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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  October 15, 2021 1:45pm-2:05pm EDT

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witnesses please respond as you are able. five legislative days to submit extraneous materials to the record. written questions should be submitted through email address provided to your office. if there are no other questions or people coming forth, the eminent members of congress are dismissed for lunch. this meeting stands adjourned. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] >> coming up live, a house natural resources subcommittee hears from officials on colorado river job conditions. live coverage of the hearing at 2:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span, online at, or c-span now. a very good friday morning to you.
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you can start calling in with your suggestions for the supreme court. some information on this presidential commission on the supreme court -- that is the group meeting at 10:00 a.m.. it was established in april by executive order by incident biden -- by president biden. it is a bipartisan group of commissioners. the final report is due in november. the discussion draft was released last night. it includes a variety of proposals like term limits and adding members to the supreme court.
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on the issue of adding more justices, " we conclude congress has broad power to structure the supreme court by expanding or contracting a number of justices. the question is more difficult and commissioners are divided on whether court expansion would be wise. court expansion today could lead to a continuous cycle of future expansions. that draft report notes that the inclusion of particular arguments does not constitute a commission endorsement of one or the other. these are all discussion points. we will see where individual
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commissioners come down on those points when they meet today at 10:00 a.m. eastern. bob bauer, codirector of nyu's law and legislative process and chris tina rodriguez -- christina rodriguez of yale law school. some information about this commission if you want to watch it live you can do so at 10:00 a.m. eastern. this draft report was the subject of discussion in the white house press room yesterday.
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[video clip] >> they are examining is the membership and size of the court and the courts selection rules and processes. the next step will be a public meeting of the commission on friday. they will not issue a final report until november. they will be publicly available but there is a process that will proceed. host: yesterday from the white house briefing room. we will take you through more parts of this draft report but mostly we want to hear from you. john is up first out of brooklyn, new york. caller: thank the lord for c-span.
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we need more of y'all. host: we have three! go ahead. caller: do they all ask questions like you do? you say you have three c-span's. host: on c-span two can watch the senate gavel-to-gavel. i hope you watch a lot of the c-span networks. caller: my thoughts on the supreme court, there should be time limits. that would eliminate a lot of unfairness. i think it was the republicans who caused a lot of these problems who held up president obama's nominees. before they started holding up
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these nominees, it was fun. -- it was fine. now that mitch mcconnell held up nominees for a whole year, they have made a mess of it. thank you very much. host: term limits i part of that draft document. next, akron, ohio. caller: we are one of only 18 countries still involved in the ancient barbarism of prisoner murder because of the supreme court. only two states this year have been involved in execution out of 50. agatha christie said that a judge murders within the law.
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a judge who executes has been involved in cold premeditation. it is time for the six republicans on the supreme court who call themselves pro-life to stop being involved in the serial murder of prisoners. host: this is dennis, battleground, indiana. caller: i will tell you what i think needs to happen -- they need to leave the supreme court alone. everything this guy touches, it goes south. leave it alone. they do not want term limits on them? do not put term limits on these people. host: this draft document is 200 pages released yesterday ahead of this meeting.
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it does not take a commission position on any reform. here is what they have to say about term limits -- " there are principled reasons favoring term limits for supreme court justices. they would ensure the court's membership is broadly responsive to elections over time. a system of term limits such as the proposal for staggered 18 year terms would advance our constitution's commitments to checks and balances and popular sovereignty. it would ensure that presidents have the opportunity to appoint
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to justices to the supreme court in each term they serve. a more specific concern relating to term limits involves what justices would do after their terms have expired." houston, texas, democrat, go ahead. caller: this is patty anderson. i am a democrat and a woman. when you get on the supreme court, you are supposed to be -- i am a republican i am going to do what the republican say, i am a democrat i will do what they say. they cut down everything that president obama wanted to put on
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the supreme court. now that is all they vote for. they try to do everything. they do everything to undermine our democracy. it is just not right. as a woman, if you get raped, they cannot stop that. then they say " they have a right to wear a mask," but then they say a woman does not have a right to take her own body. host: june in oklahoma is next, a republican. caller: i am calling as a recent
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republican. recently i was a party official in our county for the democrats. i changed because of the policy changes the party has taken on. i think we need some stability. the country needs to be able to depend on a certain structure of government and on the knowledge that certain things are going to be deemed right or wrong. term limits have taken place here in oklahoma years ago and what happened in our legislature is we got in some people who were good, decent people but the money that got them in was not so great. they did not have the knowledge base, the experience, they do
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not understand how one decision that problems in another area -- led to problems in another area. even though i do not agree with many of the decision of the supreme court, i think the stability for the country is patty -- better if we leave things how they are. caller: i am in favor of term limit. this is the most partisan court i have ever seen in history. it is the product of 30 years of work by the federalist society. brett kavanaugh bragged about being a partisan.
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they acknowledged being the most partisan court of all time. as far as stability and consistency is concerned, you will not get it from this court. i am in favor of adding foresee to balance the power -- four seats to balance the power. if you can get a simple majority of the members of the supreme court, you can make the constitution say anything they want it to say. that is what they are fixing to do. host: you say you teach constitutional law -- are you at the college level or postgraduate? caller: yes.
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i teach it as a political science subject. there are three branches of government in washington and the most political is the judicial branch. they are beholding to the federalist society. host: that is john in illinois on the idea of expanding the supreme court, one of the interest groups on that topic has been demand justice, running web ads. here is one of their recent web ads on the issue of expending the supreme court.
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[video clip] >> reform means expanding the number of justices. you know they supreme court has nine justices but did you know -- the supreme court has nine justices, but did you know that number is not in the constitution? you know who had no problem with changing the number of court seats? republicans. they have done it with state supreme court's across the country. no they have manipulated their way to a -- now they have
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manipulated their way to a 6-3 supreme court that is out of step with the entire country. host: mike davis was from the article three project. he was back on the program in april. this is what he had to say in that interview. [video clip] >> we have the first constitutionalist majority in years. now we have a 6-3 republican appointed supreme court. democrats do not like this. they have lost their grip on the supreme court. it is the final backstop to keep democrats from four control in
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this country -- full control in this country. host: if you want to watch that interview, you can do so online. mike davis is his name if you want to find it online. is a term republicans have used -- " packing the supreme court will destroy our democracy."
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" democrats are on a mission to change the rules and pack the supreme court in their favor to impose their radical agenda on montana and the american people." " in over a century we have not had a more partisan supreme court than the one we have today." back to your calls -- joe, hugo, minnesota, independent. caller: another point i have experience with -- seems that it would be nice if some of our judges were not coming from the longer pool -- lawyer pool and
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were able to fight back against some of the corruption going on in the courts. host: what other job besides lawyer would be a good job to prepare someone for being a judge? caller: i think anybody could do it. we could figure something out. i have been waiting -- host: relief on what, joe? caller: emergency relief. >> testimony from a officials. this hearing just gettin


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