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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Russian Invasion of Ukraine  CSPAN  February 28, 2022 5:04am-6:02am EST

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>> to the united nations, dated february 2014, addressed to the president of the security council. the agenda is adopted. in accordance with role 37 of the council provisional rules of procedure, -- it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. members of the , they are ready n
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the vote before it. i shall put the draft rough solution to a vote now. -- those in favor of the draft resolution and document at-/2022,/100, please raise your hand. i request that those who are voting. i request that those who are against the resolution raise their hands. abstentions, raise your hand. the result is as followed, 11 in favor, one vote against, three abstentions.
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given, and online with established procedure of the security council, this matter and this vote was procedural in nature. the draft resolution will be adopted as the resolution 2623, 2022. i now give the floor to those members of account for who wish to make statements after the vote. -- members of the council who wish to make statements after the vote. >> colleagues, we stick together outside of this chamber to declare that the russian veto will not stop us from holding russia accountable. for noting a sovereign state,
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state that is known to be a democracy. russia vetoed the resolution, but as i have said before, russia cannot veto our voices. they cannot veto the ukrainian people and russia cannot veto the u.n. charter russia cannot and will not veto accountability. now the security council has taken an important step forward towards that accountability. for the first time, for the first time in decades, it has called for an emergency's shoals session in the general assembly. the council members that supported this regulation recognize this is no ordinary moment. we need to take extraordinary actions to meet this rat to our international system and do everything we can to help ukraine and its people.
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just this morning, president putin put russia's nuclear forces on high alert. even though he is innovating and country with no nuclear weapons. ukraine is under no threat from nato, a defensive alliance that will not fight in ukraine. this is another escalatory and unnecessary's up that threatens us all. we urge russia to tone down is dangerous rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons. these are issues that affect our member states and now in the general assembly, they cannot make their voices heard on russia's war of choice. we will then vote on a resolution that will hold russia to account for its indefensible actions and for its violation of
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the u.n. charter. as we speak, rockets continue to rain down on key -- on kyiv and across ukraine. tanks are raining down on cities. bombs that flatten cities and indiscriminately target civilians for unjust above -- unjustifiable assault. it is fabricated out of lies, and the outrageous lies about ukraine conduct in its own defense. we are alarmed by the mounting reports of civilian casualties. videos of russians -- russian forces moving exceptionally lethal weapon tree into ukraine and the widespread destruction
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of ukrainian distilled -- de-stability, luck ukraine of schools and hospitals. to the russian officers and soldiers, i say, the world is watching. photographic and video evidence is mounting in you will be held to account for your actions. we will not let atrocities fly -- slide appeared those of us here, faithfully sitting in the hall, we have a moral responsibility to risk on to russia's desecration of human life. that means humanitarian aid like the thermal blanket that we have already listed to tens of thousands of ukrainians in need. it recently announced a 54 million dollars in additional humanitarian effort that will
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reach hundreds of thousands more. that means military support, including the additional $350 million of security assistance that the united states is shifting to ukraine. it means holding the soul aggressor, russia, accountable for its action. that will take some courage from some fellow member states and i know that. we need to sell straight. from inspiration, i would ask you to look to the ukrainian people. they have shown strength, courage, and resilience in the face of russian guns, soldiers, bombs, and rockets. they maintained the courage to sit down and talk. we welcome their continued willingness to participate in peace talks. on friday nights, darkness
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descended on kyiv. missiles attacked a sheltering city. the next morning, ukrainians woke up to a new citizen, a baby girl born to a mother in a bomb shelter. her name is mia. photos of her tiny hand, gripping her mother as they burrowed underground, has inspired the world. let us take on the courage of mia's mother. let us have the courage of the ukrainian people standing bravely to defend their democracy and their walled of life and their future. let us show them that they are not alone. the world stands behind them. the united nations had a purpose. the additional bravery of the protesters in russia is not in vain.
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let us do everything we can to help the people of ukraine as i stand up for themselves for their sovereign country and their children. thank you. >> to the -- to albania. >> formally, it is purely -- it's significant is significant proportions. then try to lock the when at a time when we need it most. not anymore. those fine lines open the big door were the world [indiscernible] an unprovoked and unjustified pure attack of aggression.
