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tv   Washington Journal 11052021  CSPAN  November 5, 2021 6:59am-8:01am EDT

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>> you can also watch both events online at or our new video app at c-span now. ♪ host: just one hour of the washington journal this morning as the house will be in at 8 a.m. to possibly vote on the infrastructure and spending bill. this hour, we want to hear your voice. we talked to bout a lot of issues this week. what is the public policy news so that should news story that you want to discuss? you can see the phone numbers there at the bottom of your screen. 202-748-8000 if you are a democrat. 202-748-8001 four republicans.
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202-748-8002 independent. try social media. with text, 202-748-8003. at line is set aside for texts. include your first name and your city if you would. just remember facebook, twitter and instagram. front page of the washington post speaker nancy -- speaker nancy pelosi yesterday as she works to get the votes for infrastructure and spending bill. the headlines under that story is a sprint toward vote on spending bill. the hill newspaper outlines what
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is going to happen or what is going to be in the bill today. the house democrats are now planning to vote friday on their long-sought social spending package as well as the bipartisan infrastructure bill as they rush to deliver on president biden's agenda after disappointing state election results. the house rules committee met late thursday night to advance the final text of the social spending legislation. the house will convene at 8 a.m. friday to debate and vote on the package titled the build back better agenda act. a vote to clear the bipartisan infrastructure bill will follow. democratic leaders first hoped to clinch a deal on the two
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measures. democratic leaders made a late change on thursday night to their deal to lower prescription drug prices to clarify the drafting of the original legislative text. according to a source familiar to the process, a compromise for added additional year before medicaid -- before medicare will be able to negotiate prices for certain complex drugs known as biologics moving the total from 12 years to 13 years. mcgrath also made a late change to raise the cap on the state and local tax deduction from $10,000 to $80,000 and to have that limit be in place at that level through 2000 30. other issues that democratic leaders are working -- 2030. other issues included migrations and concerns about having enough time to review the legislative
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texts and independent analyses of the bills physical impact. three members of the congressional hispanic caucus met with speaker pelosi to discuss the local provisions. it is not yet clear if the immigration provisions will pass with the senate parliamentarian who determines if the bills comply. -- permit circumventing the filibuster. a little more from this article. aside from and that aside from immigration, the senate is likely to make additional changes before the bill is signed into law. joe manchin has discussed that has expressed opposition to
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including paid family leave. we want to hear from you about any public policy issue that caught your attention. richard in oklahoma, republican line. you are the first up. caller: moderna guest: caller: i thought we would throw -- i thought i would throw my two cents in. i don't think he could add to and to --two and two. as far as with the democrats are doing, too bad it wasn't a real insurrection. we would have been done with them. caller: good morning. i am calling about the immigration situation. i live in texas in houston and
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it is ludicrous what they are trying to pull letting all these people in. if we fly out of the country or we try to get back into the country, we have to produce a vaccine card. all of these people are coming in with covid and god knows what else and they are not being tested and they are being dropped off all over the united states. a part of that is a 450 dollars a person they want to pay these people. i husband is -- me and my husband have contributed have contributed taxes and yet this is how we americans are being treated. it is absolutely infuriating and i cannot believe. i am praying to god every day that somebody is going to put a stop to this idiotic idea that these people have. the second point, abortion. no one has the right to kill another human being. a fetus with a beating heart is
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alive. only god can take our lives away. host: this is rick in missouri on our independent mind. what is the story that caught your eye this week? -- independent line. what is the story that caught your eye this week? caller: as we see this massive bill moving through our congress, if you take a step back. i'm a patriot. i love my country. i wonder if we are at a point, a gridlock because of having only two parties in place. if you look internationally, i don't follow british politics, but it seems there are more parties and major certain legislative acts, various coalitions formed to get things passed. if the democrats work split into
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their progressive wing and moderate, same thing on the republican side, you might see a different alignment. democrats would end up working possibly with people on the rights from a different subset. i think with the two parties, things are too gridlock. host: what would be a third you would like to see? >> caller:caller: -- i don't know if it will be coming from andrew yang. if the democrats were split into two and the republicans were split into two, that would be four parties. enough electoral votes to win the presidency which would trigger actions that our great founders put into place and it might surprise us all if we
