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tv   Freedom Caucus Members Hold Briefing on Afghanistan  CSPAN  August 31, 2021 5:31pm-6:27pm EDT

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congress and the biden administration. go to >> lawmakers from the conservative freedom caucus held a news conference on afghanistan to urge speaker for lucy to call the house back into session. >> thank you all for being here today, we are grateful you took some time out to let us express our concern over this administration and our desire to hold them accountable in the efforts we are making to hold them accountable. i think the one thing that we need to make clear is the house
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freedom caucus believes in action. and we are concerned about the direction of this country under this administration. there's so much that has gone wrong, but moreover, as we have watched the disastrous evacuation of our troops from afghanistan as we have watched americans left behind in afghanistan, as we have watched literally billions of dollars worth of material be left behind in afghanistan, i think we all saw the image yesterday of the taliban flying an american helicopter, hanging someone they believe to be a traitor to the taliban because. when we see that type of thing, we can't help but get very agitated and riled. right now in kabul, there are only four embassies left, none of them from the west.
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got the pakistan, iran, chinese and russian missy left. that is what you have. you have from april 30 to june 30 of this year, americans funded 174 humvees for the afghan forces. those have been unaccounted for and left behind, no plans have flown out of afghanistan to other jurisdictions. and we have the state department saying basically the fact that we left americans behind, i don't want to misquote, i will paraphrase, they said this happens all the time. it is unacceptable. it is unacceptable. and we are going to continue to fight this thing through and raise accountability. so the freedom caucus, many of
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our members, and is generally a general consensus, we have, besides the impeachment effort of homeland secretary mayorkas, we have engaged now in an impeachment effort of secretary of state antony blinken. we believe he has got culpability for much of the travesty that has gone on here. we have also called for resignation of various leaders. we are joined in our call for resignations of secretaries and the general bite 90 entire generals. we also call upon the person who said the buck stops here, who said more than 20 times we will not leave any american behind, the person who basically orchestrated the july 2
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evacuation without telling at denny's, we call upon most somberly -- this president, joe biden. with that, i'm going to the main sponsor, the original bonser of the blinken impeachment resolution, andy harris, i'm going to go to him followed by clay higgins, the architect and drafter of the resolutions for resignation. with that, andy harris. >> thank you very much. now that the afghanistan withdrawal debacle is over, we have to be sure nothing like this will ever happen again. so last friday, a representative from south carolina and i filed a resolution including impeachment articles for secretary blinken. secretary blinken has utterly
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failed in his duties as secretary of state is defined by the roles and duties of the position in statute. they are written in title 22 of the u.s. code. for instance, the secretary of state shall develop and implement all as he to provide the security of the united states government operations of a diplomatic nature. clearly that was not done in afghanistan as we have abandoned our embassy. he has tasked with security including emergency planning. clearly emergency planning was not done. he has tasked with counterterrorism planning including emergency action planning and threat analysis programs. clearly not done in afghanistan. finally, the secretary of state is responsible for overseas evacuations. many people don't realize it is not the department of defense, the secretary of state. the secretary of state, the code says, shall develop an intimate policies and programs to provide for the safe and efficient
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decoration -- evacuation of united's personnel, dependents and private citizens when their lives are endangered. such policies shall include measures to identify high-risk areas where evacuations may be necessary. ways and gentlemen, afghanistan was one of those areas where evacuation was necessary. and even last week, we were told by the secretary that no american will be left behind, yet we know now that over 100 americans who wanted to leave were left behind. this is the response ability of the secretary of state. the secretary of state failed in his duties to develop and implement a safe and efficient back -- evacuation plan and he must be held accountable. he has to be held accountable because without -- around the world, russia, china, north korea and iran imminently threatened our allies and we need to be certain that something like afghanistan does not happen to one of our other
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allies. we need new, competent leadership at the state department and it starts with the resignation or impeachment of the secretary. i now yield mr. higgins. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. american citizens viewing. to call for the resignation of a sitting president is a somber affair. to officially introduce by legislative act a congressional response to the voice and will of we the people, the citizenry that we serve, to uphold the as a congressional -- to the nation that we love.
