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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  October 8, 2021 11:54am-12:24pm EDT

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the alliance for securing democracy. you confided them -- can find them online, if you want "washi" continues. host: just about half an hour left in the "washington journal" this morning. around 10:00 a.m. eastern, we are i expect it to take you to a pro forma session in the house of representatives. until then, getting your reaction to september jobs numbers release in our ago by the bureau of labor statistics. the total payroll employment rose by 194 thousand in september and the unemployed rate fell by .4 percentage points to 4.8%. notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, in professional and business's services, retail, transportation, and warehousing area employment in public education specifically was one area that so i distinct decline. that is topline numbers. here are the numbers to call in.
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republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. just some of the reaction from economic reporters and those who keep a close eye on the job numbers each month. josh bo act of the associated press notating that number from local schools, local schools shedding 145,200 jobs in the month of september. this from brian chung of yahoo! on this program this week to talk about economic numbers, noting from the reports, among those not in the labor force who wanted a job, the number of persons largely attached to the labor force edged up to 1.7 million following a decline in august. this from the american association of manufacturers saying manufacturing gained a 26,000 jobs in september and i could grow but supply chain shortages continue to hamper the
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sector, down 353,000 jobs overall since february 2020. that is just some reaction so far. we bring you more reaction, and we specifically want your reaction. phone lines are open to get your thoughts on the job situation in this country. robert in chesapeake, ohio, a republican, good morning, you are a first. -- up first. caller: thank you for taking my call. how come the republican states are doing so much better in the economy and jobs are now? host: robert, how are things going in chesapeake, ohio? caller: they are doing well. host: what has been helpful in your state? caller: job performance very well because republicans are running the country right now as far as jobs are going. host: robert in chesapeake, ohio. in phoenix, arizona, good morning. caller: good morning, john.
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i think this job report just indicates the trickle of number of jobs that will be available within the structured plan and human resources plan. just the amount of work that needs to be done to retool our economy for environmental needs. i think that is a good view of what is to come. can i just make one comment about the open phones, about my biggest story of the week? host: sure, rob. go ahead. caller: i thick the story in phoenix, arizona about reuben, the congressman, putting in a bid or being forward to challenge kyrsten sinema on the 2024 senate seat, i think christensen emma has shown she is office-gating her real position.
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i have known her for 20 years and i think she is a great disappointment for arizona. so ruben, go for a seat against kyrsten sinema in 2024. host: rob in arizona, used the word disappointments, a word attached to the jobs numbers from september. this is the cnn headline on it. another disappointed, -- disappointment, the -- economists said the u.s. employers would add as much as half a million jobs last month. just under 200,000 jobs added. clay in florida, any independence, good morning. your thoughts on that report. caller: there is no jobs. everything is in red china thanks to the warburgs that are completely illegal and in illinois. host: that is clay in florida
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and this is pam in mississippi. a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i have quite a number i think of reasons why the job rating is down. part of it i that people have been home and stayed home and do not want to take the free money coming in and stay at home since everything since the pipeline was closed, gasoline has risen, it is going crazy that it is actually not worth working at some places. plus, all of the mandates for teachers, nurses, everything to do with that has to do with people wanting to go back to work.
