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tv   Virginia Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 3, 2021 9:01pm-10:00pm EDT

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announcer: c-span's washington journal. every day we take your calls live on the air on the news of the day and we discussed policy issues that impact you. monday morning, washington post reporter and author discusses his book peril, co-authored with bob woodward on the final days of the trump residency. -- presidency. then, a preview of the new supreme court term that begins monday. also, covid testing. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern monday morning and be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comment, texts and tweets. announcer: now to the regina governor's -- virginia governor's debate.
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the two debated several topics including abortion rights and the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic. mr. todd: good evening. i'm chuck todd, and welcome to the virginia gubernatorial debate between democrat and former governor terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin, hosted by the northern virginia chamber of commerce, the schar school of policy and government at george mason university, and nbc 4 telemundo 44. this debate is airing on nbc stations across the commonwealth, nationally on c-span, and streaming on so, welcome to all of you. it's also being aired on radio by our news partner wtop. around here, that, we know, means a lot. we are pleased to be back in person for this debate tonight at the northern virginia community college here in alexandria. our audience has followed vaccination and masking protocols to make sure that we can be together safely for this exchange of ideas. so let's begin by quickly covering the rules for today's event. the debate will last one hour
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and will begin with 90 second opening statements from each candidate. then our panelists and myself will pose questions directly to the candidates. these questions are determined by nbc news and the panelists, period. they have not been reviewed by the candidates or the northern virginia chamber. each candidate will have one minute to respond and the candidate answering first will get an additional 30 second rebuttal. and as moderator, i will reserve the right to follow up as needed. and finally, we will conclude debate with one-minute closing statements from each candidate. there is a timekeeper who will notify candidates of their remaining time and when times is expired. in the interest of trying to cover as much ground as possible, we ask the candidates to adhere to these time limits. thank you, gentlemen. so now, let's welcome our panelists. julie carey is news 4's northern virginia bureau chief and she has been covering northern virginia politics for nbc 4 for more than 25 years. alberto pimienta is our anchor for telemundo 44 and covers the latino community here in virginia. and now the candidates. republican glenn youngkin, and democrat terry mcauliffe. you guys can clap if you'd like.
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[applause] get that out of the way. we know you are enjoying both. and with that, let's begin. mr. youngkin, your 90 second opening statement. mr. youngkin: great, thank you. my fellow virginians, tonight i ask you to join me. . >> i ask you to join me to hire me to go work for you we can fix this on day number one i will cut taxes and eliminate the grocery tax saving virginians all in $1500 in your number one. we will reestablish excellence
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in schools investing in teachers and facilities and charter schools fully fund police and reinvigorate the job machine creating 4000 jobs. my opponent tonight will talk about me and my plan and his record and extreme views that is what 40 or politicians do and at the last debate he lied to you, the voters once about every other minute trying to hide his views on getting rid of right to work defunding police selling out to the teachers unions the so-called plan will cost virginians $16,000,000,000.5400 of the tax increase the recycled failed policies my fellow virginians i will share the vision for lower taxes for the best jobs and the schools in the safest community and a asking for your vote tonight. >> i am so excited to be with everybody tonight i was
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honored to be your 72nd governor and when i took office i inherited and economy that's in chaos i got to work and got out of bed every single day fighting for you i worked in a bipartisan manner and guess what we created 120,000 new jobs personal income went up 14 percent but now we have covid and have new challenges we have 20 very serious plans of how i will lead us out of the covid pandemic raising the minimum wage, paid sick days talked about healthcare bringing the cost down to make sure we drop the cost of prescription drugs i did a 1 billion-dollar investment i will do 2 billion now to make sure the children are getting the skills they need to be successful the none of this works if we don't defeat covid i'm running against a candidate who has been spreading into vax rhetoric throughout the commonwealth of virginia we cannot move this economy forward if we are not getting
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a false vaccinated he doesn't believe doctors and teachers should be vaccinated but he says you don't want it? don't take it has was recently quoted saying there is many good reasons why you don't need to get vaccinated he told college students and that nurses working in cancer facilities that were getting chemotherapy don't need to be vaccinated that is my top priority and we will build a stronger economy. >> thank you gentlemen beginning with the covid pandemic affecting hundred 40000 virginians with 12000 and the state this is a clear difference between the two of you on the issue of vaccine mandates and the workers who live in the state so you get the first question you personally favor being vaccinated but believe it should be a choice why should
