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or tweet us at we will get your thoughts on this. how will this money be spent? here is president biden yesterday. >> we have almost exhausted the drawdown authority that congress authorized ukraine in a bipartisan spending bill last month. that is why in order to sustain ukraine, i am sending congress budget request that will keep weapons and ammunition flowing to the ukraine fighters and to continue the humanitarian assistance to the ukrainian people. this funding addresses the need to the ukrainian military in the weeks and months ahead. and began transition to security systems that will help them
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defend against russian aggression. this assistance provides more artillery, anti-armor systems that have been used successfully so far by ukrainian warriors. it has come to deliver humanitarian assistance as well as food, water, shelter to ukrainians displaced by war and pervade -- provide -- it will help hospitals and schools open. it will allow social support to be paid to the ukrainian people so they will have something in their pocket. it will also provide food resources around the globe. 10% of all the we shipped around the world was provided by ukraine. putin is blocking grain, putin's
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war, not sanctions are impacting the harvest of food and obstructing the movement of food by land and sea to nations around the globe that need it. this money is going to help the rising food prices at home and abroad caused by the war in ukraine. it will support american farmers produce more crops, like a weed that is good for america and go the world. and this supplemental request will expand domestic production of lithium and nickel and that are necessary to make defense systems in automobiles. host: more details on how the 33
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billion would be spent by the white house and cnbc. 24 billion in military systems, 8.5 billion to support the ukrainian economy and 3 billion and humanitarian assistance. again, we want you to tell washington how you want them to vote. president biden calling on congress to pass more aid to ukraine. do you support or oppose the idea? the president also talked about the money that has been issued already to the country of ukraine. here's what he had to say. >> in the past two months, russia lost his rule attack and we have moved weapons and equipment and record speed.
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thanks to the aid, russia has been forced to retreat from kyiv. we have sent thousands of drones, grenade launchers, machines guns, 15 million rounds of ammunition. the united states alone has provided anti-armor systems. providing ukraine timely intelligence to help defend themselves against russian onslaught and we are facilitating the flow of weapons and systems to ukraine from our allies around the world including tanks, artillery and other weapons. that support is moving -- much of the equipment we have announced has already gotten to ukraine where it can be put to use on the battlefield. host: president biden at the white house asking for more
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money for ukraine. you heard him outline the aid far that is been given to the country so far. according to the imsf, ukraine needs 5 million monthly to keep the country afloat, that does not take into account reconstruction. so 5 million monthly to keep it afloat. according to the pentagon on the money that is been given so far, on march 9 they approve 16 billion, on march 16 they approved 16 million and then another 800 million in military aid. do you support or oppose giving ukraine more.
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in new york, we go to you. caller: good morning. do you think may be this could go to support the southern border and maybe not be led by -- host: we will go to ben in michigan. caller: no. host: no, why? caller: we need to take care of the usa not somebody else's problem. host: have we already given too much? have we not have given any at all? caller: way, way too much.
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we should not have given them money in the beginning. what have they done for us? we have our own problems. tell the white house to get there shipped together. host: steve. caller: i totally support it. we are part of nato. 40 countries not just us. the countries -- biden got the countries together. trump wanted to get us out of nato. i totally support what is happening with the president and this amount of money to ukraine. i am confused about why the republicans bring up the border.
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nobody is talking about the border except them. host: yesterday, they were talking about the border when alejandra mayorkas testified. we covered that hearing and you can find it on our website host: the u.s. left 7 billion in hardware in afghanistan. this is from richard blumenthal, president biden 33 billion, another step in keeping faith and fulfilling our commitment. congress put its money where its mouth is. nancy pelosi, biden's
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request reflects what is needed to help them defend their nation but democracy itself. we look forward to a strong, bipartisan result. and kevin mccarthy said an additional spending, democratic rule has squandered our recovery. what do all of you think? let's go to christine and gary, indiana. caller: i oppose. i don't see the point of the war. $33 billion don't put my money anywhere else. the u.s. is always the first one to jump into a war.
