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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  August 30, 2021 10:02am-10:31am EDT

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c-span is your unfiltered view of government, funded by these companies, including charter communication. >> charter has invested billions in upgrading technology, empowering opportunity in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications supports c-span as a public service, along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. . this is some background on the attack last week in kabul. this is just published this morning at pentagon prepares for mass casualty attack at kabul airport hours before the explosion. 24 hours before a suicide bomber detonated an explosive outside hamid karzai international
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airport, senior military leaders gathered for the morning update on the deteriorating situation in afghanistan. speaking from a secure video conference room on the third floor at the pentagon 8:00 a.m. wednesday, 4:30 p.m. kabul, the defense secretary instructed more than a dozen of the top leaders around the world to make preparations from eminent "mass casualty event," according to classified detailed notes of the gathering, shared with politico. you can read more about that at on the deadline coming up tomorrow. this is the reporting of the hill this morning, biden enters perilous final hours of afghanistan mission, writing the remaining u.s. forces in afghanistan are said to leave the country on tuesday, marking an end to a nearly 20-year military engagement. but it will not be a clean break for the advice didn't administration, which must still grapple on whether to continue evacuations for americans and
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afghans left behind, as well as the follow-up from a deadly isis attack last killed more than a dozen u.s. service members. you can read that at we will get to your cause shortly as the deadline approaching and afghanistan. joining us next is a white house reporter. daniel lippmann is here with a look ahead to the white house agenda for the coming week. daniel lippmann, good morning. guest: thanks for having me. host: let me ask about the response the white house has given so far and is expected to give on calls for a continued u.s. presence after tomorrow in afghanistan. guest: it is more likely that there will be some u.s. engagement if there is a taliban government they can work with that respect human rights, and we would be talking about
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humanitarians. the treasury department has already indicated two humanitarian organizations that they would be prosecuted if they provided to afghanistan going forward. that is an important signal that they could continue to help the afghan people which are going through an economy that is now falling apart. in terms of diplomatic presence, this seems pretty unlikely. host: we showed the president and first lady yesterday in dover at the transfer of remains ceremony, and the president spoke to the nation last week about the attack in kabul. it is the president expected to have more comments in the coming days about that attack and about those 13 dead service members? guest: there are no plans as of now. i think if the situation develops or if there is another
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attack, god forbid, or if he just wants to recognize the location of america's withdrawal from afghanistan on tuesday night or wednesday after all the troops have left, then that might be a good opportunity. i would not be surprised if he did speak again about the successful completion of that mission, although we should remember that as of now, they have not evacuated every american. as of yesterday, there were 250 people still left and tens of thousands of afghan allies who were deserving. and if we would have stayed longer, they could have gotten out, and now they will have to go over land or some will face attacks, even killings. hopefully the airport will reopen soon to commercial flights and the taliban will let people get to their countries or to the u.s. when they have proper papers. host: among the presidents meetings this week is a
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welcoming of the ukrainian president to the white house. a headline from the " washington times," the biden-zelensky meeting revives issues. what should we know about this meeting between president joe biden and the president of ukraine? guest: it has been years in the making. remember, former president trump had tried to withhold aid to ukraine or he did actually. and in exchange for zelensky to lunch an investigation into joe biden a few years ago to try to urge him to investigate biden and his son's behavior in ukraine, and in exchange, they were kind of holding this meeting hostage. in terms of the current issues, we're talking about the u.s. relationship with russia. obviously, that is a huge
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concern in the ukraine, that they want the u.s. to basically tell vladimir putin to back off, and they are worried about a gas pipeline from russia to europe that rylee j. mccollum has rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum been championed by germany rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum that can make it much harder for the ukrainian economy eventually to actually continue to be strong. and ukraine always wants more weapons and more foreign aid to help stave off russian aggression rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum. rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylee j. mccollum mccollum rylee j. mccollum rylem rylee j. mccollum ryle j. mccollum
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caller: the republicans never said anything. i don't want to hear the republicans say one word about what biden is doing in afghanistan. thank you very much. host: on the independent line, miami, go ahead.
