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tv   Washington Journal Washington Journal  CSPAN  March 26, 2022 10:03am-11:08am EDT

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president biden wraps up his trip to europe today. he visited u.s. trips in poland yesterday, met with the polish president, ukrainian refugees and will deliver a major address from warsaw. meanwhile, forces have shifted their focus, prioritizing the contested donbass region. we will be following the president's trip and keeping you posted. that address from poland is expected at 1 p.m. eastern time, you can see it live on c-span, and the free video app, c-span now. what do you think of president biden's handling of the russia-ukraine conflict following that trip to europe? give us a call. the phone numbers, (202)-748-8000 for democrats, (202)-748-8001 for republicans,
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(202)-748-8002 for independents. you can also text us your comments at (202)-748-8003. send us your first name, city and state. we are on and you can send us a tweet at @cspanwj. welcome to washington journal. i am joined by paul mccleary, a reporter for politico. he focuses on national security and defense. guest: good morning. host: i want to ask you about this shift in strategy away from kyiv. why is russia doing that? guest: they have been attacking along five fronts across the northeast and south. they are overstretched. they cannot resupply troops,
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consolidate the lines of communication and they have been stuck north and west of key for a little over a week now -- of kyiv for a little over a week now. they have not been moving, digging into defensive positions. this could be a way for kremlin to try to create a win if they want to consolidate control in the donbass. they are trying a pincer movement surrounding 30,000 ukrainian troops in the east. they have been fighting hard along the entire front. if they get around them to the west, to surround them, they would try to cut them off. it is not clear if that would be successful. ukrainian troops are well supplied and fighting hard. this is an effort to really get a win, however nebulous it might
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be for russia. it presents a danger to the ukrainians, if the troops are cut off. that would be a significant portion of their army and hurt them. host: the pentagon says russia has lost control of the south of the country. guest: it is unclear. the russians took it early. their operation in the south and east, the ukrainians have counterattacked. the russians have control of most of the cities. there is a counterattack happening. ukrainians have been successful in counterattacks especially to the west of give. -- kyiv. they have got back some territory. it is hard to get information out of that area that is reliable but there is renewed fighting. host: the president is set to make an announcement from warsaw. guest: there will be another
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uptick in humanitarian aid. they made announcements earlier this week, $800 million more in military aid, stingers, javelins, ammunition, drones, things like that. the white house will keep flowing in military aid. they can only do so much at a time. they have to do everything on trucks in poland and drive it to ukraine. there is so much they can get across. i imagine more, taking in ukrainian refugees, things like that. host: president biden was asked twice if nato would respond if russia were to use chemical weapons. what did he say? what are the plans for that type of scenario? guest: he said we would respond in kind, which is vague, but any sort of response to chemical weapons is going to be vague, to
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keep ambiguity there. it would be unprecedented for the russians to do this on a civilian population. it is not clear what the west -- certainly more sanctions. there are teams in the u.s., nato and eu who can collect samples to ensure what happened. i imagine they are being mobilized, teams from the state department, things like that. we don't really know. it is uncharted territory. host: barring the use of chemical weapons, it has been a priority for the administration not to escalate tensions. what if russia escalates militarily? then what? guest: they threatened to do so, using so-called tactical nuclear weapons, is part of the doctrine foreground warfare. they never used it before but they also have not thought like this since world war ii.
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there is danger here. ukraine is not a nato country. there will be no article five invoked here. it is a question of how far does nato and the u.s. want to go to protect and defend a non-nato country, which is a very open question, and this is what pollutant was banking on when he went in. i don't think he thought the west would rally the way it had militarily or economically to challenges movement to ukraine. host: you mention the support coming into ukraine from the u.s. how much of the $800 million has already gotten their? do we know what impact that might be having? guest: some already has. a defense official told yesterday reporters at the pentagon, said there were several more plane loads on the way, over the next few days.
