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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Russia Ukraine  CSPAN  February 21, 2022 9:06pm-10:34pm EST

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>> the security council meeting is called to order. the provisional agenda for this meeting is a letter dated 28
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february 2014 for the representative of ukraine to the united nations addressed to the presidents of the unit -- secured counsel. the agenda is adopted. in accordance with rule 37 of the councils provisional rules of procedure, i invite the representative of germany and ukraine to attend this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 39 of the councils provisional rules and procedure, i provide political and peace building affairs to put dissipate in this meeting. this is so decided. security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda.
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i now give the floor. >> mr. president, it is with great concern that i believe -- brief the council this evening on the unfolding situation in and around ukraine. in his statement today, the secretary-general was clear. the secretary-general considers the decision of the russian federation to recognize the independence of certain areas of the regions to be a violation of the integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. an inconsistent with the principles of the charters of the united nations. we very much regret this decision. it risks having global and regional per repercussions. we also regret the order to deploy russian troops into eastern ukraine. reportedly, on a piece me -- peaceful meeting mission.
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a mass evacuation of residents into the russian federation. we are concerned but the escalated shelling across the contact line. reportedly leading to a number of casualties. their specialty monetary -- monitoring meeting -- from 18 to 20th of february for 173 cease-fire violations including one under 26 explosions. 2158 cease-fire violations including 1100 expulsions and the other region. we remind all involves of the responsibility under international humanitarian law and human rights law. although the united nations is not in a position to verify the
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numerous claims and allegations made by various actors, we are deeply concerned about the reports of civilian casualties targeting of civilian infrastructure, and ongoing evacuation. mr. president, we are extremely concerned about the possible implications of the latest developments in the existing negotiation frameworks. with the current risk and uncertainty, it is even more important important to pursue dialogue -- dialogue. regarding regional security issues. the settlement of the conflict in eastern ukraine in accordance with security council resolutions. before the current already dangerous conditions escalate further, we call on all relevant factors to focus the efforts on
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immediate secession of hostilities. civilian and civilian and for structure must be protected and actions and statements may worsen the situation must be avoided. over the past few weeks, key actors have been engaged in intense diplomatic efforts to avert new interruption of conflict in the heart of europe. secretary-general fully supports these efforts and has deplored even the possibility that a new conflict could break out. mr. president, we are committed to a long-term partnership with ukraine, a founding member of the united nations. if it continues to pursue the democratic reform agenda, 30 years after independence. once again, we reiterate the full commitment of the united nations to the sovereignty and independence and territorial integrity of ukraine would and
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its internationally recognized borders according to resolutions. throughout the eight years of conflict in eastern ukraine, the united nations has continued to provide lifesaving humanitarian support to all in need, as well as human rights related work. during this difficult. , we are committed to stand and deliver and remain fully operational in ukraine. the safety and security of our staff must be respected by all parties. mr. president, the next hours and days will be critical. the risk of major conflict is real and needs to be prevented at all costs. i can assure you of the full commitment of the secretary-general to work toward a diplomatic resolution of the current crisis. thank you met sir president.
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>> think for briefing. i now give the floor to the five councilmembers who wish to make statements. i give the floor to the permanent resident of the united states. >> thank you mr. president. since world war ii, the united nations charter, the key tenants of which this council is mandated to uphold has stood as a bulwark to the worst impulses of empires and autocrats. earlier today, russia's president vladimir putin announced that russia will announce its independent states. sovereign area of ukraine, controlled by russia's proxies
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since 2014. he has since announced he will place russian troops in these regions. he calls them peacekeepers. this is nonsense. we know what they really are. in doing so, he has put before the world a choice. we must meet the moment and we must not look away. history tells us that looking the other way in the face of such hostility will be a far more costly. russia's clear attack on ukraine's sovereignty and integrity is unprovoked. it is an attack on ukraine's status as a human member state. it violates a basic principle of international law. it defies our charter. what is more, this move by president putin is clearly the basis for russia's attempt to create a pretext for further invasion of ukraine.
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the consequences of this action will be felt far beyond ukraine's borders. we do not have to guess at president putin's motives. today president putin made a series of outrageous false claims about ukraine aimed at creating a pretext for war. immediately thereafter, announced russian troops are entering. he claimed ukraine is seeking nuclear weapons from the west. this is not true. ukraine is in fact one of only four countries to have voluntarily surround -- surrendered their nuclear weapons. the united states and our allies have no intentions of supplying nuclear weapons to sit -- ukraine and ukraine does not want them. then putin asserted that russia today has a rightful claim to all territories. all territories from the russian empire. the same russian empire from
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before the soviet union. from over 100 years ago. that includes all of ukraine. it includes finland. it includes belarus and georgia and moldova. because extent, kyrgyzstan, and because you can stand. turkmenistan, uzbekistan, and lithuania. it includes parts of poland and turkey. in essence, putin wants the world to travel back in time to a time before the united nations to a time when empires ruled the world. the rest of the world has moved forward. it is not 1919. it is 2022. the united nations was founded on the principle of decolonization. not re-colonization. we believe the vast majority of
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u.n. member states and the un security council are committed to moving forward, not going back in time. the consequences of russia's actions will be dire. across ukraine, across europe, and across the globe. in our past two meetings on ukraine, i have mentioned nearly 3 million ukrainians will need food, shelter, and lifesaving assistance right now. the u.n. estimates the humanitarian toll will expand significantly should russia further invade. already russian proxies dramatically increased shelling and artillery fire over the weekend, killing ukrainian civilians and soldiers. if russia invades ukraine even further, we will see a devastating loss of life. unimaginable suffering. millions of displaced people will create a refugee crisis crossed europe.