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state workers be allowed to do their jobs and vaccinated? >> just to reiterate i believe everyone should get the vaccine despite the fact the most egregious untruth what my opponent says about me i've gotten the vaccine my family has gone the vaccine the best way to keep themselves safe and i have asked everyone in virginia to please get the vaccine i don't think we should mandate think we find ourselves at the moment where my opponent has said he looked at the television screen and has said if you don't get it i will make your life difficult he wants employers to fire employees who don't get the vaccine at a time when we try to come out of the pandemic and in job recovery reading needs healthcare workers and people on the job to make their life difficult that is no way to serve virginians we
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can protect lives and livelihoods and as governor that is what i will do in virginia. >> let's be clear plan has been lying to you he goes on right weighing radio and does his rally and tells his supporters if you don't want to get it, don't get it you cannot the governor saying things like that it is disqualifying we had 8000 cases yesterday in virginia 10 percent of the population has been infected. we need leadership as governor not trying to be a trump want to be the one thing on right weighing radio and then says something different he said day number one mask off no vaccination requirements. see you have a parent who has a child going to school they
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cannot get it because they are too young send a child to a school with a teacher is not wearing a mask and a teacher is not vaccinated? that is disqualifying. >> i think what is most hypocritical is no more than five or six weeks ago terry mcauliffe shared my view they should not mandate it should be a come decision the company makes them for political expediency he must've seen appalling changed his view completely this is what you get from terry mcauliffe that let me be clear i believe the vaccine absolutely saves lives in the last 20 months has been an absolute tragedy and i look forward to working with virginians to get people vaccinated and to help people live their lives. >> you believe getting vaccinated for measles and mumps or rubella is a personal choice?
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>> i think the data associated with those vaccines is something we should understand the difference and we have a moment to help people understand the real information in this vaccine those vaccines are mandatory but not covid quick. >> i do believe covid vaccine is what everybody should gate on —- and get. >> your opponents as a you are too dangerous for virginia but rates rose by 30 percent what responsibility do bear for this increase in crime and what would you do for the rise we right now today? period first of all your job is to keep your community safe i invested in state police and the sheriff i have at thousand
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sheriff's office it seems i was governor and guess what virginia had the lowest crime rate of any major stay in the united states of america i am proud the first governor ever to become an honorary sheriff from the sheriffs association but if you want to talk about keeping people safe talk about guns off the street he said publicly there is not one single gun protection bill that he supports we have passed background checks after the tragedies of virginia beach and virginia tech we have to get guns off the streets today in virginia if a spouse goes on social media and says i will kill my spouse we can take the gun away he will rollback all common sense gun protections not background checks but guest what they will kill civilians and law-enforcement he is too dangerous. >>
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[inaudible conversations] [applause] >> thank you. thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> i agree. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] [applause] >> [inaudible conversations] all right. we will take a quick commercial break we will be right back.
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we are back here in alexandria for the governor's candidate we will pick up where we left off and take our breaks we will plow through to get to as many questions as we can 30 have one minute we have been on the issue a crime and now it is your one minute and there will be a 32nd rebuttal. >> over the course of the last 20 years we have watched our murder rate hit an all-time high. he doesn't seem to care because the moderate one at 43 percent when he was governor and the rape rate went up every year. law enforcement is universally supported 50 shares have supported me for shares have joined the republican party the fraternal order of police endorsed me yesterday. the police neville association endorsed me law enforcement community wholeheartedly trust that i will do the right thing
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that will protect qualified immunity and with a broken mental health system making the community safe again what mr. mcauliffe actually endorses is a parole board that sacrifices the rights of victims and turn to protect criminals i don't believe in second chances but we have to protect virginians and on day one we also have to replace the entire parole board. >> as i mentioned earlier let the facts determine the lowest crime rate when i was governor not the second or third or fourth lowest, the absolute lowest and that took a lot of work i need in a very proud as governor i worked in a bipartisan way to get the toughest mystic violence law in the united states of america. the "washington post" has endorsed me and said that my
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economic plan will one —- his plan will defined the police go be the editorial. >> the quick follow-up. you said you favored ending police officers from lawsuits of qualified immunity but then said you wouldn't so explain why you changed your mind. >> it's called qualified immunity for reason any law officer is out acting in good faith doing their job they will have the full protection of the commonwealth of virginia. but if there is a law-enforcement officer who breaks the law they get zero protection that's why it is called qualified immunity i have been 100 percent for protecting any law enforcement officer and i'm very proud of the men and women of the fairfax sheriff stacy kincaid is here i think her for being here but if you break the law you will not get qualified immunity we will not protected.