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there are a lot of domestic problems that can be resolved. i oppose. host: johnny and boston. caller: i don't have any problems with giving so much money to ukraine to the situation there. but could you bring up some time during the show the amount of money the other countries are contributed to that so we can have some kind of a balance, we are not the only one supporting ukraine. i know we are not but i would like to get some of those figures if you could. host: i could, i would try to do that. caller: my biggest concern, and maybe i am trying to go too far. if we look at the past with the ussr when reagan was so
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powerful, it really came down that pressure was broke. that is why they collapse. d. we are not going in the right direction and money is one of the reasons we are not going in the right direction. i am concerned about what happened in the past with russia. we gave reagan all the power that he had but it really came down to money. i hope you have a good weekend and be safe. host: before you go, our producer got these numbers. where military aid from ukraine goes from. countries giving the most, this is from february 24 to march 27. the united states sent billions
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of dollars followed by estonia, u.k., germany and the czech republic. in the first week, 1 billion and arms was sent by these countries. johnny your reaction to seeing these numbers? caller: i think that proves what i am saying. we are way out there. i understand that, we are the best country. i think it would be good if we could give as much money -- get as much money from other countries. i think we have to keep that, i
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know we have to fight for freedom and i am all for that. i have a nephew that is teaching english in slovakia, i want him home until this craziness stops. he is serving the people of slovakia, teaching their people english but i am afraid. i am afraid of this craziness from russia. host: donald and albany, new york. he is oppose. caller: i do oppose. nato was put together for a reason when world war ii when nazi germany was there and not with russia and ukraine. host: richard you are next.
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caller: do you remember when saddam hussein invaded kuwait. and just like this, when biden bungled afghanistan it gave putin the green light to invade ukraine. we have to make up for biden's bungling and send all that stuff there. obama and biden could have shown more force when putin was doing this invasion before. host: fiona opposes in baton rouge, louisiana. caller: i am completely against it.
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i am a veteran myself and i am tired of it. that money could go to teachers. the schools that we have here are not the way that they should be. there are a lot of things here that we need to take care of. we should try to take care of home first before getting into things of this nature. they are not a part of nato, i am sorry the tv is on. host: you supported it up until now. now, it seems like too much? caller: i supported the more before they were not letting the
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black people get on trains. that is not something i am willing to support at all. i don't think we should be dealing with someone else's situation. i think we need to take care of our own. host: in your point about teachers, you may be interested in our next our. we will be joined by randi weingarten and we will talk about what is going on with teachers in schools and parents rights and debates happening all over the country. mary in fort washington, you will pose. caller: i wholeheartedly oppose. where is all the republican party about where the money is coming from? i think we have given enough to ukraine. i do not believe that the war is going to be won by the ukrainians. russia will win and all of that
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money will be lost. we need to take care of the problems here. you need to put up that post from the peace corps about black people being treated in ukraine. the mainstream media, i don't think they are telling us the truth. they do a lot of had dined spending and do a lot of talking. all we need is facts. we need to make our own opinions. we need to take care of business here. where was the money for the pandemic? people are still sleeping in their cars. gas is still going out. we need the money here. host: the congress is trying to pass more money for the covid-19 response. president biden talked about
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that from the white house. you may be interested in the headline from the wall street journal, congress said to take up the aid package. democratic and republican lawmakers welcome the 33,000,000,002 find weapons and humanitarian aid to ukraine. the proposal announced yesterday is designed to back ukraine's war effort to the end of september. they must work out how to approve the aid and to back up covid-19 aid and treatments. democrats would like to combine the two requests. however, republicans have said that any pandemic aid must also contain aid sustaining title 42. as you can tell from wall street
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journal, this could get tangled up in aid for covid-19 or put together and wrote as one package. frank in florida. tell us what you think. caller: i supported to some degree. there are multiple sides to any conflicts, even domestically. there is money involved, a lot of money involved. how many other countries, not just european but asian are supporting the ukrainians? even ukraine and russia there are multiple sides. putin is out of control, he is not the only power in russia.
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i don't think he is thinking clearly. i think he has advisors advising him but this is getting out of control. it is all about the petrodollar we are talking about around the world. host: frank this is from usa today. biden seeking the selling off of russian assets. the biden asset has this wish, it will seek authority to seize russian assets and have the proceeds be used in the war. do you like that idea? caller: that will cause a conflict between more russian
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people against the u.s. there are multiple sides, we have to take a stance. that is why we have congress. that is why you will like these officials. host: and the vote. caller: you elect these officials to vote for you. host: that is why we are asking you this morning in this first hour and later on in the show to because they represent you, on this program you get to call in and these lawmakers are in washington and let them know how you want them to vote. you are saying yes to the 33 billion? caller: i could email them and
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fax them to let them know my position too. host: john in jacksonville, florida. you oppose? caller: the people who elected representatives absolutely not. joe biden, where is this money coming from? it is coming from the tax p ayers. they are supposed to represent us. what happens to all of these weapons that are being sent over there? they will end up in the hands of the russians. a lot of them of been captured and lost and they will be used against the americans in the future. i am totally opposed to it. host: listen to the leader of
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the republicans addressing his concerns about all of these weapons going to ukraine and what it means for the u.s. military readiness and the amount of weapons we have to protect ourselves. he is what he had to say. >> it is not enough for americans and our allies to help ukraine, we need to modernize our own defenses at the same time. after just two months, our aid to ukraine has drawn down a quarter of our entire stockpile of stinger anti-air missiles and a third of our javaone antitank missiles.