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nevertheless, russia has declined repeated treaties to state its intentions before the world, including by secretary blinken and the security council last thursday. president putin is testing our international system. he is testing our resolve and seeing just how far he can push us all. he wants to demonstrate through brute force seeking make a farce of the u.n.. we must act together in response to this crisis. over the past few weeks, the world has heard the other 14 members of the security council speak with one voice asking russia to pursue diplomacy. other members of this council, even those who often align with russia on other matters have been clear that the sovereignty independence, and -- integrity, of every you and state should be
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safeguarded. including ukraine. this is a basic norm of international relations and it embodies the purpose of the u.n. charter. the sequence of events that secretary blinken spelled out for this council last thursday appeared to be proceeding exactly as he predicted. today president putin has torn the agreement to shreds. we have been clear that we do not believe he will stop at that. in light of president clinton's latest actions, we must all stand up to the principles on bond which this organization was founded. president biden issued an executive order today that will prohibit new investment, trade, and financing in the new regions. tomorrow the united states will
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take further measures to hold russia accountable for this clear violation of international law. ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. but we and our partners have been clear that there will be a swift and severe response were russia to further invade ukraine. in this moment, no one can stand on the sidelines. we must make it clear that an attack on ukraine is an attack on the sovereignty of every human member state and the u.n. charter and that it will be met with swift and severe consequences. we continue to believe that the diplomatic table is the only place where responsible nations resolve their differences. that is the only place to preserve peace. thank you mr. president. >> i think the representative of the united states.
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i give the floor to the permanent representative of albania. >> thank you mr. president. thank you for a clear incompetence of briefing of the security council on this issue. in the strongest terms, russians decisions of independent entities. this is a breach of international law the charter, and the blatant -- it puts in them -- these acts of the russian federation are no and void, has no basis, and no international development. we call this to the council and all united nations states to reject and condemn firmly. albania reiterates its firm setting in it sovereignty for
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ukraine and its supporters. mr. president, just a week ago we were sitting in this very room at the russian initiative to discuss the limitation of the agreements. today, we have an emergency meeting exactly because of the russian federation because they violate the agreements. this is a disrespect according to the council and its decisions. the whole world has witnessed how the russian federation has continued to work to undermine the sovereignty of ukraine and determine its geopolitical implementation. what happened today is nothing less then what we have seen in 2008 and 2014. meaning and aggression by publication a phantom republic. who is next?
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every u.n. member should be alarmed and realize eyes wide open the consequences of this national minority of the weapons to -- we should not accept the destabilization being exported to other parts of me -- europe from the occupied territories of ukraine, including coups disguised as these -- they call on the russian federation to stop and revoke and in good faith come to the talk and give a chance to the agreements. here colleagues, this is yet another critical moment for ukraine. the u.n. should remain actively engaged in work together for the
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right of the ukraine people to live in peace and freedom. we echo his call to prioritize diplomacy and address all issues as the only way to move forward. enke. -- thank you. >> i think the representative from albania for his statement. i know give the floor to the permanent representative of france. >> president. i would like to think the usg for their statement. i would also like to thank the secretary-general for his action and his very clear words. i like -- i welcome the presidents of ukraine and france has supported requests for an emergency meeting given the extreme gravity of the situation.
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this is not just a further attack on the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of ukraine, but also a violation of the fundamental principles of the united nations charter which endorsed the minsk agreements and the commitments undertaken by russia which were confirmed at the very highest level the last few days on the 17th of february. the russian representative publicly acknowledged before this council that there is no alternative to the minsk agreements and they were the only internationally recognized legal basis to solve the conflict in ukraine. today, the reality is quite different. russia is choosing the path of
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confrontation and spite of the incessant efforts to achieve a de-escalation over the last few weeks in the last few days, notably by president macron working with the german chancellor. we are continuing these efforts and we call on russia to match its words with its deeds. when it claims to be in favor. and to go back on its decision to recognize the separatists entities with our european partners, we are preparing targeted stations against those who took part in this illegal decision. in the context of the heightened tensions of ukraine's borders, provoked by the strengthening of russian activity, we are concerned by this additional step in the destabilization by russia and by the threat that that weighs on european security.