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it is having a massive impact. the stinger missiles can take down helicopters. the javelin missiles have been chewing through infantry carriers and russian tanks for several weeks now. the germans have sent hundreds of javelins, the dutch, the u.s., the norwegians, the u.k. ukraine always needs more and they want more but it has had a huge impact on the battlefield. host: how have those shipments to ukraine affected u.s. stockpiles of those weapons? will they need to be restocked? guest: dod is scrambling right now to get money to the defense industry and make plans, in order to start restocking stockpiles. u.s. and europe, latvia, lithuania, estonia. small stockpiles, a large portion of them have gone to ukraine. they want those back. we have seen how effective
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they are against russians. we want those back as soon as possible. dod is trying to find the money, which they can do relatively easily, and trying to get the defense industry involved in building these weapons as soon as possible. host: paul mccleary, reporter for politico, thank you for joining. guest: thank you. host: we will take your calls. i wanted to show you this article from the washington post, headline "ukraine is disappointed in nato. it says inside ukraine, while russia's brutal onslaught continued, a senior aide to president zelenskyy said officials were very disappointed in the outcome of series of summits among nato and eu leaders in brussels that brought biden to europe. we expected more bravery.
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we expected some bold decisions. that was so then ski's chief of staff -- president zelenskyy's chief of staff." let us take your calls. let us know what you think of president biden's handling of the conflict. marissa, democrat, montana. caller: thank you so much for washington journal. so grateful you are a light, a beacon of hope in the darkness. thank you thank you for everything you do. i am so grateful. america, first of all, biden is the man for the moment. he is competent, literate, educated. great teamwork. he works. unlike the former administration that was so incompetent, he is competent, educated, literate. he is doing a great job. he promotes a free press.
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our former administration was trying to get rid of the free press. i will stop there. i want to say a few words to americans. i grew up as american and half cuban refugee. my mother was a republican. i had a lot of respect for her. i have to tell you we have to stop fighting each other. we are like two shellfish fighting each other when the fisherman catches them. we have to work together to accomplish what we need to accomplish. i used to have a lot of respect for republicans. there is a lot to be said for conservatives. please stop being so petty. let's work together to accomplish what we need to accomplish. thank you. host: ben, republican line, state college, pennsylvania. caller: hi, good morning. before i start, i agree 100%
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with the caller before me even though we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. we need to stop domestic fighting and become one. i agree with that 100%. first off, my heart goes out to all those poor people in ukraine. [indiscernible] i think it is good president biden traveled there. to be there in person, i am sure it has a bigger impact than on zoom or sending the vice president. that didn't seem to go so well when she was in poland. i think president biden will make a positive impact over there. i don't necessarily support most of the things he does or policies but i am happy to see him over there. hopefully this comes to an end soon. host: the president is in
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europe. he was addressing u.s. troops in brussels. he spoke about the importance of u.s. and nato efforts in ukraine. [video clip] >> we are in the midst of, and i don't want to sound too philosophical but we are in the midst of a fight between democracies and oligarchs. [indiscernible] things are moving so fast, change is happening so quickly, democracy requires consensus. we cannot put together consensus as quickly as autocrats can. what is at stake, helping the ukrainian people from the massacre, beyond that, what are your kids and grandkids going to look like in terms of their freedom? what is happening? last 10 years, fewer democracies
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have been formed than we have lost in the world. this is about much more than whether or not you can alleviate the pain-and-suffering of the people of ukraine. we are in a new phase, a new generation, at a new inflection point. about every 4,5 generations, fundamental change takes place. the world is not going to be the same, 10, 15 years from now in terms of our organizational structures. who's going to prevail? democracies and the values we share? or autocracies? that is what is at stake. what you're doing is consequential, really consequential. host: that was the president speaking to u.s. troops. let's look at some tweets from members of congress. representative haley stevens
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says "we have a duty to accept refugees who have no choice but to flee their homes to save their lives. proud to join this letter calling on the administration to speed up america's use happens -- america's acceptance of ukrainian refugees." "i have full confidence in the u.s. and our european allies as they address the global consequences that stem from russia's war against ukraine. this will not shake the resolve of democracies around the world." " though i have called for more, including providing ukraine with aircraft, i am proud to see the u.s. leading the g7 and our nato allies in responding to this unprovoked war." some republicans. "we must curb our reliance on resources from russia.
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rather than buying uranium from russia and funding the war on ukraine, we can add, should promote domestic production." "in order to effectively sever his revenue stream, we must cut off oil and gas sales globally by imposing secondary sanctions on the entirety of russia's financial sector." back to your calls now. marvin from philadelphia, pennsylvania on the democrat line. caller: [indiscernible] host: sorry, marvin. we don't have a good connection. having a hard time hearing you. maybe you can call back on a better line?
