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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  October 1, 2021 2:03pm-2:44pm EDT

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that's everyone since world war ii. they continue to talk about fiscal responsibility. it makes no sense. going back to obama cleaning up, going back to bill clinton cleaning up after reagan and them. they need to stop that. one last thing i want to say, it's always the red states that have these issues with the spending. they are welfare states. they are getting more money than they put in. they are taking money from california, new york, they take
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the federal money. you need to go back and do a show on spending. especially these red states. it drives me crazy. house now happening at 10:30 eastern. for an update for things from the white house, the white house end of pennsylvania avenue, we are joined by bloomberg's justin sink, white house correspondent, good morning. guest: thanks so much for having me. host: we were just hearing about the house, potential meeting of democrats. what do we expect from the white house today in terms of the negotiations over the budget reconciliation measure? guest: the white house is sort of just kind of a bump in the road. they still think they can make progress and move forward. i would expect the same cadre of aides led by domestic policy advisor susan rice, brian, the
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national economic director, steve, senior advisor to the president will be on capitol hill today meeting with whether it's joe manchin or kristen sinema, whoever they need to get to the table to iron out this deal. kind of get the sense from the white house that they are at least trying to portray this. it's still possibly in line to both put together a framework package and get the vote that they want on the infrastructure bill. as we saw last night, as much optimism she might have, it's not going to get this across the finish line based on the differences that exist within the caucus. host: the latest communication from the white house last night was the statement from the press secretary, jen psaki, part of which said, while gems democrats do have differences we share common goals of creating good union jobs, building a clean energy future, cutting taxes for working families and small businesses, helping to give
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those families breathing room on basic expenses and doing it without adding to the deficit by making those at the top pay their fair share. the president canceled a trip to chicago, is he keeping locked down in terms of his schedule today? guest: that's the billing question. he doesn't have anything formally on the schedule today. the white house has indicated he will continue working the phones, talking to people. we also know the president likes to go home to wilmington over the weekends. there is going to be this question about whether -- i think that will be a big signal. how often the white house is about a deal coming together fairly quickly. that same statement jen said that a deal was closer than it's ever been. that's an enthusiasm we haven't necessarily heard, especially from some of those more moderate democratic senators. if the white house really believes we are close, i would
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expect the president to start getting heavily engaged personally in these kind of hours before a potential vote. host: this is a two-prong front of the president's domestic agenda. the infrastructure bill, the $1 trillion infrastructure bill already passed in the senate, obviously. and tis build back better program. the social spending measures, the $3.5 trillion budget package. is there a plan b if this doesn't work? guest: i'm not sure. i think if you talk to folks in the white house they really think that this is the core of the president's domestic agenda. they want to figure out how to salvage either the infrastructure alone but also they have been very clear they want some part of that bigger build back better plan. i think everybody is realistic that $3.5 trillion is not going to happen. it just doesn't have the support they need among democrats. the question is if they can find
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the middle ground that are demanding a more ambitious package and more moderate, more conservative democratic senators. that's the real thrust of things. the question is, if talks break down will the white house try to push forward on a infrastructure only vote? we asked jen psaki that question, in multiple different ways during the press briefing yesterday, she wouldn't really commit. i think that would be an interesting signal is if we see them try to bring republicans to the table in the house to pass this. or really start trying to use leverage and some of those progressive democrats threatening not to campaign for them to withhold funds, to really push them on that vote. that would be a clear indication they are abandoning that. that's not where we are at in this process right now. host: justin covers the white house for bloomberg. keep abreast of his reporting at and on twitter@justinsink.