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>> you're not changing a lot of qualified immunity? >> no. but the general assembly has a task force going and i will see what comes to my desk. >> in the first debate on the subject of abortion restriction you said "i do believe that threshold bill would be appropriate in congress a pain threshold that would make performing abortions after 20 weeks of just patient a crime that is a woman second trimester if you become governor wordy work to outlaw abortions beginning in the second trimester? >> thank you for that question. let me start because my opponent has mischaracterized my position here repeatedly. first, i am pro-life i do believe in exceptions in the case if there is rape or incest or the mother's life is in jeopardy. i also believe up rate on —- a pain threshold bill that we could and should support my opponent on the other hand is
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the most extreme abortion candidate in the country so i will block legislation like he said he would sign where a child is kept comfortable after the child is born and a decision is made if the child lives or dies he call that legislation common sense legislation and said he would sign it. the vast majority of virginians disagree on the abortion stance he said he would promote virginia businesses because it's the easiest place to get an abortion. i think that is shameful. >> i would like to see release the tape or somebody actually saying that nothing he said is true. what he has done he got caught on tape secretly saying when he is governor he will go on the offense to ban abortions and defund planned parenthood i will not go squishy on you. that's what he said. i went every woman in virginia
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to listen closely. i was a brick wall to protect women's rights when i was governor they try to use chapter 16 women's clinics down if i would not have been elected 2013 were not be a woman's clinic open today i support the law on the books today 80 percent of virginians support in a majority of republican support that is what i support as governor he is in the extreme but businesses will not come to a state putting laws up around their state and is against gay marriage. he is against abortion. that is his religious right and i respect his right for his opinion. but i can tell you this. the businesses that i brought to virginia amazon google microsoft they are not coming to a state that discriminates against women. they are not. >> i just don't understand how you can so comfortably lie to everybody.
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be clear. used in front of a group of people and said he would bring companies here because it's easier to get an abortion you want to be the abortion governor companies are not making these choices ford motor company decided to put $7 billion to in kentucky one in tennessee and one in georgia and skipped virginia this is a legacy left virginia a dying economy, jobs not for everyone and you misunderstand what it takes for the kind of future. >> mr. young do support the right to an abortion being included in virginia's constitution? >> no i do not expect you believe a woman should make her own decision on reproductive rights you said you support that only through a second trimester so what restrictions do you support with access to abortion? >> i support laws today with
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the commonwealth of virginia which is 80 percent of virginians i would like to see rosie wade enshrined in our constitution because i'm scared of donald trump. people are tired of people like him telling them what to do with their bodies it's time then leave women alone and make their own choice about their own reproductive rights. [applause] >> mr. mcauliffe current governor recently touted a record two.6 billion-dollar surplus portion of that money is dedicated to the general fund better known as a rainy day fund. your opponent calls clear evidence of over taxation one.$5 billion to taxpayers why shouldn't virginians who have just gone through such challenging times from the pandemic get that rewarded form of tax relief quick.