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this morning, i introduce three resolutions calling for resignation. one for the president of our united states. another for his secretary of defense, and another for his chairman of the joint chiefs. -- there is a great division coming into this era of unspeakable grief as we look with broken hearts upon the failure of our executive branch to execute a well thought out withdrawal of american forces and allies and assets from afghanistan. there was a plan in place last year that was turned over to the
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biden administration that i supported and would have worked. but our president determined that he would not follow the previous administration's plan for withdrawal. he went on alone. there are many millions of americans who are hurt because they supported president biden and they look on in horror at the events that have unfolded before them and they know in their hearts, you americans, you know who you are, i am speaking to you now with compassion and love as your fellow american, let us set aside our political affiliations and ideological perspectives during this moment of challenge in american history.
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and let us just convey to each other from the depths of our heart and soul that we recognize it is the right thing to do for the president of the united states to preserve some modicum of honor and to step down. if he does so, the constitutional process will move forward and from our democratic brothers and sisters across the country, whom i strongly opposed in this last election as a republican and a conservative constitutionalist, but i speak to you as an american. understand that asking for your president's resignation, demanding your president's resignation because of his failure causes the ascension of
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your vice president to the status of commander-in-chief, and president of the united states. you put her in office, let's see what she has got. because the right thing to do in america right now, as our reputation worldwide has been savaged by the actions of our own executive, as allies meet in private to discuss the failed trust in america, what path forward price by -- president biden has been elect 50 years. it is arguable he is not of his whole and right mind. we are compassionate people, but we expect performance, and performance right now from president biden calls for him to step down.
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his top military advisers, their brothers, they know what to do. they swore and of. we are asking for their resignation as well. officially, by congressional resolution, we, the most conservative of us, these resolutions have many original cosponsors, some of the most conservative voices in congress, at a very difficult time, have stepped forward and put their name and reputation on the line. to officially and formally call for the resignation of the president of the united states and his top two military advi sors. during this dark hour, let the
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hope and brightness of the american spirit lead the way. frequent through the annals of history, mankind calls for a leader to make a courageous gesture to resign from his position of power. we call upon our president now, and at the starkest our lead the way for the recovery of america. boise -- by your resignation, mr. president. i think my colleagues and i yelled. -- thank my colleagues and i yield. >> scott terry from pennsylvania. >> good morning every buddy, good afternoon, whatever it is. the freedom caucus wants to
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speak to all americans who feel helpless and hopeless to affect what is making them. this, what is making them angry, what is breaking their hearts. the freedom caucus exists and is here today to not only be their voice but to call for action, not just words, but do something about it, which is accountability. it is accountability. that is what we are looking for, that is why i'm here to support today. my good friend mr. higgins from louisiana, it is action, it is action that counts. my good friend mr. harris from maryland, it is action that counts. these people need to resign, they need to be impeached, and i want to add, we are calling on -- i am calling on the leader, mccarthy. i'm calling on him to vacate, make the motion to vacate the chair. speaker pelosi is derelict in her duties. this government exists to preserve the rights of the american people. it exists to protect the rights
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of the american people from all foreign adversaries. i will tell you, i don't know, i thought long and hard about it, whether it is incompetence, neglect or something worse. can you imagine that? whether it is something worse, that this is some -- supposed to happen this way. ladies and gentlemen, this is more than black. this is a betrayal. this is a betrayal of their own, of their country, of everything we hold dear. this is not a surrender of america by american people, by american citizens. this is a surrender by joe biden and the people around him refuse to stand up and say absolutely not, leaving american citizens behind in the combat zone is reserved to one party and one party only, that would be the democrats. and while we thought it would only have been in world war ii and never again, it is happening right now before us. so we demand action and accountability, right now.
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we are not waiting any longer. while they are talking over here and speaker pelosi is back in california telling women and girls, little women and girls in afghanistan, american girls in afghanistan are being persecuted and worse as we speak. we do not accept it, we demand accountability and we demand action. i would like to turn it over to the toughest lady in congress from colorado. >> that makes me want to run for congress. thank you very much congressman perry. as the taliban celebrates victory from an unconditional surrender, we with the house freedom caucus demand accountability. it is time for action. the american people are fed up. i'm fed up. the people standing here with me today are fed up.
