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tv   NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg on Russia- Ukraine  CSPAN  February 17, 2022 2:41pm-3:01pm EST

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it is anything at all. we did know that china's approval of a putin's activities here in the region. i am not sure that we can make the kind of direct difference from what you just raised, but certainly does i think that will continue to watch going forward. i think you raised a very important question. >> thanks, everybody. that concludes today's questions. >> thank you. >> nato secretary general also addressed reporters of nato headquarters, he said there is no sign of a russian military withdrawal or disk you like --
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de-escalation along the ukraine border. he says russia's buildup on the border is continuing. >> good afternoon. nato allies continue strong diplomatic efforts to find a political solution to this serious crisis taken by russia in and around ukraine. despite moscow's plans, we have seen no sign of a withdrawal or de-escalation so far. on the contrary, russia's buildup repairs to continue. we continue to monitor the movement very closely. we call on russia to do what it says and withdraw its forces from the borders of ukraine. this will be an important first step towards a peaceful political solution. today we met with our close
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partners, ukraine and georgia. with this, the continued russian aggression, the situation in the region and in toes -- and nato's support for both countries. our allies are helping ukraine boost is ability to defend itself. allies are helping ukraine to uphold that right. including with trainers and military equipment for the law enforcement. intelligence expertise with significant support. we also discussed the presence of russian forces in the georgian regions. both of the russians are recommending uncontrolled areas.
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we all agreed that there will be a further violation of ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. and in the minks agreement underlining the efforts. today, our allies confirm that the nato door remains open. the decision on the membership is for countries to take and nobody else. the right of each nation to choose its own path is fundamental for european and security. nato allies restate that their strong support for the sovereignty and integrity are both for georgia and ukraine. we cannot accept a return to the
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age of influence. where big powers, intimidate or dictate to others. sorry. there could be no decisions about ukraine without ukraine. no decisions about georgia without georgia. we agreed that it is even more important. nato remains open to engaging with russia in good faith. allies are able to seek out with russia in the council. the wide range of issues and find common ground. in the final session, we met with our close partners sweden and the european union. we shared the same values, we face the same challenges in the crisis in and around ukraine that affects us all. we agreed that it is even more
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important now that we continue to work together. and complement each other to bring this to a peaceful solution. with that, i am ready to take your questions. >> we will go to wall street journal. >> thank you. are you concerned comments were made to russia about hostilities , and encouragements could be used as a pretext for russia for eight attack -- 48 attack. -- for and attack. >> it is still no clarity about the russia's intentions. we do not know what will happen. what we do know, russia has the biggest in and around ukraine.
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we also know that there are many russians intelligence officers operating in ukraine. -- to provide an excuse for an invading ukraine. so of course, this is a concern. the details of the different report about --. also why nato allies have exposed the russian actions, the russian plans and the russian efforts when it comes to this information. we believe that it makes it harder for them to invade ukraine. we continue to call russia to
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de-escalate to withdraw forces and to engage in a political -- with nato allies. >> we will go to bbc. >> thank you. >> you have accused russia of disinformation, i just wonder if they can make the same charges with nato alliance? there were predictions for example, that there might be in beijing on the 16th, which never happened. i have got also, you are saying we are not clear how many troops that are are. are there will hundred 50,000? is there a danger of accusing russia of misinformation, they
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can just turn to you and say you put out misinformation about things that have not happened, about false operations that never happened. how would you respond? >> we have described our faqs on the ground. of course we have shared intelligence, shared information we have collected. this is all information that is not available for everyone. it is something that you can gnash. actually, now no one is trying to deny their facts. russia has a large force on the board of ukraine. that is publicly available information. what nobody knows. we note that there are forces -- we know that there are forces. we do not know intentions. but when you combine what you know about their forces, what
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you know about -- if you do not meet their demands there will be consequences. we know the track record of russia. if we combine that, on top of that the fact that they have local intelligence operating in side ukraine, combining all of that, there is reason to be seen as a concern. that is the reason we are saying if they use force, it will have a --. it is also why we are increasing the presence. all of this to try to prevent the effect on ukraine. the fact that we are describing this doesn't believe that it wouldn't happen, it would happen, it would have been to some certainty. also to prevent it from happening.