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>> two.6 billion came from a 14.3 billion-dollar one-time american rescue plan limit. when i took office i had to call a special session to eliminate two.$5 billion deficit left for me and i left half a billion dollars surplus i will put more money in people's pockets that glenn comes up with a crazy tax games the roanoke paper and the washington post three studies have said what he will do will destroy virginia's economy and take 10 billion out of education c 43000 teachers cut including 3000 and right here in fairfax county. he even went to fairfax county last year during covid and had a faulty tax scheme because he keeps horses in his backyard and actually got the agriculture exemption and basically chiseled fairfax county out of $75000 per year which is actually one year salary for a teacher i will not do that you make hundreds
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of millions of dollars why do you chiseled fairfax county's or you could have an agriculture exemption in your backyard? that's wrong. so let's begin. the two.$6 billion surplus was actually generated by overtaxing virginians and then to go from the state government. >> you have no idea we are talking about i know it's hard for you. [applause] >> but you have no idea what you are talking about. >> what i believe is that money belongs to virginia not terry mcauliffe. by the way they will overtax again by two.$6 billion again. they are piling on tax upon tax to eliminate the grocery tax double the standard deduction with the largest tax rebate in virginia history and
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cut the taxation on the military retirement plan faxed fact find virginia moving out families moving away faster than they are moving here because taxes are too high and we will bring them down making cost of living in virginia low. [applause] >> glenn young has no ability to bring jobs here he wants to ban abortion and is against gay marriage moving to rest richmond virginia another thousand jobs because we aren't open and welcoming stay i can tell you those extreme positions businesses will come here i have nestlé corporation to move out of l.a. 1100 new projects 20 billion new capital when i was governor and half a billion dollars surplus i inherited that two.$5 billion deficit that's a fact and we created 200,000 new jobs in personal income i am very proud of that record.
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>> on the issue of election integrity more than 4 million ballots cast in the presidential election one reported case of voter fraud and that person was convicted this year of a misdemeanor earlier this year you said election integrity is a top priority but the last debate you acknowledged there had not been significant funds for virginia's election of fast not a problem and why call it a priority? >> that says that elections are trusted and safe is not a republican or democratic issue but my opponent stood up and said if they stole the election from a sense that it continually in the george w. bush was legitimately elected, we saw florida in the election process and to report first virginians deserved that so we will invest in our election process. i said there wasn't material
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fried and i believe the election was certifiably fair but i want to get back to one thing. my opponent mischaracterized his record so we cutely virginia over the last eight years has grown economically. and then north carolina tennessee they have outpaced is by 70 percent when you were governor 120 percent creating more jobs and opportunities that's a legacy you have left. >> election and integrity this is all glenn had on his website for seven months. he actually said it is the most important issue facing virginia election integrity is covid and healthcare and education he has a total wannabe donald trump it all goes back to the 2020 election
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and then they put on their tinfoil hats and then trump won the 2020 election. and we should allow this to happen but he says so much of the reason he is running for governor is because of donald trump he has been endorsed by donald trump four times. he is honored and pleased to have his endorsement so he plays a game that goes to the extreme like on right way radio talks about the issues and comes here to northern virginia pretend he's a modern but not be as extreme and abortion he has bought and paid for by donald trump and wants to bring donald trump politics to virginia and we will not allow that. [applause] >> you just made folks in las vegas a lot of money know you like to campaign but there is an over and under how many
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times you will say donald trump it was ten and you just busted through it. [applause] i know you wish you were because the polls say i am the head that you are running against me. let's have asked against each other and that virginia voters decide who they want their next governor to be. [applause] >> . >> we have to move to the next question. >> he has been endorsed endorsed four times a person endorsing trump is used. >> mr. mcauliffe your campaign website promises you implement the virginia department of education new model policy to protect transgender students and that is a policy that allows students to use the restroom and locker room that matches gender identity and requires school employees to address by their chosen pronoun but at the last debate you said it should be up to
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local school districts to create their policy. so which should it be statewide protection or local choice spent for the input on such an obvious issue but we will always issue guidance but i have said this before these children are going through very stressful situations. and when every child in virginia to get a quality education for the record billion dollars the color of your skin i believe you should get a great quality education and that is why for 2 billion-dollar per year investment rage raise about what every student have access to broadband and make sure those at risk for -year-olds a 41000 actually get a pk education i have a real education plan "washington post" and other papers ridiculed the economic plan
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and they have said just read it will cost education $10 billion here in fairfax county will lose 3000 teachers and more teachers not fewer spend money began the economic plan has nothing to do with my economic plan it's better than his and he picked up another one using that for all of those baseless comments with regard to our kids in schools we are called to love everyone and i agree with your conclusion we shall that local stool school districts make these decisions we must ask them to include concept of safety and privacy and respect and we must demand include parents in this dialogue what we've seen over the last 20 months the school system refusing to engage with parents in fairfax county we watch parents so upset because
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there was such sexually explicit material in the library to have never seen it was shocking in fact you vetoed the bill to inform parents they were there you believe school system should tell children what to do i believe parents should be in charge of their parents education. and the parents have the right to veto the books. and i will not let parents and the schools and make their own decision they should tell what they should teach i get really tired of everybody running down teachers and what they have done through covid they are real heroes that deserve our respect and they keep running it down.