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the unc session is not condoning the provoked war. is -- and is about upholding the u.n. charter. they want to listen to the world and here. russia must be stopped in its attempt to break international rules and to replace it from its role. all member states, especially like-minded, which come to take the majority of the u.n., we must remember that international law rules the u.n. charter and they are the best friends, best army. it is the best insurance. russia's actions undermined them . it is time to learn from past mistakes, and not repeat and perpetrate them.
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russia can come back to reason, stop, recall the troops, go back. courage and wisdom, it is not a threat of an apocalypse. as result on friday, this is no time to stay idle or look away. it is time to stand up. ukrainians are resisting. + part of the russian federation. we are blocking the adoption of a resolution.
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82 members of the united nations. they call for an end to the aggression of ukraine. they cannot accept this. for this reason today, we voted in favor of this new resolution which now calls for an emergency special session of the general assembly. the security council remains -- of the matter. plans will remain mobilized about an to ensure that there will be an upholding of the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security in this context. the president of the french republic, emanuel, he called for the security council to meet tomorrow. they will address the humanitarian situation in ukraine. friends come with mexico, will submit a draft resolution to guarantee unfettered humanitarian action to meet the
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urgent need of the people in ukraine. in the lack of those who are attempting to impose the laws for strongest, the international community hasn't you and demonstrate its unity, solidarity and along -- and step alongside ukraine and its people. thank you. i think the representative of france and i hand the floor to the representative of ireland. >> mr. president. i once again strongly condemned the russians federation further invasion of ukraine. since we last met on friday, the russian federation has intensified its unjustified and unprovoked attack against ukraine.
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russia's aggression is causing it mounting hardship and suffering to the people of ukraine who have shown remarkable resilience and resolve. ireland stands in full solidarity with them today. mr. president, this counsel has a responsibility to act in the face of conflict and to respond to this great threat to international peace and security. we have failed to exercise that responsibility. we were rendered powerless to do so, in spite of the kill will of 11 members of this counsel. the russian federation's use of the visa and fragrant attempt to excuse it's only -- it's on military -- against ukraine, the only member of our united nations. this use and these terrible
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tragic circumstances are reprehensible. they undermined the legitimacy of this counsel and the eyes of the watching world. however, the visa will not prevent international community from responding to russia's blatant breach of international law. nor will it deter us from holding russia accountable for its actions. ireland votes in favor of the structure of solution to call an emergency special session of the general assembly. ireland calls on our fellow members of the general assembly to step up where the council has failed, to uphold the principles of the u.n. charter, to condemn aggression and to support a return to the path of diplomacy and peace. this is the very least that the people of ukraine and deserve from us in their hour of need. we cannot let them down. thank you.
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>> thank you and i will confirm to the representative of mexico. >> thank you very much president. last friday, the 25th of february, there was an exercise of the veto. the security council was unable to fulfill its primary responsibility of maintaining international peace or security. since it proved unable to adopt a draft resolution any relation to the situation in ukraine, despite the votes in favor. the paralysis of the security council, we are invoking resolution 377, uniting for peace. we want to convene urgently and
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-- an extraordinary session. since 1945, mexico has maintained an unwavering status. it is against the exercise of the veto by members of the security council. as we have maintained on numerous occasions, and today reiterated, this faculty should not be a privilege. and constitutes an enormous and very delicate responsibility. at the consequence, mexico, unreservedly, supports the emergency special session of the general assembly. as stated by the representative of france, we will be convening a session to analyze the humanitarian situation prevailing on the ground.
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we will be facilitating the expedition nest arrival. thank you very much, president. >> i give you the floor, to the president of china. >> thank you mr. president. we are witnessing dramatic changes in the ukraine situation. china has made his position clear on the ukraine issue and that remains unchanged. we believe that the top priority is for all parties to exercise the necessary restraint to prevent a situation in ukraine from getting worse. china supports and encourages all diplomatic efforts conducive to a peaceful settlement of the ukraine crisis and welcome the earliest direct -- between the conflict between russia and ukraine. china supports equal footage
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between ukraine and russia on european issues. we uphold the principle of undivided bull security to eventually form and on -- a sustainable european mechanism. china believes the security council should give priority to regional peace and stability and the universal security of all entries and employee a security role. actions taken by the uni should help cool the situation and facilitate diplomatic solutions to avoid escalation of tensions. i thank you mr. president. >> thank you are now give the floor to the representative from the united kingdom. >> thank you. the united kingdom welcomes a result of this vote today. we vote in favor of convening an
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emergency special session of a general assembly on ukraine tomorrow. the members of this counsel have laid bare, russian diplomatic importance. russia, again, was isolated in opposing this resolution. russia cannot stop the world from coming together to condemn its invasion of ukraine. of each day -- as each day passes, and it is unprovoked and an unjustified war, support for the people of ukraine, their plight, their fight for freedom, it grows. we urge all members of the united nations to use their voice tomorrow to call for the immediate withdrawal of what russian forces from ukraine and end this war. thank you. >> the representative of india.