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caller: good morning, everyone. god bless. as of august 20 7, 2021, the withdrawal is taking place. it was signed february 29 by trump. after 20 years, we have not done nothing but leave another vacuum for extremism to take a foothold. we've known their culture and ways. at the end of the day, it was all about the oil. we need to change our entire military objectives completely. everybody else needs to get closer to jesus. that is about it. host: jake sullivan made the rounds on the talk shows sunday. he said the u.s. would continue to disrupt terrorist attacks in
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afghanistan and elsewhere. here is what he said. >> no one here trusts the taliban. no one is counting on any words the taliban offers. we are focused on actions. yes, we do believe the united states possesses substantial leverage to ensure american citizens and others get safe passage out of that country. and if they do not, we can bring to bear enormous pressure on the taliban with a forceful response to their blocking any american citizens before or after august 31. that is not about trust. that is about the capabilities we have to hold the taliban to the commitments they have voiced directly and made publicly. we are working in a united way with dozens of other countries to ensure that is the case. the case. host: there has been an
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additional attack overnight. reuters says that ruckus target u.s. troops as the afghanistan withdrawal interest final stage, saying that overnight, u.s. antimissile defenses intercepted as many as five rockets that were fired at kabul airport early on monday. the u.s. official said that as the u.s. rushed to complete the withdrawal from afghanistan to end its longest war. having evacuated about one hundred 14,000 people, including foreign nationals and afghans deemed at risk, in an effort that began the day before kabul fell to the taliban on august 15, u.s. and allied forces were sent to complete their own withdrawal by tuesday deadline agreed with the islamist militants. katie is in fort lauderdale, florida, democrat. caller: good morning. i just want to say that i am really said for the world. but trump had the nerve to say biden should resign.
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trump did so many terrible things. that is on his plan. [indiscernible] i am sure trump would not handle it like biden is handling. i back biden 1000%. host: karl in arlington, virginia, republican caller. caller: the harsh reality is what was done to those 13 servicemen is what they over there are trying to do to the taliban, only taliban beat them to the punch. american has no right to go over there and tell them how they should treat their citizens. obviously, taliban has a consensus to rule. so what the americans are doing is spreading global white supremacy. so what happened to them is what happens when you stick your nose
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in other people's business. host: we remind you and others to call on the line that best reflect your political point of view. montgomery, alabama, john on the independent line, go ahead. caller: yeah, i have to say, i think biden is doing the best he can. heart goes out to the u.s. service members and afghan citizens that died most recently. but it has been tragic from the beginning. we should have never went over there trying to change their culture, go against what they wanted to really, honestly, just make money for more u.s. citizens. dick cheney and donald rumsfeld, the two people who kicked this whole thing off, they made money off this war. i think it was something like 70% of the $2.5 trillion was spent on this war went back into the pockets of u.s. military and politician warmongers. so it is time to get out, and it is unfortunate it transpired in
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this way. host: do you think the mission has been achieved over there, the expressed mission of preventing or stopping terrorists over there, preventing attacks over here? do you think that mission has been achieved? caller: i think, initially, i will not say mission accomplished to the extent that the idea was to break up al qaeda, the taliban, initially, and that was done. but then the mission changed and suddenly became about nationbuilding. i think we undermined that initial success and created more terrorists, and now at this point, we gave the country back to the people that we were supposedly fighting against. and that was all done last year. host: thank you for your input. melbourne, arkansas, republican line. caller: good morning, and thank you, c-span. i really enjoy what y'all do. i feel like america, at this
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point, we are having to withdraw , but america has strengths. we can not only put drones around there to protect our withdrawal, but we have a fleet of these gunships that, you know, could be circling the airport, just daring them to show their heads with cannons on them and guns. i mean, they could just circle and circle around until everybody is gone. and you know, america at this time has to show strength. that is all i have to say. i do not know why our generals do not use, you know, the threat that we have. we are a mighty awesome country. and i appreciate our soldiers and all that they are doing. god bless them. thank you. host: south carolina senator
