that passed the senate recently, and this budget framework that would pave the way for the bigger bill of $3.5 trillion in human infrastructure. what happened was that democrats and democratic leaders underestimated the centrist rebels who are objecting to the process.
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they did not like how nancy pelosi was packaging this together, the timing of this. they did not like her political strategy of how the bills would come to the floor. they wanted to see infrastructure past first and quickly to give joe biden that win. what we saw was a standoff that lasted hours, hours of negotiations between pelosi and her leadership team and one of the leaders of this moderate group. after several hours of negotiation between offices and leadership for a number of hours, at midnight it passed last night and there was no resolution, so we are still engaged in this standoff. this is democrats against democrats. this has nothing to do with republicans at the moment. they are having a family
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discussion and disagreement and it is playing out in public. host: why do these centrists have this leverage? guest: because of how joe manchin and kyrsten sinema in the senate have incredible leverage. the margin of their majority is so narrow in the senate and the house. in the house, nancy pelosi can only use -- lose three democrats on any given vote. josh gottheimer has now -- they were known as the moderate nine. they had nine moderates sticking together and saying my way or the highway or we are going to take down joe biden's agenda. now they have 10. stephanie murphy, one of the other leaders of the moderates. she is one of the cochairs of the blue dog democrats. she also has joined the group so now they have 10, so they have incredible leverage.
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they flexed their muscle last night and showed they mean business. it sounds like the two sides are inching closer to a deal. there's going to be another meeting at 9:00 a.m. this morning. they will have a separate briefing on the other big crisis, which is afghanistan. they will hear from officials including secretary of state tony blinken. nancy pelosi saying she hopes to have some kind of deal with gottheimer by noon, when she plans to bring this rule, this procedural vote, to the floor. she is hoping they have something in hand with timer -- in hand to move this forward. host: what can the speaker give to these centrists? guest: they want to the
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infrastructure bill to go first and soon rather than wait around for a process for the democrats to shape this social safety net plan that joe biden has proposed that is extremely them bishops. the concern from gottheimer's he believes the longer the infrastructure -- the senate passed infrastructure bill sits out there, the longer it can get beat up by republicans, by former president trump, who has been really against republicans and his party for supporting this i partisan bill. he is a leader of the bipartisan problem solvers caucus. he wants republicans to join the effort to help democrats pass this bipartisan bill.
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he thinks the longer it sits out there, the longer republicans might get a little shaky in terms of support and maybe in the end there will not be the 30 to 40 they think are there today. that will not give moderates bipartisan cover, so that is what they are looking for. nancy pelosi has so far ruled that out, but what we are hearing, what people like one of the committee chairman have told me was that pelosi could offer to move up that bipartisan vote may be to october 1, a date we have been hearing lately. maybe it is even sooner. it is a guarantee to the moderates that we will pass infrastructure by this date and get that to biden's desk for his signature. host: if that bipartisan package
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does not move this week, what will move this week? what does the rest of the week in washington for house lawmakers look like? guest: it really is uncertain because everything hinges on this one procedural rules vote. what nancy pelosi did commit something very creative, she said, what if we deem the budget resolution, the big controversy in the room, as past -- passed when we pass that rule we have been talking about? that would spare moderates from taking a tough vote on a separate $3.5 trillion budget package. that so far is an idea some moderates are open to, but not all.
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it has not won overall 10 of those moderates. as somebody put to me recently, don't bet against nancy pelosi. she has been there before. she knows how these things work and she can work miracles. she is one of the most experienced legislators in the room. she understands rules and procedures. she may have a trick up her sleeve, but if they are unable to come to an agreement -- i will not say it derails joe biden's domestic agenda, but it slows down the momentum where just a few weeks ago we were talking about how much momentum joe biden had with the senate victory on his infrastructure package. obviously in a few weeks things have turned considerably given the situation in afghanistan and this rebellion we are seeing from moderates and his party.
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host: to follow everything happening on capitol hill today, go to you can also follow him on twitter. thank you. it is your turn to tell washington what you want them to do. joe in texas, democratic caller. how should she move forward on infrastructure. what do you think? caller: i agree we need to support everything he mentioned on the list, especially the infrastructure. that is going to bring jobs to the american people and the housing bill too. we have millions of homeless americans here and almost every city.
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they need to vote for the voting rights. when trump was president, he put money in the infrastructure bill. now that he is not president, he is telling republicans not to vote for the bill. at the end, this is going to turn out good. we have 17 republican senators who are for it. host: todd in michigan, independent. caller: good morning. i hope you do not cut me off because it seems like sometimes when a good point is being made you have your finger on the button. i would like to state the fact. mr. biden when he was running for president promised seniors $200 a month social security
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increase during the covid epidemic. that went nowhere, of course. the man is a liar, a professional liar. with all the money they waste, they could be helping us. i am an american, not an afghan. if that is how this country treats the elderly, it is pathetic. host: what are you for on infrastructure? what is your take on the debate? caller: first of all, they do not do nothing but enrich themselves. on social security, i am barely making it. host: gary in virginia, republican. caller: good morning.
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first i would like to say a harvard economist once said never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs. god bless you, girl. i have heard you try to inform people four times in one show. they were for something they were really against and you -- that is one thing. infrastructure -- i think we need to use alternative intelligence. i mean artificial intelligence, not alternative intelligence. host: for what? caller: to analyze, prioritize, subsidize, and design are infrastructure to prevent waste, fraud, corruption, incompetence, and partisanship because there
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is going to be a food fight. we need to optimize the efficiency of our expenditures. thank you very much. host: so you are for the price tag but want to make sure it is not wasted. david, arizona, independent. caller: i wanted to say it is kind of ridiculous, how out of touch some politicians are. these things would really benefit the people. we are just going to fight about it. i was thrilled when trump was not the president anymore, but i do not know if the democrats are doing a better job. when you looked at the votes when trump was president, the republicans voted almost unanimously. that is a party that works together. i am not saying the republican
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party is better, but how are the democrats going to get anything done when you have 10 people? host: here is a list of those 10 centrist democrats saying they are going to bring down the agenda from the president and speaker pelosi on trying to move forward with the $3.5 trillion. the democrats cannot afford to lose those votes. here is a list of those members. it includes josh gottheimer of new jersey, jared golden of maine, jim cost of california, along with vincent gonzalez. representative stephanie murphy of florida also added to that list. there are the 10 democrats who are saying they are not right now on board with moving forward with that $3.5 trillion budget
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package until the house would vote on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill approved by the senate and negotiated with the white house as well. they want that to move first. steve and tennessee, democratic party. good morning -- in and tennessee, democratic party. good morning. caller: first, the guy from michigan -- i got a lot of stimulus money during the covid. also, if you rely only on your social security to live, you messed up. i have a pension. my wife has a pension. i feel sorry for the guy. i think it is pretty simple here , this infrastructure thing.
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if any congressmen voted against it, do not give their district the money. that cuts costs and solves problems. thank you so much. have a good day. host: the new york times talks about republicans who are against $3.5 trillion. they say while some republicans are expected to support the infrastructure bill, they are opposed to the budget blueprint, citing concerns about proposed tax increases and the possibility that increased spending will worsen inflation. >> we will leave this here to hear from house democrat leaders after their meeting this morning. ms. jackson lee: will stop of representative government because that's what all republican state legislatures


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