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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Grassley Johnson on Hunter Biden  CSPAN  April 10, 2022 1:07pm-1:37pm EDT

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c-span is your unfiltered view of government funded by these companies and more, including charter communications. >> broadband, a force for impairment. our charter invested billions building infrastructure, upgrading technology, empowering opportunity in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee, republican senator chuck grassley, and senator ron johnson release document on the business dealings of hunter biden, the president's son. this is about 30 minutes. sen. grassley: today, senator
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johnson and i will present something on the biden investigation series. today, we will focus on james biden, the president's brother. hunter biden was not the only biden family member who had connections to the chinese communist regime. james biden did as well. before we begin our discussion, i think we need to mention the main company once again, the chinese company that goes by the initials cefc. in the first two speeches, senator johnson and i established the connection between cefc and the communist chinese government. we established the connection between cefc and hudson west three. we then established the connection with hunter biden,
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hudson west three, and cefc. we show that hunter biden and james biden actively assisted cefc as their work to expand its footprint and its holdings in the global and u.s. energy sector. and today, we will add james biden's ryan hall group to the list of biden family companies connected to the communist regime. in my and senator johnson's september 23, 2020, report, we showed that hunter biden and james biden and their four firms
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received approximately four and 8/10 million dollars from hudson west three from august 2017 to september 2018. during that same timeframe, hunter biden's company sent 20 or so wires to james biden's lien hall group. those 20 wires totaled one and 4/10 million dollars. the liberal media and our democratic colleagues originally tried to claim that johnson and my findings were russian disinformation. last week, the washington post
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reported the following. "over the years of 40 months -- no, over the course of two 14 months, the chinese conglomerate, parenthetically referring to cefc, and its executives paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by hunter biden according to government records, court documents, and newly released bank statements as well as emails contained on a copy of a laptop hard drive that reportedly once belonged to hunter biden." the post also reported this, so
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i start to quote, "during that time period, about $104 million -- $1.4 million was transferred from hunter's account to the lion hall group, the consulting firm that james biden ran, according to other government records, reviewed by the post." senator johnson and i were right to years ago. we knew it then. but it has been a long road to defend our work product. the liberal media and our democratic colleagues aggressively tried to make the case that we were peddling russian disinformation.
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disinformation. now, what will the liberal media what will the liberal media and my democratic colleagues say now in light of last week's "washington post" article that substantiated the work that senator johnson and i have been doing? we still have not received any apology from our democratic colleagues for their false claims against us these past several years. they have not apologized to the american people. i am not going to hold my breath. big time media in washington awaken to respect my reputation for the thorough investigative and oversight work that i do as a senator? and it's also my constitutional responsibility to do exactly that. now, we have more records to
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discuss today. today senator johnson and i will show you financial transfers direct from hudson west iii to the lion hall group. in other words, in these transfers, hunter biden's owasco isn't the middleman. so let's look at the first poster here. this is a january 2018 bank statement from hudson west iii. now, there's a lot going on here so i'll just mention several items. first we've got two examples of more wire transfers from hudson west iii for $165,000. the underlying wire data which
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senator johnson and i will make public this very day shows that money went to hunter biden's owasco. that money was for the august 2017l.l.c. agreement -- 2017 l.l.c. agreement which by its terms saw james biden become a manager of hudson west iii. that agreement sent $100,000 to hunter biden and $65,000 to james biden every month. those transactions occurred after the $5 million wire from northern international capitol hudson west iii on august 2017. northern international was
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connected to yi jing ming connected to the communist regime. we explained all that in our second speech just last tuesday. second, this statement shows several examples of wires from hudson west iii to cefc. as senator johnson and i have established, that company is an arm of the communist chinese regime. this new record shows how closely connected hudson west iii was with cefc while hunter biden and james biden received money from hudson west iii. third, we've got a january 17, 2018, wire to lion hall group.