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france welcomes the restraint that ukraine has shown in these difficult circumstances. we express our full solidarity with the people and government of ukraine. we call on russia to refrain from any other actions destabilization, notably those that may undermine the security and the safety of nations and put them in danger. we are particularly concerned about the decision of president putin to send the army to separatist territories under the pretext of peacekeeping. this would be another flagrant violation of ukraine's territorial integrity. president, france will continue to mobilize and support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. thank you. >> i think the representative of
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france. i know give the floors of the representative of india. >> thank you mr. president. let me begin by thinking the other generals for her briefing. we have been closely following the evolving developments relating ukraine including developments along the eastern borders of ukraine and the recent announcement by the russian federation. escalation of tensions with the russian federation is a matter of deep concern. these developments have the potential to undermine peace and security of the region. we call for restraint on all sides. the immediate priority is de-escalation of tensions, taking into account of the legitimate security interests of all countries. aimed toward securing long-term peace and security in the region and beyond. we are convinced that this issue
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can only be resolved through diplomatic dialogue. we need to give space to the recent initiatives give undertaken by parties which seem to diffuse tensions. in this context, we welcome the -- we need parties to observe divergent interests. we cannot afford to have a military escalation. as we have emphasized before, the mixed agreements provide a basis for a peaceful settlement. we need to find common ground to facilitate the implementation of the minsk agreements including key security, and political aspirants -- aspect. the safety and security of civilians are essential. more than 20,000 indian students
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and nationals live and study in different parts of ukraine, including its border areas. the well-being of indian nationals is a priority to us. in conclusion, we strongly emphasize the vital need for all sides to remain international peace and security by exercising the utmost restraint and intensifying diplomatic efforts to assure a mutually diplomatic solution is arrived at the earliest. i thank you. >> i think the representative of india for his statements. i give the floor to the permanent representative of brazil. >> thank you very much mr. president. let me start by thanking the update she has brought to the council tonight. mr. president, when his organization was established in 1945, it entrusted the security council with the primary
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responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. tension in and around ukraine is being elevated on the daily indeed hourly, basis. extraordinary importance and relevance. we are all aware how critical the situation has become. brazil is following the latest developments with extreme concern. in the present circumstance, we in this council and representation of the national community must reiterate calls for immediate de-escalation and are steadfast commitment and support of political and diplomatic efforts to create conditions for a peaceful solution to the crisis. the collective security system of the united nations rests
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ultimately on the pillar of international law. this in its turn rests upon all principles enshrined in the charter. the equality and integrity of sovereign states. and a peaceful settlement of disputes. this pillar and principles will not yield results unless legitimate concerns of all parties taken into consideration. and unless there are so full respect for the charter and for existing commitments, such as the minsk agreements. in this vein, we renew our appeal to all concerned parties to maintain dialogue in the spirit of openness, understanding, flexibility, and a sense of urgency to find ways for a lasting peace in ukraine
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and in the region. the first inescapable objective -- a comprehensive disengagement of troops and military equipment on the ground. such military disengagement will be an important step to build trust among the parties. strengthens -- seek a stable solution for the crisis. we firmly believe that this council must live up to its full response ability to help the parties engage in meaningful and effective dialogue. achieving a solution that effectively neutralizes the security concerns in the region. make no mistake, at the end of the day we are talking about the lives of innocent men, women, and children on the ground. i thank you mr. president. >> i think the representative of brazil for his statement. i now give the floor to the rep
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-- permanent representative of the united kingdom. >> mr. president. we meet this evening because earlier today president putin announced the russian federation's recognition of the independence of the so-called republics. issued a decree to send russian military forces into ukraine as so-called peacekeepers. colleagues. the actions russia has chosen today will have severe and far-reaching consequent is. first, to human life. an invasion of ukraine unleashes the forces of war, death, and destruction on the people of
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ukraine. the humanitarian impact will be terrible. on civilians fleeing the fighting. we know that women and children will suffer most. second, to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a u.n. member state. which is protected and guaranteed by the u.n. charter. as the secretary said earlier, russia's decisions are a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. inconsistent with the principles of the u.n. charter. third, to international law. the actions taken today make
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mockery of the commitment russia has made to the budapest memorandum and the minsk agreements. endorsed by security council reformation 2202. seeking to redraw borders by force, russia's actions show blatant contempt for international law. the united kingdom will be announcing new sanctions on russia in response to its breach of international law and attack on ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. there will be severe economic consequences to its actions. colleagues. now, more than ever, the council must shoulder its responsibilities for peace, and
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security and defend the principles of the international -- you in charger. the council must be united in calling on russia to de-escalate immediately. in condemning aggression against the sovereign nation in defending the territorial integrity of ukraine. in calling on russia to respect its obligations under the charter to the peaceful resolution of disputes. russia has brought us to the brink. we urge russia to step back. i thank you. >> i think the representative of the united kingdom for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of mexico. >> president.