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tom, kingsport, tennessee, independent. hi. caller: can you hear me? host: yes. caller: [indiscernible] i think there is something more to this -- [indiscernible] drawing attention away from our country right now. [indiscernible] i don't think biden is interested in helping anyone in ukraine, don't care about any of them people because they don't care about their own people. host: why do you say the president does not care about anyone in ukraine? caller: well for one thing every rule they make here and everything they have done their and everything the president of ukraine has asked for -- [indiscernible] -- you can tell it is something else, the way they are acting about it. [indiscernible] you see the difference in ukraine, what is the difference there?
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host: ok. tom in tennessee, thanks. gordon in sheboygan, wisconsin on the republican line. caller: good morning. first of all, i don't agree with anything president biden has ever touched. i just wanted to comment -- a couple nights ago chelsea gabbard was on fox, one of the programs, i can't remember who she was on with but anyway she said something that got me thinking. the inevitable is going to happen no matter how many javelins or whatever else you sent to ukraine. russia has the firepower and manpower to take ukraine. that is what is going to happen.
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she says by encouraging ukrainians to fight, sending them the rockets and ammunition whatever, it only going to prolong this war and get more ukrainians killed when russia is just going to come in and take the whole country eventually. europe and the u.s. are doing nothing to fight back against it all because they are worried about world war iii and russia using nuclear weapons. host: what are you suggesting? do you suggest the ukrainians go ahead and give up? take whatever russia is offering? caller: pretty much what is going to happen anyways as long as nato, europe and united states are afraid to step in and fight both wars against russia and kick them out. if they are not going to do that, the inevitable is going to happen where russia is going to
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take ukraine. the prolonging of that is going to do nothing but get thousands more ukrainians killed. host: from the washington post, the headline says russia begins to mobilize military reinforcements for ukraine, as casualties mount. that is from the pentagon. russia has begun to mobilize reinforcements to send into ukraine as combat losses continue to grow. the pentagon said friday, yesterday, according to intelligence estimates assessments from the pentagon "we now have indications they are drawing on forces from georgia. russian troops based in georgia we don't have an exact number." that is from the pentagon. let's go to francis, adrian, michigan, democrat. caller: hello. good morning.
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we have a bunch of a10 airplanes that will tear the heck out of them over there. why don't we send them over there? the warthogs. they would tear up those tanks pretty easy. host: is the ukrainian air force able to fly those? are they trained? caller: they are 30-year-old planes so they are older technology. they tend to grasp everything else so why not? host: ok. carl, circleville, ohio, independence line. caller: good morning. i want to comment this is the worst president we ever had. where's our cia? we should have advanced intelligence. russia put troops on the border
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months ago and we stood there like a million idiots. this leadership is an embarrassment to our nation. [indiscernible] these leaders in china and russia are probably laughing their heads off. look at our country! they are cowards is what they are. host: what did you want the cia to do in ukraine? caller: when we go into combat situations, you always have advanced scouts. they get together and know what is going on. believe me, russia knows where this new military hardware is going. they have satellites like we do. they are taking them out. there was proof on the news the other day on nbc, they bombed a warehouse, it was a mall i believe. host: how do you know american intelligence isn't helping the ukrainians?
