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tv   Pres. Biden Remarks on Supply Chains the Economy  CSPAN  April 14, 2022 2:43pm-3:39pm EDT

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weekend washington and i will attend and mourn her. at any rate, that's bad. i mean, something we have to understand is that the military reflects the society in which it operates. i don't think that comment, if i'm listening to you carefully, is different than a comment about kids that age in many other occupations. the difference is that the military is supposed to instill discipline in young kids. and i know one who used to tell me how important it was in changing his life. focusing his life. and that person was colin powell -- >> and to return to my alma mater, the finest university in the united states of america. governor cooper, it is good to see you again and thank you for
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your steadfast leadership. it is a pleasure to be with you. and to my dear friend, chancellor martian -- chancellor martin, leader of this institution and his wife, thank you for hosting us today. [applause] you know, this outstanding university has a great place, a special place in my heart, and it is really such a privilege to be back. i come from a family of proud aggies, and for a good reason. this is not just the largest apc death largest hbcu in the country but a leader of energy research and technology development. every year, this premier university produces some of our top engineers, the highest number of black engineers in the united states, and prepares the
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next generation of leaders to confront the most pressing challenges we face, none more urgent than the climate crisis. i would not be where i am today, the first black man to serve as administrator of the united states environment protection agency, if it were not for the time i spent here at this university. [applause] to the students here, no you have the education, the tools, the ability not just to excel but to be extraordinary and that everything you need to soar is here and the world needs you. if you ever doubt -- never doubt that your degree can take you anywhere, including the white house. now, i am introducing your
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governor, roy cooper. [applause] gov. cooper: thank you, administrator. just like you did in north carolina turning down our department of environmental quality, you have turned around the epa. thank you for your great leadership. i will tell you, his son matthew , right on the tarmac today stepped right up and jumped right in the car with him, and that his leadership. we are excited to greensboro to highlight the investments he has helped us make in roads and bridges, in clean transportation and ev charging stations, in high-speed internet access and a good paying -- and the good
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paying jobs we are bringing both rural and urban north carolina. we are laser focused on strengthening our economy, moving quickly and creating more great jobs thanks to the well-trained, dedicated, diverse workforce that we have an world-class -- have and world-class higher education across our state, like north carolina a&t state university. aggie pride. [applause] yeah, i did it, chancellor martin, yeah.
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companies from across the globe are choosing to grow and expand in our state, creating american jobs. we are already on pace to have yet another record-breaking year for new jobs and capital investment in north carolina and even through pandemic we have announced tens of thousands of jobs and tens of billions of dollars of economic investment across our state, including a lot of it right here in the triad. it is great news but we do know that prices for gas and food are going up and taxing families and we have to find a way to make basic necessities more affordable. one way is easing supply chain was that make goods more costly -- supply chain woes that make goods more costly. in north carolina, we have created a connector and up graded our ports to reduce costs.
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president biden understands the importance of bringing down the costs while improving our infrastructure and economy and we will hear about his latest efforts today. together, we can build an even stronger future for all north carolinians and americans. i'm so glad to introduce my friend, who is a strong advocate for the triad and for north carolina, congresswoman kathy manning. [applause] rep. manning: good afternoon. i am so proud to welcome president biden to beautiful greensboro, north carolina and to north carolina a&t state university, and i am not going to compete with the governor and the way he said aggie pride, so just imagine.
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i want to thank president biden for his leadership and for making the trip here today to witness all the great things happening in the triad. in the last few months, our region has seen some very exciting economic announcements that will bring thousands of good paying jobs to this area. these announcements have included advanced manufacturing jobs at the first toyota automotive electric battery manufacturing plant in the country and a supersonic airline manufacturing facility, also the first in the country, that will add good paying jobs to our innovative and growing aerospace industry that will be headquartered at the piedmont triad international airport. we have seen expansions to existing industries in our region ranging from textiles to microchips that create american-made goods. these exciting developments are both -- are bolstered by the
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$10.4 billion investment in north carolina's infrastructure that was made possible by the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law, which i was proud to support. since president biden signed that bill into law, we have already seen investments in our community that are improving the quality of our roads and bridges, expanding access to broadband, and increasing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. democrats are delivering on our promise to improve our nation's outdated infrastructure, and here in the triad, these investments are increasing the quality of life for residents, improving transit for local businesses, and creating jobs. i am proud to welcome guests from some of our community's great business leaders. these leaders run businesses that range in size from a few
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dozen employees to a few thousand. our businesses are innovative, provide good paying jobs, and we in the triad are proud to continue our strong history of manufacturing things for the american people. throughout the pandemic, our businesses adapted to produce essential ppe to keep our hospital and frontline workers safe, to overcome supply chain challenges, and to continue employing members of our communities during times of economic hardship. they are all shining examples of the best of what north carolina has to offer. as we stand on the campus of north carolina a&t state university, i am inspired to think about the next generation of engineers and scientists and teachers and nurses and business innovators we are educating who will lead us into the future, and we have just met with some of those students and they are extraordinary.
