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tv   President Biden Visits NYPD HQ to Discuss Gun Violence  CSPAN  February 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am EST

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online on or our new c-span now video app. >> president biden discussed gun crime and what his administration is doing to reduce gun violence during a visit to police headquarters in new york city. six nypd officers have been shot, two fatally, so far in 2022. this is an hour. delegation. [inaudible]. biden: will center garland, and the mayor and representatives and they run up in the fight with me and the members of
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congress are here and thank you and i just want to thank mayor adams the commissioner and the law enforcement is here today for doing what you do everything a day in the by saying. [inaudible]. the who and what the law enforcement on the beach and the senator and i have talked about that on the way appears well-nigh spoken to their families and their loss is also a loss for the nation. their futures were cut a magazine with 40 rounds. and it's really a weapon of war. one of the things i was proudest
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of, years ago, when i was in the senate -- i was able to get these weapons and the size of magazines outlawed. that got changed. it got overruled. but i don't see any rationale why there should be such a weapon able to be purchased. it doesn't violate anybody's second amendment rights to deny that. but anyway, their futures were cut short by a man with a stolen glock and that 40-round magazine. and i tell you, i want to thank the man back to my left -- i think he's sitting right there -- for taking on -- stand up. [applause] now, if you'll excuse a -- as we used to say in the senate, "a point of personal privilege,"
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when everything -- when the economy died in scranton, pennsylvania, and i moved down to delaware with my dad and my mom and the family, i moved to a little town called claymont, delaware. and it was a steel town just across the border from pennsylvania, right up in that arc. and i went to -- i spent 12 years going to school there. or actually, not 12 -- i started in third grade. at any rate, i went to a school, a little catholic school called holy rosary, across from a small police department and a fire hall. and everybody that i grew up with either became a cop, a firefighter, or a priest. i wasn't qualified for any of them, so here i am. [laughter] but i admire the hell out of all of you. i really do. it's not -- i'm not being solicitous. i mean it sincerely. and to the many parents, spouses, brothers, sisters who have to bury a piece of their soul in the deep earth, it's really tough stuff. it's hard as hell -- you all know it -- to lose a colleague,
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to lose a son, a daughter, a husband, wife. and i want to thank -- if -- there are not many here, but i want to thank all the spouses of every one of you or your significant other, because every time you pin that shield on and walk out the door, they're worried whether they're going to get that phone call. get that phone call. and too many have gotten the phone call lately. and every day in this country, 316 people are shot, 106 are killed. and six nypd officers have been victims of gun violence so far, just this year. the same in the town north of me, philadelphia, and my much smaller town of wilmington, delaware, and washington, d.c. 64 children injured by gun violence so far this year, 26 killed. it's enough. enough is enough. because we know we can do things about this but for the resistance we're getting from some sectors of the government and the congress and the state
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legislatures and the organizational structures out there. you know, mayor adams, you and i agree -- the answer is not to abandon our streets. that's not the answer. the answer is to come together, the police and communities, building trust and making us all safer. the answer is not to defund the police, it's to give you the tools, the training, the funding to be partners, to be protectors. and the community needs you, and know the community. [applause] policing that treats everyone with respect and dignity. that's why i called on the congress to pass a budget later this year that provides cities, like new york and others, with an additional $300 million for community policing, you know, where the police interact with the community, get to know the community, build trust in the community.
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and i've noticed, in my experience, when i wrote the first crime bill, i noticed that, you know, i don't hear many communities -- no matter what their color or their background -- saying, "i don't want more protection in my community." i don't know, i haven't found one of those yet. and so, i've asked the congress to provide $200 million to invest in community violence intervention programs as well. they work. they work. where community members with credibility work directly with people that are most likely to commit crimes or be victims of gun crimes. and they work. for example, in 2017, the program i'm going to see this afternoon, which sends people to the community -- in the community to interrupt violence, to mediate conflicts, to to de-escalate, succeed in preventing single -- a single shooting from occurring in this largest public housing development last year. no shooting for a full year, because they engaged directly with the community.
