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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Russia- Ukraine Situation  CSPAN  February 17, 2022 12:15pm-1:10pm EST

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receive them. they key for your testimony. this meaning is adjourned. >> we take you left your un security council is meeting to discuss tensions along the russia ukraine border. this comes under way at 10 eastern today. >> special representative and chair president in ukraine and the head of special monitoring mission of the sea in ukraine.
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>> the implementation of the minsk agreement cannot be considered separately from the situation on the borders of ukraine. tensions during recent days have reached an unprecedented level due to the strengthening of military activity on the border of russia and involving ongoing efforts with our partners over recent weeks. with a view to de-escalation and dialogue, our position is founded on two pillars. the buildup of military considerable military on the border of the nato constitutes threatening behavior and is susceptible -- unacceptable. this is a particular the case if russia has already infringed the sovereignty and territorial
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integrity of ukraine in the past. any new aggression will have massive consequences for russia. europeans are united and we are ready to act in coronation with all partners on this matter. secondly, france is convinced that de-escalation as a possible through dialogue and diplomacy. this is exactly what president macron has been doing in the nation with the german chancellor. we are prepared to take this dialogue, not only with regard to the conflict, that is work that we do within the normalcy format. but also with regards with questions of security and stability of europe. while respecting the fundamental intervals established by the united nations charter and in
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the founding documents, which are the health and the charter of paris for a new europe. in this regard, we fully support the process initiated under the polish presidency for a renewed dialogue on european security. i would like to come back to the implementation on the agreements which have mobilized france and germany since 2015. as it has been continued over the recent weeks in the normalcy format, the paris meeting of the jenny was -- of the 26th of january made it possible to express all parties for the respect of the season fire. we need to go further. unfortunately, it is not possible during the meeting of the 10th of february. we weren't able to record
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progress in the implementation of the advanced -- events. francis -- france is firmly convinced that the agreement constitutes the framework for pursuing dialogue and that they leave open and necessary space for defining mutually concrete solutions to be called upon any declaration or measure that will work against implementation of this agreement. like this regard, we express our concerns, and the regard to the adoption by the state of the russian federation or the resolution calling for recognition of the separatists, terra tis of ukraine. if it were to pass, this resolution will constitute an assumed violation of the sovereignty and territory
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integrity of ukraine by russia. and fundamental causing questions into the agreements. we also welcome the role of the special monitoring admission of the ukraine which plays an essential role of a de-escalation. it is the ears and the eyes of the international community. friends, just like germany, will keep it nationals deployed on the ground, so that this mission brings operational during this critical. period. we have taken notes with possible violations of the season fire in recent hours. we would wish that systematically the threshold be able to gather the facts and partially. mr. president, the distance of
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the press was of the united nations charter, and particulate respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity state, as well as the pacific. it must be a goal that is shared by all members of this council. friends will continue to be mobilized to this -- france will continue to be mobilized as well as the opinion of lasting priests -- peace of restoring of ukrainian sovereignty. thank you. >> i think him for his statement. i will give the microphone to the representative. >> thank you. >> i would like to thank under secretary general motto -- madam for her briefing. i would also like to thank
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special representative of the special monitoring mission for their briefings. i welcome --. mr. president, my country continues to very closely follow the situation on the border between russia and ukraine. a cause of alarm for those who fear later action. we note the willingness expressed by the partisan involved to keep the diplomatic applicable challenge -- challenges -- channels to avoid escalation. >> the last 10 days have been particularly marked by intense activity diplomatically, with
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european and u.s. initiatives that have the goal of spreading the seas of dialogue and return. the recent announcement that it was withdrawing part of it troops that were grouped on the border. it shows the willingness to de-escalate it. they have no front or. that should ray nash play a significant role in reducing the level of tensions and disposing trust before -- his diplomacy. we need to save a dialogue. we refuse confrontation because this will have his astral consequences for all. -- disaster consequences for all.