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13 service members killed. $85 billion worth of military equipment abandoned. thousands of americans left stranded. hundreds at this point. it should be enough for even the weakest, wokest members of congress to step up. i would hope that just one democrat would have the courage to join us. that one democrat could do more than the so-called commander-in-chief who could only look at his watch while moms received the remains of their babies in dover. yesterday, terrorists killed someone. strongly person up from a block ops black ops helicopter and bloom around for the world to see. even tony montana would be
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ashamed, embarrassed, and disgusted at what is happening right now. the truly oppressed, the christians, the women, the children, the ones who dared to believe in freedom, they will be rewarded for taking any. -- eight need. they will be raped. they will be slaughtered. all by savages using america's military equipment. after 20 years of war, joe biden, or whoever is telling him what to do nowadays, made the taliban stronger than ever. make no mistake, members of the house freedom caucus are not standing here today because nancy pelosi called for an emergency session of congress. no, we are standing here because nancy pelosi, joe biden and kamala harris and every person
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they have put in a position of leadership failed our rave men and women. they failed our brave men and women of the united states military, and they failed the american people. think about it. speaker pelosi, coat us back into session -- call back into session to begin the process of spending trillions of dollars. we damp sure can be called back into congress for this. this weekend, i promised every citizen i represent that i would do everything in my power as a congresswoman to get rid of joe biden. kamala harris and nancy pelosi can follow him out the freakin' door. i want everyone listening today on both sides of the aisle to hear these words. we were sent to washington to represent the american people, not to watch our country give
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away billions of military equipment to known terrorist. not to sit idly by waiting for the next election. and certainly not to put up with an inept, weak and incapable regime that puts everyone but american citizens first. from day one, this regime, the so-called ministration, has been all about america last policy. and every day they prove that more and more. the father of one of our fallen soldiers said hey, i'm just a carpenter, and even i can figure out how horrible this exit strategy was. we needed to leave afghanistan, and we all see how failed this mission was. he is right, and you know it. his son did not deserve to die.
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the blame starts at the top. with biden and his vice president who bragged that she was right there, making the same bad decisions, she should be impeached for not demanding we invoke the 20 that the minyan -- 25th amendment. it is time for action. impeach biden, impeach kamala harris and throw in the secretary of state if you can get him back from vacation. take a vote to vacate the chair, to get nancy pelosi the heck ou t of here. i hope at this stage where we are today there may be a handful of democrats who actually might join us in taking a stand for our fallen soldiers, for america, for the constitution.
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and if there are any republicans who have any doubt, know that you will be facing your own primaries, and no amount of your precious money will be able to save you from the uprising of the american people who demand we do something now. i did not come to washington, d.c. to be part of your club. i came here to make sure my -- a socialist nation, and now, today, i have to second guess who would actually lead them if they took a stand to serve and join our military. woke doesn't work. cutting and running doesn't work. or senile or sucking on applesauce obviously doesn't work. we need leadership. and i plan to do whatever i can
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to deliver on both of these. thank you very much. >> from texas, thank you. i was not in the military, the various times i've been to afghanistan since i have been in congress, but i was in the military back when we had a commander in chief named carter. and he welcomed -- into iran as a man of peace, and it cost american lives. and after the iranians took american hostages, he spent the rest of his presidency begging them to let them go when we were strong enough we could have done so big about it. and i hoped and prayed that i would never see a time when
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america, the united states of america, would plummet to that poor of leadership that we get americans put in harm's way by a weak president. but the truth is, as president obama had said, he has got most of his administration still there with president biden, and they were trying to -- the help of the taliban to just kind of lettuce get out, quit killing us long enough to get out. it doesn't work with blood firstly -- blood thirsty, radical extremists like we have in the taliban, and -- oh, they are at war with isis-k, that is exactly what the obama administration said after sending billions of dollars of
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weaponry and equipment to the moderate rebels in syria. when the equipment and they weapons kept being turned over to isis. even president obama had to suspend sending weapons to the moderate rebels for 90 days. but now we have a president again who -- he couldn't have made matters worse if he was getting money from china or russia. he put this nation at risk. one of my wives colleagues said it will take us -- wives colleagues said it will take as a generation to get us back our credibility after abandoning us -- those who thought for us in with us. i said i'm sorry, in my years traveling around the world is a