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lindsey graham, republican from south carolina, was on " face the nation" yesterday and face great concern over potential terrorist attacks after the evacuation from afghanistan. [video clip] >> number one, i would not have withdrawn. i would have kept the forces on the ground. when we have people on the ground working with indigenous forces, that is the best insurance policy against another 9/11. i would have held the taliban at the conditions set out in the agreement with trump. this is a --it is just a bit beyond my ability to describe it. it has been an emotional day for all of us. it is about to unfold. we are leaving thousands of afghan allies behind who fought bravely with us. we're going to leave hundreds of american citizens behind. the chance of another 9/11 just
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went through the roof. these drone attacks will not degrade isis. the number of isis fighters have doubled. we turned our back on our allies who would help us in the future. and we set the conditions for another 9/11. i have never been more worried about an attack on our homeland than now. and we did not end this war. president biden said he wanted to take afghanistan out the plate for future presidents. for the next 20 years, american presidents will be dealing with this catastrophe in afghanistan. this war has not ended. we have entered into a new chapter. terrorists are now in charge in afghanistan. host: asking about tuesday's withdrawal deadline about --from afghanistan. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. afghan vets, (202) 748-8003.
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to california next, we hear from joseph. good morning. caller: good morning, america. as i have been watching this thing go down, we simply know there was one simple event that happened that when trump negotiated with the taliban out of radical islam, they went and told the afghan national army that the united states is now negotiating with us and made the afghan army null and void. everybody sees this. trump goes around negotiating with radical islam --this is what caused the problem. that is negotiating with radical islam, america. the taliban was radical islam that supported al qaeda. host: should joe biden have declared that deal null and void and started over with his own policy? caller: his policy was already
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set by the presidency. when the president signs these documents, unfortunately, you have to honor some of the administration's positions. trump knew what they were doing when they negotiated that deal with the taliban. they knew this was going to happen. trump is not stupid. he is a very intelligent man and knew what he was doing when he signed the deal with the taliban, radical islam. go back to him first coding --going to saudi arabia and putting his hand on the globe, a symbol of world domination, which taliban and saudi arabia and radical islam supports. trump was showing that support to radical islam, when joe biden went to europe on his first trip , that was his declaring that he was not following trump, the previous administration's policy. host: lawrence, kansas, patrick
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is next, democrats line. caller: thank you. my question is, i want to hear from our military, political, or diplomatic leadership -- who has been supplying the taliban with uniforms, medical care, trucks, freshwater, fuel, equipment, ammunition, training when they have no manufacturing base, no industrial -- military-industrial complex, who is paying for this? why hasn't the lines of communication been destroyed or disrupted? host: to greg, mechanicsburg, pennsylvania, republican line. caller: yes, good morning. i think it was a good response you had a couple callers ago, because apparently you concluded that the caller was not a republican but was calling on a line he could get in on. secondly, i see you have a
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yellow pad in front of you. i hope you are making notes about rotating so that you do not get one voice, one opinion expressed on every issue. i have a couple comments. first, i think c-span should have a topic sometime about whether the public, and do it republican, democrat, independent, on whether the mainstream media has covered biden differently than it has covered --then it did cover donald trump, and why. i also think an important issue, a caller said something about 70 percent of the money spent over there went to the american military-industrial complex. interesting question, i have heard that before. i personally do not think it is right, but if it is right, the american public should know what is going on. as to the withdrawal, my opinion is anybody, anybody, would have
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done this better than he did. so who is in control at the white house? who is in control? that is the ultimate question. we are paying a huge price for this. host: with your opinion, how closely do you think a democratic-one house of representatives and senate will hold the administration to account on both the withdrawal and the aftermath in afghanistan? caller: i do not think they will. they will divert. they will go to ida, go to haiti come ago to climate change. they will do whatever it takes. they will cast like this issue, because it has not been a good thing for them. and they are worried that in 15 months, they are going to pay the price. so they are doing with their politicians tell them to do.