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it means to be addressed serenely. we would like to retract our court to show the restraint and favor dialogue and negotiations in order to preserve stability and peace in the region. we encourage all initiatives, which are carried out in favors of de-escalation and assumption of a dialogue. we call upon all to make better use of the diplomatic charts that exist to begin de-escalation. in this regard, the enormity -- normandy four masked -- format. the next agreements is the outline for a peaceful outcome to the claims of the parties. that is why they have been endorsed by the united nations. the implementation of these agreements is essential in order to ensure its position of
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hostility and restore the borders of ukraine and provide humanitarian response. also a renewed economic relations. my country wants to respect the commitments they have made and build on the foundation that has been received and achieve dialogue. the call for dialogue for the secretary of state. simply my country is firmly attached to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of every state. these cardinal principles are enshrined in the united nations charter and in the founding act of the african union. they are the cement of the social contract.
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in conclusion at the behalf of my country, i would like to call on this country to be more than ever in order to stand this fear and reject any confrontation. we must use the tools that we have. that we can do when we show that we are united and responsible. thank you. >> i think the representative -- i think the -- i thank the representative for his statement. >> the discussion on the statements which have made my colleagues, i would like to dwell on subjects that were touched upon. first of all, i would like to draw your attention to the unnecessary speculation in regards to the appeal of a
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members of the president request . this is a proposal to consider. although, the fact that it is there reflects the shielding of our people. our people have been many years subject to shielding by the ukrainian army. this will further today. thousands of people in ukraine region has russian citizenship. they probably did not have any other options after ukraine stopped discharging social responsibility. once again, this is a initiative. so, all we need to do is concentrate on the agreements. many have said so today as well as speculate.
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and it is equally important to make sure that we avoid mistrusting these issues with the security council. let me draw your attention to another thing that was sent by president putin. make sure that the -- should be found to the implementation of the agreement. talked about the background and prehistory to the issues today. i do not think that they -- the picture he painted was a correct one. at was one-sided and superficial. let me just recall one struggle. which proceeded an issue and anna illegal and -- a illegal and a bloody time in a 14. the radicals and nationalist came into power. they refuse to have a dialogue with the russian speaking people.
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they threatened them. the russian language is being discriminated. it continues to be discriminated against. versions of history are being put forward, which includes the glove rotation of criminal goals -- the glorification of criminals. this led to the separation of crimea. so, the conflict now is something that has two have a clear picture, which a reflection of a real situation. now, in regards to the electric prepared congressional russia against ukraine, some people are very usefully inverted comments put forward military scenarios. this was done by the secretary
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of state by the united states. he left a provocation that could be used as a prefix to invade ukraine. this is so regrettable. i'm going to go as far to say that they are dangerous because they bring in more attention -- more tension. we made a large number of statements of various levels, which underscore what it is that -- propose what we intend to do. it is unfortunate that those statements at the highest level came from moscow or non-heated. those are statements. the fact is that the russian forces were in the russian territory and remain on the russian territory. the day before yesterday, some of the units after their exercises weren't returning to their home bases in russia. russian officials are saying, i
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am saying that my country is conducting growth in our own territory in the ridging we deem needed. also, there is some other facts that i would like to draw your attention to. in addition to work, -- war, ukraine is violating the document. on the ukrainian side, there are 122,000 troops of the united states last year provided weapons to ukraine to the amount of $650 million. that is a lot. in january, 200 million worth of dollars of weapon she was provided. we are not talking about what is being provided by the u.k., canada. all of the states are sending where perjury nash weapons --
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weapons to attack. aircraft, multiple launchers, rivals, ammunition for them. poland is providing ammunition for 122, 125 milliliter weapon. these are banned. constant statements by the russian aggress meant -- why are they needed. are they able to supply these things? these things here are obvious. it is the desire to box down the discussions without the legal obligations. we are ready for dialogue, a very serious dialogue. not a meditation for dialogue, a
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real one. today, you know moscow received our reaction on the issue of your security guarantees. we do hope that this will be very carefully looked into washington because it is a very detailed and written document. thank you for that. i am resuming my function as president of the council. and the representative of the united states up for the floor for the statement. you have the floor. >> thank you very much. >> i had hoped that what we would hear in response from our russian colleagues, the response to secretary blinken's call for russia to announce today without -- that they do not plan to invade ukraine.