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number of congress, we still have not completely recovered from the terrible presidency of jimmy carter. it is going to be generations. there will be americans who die because of this presidents policies, this secretary of defense and estate, and there are americans right now that i've heard from that are saying we are going to be able to get people out, but we have to get clearance from the state department. can you help us? in the message i'm getting is we are not going to give them clearance. they are going to let these americans, these allies died in afghanistan, where we have got a lot of our friends and allies, they would rather let them die then run the risk -- than run the risk of something going wrong in these data part of being blamed. people that i've met with that
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our leaders of our allies in what used to be called the northern alliance, many of them have been ready to continue. some of their some of their children, like ahmad shah massoud's son is ready to lead and fight, but pakistan, without whom there would be no taliban, they invited some of our allies who fought and lost family in 2001 and 2002 before they defeated the taliban, they were invited to pakistan for discussions right before the taliban made their move on kabul. i don't know if they are there of their own choice still or if they are being held against their will, but somebody in this administration needs to check on our former allies. they are still our allies, but they are in pakistan somewhere.
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as i understand it, that is a different country. but this administration has done an abysmal job. the intel telling me, people that are being brought in here, there is a significant percentage that our future boston marathon bombers because they are not doing adequate vetting. this administration not only has blood on its hands already. it is going to cost a lot of american lives before we have a chance to get it straight again. and so i am hoping that by bringing these things out, as we all are here, that enough american people will speak up, not in violence, but in protest, to let the administration know you are not going to ever have anybody from your party running this country again unless you
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fix these things now. with that, i turn it over to my friend andrew clay. >> thank you, louis. i appreciate the freedom caucus arranging this event today, chairman biggs, thank you. i consider it my duty to be in washington alongside my veterans -- many of my fellow veterans to demand accountability from this administration and our top brass amid the stunning crisis in america. and american executive branch leadership the world has witnessed. the last united states aircraft departed kabul international airport and the headlines tried to declare america's longest war officially over. we would be naive to buy into the narrative. ladies and gentlemen, we are still at war. we did not eliminate the threat. no, joe biden's failed withdrawal exacerbated it. al qaeda, isis, the taliban, now
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have a safe haven to regroup, increase in strength, and plan their next evil attack. the truth is, we were fighting this war on terror before 9/11. if you remember back to 1993 and the twin tower bombings, and we will have to continue to fight this war on terror going forward. we as a nation have enjoyed 20 years of safety and security since 9/11 because of the ability of our military and intelligence agencies to take the fight to the enemy on foreign soil so we have not had to weather the storms of more terrorist attacks at home. they've done a great job. our veterans deserve tremendous praise and honor for the sacrifices of the last 20 years, keeping america safe. but the war has not ended. it just entered a new chapter. no longer will that be the case since we withdrew without eliminating the threat, and left behind approximately $80 billion
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in advanced weapons and equipment that is in the hands of the taliban. president biden and the entire administration kept parroting the phrase, we will get every american out who wants out, and we could have done that. we could have done that. we had the military strength but there was no will to do it. the administration did not have the will. the administration lied to the american people, and we will now have dire consequences. how many are left, mr. president? the estimates are from a few hundred to a few thousand. american citizens and their families. i fear we are on the brink of another tehran hostage crisis but on a more massive scale. think about that. president biden and his advisors should have seen the rapid fall of afghanistan coming as intelligence assessments provided were indeed accurate. this was not an intelligence community failure, it was a
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failure of leadership. if the administration could not understand the dire situation, they were incompetent from the very beginning but chose to ignore the intelligence and maintain an inflexible course of action, so they are culpable and directly responsible for this humiliating and deadly retreat. our top leadership failed us. they failed our citizens when they knowingly and willingly left behind enemy lines and they failed our allies in the whole of america. so secretary of state blinken, secretary of defense lloyd, and the chairman of the joint chief of staff should all resign, and i'm calling for their resignation again. i called for that last week, but at the end of the day, the buck stops with president biden. so he should resign too for this abysmal failure of leadership. "the washington times" just ran a story that approximately 90 retired military senior officers
