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tv   CE Os Discuss 5G Technology Uses  CSPAN  October 14, 2021 5:40am-6:13am EDT

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>> now the things that we can learn from this is you can tell us a bit about what they are doing together to use 5g and manufacturing. and then to explain specifically. and that new technology specifically the motors and
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then to do that and then the majority comes from over the next few years we would be rapidly expanding because the future is now go from those plans and in from the vehicles so we have that opportunity to change over and to think about what technology we need in one
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of those is wireless connectivity. so typically a very hardwired moment so we will talk about that as we go through this of how you make things so we went to change that and in terms of this technology that we could use. >> and then with a number of other partners to introduce one of those network level that we have here in essex. we are about one year in and we have a year to go. >> so then we use this
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technology and then without the laser welding. it is actually something that many people have done but a few experts around the world who can help us with that. and we need to connect them. so that could be for the data all the machines in the data coming out of the machines nest tour they can see and interrogated for what is going on but those that are wearing headsets and getting help
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directly from most people who may be elsewhere with the consortium partners back in cambridge with the roads best welding experts then an hour and a half away in the car when we start building parts all over europe and then that will be a massive asset so this is a great opportunity to use that technology. >> fantastic. thank you. that with other partnerships as well. would you about 5g usefulness what you know now that you did not know when year ago and
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then thank you for the great collaboration it was a great example so the learning is one and then to learn about the power of the technology which we know can deliver superior latency. in the workflow into the system. and then specifically of many other manufacturing companies as well so the learning in each of these situations.
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>> so when you are going in that ecosystem that is working with the equipment manufacturers. and with the 5g enabled. so how you how these different sensors and devices? that is a big learning. and also finding that yes, it is about the flexibility of 5g and all those working without
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wires but equally and with that cost of ownership and the and then how we design our products. with the other end of the technology night you have five. >> absolutely so really think that 5g is a team sport you need a lot of different companies playing roles for cloud computing data center, ai, system integration. and with those partnerships. and then to head on my next
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question. and then to yield on the bottom line with cost efficiency and other wraparound benefits. >> so i can start and so these are stages of the journey and i speak to heads of manufacturing and so on almost every week and get the feedback on the technology. and the interest in the understanding that now it is about implementing it. and with that alignment and proof of concept so only 30 percent of the organizations are making that
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technology in a 15 percent are confronting that is one thing to keep in mind the other of commercial language seven the customized mode and it is quite natural in the early stages of technology. and quite often for the smallest size businesses then if you have ready-made solutions in order to get the business case a reasonable payback.
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and then to see obviously what is customized but there are other elements that can be transferred across industries. so this is an important aspect. the power of the technology like we say it is magic. >> and those processes. i know it's 30 days but. >> coming to this with the basic requirement we've always required the hardwiring of the
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machine and in great detail what is going on and the reason we do that is because we have to have an understanding of the very complex picture. no much more so than when we launch that facility everybody's business pages that we follow our companies of what people measure. and we recognize it is an important time. we have to understand exactly what's going on and unfortunately often with those lunches it is lack of clear data and because the network takes a long time to put in place, and often where card companies are building facilities without know it's
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going on so having immediately available data because you have great wireless connectivity that would be amazing for us. this has great latency or to capture more data than we would want that is about building up that expectation because obviously it is just to take away today's wired network. that isn't going to cut it in terms of the investment from the network. you need to have others other big cases built up.