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thanks so much for joining us. it is open forum here on washington journal this morning. up to 9:30 and probably until 10:00 eastern as we wait to find out what the house will come in today. we mentioned that democratic caucus meeting happening off the floor. at 10:30 eastern. we'll keep you posted on any updates we get about the schedule. also the senate coming in today at noon eastern. that will be over on c-span2. woodbridge, connecticut, on our democrats line. hear from christian, go ahead. caller: yes. thank you, bill, for taking my call this morning. i have a couple points to get in that probably haven't been discussed or might have been. i want to talk about corruption. there's no organization more powerful on the planet and can move markets more effectively than the federal reserve. recently we have heard that two
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voting board members of the federal reserve bank were dealing in insider trading and they just resigned. powell, who is our fed chairman, is also border line question now whether he was doing inside trading with municipal bonds. if we remember, powell's in charge of the bailouts that we just had. he has investments with goldman sachs and black rock. we are also seeing corruption with our house leader, nancy pelosi, whose front running legislation with the d.o.d. contracts, her husband bought $5 million to $10 million worth of calls, highly speculative bets that are highly profitable if they go in her direction. she's front running and doing insider trading with her
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husband. we have against letter at the s.e.c. who is our token fox watching the hen house. goldman sachs alum my. alumni. goldman sachs alumni. you have powell who has $100 million in the investments in the markets all -- half of that is with goldman sachs, the other half is with black rock. we have serious problems with corruption. as far as the infrastructure goes, i'm a democrat, but i cannot give more money to a government that's corrupt. i think the sooner we get to the problem of corruption, the more we report on it, the more we put these people out of business that are dealing in it, the more trust people have in giving more money to the government to solve problems.
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host: we'll go to massachusetts. on the republican line. gale, hello. caller: thank you for taking my call. you do a wonderful job. the silent majority of us who sit back and keep our peace have been silent for too many years now. we are people of massachusetts, seniors that they want to say we are wrong, we are history, we lived through it. we lived through the school system in 1776 in junior high where we celebrated our biis bicentennial. we were proud of our american flag. we were proud because we were taught to not -- we came from families, we didn't spend eight hours a day listening to indoctrine nations. we were taught to love the patriots that serve and protected us. it breaks our heart to see our sheriff in this state, ok, beinr
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heart. i can respectfully disagree with all of us. we all lived in peace. we all lived in peace in this nation. we never fought like we fought before. when the veil was removed and like the man said, the corruption, i was a small business owner. and the unpaid sales taxes. and that crisis and the bailout. they had a law in massachusetts, they attached my husband's driver's license. what they do in this state with their laws to a business, to hardworking americans is pathetic. the money they take from us. programs. we don't even benefit from. i just want to say this is a nation of peace, but it's now turning into a nation of european wealthier state with corruption at the media. it breaks our heart. we know the truth. we love this nation. we love the military. we hopper our law. especially our state police, they keep us safe. and now we are totally the
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enemy. i'm a health care worker in the union, i no longer have a job. i'm giving up the field because, again, i have been vaccinated. i worked my whole life. i went to college, radiology. now i'm the enemy. host: gail appreciate your call. a previous caller text says this, time to subsidize the american worker. the same way u.s.a. subsidizes corporations and the super wealthy. corporations are never going to do the right thing. why can't the government of the united states do it? on the story about senator cruz and the case before the supreme court, senator cruz wants to bypass campaign finance laws because he broke them? why have laws at law if the people who write them want to rewrite them when they break the laws they craft. the earliest the house will come in this morning is 9:30 eastern according to the majority leader here on c-span as we have since 1979, we cover gavel-to-gavel
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live coverage of the u.s. house. that television fee, that video fee, comes from the u.s. house itself. that's what we see as we wait -- feed comes from the u.s. house. that's what we see. we'll get about a 15-minute warning before that. so will members and staff on capitol hill. the house is in recess subject to the call of the chair. they'll give them a 15-minute warning. we'll have it live when they gavel back in. jeanette on our democrats line in st. louis. hi. mute your volume on your television. go ahead with your comment. jeanette in st. louis, are you there? we'll go to statten island next and hear from linda, go ahead. independent line. caller: i would just like to comment to all concerned in washington. especially if they are going to
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continue talks about the infrastructure bill. why don't you talk to me about adding a restitution bill for working families like mine that has been injured and died from past policies of abuse and neglect. thank you, sir. host: thank you. hollywood, florida, it is willie next up. go ahead. democrats line. caller: good morning. bill, i need -- jesse cut me off too quick about three months ago. so listen, god told me to tell his people that the devil and his angles, they turned away from him. and down here, they created their own righteousness which is the constitution. no, sir -- not the 10 commandments. thou shall not kill my people. and thou shall not steal my people's money.