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that is not going to be public. caller: if they were, would they be in this situation? the proof is in the pudding. we are an embarrassment to the world. this country is on the verge of collapse. we have so many problems. north korea shooting of missiles. china has been tough since day one. russia agreed with china not to do this until the olympics were over. there is so much proof, you have to be in a cave not to believe any of this. host: steve, san jose, california, republican line. caller: good morning. this is my first opportunity to talk with you. you are doing a great job. host: caller: thank you. host: thank you. caller: i wish biden would have stayed in his basement like he did back during the
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pre-election. there is not one thing he hasn't screwed up. bill gates -- i should say gaetz, the secretary of defense under obama, he commented biden has been wrong in 40 years of his decision-making. start with his trip to europe. last couple days. you played news footage at the very beginning of your program. you didn't play it far enough. if you had played it far enough, you would have found biden was stating the airborne troops who he was talking to were going to
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be in ukraine. they were going to be seeing, visually seeing, what is happening. everything he touches, he messes up. we have north korea firing missiles. we have hundreds of thousands of people coming across the border. he is talking about food shortages. host: tell me something specific you want president biden to do about the russia-ukraine conflict. caller: well, i don't want to settlement -- a settlement, that zelenskyy does not want to agree to. general jack keane commented on fox news the other night he had reliable sources, and i think
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highly of general jack keane, that zelenskyy is getting pressure from the administration to do a settlement. who are we to tell zelenskyy to do a settlement? i hope, zielinski, if he wants to, he should be given the weapons to take back his country. host: at an event at the atlantic council, one of the ukrainian president's top aides expressed how nato and the world should be viewing the acts of russia. this is translated. [video clip] >> the time is ripe to recognize the russian troops are a terrorist organization. it is time to recognize and acknowledge them as a terrorist organization because what they are doing now is very much resembles what the fascists, the
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nazis did in ukrainian territory in world war ii. it is not going to happen until russia still occupies a permanent seat on the un security council. despite the fact russia has not made another founding member of the united nations. nato, the biggest military alliance is trying to ensure it is not provoking russia to military conflict. russia's invasion in ukraine has put a final -- [indiscernible] -- in this process of appeasement. the tyrannies are multiplying impunity and acknowledge only the force of power. russia has expressly demonstrated it understands only the language of power as can be aptly seen from the planes it
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lays toward ukraine. russia is lecturing other people's on how they have to live. ukraine has been able to endure this terrible invasion for a month. we are not going to cede our sovereign tory or territory. -- sovereignty or territory. we cannot allow ourselves to have a pre-victory here. host: that was one of president zelenskyy's top aides. president biden will be meeting with the polish president today to talk about humanitarian assistance needed in the region. later the president will be giving a speech at the royal castle in warsaw. we will have live coverage of the president's remarks, 1 p.m. eastern on c-span, online at or on c-span now, our free video app.
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darrell, horn town, virginia, democrats line. caller: good morning. i believe president biden is finally leading. [indiscernible] that could not be said perhaps a week ago, when the messaging was a ball of confusion. he is over there, in the theater, leading, rallying nato. you have to say biden is doing a good job. i believe his approval polls will reflect that. the republicans need to be mindful politics traditionally stops at the war edge. criticism of the president may
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be warranted but not while he is a theater participant, where this lunatic dictator is trying to force himself on the people who clearly do not want his presence there. host: do you think the president could have done more to help the people of ukraine? caller: i believe he is doing what the american people have the stomach for right now. the country is war weary. afghanistan. the situation dictated the president must listen to the american people and not remotely intimate he is going to put american troops on the ground in
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that particular theater of the world. host: rick from atlantic, iowa, independent line. caller: i am no fan of joe biden but i want to say this is going to end up in world war iii before it is all said and done with. china will invade taiwan. [indiscernible] give a cheer and applaud how ukraine is fighting russia. wow, putting up the stiffest resistance and showing them how to fight a war. russia, wow, i got nothing good to say about those guys. nowhere near a democrat -- host: you said it would end in world war iii. what is the scenario? caller: any side the u.s. is on will be the winner. plain and simple.
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nato. if all those european countries stick behind us, it won't be a challenge. remember, china, they may not be 100% behind russia. we have to wait and find out. host: take a look at this article from axios. it says the u.s. is engaged in contingency planning for russian strikes on nato territory. the white house national security advisor jake sullivan confirmed yesterday he has tasked a special tiger team of experts to conduct contingency planning for the possibility russia uses chemical weapons in ukraine or strikes nato territory. president biden promised after a summit in brussels thursday the alliance will respond if russia uses weapons of mass destruction, which officials fear has become increasingly likely as ukraine's resistance
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continues to stall russian advances. we are taking your calls, asking what you think about president biden's handling of russia-ukraine. the phone numbers are on the screen. chad, benton city, washington, republican line. caller: good morning, thank you for having me. couple things i would like to share my opinion on. one. as the ukrainians resist the russians and continue to fight the way they are, and they are doing a great job, nothing but respect for them and their endurance, but the problem is if you know anything about putin or study his thinking, at least to the best of my ability, putin is the type of guy, the longer it is taking, the more he is stalled, the more resistance ukraine has, the more he will
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escalate. he started this and he is not going to stop. he will escalate to chemical weapons, possibly even launch a small nuclear weapon, as a way to tell the west to back off. i see it going that way. it is just going to get worse. he is going to get more ruthless. therefore, i think we need to get involved now and end it and call putin's bluff. i think we can send in a fleet of f-35's or f-22's and completely eradicate the russian army in one day. putin is going to do what he is going to do. when i see children and innocents being killed the way it is happening, it needs to stop now. the other thing is, people may disagree with me on this, i know there is proof president biden took money via his son to a
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russian oligarch and i think the reason biden is stalling his because he is afraid putin will come out and say we gave biden a bunch of money. there is a little blackmail going on behind the scenes here. people can disagree with me. i think there is real proof biden was taking money under the table from russia long ago. i think it was designed by putin to happen this way so he could take advantage of biden's weakness. he is a horrible leader in my opinion, the most embarrassing president we have ever had. there are plenty examples to back that. host: diane, barberton, ohio, democrat line. caller: good morning. contrary to the person's views, number one, biden is doing an
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excellent job because of a couple things. number one. there was a woman on the show, the view, a couple weeks ago who worked in the white house. she said if trump was in office, she would have given up and handed ukraine over to russia because he is afraid of putin. no one can say anything different. number two. biden is doing everything legally he is supposed to be doing. we have a promise. we are helping the country. we told them, you give up the nuclear warheads, we would be there to help you. again, what more do you want that president of hours to do? -- of ours to do?