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>> mr. president. it is regrettable that the situation in ukraine has worsened forever. since the council last convened on this matter. there has been a call for the immediate secession of violence and hostilities. there is no other choice but to return to the path of diplomacy and dialogue. we have advocated this strongly. we have had recent conversations with the russian federation and ukraine. in this regard, we welcome to this announcement that both sides will hold talks at the border. [inaudible] and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty are --
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and sovereignty of all states. we continue to be deeply concerned about the safety and concern of internationals, including a large number of indian students who are stranded in ukraine. our s accusation has been impacted by the conflicts and uncertain situations border crossings. it is important to maintain an uninterrupted and critical moment of the people. it is an urgent humanitarian necessity that must be immediately addressed. taking into consideration the totality of circumstances, we decided to abstain. thank you. >> i give the floor to the representative of norway. >> norway voted in favor of the draft resolution. just two days ago, in this chamber, we also addressed -- we
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have isolated and have support for an attack on ukraine. russia's actions is unacceptable. russia's wrong. russia is aggressor and violates the core principles of international law that the united nations stands for. on friday, each council, this counsel, held its primary responsibility for the maintenance of the national security. the council's response to the breach of the peace and of the act of aggression failed because of the need of the aggressor itself. and prevented -- preventing such act is a direct responsibility of the council. it is necessary to reconvene to decide to call an emergency special session of the general assembly on this issue. we will take this matter to the general assembly with the
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purpose of making appropriate recommendations to members for collective measures. russia will be held accountable. the civilian population, including children, is suffering the consequences of this horrifying consequence. killings, displacements, hiding in and around urban areas and the use of heavy explosives. construction of civilian infrastructure. we remain deeply concerned about the protective harm to the civilian population. norway is undecided with the ukrainian people and this -- norway is on the side of the ukrainian people and the government. we are providing further assistance. we will provide 226 million u.s. dollars in humanitarian resistance to ukraine. let me conclude by reiterating that norway insists us the russian federation completely
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and unconditionally stops all fighting and withdraws its forces from the territory of ukraine. thank you. >> i give the floor to representative of up result. -- to be representative of brazil. >> thank you mr. president. last friday, by delegation laid out before the council a comprehensive view of its concerns regarding the security development in and around ukraine. nothing in zip. -- nothing in the period. as we speak, the number of casualties, the human suffering, and the risk to international peace and security keep increasing by the hour. numbers, recently, they -- they
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have already placed the number of refugees at 42 3000 -- 42 -- 423,000. we have voted, despite misgivings about its time and contributions to achieving peace. these misgivings stamp from our efforts of respect for and interest in upholding the charter and the role of the security council. the urgency of the situation has convinced us that the need to and the voice -- 2 -- of the general assembly. we are seeking solutions to the crisis in and around ukraine. this, in no way detracts from our view that the council, its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international
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peace and security, has not yet exhausted the mechanisms at its disposal to contribute to a negotiated and diplomatic solution towards peace. therefore, we reenter it and i quote "an immediate -- for respect determine a terry law and for a renewed attempt within the council for the promotional and support to the process of dialogue between the parties involved." the security council and the general assembly must work together. as for the cease-fire, we also appeal to ukraine and russia to facilitate the withdrawal of
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persons who want to leave the ukrainian territory people -- territory. we want to express gratitude to poland, slovakia, hungary, and others, who are facilitating people fleeing the country, any particularly resilience and latin americans. -- any particularly brazilians and latin americans. the supply of weapons as a recourse to cyber attacks and of the application of sanctions, which could affect sectors such as fertilizers and wheat, with a strong risk of famine, it risks exacerbating the conflict. we cannot be oblivious to the fact that these measures enhance the risk of direct confrontation
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between nato and russia. it is our duty both in the council and in the general assembly to stop and reverse this escalation. we need to engage in serious negotiations in good faith that could allow the restoration of ukraine's territorial integrity, security guarantees for ukraine and russia, and strategic stability in europe. i thank you. >> thank you. i now give the floor to gabon. >> thank you. the counselors meeting this sunday to try to echo the