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i'm grateful for the briefing by the usg on the current situation in ukraine. we are following with concern the recent developments and the situation in the east of ukraine. in these circumstances, it is critical that those actions exacerbating this crisis cease. the security council through resolution 22 of 02 supported the measures as the only way as -- of resolving -- this must be respected. specifically in this particular case, three fundamental principles of the u.n. charter are being violated. reframing from threatening to use or threatening force, and nonintervention in the internal affairs of states. it is therefore unable -- unacceptable that over the last few days the schelling's,
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explosions, and other cease-fire violations have increased, according to reports from the osce monitoring mission. we urge the party to immediately and these actions. we wish to recall that in the same room a few days ago, russia made a categorical statement saying they would not invade ukraine. we hope they will comply fully with that statement. mexico reiterates its amendment with the respect of the sovereignty and political independence and territorial integrity of ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, through international law, and relevant resolutions of the un security council and general assembly.
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we once again reiterate our appeal to resume the path of the escalation, diplomacy, and dialogue. you very much. >> i think the representative of mexico for her statement. i give the floor to the permanent representative of ireland. >> thank you mr. president and i also want to thank secretary general for her breathing. mr. president, we meet tonight at a moment of great danger. for peace and security in europe it and for the international norms and principles that all of us around this table have a responsibility to defend. it is a moment we had hoped to avoid. a moment that should have been averted by diplomacy and dialogue. we must respond to this by speaking clearly and honestly
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about this grave situation and how we can resolve it peacefully. let me be clear about where we stand. ireland's commitment to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders is unwavering. ireland believes in and is fully committed to the core principles enshrined in the u.n. charter. these include the sovereign equality and territorial integrity of states. ukraine has the same fundamental right as every other sovereign and independent state to choose its own foreign policy and to ensure the security and defense of its own territory. the commitments we make as members of the u.n. are binding on every one of us. no exceptions. mr. president, last thursday
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during the meeting organized by the russian federation on the minsk agreements, we heard of the goal of that meeting was for the security council to affirm that there was no alternative to this document. we believe that the council did just that. yet now, four days later president putin has decided to recognize the independence and noncontrolled areas and to order troops into those two regions of ukraine. this is the second time in less than 10 years that the russian federation has violated ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. it is a flagrant violation of international law. in taking this unilateral step, russia has abandoned the minsk agreements and cast into doubt all of the diplomatic efforts of
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past. ireland commends ukraine for the restraint it has shown in the face of russia's military buildup at its border and the provocation of the recognition of the regions. ireland supports a clear and unequivocal response to this. the action served to only further raise tensions. ireland once again calls for calm de-escalation and the pursuit of diplomacy. even if that call is not being heard, it is a call worth making again tonight. we need to see sustained and credible moves on the ground toward de-escalation of this crisis. we are -- we urge russia to withdraw its military forces and
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returned to discussions within the normandy format. mr. president, also needs areas of the minsk agreements agreed on the needs for the u.s. ees monitoring safe and secure access to the entire terror -- territory of ukraine. the mandate was agreed by all 57 osce participating states. at the sensitive time, it is imperative that they be given the full access agreed in its mandate. we commend those who have engaged in dialogue and urge them to redouble their efforts to seek a peaceful resolution to this perilous situation. we owe nothing less to the people of ukraine. we call on all parties to ensure the protection of civilians as well as refraining from any actions that would escalate the
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situation. mr. president, ukraine has already endured eight years of bitter conflicts with over 14,000 lives lost. the people of eastern ukraine in particular have suffered from years of insecurity, humanitarian crisis, and human rights violations and abuses. this council and its members have a responsibility. it will inflict further misery on ukraine and its people. this is the time to show the courage to pull back from the precipice and return to dialogue and diplomacy. thank you. >> i think the representative of
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ireland for her statement. i now give the floor to the permanent representative of the united arab emirates. >> thank you mr. president and at the outset i would like to thank the secretary-general for the peas building affairs. and the updates and briefing this evening. i would like to refer to the statement of the uae delivered in this chamber on the 17th of february on the same subject. i would like to emphasize once again the importance of de-escalation and restraint and maintain regional and international security and stability. now is the time to engage constructively and in good faith to address the current situation and mitigate its impact on any civilians and civilian infrastructure. to chart a diplomatic path forward. mr. president, the uae reiterates the importance of dialogue of diplomacy, and de-escalation.
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continue all efforts to reach a peaceful solution consistent with international law and the charter of the united nations. particularly the principles of independent sovereignty and good neighborliness. we believe the minsk agreements form a good basis for that and adherence to these principles is indeed a sustainable pillar of peaceful forward. i thank you. >> i think the representative of the united arab emirates statement. i give the florets the permanent representative of kenya. >> thank you mr. president. i think the secretary general or -- general for her breathing. we meet tonight on the brink of a major conflict in ukraine. the diplomacy we've urged on the february 17 is failing.
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the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine stands breached. the charter of the united nations continues to wilt under the relent -- relentless assault. in one moment it is invoked in reverence by the very same countries who then turned their backs on it in pursuit of objectives diametrically opposed to peace and security. in the last two meetings, and the buildup of forces in ukraine, they urged diplomacy be given a chance. our cry was not heated and more importantly, the charters demand to settle the dispute by peaceful means in such a manner are not in danger has been profoundly undermined.