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[applause] the next question. >> expanded protection that renters are not affected until june 2022 due to the pandemic what is your position on eviction. >> there is a really good legal framework in place. >> it's worse than we needed to be ranking 44th in the nation of job recovery with a stalled economy going in and actually weighing 50th in the nation of freedom coming out the number one way we will help folks with their rent is to get them jobs. 44000 jobs in creating a times that amount tennessee six times that amount the legacy terry mcauliffe left a stalled jobs fewer today than before
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the pandemic let me go to work on day number one we will not shut down the economy, no lockdowns and job killing regulations and turn on the job machine creating 400,000 jobs in terry mcauliffe for get rid of it and that will be the deathblow for virginia. >> and to get more waivers working in public and private i met with the leadership of amazon the other day putting hundreds of millions of dollars into affordable housing. and then to put down the economy when i was working let me tell you about the experience. taking 300 jobs out of virginia when he was the ceo when is the chief operating
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officer he was operating a company called small smiles that was cited a huge fine from the inspector general because what they were doing was unnecessary medical procedures on children, 100 cases in manassas and babies were forced to have root canals many without proper anesthesia and why? profit i was here working here to create good paying jobs he was making billions of dollars at the carlyle group hurting seniors with medicare and the dental clinic we will not have that here. >> creating jobs is a lot more than flying around and holding press releases. terry mcauliffe had one.2 million dollars taxpayer money to pay to a chinese website that turned out to be a sham and all you did was have a press conference in flight to
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china to celebrated losing one.$4 million of taxpayer money and no job showed up i'm proud of carlisle that mostly that when things did not go right and things were not where we planned we worked hard to put them right tens of thousands of employees working for companies. >> i have a quick 30 seconds you both live and wealthy neighborhoods and then how do you convince affordable housing should be built in their neighborhood and they don't fight it because they're worried about property values? thirty-second. >> everybody here in northern virginia understand desperately people who work here they shouldn't have to drive two hours to work every single day work with the local and cities and counties and if you read my plan have a full program together through the
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trust authority to invest with them and incentivize developers to build of income housing are the biggest issues we face and the reason is i recruited 1100 companies. >> do you use think your neighbors would support seen duplexes built back. >> now has zoning requirements that is up to the local authorities the biggest challenge we have of affordable housing is the amount of regulations piled on top then have every house built in virginia with 2025 percent of the housing cost with permit regulations to make it easier to permit we need more supply the bottom line is when this economy starts growing when i am
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governor as opposed to in terry mcauliffe as governor will have a bigger problem to create affordable housing for virginians. >> the removal of the robert e. lee statue reminds us in virginia history. and sometimes a bit on the wrong side of that history whether slavery how would schoolchildren be taught about these issues. . . . . i enfrancs
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than any governor in the history of the united states of america. it was the right thing to do. i was all about lifting people up and giving opportunities and that's why i want to help folks next time. she makes $7.25 and has no benefits. it's time to pay people $15 an hour in the commonwealth of virginia. what's interesting is how quickly he moved off his statement when he was governor that the robert e lee statue and stonewall should be left alone. teaching our children about racism in our school is a
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challenge. there are chapters that are abhorrent and also great chapters we need to teach our children real history to have dreams they can aspire and go get. and then pit them against one another so that their dreams are in fact stolen from them. we are going to get education moving and establish expectations of. our children are falling so behind in the commonwealth of virginia 62% cannot pass in eighth grade equivalency test. we are going to go to work and fix that on day number one. the bill we passed in the education reform republican legislature. guess what it passed which is
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republican, 420. forty-five out of 100 in the house of delegates. you are attacking your own party. i will build up education and that's what we need to do and i'm excited about it but his plan will cut 43,000 teachers. as you know thousands of afghan evacuees are in virginia for at least after being evacuated from afghanistan shortly after the taliban took control of that nation. do you support virginia helping these evacuees and how should the state do that?