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you know, i know this is a priority for senator schumer, what you all are doing here. if i hear one more call from him that we need more money for housing and more money for cops -- i don't know, i'm going to send him back to you all. [laughter] but all kidding aside, this is a half a billion dollars of proven strategies, and we know it will reduce crime. congress needs to do its job to pass the budget. every one of these folks here from congress are all supportive. but, you know, it's time to fund communities, community police, and the people who are going to protect them. look, as i said, we're not about defunding -- we're about funding and providing the additional services you need beyond someone with a gun strapped to their shoulder or to their hip. we need more social workers. we need mental health workers. we need more people who, when you're called on these scenes and someone is about to jump off a roof, there's not just someone
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standing there with a weapon, it's someone who also knows how to talk to people, talk them down. we can't expect you to do every single, solitary thing that needs to be done to keep a community safe. it's time to fund community policing to protect and serve the community. and so, i'm also calling for increased funding for the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms and the u.s. marshals offices. i'm confident that, if we fund these programs, we'll see a reduction in violence. and, in the next year's budget, i'm also going to try to double down on this investment. i think i got a lot of partners here in new york that are going to help. mayor adams, you say that gun violence is a sea fed by many rivers. well, you know, i put forward a plan to dam up some of those streams. you know, you can count on me to be a partner in that effort. and i have the u.s. attorney -- united states attorney general here with me today. and we put together a comprehensive strategy to combat gun crime in cities like new york, philadelphia, atlanta, and many other cities -- san
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francisco. first, we want to crack down on the flow of firearms used to commit violence. that includes taking on and shutting down rogue gun dealers. and it's about doing background checks, as well as outright selling of that -- making sure the people who are not allowed to have a gun don't get the gun in the first place. and again, for any of the press in here, the press listening -- this doesn't violate anybody's second amendment right. there's no violation of a second amendment right. we talk like there's no amendment that's absolute. when the amendment was passed, it didn't say anybody can own a gun and any kind of gun and any kind of weapon. you couldn't buy a cannon when this amendment was passed. and so, no reason why you should be able to buy certain assault weapons. but that's another issue. and look, one of the things that we focused on, the attorney general and i -- and we're getting to the point where i
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think we're going to be able to have a real impact on it -- includes going after ghost guns. ghost guns are the guns everyone in this room knows that can be purchased in parts, assembled at home, no serial number, and can't be traced. and they're as deadly as any other weapon out there. but the fact is they are out there. and, you know, this spring, the justice department will issue a final rule to regulate these so-called "ghost guns." but there's more we can do. across the country, police departments reported sharp increases in the number of ghost guns found at crime scenes. that's why, today, the department is launching an intensified national ghost gun enforcement initiative to determine and deter criminals from using those weapons to cover their tracks. if you commit a crime with a ghost gun, not only are state and local prosecutors going to
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come after you, but expect federal charges and federal prosecution as well. we've also created a strike force to crack down on illegal gun trafficking across state lines. as the mayor said, as he pointed out, guns that are used to kill people in new york city, they aren't made in new york city, they aren't sold in new york city. they are sold in other places. today, the attorney general directed all u.s. attorneys in the united states to prioritize combating gun trafficking across state lines and city boundaries. the justice department is sending additional prosecutorial resources to help shut down what's referred to, as you all know, as the "iron pipeline" that funnels guns from shops in states like georgia to crime scenes in baltimore and philadelphia and new york and so many other places. governor, you worked with the mayor and the nypd and nine
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other states to create an interstate task force on illegal guns. that's the kind of leadership that's going to solve the problem. and i'm eager to hear more about that progress. and, folks, the second thing i want to point out is i want to help every major city follow new york's lead to put together partnerships like this one you put together that meet on a daily basis. every day, here in new york city, like this meeting today, federal, state, and local enforcement meet to share intelligence about arrests, shootings from the day before, and work to take those shooters off the streets as quickly as possible. just look around -- this is what partnership looks like, and this is what you put together. and it's an important partnership. and we need more cities adopting the same model. that's why, today, the attorney general is also directing u.s. attorneys to work with state and local law enforcement to strengthen partnerships like this one and to get repeat gun violence offenders off the street and behind bars. you know, i want more cities and