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but now we're seeing some great opportunities to capture large amounts of data that we can get out of the welding process. every single one is a connection and it is an opportunity for your car not to work. so we capture the data and hold it so we understand the great picture of the reliable vehicles. so this goes back but is high definition. many times over to capture the data. and in some cases we can manipulate with artificial intelligence that is passed computing somewhere else. so it really mushrooms and to
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make the case with 5g so it is a fantastic enabler. >> so to give an example from state healthcare. finding a lot of interest in the healthcare space. given the strains of the healthcare system and connected hospitals that track patients like an operating will in the surgery with a vague hospital or into the room with able rest and recover to make sure they are getting the support that they need if there is an emergency that is an application we now in germany. so in the hospital i did not realize it but there were tens of millions of pounds of
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currency of equipment that was misplaced just tracking that allow to justify that but that will be difficult so the role that 5g plays is a great use case. and then we talked about is no longer a figment of the imagination that something we actually tested in multiple countries. but even before you get there the regulations have to be work through with patient consent but if they are guiding a surgeon sitting in another country or in another city it is something that is happening today. so there are some very powerful use cases to start
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the journey but then very quickly the other things that can be added on given the latency are the state of connectivity and the possibility that 5g offers. >> to bring up the question that people have about 5g and in with the big rivals you are all investing billions with the equipment and developing applications. so when will investors going to be able to have some confidence about these business models? is not a business model and of itself but it lets various others mushroom out of what it enables. what do you say to that point for example? >> if 5g was just on its own
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without demonstration of the this case as an investor i would be concerned so what is building on top of 5g you enabling your infrastructure easily to system indicators so they can enable the 5g benefits into the workflow or other solutions? for me, maybe i am biased because you are doing it but consumers will not pay more for 5g just because you have 5g with your experience of downloading netflix will be better but you will not pay more for it. maybe gamers will be that business customers are beginning to see that 5g combined with technologies bring life the power of the
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arv and they are willing to pay for that that they need to show the business outcomes. fantastic it shows mobility but what can you do that for that in the short-term? that is what we need to focus on an investor should be testing. >> you announce the 5g factory it is an unusual year but what is the effect if any of the projects on your work. >> so actually not so much. but we that deliver the network pretty much on time with some small delays we need
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the people to come to the uk to install it. so surprisingly what can be done remotely many times it was going on without anybody being there which was great and we pretty much kept working outside with other things we have been doing in and that took priority so we built out the ventilators and with those manufacturing machines actually in the building with the 5g network once we were back on track with business the system itself has run to plan so we are where we want to be. this next year assessing of
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the facility. >> and that is an awful lot about not just doing what we're doing talking like this but a factory of how do i get support when i needed and where i needed and that challenges a great example of that. and all of those ventilators for a very small company who made a fraction of that we really needed their expertise and on the production line and when they get tested significantly and during the test process there are questions that crop up.
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it is so patchy. it would be a disaster. so when those scenarios 5g will be so much better and that will be really stunning. >> it sounds like you are able to repurpose the facility very quickly as well. so that is a fantastic achievement and then when it
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pays for itself in some sense. so how do you feel the role of telco of how people understand it today? as they applied for connectivity is it a different kind of actor there are many of the enterprise networks quick. >> and those that would happen on top of that solution never underestimate that value. and on that connectivity. and then to be integrated for
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example and made available that is user-friendly and with a expose the data with the public and private and with those certain applications are private and with the private environment and with the network and those that can offer that seamlessness.
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and the applications can be built of connectivity. and with also certain horizontal applications. so worker safety over workers solution can work in a manufacturing facility and then we'll have a conformance like that and now we see this as an opportunity to go beyond. so planning to hire software engineers we can accept that four g has enormous benefits that perhaps the economic benefit like streaming youtube
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on the train has not accrued to the telco to say it's an opportunity for them to get in on the ground floor to help develop those applications. spent that's one of the reasons they're hiding thousands of software developers. and then to create services but then to do it at the right cost. but second they are software driven. and then to be knowledgeable.
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and other solutions other than that we just discussed. so very briefly alluding to earlier the role a i can play and then you can speak about that specific example. and then to come across that as well. >> and then measuring and with the senses over the whole factory and then to understand that they interpret that nature. so it is important actually
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and then at the moment then to teach on every machine. is it manageable and also like quantum computing. and then all those with 5g at a high quality level computing and with that management and that is really exciting for us then to take that data. >> if i can just build on that data coming out of the 5g application that would be impossible to process them
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into use that volume of data and that is where ai comes with many different applications. and quite often it is feeding the information i will give an example so working with the company in spain and has technology but also for training doctors and the 5g network is capturing for high a performance computing with tens of others and then to give the best choice that can only be done with the 5g
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networks. another visual recognition technology and so on. so ai has certain applications to do the recognition and make choices on its own. >> and fortunately we are out of time. there are a few more questions i would love to ask. but we have to wait and get an update how it is going and when things start coming off the line thank you very much for your >> c-span plus "washington journal" we take your calls live on the air on news of the day and discussed elsie issues that impact you stop coming up this morning, kimberly whaley on continued election fraud claims
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