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learn a few things about how that process works. i don't care what side they are on. it is a matter of breaking this thing down a little further and putting in term limits. host: where is baldwin, missouri? caller: a suburb of st. louis. host: how much time do you spend , and your colleague, family, how much time do you spend thinking about, talking about what is happening in washington? caller: my wife and i and college-age daughters and they have different perspectives. we talk about kitchen table issues. things get a little heated where we end up in our own little corners. i think my wife and i are the ones who bring up the political matters pretty frequently. we do see some hot button
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issues. we don't like the immigration status, immigration policy. we sit at the kitchen table a lot. or there can should -- were there kitchen table discussions? no. topics come up once, twice, several times a week about things we see on a national level. host: thanks for your time. a passover, texas. democrat. what is that -- el paso, texas. it democrat. caller: i wanted to respond to the woman from houston. i am from houston. the border issue, i live for literally five minutes from the border. -- i live literally five minutes from the border. there is no flooding of people coming across the border. i don't know where people get
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this information. the border patrol is doing their job. it border patrol, they are very helpful. they are kind. they will sit around and talk. they are helpful people. host: we've all seen the pictures in the past several months of the border and some of the news stories about it. why do you think it's different and el paso to mark --? -- el paso? >> in my section of the border, and let me say this, human migration is a normal thing, right? this wall injurious to our
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wildlife need to get access to the water, right? i just don't know where people are getting these things and that is what i have to say. host: thanks for calling in this morning. this is from politico. this is a picture of a truck driver and he beat the senate prentice -- president of the new jersey senate in the election and just an interesting story. he spent about $10,000 on his campaign and just wanted to show you that if you are interested in reading it for yourself. henrietta, florida, republican line. henrietta, good morning. caller: yes, good morning. i just wanted to discuss the payment illegal aliens. there was a decision which
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actually mandates families are separated. but yet a.c.l. lady nest aclu -- but yet a.c.l. let that aclu, then they sue. even if it's to -- two red cents. it's just completely ridiculous. this has happened in the past and the judge this with before said there is something that is called the doctrine of dirty hands. you cannot get a good decision based on bad things you've done. i pray on my knees to god that the judge this comes in front of looks and says this is the doctrine of dirty hands. we don't give people who break
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laws -- for breaking laws. host: from the wall street journal. biden is perfectly comfortable with his administration paying families to resolve lawsuits alleging they suffered trauma after illegally crossing the mexico border. in a bid to clarify joe biden's comment that such payouts were not going to happen, if it saves taxpayer dollars and puts the disastrous history of the previous administrations use of zero-tolerance family separations behind us, president biden is completely comfortable with the department of justice sell it -- settling with --
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settling. david, good morning. what is that news stories that caught your eye? caller: good morning and thank you very much peter for taking my call. these southern republican states can't keep their borders safe. in michigan, we are a border state and we keep our orders safe. my point or comment is i am very proud of our president or doing these vaccine mandates. i think it is the way to go. all of these trumplicans that don't want to take a vaccine, that's your prerogative. just -- this is america. but i think you should leave america. go to russia, north korea, saudi arabia, red china. get the hell out of america if you don't want to take the vaccine.
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i am sick of this trump virus, and i am fed up. the president is doing the right thing. he is on the right track. i hope, very soon, we can get over this trump virus pandemic. host: that is david in michigan. what he talked about is the lead story in the new york times. large companies have until january 4 to require shots, the new rule applying to companies with 100 or more employees is considered to cover workers who are vaccinated. it lays out details of a plan president biden announced in september invoking emergency powers over workplace safety's -- workplace safety. -- that receive medicare and medicaid funds must ensure that all employees are vaccinated january 4 with no option for
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testing. the president previously imposed vaccine requirements on federal workers, a group that includes or than 4 million people and companies that have federal contracts. that is a little bit from the new york times. charlotte, north carolina, republican line. what do you want to talk about? caller: i want to talk about how things are going here in the country. we just have different ethnic groups running things, things would be that way. we just have people running everything. this is a diverse country. we need african-americans, chinese, mexican, puerto rican, whatever ethnic group. it needs to be diverse.