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our stockpiles of similar weapons have shrunk as well. this is a wake-up call and not just about our ability to support the current fight. ukraine's expenditure rate should cause us to question whether our own weapons and ammunition systems are sufficient. this would be less of a problem if we had a robust defense base that could refill our armories but defense manufacturers have admitted that production lines have dried up and it could be years before they could replace the weapons that we have sent to ukraine. we live in a dangerous world whether it is the prospect of russia against nato or the aggression of china, or ran or north korea tomorrow. america must be prepared to
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project power all over the globe. we cannot assume that our adversaries will give us time to prepare for battle or restock in the middle of one. host: that was mitch mcconnell, leader of the republican party in the senate. we are asking you to tell the senators if you supported propose the additional funding to ukraine. you can send us a text like this viewer has to deny more military aid to ukraine opens the door to prudent to overrun the baltic states. you can send us a tweet at or post on facebook. i think we should support
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ukraine as well as our nato allies. we should honor the agreement that we made to the people of the ukraine. michael and oregon. caller: i am calling from port orchard and i am calling to support the package going to ukraine. coming from a military family, my father in the marine corps and went to world war ii and korea. in the 30's, the americans did not want to get into the war and we saw afterwards what hitler's was doing to his people in the countries that he ran over and i
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hope that we pay attention and that is one reason we formed nato. nato came to our house in 2001. we send them a lot of money but we are the richest country in the world. if we don't give some money to them, who will help ukraine? putin will go to other countries and eastern europe. we are the richest country in the world. >> we'll return to "washington journal" momentarily. the house is coming in for a brief session. no votes are expected.
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live coverage on c-span. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair la last -- lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. april 29, 2022. i hereby appoint the honorable nikema williams to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by chaplain kibben. chaplain kibben: will you pray with me. loving god in these days when so much of our experience is of disunity and disparagement, cold-heartedness and hatred, we pray your guidance in our attempts to find unity in spirit and love for one another. when all around us seems to encourage mean-spirited retorts and arrogant attitudes, may we
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be of tender heart and humble mind. give us courage that we would not yield to the desire to repay evil for evil or to even the score of abuse with even more abuse. rather, give us the wealth of faith to repay each insult, affront, indignity, barb, and slur with blessing. cast your eyes on the righteous, o lord, and open your ears to our prayers. it is in your merciful name we pray. amen. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 11-a of house resolution 188, the journal of the last day's proceedings is approved, the journal of the last day's proceedings is approved. the chair will lead the house in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house an enrolled bill. the clerk: senate 3059, an act to amend the ethics and government act of 1978 to provide for a periodic transaction reporting requirement for federal judicial officers and the online publication of financial disclosure reports of federal judicial officers, and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, madam. on april 28, 2022, pursuant to section 3307 of title 40, united states code, the committee on transportation and infrastructure met in open session to consider 18 resolutions included in the general services administration's capital investment and leasing programs. i have cloaked copies of the --
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enclosed copies of the resolution adopted. signed, sincerely, peter defazio, chair. the speaker pro tempore: referred to the committee on appropriations. pursuant to section 11-b of house resolution 188, the house stands adjourned until 10 ax m. on -- a.m. on tuesday, may 3, 2022. >> the house is in a district work period next week. next votes are expected tuesday, may 10. as always, live coverage of the house on c-span. right now we'll return to "washington journal" as we wait for house speaker nancy pelosi's news conference scheduled for 10:45 a.m. eastern. you have than flag on your lapel. i have been in contact with people on the ground and the government there and i spoke to them directly about them
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unleashing the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of democracy that is american energy. >> i totally agree about your concern about the price of gas. it is hurting people. the administration is concerned about this too. administrations across the world are concerned because the price of oil is traded on the global market. right now, russian's actions have taken 1.5 million barrels off the market. the war has caused prices to rocket. i know that is not what you want to believe but if you ask any market executive. host: from capitol hill, our
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coverage of the energy secretary , the price of energy across the world and the impact of the war in the ukraine. european diplomats discussing various sanction mechanisms moving to a complete ban of russian oil from germany and other european countries. james and illinois, you support more aid to ukraine. caller: i support as much aid as we can get these people. it is disingenuous to have mr. mcconnell on their when he did business with these oligarchs.