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divert the public's attention and manipulate them again, just like they did in 2020. if everybody in the mainstream media says donald trump was worse than hitler and all the voters were huge majority of them are on their machines checking their twitter accounts and all that all day and all they read is trump is hitler, they are going to vote for anybody other -- host: i will let you go. greg did bring up biden --this is not diverting, the hurricane has not been delegated to category one, so plenty of damage. associated press with the headline, ida weakens. it became a tropical storm is it slowed over mississippi on monday, while across southeast louisiana, residents waited for daylight to be rescued from floodwaters and see the damage from one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to strike the u.s. mainland. all of norma's lost power around sunset on sunday, and there was
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pouring rain and howling winds. yesterday afternoon, the governor, john bel edwards, updated louisiana and others on the process -- progress of the storm. here is he had to say. [video clip] >> based on the hurricane track and the wind, rain, and surge forecast for the remainder of the hurricane, the cpra is anticipating some overtopping of the southeast portions of the levee system, nonfederal back levies in alliance and plaquemines parish, and nonfederal levees in lower st. bernard parish, as well. overtopping is concerning, but i want to make sure that everybody understands, overtopping and levee failure are not the same thing. a levee failure can be much more catastrophic. and so they are not the same thing. obviously, we're going to continue to monitor this
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protection system. i can tell you right now, we do not anticipate any overtopping of the mississippi river levees or the levees in the hurricane risk prevention system around the greater new orleans area. host: the headline this morning in the times nola, all of new orleans without power after hurricane ida leaves catastrophic transmission damage. and to let you know, we expect further briefings from governor edwards and perhaps other officials as they are available. we will keep you posted about our live coverage plans either here on c-span or streaming on back to calls on afghanistan. west virginia, spence, good morning. democrat line. caller: i think it is time for united, we stand. i appreciate the gentleman who fought worse in vietnam and everything, and they call in and seem to think they know what is better. we do not know what is going on
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on the ground. the military men are taking the situation and doing the best that they can. i am proud of our president that we have moved out of the situation. they are getting ready to have internal arguments. it is not going to be a good thing for our country. we need to be united. these republicans that get on here, i cannot believe they have the guts to say anything after the last presidency that we went through. he said this deal up, just like other callers said. they called himself patriots. patriots have come back with names of heroes, doing things we should be proud of. listen, this is no time for any said to be running their mouth when we have men at war. the republicans need to start being american again. host: here is the headline in the " washington post," president goes to deal --delaware to meet with military
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families. they write, if biden sought to provide solace as he took off from washington on sunday, including hurricane ida, a powerful storm hitting louisiana. in afghanistan, u.s. officials are checking the extent of the damage in a drone attack. defense officials speaking at her of anonymity said the strike was carried out with a hellfire missile a little more than a mile from the airport, which is a densely packed urban area. secondary explosion damaged a building, raising the possibility of civilian casualties. an afghan war vet is calling us from philadelphia. good morning, jay. oh, we lost jay. sorry about that. we will go to susan in california. hi there. caller: yes, the agreement trump had with -- anyways, the
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agreement trump had had conditions on it that had to be met before we left. also, biden snuck out in the middle of the night -- he did not tell our allies or nato. he left the citizens there to fend for themselves. we would not even be having this problem if he had handled it right. he is a coward, and he is the worst president we have ever had. host: let's go to gainesville, virginia. i apologize, do not want to butcher your name. caller:
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caller: nobody gives a crab about what lindsey graham says anymore. i think biden is doing the right thing withdrawing the troops. he had the backbone to make a decision and stand by it. too many soldiers killed, innocent people killed. imagine what we could have done in this country. we have a broken health care system. the middle class is struggling to survive. how many morell


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