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god got laws, too. but they are eternal. you reap what you sow. host: we were talking about our coverage of the house here on c-span when they gavel back in. the u.s. senate is on c-span2, the senate coming in today at noon eastern for nominations. and on our new video app, mobile app c-span now, you'll find live and unfiltered coverage of the government proceedings of all kinds, including the house and senate, congressional hearings on there, white house events, and more. once a program ends, videos will stay available for at least 24 hours for on demand viewing in the latest program section. c-span now also has featured clips showing political highlights that are driving the news, of course you can find the most recent "washington journal" segments, including the ones from today with the two congressmen we talked to at your fingertips. to get c-span now, vitt it the app store or google play. also find it online at c-span
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.org/c-span now. for more information and links to download the app. here from new york city, barbara on our independent line. open forum here on "washington journal." good morning. caller: good morning. representative jason crow was an excellent guest. i hope "washington journal" will bring him back again. would you please play the clip from the manchin interview where he talks about how the two bills, the hard infrastructure and the human infrastructure, should never have been linked together. and how they could pass the hard infrastructure as a stand alone. and lastly, i hope that josh gottheimer, representative gottheimer, and the group that he is part of who were promised to look on the hard infrastructure bill will realize they have been double-crossed. i don't think nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, chuck schumer, i don't think they want these bills to pass.
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i think they don't want -- want them to fail so next year they can go around the country whining about how the neo-republicans didn't let them pass the infrastructure bill. thank you. host: roger -- excuse me, marching get in rogersville, tennessee. margaret. tennessee, go ahead. caller: i'm here. i'm here. host: go ahead. caller: ok. what i called about was they cry about the debt, the debt. our debt. and i was wondering when the senate republicans, the afghans, they just dumped the country in here, and this is what happens on 9/11. we taught them how to fly. then hem. and they used that against us. i was wondering they are not -- not by the thousands -- hundreds but by the thousands. and they are housing them.
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providing clothing, shelter, their home is here in this country in any city across the whole united states are homeless people. people that work are losing their housing. myself, i lost a home because i wasn't able to pay due to sickness. why don't we let charity begin at home? why don't we take care what's in this country? the afghans turned back by the planeload, they took -- the haitians. also the mexicans at the border. they send them back. why is it ok, do they think for us to dump a country of afghans in here and take care of them and provide? they are crying about the debt, the debt. they can't take care of the mothers that need care, childcare. they can't take care of people, the sick, the elderly. it's just too much. too much.
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why not? why not take care of your own country first? host: thank you. our republican line, moscow, pennsylvania, mike. hello. caller: hi. thanks for having me. i appreciate t i just wanted to personally thank senator manchin for figuratively -- it seems like from a consumer standpoint just watching this from the news he would be the figurative adult in the room. $3.5 trillion is just a little -- just crazy. wasn't that like the budget -- a loan for the country like some decades ago? how did it get this big with this amount of inflation? even though i came in on the republican line, i'm really only republican in the fiscal conservative sense. i do like the idea of social -- of the social ideas that they have in some of these things. like childcare. we already pay a public tax to support our kids in the school. our youngest needs a little bit more attention. we should be doing the same. it doesn't make sense that that's pure private sector and
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everything else is getting public funding. then all those taxes are constantly going up. it's nice to see somebody in the room trying to level it out. honestly i think this is bad news for everybody no matter which way it goes. i appreciate you having me. host: thanks, mike. open forum here on "washington journal." perhaps up until 10:00 eastern, waiting to find out when the house will gavel in. 202-748-8001 the line for republicans. 202-748-8000, and for independents, 202-748-8002. nichlas wu from "the washington post" treat tweeting this. the house majority leader steny hoyer is asked if it will have a infrastructure vote today. quote, we'll see. so still a bit -- quite a bit of uncertainty. this is a piece from the "usa today" this morning. their head leep, more than half of police killings unreported. more than half of police
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killings in the u.s. are not reported in official government data. black americans are most likely to experience fatal police violence according to a new study released thursday. more than 55% of deaths from police violence from 1980 to 2018 were misclassified or unreported in official vital statistics reports, according to the pier reviewed study by a group of more than 90 collaborators from the lanceet. previous studies have found similar rates of underreporting. the new paip certificate one of the longest study periods to date. pensacola, florida, next up. we hear from larry on our democrat line. caller: yes. i was in question of a tweet that came in a representative from california. he went straight to his talking point. what was the question he never answered. i want to ask, are jobs being