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i look forward to looking with our president -- to working with our president to bring down costs so our young people and people across the triad can thrive. in congress, have introduced legislation to cap out-of-pocket costs for prescription medication to ensure people can afford the medications they need to stay healthy. i have supported an increase in pell grants so more students can afford higher education. i supported funding for more apprenticeship programs and community colleges so our students can gain the skills they need for the good jobs we already have and the jobs we will grow in this area, and i have advocated for creative solutions to lower the cost of essential goods such as gas and groceries. earlier in the pandemic, asked -- pandemic, i asked president biden to sign an executive order so our local manufacturers could continue to employ residents
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while adapting to meet our nation's ppe needs and i'm glad to say president biden did sign that executive order and it has resulted in continued growth of american manufacturing. since then, i've supported passage of the america competes act, which will create jobs, strengthen american manufacturing, sharpen our technological edge and make strategic investments in our nation's future. i have two amendments included in the compete act to help american businesses track the best and brightest talent -- businesses attract the best and brightest talent, to bolster hbcu's like north carolina a&t state university, to help minority serving institutions, tribal colleges and american manufacturing, and i was thrilled to bring more than $16.4 million in community projects funding to our community that will help us with projects ranging from a new 911
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dispatch system to electric buses to access the internet -- to access to the internet in underserved areas to tutoring programs for students who experienced learning loss during the pandemic. i will continue to work with president biden and my colleagues in congress to invest in our communities, lower cost for working families and create jobs here at home. once again, i want to thank president biden for his leadership and for allowing me to be here today to highlight some of the many reasons that i am proud to represent this community in congress. the future is bright in greensboro, north carolina. thank you all. [applause] ♪
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>> please welcome north carolina agricultural and technical state university student malcolm hawkins. [applause] malcolm: good afternoon to all in attendance. my name is malcolm hawkins and i'm a senior electrical engineering student here at north carolina a&t state university. i have the honor of welcoming president biden to this illustrious institution. i was excited for the journeys to come when i enrolled here. i look forward to learning as much as i could so i would excel upon graduation.
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after being on campus for four years, i can attest to the excellent education an hbcu provides. i have been taught by professors and meant toward by individuals. i have interned at four different companies, participated in and win a national competition and traveled abroad. this and so much more is possible through investments in hbcu's. this school graduates the highest number of african american engineers. there's always a need for problem solvers to tackle the most difficult issues, including those involving the economy, and hbcu's prepare students for the challenge. the key to this is innovation, whether through our centers of excellence or the new engineering research complex. students, regardless of major, graduate with the skills needed to transform their respective fields. when i graduate next month, i
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feel i will be fully equipped to excel in all aspects of my life. i'm excited to see hbcus continue to rise in prominence and cannot wait to see their impact on america in the future. and with that, please give a warm welcome to the president of the united states, joe biden. ♪ [applause] pres. biden: hello, hello, hello, greensboro. please take a seat if you have one. i said that one day, take a seat. the press pointed out to me there were no chairs out
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pres. biden: i see the hat.
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one of my talking about? how are you? you are the best. thank you for all of the hard work in hbcus, not just this one, but all around the country. governor roy cooper. he has proved himself as one of the finest governors in the nation. he developed a rescue plan to rescue -- he has delivered well-deserved deserved raises for teachers and first responders and thanks for making a difference for the families here in north carolina governor. you are setting an example all across the country. you can cheer, it is all right.
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[applause] there is a debate in my administration that we can never seem to be able to settle. that is the vice president is incredibly talented. i hear about more houseman all the time. you have a great university here. but delaware state -- [laughter] delaware state launch three in my career. i had to wait 17 days to be eligible to be sworn in. that wouldn't have happened. i want by a lousy 3021 votes. that would not have happened without delaware state.
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delaware has the eighth largest population in america. as i say in claymont, delaware, i got a member of my cabinet who is also -- michael reagan. [applause] you never hear michael bragging about the place. as long as you don't have your hearing aid on. [laughter] he is a proud aggie. welcome back to the camp's, michael. talking about incredible students here today, i know i'm michael is so proud of this school.
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anc is an extraordinary institution. deliverance on that sacred promise, we made america. every race, every background, every zip code, should have a fair and equal chance to go as far as their gift from god can take them. you are giving people an opportunity to take advantage. that is why i reestablish the president's board on hbcus. not one but two anc along. willie gains, are you here? [applause]
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also a proud north carolina native, chris paul. he is a hell of a ballplayer. he supports the business course here at anc. she is a fierce champions for all hbcus. i signed an executive order to advance hbcus across the entire administration. from policies to funding. we were able to deliver $5 billion last year to hbcus and more to come this year. five million dollars. we are also working to increase pell grants to help many of black students and lower income
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families in four-year schools. my wife is a here with me today because she is a -- high demand feels like cybersecurity, health care and so much more. to talk about why it is so critical that we have to invest in american actor -- that is why it is essential congress takes action quickly to support innovation. i said today when we were at the cybersecurity unit that more is going to change in the next 10 years that it has changed in the last 50 years.