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everybody running things. not just one ethnic group. the border situation, i don't like what biden is doing. those people should not be coming over here illegal. i'm a democrat, but i don't believe in what's going on at the border. host: broadway, virginia. caller: good morning. i would like to see congress appoint a special committee to investigate to find out who the president of the united states is. it clearly is not joe biden. host: what do you mean by that? caller: biden is not running this country. who is? does anybody know? host: that's jerry and virginia.
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go ahead. tell us what that news story is that you want to talk about. >> caller:caller: -- i agree with the last caller about immigration, but the journal report, nobody is talking about indictments coming down for the russia, russia, russia hoax. everything you are doing, biden, is falling apart. why can we not talk about the important things to mark you guys keep talking about the same things over and over again. -- important things? you guys keep talking about the same things over and over again. where are the rest of them? you guys have to stop hating america because what you are showing his hate. and we don't like it.
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we don't like race division. we don't like hate. we want fairness. that's all i got to say. if you want to hang up on me, let's talk about the report. host: lead story in the washington post. trump dossier source charged, an analyst who was a primary source for the 2016 dossier of allegations against, trump has been arrested on charges that he has repeatedly lied to the fda about where and when he got his information. his role in providing information to christopher steele who compiled the accusations about trump in the series has long been that has long been the subject of scrutiny according to people familiar with the investigation. very significantly, this is the
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lead story this morning in the washington post. glad we could share that with you. bill is calling in from tell a decca, alabama -- from the independent line. caller: thanks for taking my call. host: bill, please go ahead. caller: i got a lot of comments if you give me the opportunity. first, on the illegal aliens getting paid to come across the border being separated from their families. is that not going to open the door for all of the illegal immigrants separated under this administration? it would be a president -- the president if they paid, it would set a precedent in the courts to
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allow these illegal aliens that have come across under biden. tim times as many as under trump. -- 10 times as many under trump. enticed to come into the united states illegally. -- enticed to come into the united states illegally. host: the story of the week, virginia electorate sends a message to democratic party. you have failed us with your promises to act. inflation bankrupting america, gas prices are outrageous, the border is in shambles and much, much more. what do you think about the election results of tuesday? were you happy with them?
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caller: yeah i was happy with them, but i was calling about the top story. you talked about that. newspeople are talking about that. however, the story that i am concerned about is the $450,000 for illegals. i really don't think it has anything to do with the illegals. i really don't. i think these are clever, wicked lawyers using the demonization of donald trump to make money. because first of all, illegals should not have a standing in the court system in the united states, but these good lawyers have found a way to make money. first of all, if they get $450,000 or a million dollars, however it goes, they are not what to get all of that. lawyers are going to get big-time pay.
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and then they use this separation under donald trump because they know they can demonize donald trump and get away with this illegal stuff they are doing. this is just wrong. they are using the demonization of donald trump like c-span does because, i remember when trump was in office, every day you started your day out with trump this, but you can't talk about that empty headed more on that we have for the president now. you never bring his name up and let us talk about him and you should. you all are along with the rest of the media. you demonize donald trump, which everybody can have their opinion about, but then you don't say anything about this more on and that idiot vice president. we never get to talk about them. host: story in the washington post this morning.