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states to use some of the $350 billion we sent to them on the american rescue plan to fight crime, to keep our communities safe by hiring more police officers for community policing and paying police overtime, and purchasing gun-fighting technologies, like technologies that hears, locates gunshots so there can be immediate response, because you know exactly where it came from. the third thing our plan calls for -- investing in critical services that reduce crime and violence -- community violence intervention programs, like the one i'm going to see after this meeting -- summer school -- afterschool programs for teens. as the saying goes and the teachers have taught me, "an idle mind is a devil's workshop." we got to have things for these kids to do, jobs for young adults, more school counselors and nurses, more mental health required in school, and mental
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health/substance abuse treatment as well. fourthly, with someone -- when someone finishes their time in prison, all our experience tells us you just can't continue to give them $25 and a bus ticket. they'll end up under the same bridge you arrested them in the first place from. and so i don't want them ending up back in prison or being there because they've committed another crime. we need to be able to train for and get a job, find stable housing, reenter society, and have a second chance at a better life. my department of labor is funding programs that help formerly incarcerated individuals, including young adults, receive the education and training they need and then connect them to quality jobs. i'll keep doing everything in my power to make sure that communities are safer. but congress needs to do its part, too -- pass universal background checks, ban assault
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weapons and high-capacity magazines, close loopholes, and keep out of the hands of domestic abusers -- weapons, repeal the liability shield for gun manufacturers. imagine, had we had a liability -- they're the only industry in america that is exempted from being able to be sued by the public. the only one. imagine had that been the way with cigarette manufacturers. where the hell would we -- where the heck would we be? we'd be in tough shape. why gun manufacturers? because of the power of their lobbying ability. it's got to end. end. they've got to be held responsible for the things that they do that are irresponsible. and, folks, you know, it's the only industry in america, as i said, that's exempt from being sued. and i think -- i find it to be outrageous. and, folks, these laws, if we're able to pass them, are going to save lives, and more and equally importantly, help you protect one another and protect yourself, put law enforcement in a safer circumstance. we have an opportunity to come
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together and fulfill the first responsibility of government and our democracy -- to keep each other safe. so, i want to thank you all. there's much more to say, but i probably already said too much, because a lot of people are going to speak. but let's get this done. let's get this done. and god bless the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day to keep our communities safe. now i'm going to turn it over, with your permission, to the attorney general, attorney general garland. general? >> thank you president of biden, and the justice department is doubling down on the fight to protect our communities from violent crime in from the gun violence that often drives it. but we are not doing this work alone, the president also said way you see in this room, represents the core of our efforts, a partnership, are essential to success and instructing the violent crimes. in this room and the president
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and i the mayor, on the telephone, the mayor talked about the importance of the excellent cooperation that he is seen between the city, state and federal law enforcement agencies who are represented here. at the justice department, we know the best anti- violent crime strategies are tailored to the needs of an art developed by and in partnership with individual communities and that is why owner justice department law enforcement agencies, and all 94, united states attorney's offices, including the two representative by the united states attorneys represented here today are working with their partners in their state and local law enforcement to develop and implement district specific anti- violent crime and policies. we also know what many that public safety challenges our cities face require this tailored approach, the gun
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violence is a universal challenge and one that demands comprehensive action. that is why if the president said, the justice department is taking action it to crackdown on ghost guns and hold those self to the criminals, hold them accountable and that is why we are strengthening our trafficking strike forces to disrupt the pipeline the floods our community with illegal guns and that is why we are sparing no resources and an infant and in and holding accountable, the repeat offenders who are the major drivers of violent crime. as we work in partnership with the state and local hard and commute content and communities most affected by the violence eventually president biden and i will be meeting with leaders from the community violence intervention programs here in new york and in 2021, the department provided over $37 million in grant funding
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directly to community violence intervention efforts and we will expand if that works in the year ahead. in the justice department we use every tool at our disposal to protect our communities and we will hold the perpetrators for violent crimes in gun violence accountable we will work alongside the communities most affected by the violence and we will work together to build the public trust that is essential to public safety. and before i close, who want to note that in times of crises, both large and small the american people look to law enforcement to help and every day, officers like those who are with us here, answered the call without hesitation. despite the difficulty, and the danger, they show up and they