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science and technology is moving so rapidly. it is a part of a vision president -- vice president harris and i ran on. to build back a -- better way, better dignity. for millions of working families making it in america. american manufacturing, the best engineers in the world like so many amt graduates make up that economy. from day one, every action i have been taken to build our economy. if he's using products, parts here.
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it takes action. lots of people don't know, i know the congress does not know, there is a law on the books that you can use american tax dollars . it should be spent on american products. every administration says they will do it since the late 30's. now, the administration -- what is happening is the exception used to be, the president stands about six -- spends about six to $700 million.
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it is supposed by american businesses and products. the fact of the matter is there is an exception. you couldn't readily find an american institution for a company, you didn't have to, you could order abroad. one of the biggest changes in the bite in -- in the last 70 years. in the past, if the manufacturing products gets purchased in the federal government says it is substantial, because of loopholes over time, 55% of the problem has remade of of -- american business. it is slightly over half.
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we should raise the amount of content to be made in america from 55 to 75%. that is good for american workers and american businesses and communities like greensboro. i want to thank congresswoman -- . we are seeing the results of my vision. appointment at 3.6% is down from six point 4% when we took office 14 months ago. it is the fastest decline in unemployment ever recorded.
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from north carolina, the governor has added 194,000 jobs in the last month. [applause] that is 67 -- worth of jobs. this time around, the american rescue plan, we made a choice to bring everyone along. the unemployment rate has dropped at a record place in north carolina and across the nation, black unemployment fell more than 30%. [applause] hispanic unemployment fell from 9% to 4% in the year 2020 one. the fastest single drop ever recorded. we have the largest one-year drop i have ever recorded in
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american history. [applause] we have seen the not lowest number of home foreclosures. a record low credit card delinquencies because families have more money in their pockets to pay their bills. the economy grew the fastest growth in 40 years. folks, note tell me this trickle-down idea is the only way to grow a come -- and country. we are allowing the dead, not increasing it.
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after a long, tough stretch, americans are back to work. our economy has gone from being on the mend to being on the move. we are facing challenges with high prices, inflation. i grew up with a family where when the price of gasoline went of at the pump, it was a congress that -- a conversation at the kitchen table with my dad. putin's invasion of ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. ukraine and russia are the one and two large as we producers in the world. we are number three. it is shut down. 70% of the price hikes are a result -- we need to address these that is why i want to talk
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to you today about why it is so urgent. we build more in america, increased economic -- that is what we are starting to see. american manufacturing is coming back. once again, we are seeing the proud from staffing a product made in america. companies choosing to build new factories here in america. a few years ago, that would not have been a case. they would have built a factory overseas. intel is ringing -- to come see me a month ago. he is building a semi conductor mega site. just outside of columbus, ohio. he invested $20 billion. we invented this little thing we call about the size of a fingertip.
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every advancement is because of us. we do not make them anymore. up to eight state-of-the-art factories are going to be in place. 7000 new jobs. making computer chips the size of a fingertip that powered smartphones, technology that doesn't even exist today. if it -- if congress -- puts it on my desk right now, intel --
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100 billion dollars more. $120 billion. intel is not alone. we are seeing it right here. thanks to governor cooper, congresswoman manning. last year, thomas built buses at high point. i went down to see. it is incredible. [applause] what you all are doing is really incredible. they had the largest order today to build electric school buses. overall goal, with the research developer here got the largest order ever for electric trunks. [applause]
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just a few months ago, it is not just the fact three, -- are turning out 530,000 is going to create 1007 hundred 50 good paying jobs in the greensboro community. [applause]
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she was suing them saying you cannot do with the federal government had done. we had a good, long talk. all of the motor vehicles made by 2023. ford did the same thing to investing billions of dollars. america is finally deciding to
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catch up and lead it instead of being paced out by china and other countries. even you students who are young, how young are you coming up when your parents talk about there is not a single thing cannot do. [applause] not a single thing. if we set our lines to it -- we know what happens when we stop investing in the future in places like greensboro. you or your parents remember
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what it felt like when what it did to families, what it did to neighborhoods was consequential because we stuffed investing in our future for a while. we stopped investing in our people. i got criticized when i said we are going to mess with the american people. 10 years ago, 2% of our gross, 2%. today we invest less than one percentage -- other countries
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are closing in fast. we can and we must change that. if i told those of you who are closer to my age and the audience, if we told your parents we will be here, they would look at you like we are crazy. you are the leader in the world. not so. congress needs to get this bill to my desk as quickly as possible.