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a trump bid to block release of records. a federal judge appeared ready to side thursday with congress and the biden white house against wormer president donald trump's efforts to block pages of -- former president donald trump's efforts to block pages -- u.s. addicts -- block pages of white house records sought to buy a house committee investing the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. lawmakers met to certify the two thousand 20 presidential election. polling, campaign communication -- -- 2020 presidential election. privilege claimed by trump would hold the records from congress ultimately rests with the current president, joe biden. when a former and current president disagree, courts ought
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to defer to the incumbent, she suggested. bob, chicago, democrat, good morning. what you want to talk about? caller: i love c-span. i had to last. -- i had to laugh. biden, you are doing a good job. just be honest with the american people. at first i was with the progressives and -- progressives, wanted to block this first infrastructure bill. after they passed that after they passed, i'm going along with it how they feel about it. and then bite on the other with until they pass. they are more smarter than me, senators and congressmen. i am just a lay member. if you don't mind, it made me laugh talk about go to rusher --
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go to russia, saudi arabia. that was so funny. he was funny. the last thing i want to say, if you don't mind, was the fact that when bush the second was becoming president they had a call saying who is going to be our next president and everybody said everybody's name and i said joe biden. i will be. and now he is president. host: are you retired? caller: yes, i am. i'm an old man hanging in there. i told biden hang in there. you've got some tough days. these people are angry. host: what kind of work did you do in chicago prior to
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retirement? caller: what's to say i never had a woman's job until i had a stroke. i had a stroke, not that a woman cannot do it, but she has to lift a lot of weights. 20 below, hard work. ever since i was six years old, mild man was hard. he said you are going to work. i've been 15 years with a stroke , and it's hard for me. but i cook, iron, drive. i do everything myself. i'm so proud of myself. nobody else is proud of me. host: thanks for your time today. republican line.
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good morning to you. caller: mine is about the mandate for the employees. my question is, is there any intention in the future for possibly mandating people they get government assistance? are they going to be required to get the vaccine in order to get government assistance? host: do you think they should? caller: i do. think if people who are working in order to get a paycheck, they have to get one. why wouldn't everybody else if it is protecting everyone? host: have you been fully vaccinated? have you gotten a booster? caller: i have not gotten the booster. i had covid last november. my parents both died within 24 hours of each other.
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from covid before the vaccines were available. when the vaccines became available, our family did get the shot, but we got the johnson and johnson. so now they are saying that's not fully vaccinated anymore. i just know there are a lot of people in my area that don't really care because they are on welfare and they are like i don't have to. and i'm just wondering why we were able to mandate it for people who are working hard and trying to support their family and people who are on government assistance, they work hard taking care of their families doing whatever they do. it's the same thing. we should all be able to provide for our families. host: gerard is in maryland. independent line. caller: how are you doing this
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morning? i want to talk about the comments that many of the colors are making about the family separations of folks -- many of the callers are making about the family separations of folks at the border. -- immigrants who come to the border, people who are seeing violence in their countries. united states and its proxies through the policies we enact and the idea that these people have suffered trauma and do they deserve some type of financial restitution for that? possibly. do they deserve to be reunited with their families? absolutely. do they deserve to be treated cruelly and spat on? absolutely not. i am driven by the idea that these people
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host: -- thanks for calling in from your car. big donors financed joe biden's 2020 run and now they are frustrated. some of his most loyal contributors are feeling cast aside according to more than 30 interviews with democratic donors, fundraisers. with the loss of the virginia governorship making plain the darkening political climate for mcgrath, the white house has accumulated precious little goodwill among some of the parties most important i nancy years. one of the parties top donors is now signaling he is planning to withhold funds entirely over the languishing of voting rights legislation.
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donor grieving is nearly as old as that as old tradition is campaigning itself. the sheer breadth of complaints about the biden white house striking and a source of growing concern among allies and democratic officials who fear it could cause a back -- backlash among contributors. wisconsin, democrats line. fran, you are on the washington journal. caller: right now, i don't know where to start but i just want to say for one thing. i want to say that i am really tired. i watch washington journal just about every morning. and i'm really, really tired talking about this hearing about these republicans after what they -- hearing about these replicant -- about these
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republicans. -- any nerve to say anything about president biden. furthermore, they got the dirtiest mouse i've ever heard. -- dirtiest mouths i've ever heard. i want -- have a message for the holier than thou republicans who think they can put their noses in other peoples's business, it is not up to them, a woman's pregnancy. it is not up to them to decide what a woman should do. it is not up to them what a doctor should do. they should take their noses in their own business. i know a lot of them. and they better keep their noses in their own business. and i guess i have a whole lot of stuff i could say. host: i tell you what. we will leave it there.
