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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  April 27, 2022 2:59pm-3:45pm EDT

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on social media, on c-span at c-span debbie -- at c-span wj. this is the lead of a story. representative kevin mccarthy feared in the aftermath of the january 6 attack that several far right members of congress would incite violence against other lawmakers, identifying several by name as security risks. and the calls with other leaders on january 10, 2020, mr. mccarthy referred chiefly to new dose representatives, matt gaetz of florida, mo brooks of
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alabama, as endangering the security of other lawmakers at the capitol complex. along with the public -- the published story, the tapes as well. here is one where mccarthy was discussing matt gaetz. >> the other thing i want to bring up, i just got something about newsmax, matt gaetz saying he is calling people's names out as anti-trump in this type of atmosphere. this is serious stuff. it has to stop. >> mo and louis posto comments tol, members have had concerns. >> louis was at the -- i mean, mo was at the rally -- >> what did he say?
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>> i just saw that on twitter. >> i am calling him and explaining to him -- i will have some other people to call him too. i will get another briefing from the fbi tomorrow. >> that's -- it is potentially illegal, what he's doing. >> he's putting people in jeopardy. he does not need to be doing this. we saw what people would do in the capitol, you know. >> that from the leaked audio recordings published by the new york times, a series of quattro different recordings available on the new york times website, getting a lot of attention,.
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here's one more that was published yesterday. >> don't assume i see everything or know everything but we need one central point, so don't sit around. . tension is too high. i don't want to think we cause something at -- or missed something and someone got hurt. host: those comments made just days after the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. getting a lot of attention today and some pushback from members
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of congress mentioned, including matt gaetz, the republican from florida, with a tweet yesterday evening. he said congressman mccarthy and scully's, the minority whip, held views that they feared on sniffling calls with liz cheney, then leadership at the time, not us. this is the behavior of weak men he said, not leaders. people know what i said -- because i tell them clearly and directly. while i was protecting president trump from impeachment, they were protecting liz cheney from criticism. they deemed it incendiary or illegal to call cheney and anna king's anger anti-trump -- and adam kinzinger anti-trump.
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they disparaged trump and the republicans in congress. matt gaetz in his tweet last night also getting criticism from other well-known conservatives. it was tucker carlsen last night on his program calling kevin mccarthy a puppet of the democratic party. thus the washington examiner right up. we are getting your reaction to the latest leaked tapes published by the new york times. alexander barnes and jonathan martin the reporters. the recordings were obtained in reporting as part of their forthcoming book, this will not pass, trump, biden and the battle for america's future. we saw the first last week after they published their first story in which mccarthy was talking about, in the tapes, his plan to
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ask then president donald trump to resign and plans about possible impeachment proceedings. those have only continued in the days since. phone lines as usual, republicans, democrats, independents. john is up first, a republican from pennsylvania. good morning. caller: thank you for having me on cnn this morning. hunter biden's story has been out. mccarthy is a liar. he is a rino just like mcconnell. they need to get rid of these clowns. every day, you find something to beat up on the republicans. yesterday, you had your wife or somebody writing an article, megan mcardle? host: no relation. caller: yeah. i don't understand how you
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cannot do anything against joe biden and the democrats but are on these tapes that the new york times have been sitting on just to release at a certain time? host: that is john in pennsylvania. this is sophia out of florida on the line for democrats. caller: i would like to say that i feel extremely ashamed of america and the republican party and how all these lies that are being told, and how they are disgracing this country, just like that college is now. we are in a state of shame. all the lies that are being told. and we have these republicans running around telling these lies and they know it is a line. mccarthy should not be in office. the republicans have not done a damn thing since they have been in office in this congress.