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taken or are they being given? and this is mostly republican hiring them. thank you. host: all right. to nashville, we go. on the independent line, dan. hello. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to publicly advocate for the release of stuart schiller. this man served our country. he basically just demanded accountability from the quagmire of our withdrawal from afghanistan. basically they -- to make an example of him put him in the bringing. brigg. he offered to resign honorably, they would not let him. i think it's just -- every american should be so angry about this no matter what their political affiliation. this is a total, total travesty of justice. and i can't believe that more
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people aren't up in arms about this. host: thanks for bringing that up. it is open forum here on "washington journal." kind of touched on this earlier, but here's the -- the ramifications of that infrastructure bill not passing. transportation funding lapses after pelosi pulls infrastructure vote. highway funding lapsed friday, today, after house speaker nancy pelosi pulled a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill which would have re- authorized key transportation programs. as a result, thousands of department of transportation employees will be furloughed and the federal highway administration, which provides funding for roads, projects across the country will be shut down. state and local transportation officials have said that little will change if the federal funding lapses for a day or two. but a prolonged shut down would lead to widespread delays of road and transit projects. in louisville, connecticut, hello to patty -- kentucky, hello to patty on the democrats line. caller: thanks for taking my call. i wanted to respond to a caller
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probably about 10 calls ago about the corruption in the government. he was talking >> had got yep the information about the covid vaccine before the rest of the country did. they had bought a lot of stock in things that they knew were going to go up. and when that was brought out there were a lowt of people outraged over it -- a lot of people outraged over it and we were told just that congress is
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exempt from that. i'm not sure if that's true or not. and then also mitch mcconnell's wife supposedly made a lot of money on what she did with china for her family's company. so i'm not pointing fingers at republicans or democrats like that man that called earlier did. i'm just saying we all realize that the government has a lot of corruption on both sides. and i think that the reason that they really need to pass the voting rights act and the john lewis deal is basically for the dark money in politics. i really believe that needs to be gone. because i think that money
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corrupts, period. it's in your face in big amounts like it probably is there, it's hard to turn it down. and people that go there with good intentions end up not staying with those intentions because of the money that's being lobbied. i guess that's just the point i wanted to make. it really needs to have that -- have somebody do something about that because i do believe that is what causes all the corruption. thank you. host: glad you got through. dave sherman covers congress for punch bowl news. tweet just moments ago, i caught up with speaker pelosi who asked me if i spent the night there. i did not. i asked her if she expects a vote today. quote, we are on a path, she said. she said, she'll have a conversation later today with us. i look forward to hearing more. reporting it. kennesaw, georgia, eduardo,
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independent line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i'm going to try to make this quick. it's just one point. for all the people talking about the infrastructure and the budget reconciliation bill. we are talking about $3.5 trillion. i know that's a lot of money and it is, but it's spread into 10 years. so that's $350 billion per year. let's put it into perfect sperktive -- perspective, with our defense spending we are putting $700 billion a year in defense spending. that's more than the next 10 countries combined. even if we cut a little bit into our military budget, we could pay for that using that for the budget reconciliation bill using that cut. don't know why people are so up in arms about all that. that's just my point. host: caller that brought up the marine lieutenant colonel stuart
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sheller -- sheller. congressman gohmert from texas, in a letter to the u.s. marine corps commandant, my colleagues and i have asked that lieutenant colonel stuart scheller be release interested pretrial confinement. the reporting on that from news nation, lieutenant colonel scheller in bill miltary bringing for criticism on -- brigg on withdraw from afghanistan. he went viral last month criticizing his chain of command on the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. scheller relieved of his duties last week after his initial criticism has been put in pretrial confinement and marine base camp lejeune in north carolina is being accused of violating four articles of the uniform code of military justice. that reporting from news nation late yesterday. somerset, new jersey. joe on the republican line. good morning, joe. caller: good morning. how are you. i have a question for you first