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so i really believe it has been -- it is just a disaster on the democrat part and i like some of the democrats that actually stood up for what they believe. host: pam on the pandemic's impact on jobs in this country, since fairly early on in the pandemic, the bureau of labor statistics has been adding supplemental questions to its monthly jobs question, the polls they used to come up with these reports each month. here's what they write about, those supplemental questions, additional questions for september. in september, 13.2 percent of employed persons telework because of the coronavirus pandemic. little changed from the prior month. in september, 5 million peoples claimed they were unable to work because their employer closed or lost business due to the pandemic. that is they did not work at all or worked fewer hours in the last four weeks due to the pandemic. among those not in the labor
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force in september, one point 6 million persons were prevented for looking for work due to the pandemic, little changed from august. other supplemental data in that report. that is available at we are showing you that data that just came up about an hour ago, coming out at 8:30 a.m. time eastern on the first friday of every month. this is just in indiana, independent. good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i would like to connect to couple dots. i tried to get in on the last segment and i think it relates there also. it relates to the job numbers. i live in northern indiana between fort wayne and south bend. help wanted signs everywhere. in fort wayne, amazon is building a plant, not half done with it, and they say that will employ people in fort wayne. there is already help wanted
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signs everywhere. where will those people come from? and i saw on the local news in the elkhart area, amazon is also building a plant, probably will employ 2000 people. up there, help wanted signs everywhere. to connect the dots on southern indiana, refugees are coming over from afghanistan, we have people coming in from the southern border. these people are more than willing and able, probably, to take these jobs and would be more than happy these jobs and i bet they will get vaccinated. i would like to see some of those dots connected because the jobs are out there and we are importing the people, we will take them, if we wipe the dust out of our eyes and see the truth. host: fox 59 in indiana with the associated press story on this and their headline is "amazon to employ more than 1000 people at two new facilities in northern
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indiana." , the story the caller was talking about. ricky in michigan, democrats, good morning. caller: how are you doing? host: doing well. caller: i think the caller was right. these people who would take the jobs but the main thing is mandating the shots and stuff. because people's is scared to go to work because they scared to get the virus. if these people don't get the shots, who knows what shot they probably -- what job they probably go into. they might spray it up in their job. i think people are just scared to go back to work because they know that, you know, places is not due to mandate. host: it was yesterday president
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biden travel to illinois to talk about vaccine requirements and the administration's push for vaccine requirements at businesses. this was the president yesterday. [video clip] pres. biden: we have to beat this thing. while i didn't race to do it right away, that is why i have had to move to requirements, everyone get vaccinated, where i had the authority to do that. that was not my first instinct. my administration is requiring federal workers to be vaccinated. we also required federal contractors to be vaccinated. we have a contractor working for the federal government, you have to be vaccinated. we are requiring active duty military to be vaccinated, making sure health-care workers are vaccinated, because if you seek care at a health care facility, you should have a certainty the people providing that care are protected from covet and cannot spread it to you. the labor department is going to shortly issue an emergency rule, which i ask or -- asked for several weeks ago and they are
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going to the process of requiring all employees with more than 100 people, whether they work for the federal government or not, this is in the purview of the labor department, to ensure their workers are fully vaccinated or faced testing at least once a week. in total, this labor department vaccination were armand will cover 100 million americans, about two thirds of all of the people working in america. here's the deal. these are already proving to work. host: president biden yesterday in illinois. we hear more from president biden today, specifically on the jobs report. we expect that in two hours from the white house, 11:30 officially on the president's schedule, eastern. you can watch it on the c-span networks. also president biden later this afternoon, 145 time eastern, delivering remarks on restoring protections for some national monuments. here is the new york times a
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story on what we are expecting the president to stay there. the president is expected to announce he will use his executive authority to restore sweeping environmental protections to three major national monuments that have been stripped away by former president donald trump according to people familiar with the matter. he will reinstate and expand the 1.3 million acre boundary errors -- boundaries of a national monument and the boundaries of grand staircase escalante, per steamed protections for wildlife. also the first marine monument, the northeast canyons and see mouth off of the new england coast. that is what we expect the president to talk about at 1:45 p.m. eastern. check the c-span networks for coverage of all of the president's remarks today. joe in maryland, good morning. >> good morning. thank you for taking my call.
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putting it on the soundbite is so hard to do and numbers coming down like this kind of makes sense, based on everything going on. i think we have to be careful getting too hung up and it -- up in it. it is numbers i could be changed, might not mean a whole lot. i think we have to get focused. one gentleman said people are scared to work. you can be as scared as you want but i will tell you what, you will go to work if you want to support your family. i know people are scared, only staying home saying they are scared if people are supporting them. they are not living in the streets. you are in the streets you will work. etc., etc. if i can say one more thing on this friday. it is so important to me. in maryland, we are caught in the middle. we live in the beltway, politics, everybody's a stranger. we are struggling really hard. we have help wanted signs everywhere, people living in the woods struggling from different