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they are us up the same road as trump. this has to stop. host: in georgetown, massachusetts, an independent. good morning. caller: thank you for having me on. you look at the content of this club and -- this clip and it goes right in line with what the media is dishing out. i think our country seems to be a victim of whatever the media dishes out. tickets eden on the others -- it gets eaten on the others. it doesn't matter. we are a nation of drive-thru news. we want to pull up, spend as little money as possible, have
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it as quick as possible, presented to us in a nice little bag that we can open up and get our tasty treats that make us feel good, but you know want? when it comes to news, we need to stop the drive-thru. we need to get out of the car. we need to look at the food. we need to put it together and then consume it, because the processed news that we are getting has led us to this state. listen to these phone calls coming in on new and -- on two different endsa. this is the deep state laughing at us. we need to learn that industry big governments have one role. they want to get more powerful and control the population. that is what is happening in
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america. the high hypocrisy -- the hypocrisy right now is through the roof. host: to tapes like this matter? some republicans, matt gaetz and tupper carlsen, jumping on this, these reports from politico, asking house republicans about these tapes. the recordings like this, especially at a tense time, do they matter, knowing when the leadership of the house republicans were saying to each other? caller: well, you know, leaked tapes. that's a problem in itself. then we have all kinds of problem under the last -- of problems under the last administration about leaked tapes and information? some of it was real, some was
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not, but it was all printed and put out there. it is as if there is no responsibility left in our media and on top of that there is no responsibility left in our whole medical industry, which we just observed over the last two years, so we need to get on track. host: that is dan in massachusetts. this is cheryl out of goshen, new york. caller: first time caller, and it is just heartbreaking how low we have sunk as a nation. people are just so hateful and vile. you are a democrat, you are a republican, it is just pitiful. and people need to pay attention. we are in serious trouble here, and you cannot believe the people who are supposed to be representing you.
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they are liars. they all have a case of power. what is the power for? i don't understand it. i just don't understand the attitudes and the people that are talking and the hatefulness. i watched mtg last week line her way through hours of testimony, if you want to -- last week lie her way through hours of testimony, if you want to call it that. mccarthy, skill -- scalise, their all disappointments. host: the new york times, writing mo brooks dismissed the leader's criticisms, noting that
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the speech by the white house before the attack on the capitol, that lawsuit had been dismissed. "kevin mccarthy spoke before knowing the facts," he said, noting that he never spoke with him directly. in that phone call, mr. mccarthy wasn't speaking to a small group of republican leaders, including steve scalise, tom cheney -- liz cheney and a number of aides. that is where these recordings came from and it appears that is where the call with donald trump came from as well. your thoughts on these tapes? caller: hello?
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host: hello. caller: hey, john. unfortunately, you get to be the guy that gets picked on by me this morning on the same topic i talked about last time i called in. it is find that you are covering this topic this morning, but i have to come again, ask -- to, again, ask, why is it that one year and a half later we still have not heard any audiotapes or seen any videos of hunter biden's laptop? that is a story, john. it really is a story and it was one that was neglected to your into africa. it is still being neglected by the powers that be including c-span. i wish she would get maranda on the program and let's have a real look at the hunter laptop story and the joe biden-hunter
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biden story. host: it came up yesterday when the attorney general was on capitol hill, bill hagerty of tennessee, who was asking about the hunter biden investigation. here's a little bit of that from that committee hearing yesterday. [video clip] >> i want to touch on something that is of great concern to my constituents and the confidence of many people in our system that you have controlled, that is the hunter biden investigation. i want to ask about how the communications have worked within your department. have you been briefed on the hunter biden investigation yourself? >> so the hunter biden investigation as i said, even in my own nomination, confirmation hearing, is being run and supervised by the united states attorney for the district of delaware. >> he reports to you. >> he is supervising the
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investigation and i'm not at liberty to talk about internal justice department deliberations, but he is in charge of that investigation. there will not be interference of any political or improper kind. >> are any senior officials in your department being briefed? >> again, he is the supervisor of this investigation, and, you know, the normal processes of the department occur, but he is the supervisor. >> if you will not be able to say whether there have been communications, i would like for you to tell me -- to answer this question, if you would. would it be appropriate for the president to call you into the oval office and tell you that his son didn't break the law regarding this matter? >> absolutely not, and the president has not done that and the president has committed not to interfere not only in that investigation but any kind of --
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investigation. >> i do wonder this, then, why the president is resorting to tv and having surrogates go on tv to say that message. earlier this month, white house chief of staff ron klein stated on television that the president is confident his son didn't break the law, and the communications director said president biden maintains his position that his son did nothing. this was on national television. the president has already told his subordinates, people he can fire at will, that he and his family did nothing wrong. how can the american people be confident that his administration is conducting a serious investigation? >> we put it in the hands of a trump appointee from the previous administration, the u.s. attorney for the district of delaware, and because you have me as attorney general. host: the attorney general yesterday in an exchange with bill hagerty out of tennessee.
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did you get anything out of that exchange? caller: i missed it yesterday. i just listened now and i will go back and listen to it again. i knew you would find a way to get out of it. all i can say -- and i will not bring this up again if i call in again. i have only called twice and both times it has been on this topic, but if you look into that camera and tell us all that c-span and all the other media outlets have done a good job or an honest and fair job on this story, you -- to come across as being honest about it, you have to know, and you all have to know that this has been covered for a year and a half, and might have even caused donald trump an election by not being covered at the time. this is serious stuff and it needs to change.