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agreed and said, the top military brass was negligent in performing their duties. as a retired senior military officer myself, that is exactly my point of view. my final message to all watching is this -- mr. biden, give us a plan to bring all americans home safely. we are america. we don't leave our people behind. don't let the white house feed you there false narrative that the war on terror is over and everyone who wanted to get out, got out. that is alive. mr. biden, we demand your plan and we will not stop until we get it. we are america. we don't leave our people behind. and with that, i yield to my good friend from virginia, bob good. >> thank you, andrew. speaker pelosi should call congress back into session now and if she doesn't do that, we ought to vacate the chair and
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remove her as speaker. this failed withdrawal from afghanistan clearly demands congressional oversight. this administration couldn't have done a worse job if they had done it on purpose. it is no surprise this administration and military leaders have focused on climate change, they focus on this phony allegation of white supremacy and racism within the military, they focused on equity and inclusion, they focused on transgender inclusion. and they even flew the u.s. pride flag over couple for 30 -- over kabul for 30 days in june. this administration does not know how many americans were abandoned in enemy territory, and they have no plan to rescue those left behind. he kept his promises to the taliban but has not kept his promises to the american people, when he promised he would leave no americans behind. only 4% of those who have been evacuated so far, about 5000 of
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some 127,000, are americans, putting others ahead of americans. foreigners ahead of americans. this administration, which has showed known interest, desire, or willingness to properly vet those, they are helping to stream across our southern border. do you have any confidence they would adequately or sufficiently vet those coming in from afghanistan? if we got it 99% right -- and there is no way this administration would -- but 1% out of 120,000 is 1200 bad guys, and we are already receiving credible reports of bad guys in our country who wish us harm who were not properly vetted, are -- or kept from getting into our country. after 18 months of no deaths in afghanistan, we have 13 dead, 18 wounded, and hundreds or -- if not thousands unaccounted for. they estimated we had 10,000 to
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15,000 americans in afghanistan. we removed 5000 and they say we have a few couple hundred left. you do the math and tell me if you have confidence in what this administration tells us. this president has abandoned americans to be captured, tortured, and killed by the taliban. how can he be ok with this? simply to me, an artificial political goal to celebrate that we are out of afghanistan by 9/11. how are we supposed to trust this administration? this week it was confirmed that an afghan on the no-fly list was evacuated to the u.k. and it is only a matter of time before more dangerous afghanis are brought to this country, making once again every town a border town, every city a dangerous border city under this administration. biden takes naps while meeting with foreign dignitaries and checks his watch while he is receiving american troops at andrews.
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he breaks his promises to the american people. his secretary of state blinken should be impeached for his leadership, or failed leadership, in this disastrous withdrawal. in addition, president biden, secretary austin, and general milley should resign or face impeachment. speaker pelosi, call us back into session. to make this happen. or let's vacate the chair. i yield to my wonderful congressman colleague from illinois mary miller. >> thank you to our soldiers, sailors, and marines who have shown incredible courage and compassion in this time. you are truly our national treasure. our hearts go out to our families who are mourning. as a mother, i cannot fathom the
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pain you are enduring, and i think of the thousands of families the last 20 years that have lost loved ones over there. they had their whole lives ahead of them. americans are looking for answers and they don't believe what is coming out of the administration. pelosi promised a hearing on august 17 and as of yet, no hearing. the last hearing they had was on windmills, totally disrespectful. i can't help but notice, why are our flags not flying at half mast? we should be weeping and mourning over the direction of our country. where is pelosi? where are the house democrats? the chamber is dark and empty. did adam shifty schiff fall off the face of the earth? what a disgrace. congress must act immediately to
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begin hearings to hold president biden responsible. i've been thinking about this. holding people responsible. during the 2020 election, our national media covered for joe biden. they refused to ask him tough questions. the questions that should have been asked today, we now have serious questions about president biden's abilities to do his job. in the critical days when kabul fell, president biden went to delaware and then camp david and disappeared. the media has failed the american people by picking a candidate who was not up for the job, but now it is congress' duty to hold him accountable. no one in this administration has resigned or been fired. secretary austin, general milley, secretary blinken, are
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still in charge after this disaster. the consequences are going to reverberate for a long time. we all know that another 9/11 is coming. our allies don't respect us and our enemies don't fear us. we are in a terrible position worldwide. in addition, the administration has allowed our southern border to remain open and exposed for any terrorist to cross unimpeded, and remain in the united states. the first duty of the government is to protect its people. we have open borders and a national security disaster with less than two weeks from the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 national heartbreaking disaster.