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nationalities. i am an independent now and it is hard to pick a side. seems like they are on the same team. i'm running for governor, 2022, independent. i might make it and might not but i will get things going in the right way. we gotta get in the middle. the sides are killing us. host: what is your platform for governor? caller: meet in the middle. we've gotta get this done. the sides are killing us and we have to get to the middle-of-the-road. we have to look at the books and figure things out. i don't want to talk about the past, we have to talk about tomorrow. we can't talk about who killed kennedy or what trump did, we have to move forward and worry about the future. as a parent, it is all i think about, my kid's future. i appreciate all of the time you give me. everybody has heard me and love it. we appreciate your work and thanks a lot. i think we can fix all of this. all of the numbers, we can
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change this. host: that's joe in leonard towne, maryland, running for governor in maryland. you talk about numbers that can be revised. just notes on what came out from the bureau of labor statistics today and what it means for past jobs reports -- excuse me, friday's report revised up each of the last two payroll reports with the payroll revision up by 135,000 to reach 360 6000, the number they now say of jobs that were added in august. the july payroll revisions were up 38,000 to just over one million jobs added in july. those two reports being revised up in the wake of what the bureau of labor statistics found in their september report. these numbers do change as the months go forward and made a bit more exact as they go. kenny in ellen borough, north carolina, he democrat. topline number, 194,000 jobs
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added. what are your thoughts? caller: my thought is the right-wing will not get vaccinated because they are still calling it a hoax, like they called russia a hoax. when they will not get vaccinated, the numbers are not going to get better. the very same people that jump up and down saying america's perfect the -- perfect every way, -- you cannot go inside anywhere except your own house if you are not vaccinated in israel. america needs to do that. why do we have these numbers? january 6, we called it any insurrection. no, they try to overthrow the government of the united states. if you are in the trump party and disagree with him in anyway
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way, they censor you and kick you out of the party. host: that's kenny in north carolina. next up is a republican. your thoughts on these job numbers coming out this morning. caller: joe biden is so inspiring, isn't he? host: your thoughts on the job numbers, joseph? caller: i think they are wonderful. joe biden is so inspiring. host: that is joseph. this is patty in harrisburg. good morning. caller: good morning. i think we have to get back to the truth about things in science and [indiscernible] host: bring me to jobs numbers. caller: the jobs numbers are there because i think there are a lot of people who want to work but are afraid, fearful for their safety, even if they have
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a vaccine. i see there are some people that do not one work. the majority of people do want to work and i think this is all new to them. host: lynn in maryland, democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you so much. is this john? host: yes, ma'am. caller: thank you so much. the numbers are a little troubling but one of the things i keep hearing people say is about the importance of the vaccine mandates. i understand that to prevent serious illness, but what we really need to realize, and what dr. fauci was clear about a month ago and he reiterated it in the white house covid task force meeting later that week, that the vaccine and like any vaccines we usually think about, measles, moms, whatever, you cannot pass it on. they have learned with this
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vaccine that the fully vaccinated are still transmitting the virus. that is why it is important we all wear a mask. it will probably -- vaccines will probably stop you from becoming desperately ill, but they do not stop transmission of the virus. host: how long do you think you will be wearing a mask? caller: i've been wearing a mask for 10 years, so at least i'm not the odd man out anymore but i do not go out anymore. host: what got you started wearing a mask? caller: i actually was poisoned with toxic chemicals, so i cannot tolerate chemical smells and perfume and things like that. i get really sick. host: sorry to hear that, lynn. in maryland. on the issue of vaccine mandates, kendra in richmond, virginia, thanks to vaccine mandates, job numbers will be worse. medical facilities will be overwhelmed with staff members resigning.
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harvey in new york, independent, good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i am curious to know how these economists come up with the numbers of expectations of 500,000 jobs. i think there are some things they need to take into the equation now. first of all, people on unemployment for an elongated amount of time took excess money, more than they earned. secondly, a lot of people may be filing for early social security. thirdly, i don't thing many people have confidence in the leadership of the country anymore. as evidence by the big divide between republicans and democrats. it is a shame but that is the way it is. maybe these guys should look at that and see if that would affect their numbers. the unemployment rate is not so bad, 4.8%. i do not think that the jobs that are offered matchup with
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the job seekers. i also think that the fact you cannot go into a building because of mandated vaccines has pushed a lot of people -- they don't like to be told what to do. right or wrong. host: are you concerned that lowering unemployment rate, concerned about those who say part of it is caused by people leaving the workforce, citing they no longer want to even be a part of the workforce, therefore they are not counted in these numbers and the unemployment rate goes down? caller: that's exactly my point. i think for a number of reasons, this is what is happening. first of all, americans do not like to be told what to do. so you start telling americans they have to do this and have to do that, that is a problem to start with. these guys in washington, first of all if they started talking