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i just ask you to consider my viewpoint on it and many other peoples. i will not keep harping on it but that's something i wish you would consider. we are viewing, we are seeing that the coverage is very, very different, so, anyway, thank you. host: thanks for the call and we consider all viewpoints on this program. that is what we do every day, give you a chance to state your viewpoint. three hours every day, seven days a week. this is linda in mississippi, a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: yes. caller: that last collar and the first call you had, john, those republicans are only worried about a man that is not elected, not in the federal government --
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they have no concern about those people trying to destroy this constitutional republic. the only thing i care about trump is he pulled the scab off to show the world who the republicans really were. he was power, greedy and racist, and nobody is trying to get to the bottom of why these republicans care nothing about this country, only about trying to not down the president. they care nothing about donald trump's children in the white house making money with china. host: that is linda in mississippi. this is derek in seattle, washington, an independent. good morning. caller: this is all about
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democracy. this is about the racism, hatred and the attack on the capitol. no democracy ever lasted more than 250 years. what we see with trump is he is an indication of history. his wife has admitted that -- host: before we get to the hitler's comparisons, can we talk about this story? caller: look it up. host: this is janice in san diego, california, a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i have so much i want to say. i hope you let me say what i want to say. that last collar, unbelievable. at the end of the day, what i want to say is cheney, romney, michalowski, collins -- romney,
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murkowski, collins, mcconnell, they need to go. there should be term limits and they are the reason why. they are in their own state of mind. they believe in doing things only one way. my thing is i don't understand -- all these elites that are coming up our -- all these leaks that are coming up are always coming up on the republican side . it is not just about hunter biden going and breaking the law and selling of the country, but his father was part of it. this is tapes and emails that have not been leaked, but have been surfacing throughout facebook. we send them all throughout messenger. everyone has read some excerpts from hunter biden's laptop and it is disgusting. it is illegal. somebody should be arrested. i don't understand why you haven't spoke on hillary clinton
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and the docket that came to be found fake. she has been fined. she has to pay what she did -- pay for what she did monetarily, not that that really means anything because she has the money, and the cover-up that is going on in washington with the democrats, the only thing that blows me away with the democratic voters is they do not care to hear about hunter biden's laptop but they want to talk about trump's kids and that they were taking money on the inside and this, that and the other. do people remember that donald trump did not even take a paycheck for four years? host: that is janet. on hillary clinton, this story on the front page of the washington times today, reporting on special counsel john durham revealing that employees of the research firm fusion gps sent journalists hundreds of emails with
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unverified accusations against donald trump to trigger negative news stories. the researcher tried to sell news stories. durham responding to people with ties to the clinton campaign to keep potentially explosive evidence out of his hands during the upcoming trial of a clinton campaign lawyer accused of lying to the fbi. in a motion filed monday, durham said the emails undercuts the assertions of the clinton campaign officials that fusion gps's research for them should be protected under attorney-client privilege. jeff murdoch with that story. he's been a guest on that program -- on this program before to talk about his reporting. william in ohio, you are next. caller: good morning, john. this is the old crazy tennessean again. it is a shame. we don't have no government.
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we have a giverntment. i will never go to a voting place for as long as i live again. host: william, in terms of never going to vote again -- caller: i will never, whether it is local, city, state or federal. they are all crooks. they get their pockets lined by the speculators and the lobbyists. we have a lot of that going on in ohio, didn't -- ohio, and i will say i am a democrat. i voted for one republican in my life.
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you asked me before who i voted for. i voted for mike turner the first time he ran for mayor. and i will never vote for mike turner again. host: you have a primary date coming up next week in ohio. doesn't matter to you who wins the primary -- does it matter to you who wins the primary? caller: there won't be a primary next month because they cannot get the cooks to all get together on anything. it has been in the courts three different times and they say the redistricting favors the republicans, so there isn't going to be a primary, but if there is, i still won't go. look what we have got to vote for. just a bunch of crooks. host: william in ohio this morning. this is jim, spencer, north carolina, independent. your thoughts on these latest mccarthy tapes? caller: good morning. appreciate everything c-span does. you set the bar.
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the guy who called earlier about the hunter biden laptop, for all those who want to know about it, if you would go to newsmax, you would get all the coverage that you want. it is right there. if you want coverage on the right, covering the right, go to msnbc. they will give you all you want. c-span, stay the course. you rock. you lead the pack. thank you very much. host: took file in illinois -- to file -- kyle in illinois. caller: the doj i think has something on these people to keep their mouth shut. if you would, play the tape of joe biden when he was vice president on, if you don't get the aid, i'm leaving in six hours. he put obama in there with him so these kinzinger at all
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these others -- kinzinger, i called to him to complain about the law. the poa. they were trying a case, where his wife was saying it would take two or three weeks to clean. -- put money in their pockets.