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we think you have your opening statement made. this is mike in missouri, republican. caller: interesting what that last lady had to say. it's one of those things, it does talk about. host: before we go any further, turn down your tv. mute it. otherwise, you are going to get feedback and you are going to hear yourself. caller: is that better? ok. the last lady was talking about different stuff about the abortion and different things, and basically, it's one of those things in their where abortion, the event chillicothe she was talking about, it talks about -- the -- she was talking about, it
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talks about it in the bible and it comes back and produces, it's the same thing when a baby is in fertilization, it is actually implanted into the woman's womb. once that happens and the embryo or whatever it is she was to call it, whatever it may be, it's one of those things to wear --where she needs to understand that if it's growing, it's alive. host: thank you. roberts, independent line. robert, you are on the washington journal. caller: i want to first of all say that i'm not sure if america is fully aware of this but there has been a growing movement among the african-american men in this country to go republican. i think a lot of us are going
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republican because we are tired of the same old play-by-play from the democrats with no real progress. when i say no real progress, i'm not talking about individual as far as race or society. i'm talking more about, you know like this, i mean by the fact that republicans, to me right now, especially people like ron desantis from florida. these guys represent options more than democrats because they give me the freedom of choice to take that choice with these public schools that are doing more harm than good. i don't understand why more people are not critical as far as the vaccine mandates. when you think about, there are
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no long-term studies. they say less than 1% of the vaccine injuries are reported. there been some estimates from different doctors, different websites, somewhere around 200 thousand people -- 200,000 people who have died from vaccine injuries. i know people who are dropping from blood clots. i don't understand vaccinated with chemicals that have no long-term studies, no peer-reviewed studies. host: i take it you have not been vaccinated. caller: i have not. one more thing i want to say is a fact that i have actually seen the vaccine comes in.
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why are the ingredients is intentionally blank. we are not even being told what's in the ingredients, but what i have found out is there are different names. this also an issue, someone said there's some type of organism, which aligns organisms. host: where do you get your information? caller: i go to frontline doctors. i go to natural news. i also go to, has different doctors and robert malone. the guy, he is actually the inventor of the mrna vaccine. he himself said host:host: -- ok frontline
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doctors is where you go. can you tell us a little bit about yourself? were you a democrat at one point in your life? caller: and what that at one point, i was a democrat. i am an educator. i have also seen issues critical race theory. i don't really believe in the critical race theory because i see firsthand how the division sometimes causes, there's a guilt that's been put upon i don't see they deserve to have. at the same time, i'm in the minority as far as education. to your second question as far as my political, i was a staunch bernie sanders supporter. i became disenchanted once i saw the shenanigans washington showed when they pulled okey-doke on him and put hillary and.
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-- put hillary in. i think it's criminal. we have people like mr. ouchi -- mr. fauci lied about it in congress several times. make millions of dollars. and we got a guy named gates who tells us host:host: -- ok, robert. we are going to have to cut it. thanks for calling and this money. we want to let you know that it in them, there is a memorial service for colin powell, retired army general, former secretary of state. it will be held at the washington national cathedral. it will be live on c-span two, online at or you can
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watch full coverage on c-span now. robert brought up dr. fauci. i'm going to read this piece in the washington times. he was the trade negotiator -- peter was a trade negotiator for pete -- for donald trump. he has a new book out. this was taken from the new book. a little bit of reading, but stick with me. dr. fauci's lie of omission. dr. fauci's big lie of omission may be traced to january 2000 20. as i documented my new book, three days after my first of many showdowns with dr. fauci.