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now that happens to be james biden's company. james biden received $18,000 from hudson west iii the same month that company sent money to cefc. now, this is just one example of many. accordingly, the official bank record made clear the financial connections between and among james biden and the communist chinese elements. to the liberal media and my democratic colleagues, is this the official bank record? is that russian disinformation as you accused us of spreading. now let's go to the second
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poster. this is hudson west iii bank record from april 2018. here you see wire transfers from coal harbor capital. that company was connected who is an associate of ye jianming. as we have already established, all of them are connected to the communist regime. these are the players in the game that i mentioned in the first speech last monday. and now we've established they appear repeatedly in bank records with high-dollar transfers. these transfers aren't by
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accident. no way. there's clearly a scheme here. there's a plan among and between all these individuals and their respective companies which then begs the question has the justice department acquired these records? if so, what has the justice department done about these records? now moving to the next transaction, there's another $165,000 wire. again, that relates back to the l.l.c. agreement that connected hunter and james biden to the chinese firm cefc and its projects in the energy sector. then you have a $34,000 wire to
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james biden's lion hall group from hudson west iii. so what was this all about? let's take a look then at the third poster. now look at the sixth line from the bottom. i want to quote. it says office expense and reimbursement. that's the same reason given for the first poster that i showed you. we'll make all of these records public again this very day. for those of you who may still doubt my and senator johnson's oversight work, i'm going to present one last transaction to bring all of this home. so look at the fourth poster. in my and senator johnson's
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september 2020 report, we found that james biden and hunter biden went on a $99,000 global spending spree courtesy of who? another chinese person that i've mentioned so many times in these three speeches, gongwen dong. the spending spree included airline tickets, purchases at apple stores, hotels and restaurants. this bank record next to me shows a $99,000 transaction in september 2013 -- or 2017. but that's not all that we have. let's turn to the final poster. this is number five.
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this is a credit card authorization form for $99,000. so look at the bottom. there's the signature block with hunter biden and gongwen dong. now, to the liberal press and my democratic colleagues, are these official records russian disinformation? so what's the point of all these records? not only have senator johnson and i illustrated through new records that hunter biden was financially connected to the communist regime, these records show james biden was as well. these new records show direct financial links between companies connected to the communist regime and james biden
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through lion hall group. these new records support the findings in our report to the last congress. remember, those reports were put out in september and november of 2020. and everybody was saying it was -- it was russian disinf disinformation. forget the facts. forget the evidence. forget the investigative journalism. the liberal media participanted to -- media wanted to provide cover for then-candidate joe biden. they did whatever they could to smear our investigations. with these new records, there can be no doubt that james biden was financially connected to the
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corporations and individuals with extensive link to communist china and that he and hunter biden were in it together working to help a chinese government linked energy company pursue deals and expand its reach in the energy sector. now it's senator johnson's turn. a senator: mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from wisconsin. mr. johnson: thank you, senator grassley. what senator grassley and i have shown over the course of six speeches are the actual bank records of financial transactions tying president biden's son hunter and his brother james to businesses that have essentially the arms of the communist chinese regime. but the biden business ventures include activities in many more countries than just china.
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in our september and november 2020 reports, we showed a vast web of biden family foreign financial entanglements that were largely ignored by the media and falsely labeled russian disinformation by our democrat colleagues. as outrageous as the suppression of the reports and the false attacks were, perhaps the most egregious behavior came from 51 former intelligence agency officials who let their names and reputations to an effort designed to convince the american public that hunter biden's labtop had, quote, all the classic earmarks of a russian disinformation operation, unquote. without any evidence backing their assertion, they engaged in their own, quote, information operation, unquote, by signing a public letter right before the
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election. the letter was actual disinformation, coming from what are supposed to be trusted former members of our u.s. intelligence agencies. they should all be ashamed and held accountable for spreading this disinformation. by signing that disinformation letter, they reinforced false claims that the records on the laptop were not legitimate. by casting doubt on evidence of the biden's corrupt practices, these former intelligence officials interfered in the 2020 election to a far greater extent than russia could have ever hoped to achieve. their willing accomplices in the press amplified this disinformation letter and by doing so were equally guilty of egregious election interference. in august 2020, i wrote a public letter detailing the history,
