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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  April 11, 2022 2:11pm-2:29pm EDT

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stronger border controls, it makes it harder for people to enter illegally. we need to get back to the center and have a reasonable conversation and can't trest to do both. anybody can come into this country and we know nothing about them, that is not true. we have controls. we don't open the border. we have agents at the border. we allow people in in certain circumstances. they are required to prove they belong here. they are required to report back. are there mistakes years --
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host: we appreciate your time congressman. >> coming up shortly on c-span, president biden set to announce an executive action to discuss gun violence. a portion of our washington journal program. host: about a half-hour left in this morning's washington journal. we want to hear your views on public policy issue. what is of concern to you? we put the numbers on the screen. (202) 748-8002, independents , (202) 748-8001, republicans,
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(202) 748-8000, democrats. recent nbc news survey showed a huge 63% of the nation disapproved of biden's handling of the economy. one in four said the economy was either excellent or good. 27% rated the economy is only fair. chiefs therefore call for a firm return to masks. they accuse the government of interest in covid.
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the hill is reporting this morning a string of covid cases hits d.c. as nationwide -- a judge appears likely to allow january 6 can be related -- kennedy -- candidacy challenge against marjorie taylor greene. she cannot run for reelection because she aided the january 6 insurrections. when it comes to january 6, the new york times is reporting this. the leaders of the house committee investigating the campbell attack have grown divided -- even though they have
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concluded they have enough evidence. despite concluding they have enough evidence to refer mr. trump from stirring a congressional proceeding, some on the committee are questioning whether there is any need to make a referral. the justice department appears to be ramping up a wide range of investigation. and making a referral could settle a criminal case was further partisan baggage. this morning is this article from the hill organization. liz cheney rejects report of dispute on january 6 committee on criminal referral from trump. she said there is not a dispute on whether a criminal referral is valid. a little bit more news.
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let's hear from gwen in birmingham, alabama. birmingham -- republican -- democratic line. caller: i don't understand how the republicans can have such a large lead going into midterms. i am concerned about my rights as a voter. my rights as a lot of things. rights that they have against women. i am against all of that. i am against clarence thomas wife uniting with the january 6 people. i notice a lot of white people, i am sorry, saying january 6,
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that was an insurrection. the government was trying to be overthrown. that is democracy in america. we fought to be in this country. we fought for our rights and freedom in america. we hold america to be sacred and you are going to make a statement that it doesn't matter. yes it does. i am from alabama. we are the most racist state in the united states of america. i live in birmingham, the heart of alabama. even our governor ask these two men about what -- weapons.
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we are six and seven murders a day in alabama. what is wrong with people in america? this is mind-boggling to me. host: gwen, tell us a little bit about yourself. caller: i have been retired since 2005. host: from what. caller: i try to keep up with everything in politics. some of these people calling in acting like we are looking into universes and we are not in america. the lady the other day being interviewed, he asked her, would you rather vladimir putin or joe biden to the be the president,
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she said vladimir putin. this is america, vladimir putin is butchering and killing these innocent children and women. they are killing people over in ukraine and you want him to be the president of america. america, this is outlandish. you need to look in the mirror at yourself if you want vladimir putin to be the president of america over joe biden. host: gwen, we are going to have to leave it there. nice to hear your voice. thank you for calling. a tweet from frank from new jersey a couple of days ago. tested positive for covid on april 6. thankfully i am vaccinated and double boosted. my symptoms are mild. please get vaccinated and boosted if you haven't already, to protect you and your family.
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next call. comes from mike in new york city and independent line. mike, good morning. caller: 50 the invasion issue.
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immigration must be an american, state-by-state issue. at the end of the day, there are certain states where -- host: mike, do you live in fear of being an illegal immigrant? caller: very much so. immigrants who are honest and
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unique and americanized have learned that survival is what is necessary. host: that is mike in new york city. this is russell in kissimmee, florida. caller: my concern is ukraine and what is going on in ukraine. i am a one hundred percent disabled vietnam vet. i believe vietnam was not created to kill another man. the world is being run and controlled by putin and he needs to be crushed like the roach that he is.
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it is not going to stop the world has given him permission to exist. he needs to be totally stopped. the united states continuing to buy oro -- foil from this man.
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host: democratic line on washington journal. caller: finally a little sunshine here in cartersville, pa. it has been a cloudy season. something i have been hearing for about eight years on how social security by the year 2035 is going to be reduced for those who receive social security checks.
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he passed on his ssi pension and myself, i will be 70's soon. i have been retired for nine years and i enjoy my benefits on social security. host: what do you think should be done, dennis, if that is correct that it is going to be reduced? caller: i don't have all the facts but the facts i have is that congress has allocated all kinds of money since covid for different reasons. and more on social security. in 2007, one were care was the outlet. our social security and never
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put it for my education. host: so you think it should be put back, is that correct? that is dennis in pennsylvania. this is anthony in washington dc . caller: in the 30's, 40's when white people were coming in from germany, most of these wonderful didn't have that they couldn't -- they are forgetting in the
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republican party. republicans don't do anything for anybody. social security was discovered by democrats sick leave, all these things were discovered by democrats. host: another republican, go ahead, edward. caller: i wanted this directed to mr. israel who was on before, but, he spoke about the border being closed.
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that is contrary to what i am seeing as i understand it, he told me what percentage of people, when they are -- for 40 or 50 years. it is a problem. what i need to get something that works. host: this is an editorial in the wall street journal written by david --


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