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our troops were deployed to the most dangerous place in the world to save american lives. the leaders should have had their backs. i go to bed at night, wake up during the night, wake up in the morning thinking about the families that have lost loved ones over there, and in addition, the americans we left. the allies we abandoned. the christians that are going to be murdered, tortured and murdered, and the women and girls. i have a friend whose mother married a pedophile and brought him into her home, and he raped her two younger sisters. that mother is just as guilty as the pedophile, in my opinion. this administration is just as guilty as the terrorists. our troops have deserved better,
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and the american people deserve better. we will continue to pray for our troops, for america. we pray that pelosi will call us back or vacate the seat. we demand it. the american people want answers. thank you. so barry moore from alabama. >> thank you. appreciate you holding this conference. i want you to notice this pin on my lapel, my american flag pin, not my congressional pin. we need to come together as a nation. my son tells a story, they were doing sort of an experiment in a science class and they put red ants and black ants in a giant aquarium. the ants functioned fine until someone shook the aquarium and they turned on each other.
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we as a nation better figure out who is shaking our aquarium. we have to come together as a nation. general milley said a few months ago he wanted to understand the white rage and what american people want to understand is the red, white, and blue rage. how do we elect a president who has created a crisis on our southern border, people coming in unvented unvaccinated, , untested, 10 i think are on the most wanted terrorist list. we watched them shut down the pipelines so we are dependent on foreign oil. we are asking opec. for help. we have a crisis in afghanistan that is the making of this administration. they need to be held accountable . we need to hold the administration accountable for what they are doing and this starts at the top. you are going to see the biden administration try to come up with escape note in the next few weeks. it will happen. be ready, media. pay attention. do your job as the american media.
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take off your dnc t-shirts and your dnc hats, get out your press credentials and talk to your sources and find out who is driving this debacle in afghanistan and department of state? don't let them give you a scapegoat. don't let that happen on your watch. we have freedom of press for a reason. we can do what we can do as congress. pelosi is not doing her job, obviously. she needs to call us back in. one final thing, joe biden must go. thank you for your time. >> thanks, everyone. you can certainly see the passion and drive of the house freedom caucus, and in reality, we are going to keep pushing on these various initiatives. one was to bring the impeachment of our homeland security secretary for the crisis on the border.
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we had 19,000 unaccompanied minors coming across in july and over 18,000 again in august. that's a leadership failure. it's a policy failure. this group is calling for the impeachment and has introduced a resolution in congress to impeach secretary of state antony blinken. this debacle happened in afghanistan. it is a leadership and policy failure. we are calling for the resignation of secretary austin and general milley. this crisis could have been averted if we had had leadership and good policies in place. and ultimately, this comes down to the man himself who always says the buck stops here and then blames everybody but
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himself, president joe biden. we call upon him to resign immediately. with that, we've got time for a couple questions. >> you've been an outspoken supporter of ending these intractable military policies. you supported president trump withdrawing our troops. given the scenes we are seeing on the ground, did you change your mind? do you think it was a mistake for this and the past administration to plan to withdraw troops this summer? >> a couple things with that. this administration basically scrapped the power-sharing and conditional response withdrawal that president trump put in place. president trump put in place a system of checks and balances. and they had entered into an agreement, power-sharing between the taliban and afghani government.