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you have the making tons of money over the people. we believe green. our government -- we bleed red. it doesn't matter who you are. our government bleeds green. host: that's kyle. you bring up ashli babbitt, referred to in those tapes released by the new york times. this is from the print edition. they note that congressman moore, congressman brooks tweeted the weekend after january 6 about the fatal shooting of ashli babbitt by a member of the capitol police force, noting it was a black police officer shot the white female veteran, and added you know that doesn't fit the narrative. immediately after that comment was read out loud on the january 10 leadership call, mr. mccarthy expressed a wish that the big social media companies would ban some members of the republican conference as they had done with mr. trump after the
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insurrection. that among the four tapes released by the new york times today. the headline, carthy raised alarm about gop lawmakers, that they would put people in jeopardy after january 6. that getting a lot of attention. phone calls for you to talk about this this first hour. republicans, (202) 748-8001, democrats (202) 748-8000, independents, (202) 748-8002. keeping you up-to-date on other stories happening. today on capitol hill, the supreme court yesterday examined the executive branch's leeway over immigration policies, hearing the biden administration's appeal of a lower court order that sought to abandon the remaining mexico policy. talking more about that later at 9:00 a.m. eastern with denise
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gilman of the university of texas, law professor and director of the immigration clinic there. we will talk about those laws. this getting a lot of attention. president biden gave his strongest indication yet in a private meeting with house democrats that he's poised to release student loans, a move that could include canceling tens of thousands of dollars in debt for some individuals. that's coming from a meeting yesterday with members of the congressional hispanic caucus. that meeting -- on monday. the reporting taking place today. vice president harris testing positive for covid-19 yesterday. the latest white house official to contract the virus. harris not exhibiting any symptoms according to her office. the spokesperson for her office adding that she would return to the white house when she tests negative.
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she's fully vaccinated and boosted twice. in light of that news, the press secretary was asked about precautions president biden is taking to avoid contracting the virus. here is what jen psaki had to say in the briefing room yesterday. [video clip] >> naturally, he has access to the best health care in the world. he consults closely with his doctor. we take a range of steps that go beyond even most workplaces in the country in terms of required testing, those who will be around him, social distancing. he obviously has his own regular testing cadence but we make assessments about when he feels it is important for him to attend or participate in an event. you have mentioned two of them. this weekend, he will be attending the white house correspondents dinner. it is an opportunity to honor the work of you and your colleagues and to talk about the importance of journalism in the
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world. that's an event he has attended many times in the past and he made the decision that he could it -- he could attend and wanted to again. former vice president mondale is someone he had an important personal relationship with. he wanted to attend his memorial service. these discussions are always done through our scheduling team and covid team to make sure we are taking every step, but just like every american, he makes risk assessments. host: jen psaki from the white house briefing room yesterday. your calls on this story, house minority leader mccarthy raised alarms about gop colleagues in a call with other members of house republican leadership january 10 of 2021 in the days after the january 6 on the capitol building. your reaction on the phone lines. this is jasper and wanted to come at d.c. line for democrats -- jasper in washington, d.c. on
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the line for democrats. good morning. we will go to james, murfreesboro, tennessee, independent. good morning. caller: good morning. when you listen to mccarthy, no one recalls anything they said. it is like marjorie taylor greene. she doesn't recall. how is it that you cannot remember anything you say but can remember everything about somebody else? these people -- what is wrong with these people? trumpet's code and stalin and all those people in 1 -- trump is putin and stalin and all those people in one. host: caller in oregon. caller: black guns matter all the republicans
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-- caller: all the republicans want is to have a fair and legal election, for one, harder to cheat, easier to vote, so mccarthy was not doing anything. all these tapes that they have, to me, there is not anything that is going to hurt any of those guys. all i can say is that, in a couple of weeks, huge, volcanic information will come out about hillary and her team, hunter biden and his dad, with china, ukraine, and another one out there. that's why a lot of these things are happening, because joe biden is tied down because of what his
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son has done. it is just an absolute just criminal, corrupt and all these democrats -- i mean, i really feel bad for them, but all these tapes that the january 6 has, there isn't anything that's going to go against any of, you know, mccarthy or anything. host: that is tom in oregon this morning. we mentioned reaction from matt gaetz who was referred to repeatedly during the tapes, tucker carlsen making kevin mccarthy part of his monologue yesterday. the politico story noting that some members of congress, some republicans, have called these tapes and nothing burger, but not all of them are ready to let the drama fade.