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of all. and then point about what's going on. my question to you is, the last couple days that you guys have had guest congressmen, a senator, i think you did have a senator on, why do you guys separate them? wouldn't it be better to put the republican and democrat together for more show to let them both respond? host: believe me we try to do that as often as we can. one, it's been harder during covid to get two guests in the room. we are just trying to keep protocol, safety protocols in mind. two, it's just, with their schedules, and let's face it, it's a partisan world up on capitol hill. we do ask quite a bit. we have been successful in bringing members together sometimes. that does happen. but it's a very good point. caller: i thank with the satellites you could do it like you do for sports. now my point, first of all i think is the problem a lot of people have called in don't
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realize. the democrats have lied throughout all of this that are going on. number one the infrastructure bill with the roads, even the climate change stuff, the $1.7 bill it was done with both republicans and democrats. they said they would bring it up, and they would vote on it. they didn't do that because they want this 3.5. the second thing that happened was, i'm a -- here in new jersey, but new york, new jersey, and connecticut supposedly made a pact, i hope i got the information correctly here, that a.o.c. and also the long island congressman that all the joint congressional people would not vote for the 3.5 unless they put in, i believe it's called salt, so you could take out your local taxes. host: state and local taxes. caller: they did not put that in the bill. they made a pact that they would not vote for it. including schumer said the same thing, too. he would not vote for it unless
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they put the salt thing into the bill. they dew point do that. they didn't do that. the democrats have been lying all throughout that. that is really the crux of this whole problem. it has nothing do with the money or the cost. they have been lying since the start of this. that's what i think the points are. thank you very much. c-span has a great show. thank you. host: kathleen in dayton, ohio. democrats line. caller: thanks. i just -- i really -- first i want to say west virginia is such an incredibly beautiful state. i want to just ask west virginians and arizonans, why would their reps, why would senator manchin be voting against a two-year community college for people who can't access? free k for children. internet on the back roads of west virginia. when you look at the scales,
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when you look at the charts and 50 being the worst out of 50 states, health care is at 47. close to the bottom in west virginia. education, 45 out of 50 being the worst. the economy is 48. infrastructure, 50. so how is it that senator manchin and senator sinema can really stand in the way of what's best for their constituents? i would encourage people who have internet, a lot of back roads in west virginia don't have internet, some people can't afford it, people should google, use your google machine as joe scarborough scawls it, who is backing senator sinema and senator man manchin in regards to big corporate money. this infrastructure bill will be for the constituents or the majority of americans. and voters should really be thinking carefully about what to
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vote for manchin. again, west virginia is in bringing big problem trubl in a lot of areas -- trouble in a lot of areas. why manchin is standing in the way of benefiting the majority of people, as well as in arizona, people should look at that really closely. host: that's kathleen in ohio. a similar sentiment from tony in brooklyn who says this. why not just leave arizona and west virginia out of the human infrastructure bill? supreme court's new term we mentioned earlier begins on monday. this is "politico's" reporting of a speech by justice alito. speaks out on texas abortion case and shadow docket. justice samuel alito leaped into a political fray over the supreme court on thursday. lashing back at critics who accused the justices of increasingly issuing momentous decisions on its emergency docket. without the benefit of a full briefing or oral arguments. alito said complaints about the court's shadow docket are
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misplaced and intended to conjure up images of justices conspiring to advance their ideological agendas under the cover of darkness. the catchy and sinister term shadow docket has been used to portray the court as having been captured by a dangerous cabal that resorts to sneakiness to get its way. this portrayal leads on precedented efforts to intimidate the court or damage it as an independent institution. one measure how direct -- athlete alito was stepping into the battle, the senate judiciary committee held a hearing to air criticism of the high court for its use of the so-called shadow docket. in high profile cases. open pore yum. open forum. hear from stephanie in huntington park, california. independent line. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. i just want to -- i would like to follow up with that caller
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from ohio who was talking about the manchin and sinema. i think we are seeing a new turn with the way mass media is questioning these senators in question. he got upset when -- i'm not sure what reporter it was had mentioned something about his dividends and his investments. and manchin was like -- he got upset. i think we are seeing a new turn with that. i think no questions should be off limits. i like how referred to manchin and sinema as owner donors. i think -- it's not so much about democrat in fighting as the way everybody wants to see. they need to understand that progressives are holding the line because this money is for the people and not for their investments. that's just the point i wanted to make. thank you. host: to marshall in brooksville, florida. on the republican line.