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put their lives on the line. and that is what the detectives do, there are no words that i can offer to capture the bravery or the pain that is been inflicted on their loved ones. but i can say is that the department of justice, will we will seek to honor the detectives and the work they did to help keep our law enforcement officer safe and work to keep our communities safe. an announcer the program over. >> thank you so much attorney general and mr. president, it is really good seeing you and how did we get here, when i was in washington dc, and in a meeting and the president pulled me into the oval office and after asking
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what can we do for the city and the desire to deal with the violence and a brief and i was about to walk out and he grabbed me by my arm and turned to be and he looked into my eyes, and he said, what can we do and i told him that help we needed and i asked him several things but two of them was to come to new york and to speak without city state and federal law enforcement personnel so that we can have a 911 response we came together as a country is a national tears, we decided to change our way of life. and we responded. in response was the same, by this president, and all in this room came together for the finest men and women in law
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enforcement and we meet every day, 20 in on the violence that is attempting to take our way of life and i thank you for your response and mr. president i think you for your response and then i asked him to go the ground because it's about intervention and prevention and some long-term things that we need to do, and i asked him to go on the ground with us to meet the crisis management teams, the everyday people are doing the hard work that alignment with the police department and to date, to go out to meet where young men was using his skills o bring down the violence in the area, we saw zero homicides for some time but not only because of what he did, it was because of what they did it to partner with him right bringing it down the known violent offenders and
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that is the combination we need and i am bias mr. president, because i have some of the best congressional delegations here in new york and we are doing in dealing with the delegation that is here nadler, and congressman jeffries and congressman tom swazi and with the top attorney general's anywhere in this country and attorney general letitia james, and as you indicated, to have the best u.s. attorneys in the southern and eastern district and you're so proud to meet with them yesterday but also the district attorney tearing the receipt here, and i spend time now real conservative and combined
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efforts and i think about the congressman that in his district, where the two officers were slain, but also in the district, was nearly an 11 -month-old baby was shot while she was sitting by her mother. and also in this district it, 19 -year-old child, working at burger king was shot and killed and he was on the ground in each one of those incidents. in the police commissioner and i are dedicated and committed to turning for some ground and i've made the best choice anyone could make in taking police commissioner at the right person at the right time would do the right job and i am proud to serve and we know how important this is and we gathered at st. patrick's cathedral and today we had one flag on walk
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across that stage as a captain and we are here in solidarity to deal with the issue of violence and has become pervasive and not only new york city but in the cities across america. i want to thank all of you for joining me as we pursue this fight to make sure the state of the virus does not destroy our communities and use attorney, use attorney general girl and appreciate your dedication in living up to the promise that was done their team as we sat in the room. and sitting there with the president, another across the city as we do with this issue and the president is here because he knows what the american people want justice, safety, prosperity and they deserve every bit of it and we want to and then violence in our city, and in our country in the future equality and opportunity because the lack of the two see
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the gun violence and far too often, we advocate for this mr. president, people miss the part they say that we want to and inequality, let's stop being divisive and unite this to come together and give this fight and we are on the same page, there is a reason they call me the biden pokey. [laughter] and also with new york, that is what i say this and why you elected me is with the president came here today to deliver and lastly, my administration and release our blueprint to end gun violence and their many ribbons as you say, we must down every river to beat the sea of reverence and will cause another death prematurely in our city and the raising these rivers have continued to rise in our
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city and in our country, and we are going to stop them from doing so. and here today, we work together to in this violence inner-city and in our country and president biden and i when we first met last summer, we hit it off right away with the mission, and because we know that we have to build the city in the country that is made up of everyday new yorkers and americans and he knows the safety in the justice, on the bedrock of our economy, our democracy and in our society we know who we work for, the people. that includes the dishwashers, people who wear coveralls, scrubs and hardhats, the everyday people who just want to provide for their families.