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economics drink is on the line and national security and investment is deadly on north carolina needs it, america needs it. that is exactly what we did move faster bipartisan infrastructure law. we ranked number 13 in the world. bridges, roads, it federal. ranked 13. why did we develop so fast, so well? even built a factory and get everything that you manufacture
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-- get everything out quickly or something that takes two or three weeks to get it there. it is all about speed? when i was vice president -- i was out when i was at -- i was out when i was vice president at o'hare airport. there was a sign getting on the escalator, "out of order for the next two weeks the united states of america at one of the busiest to -- one of the busiest airports in the world. if i took you for a blindfold so
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different. this year, 92 million dollars is available to 99 million dedicated to fund for bridge repair. [applause] we are also building a national network. for vehicles patterned by these
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patterns. this year, north alliance will receive about $6 million -- so kid this year, north carolina received 190 $9 million for clean water. because of the governor. [applause] it is travel, survival communities.
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showing pictures of moms and dads driving, going to the parking lot of mcdonald's liking connect the internet so their kid can do their homework. not a joke, not a joke. what is going on here. ? making it really about one thing, empowering more communities to do what you're doing here in greensboro. transferring yourselves into a city of the future, not the past. good in a year, we will invest
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millions of dollars in the product, for the rest of the world. one of the points i have now is a build back better world. all those countries in africa and latin america who don't have the capacity to make it better for themselves. a part of the reason for global warming. a lot of poured countries. the greatest -- absorbing carbon from the air is the amazon. the amazon absorbs more pollutants into the soil and the water then --. reinventing the legacy that
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greensboro has been built on. 21 century smart textiles, they use chips and sensors to regulate temperature -- above all, we are making greensboro a place where the future is being written. for students that principals at and t university, can we learn cutting-edge skills. so they can get out.
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families can have good paychecks, good homes, good futures. my dad was a well read man. his greatest regret was that he never got to go to college. my dad used to say, "everybody deserves a little bit of breathing room." i was raised in three bedrooms lit level home. with four kids, grand pop, mom and dad -- and she said, honeycutt, -- job, no more health insurance. not only does it deprive a woman
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of her health, but her dignity. a husband, child, son needs help. won't raise taxes a single penny for those under 400 grand. for dealing with insulin. many of you may be tight one diabetes. it cost $10 a vial to make. the average price, $600 a month. not only we don't have that insurance or the cash, a vegan
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being the parent looking at your child with hope one -- type one diabetes and hoping there is not a thing you can do. [applause] that is a story we have to keep writing. i am not somebody who believes you should be able to make a billion or a million dollars. just pay your fair share. [applause] i come from the corporate capital of the world.
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more companies incorporated in the state of delaware in the entire united states combined. i was a senator 36 years. this is a little bit of the promise americans all americans. they require police and criminal justice reform. even though congress isn't taking action, my administration hears and sees people who need it badly. we are making changes in federal law. police need more money, not less money and not just to teach them how you are doing for your body. we need we are going to -- stand
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in the way of justice? i am sorry to be partisan about that what they are not. we are taking action. today my administration laying out more than 300 concrete commitments. getting pollution out of low and calm neighborhoods. all these poor communities live
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near these places. when i was growing up in claymont, delaware, we lived on the border -- on the pennsylvania border. wineries, -- when it got to be fall, i was in the fourth grade and a got a little frost, my mom would get in the car to drive me to school only three quarters of a mile away, no highway, turn on the wind show wiper and there would be an oil slick on the window. that wouldn't happen where i live now in the nice neighborhood. never happen. making sure the minority owned business has capital they needed to grow. so no community is locked down by opportunity. [applause] i am not saying this because i have added hbcu. i have been saying this my whole career.
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what i ran for office, i said i am sick and tired of trickle-down economy. i am about building from the middle, up and out. with the middle does well, everybody does. the united states is in the position to outcompete the world once again. an incredible opportunity to lose. we face tremendous challenges. if we keep coming together, invest in the background of america, evergreen universities, hard-working families, clean technologies, there are no limit to what we can achieve. let's keep investing in the future of this country, in every community. let's face these challenges head-on. let's keep building a better america because that is who we have been. that is who we are.
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we can do this. still grow the economy, still be the wealthiest nation in the world, still growing. still united states of america. god bless you all. [applause] ♪
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>> supreme court justice sonya sotomayor talked about how justice interpret the law despite the differing views by listening and educating each other about their positions. she spoke at washington university in st. louis missouri. watch tonight at 10 p.m. eastern on c-span, online at or watch full coverage on c-span now. our free video app. >> c-span now is a free mobile app featuring your unfiltered view of what is happening in


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