7:43 am
january 28, i had gone to the iconic white house situation room on behalf of president trump the report of the s yet formal travel ban on incoming flights from china. like the president, i was concerned that we had a pandemic on my hands. -- that we had a pandemic on our hands. when i entered the situation room, i had never met dr. fauci and had no idea he was an icon. i saw a nondescript guy with who i would quickly get into a violent argument. dr. fauci insisted that the virus was low risk and travel bans did not work. i saw it at that as the height of stupidity to allow chinese nationals a day into america that allowed 20,000 chinese
7:44 am
nationals a day into america when china itself was locked down tighter than the snap ties on a prisoner and when will hans crematoria were working overtime. -- andwuhan -- and wuhan rim at soria were working overtime. with that morning message from mr. anderson, dr. fauci almost certainly knew that the virus likely came from the wuhan lab which his agency had funded. dr. fauci -- at that critical point, dr. foot dish dr. fauci had a duty to immediately go to
7:45 am
president trump, the white house national security council and the white house itself to disclose these possibilities instead of coming clean -- rick -- possibilities. instead of coming clean, dr. fauci kept quiet. randall and ohio, republican line. where in ohio are you? caller: i had a couple of comments on the illegals getting paid for being separated from their children, they committed a crime. if we commit a crime in the u.s., our kids cannot either. if that's they broke the law. there should be no reward for that. as far as the abortion issue, i think the fathers ought to have a say in that also. if they don't want to have children, they should be on birth control.
7:46 am
host: thank you. new jersey, democrat line. anthony, you had a pretty interesting election. caller: yes we did. i am a democrat. i voted for thomas kane. i voted for gerald ford. the story most shocked me this week, the president of the senate, a democrat, lost to a newcomer. new jersey is blue as blue can be. it is the senate, assembly democrat. the governorship is democrat. they don't get very much done because of the role of political inciting. i think this election, from
7:47 am
glock esther county -- thank you very much. but i think this is a credit to our democratic election system that people, if they really are filled up to where they can't that's are fed up to where they can't take it anymore -- are fed up to where they can't take it anymore, and i think that's kind of great. i'm still a democrat, but it was the most surprising story i heard all week. host:host: thank you very much. thanks for calling in this week. charlotte, houston texas that houston, texas. caller: it's kind of hard to follow a couple of these people.
7:48 am
$450,000 going to illegals, absolutely right. when we commit a crime, our children are separated from us and we don't get paid. you got to wonder, the money that we are spending on the border, could we use that in our low income communities? i walk shoulder to shoulder with any democrat and protest on the tax dollars we spend on these illegals. this is wrong on every level and i can't understand why people can't see this. the other thing is i believe it was walter, i may have gotten his name incorrectly. this abortion issue, i don't think the government should be involved in the abortion issue at all. if they are involved, why can't
7:49 am
men have a say so. we wouldn't be pregnant without us permit. it takes two people to make a child and they should have a say in it. if you are rate, that's a different story. but they should have a say and if you are -- if you are raped, that's a different story. but they should have a say. host: last night, the house rules republicans sent this message out, this tweet out. it is nearly midnight at the capital where the rules committee democrats are speeding ahead with speaker pelosi's reconciliation monstrosity because this apparently and not wait until the light of day. you know, when the majority of the american people are actually awake to observe this sham. that was sent by the house republican committee, rules
7:50 am
committee republicans last night. this is from representative ken buck, republican from colorado. would you sign a mortgage contract without reading the details? no. democrats want congress to vote on a 2000 page bill that spends trillions of dollars without the chance to read it or discuss it with our colleagues. ridiculous. yet, sadly not surprising. this is from mary kay scanlon, democrat, pennsylvania. another late night for the house rules committee democrats. well worth it to keep moving the build back better agenda act forward. finally, congresswoman, -- congresswoman sarah jacobs. let's get it done, is what she tweet.
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gotta put these on to see what's on the screen. ohio independent line. tim, thanks for holding. what's the new stork -- news story of the week for you? caller: desert storm and two days ago, congressman release and tim ryan of ohio -- congressman ruiz and tim ryan of ohio, that bill is to provide presumptive benefits for veterans who suffer for exposure. i happen to be one of those veterans. for decades, we have been trying to get the v.a. to provide us with health care, but the v.a. keeps telling us there is no scientific proof that these that should that this is what is
7:52 am
making us sick and there are literally thousands of veterans sick and dying today from this exposure. every time we seem to get close to getting legislation passed even though it is bipartisan, republicans keep voting it down stating that it will cost too much to provide veterans with the health care not only that they erred, but that they deserved. host: thank you for calling and with that issue. we want to show you two thirds page editorial this morning in the new york times. face reality democrats. this is in the new york times. i'm just going to read one line from this very long editorial. a national democratic party that talks up progressive policies at the expense of bipartisan ideas and that dwells on donald trump at the expense of forward-looking ideas is at risk of becoming a marginal democratic party appealing only
7:53 am
to the left. new york times. orange, texas. democrat. caller: i want to make a comment. i wish that the democrats and republicans would stop acting my children, grow up, get on the same page, and get everything done that needs to be done instead of arguing and fighting over this and fighting over that and fighting over this bill and over another bill. it's like kids fighting on a playground. get on the same page work with each other. -- get on the same page. work with each other. quit arguing. and the republicans, please help the people. it you are not helping at all.