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purpose, and goals of my oversight investigations. in that letter, i laid out the timeline of joe and hunter biden's involvement in ukraine. the timeline is very revealing. it starts in february 2014. that was the month of the revolution of dignity in ukraine. two months later on april 16, 2014, then-vice president biden met with his son's business partner, did he von archer,s -- devon archer who is now a convicted felon, at the white house. i just want to pause and let that sink in a little bit. devon archer is is now a convicted felon. he got a meeting in the white house with the vice president of the united states. that's kind of a big deal. the press didn't ask many
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questions. five days after that meeting in the white house, april 21, joe biden visited ukraine and the media described him as, quote, the public face of the administration's handling of ukraine. the next day on april 22, devon archer joined the board of burisma. what a coincidence. six days later, british officials seized $23 million from it the london bank accounts of burisma's owner. let that sink in a little bit. six days after devon archer joined the board of burisma, a day after vice president biden visited ukraine, which was five days after he met with devon archer in the white house, british officials seized $23
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million from the corrupt owner of burisma. on may 13, 2014, three weeks later, hunter biden joined the board of burisma. what a coincidence. because the findings in our reports and the excellent investigative journalism on the part of john solomon, we also know that the hunter was also involved with the corrupt and now sanctioned wife of the former mayor of moscow during the exact same period of time. on february 14, 2014, batarina wired $3.5 million to rosemont seneca thorton, an investment firm cofounded by hunter biden. between april 4 and april 5, 2014 -- you have the same month that joe biden met with devon archer in the white house, devon
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became a member of the board of burisma, they sent e-mails about meeting with batarinna potentially about a business deal in new york. nine days before devon joined the board of burisma, archer wrote to batarina, quote, confirm green light to fund, unquote. continued, just spent two hours on the phone with kiev. i am confident at this point this is a good, if not life-changing, deal if ukraine doesn't collapse in the meantime. it's quite interesting to see how much significant activity involving the bidens and corrupt actors in russia and ukraine occurred within a six-week period only two months after the ukrainian revolutionary dignity.
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it sure looks like they intended to catch in on the turmail in -- turmoil in ukraine. in my august 2020 letter, i listed add number of questions about then-vice president biden's interaction with hunter biden's business partner and other family members' foreign financial dealings. in making this letter public, my hope was that the press, the very uninquisitive press, would begin to ask then-presidential candidate joe biden these important and legitimate questions. it should come as no surprise that the corporate media was completely uninterested and failed to conduct any investigative journalism. nearly two years after i wrote this public letter, the mainstream media has still not adequately pressed president biden for answers to these very legitimate questions. for example, number one --
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why did joe biden meet with devon archer at the white house on april 16, 2014? what did they discuss? did they discuss anything related to ukraine, hunter biden, or burisma? number two -- was joe biden aware that devon joined the board of burisma six days after that meeting, one day after he visited ukraine? three -- does joe biden believe burisma and its owner are corrupt? number four -- when did joe biden first become aware that hunter biden also joined the board of burisma? five -- when did joe biden first become aware of how much money hunter biden was being compensated by burisma? senator grassley and my report showed its close to $4 million.
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number six -- what does joe biden know about hunter or james biden's dealings with china? number seven -- what does joe biden know about financial benefits his brother and sister-in-law have obtained because of their relationships to him? investigative reporter john solomon has added a few more questions to my list, including what -- number one, what did joe biden know about dealings with batarina? in 2017 series of memos included a 10% equity for the, quote, big guy, unquote, what did joe biden know about the specific deal and who was, quote, the big guy, unquote? number three -- e-mails on hunter biden's laptop now in the possession of the f.b.i. refer to shared accounts or bills between joe biden and
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hunter. did hunter ever give biden any money, gift, or financial benefit from hunter's business dealings? after a long overdue analysis, "the new york times" and "washington post" have finally admitted that records from hunter's laptop are authentic, which means, although they will never admit this, that senator grassley and i were right and they were wrong. it is interesting to read how limited and muted their mia culpas are. my questions is that they learned a -- my guess is that they learned a lot about the watergate scandal cover-up. they learned that when you have been caught in a catch-up, and that is what happened here, you try to limit the damage by telling a little bit of the truth. in the intelligence world, this strategy is called, quote, a limited hangout, unquote. the watergate coconspirators called it, quote, a modified
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limited hangout, unquote. regardless of what you call it, what "the new york times" and "the washington post" are doing is not telling the whole truth. i doubt they ever will. but just in case they decide to pursue the truth with a little bit more rigor, they can use the above list of relevant questions as a good starting point for what they should be asking president biden. for our part, senator grassley and i will continue to ask tough questions, review more information and records, and transparently provide that information to the american public. we intend to pursue and uncover the truth. i will now turn the floor back over to senator grassley for his closing remarks. mr. grassley: mr. president, i ask permission to put my closing
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