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in the city in the country, the schools in the streets, the highest calling, are most important mission, is to protect the people of the city and of this country and making sure they have with a needed to make their lives safe and helping them recover after two years of the devastation 20 crisis and violence. there is no recovery, there is no recovery without justice and they go hand in hand and that is why were working in lockstep to end the gun violence that is taken our city and our nation and to protect our people and the offices who sworn to protect us and to restore the market dream of safety and ability and prosperity and that is why the president is here in new york city.
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in the city today and we understand how important this moment is we need as i stated, 911 type response to address the domestic terror that is pervasive in the city and in this country and president biden is here to deliver on this promise any committed to it and he is here to give new yorkers that backup we need. .. local crime around the country. expand the information sharing model that you are going to witness here today mr. president. then call for more funding for congress for violent interrupters, something my congressional delegation understand so clearly. we could build the back if we
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pass a bill that back. that is how we build america back. scale up a nationwide response to this public health crisis that is gun violence. that is why we are here today. to bring together our federal, state, city partners are, because bird were going to stop gun trafficking from coming into our city, illegal guns off the street and lock up those who carry them. and make sure they don't leave prison or jail's without the opportunities they need to they do not have a revolving door of crime in our city and country. we're going to provide funding for cities and state to put more police officers on the places we need them. investing community violence prevention and intervention programs. when change our laws to prevent crime and save lives and do it in a way that we can disagree without being disagreeable because we are in this fight together.
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we are going to break and destroy the iron pipe line that allowed southern states in this country to produce weapons that end up on the streets and take the lives of our police officers mauro and rivera. i now want to again take my hat off to officer summitt who protected countless numbers of new yorkers and responded police officers by taking appropriate action to end the threat that we were facing. in the sources of the violence. it's about more than fighting crime. as a congressman velasquez reminds us all the time, it is about rebuilding our society. not just locking people up. it is about picking them up and giving them the opportunity to do so. that is why the american people elected joe biden to lead them. that is why were willing to follow that leadership. that is why i'm proud to be here today among the men and women who wear that same uniform that i wore to stand
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shoulder to shoulder with the president. we want to get stuff done. that is the administration of the biden administration and the adams administration. to get stuff done for the american people. mr. president, mcadams is reported for duty and ready to serve it. [applause] clicks thank you, mr. president. [inaudible] [background noises] clicks you hear me now? all right. mr. president, life is all about showing up.
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and on a date when he had a deal for an international incident, when the rest of the country it was a riveting on the news that is coming out of the white house, you still found the time to show up. and to me that is a commitment i will not take for granted. it is more than just words. it is a sign of your desire to really be a partner with all of us, as i am with the mayor of new york and with our district attorneys and the new york state police, and the nypd it's so refreshing not to see you sitting there with tears in our eyes as we have been doing far too often. so commissioner, to thank you for leading an incredible team. i'm proud of my team at the state level. of other state partners are a great attorney general, letitia james is here for district attorney general thank you we think are doing a great job with the country. we've got the all-star ready and our state here as well.
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this is the team that has to be activated because we cannot wait a single day longer. because the challenge that lies before us is not unique to united to new york state is not unique to the city it is an american crisis. but what we're doing here in the state of new york in the city of new york can be used as a model for other parts of our country to show them what real collaboration looks like. i have seen people get into silos or governments going to handle this case the prosecutors over here that local government district attorneys are over here and the stakeholders have a different role. for the first time my life i am seeing a unification of a purpose that has been missing. those who should be afraid that there relate the laws to place and protect the people of our cities and our state spray but also there are people who are hurting in this
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community. we saw an incredible increase in violence immediately following the pandemic. it appears to be the human condition was very frail. we have people who succumb to suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, and even a yes, acquiring a gun on the streets for $1200 and using it against one of their fellow men or women. we have to figure out the root causes here. that is why in my budget, i not only triple the amount of money for support our law enforcement activities and community policing but triple the amount of money being spent on the exact kind of programs we are all talking about here. it's figuring what's happening when young people are faced with that decision that's going to affect them for the rest of their lives. joy say on the straight and narrow or do i succumb to the streets? where am i going to find my family? we need to provide that family and let them know their jobs
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and opportunities in adults that care about them the violence disruptors i've seen them in action so many times. many are former gang members. they are the ones i can speak to them in a way no one else can. they're continued to support that mr. president thank you for the american recovery plan dollars. we are spending them a minute important causes and dedicating many of them as you suggested to dealing with both sides of the equation. the very human side we need to rebuild with the resource and support for these people, but also those who cross the line, deal with that and it make sure our loss or contract law enforcement have the resources. with the ghost goat i find the law a few months ago that banned them in the state of new york. and in a series of reforms, we also banned the component parts. we named it after an individual whose name i'm going to say right now that is scott, he is the brave teacher and a school where our children were slaughtered his family is from long island.