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today, the threat or use of force has been affected. kenya is gravely concerned by the announcement made by the russian federation to recognize the regions of ukraine as independent states. and are considered view, this action and announcement reaches the territorial integrity of ukraine. we do not deny that there may be serious security concerns in these regions. we cannot just divide today's recognition of these regions as independent states. not when they are multiple medic tracks available that offer peaceful solutions. mr. president, this situation
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goes our history. kenya and almost every tax -- african country was birthed by the ending of an empire. our borders would not of our own drawing. they were drawn in london and paris and lezz bond. -- lesbon. we share deep historical, cultural, and linguistic bonds. our independence had we chosen to pursue states on the basis of ethnic, racial, religious, we would still be waging bloody wars these many decades later. instead, we agreed that we would settle for the borders that we inherited. but we would still pursue continental, political, and
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economical -- rather than looking backwards in history with a dangerous nostalgia, we chose to look forward to a greatness none of our many nations of people had ever known. we chose to follow the rules of the organization of african unity and the united nations charter. not because our borders satisfied us, but because we wanted something greater forged in peace. we believed that all states formed from empires that have collapsed or retreated have many peoples in them yearning for integration with peoples and neighboring states. this is normal and understandable. after all, who does not want to be joined to their brethren and to make common purpose with them? however, kenya rejects such a yearning from being pursued by force. we must complete our recovery
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from the embers of dead empires in a way that does not plunge us back into new forms of domination and oppression. we rejected expansionism on any basis, including racial, ethnic, or cultural. we rejected again today. kenya registers strong concern and opposition to the recognition to the independent states. we further strongly condemned the trend in the last few decades a powerful states, including members of the security council, reaching international law with little regard. most nationalism lies on its deathbed tonight. it has been assaulted today as it has been by other states in the recent past. we call all members to rally
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behind the secretary-general and asking him to rally up to the standard that defends. we also call on him to bring his good officers to bear to help the concerned parties to help resolve this part -- by peaceful means. let me conclude with the president by confirming kenya's respect for the territorial integrity of ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. thank you. >> i think the representative of kenya for his statement. i give the floor to be permanent representative of ghana. >> thank you very much mr. president. i would also begin by first of all thinking usg for her breathing of the council. the decision by the russian federation to recognize the
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nongovernment control regions of ukraine and to send in troops has stunned the world. donna deeply regrets the decision of the russian federation to turn its back on the minsk agreements and the dialogue required to address concerns for the agreements. when ghana joined the organization in 1957, -- we reconvened and are still there. equality of states has constituted the basis of this organization. at the very top of the foundation for a stable world. we believe that the united nations represents the best attempt at maintaining peace across the nations. forging relations among our peoples.
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as well as the prospect of a better tomorrow. it is for this reason that ghana, like many of members of the organization, uphold the charter and international law. we believe that we can improve the operation and make the world a better place. for generations unborn. the organization now works on principles within the context of the united nations with the countries that existed that have been assisted to become sovereign and political independent. this organization has been on the pathway for all of its members. regardless of differences and political ideology. encouraging the development and maintenance of friendly relations. by the actions of this organization, the rights of
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people have become more respected by their governments and their well-being is guaranteed. mr. president, i will declare, supports internationally recognized borders ukraine the borders of which join the united nations is a bona fide member. we do not support any actions that violate ukraine's sovereignty. by our principles, ghana does not recognize any entity outside of the clear arrangements that have been established by the charter and the principles of international law. for the recognition. as an international community, we have pulled back for many dangerous scenarios when logic and reason. on this occasion, we re-echo the voice of peace will be
9:58 pm
restrained by all parties. while the sound of war may be loud, we voice of peace runs deeper. we remind members the need to protect. it requires adhering to the core principles of the charter and international law. the true path of greatness lies not in one's ability to use power, but in the capacity to constrain its use when that would be an obvious choice for those of a lesser capacity. we hope that within this counsel, and perhaps outside of it, too, we shall find a resolution in a manner that does not impair the mechanisms of peace. while ghana and other african members -- counterproductive to
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the safety workings of our modern arrangements, for maintaining global peace as a treaty, that concern has never been rendered more acute than a situation such as the one we now see. maybe in a for many occasions that we have gained -- gave international norms. on this occasion, we are required to do more. reaffirming our common commitment to the purposes and principles of the charter. all countries including the most vulnerable may play a key price. reports of invasion across the borders of ukraine, reiterate
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our concerns for the civilian population. we ask all parties to strictly comply with the tenants of international law. mr. president, we may be on the precipice, but we have not fallen over. the path for dialogue and diplomacy still remains. we invite the secretary-general in close coordination with the osce and all other relevant partners. >> i thank the representative of ghana. i give the floor to the representative of gabon. >> thank you, president. first of all, i would like to thank -- president, over the
10:01 pm