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instead, it was continuation of the newest information -- disinformation and rhetoric we have continued to hear. the secretary of state laid out the facts. he laid out the facts that we see on the ground. and all of you are seeing on the ground clearly. when we all see is escalation, including with the decision for the call to recognition of a separatist movement. total disdain for the agreement. hopefully, as he stated, this will not go any further. let me just say clearly for this room, for all of you who called for diplomacy, we will continue to intensify. we will continue to escalate our diplomatic efforts.
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we call for russia to seize a confrontation and accept our information -- and rotation to dialogue. we look forward to engaging at the negotiating table to discuss the response that the russian said to us just this morning. i will end by saying what secretary blinken said today. he did not come here to promote war. he came here to prevent war. and to find a way to get a peaceful solution. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united states from her statement. >> i will give the four to the representative of ukraine. -- i will give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> distinguished members of the council, all protocols observed.
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on this day seven years ago, the ukrainian city sustained a full-fledged offensive by the russia regular troops. heavy until your -- heavy artillery. all of this happened despise the litigation line led by ukraine and russia by the memorandum of 19 of september 2014. the second document of the agreement which clearly defined is that government console area. this happened by the package measures, it was signed a week earlier.
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and it contained commitment. this is just one example how russia violated the agreement almost immediately after signing them. so far, disrespect to commitments remains the hallmark of russia strategy. on wednesday morning, the ukrainian -- was showered with weapons. civilian infrastructure damage, including a daycare center. upon my government i have to bring the attention to the security council. not just a situation that -- the agreement and the entire process of supplements. two days ago, the russian
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president to recognize ukraine. this decision ran counter the commitment undertaken by russia. therefore, requested the security council in my letter to the security council dated 16 february 2022, to consider today. policy pinpoints remain unchanged. sanctions will have serious blows to the political diplomatic settlement that ukraine and its partners have been actively engaged to
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promote. recognition of the republics will have no legal implications. russia will not succeed in temporary occupying of territories and independent entities -- entities. instead, if the russian president endorses the ruling of the state, it will have destructive consequences for the international rules state order. the global security architecture. therefore, russia has a choice to embark on the path of escalation and diplomatic dialogue or experience consolidated response.
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it is a matter of practical concerns that the same pattern was implemented, and the same language was used in 2008. despite what the -- suggesting that it is just a appeal. to recognize the republic and the republic of --. so just do not call it an appeal. i think the secretary of state, mr. blinken for his powerful
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statement on february 16 on the issue of the decision. the foreign minister of france for his statement. the foreign minister of the u.k. for his statement today. i think norwell, ireland, and responsible members of the international community for their statements on this issue. i would like to ask the secretary of the security council to make my letter part of the proceedings with a letter dated february 16. >> the reaction of the u.n. in 2008 resulted in lasting occupation of the georgian territory.
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we hope that the u.n. leadership today learned a lesson from the occupational procedure. we help members of the state and the secretary will be more welcome on the charger. i addressed my letter on the issue and i wait for a meaningful reply by secretary general to my letter. recall on russia today to achieving programs in the framework of the existing and performance. otherwise, russia will be full responsibility following the agreements. the agreement is three
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documents. we should approach it implementation's these points. starting from the protocol of september 2014, let me remind you that according to the documents, ukraine and russia agreed on security zones in the border area of ukraine and russia and verification of the border. ukraine expects russia to disagree commitment which will become a major input into these resolution efforts. it is more than urgent now is about 1000 russian troops have been deployed in the vicinity of ukraine for this. we know the statements by the russian officials, although
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verification and proof are required. unusual military activities on ukraine borders as russia denies to explain violation of the document in confident the security building measures, has a detrimental, economic, social impact on ukraine already. regardless of russia. the military buildup on the ground has been coupled with a blockade by russia of the large parts of the black sea under naval exercises. this had made allocation and international shipping extremely complicated, causing serious challenges for the major ukrainian ports. all of these actions sit into the concept of the hybrid war against ukraine. but this information and cyber attacks have other important
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components. for instance, the most recently russia pulled another propaganda up its sleeve, blaming ukraine for genocide. these are fake and irresponsible allegations made by russia and hiding responsibility for the occupation of ukrainian territories. ukraine remains committed to a resolution of the russian ukrainian conflict by diplomatic means. ukraine wants peace, security and stability. not only for itself, but also for the entire europe. at the same time, right -- i reintegrate in the command of russia opting for russia ukraine will defend itself. we welcome all diplomatic and other efforts taken at different
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levels to prevent the worst case scenario. we are grateful for the board. the need to fully explore --. it is one of the necessary steps . it will include russia and ukraine as parties and for their direct dialogue. the dialogue that russia is still voiced in occupations. as long as russia makes direct dialogue about ukraine and moscow, which have effectively have progress on the solution.