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he has to stay within certain lines. he is helping. if they need people to come over here, that is the best thing you can do. otherwise, we are going against what we have promised. i don't want to see world war iii. i am too old of a woman to worry about it. thank you. host: take a look at the hill newspaper, biden to meet with ukrainian refugees and give a major address on saturday. it says president biden will meet with refugees displaced by the russian invasion and give a major address while in warsaw today, saturday. the national security advisor jake sullivan confirmed friday that biden will meet with ukrainian civilians who have fled the country. the president will also meet with american humanitarians in poland trying to help feed and respond to material needs of the
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refugee population. that address the president will be giving today in warsaw, we will carry that, expected at 1 p.m. eastern time on c-span. this is a live shot on the screen. take a look. this is the president arriving, president biden arriving in warsaw to meet the president of poland, andrzej duda. [video clip]
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[camera shutter sounds] host: that was the american anthem as president biden has arrived to his meeting with polish president andrzej duda, also meeting with other american dignitaries. you saw the meeting secretary blinken, secretary austin, among others. we are asking what you think of president biden's handling of the russia-ukraine conflict and that trip to europe. let's talk to paul, cincinnati, ohio, independent line. caller: i am an army veteran. i understand the u.s. army has
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conducted maneuvers in india with the indian army and i would like to know if anyone has an idea what indian citizens in the u.s. think of the ukraine's war? host: why? what do you see as the connection? caller: there are many professional people here from india. they are citizens. they can vote. they effect the health care of veterans. they affect our politics. so i am wondering whether there have been any polls conducted or any interviews to ascertain exactly how doctors feel about u.s. soldiers fighting in ukraine. host: philip, mesa, arizona,
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republican line. good morning. caller: oh, i'm sorry. i'm democrat. i meant to call on the democrat line. host: that is ok. go ahead. caller: thank you so much. i think joe biden is doing an excellent excellent job. he has rallied to the nato alliance together after our last president tried to disband it. excellent job. i have a request for c-span. if you could put a special line up for putin republicans, let them have their own line to call. host: here's a tweet from mark stone.