last few weeks, we have regularly been called to monitor the situation on the border between russia and ukraine. with fears of military action and a ratcheting up of rhetoric by the parties. the call for sovereignty over the separatist regions have sent signals of imminent action. president, today, russia has announced its decision to recognize the sovereignty of the self-declared republics. this decision is heavy with consequence for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine, and undermines the implementation of the minsk
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agreements. gabon, which is particularly attached to the principles of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty, notes the attack on these essential pillars of international relations. we call on all parties to show restraint and de-escalate, and to adhere to settlement of disputes in light of the united nations charter and encourages them to use dialogue and diplomacy to avoid irreparable damage from the crisis, thank you. >> i thank the representative of gabon. i now give the floor to the permanent representative of norway. >> president, let me also thank her for the briefing and the
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secretary-general for today's press statement. we are gathered here, this evening, because of the russian federation's violation of the core principle on which this organization is built. the sovereign equality of all its members. norway strongly condemns the decision by the russian president to recognize the self-proclaimed people's republics in eastern ukraine as independent states. recognition of the self-proclaimed people's republic is a clear violation of the minsk agreements under which russia recognizes the nongovernment control areas in eastern ukraine as part of ukraine. the russian federation has made
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a clear commitment to seek a peaceful settlement to this conflict. and, recognition of the self-proclaimed people's republic runs directly contrary to the trilateral contact group to bridge a negotiated peace. furthermore, russia's actions constitute the clear violation of international law. it has chosen unilateral action and military threats rather than diplomacy and dialogue. norway urges russia as a party to the conflict to fulfill its commitments to abide by international law and return to the path of diplomacy. russia's continued massive military buildup in and around ukraine remains an issue of grave concern. norway urges russia to de-escalate by withdrawing its military forces from within
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ukraine and this effect -- vicinity of its borders. we commend ukraine's posture of restraint in the face of continued provocation and destabilization efforts. russia's decision to deploy forces is irresponsible as it increases tension. we are facing the prospect of a war that would not only threatened europe's security architecture, but would lead to unparalleled suffering for the civilian population. norway calls on russia to respect and adhere to international humanitarian law. we call upon all parties to facilitate safe, rapid humanitarian access for those in need in ukraine. president, let me conclude by
10:06 pm
reiterating norway's unwavering support for ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. let me recall the principles and purposes of the u.n. charter which are now under threat by the actions of the russian federation in and around ukraine. thank you. >> i thank the representative of norway for her statements. i give the floor to the permanent representative of china. >> thank you, mr. president. mr. president, china has been paying close attention to the latest developments of the situation in ukraine. we fully elaborated on our position at the previous meetings of this counsel. at present, all parties concerned must exercise restraint and avoid action that may fuel tensions. we welcome and encourage every
10:07 pm
effort for a diplomatic solution , and call on all party concerns to continued dialogue and consultations. and seek reasonable solutions to address each other's concerns on the basis of equality and mutual respect. the current situation in ukraine is a result of many complex factors. china always makes its own position according to the merits of the matter itself. we believe all countries should solve international disputes by peaceful means in-line with the purposes and support of the u.n. charter. i thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of china. i shall now make a statement in my capacity as the
10:08 pm
representative of the russian federation. distinguished colleagues. we have just now heard a number of highly emotional statements, categorical assessments and far-reaching conclusions related to the signing today by russia's president of degrees recognizing people's republics. i will leave the verbal assaults unanswered. now, it is important to answer how to avoid war and force ukraine to stop the shelling and provocations. from the statements of a number of our colleagues, one may get the impression that russia's recognition took place suddenly. for no reason at all. of course, that is not the case. it should be remembered that the dpr and lpr declared their independence from ukraine back
10:09 pm
in 2014. we only recognize them now, despite the high level of support for doing so both in the republics themselves and in russian society from the very beginning. at the time, the hope was that the ukrainian regime would think again and stop talking to their own citizens in the east in the language of cannons, shootings, and threats. time and again, we firmly asked kiev to listen to the aspirations of the people to respect their legitimate desire to use their mother tongue and teach their children, and honor the memories of those who liberated the land from ashes rather than those who fought on the side of fascists. after the ukrainian military followed up the determination of
10:10 pm
the people, the minsk agreements were signed and a package of measures was adopted with the aim of implementing it. there was once again hope for peace and that authorities would be sensible. there was a particularly great amount of hope invested in the election in 2019 of a new president of ukraine. he promised at long last to establish peace. however, those who hoped that the ukrainian authorities would take a peaceful stance were unfortunately mistaken, kiev returns to its bellicose rhetoric and continued the shelling of civilians, and also did everything it could to sabotage and ultimately destroy the minsk agreements. most importantly, the flat refusal of kiev to speak directly with the representatives, despite the fact that this requirement is a
10:11 pm
central structural elements of the package of measures. unambiguous confirmation of and willingness to engage is something we have heard repeatedly from ukrainian leaders in the last few days, including from the permanent representative of ukraine during the security council meeting reconvened convened on the 17th of february to discuss implementations. after that, it became clear once and for all that ukraine did not intend to implement the minsk agreements. i would like to recall and remind my colleagues on the security council that in all other conflicts, be it libya, syria or yemen, we all demand and call for direct dialogue between the parties to the conflict. it is only in ukraine that is for some reason an exception to this rule. from some statements today, one may understand that a number of our colleagues are ready to bury the minsk agreement.