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it is important that political advisors despite many implementations on the agreement and cyst. we are ready to resume the informants including as the level of the leaders. russia remains willing to hold summits. the last time our leaders met was in december of 2019, the decisions adopted then remained on implemented. humanitarian -- opening new accept points. ensuring repeated access throughout the conflict it carrier of the political provisions for the agreements.
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december last year, we managed to find a common understanding on resuming the fire resume -- regime. an issue like 20/20. we offered to strike the deal. restrictions of the -- continue to be a major implement for the intimidation of the mandate. during the last meeting on february 9, chief monetary provided information confirming that 90% of the restrictions of the patrol secure in the occupied territories. the goal in russia is to ensure the entire territory under its control.
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this is important to gain the backdrop of the russia's decision. in this regard, we support the initiative by france and terminate to establish the condemnation and verification mechanism. on the political fact implementation of the so-called formula. the special order of local government in areas of the region. local elections so far continue to be blocked by the slide. the russian representatives refused to continue discussions for the proposal submitted by the ukrainian delegation back in
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2024. -- 2014. and other issues on the agenda. ukraine has taken steps on implementation relating to the political process, in particular with the need for initial proposals to the law on special orders of local governments. a call to control of the border as holding local elections. otherwise, it will be -- to create the necessary security environment proposing the democratic election in light of the oic.
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it remains 20 russia to take decisions that will lead to full implementation of commitments it has undertaken under the agreements. on september five 2015 the agreement was signed. september 19. on february 12 2015, ambassador putin signed the agreement. we urge russia to abandon his -- it's strategy on ukraine. again, the territory integrity
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over ukraine. but before i and, --end. >> please allow me to quote. >> international law the political transformation did not result in the disappearance of the soviet union is a subject of international law.
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which is called --. did not stop but rather continued its existence subject to national law. and of course, i wonder how do you shape the security council. it would seem to be, the document now says when i listen i want to repeat the same words i said the exact same meeting on the 18th of february 2020.
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these are words from my famous russian poet. they were set in 1962. -- they were said in 1962. i will not stay calm. assuming to me started in the muzzle is him. -- muzzle is in -- and moses liam. let's get back and start implementing the charter of this change of article 23. let's implement article 22, 24, 108.
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i thank you for all of your attention. >> i think -- i think representative of ukraine for his statement. i will give the four -- four to the representative of germany. >> thank you mr. president. >> we would like to thank the secretary general, the special representative chairperson and officer of ukraine. on the behalf of the special monitoring mission, together with friends -- france germany's problem to receiving --. many of them remain. however, july 2020 proved that progress can be made.
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we called that the agreement must be observed. it is utterly unacceptable that the -- to detect civilian infrastructure. in 26 of january all participants commit themselves to the full implementation of the agreement. in this respect, the -- we express our strong concerns about the resolution of the russian state not calling on the federation to recognize people's republic as independent states. this was counter to the agreement and for the reach of ukraine sovereignty and integrity. mr. president. in this intense situation it is important to establish facts and
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identify disinformation. we commend the monitoring mission with facts on the security situation. we must ensure that they can carry out a full mandate without interruption throughout ukraine. this is why we leave the german and france does the same. it is also why we have concerns about the restrictions. mr. president, in these days we cannot evaluate the state of the agreement without factoring in military developments in the region. in recent months, and unprecedented military buildup up russian forces has taken place on the russian and belarus side of ukraine's border. it is possible to not perceive this as a threat or the preparation of foreign attacks. russia has so far failed to
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provide any satisfactory explanation for this cause of action. u.n. charter disrespect. but also the mere threat of the union for spirit --. within its is international recognized borders in line with the principles in the u.n. charter. the charter of paris and all of the commitments. in order to diffuse tensions, we have set up our diplomatic experts in" a nation with our venture partners. we have taken note of russia's -- to downside its troops along the ukrainian border. we call on russia to immediately follow up on this announcement and to withdraw its troops from ukraine's border, substantially and verifiably. russian be aware that any aggression towards ukraine with
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entire political economic secure -- severe consequences. so to this and russia should make full use of the information and confrontation mechanisms provided by the vienna documents. germany remains open to discussing with russia and to concerns of mutual interest. this is not something the united nations and its members states should be casual about. it is good that the u.n. embodies the situation around ukraine. we will have a debate in the january assembly up 23rd of february.