10:49 am
"he always seems to be a day late and a dollar short. should have put tough sanctions on russia day one including embargo of oil." derek friday says "we are in the best possible hands, foreign policy was." -- wise." jeremy, amarillo, california, democrat line. caller: [indiscernible] i think joe biden and his son, the biden cartel, joe biden is doing the worst job of any president in american history. absolute garbage. the way his son took $3.5 million from the former mayor's wife of moscow? putin owns biden and also the chinese owned biden. how can biden let the chinese come in and donate money to university of penn and
10:50 am
everything else? bring in a bunch of chinese students, who knows how many of them are chinese spies? host: what do you want president biden to do about the russia-ukraine conflict? caller: i want him to grow some -- host: tony, detroit, michigan, democrat line. hi, tony. caller: there was a guy who called from arizona. kudos to him. he made a great point when he said maybe there should be aligned line for pro putin americans. these people, i listen to them every day. i am a c-span junkie. i listen to these people call into the show. it just sounds like they cheerleading, cheerleaders for
10:51 am
tucker colson. it is like they actually want dictatorship. my father was a world war ii veteran. i know he is rolling over in his grave to see what american people -- what we have come to. then the attention span of the people. it is like they don't remember helsinki with donald trump or donald trump, as a guy from arizona said, tried to disband nato for putin. putin believes americans foolishness is so deep he could have went ahead and took over ukraine with no resistance. america is at a weakened point because of the last president. have a blessed day. host: willie, north carolina,
10:52 am
hope mills, independent line. caller: good morning. i'm really troubled about divisive politics and views expressed by the last three callers. host: tell me why. caller: first and foremost, you have to look at the world in its entire context. it is not that some people are trying to be objective or prudent sympathizers. it is not that the people blaming biden for taking money from russia. it is not that biden is a russian sympathizer. people have to be not so simplistic in their views. putin should never have attacked. he should never have done that. at the same time, zelenskyy knew full well if he continued to push for e.u. membership and nato membership, there was going
10:53 am
to be a conflict. he knew this full well. the man has expressed it to him for 20 years. if my enemy, if my neighbor brings my enemy into my next-door, he becomes the enemy. america is already in this war. we already in world war iii if you want to take it to that. they can only elevate to world war iii if we continue to escalate. host: what do you think? how has the president handled the russia-ukraine conflict in europe? caller: he has done a mediocre job. he did a mediocre job because of his and his son own personal relationship with ukraine. host: tim, carol stream, illinois, republican line. caller: good morning. as a republican, i only give the president kudos in reference to
10:54 am
his clear commitment, except for yesterday which disturbs me, not to commit ground forces in ukraine. they are not a nato ally. they are not part of the west, directly, even though they appear to be more democratic. there are fundamental issues in ukraine. i disagree with this president at almost every other fundamental issue. i think it has been an abysmal presidency. look at herbert hoover. i find this presidency to be lacking. it is not even funny anymore how pathetic it has been. as far as these references to putin republicans, you can have honest disagreement in this country about not wanting to commit america to another ground war. we are lacking across the board. i have never seen america so lacking in all my 60 plus years of life.
10:55 am
i go back to the 1970's, the carter era, the nixon impeachment, high interest rates, gas lines. you had to come on certain days to get gas. the carter administration. this country has been really pushed backwards in its lack of effort to produce material and conduct business properly. these references to trump's efforts with nato -- by the way to all these haters out there, nato is now paying more than it ever has, its fair share because of president trump. president trump challenged germany. not joe biden, the democrats or george w. bush. trump challenged germany to not produce oil with russia in the pipeline but biden approved that. president obama back in '10, took away the defensive missile systems in eastern europe that
10:56 am
would have protected europe from what is going on in ukraine now. there is a lot of blame to go around. you can take your criticisms of president trump, that is fair game. it is a lot deeper than this. the last thing we should be doing is committing ground troops in ukraine. i hope this president keeps his word on that, otherwise i disagree with him on every policy issue. the aoc green agenda has destroyed america. host: take a look at this headline. if so's npr poll saying americans support limited intervention in ukraine to prevent escalation with russia. denver, colorado, democrat line, keith, how are you doing? caller: good morning. i am doing really good. i would like to shift the question from biden to the u.s.
10:57 am
he represents the u.s. in nato. -- i have never seen, 62 years old, i have never seen this degree of unity in the west. never ever under any u.s. president. not the first gulf war, not in any american -- [indiscernible] -- this is statesmanship. this is solidarity. it is happening under the watch of joe biden. i don't love any president. i am smart enough not to fall into any kind of cult of personality, smart enough to think any individual can save us. really quick experiment.
10:58 am
i watched on three networks, biden's arrival at the palace in warsaw. i was very proud of our media, with one exception, of fox. they talked about how awful and embarrassing biden is all through that segment. no other network did that. it is coming from in the house, the divisiveness. it is coming from us, from a singular media outlet. those of you getting those pro putin calls, they are coming from fox viewers and they tell you that as well. host: stephen, robert saville, missouri, independent line. caller: hello good morning, thank you for taking my call. i would say biden is doing a pretty good job so far. i think we need to keep going.
10:59 am
we want to thank the ukrainian army and god for being on their side. we got to keep this going. they cannot give up now. i think we got russia backed up a little bit. i think putin, he already got the fox news people and all that, the gop, he is paying them off. i don't know the ruble is worth nothing. i don't like either party. i don't vote for either one. so far he is doing a good job. i hope they hang in there and keep giving them all the stuff they need. i think we can get putin to back down. if trump gets in there, then all bets are off after that. host: texas, john on the republican line. caller: i want to talk about putin.