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unequivocal messages of the international community against the war in ukraine. as we have stated, before this council, just two days ago, we reiterated our constant attachment to the founding principles of the charter of the united nations, which compelled each one of its member states. we also have faith in international solidarity and multilateralism. it is on behalf of these values which give our organization and our charter its full relevance and nobility that we voted in favor of holding a special session of the general assembly of the united nations on ukraine. our thoughts today go to those innocent people who are suffering the horrors of a world they have neither chosen nor provoked. the civilians who are fleeing their homes, their towns, and their country to seek refuge elsewhere. my country is deeply concerned by the attacks against civilians and civilian public goods and
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call for de-escalation. we call upon the belligerence to abstain from any use or threat of the use of weapons whose effects would be indiscriminate. finally, gabon continues to call for an immediate cease-fire and a resumption of frank, sincere dialogue. it is still time, it is always time to choose dialogue and diplomacy over force. thank you. >> thank you. i know give the floor to the united arab emirates. >> mr. president, the uae regrets that the situation in ukraine has worsened since our last meeting and we iterate its call for cessation of hostilities. we remain steadfast in our belief that dialogue and diplomacy should be the only path to resolving differences.
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we therefore welcome today's news that talks may commence tomorrow morning on the ukraine-belarus border. this is urgent and much-needed. we will work tirelessly to support efforts toward a peaceful resolution. as we conveyed on friday, the development in ukraine undermine regional and international peace and security. the uae reiterates that the protection of civilians in ukraine is of the utmost importance. particularly as the security situation escalates. civilians trying to reach safety must be able to leave unhindered. it is of paramount importance that necessary humanitarian aid is delivered to those in need. space for humanitarian assistance must be preserved. so humanitarian actors can maintain access to civilians.
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we emphasize the importance of upholding international humanitarian law and mitigating the impact of this conflict on the most vulnerable. we reiterate once again the absolute need to uphold the principles of the u.n. charter , in particular, respect for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of all member states. i thank you. >> thank you. i now give the floor to the representative of ghana. >> mr. president, let me begin by acknowledging the dangerous moments we live in. and noting the necessity for diplomacy to triumph over war. i therefore ask that even in this difficult moment, and as
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diplomatic representatives of our states, we maintain the commitment to our state's dialogue and objectives of peace. last friday, because of the exercise of the veto, this counter was unable to assume its primary responsibility to act on a threat to international peace and security following the russian federation's aggression against ukraine. it is time for the general assembly to resume its responsibility and to pronounce itself on the matter. in addition it is this reason that ghana voted for this resolution just adopted. as we consider the resolution we have just adopted, it is important that we do so with sobriety. not only for this generation, but also for those whose blood
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speaks to us from the restless graves of two world wars. as a condition for becoming a member of the united nations, we have all declared to accept the obligations contained in the charter in a peace and loving nature. today, peace is threatened. ghana therefore calls on all embassies to participate in the emergency special session of the general assembly in a constructive manner, to unite around a call for peace, and stopping this unjustified war that has already caused the needless loss of many lives. i thank you very much for your kind attention. >> thank you. i shall now deliver a statement in my capacity as the representative of the russian federation. the russian federation voted against the draft resolution in connection with the fact that it
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sponsors propose that is you registered that the security council failed to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. at the same time, we did not see even a hint at an attempt to reach a constructive solution at the council. and yet two days ago, we blocked a draft specifically for the reason that it was both one-sided and imbalanced. we have not seen any new initiatives since then. the u.n. and the united nations security council were created in a postwar period with the aim of saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war. two that end -- to that end, global powers concurred to reach agreements, ideally to reach consensus. and in any event, certainly not to attempt to push through decisions on one another, nor to attempt to disregard the interests of each other. this is precisely why the council has the vested right for