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english instead of hieroglyphics with their laws, we would be better off. host: are you talking about how these jobs predations are made and economists had expected maybe perhaps around half a million jobs added in the month of september before this report came out showing less than 200,000. one of the data points that cats brought into this is the weekly first-time filings -- that gets brought into this is the weekly first-time filings for job benefits. the numbers we found out yesterday for the previous week, filings for jobless benefits fell for the first time in four weeks. the labor department reported yesterday that initial on a plane and claims, the proxy for layoffs fell 38,000 in the week that ended october 2 to a seasonally adjusted 326,000 from a revised 364,000 the prior week which put initial claims close to a pandemic low of 312,000,
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that number coming the week that ended september 4. that is one of the data points that gets used in this monthly jobs prediction that always comes out before we actually get the numbers themselves. dennis in tennessee, democrat, good morning. caller: good morning, john. how are you? host: doing good, sir. caller: a couple things -- i know ahead as -- i know it has already been said, job numbers are up. those always occur and there is late reporting, you will see that even for september. host: they were off by 131,000, adjusted in august. it is up to 306 he 6000 they now said -- 366,000 they now said. caller: and the same thing will happen to the month of september at a certain point. when it is less, it is very minor. you don't see a number that
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large. in reverse, it is a matter of how they report, when they get it into the reporting system, and all of the companies do that. some are late, some are negligent on it, and they say i will send this in. host: you are optimistic things are going up next month? caller: oh yeah. they will go up next month. the only downside talking in nashville, like shopping and retail, that is going to go down on a seasonality piece of it because part-time workers they hire for the big rush of shopping or holidays coming up. usually higher in september. in nashville, they have been reporting all month long. they are not hiring temporary workers to train and develop them and get ready for the push. so you will see that quite a bit across the country. plus, all of the online shopping because of the pandemic, that is up very high. look at amazon's numbers. their profit was up 33%
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year-to-date. that's an incredible number for amazon, online shopping and shipping. you will see the shippers busy and i don't know if you will see the retail busy. that is probably well you -- where you will see fallen numbers too. especially basing it year prior, that is where you see the number fell. host: how much do you dig into these reports when they come out each month? sounds like you follow this stuff closely. caller: i have looked at them all my life because i was in the business that we used the numbers. i was in the beer business. so when you look at people working, they are spending. if they are not working, they are not spending. if you look at the whole picture and say what other trends, the trends are good. there are a lot of factors involved and the biggest is the vaccination rate. if they get that up and going, people will feel more
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comfortable doing things, especially on the retail side. people want to open up their businesses to get back to normal and really can't because people say i'm not getting vaccinated. that is the downside. it will get better and people just have to bide time. once we get it nailed down, things will grow back. it is just this infrastructure bill, once it gets past, that will be a big blessing, a lot of jobs created from that. then human infrastructure will limit the workforce because of children. hopefully that works out. host: i know it is only about 10 a clock a.m. eastern, but as a guy that works in the beer business for a long time, what is your favorite beer? caller: my favorite is probably michelob ultra. host: just a few minutes before the house comes in for a brief pro forma session, scott in hutchinson, kansas, go ahead as we wait for the house.
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caller: thank you, john, for taking my call. i appreciate the chance to call in. i have really liked a lot of the callers you just had. the last one was very knowledgeable in what is going on. i have traveled around a little bit and i do see help wanted signs everywhere. the demographics, baby boomers leaving the workforce, is definitely a component of jobs that are out there. a lot of these low-paying jobs, 10 bucks an hour, it is hard to make a living on. i've seen other jobs that are starting out to near 20 that are still looking for people. in missouri, temkin manufacturing, good companies that needed help.
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the thing i'm concerned about is the logistics. we have had a lot of trouble getting things in. when you see all of the ships off of the coast of california not being unloaded, there is a lot of things in a global supply chain that we need that we are not making here that i wish we did. my other point -- host: can i ask what line of work you are -- where in that you traveled around a lot? caller: some of it was a vacation and i did a little bit of traveling for that, but i was involved in paper. and fuel, ethanol. but i wanted to say, wichita last night had a main water line burst and are on a water boil advisory. so when people kind of bock at
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infrastructure -- bawk at infrastructure, that is a mistake. so many needs are out there for the basic infrastructure repairs. there will be a need for more workers and a caller earlier talked about the immigration reform where there are some new people coming in that would be happy to have a good paying job to feed their families and have a better life. i just think they keep punting that problem from one administration to the next administration to the next administration, and i'm really frustrated that we have not come up with a good immigration reform. because the baby boomers are retiring and you just look at the needs of people to get things done and there announcer" continues. host: kyle kondik is back with us this morning, joining us to


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