7:54 am
do you care about the people? host: all right. we will leave it there. this is for americans with tax reform. they found provisions in the bill that the house will be bringing up in about seven minutes from now. the democratic bill special tax to hand out to media companies with up to 1500 local journalists. reconciliation bill working its way through the house calls the american taxpayers to subsidize democrats media allies. provides an additional tax cuts under the guise of helping local journalists. up to 1500 reporters or company. this provision will provide a refundable tax credit equal to 50% of wages, up to $12,500 per inc. -- per quarter per employee for the first four calendar
7:55 am
quarters and at 30% credit for each calendar quarter thereafter. section 138516, and this is according to the tax reform which is a text group that anti-tax group. senate republicans blast biden over dishonorable discharges for unvaccinated troops. senate republicans lasted president biden's plan to dishonorably discharged active duty personnel who refused to receive the covid-19 vaccine. if you want to read more of that, it is in the washington -- maryland, independent line. you are on the line. caller: it was the republican line that i called in on just to let you know. a couple of quick things. thank you for the time and thank you for the veterans that are
7:56 am
listening for their time to give us to be allowed to ask -- to express ourselves freely. you read an article in the new york times just a little bit ago about the democrats donors backing off on the democrats and backing off on biden. that's just part of the game in washington dc money, money, money the influence has gotten way out of control. quid pro quo, if somebody did not cooperate with them. the southern border, i just wanted to make a comment, the people coming across the southern border that are infected with covid, some of them that are dispersed into our country, does anybody think we are getting reinfected on purpose? they are not telling you where to drop these people off. they are taking and flying the midnight and if they are infected with covid, it's kind
7:57 am
of ridiculous that we have to be mandated to wear masks and mandated to take a shot. it did them people have to do the same thing? host:host: no. -- host: protesters confront joe manchin driving his maserati. confronted by numerous sunrise movement climate change activists on thursday morning. they greeted the west virginia senator outside of his house and followed him to his maserati. the activists were protesting his opposition to large portion of joe biden's build back better agenda including measures related to climate change. he was headed for a parking garage as a large group of protesters surrounded him chanting "we want to live."
7:58 am
tom, we got about a minute left. caller: i'm very disappointed in the people i am listening to read of woman in wisconsin, she has no clue. she needs to pull her head out of the sand and look at what's really going on. as for his that's as far as forst and collation, i am totally disgusted -- as far as forced inoculation, i am totally disgusted. host: you are calling on the democrats line. caller: you don't have to calm that you don't have the tellme what i'm calling on -- you don't have to tell me what line i'm calling on, boxs --boss.
7:59 am
people need to wake up and smell the coffee and realized there was one person who got an office that cared about this country and still does to this top -- and still does and his name is donald j. trump. i will do it again and again and again and i am a democrat. i am ashamed, appalled and disgusted. host: one more story. democrats used gimmicks. as republicans marched ahead with a tax cut, top democrats hiding the truth -- hiding the true cost of legislation arguing they were loaded with gimmicks and packed with text tricks that would settle the nation with even more debt. -- withtaqx --tax tricks that would settle the nation --saddle the nation with even more debt.
8:00 am
budget experts along with moderate democrats say the true cost of the legislation will be closer to $4 trillion because of the way the programs are structured and for in the budgetary process. this is in the "new york times." the house is coming into session, infrastructure and social spending bills, we expect them to be on the floor. thank you for being with us on " washington the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., november 5, 2021. i here


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