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permanent members to block a decision. this is not a privilege, this is a mechanism for ensuring the balance of interest which is of such paramount importance for the entire world and through this balance of interest for the achievement of global stability. any attempt to circumvent the position of the russian government, any attempt to disregard it undermines the bed rock of the u.n. charter. there is a need not to push through such schemes but endeavored to find common ground, regardless of our western partners attempts to avoid this. including when they disregarded our legitimate concerns in connection with nato's policies and the western countries violation of the core principles of the osce. on the indivisibility of security. now there is a need to focus on resolving the situation which precipitated the crisis with which we are grappling. this crisis broke out not as a result of the launch of the
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russian special military operation in ukraine, but much earlier when for eight years you turned a blind eye to the crimes perpetrated by ukraine. again, today, you did not mention at all the suffering of the residents of donbas. sir, it was indeed -- or the homes in dobass which were razed by ukrainian armed forces, and these images are now being taken by western military outlets and being portrayed shamelessly as the consequences of our military operation new in ukraine. today, during this meeting once again, we hear lies, deceit and fakes. about the indiscriminate shelling of ukrainian cities, hospitals, and schools. the russian army does not threaten civilians in ukraine. it is not shelling civilian
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infrastructure. a threat to civilians is being posed by -- and they are using them now has human shields. there is a multitude of evidence from ukrainians that of the nationalists, despite their protests, are taking heavy equipment, multiple rocket launchers and then deploying them in residential areas. this is an egregious violation of international humanitarian law, which needs to be duly condemned. essentially, this is the same tactic that is being used by isil terrorists. all responsibility for the possible repercussions lie at the feet of the regime. the residents of ukraine are also threatened by the ongoing radicals giving power to all of those who wish, including escapees from jail. they are taking weapons which are now being used by marauders and thieves and criminals.
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social networks have sufficient evidence of this from the residence of kyiv and other cities, that this demonstrates the reckless approach of the ukrainian authorities vis-a-vis their own citizens. now, against the russian federation and social networks there has been an information war unleashed, as far as evidence of the destruction of civilian infrastructure by russian military does not exist. ukrainian strikes and accidental strikes and videos from donbas are being portrayed as such and these are actually being carried out by ukrainian nationalists. furthermore, social networks have a host of educational manuals about how to create fakes to depict our military operation. and fabrications. and these social networks have 1.2 million such fakes circulating. we urge our colleagues not to
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aid and abet the proliferation of such disinformation, although i fear that once again this call will fall on deaf ears. i now resume my duty as the president of the security council and i give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> distinguished members of the security council, i would like to spread my gratitude to those of you who have supported the request to call the u.n. general assembly emergency session. i immediately expressed my regret that once again the rule 20 of the provisional rules of
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the security council has not been properly applied by the presidency. however, i express my relief that this rape of the institute of the presidency of the un security council the will be over in less than 48 hours. for those who appear to see no reason in supporting their request to have the emergency session, despite yesterday's letter sent to all of you, but the representative of the aggressor, i would like to just tell you the following. do you know the most often warning now in most of ukrainian cities? attention, air raid, please proceed to the shelters. and i do recommend you to look at the pictures and footage of
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what happened afterwards. day to day, night to night. i will continue to invite all members of the security council to join the catharsis, the provision of this institution, that they will only save this institution for the next generations. russia persists in its aggression despite the initial plan of this week. and it failed. and we all see it. this failure prompted the bloody and mad russian leadership to order heavy shelling of residential areas, critical infrastructure and storages of hazardous materials in retaliation for ukrainian's
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resilience and resistance. it is extremely alarming that the russian president has supported -- has resorted today to open nuclear blackmail. the world must take these threats very seriously. excellencies, now the most intense fighting occurs around the ukrainian capital, as well as in the northeast, and the south. long-range operational and tactical aircraft, high precision long-range weapons, multiple rocket launcher systems, are widely used against the ukrainians. among the most telling recent examples of russian course of action in ukraine, missile strikes on a town which is practically a suburb of the capital.