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we named it after him his mother was there gave us this hugs and we will never forgot scott will we? we said never ever justice we will never, the other men and women's like officer rivera and more, who so proudly wear those uniforms to hear it from their families what it meant to them to put on that uniform every day, it was so impactful and powerful to hear their words. we have to fight to protect them as well. so mr. president we are going to find all the smart ways to double down on this, the task force you referenced has already worked together collaborated with nine states in addition to the state police, nypd, aaron atf is represented boston police department these counties and states have come together like never before with one purpose. it's to stop the flow of guns over our borders because yes as governor i'm going to help my mayors and nightmares all of the state need my help.
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my job is to protect those borders because 80% of guns in the state are coming from other states illegally. i am watching those borders. let everyone know where we are, we are out there checking to people putting guns in their trunks and guns in pennsylvania heading north and in manhattan, brooklyn, the bronx, queens, staten island. it's going to stop right now but that is the message from have the resources, we have the will, we have the desire to get this done because our citizens are calling on us to protect them so they can feel safe once again in this great city it is incredible state. mr. president thank you for your time brady's being here today since a powerful message we do not forget that you never forgot us at the time when we needed short support the most it. and with that like to introduce an incredible partner that we have representing us, the entire state in washington d.c. and our senator kiersten
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gillibrand for a quick thank you governor, thank you for your leadership in your take the scourge of violence had on it really does medicare want to recognize all of my state partners who are sitting here with me, our delegation in congress as well as our dr enter das and attorney general want to thank each of you for being here. new york just lost two officers active funeral was yesterday was only 27. last week i attended the funeral of jason rivera who was only 22. they had their whole lives ahead of them. after that i stood with jennifer pryor, a mom who i first met in 2009. her brilliant beautiful daughter, nine a show was an honor roll student and on the cheerleading squad. one night when she was out with her friends celebrate in
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the recent graduation, a stray bullet hit her in the head and killed her instantly. i went to brooklyn, i met her family, i met her classmates. losing a child that young is really hard. hard for the community, it is hard for everyone. as a mom of two young boys were about that age right now, i cannot imagine the horror or the pain that apparent lives through to keep going forward every day. and as a senator i made a commitment will take action until we could on the federal level to stop the senseless gun violence in our city, our state, our country. new york is not unique but it does have a particular problem. must 90% the guns using crimes in our city are trafficked guns just as the governor said. so our approach to combating gun violence has to include dealing with the trafficked weapons. right now there's literally no federal law that makes it illegal to cross a state line
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with a trunk full of guns, get on a bus with a bag full of guns, get in your car couldn't drive up the iron pipe line and sell them directly out of the back of a truck into the arms of criminals in our city. we have to change that. it's really pretty simple. we have to keep these illegal guns off our streets, out of the hands of those who could not buy them legally. we have to work hand in glove across federal, state, local government lines. we have to pass a commonsense gun reform the president talked about that our mayor once at our attorney general fights for. we have strong partners here. i believe between all of us here today we can do this. many of us have been working on is called the head dia pelleted gun trafficking crime
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prevention act which would establish gun trafficking is a federal crime and go upstream to address all responsible parties. the traffickers buying the guns and transporting them across state lines, the gun dealers who knowingly facilitate recklessly disregard the warning signs of gun trafficking, and that kingpins and organizers who play and plan the trafficking. similar legislation was brought up in 2013 for a boat it got 58 votes. you know in the senate we have to get 60 is the closest we got to any commonsense gun reform. this is a gun commissioner gun -- make this a built commissioner kelly help me right. and so i northerners police commissioner and i know our governor and our mayor with our president we can get this done this year. we cannot have more stories of 4-year-old dying on the park benches in brooklyn.