11:00 am
i won't say anything about biden because i don't want to say anything about the president i didn't vote for but he is my president. i want him to succeed. historical knowledge. if he thinks about world war ii, how the russians came and took over germany, while germany, they had beat the russians down. remember stalingrad? 800 some odd days. these people in europe and ukraine, they taste democracy and freedom for about 30 years. they are not a bunch of people run over by the nazis. they got some real spine. putin is about as stupid as they come. i don't think this is world war iii or four or five. i think it is an incursion of an egomaniac. host: jason, liberty, south
11:01 am
carolina, republican line. caller: good morning ma'am, how are you? a couple things i want to go over. as far as biden with ukraine, i want the media to be truthful, for once. enough with the heart string pulling pictures of chil dren. there are the same pictures of children on our southern border which he refused to cover. i want you to google the regiment of the national guard for ukraine. they are a neo-nazi group. it has been reported by nbc. biden is in poland lying out of his teeth about trump and
11:02 am
neo-nazi support whatever in charlotte, virginia, meanwhile you are supporting neo-nazis in ukraine. tell me how that makes sense. host: what do you suggest? caller: krapp or get off the toilet. nuke them or leave. all this is prolonging it and victimizing the rest of the globe through food shortages, cash shortages. how many people are going to end up dying from not being able to heat their homes? host: are you really suggesting using nuclear weapons? caller: you got to do something. what are we doing here? are we going to let this drag out for 10 years until there is no food or fertilizer? what is the end result here? you have treasonous traitors like jake sullivan over there negotiating on behalf of america and please please, read that
11:03 am
report. live on tv right now so you can let all your democratic friends know and i am maggot to the heart -- maga to the heart. when they insult fox news it doesn't bother me because i watch real news. host: that will be our last call for our open phone segment, our initial segment. up next we will be joined by mike soraghan of e&e news to discuss oil and gas policies. later, jimmy hoover and natalie rodriguez, cohosts of law360's "the term" on oil and gas. ♪ >> president biden meets with
11:04 am
the president of poland to talk about the russian invasion of ukraine and the humanitarian assistance needed in the region -- and gives a speech at the royal castle out warsaw. we have live coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, online on or c-span now, our free video app. >> next week on the c-span networks, both chambers of congress are in session with the house taking up a bill that would legalize marijuana at the federal level and the senate will vote on legislation to support the u.s. semiconductor chip industry. the january 6 committee holds a meeting to consider recommending that two former advisers to president trump, peter navarro and dansk veto be referred to criminal contempt of congress. look for that on the c-span networks, and the c-span now free video app. general tom walters, the head of
11:05 am
the u.s.-european command and nato supreme allied commander testifies twice on security challenges on the continent tuesday at 9:30 a.m. is before the senate armed services committee and on wednesday at 10:30 he will appear on the -- at the house armed services shalonda young is also on capitol hill twice testifying on president biden's 2023 budget before the house budget committee tuesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern and before the senate budget committee at 11:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday. both will be live on c-span3. at 9:00 a.m. eastern, an interview with mitch mcconnell by punch bowl view -- news founders. you can watch that live on, and c-span now. 10:30 a.m. eastern the fcc chairman mr. myers testify before a -- chair and commissioners testify before a house committee you will watch that on and c-span
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now. watch next week on the c-span networks or c-span now, our free mobile app. head on over to for scheduling information or to stream video live and on-demand anytime. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. ♪ american history tv exploring the people and events that tell the american story. historian craig shirley looks at the events of april 1945 which included the final days of world war ii in europe, the deaths of president franklin roosevelt and adolph hilter and america's continued war effort. and on "the presidency" we look at the role of the first lady, their time in the white house and the issues important to them in their own words. this week we will feature nancy reagan. >> let me say clearly,
11:07 am
notwithstanding a few voices on the fringes, i do not believe the american people will ever allow the legalization of drugs in our country. the consensus against drugs in the united states is never been stronger. they clearly understand that drugs must remain illegal at every step in the chain. >> watch american history tv and find a full schedule on your program guide or watch online, anytime at c-span.orgistory. >> "washington journal" continues. host: welcome back. i am joined by mike soraghan, a reporter with e&e to talk about the biden administration energy policy. welcome to the program. guest: thank you for having me. host: biden announced in brussels yesterday that the u.s. would ramp up its liquefied natural gas exports to help europe wean


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