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caller: yes. good morning, thank you for taking my call. i have been watching that hearing or whatever they want to call it about the committee on the generals and everybody. i would like to know why the generals are, the secretary of security i think it is, can get -- no problems. but that lieutenant colonel which told the truth about everything, he's in the brigg. it's not right what is actually happening. i was in the marine corps. there is a chain of command. and both them generals have broke the chain of command when they went over the president's head and did not give them an answer. this lieutenant colonel, the family is trying very hard to get him out of the brigg.
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i hope and pray that everybody write your governor and to help that family out. it seems like the generals are throwing him under the bus. that's what's happening. i appreciate your call and everybody have a good day. please, everybody, help this family out and get that lieutenant colonel out of the brigg. write your governors. thank you, sir. host: we appreciate your call. from the front page of the "new york times" this morning on vaccine mandates. mandates are working as vaccinations surge. the times writes that until now the biggest unknown about mandating covid-19 vaccines in workplaces has been whether such requirements would lead to compliance or significant departures by workers unwilling to get shots. at a time when many places were already facing staffing shortages, so far a number of early mandates show few indications of large-scale resistance. mandates are working said john,
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a physician and professor at the school of public health at the university of california, berkeley. if you define working by the percentage of people getting vaccinated and not leaving their jobs in droves. another view from keith in florida here. who sends us this text. if big brother biden issued a vacs seen mandate, no exception for fed workers about 21 days ago, norfolk will be wired. norfolk naval shipyard only 40% vaccinated. is biden going to fire roughly, the 60%, roughly 7200 workers with an aircraft carrier and submarines being overhauled. c-span that's a real issue. as a nation we are struggling with two large institutions which are the media and education. these problems are not mutually exclusive. our public schools must intentionally develop skills that empower citizens to filter through the propaganda that's thrown at them from the range of, quote, news stations, who are anything but news.
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and we need regulations such as disclaimers that require the propaganda channels, such as fox, to articulate who owns the propaganda they are constantly spinning. roberta in connecticut. democrats line. caller: hello. how are you? host: fine. caller: hi. i watch c-span house of representatives and the senate mostly daily. especially in these times. and i'm kind of confused when people talk about the infrastructure and 3.5. and there are indication that is everybody will have taxes raised and all that. in following biden and his campaign, he always talked about the fact that all of this would be paid by big corporations and billionaires.
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and that the money that we are paying off is for debt we incurred under trump. so this isn't money ahead. this is moppy for bills spent by the past administration -- this is money for bills spent by the past administration. that's the 3.5. the reconciliation or build back better takes care of everything and it's not paid for by the middle class individuals. it's paid for by a higher tax on big corporations. the infrastructure was linked to this simply because we wanted to do it all together. and what i'm finding is people like manchin and others are thinking about this as, oh, it's going to cost a lot. if you have -- in keeping up, the 3.5 has nothing to do with we are going to raise in the future. it is already being paid by the
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higher taxes on the billionaires. the top 1%. it's a fair bill for average americans like myself. and i wish that if everybody just take a look at what's going on in the bills and watches c-span, house and senate, i think you would get a better idea of the workings -- jen: two quick items at the top. i know some of the wires have to go. we'll go to you guys first. yesterday h.h.s., treasury, labor issued new consumer protections against surprise medical bills. specifically the rules to lower health care cost, spreents hospitals and doctors from taking advantage of their market power, advance health care price transparency, and expand people's ability to dispute claims denied by their health plan. this bill is a rule issued in july. these regulations willns


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