10:12 pm
however, i would like to remind you that when the minsk agreements were concluded, the lpr and dpr had declared their independence. the fact that russia today recognize that, in no way changes the makeup of the parties to the minsk agreements, because russia is not a party. we have repeatedly declared this and in so doing, nothing has changed. it is another matter that the minsk agreement's, the provisions which were supposed to be implemented in 2015, have been openly sabotaged by ukraine with the backing of our western colleagues. today, we can see many colleagues want to sign up for the idea that the minsk's are dead, but that is not the case. kiev is still bound to implement them. we remain open to diplomacy for a diplomatic solution, however,
10:13 pm
allowing a new bloodbath is not in something we intend to do. unfortunately, we are forced to take a negative role played by our western colleagues led by the usa. instead of forcing kiev to implement its obligations, they have been egging ukraine on, repeating the meaningless mantra that the obligations under the minsk agreement are not being implemented by russia, which as we underscored, is not a party. moreover, for the last few weeks, the panic around the impending invasion, our western colleagues have been unashamedly cramming weapons into the country, sending instructors there, essentially nudging the ukrainians who have concentrated a 120,000 strong military along
10:14 pm
the conflict line. the joint efforts that the west and ukraine have inflated an air bubble that simply has to burst. there has been a sharp increase in the intensity of ukrainian shelling of residential areas. 1600 shells. the territory has been penetrated by subversive groups who have carried out or tried to carry out sabotage of critical infrastructure. as i already said, there are casualties among the civilian can population. the dpr has declared general mobilization. it is russia and not ukraine that refugees have flooded two. over the last few days, the number of evacuated women and old children have reached thousand people. russia is providing conditions for them to be housed and supported.
10:15 pm
the shelling of towns and villages near the border zone. it has become clear they are on the brink of a new you ready military adventure, as was the case in 2014 and 2015. we cannot allow that. that is why the russian president he did the opinion of palm and terrien's and members of the russian security council, and you know the rest. a detailed statement from the head of state about the reasons of this decision was taken and broadcast in detail. today, it is true we have an open distortion of what the president was talking about in his statement, about history and the genesis of the situation. the fact that he allegedly said he wants to reconstruct the russian empire. distinguished colleagues, i would like to call upon our western colleagues to set a motions to one side and not make
10:16 pm
the situation worse. no one other than you can hold back the militaristic plans of kiev and force it to stop the shelling and provocations against the people's republic, who in these new conditions, could have extremely dangerous consequences. in accordance with the agreements signed today and on the basis of their requests from the republic, peacekeeping functions on their territories will be carried out by the armed forces of the russian federation. distinguished colleagues, i would like to know, today's statements, most of you did not find any place for the more than 4 million residents of donbass. it is as if you have been caught filling out surveys from 2014 calling them pro-russian separatist. at the same time, you decided the illegal coup in 2014, you wanted to discuss with the new
10:17 pm
authorities how their rights would be upheld. that was all they wanted to do. in the last few days, with the sharp intensification in military activities along the contact line, the lives of hundreds of thousands of women, children and elderly reasons, have once again ended up under real threat, and the main aim of our decision was to protect and preserve those people. that is more important than all of your threats. thank you. >> i resume my function as president of the council. i give the floor to the permanent representative of rain. -- ukraine. >> distinguished members.
10:18 pm
it is with unease that i will now remove my mask. it is not because of the covid virus. we are all vaccinated. there are vaccines for covid. it is because of the virus that has so far no vaccine, the virus that hates the united nations, and the virus spread by the kremlin. the delegation of ukraine has requested this urgent meeting to draw the attention of the security council to the illegal and illegitimate decision by the president of the russian federation. to recognize the occupied parts,
10:19 pm
regions of ukraine, the so-called people's republic. today, the entire membership of the united nations is under attack. under attack by the country that occupies the membership of the security council in 1991 by passing the u.n. charter. the country that occupies parts of the territory of georgia 2008. the country that occupied parts of ukraine 2014. as stated by the president of ukraine, following the urgent meeting of the national security and defense counsel of ukraine,
10:20 pm
the international recognized borders of ukraine have been and will remain unchangeable. regardless of any statements and actions of the russian federation. ukraine unequivocally qualifies the recent actions as a violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. the political leadership of the russian federation shall be at full responsibility for the outcomes of the decisions taken. recognition of the occupied parts of those regions of ukraine may be considered as unilateral withdrawal by washer -- russia of the minsk agreement. while it disregards the decisions in the framework of normandy.