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a missile hit the oil depot, causing a large-scale fire. there was also shelling that damaged a gas pipeline. according to the ukrainian health minister, at least 16 children were killed since 24 february, 2022 when the large-scale military aggression against ukraine was launched. on february 6 -- february 26, a seven-year-old girl who has been seriously wounded during the shelling of their kindergarten died. on the same day due to the shelling and gunshots, one child was killed and two wounded at the national children's hospital in kyiv. due to threats of air raids,
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maternity hospitals in a number of ukrainian cities including kyiv could not operate normally. ukrainian children are born in bomb shelters. according to the minister of education of ukraine, as of now, more than 350,000 schoolchildren have no access to education. those history schools with over 5500 students are closed due to severe insecurities. in civil areas. today, i have brought these appalling facts to the attention of unicef, asking to respond immediately to the situation. give proper qualifications to the actions of the russian federation, and take all possible measures to stop so that death and violence against
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children in ukraine due to the blatant russian aggression. i stand by the diplomatic note and i am looking forward to working with unicef on the issue. the losses of the enemy as early february 27 have amounted to nearly 4300 personnel killed. and over 200 taken as prisoners of war. the detailed information is posted by the ministry of defense of ukraine. distinguished members of the security council, as always, russia denies that its soldiers are taken prisoners.
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recognize. or the soldiers that are killed, recognized. in this regard, ukraine has opened a hotline entitled, come back alive from ukraine, for relatives of russian soldiers who are not aware of their whereabouts and cannot contact them. the hotline is opened by the government of ukraine. over 100 calls from russian mothers were received during the first hour of this war. it is unfortunate, however, that today, pursuant to the decision of the prosecutor general of the russian federation, the line and the dedicated website has been shut down.
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so, i want to use this opportunity to read the telephone number for anyone in russia who would like to call and ask about the killed or taken prisoners -- the soldiers who were killed or taken prisoner in ukraine. where they inquire about their well-being. it is 380-89-42-01-86-0. we will distribute this information after the meeting and i hope that after i read this number, the russian federation and its government will not shut down the website for the united nations. we condemn that belarus is being
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deeply engaged in the armed aggression against ukraine. since the beginning of the russian aggression, this country has provided territory for russian offensive. today, the ukrainian city, in fact the airport was hit by air missiles launched from the territory of belarus. one invitation for -- was an invitation for negotiations at belarus, or was it an escalation for the raised steaks on the eve of the negotiations? excellencies, ukraine filed the case against the russian federation at the international court of justice. and their request for the court to issue an order of provisional measures against russia. very soon if it is not already there, it will be available
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on the site of the court. ukraine seeks an urgency hearing and an order by the court that russia must cease its unlawful attack on ukraine. russia will have to answer for its behavior at the world court. the court has jurisdiction to hear ukraine's case and to order emergency measures on the basis of the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide. the so-called genocide convention. the genocide convention is one of the most important international treaties drafted in response to the horrors of world war ii and the holocaust. russia, however, has perverted the treaty's obligation to prevent and punish genocide. it is made an absurd and
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unfounded claim of alleged genocide for the justification and pretext for its over aggression against ukraine. in violation of the sovereignty and human rights of the ukraine people. ukraine's case before the icj will establish that russia's aggression against ukraine is based on the lie and a gross violation of international law. it must be stopped. as the ukrainian people continue to bravely stand against russian aggression, russia's lies will be exposed. ukraine will bring russia to account. i will switch to russian.
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to conclude, i wish to turn personally to the ambassador of the russian federation. during a previous meeting, i spoke about the children and their parents. parents will take pride of or were ashamed of these steps taken by their kin. it seemed to me at that point that you took my words very personally. i would be ready to take my words back if you were to follow the example of your colleague. the head of the delegation of the russian federation and for the closure of the inter-government expert group on climate change. the intergovernmental panel on climate change. today, in response to the emotionally charged statement of
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the ukrainian delegation, and it is difficult now for us to speak without emotion, he said, and i quote, that those who see what is taking place can find no justification for the attack against ukraine, end of quote. this was delivered during the open -- the closed part of the event, but it was confirmed by a number of participants and subsequently by he, himself. there is always place in life for choices. there are always options. for example, one can remain a human being, a person, or they
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can continue to defend evil. and this is the choice which lies with every individual, always. i thank you. >> the meeting stands adjourned. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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