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when the taliban would violate the agreement, there would be an immediate and disproportionate retribution by our military, on the taliban. and immediate communication as to why they were receiving, on the receiving end of a hellacious retribution. the result was, because they feared him, and they feared that his leadership would actually bring retribution if they violated the agreement, that is why you saw 18 months without attacks on u.s. forces. when he took out soleimani, that changed the nature of the understanding of american military will. when joe biden came in and scrapped that and said, we will do this for a political purpose, for a headline on september 11, the anniversary, it changed both the will of the afghani military and it also increased the will
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of the taliban terrorists. >> the afghan commanders wrote a piece for the new york times. they were against this whole concept that they were incompetent, saying all of our passwords and equipment were taken. at bagram the electricity was stopped. at the height of the hostage crisis, this was viewed that this was not accidental and the regime was given a list of things to check from china. and the greatest beneficiary is china, because they gained almost all the rare-earth. they gained a path all the way across. is anyone exploring the incompetence and very well organized and planned checklist on each of the payments for hunter? >> july 2, when bagram was
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basically evacuated without telling our afghan allies, we turned off the power and left, but we left a lot of material, weapons, ammunition, humvees, etc. that to me signaled that this was going to be a disastrous exit from afghanistan. the result has been of course china looks at afghanistan for two reasons. their belt and road initiative to encircle the world, and second of all, afghanistan has a lot of unique mineral assets which will further chinese ambitions militarily. we need to look at that, and that's one of the things we've been doing. we've been calling repeatedly to be brought back into session and start the investigative hearings on what happened, why this happened, and to really open this up. where we sit today, the house
6:22 pm
administration with nancy pelosi is not even inclined to address those issues. she's talked about everything for rights for women, which is an important thing, but not in the height of the disastrous consequences of what we've seen in afghanistan today. last question. >> i would like to get your view on this and also mr. higgins, with the hurricane coming through, there is talk about, they might need to have some sort of spending bill or tack it onto one of the next bills moving through. what's your view, once we get an assessment, on how that could be handled and should that be paid for, what is the position of the freedom caucus? we have yet to hear mr. higgins. >> i will turn it over in just a second. right now, our hearts go out to the people of louisiana who endured another devastating hurricane, and we certainly are respectful of that.
6:23 pm
but what we are here for today is to remind people of the necessity to remove the leadership of this regime. i don't think it is worthy of even being called an administration anymore. they are operating as an oligarchical regime and need to be brought to bear. with that, the last word will go to clay higgins. then we will be done. thank you for being here. >> thank you for acknowledging the suffering of the citizens of louisiana. from the brutal hurricane, yesterday, and the nature of the people of louisiana is that, we are going to stand back up. we are a tough and resilient people. louisiana is no stranger to hurricanes and their impact on recovery. what is significant about the storm that hit new orleans and
6:24 pm
the eastern parishes of louisiana, a couple of days ago, there is a similarity of two storms, laura and delta, that hit my district a year ago. the lack of candid and open communications with this executive, since then, and the failure of madame speaker pelosi to bring a supplemental disaster funding bill, which is attached to direct grant access for government entities and citizens within the impacted areas, this is completely a failure of the democrat leadership in the house and executive leadership in the white house. listen, as a louisiana citizen, i'm going to work shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters. i have family in orleans and st. tammany parishes.
6:25 pm
they were smashed yesterday and the day before and i will work with them to stand back up. i stand with my colleagues in government to do the same. but what would be a good start, for the people of louisiana, $85 billion worth of military equipment that was left behind in afghanistan. we could use some of those assets for the citizens of america. let's put america first. mr. president, if you have an ounce of respect for your 50 years of service to this nation, and to move forward towards healing, to unite our nation, to get past this nightmare that you've created, and by god, man, resign. i thank my colleagues for joining us today. thank you so much. >> one more. >> chairman, [indiscernible]
6:26 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> house republicans on the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. you may have heard them talking about efforts to speak on the floor about the situation. a number of republican members were present in the chamber but the chair failed to recognize them. this is what today's pro forma session looked like. >> holy and eternal god, in whose care time finds its meaning and life its boundaries, we pray for this moment in time when our adversaries have proven callous in their understanding of the sanctity of human life, and their actis


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