10:21 pm
this step undermines peaceful efforts and existing negotiating frameworks. by the decisions adopted today and those that may be adopted tomorrow, russia legalizes the presence of its troops, which have actually been in the occupied areas since 2014. a country that has fueled the war for eight years is not able to maintain peace as it claims. what will happen next? we want peace. and we are consistent in our actions. today, the ministry of foreign affairs -- on the basis of the budapest memorandum to the guarantors of the security of ukraine demanding immediate consultation.
10:22 pm
the meeting of the un security council and special meeting of the osce have been initiated. we insist on the full-fledged operations of the osce to prevent provocations and further escalation. an emergency summit of normandy four has been requested. we expect from our partners clear and efficient steps of support. it is critical to see now who is ours roof end -- our true friend and partner, who is on the side of the u.n. charter, and two will continue to deter russia by words only. we are committed to a political settlement and do not succumb to provocations. in accordance with article 51 of the charter, ukraine has the inherent right to individual and
10:23 pm
collective self-defense. we are committed to a peaceful and diplomatic path and will stay firmly on it. we are on our land. we are not afraid of anything or anyone. we own nothing to anyone. we will not give away anything to anyone. there should be no doubt whatsoever, because it is not february, 2014. it is february, 2022. another country, another army, one goal is peace. peace and ukraine. peace in europe. global peace. excellencies, we must do all we can to make sure the problem is resolved through implementation of the minsk agreement's.
10:24 pm
that was set here in the security council chamber just four days ago. said by the russian deputy foreign minister in the chair of the president of the council, with a reference to president putin. president putin, who has taken the decision that we discussed today, is a threat to the rules-based order, u.n. charter. in particular, article two of the charter. as well as to international peace and security. peace and security is a primary responsibility to maintain under the article 24 of the u.n. charter. in accordance with article 49, the security council shall make accommodations to decide what measures shall be taken to maintain international peace and security.
10:25 pm
the delegation of ukraine requests the security council members to exercise the above duties. we invite the russian federation to reread again and again, carefully, today's statement, where the secretary-general considered the decision of the russian federation to be a violation of territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. an inconsistent with the principles of the charter of the united nations. i thank the secretary-general for his powerful statement. in conclusion, i would like to reiterate that it remains up to russia to abandon its long-lasting strategy on ukraine. based on threats and use of
10:26 pm
force against the territorial integrity or political independence of my country. reengage in what we have all committed to, fundamental principles of peaceful relations enshrined in the u.n. charter. we demand from russia to cancel the decision or recognition, and returned to the table of negotiations. we condemn the order to deploy additional russian occupation troops in the territory of ukraine. we demand immediate and complete verifiable withdrawal of occupation troops. dear members of the security council, the united nations is
10:27 pm
-- that is a matter of fact. it has been hit by the virus spread by the kremlin. will it succumb to this virus? it is in the hands of the membership. today, the kremlin copy pasted word for word the decree on georgia in 2008. word by word. copy and paste it. copy pasted. no creativity whatsoever. who is next among the members of the united nations? the question is open. i thank you. >> i, as president of the
10:28 pm
security council, plies to say this. i thank the representative of ukraine for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of germany. >> thank you, mr. president. i thank the secretary-general for her breathing. mr. president, only four days after our last meeting, this council meets again to discuss the situation of ukraine. on thursday, there was consensus that the minsk agreement's which this council unanimously endorsed need to be implemented. including by the russian federation. today, we are confronted with the very opposite. president putin's decision is not only a blatant breach of security council resolution 2202, but also basic principles enshrined in the u.n. charter. it's a flagrant and deliberate
10:29 pm
violation of ukraine's territorial's -- in instigation and fueling of the armed conflict in eastern ukraine. russia has repeatedly insisted it was not party to the conflict. today, it on basques itself and shows it always has been. mr. president, my government condemns russia's violation in the strongest possible terms. with our allies and partners, we will take firm measures in response. i call on all u.n. member today's position comes in the context of an unprecedented buildup of russian forces around ukraine for the last two months. these forces -- we have a flare along the wind of contact over the last days in order to create
10:30 pm
a pretext for russian attacks. russia has cleared its readiness to deploy troops in eastern ukraine. u.n. charter is clear. it prohibits the threat of force against the territory, integrity and of states. it can only be concerned -- considered a further threat against the integrity as a whole. i call on russia to live up to its obligations as a permanent member of this council and urge russia to immediately revoke today's decisions and recommit to the minsk agreements. in line with that normandy for and what was agreed to. russia must not cross the international borders of ukraine . russia must immediately withdraw its troops from the regions ordering ukraine and i call russia to recommit to the rules-based architecture in europe which is built --
10:31 pm
russia's decisions have put this under serious strain. we call on russia to return to the path of diplomacy, instead of shedding further blood. germany will spare no diplomatic effort in this regard. we stand by ukraine, its territorial in front -- integrity. in the ukrainian people. >> i think the representative of germany for her statement. there are no more names to speak. the meeting is adjourned. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022]
10:32 pm
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