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we remained strongly on finding a diplomatic solutions and we hope others will too. thank you. >> i am grateful to the representative of germany for her statement. i would like to make further statement. in my capacity as deputy foreign minister of russian federation. we have heard here today words such as war, aggression. most interesting is that no one has ever said those words on behalf of moscow or russia or will say those words. i regret that strong statements made by vladimir putin in recent
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days in regard to the situation in ukraine in the eastern part of the country were not heard. i would like our partners to at least hear what was said at the press conference where in moscow such distinguished representatives visited us as the president of france, the german chancellor. there were negotiations there and detailed press conferences where our guests spoke and president of the russian federation. we have a meeting today on the minsk package of measures and i'm very satisfied with the fact that most of the statements stated that the minsk agreement are very clear and the only international legal framework to settle the ukrainian conflict.
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by the way, i have a great deal of respect for our interpreters how they managed to keep up and the speed with what they are saying and to do it correctly. let me make two requests. zelensky called the minsk agreement totally without merit. the second statement, i listened very carefully to the statement just made including the legal nature of the russian membership at the un security council. unfortunately, i have to say that it's not the first time the
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representatives of other countries including ukraine want to self aggrandize using this argument. the calculation here is very clear for the benefit of those who are not very well-versed in these issues. if we are going to discuss whether or not russia went through the procedure of becoming a member of the u.n., we could ask the same question of claim. -- of ukraine. russia is the successive state of the ussr. ukraine is a new statehood. with regard to poland, it is a very good thing when political message is in a poetic form, but
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i do like poems myself. beauty, for example, it is by a russian soviet poet. the question in the poem is about beauty whether the beauty is a vessel itself or whether it is the fire that the vessel contains. i would compare beauty with wisdom and we have to make sure we come up with wise decisions when it comes to the settlement in ukraine on the basis of the minsk package of measures. thank you. once again, i resume my function as president of the security council. we do not have any names on the
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list of speakers anymore, but i would like to put my questions to the prefers and ask them whether they would like to make comments. the undersecretary general for police affairs. >> i have no further comment. >> thank you. the special representative of the osc office in ukraine and the trilateral contact group? >> thank you. also, no further comment. however, i would very much like to thank for the participant -- for the ability to participate today. >> thank you. now i am putting the same question to the chief monitor of the osc special monitoring
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mission in ukraine. >> thank you, mr. president. i am joined by fellow prefers. i have no comments. >> now, the question is to mr. -- >> unfortunately, we cannot hear you. would you press the microphone button, please? >> we can hear you now. >> many people have written to me after my speech and they are
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saying to me please tell them that no one is in fear of an imminent russian invasion except for those people who have been inflicting violence on ukraine. they believe ukraine clutching american aircraft. the rest of them will take it in stride because the collective west that is exactly the reason behind their cody taught -- coup d'etat. that is a game. to throw the troops of the current kiyv regime then play a with sanctions. we will see who will stand to lose from sanctions more. thank you.
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>> thank you, there are no more names on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned. >> general michael bolton will testify before the house committee today. watch online on or watch full coverage on c-span now. >> c-span is your unfiltered
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view of government. full funding provided by these television companies and more. including cox. c-span giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> the un security council met today to discuss tensions between you -- russia and ukraine. we begin with russia's deputy foreign minister. >> i will now make a statement in my capacity as deputy minister for foreign affairs of the russian federation. we would like to thank


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