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we cannot have more stories of imams and their movement speaking out, begging leaders to do what is right. we can do this and we will. now i like to introduce hakeem jeffries. >> thank you center jill brandt and president biden, mayor adams, governor hogle, men and women of the nypd president biden, thank you for your leadership, your partnership for your presence here in new york city. we believe the greatest city in the world, apologies to wilmington, delaware. [laughter] but, every great city of course has challenges. and they standing arising gun violence is a major challenge for us to address it.
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but we recognize as you have indicated it is a national challenge. think about the dynamics we are confronting here in america. we have 4% of the world's population but 40% of the world's guns. that means there are more than 300 million guns circulating in the united states of america. and many of those guns such as the one is to strike down to heros detective rivera are weapons of war. they are not used to hunt deer. they are used to hunt human beings. that is not acceptable. many of those guns to easily fall into the hands of violent individuals and far too many
6:45 am
communities such as many that i represent in central brooklyn and across america, that is not acceptable. far too many of those guns are illegally trafficked from other places into this a great metropolis. that is not acceptable. it is an all hands on deck approach that will require tremendous leadership as is being provided by our president, our governor, and our mayor and our congressional delegation. and all levels of government city, state, federal. the congressional delegation in the house representative nadler, and others, we stand ready to partner with you. to get done what needs to happen, to deal with this gun violence scourge with the
6:46 am
fierce urgency of now. to make sure we balance the interest of public safety and that important american principle of liberty and justice for all and invest in communities that have traditionally been left behind to create opportunity in every single zip code. a tough moment for us in the city. but we are resilient comedic, resilient country you can knock us down but you can never knock us out. and together we will get this done. thank you for your leadership mr. president. i now yield to my good friend who's a district we are and, here at lower manhattan. coxwell, i don't know if you can hear me. good morning everyone. thank you for being here.
6:47 am
mr. president is such an honor and so important to the men and women in uniform, each of the, fathers, brothers, sisters who have suffered because of gun violence in our country. to governor hogle, mayor adams , thank you for making it possible and also recognizing that it takes all of us working together. to my new york congressional delegation, i went to recognize the incredible role that we have played in working together with this administration to make sure we secure the resources not only to deal with gun violence in our country but to tackle the issue of the pandemic. to provide relief system to small businesses in our
6:48 am
country. and i am proud that we have been able to get this economy rolling again, that's because of the commitment and ambition of president biden. since the start of the pandemic gun violence in our city has surged to levels not seen in a decade. shootings are up by 166% here in new york city. across the u.s. over 20000 people were killed by gun violence last year. black and brown communities, we are victims of gun violence. it takes us also, because we are on the ground. we know what works and what doesn't work. we got expertise and we need to use those glass roots community organizations who understand the dynamics that
6:49 am
play into gun violence and our country. so, this statistics are not just numbers. it represents a lost member of our community. we must recognize that mobilizing community-based resources, adjust opportunities and interventions as key to perfecting our youth from gun violence. we must also, once and for all cut down on the pie plate of illegal guns being funneled into states like new york. this is just not a public safety issue. but one that requires partnerships with healthcare institutions, school, created programs, churches as hakeem jeffries just said. we are all, this is how it were going to tackle the
6:50 am
issue. and i want to recognize the antiviolence program working with new york city housing public authority. and they are working to stand the gun violence issue. they have been successful it has been proven it can work, let's do it, thank you. >> and it is my honor to introduce the chairman of the judiciary committee, germ trend chairman jerry nadler. >> thank you very much. i obviously agree with everything that has been said. a third certainly think the
6:51 am
president for his support, for the actions has taken to bring money to new york. for his support of legislation. in order to solve this problem but you know, it is said, i remember in 2004 will be passed in republican congress passed that bill to exempt gun manufacturers from lawsuits because they were being sued on the model of the tobacco companies who had been sued for falsifying the information about the toxicity of their products. they managed to pass this legislation which is still on the books. and the president who is then a senator was instrumental in 1994 and getting the assault weapons ban passed. as a tenure bill. it was allowed to expire in 2004. i wish we could get it back.