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he abandoned citizens and allies and those that had gone shoulder to shoulder with us trying to make a way forward. we watched down in texas and its absolute chaos. can we recognize that we are a nation of laws and we need to make sure that we are processing everyone who comes in and they had a covid vaccine. have the refugees? those that stood shoulder to shoulder with us are processed appropriately and they can have a home in virginia.
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we have a lot of brave men and women who fought for this country. marine captain who served over in that region fighting isis. and my heart goes out to every single parent who's lost a loved one in the service of the country. there wasn't a day we didn't worry when our son was over there fighting so i will always stand with our military. that's why i was proud as governor we were the first state in america to end veteran homelessness and the first state in america to add the college courses to get our veterans jobs as soon they came out of active duty, the first to have our cyber vets and when i was governor, 26,000 more were hired in the program.
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i'm proud of the military here in the commonwealth of virginia. >> this year it's estimated 25,000 of our heroes will complete their last posting in virginia and move away. and they are going to georgia, florida, texas and arizona because virginia is not the right place for them because they can't find a job. we tax the retirement benefits and made it hard for them to transition for military service to civilian life. when you first ran for governor in 2013 you opposed to changing the right to work law during the primary race you reversed course and now support it.
9:44 pm
why did you change your mind? i'm going to focus my energy on things we can do and raise the minimum wage. i want paid sick leave and medical leave. i always focused on things we could get done and that's what i will do as governor and why i built a robust economy. over two dozen prominent republicans tonight i have the leading conservatives that endorsed my campaign for governor. one of the most conservative members in the house of delegates. they know i will work in a
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bipartisan way to move virginia forward. i want to see us lead america out of this covid crisis. the leadership in our democratic party today is trying to get rid of the right to work. they introduced the bill to get rid of right to work. this bill is going to come to his desk and terry will sign it. he's collected tens of millions of dollars from them and it will be the low for virginia business climate. this is why every business organization that is offered in endorsement so far has given it to me. they don't trust you.
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it's about standing up for what's right for virginia workers we in fact have to recognize virginia's economy must grow and not to be stalled and we can go to work together to build an economy that will lift up all virginians. >> i have support and think of the school we are at. the republican national committee and finance chair, one of the biggest business leaders. what good does that do you? he's already supporting the endorsement and is on the public list. a lot of unions support me. i am for raising the minimum wage. he is against raising the minimum wage and sick days and medical leave.
9:47 pm
we are going to lift up workers here in virginia and make them the best. >> if they want to unionize are you going to be there to help them? >> businesses make their own decisions and employees make their own decisions. whatever they want to do. i let everybody make their own decision. i'm the governor of everybody. i love everybody. let me move to a climate change question. one minute to each of you on this. dealing with climate change the entire world are dealing with it. who should pay more when it comes to these issues should it be the government, wealthy
9:48 pm
taxpayers, is it someone else? how do we pay for this adaptation? >> first we need to recognize we do have a challenge. i'm from hampton roads and the challenges hampton roads are facing with rising sea levels and stormwater drainage issues are serious so we have to go to work now to address those, in order to make sure there's funding available so they can prepare. the challenge that we've got however is with the clean economy act it's unworkable. i've spoken to the heads of the utilities. they don't even know how to do it to dismantling all of the cleanburning natural gas. we are going to turn virginia into california and get ready. some blackouts are coming and the reason ford doesn't want to come here is they don't trust the power supply. we in fact need a different
9:49 pm
plan. wind, solar, nuclear and cleanburning natural gas. my opponent wants to accelerate by ten years and it will absolutely be stabilized and cost the taxpayers even more than 800. >> one minute to you and i want to see it done by 2035. when we rejoined the paris agreement to join the rest of the world to show that we are serious about it he said it was totally frustrating that america got back so he doesn't want to do anything on clean energy. i will be the clean energy governor. let's do it by 2035. the opportunities we have. they've seen the sea level rise by 14 inches since 1950. the project i did with the