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they could be easy ammunition for republicans who want to squeeze mccarthy or party members who want to make a name for themselves with the base. the head of the allied freedom caucus until january told one network that his comments in the audio undermined colleagues. biggs added on one american news that mccarthy wasn't candid with other republicans that a call for the impeachment of trump was discussed. the call -- the trump resignation call part of that first set of tapes, that first story last week that got a lot of attention. this story coming out first, kevin mccarthy denying he had said that and then the audio coming out later, kevin mccarthy
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since then being asked quite a bit about those tapes, even when he was on the border back on monday leading a republican delegation to talk about border issues, the ending of title 42, concerns about security at the border. here's kevin mccarthy from monday responding to one of those questions about those tapes. [video clip] >> i am glad you asked but what is more important than something that happened 15 months ago in a private conversation with four people is what is happening now. you asked that question on the same day that we found a body. you asked that on the same day just a month from now that they are going to lift title 42, on the same day i watched a grown man cry over what's happening. you asked that on the same day when we toured with the border agents, when they put the
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numbers up about the amount of drugs they have been able to capture, the more than one million people who have come across, the people who have gotten away, the more than 175 sex traffickers they have picked up. i don't think that is what the american people are asking. i think they want to know about what is going to happen here and how we will secure the border. host: that was kevin mccarthy on monday. this is coming late yesterday. new audiotapes coming out. democratic members of congress jumping on this latest story. congressman eric swalwell of california saying america would be better off if kevin mccarthy's tryst with the truth lasted longer than a week. this is congressman don byer, democrat from virginia, saying the difference between his private criticism of his party versus his public comments could
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not be more stark. two faced does not begin to describe it. he put his party before our country. two democratic members of congress on twitter. this is rudy out of douglas., georgia, a democrat good morning. caller: words do matter. when i was in junior high, governor george wallace of alabama said segregation yesterday, segregation today, segregation tomorrow. that worked for him in alabama but when he ran for president and they quoted him, it didn't work for him, so words matter. what kevin mccarthy said after january 6, condemning donald trump, and now he's praising donald trump. if a politician's words don't matter, what do we have to go by? thank you. host: let me run through a couple of your text messages. the number is (202) 748-8003.
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dave from annapolis saying this is all meaningless, inside-the-beltway trash. what matters is inflation. george in virginia saying establishment republicans have no backbone or courage. you should have been passed over for speaker 10 years ago. bobby minnesota -- bob in minnesota said kevin mccarthy is proving politics is more important to him than the constitution and democracy by changing his position. audrey in philadelphia saying charlie cook, who was on this program recently, saying that -- charlie cook noted that republican members were rational for one week after the insurrection act then political pressure changed the rhetoric. it is the difference between authenticity and pandering.
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-- caller: used to be abc, nbc, cbs. now they are not even reporting the news. they are just reporting what gets them sponsors, keep feeding these people a narrative, and i
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think politicians have, if you watch, it is just a money game with the lobbyists and everything. people are going off on hunter biden. are you worried about trump? are you the same person -- host: charles, did tapes like those, they give a glimpse into what was meant to be a private conversation among leadership at a to mulch it was time in this country, do tapes like this -- does this story matter? caller: no. does trump's impeachment matter? does all this matter? no it does not. it is to feed the left, to feed the right, and to keep the people in power for the money. now, if you go back and look at hr and sr one, if you read those
3:43 pm
bills, i read the 680 pages and every american should read that. it takes money out of politics. it creates an office to go after these people. it goes after lobbyists. it cleans up the system. everybody that was yelling about, boy, this guy is all bad. well, until we clean up the system, it is not the people who are bad. it is the system. host: charles, if hr.1 is a hopeful bill for you, does it give you hope that it was introduced and as the first bill in a new congress? caller: no because again it is all about the money and the democrats knew immediately that the republicans were going to shut it down. they know it is going to get shut down so it is just, you know -- and that is what i see
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in most politics. they introduce the stuff that they know will not go through. the republicans are telling their base about how democrats they are, back-and-forth, and it has got us in this quagmire, but all the time, lobbyists are there. they are making their money. they spend 20% of their time dialing for dollars. and in these gerrymandered districts, hr.1 would take care of that too. why do you think mccarthy was down in florida meeting with trump after all this? it is not because he believes in him but because he's pandering to the base. host: that's charles in colorado. this is mike in dearborn, missouri, republican. good morning. caller: i am ju


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