6:52 am
legislation that we have passed in congress is wholly inadequate. now the judiciary committee has passed -- the house has passed into bill's hr eight, which requires a background check and every gun transfer with limited exceptions such as family members. we have asked the enhancement background check of active 2021 last march which addresses the charleston loophole and background check procedures. this loophole is when an individual attempts to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer the fbi's three days to do a background check at the background check is not complete in three days he gets the gun. even if they background check would come back in for five days and say this person is a dangerous person to have a gun. so we have asked the
6:53 am
enhancement background checked act of 2021 which addresses this deficiency by providing the fbi additional time to complete background checks. gives notice to the app at which cases need to be prioritized for review. in judiciary committee in october of last year, only a few months ago supported favorably out of committee lucy mcbeth bill red flag bill which would create a federal extreme risk or red flag that would prevent firearms to be accessible to those who are danger to themselves and others for the bill would create procedures for federal courts to issue extreme risk protection orders to prohibit a person from purchasing, possessing or receiving a firearm or ammunition under the bill of family or household member or law enforcement officer can
6:54 am
petition the court for an extreme risk protection order with respect to an individual who poses a risk to themselves or others. the bill also adds people who are subject to extremist persons prohibited from purchasing shipping, transporting possessing or receiving a firearm or ammunition under federal law. now, in the last congress the hundred 16th congress the senate companion to this bill is introduced by lindsey graham. the concept was championed by none other than president trump in a series of 2019 statements on mass shootings. senator graham the 117th congress but we are talking to him. leadership has expressed support given its bipartisan origins and outraged by representative by committee staff, the bill, we hope, will find republican support on the house floor. and i believe that this bill
6:55 am
is the best hope for legislative action on gun violence and what remains of this congress. now of course this is wholly inadequate. and that is why everything the president is talking about, the attorney general's talk about doing by executive order which should be law. we have not been able to make it law, should be done by executive order. and hopefully, eventually by law. thank you so much. to the entire delegation, we want to now -- end of the police commissioner has to depart to go to the walkout for one of the officers that was shot a few nights ago. police commission if you want to say a few comments and will turn it over to the task force to give a presentation on what they are doing every day. >> mr. mayor. mr. president, attorney
6:56 am
general garland thank you so much for coming to witness firsthand what the nypd and our law enforcement partners are doing to end the proliferation of illegal guns and shootings in new york city. we know across the city major areas in this country they are experiencing uptick in violence, growing number of shootings and guns on the streets in new york city has not been immune. experts will lightly debate this for years do not have years. there are too many people carrying guns who are not afraid to use them. our officers are out there engaging doing what is literally the most dangerous thing a police officer can do. they are taking guns of the hands of criminals on our streets and our officers are paying a heavy price for it. it cannot be overstated that since the beginning of the year we have had six of our own officers shot and tragically to have them killed. mr. president, attorney general garland i want to think if you're out showing of
6:57 am
support and condolences at this time. we sincerely appreciate it. and as the mayor said a little bit of good news one of our officers is being released from hospital today were going to head over there. a record number of arrest and seizure by the police continue to pay a horrific price. we've seen our citizens suffer from this violence. bystanders, unintended targets, babies and people simply trying to do their job. we know this violence is not acceptable against our citizens or our police officers. and we know it has to be stopped. we know that it starts here in the nypd with action. that is why the gun violence strategy partnership was started. what you are seeing here mr. presents every component of law enforcement in new york literally at the table. this morning, we are going to do with this group does every day. we're going to go over the shooting, the suspect, the
6:58 am
guns, the shell casings, the facts to connect the dots. will go around the table were going to use every tool, talent, resources available through every agency to focus on the very few who are responsible for the largest number of shootings in our city. and we intend to use every legal tool at our disposal to remove them from our community. this is about the life of a city. it's also about the life of the people who make up the city. and together with this partnership, we know we will not fail. this is an extraordinary meeting i've been a part of it. i was to turn over too deputy commissioner is like the quarterback of this team. [inaudible] >> this morning the house foreign affairs committeeholds a hearing on iran's nuclear program. watch live coverage at 10:30
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