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135 million to build the new sea walls, we've got to do that all over hampton roads. i want to see the turbine blades, the manufacturing. i think the portsmouth i truly believe can be the manufacturing hub for the united states of america. that is america's future to lead the way with hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> should members of virginia's republican congressional delegation on thursday voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill? do you want the members of congress to vote for that bill. i look forward to those funds coming to put them to work and
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one of the realities is when you have an offshore wind project that i support but you have people that have never run a business or supported something, all the supply changes are not in america or virginia. we should have negotiated american content, virginian content and that's what you get when you elect people to office who don't know how to run a business. they make it up after they missed the boat. a. >> do you support the $3.5 trillion package the democrats are working on or do you think the number should come down a little bit? >> it's so frightening to listen to him talk about virginia. this is all a crazy talking point. we need to build this year in the commonwealth of virginia. we can't do it today. it's not like a carlisle
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portfolio. here's my message to congress. i'm tired of all of them. they ought to file the virginia model. i got education done, transportation done, veterans and economics. we got things done. that's why so many have endorsed me. it's time for them to pass it. [applause] do you pledge to serve your entire term as governor if you win this race? >> it didn't go too far. >> if donald trump runs in 2024, will you support him? >> who knows who's going to be running in 2024. if he is the republican nominee,
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i will support him. i want to be clear when terry mcauliffe stopped in in 2014 he adopted the same tactics the democrats in washington are using right now to shut down virginia's government. he threatened to shut it down. it's not pleasant for him to remember and in 2017 the agencies came and were getting ready to downturn because the inability to manage fiscal responsibility. the reason we downgrade is because the debt that i inherited in the prior administration and we negotiated it. you've got to get your facts right. you can continue this debate after we are done here but the good news is you each get your one minute closing statements.
9:54 pm
>> thank you. i would first like to thank my wife and our four children. you are amazing. my fellow virginians, tonight i invite you to join me, join me in breaking free from what has plagued the country and divided neighborhoods for too long. broken politics, failed promises, failed leadership. you deserve better. my campaign was founded on a vision that would confront the challenges, not people. that would deliver results, not excuses. it's time to summon the spirit of washington, jefferson, madison and mason. by coming together to build a virginia that we can all be proud of. a virginia that leads. together, we will build schools and launch our students to new heights. together we will build communities by reclaiming the
9:55 pm
neighborhoods from crime, together we will build jobs and a riproaring economy that will lift up all virginians. so join me tonight with a vision for leadership and let's build back virginia together. let me thank you all. i'm excited to be with you all tonight. it was all an act. he wants to ban abortions, let's be clear. he's against marriage and says the single most important issue facing virginia today is election integrity. i don't think that's the case. i will work in a bipartisan way as before. that's why governing magazine made me the public official of the united states of america. i was proud of that. so much of the reason he is running for governor is because
9:56 pm
of donald trump. i want every virginian watching tonight, i'm running for governor for you and if you elect me i promise you this i will raise the minimum wage to $15 and get paid sick days and put money in the education system and make sure all 700,000 virginians get quality healthcare. it will take off like a booster rocket. >> thank you to the northern virginia chamber for hosting this debate and for your participation. this is what democracy can look like. thank you to the panel and to the northern virginia community college for the use of the theater. stay with news four, for coverage
9:57 pm
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jersey for the governor's debate between democratic governor phil mercy and his republican challenger jack ciattarelli. this is the first of two debates and a covered several topics including the state's legalization of marijuana and the coronavirus pandemic. >> live from the new jersey performing arts center in newark, new jersey. welcome to the 2021 new jersey gubernatorial debate. tonight's debate is brought to by the new jersey performing arts center, wabc 7 in new york, and wpvi 6 abc in philadelphia. our candidates, in alphabetical order, are republican jack ciattarelli, and democrat phil murphy. our moderators for this evening are wabc anchor sade baderinwa and wpvi anchor brian taff.


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