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so, the main story, the main thing that this has been the same for nato for months. one day responded in autumn to describe the good up to those questions, there were most likely plans. that has now happened. now we need to prevent the next step from happening that they are using this force against them. that is why we're doing all of the things we are doing and calling russia to de-escalate. >> ok. we will go to the national organization of ukraine. >> according to the public information from ukraine, russian troops are not --.
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and just maneuvering around the components of ukraine. my question is, do nato charlie concerns that all troops would be on the same base? what would be the direction of nato? >> i think what we have seen over many years now is that the european security environment. now they large number of troops in and around ukraine. also, of course the integration of the russian forces. that is exactly why we have reacted in the way we have. we have strength in the east. we have presence in the east and
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poland. that is the reason why. that is the reason why we are considering next steps includ ed the southwest alliance. nato has to respond. we continue to strive for a dialogue for de-escalation and we believe it is important to talk. nato believes in diplomacy. we believe in dialogue. therefore, we will call on russia. >> thank you. can you tell us more about the meeting with georgia in march?
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the second point mr. zelensky said today ukraine is welcome to nato, yet not all members of the alliance, how would you respond to that? >> we had a good meeting both the defense minister of georgia and the ukraine. i think in that meeting allies have support to both countries and wrote integrity to sovereignty. and support to georgia and ukraine in different ways. there'll be an exercise in georgia later on this year. of course, nato will be part of that.
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the black sea region is strategic importance for nato. what happens that there, we are very close partners of georgia and ukraine. to work closely with them it is important to us and important for partners. >> well, our position has not changed. the position remains. the focus and now is on reform. it is to help both ukraine and georgia to their defense and security institutions and we continue to focus on that. >> polymers -- belarus's
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president made a statement. what would be your response? >> we have approved more than 70 years of that we are there to protect them. they are not provoking conflict, but to conflict -- prevent the conflict. we are concerned about that russia is organizing. but as part of the problem we see. the reason why we are concerned and why we have been concerned for a long. of time, it is because of this is the path that has taken place over several years. one of the most important
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agreements have reached and made with russia banning weapons globally but also in europe. and russia deployed. so, we are taking the necessary decisions and steps to be able to protect the security environment, including the russian investments and securities. >> thank you. >> secretary-general, could you tell us what would have to happen so that nato can gnash those are real of the investigations. >> pressure is apparently about to head over there response to the u.s. proposals, are you expecting them to send a
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response to the u.s. proposal as well? >> thank you. >> we are waiting for the response from russia. we have received some in december, that russia wanted to sign with nato. we sent to russia our proposal, where there is a list. we believe that these are topics where there is room for common ground to find solutions that will improve the security for nato allies and for the people of russia. it is good for all of us. it will strengthen the security
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for russia and for nato allies. so, the reason why we have to convey these proposals, is that we believe that if we sit down in good faith like we have done in the past, we can actually reach agreements, which are strengthening the security of all countries, including russia. we are waiting for a response. we have not yet received any response. but i continue to believe that the nato council is the best to engage whether nato and russia are not -- have issues to discuss. it is even more important that we meet now when tensions are high and things are difficult. therefore, we are ready to meet.
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i invited russia to a series of meetings in the council to discuss their concerns, our concerns and to try to find a common way moving forward. your first question was? >> you have to understand that this is a >> we have seen a number of troops going up and down and we have seen forces moving down. the trend -- it has been a steady increase. the fact that you are putting a bettel take on a train and moving it in some direction, does improve -- doesn't improve the withdrawal of droop -- troops. it has to be a meaningful withdrawal and a meaningful -e


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