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they talk about hunter biden, these republicans are paying lip service to the idea for freedom ukraine while at the same time supporting these oligarchs. host: where did you read that and where did you hear that? caller: the aluminum plan in kentucky and mitch mcconnell pitching for it with a now sanctioned oligarch. the justice department needs to hold republicans accountable for january 6 and until we hold them accountable and the ringleader it is just going to keep pestering and ruining our democracy. host: let's go to anthony in florida. you oppose? anthony, i cannot hear you.
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anthony, are you there? you have to turn down your television. ted, in alabama. ted, mute your television. let's try eric. let's help your television is muted. caller: i have muted my television. you oppose? i do oppose it to a certain extent because everyone says the u.s. is the richest country in the world, are you really -- are we really? there are oil rich companies in
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the middle east. there are families that have gold covered everything. is saudi arabia kicking in 30 billion? we paid the lion share of nato. why are we always the ones with the deep pockets. i agree giving them the money. i think it is not a fair process for the u.s. to always be the one that people calm too with their hands out. host: politico did a story last month about what countries contributed what to ukraine. it is listed in alphabetical order.
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luxembourg, netherlands, norway, portugal, romania, slovakia, south korea, spain, turkey, the u.k. in the united states. that was a month ago, there could be a more updated list but that is the list of countries that contributed to the war in ukraine. bob, you support? caller: on the money deal, i know they need the money to fight the russians. where are they getting all this money? they want money for the border, they want money for covid. it is just crazy. i want to know why putin gets to make all the rules. host: in what way?
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what rule has he made that we abide by? caller: nato stay out of it and don't cross this line or i am going to do this or that. i was wondering about, i have a real problem with this laptop. host: we will stick to the topic of aid to ukraine in the war in ukraine. gordon in wisconsin, you oppose? caller: good morning, yes i do. host: and why? caller: i don't trust where it is going and how it is being spent. you brought up an article where seven or 8 billion dollars worth of military equipment was left
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to the taliban in afghanistan. i think that was all planned out. all this does is enrich the industrial war complex. you left all this equipment and afghanistan that could have been sent to ukraine and now you want to purchase more. how much are we paying for this equipment? how come there aren't any details and how much we are paying for rifles, bullets and antitank missiles? we were paying a hundred and $50 for a light in a toilet seat. host: there is also concern that the war in ukraine increased
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inflation, has had a negative impact on our economy overall and those concerns on new york times, the economies first quarter showed a decline in gdp. there is this headline in the washington times, u.s. growth negative since the first time in the pandemic. biden blames technical issues and is not afraid of a recession. the new york times, there are fears of a recession and the wall street journal, the u.s. economy shrinks 1.4% but spending stay strong's. president biden was asked if he was concerned about a recession
10:43 am
and here's what he had to say. >> how concerned are you about a recession? >> i am not concerned about a recession. i mean you are always concerned about recession but the gdp, 1.4% fall, we also had consumer spending and business investment increased at significant rates number one and number two, unemployment is at the lowest rate since 1970. a record 4.5 million businesses recreated last year. we are in a situation where we have a different view then senator scott who wants to raise taxes on middle-class families and include small business
10:44 am
owners. i think what you are seeing is in norma's growth in the country that was affected from covid. you always have to take a look, no one is predicting a recession now, some of them are predicting a recession in 2023. i am concerned about it but i know one thing, for our republican friends that are interested in doing something about economic growth, they should help us lower the deficit . they should be willing to work with us to have a tax code that is one that works and everybody pays their fair share and they should be in a position where they should not be raising taxes on middle-class folks they
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should be raising taxes against the united states, russia, and china. russia and china have dedollarized, which means they're dumping their dollars. they're setting up competing systems to the dollar. so it's all about the power of the dollar in the global commodities market and the use of it. russia and china have set up these systems and trade deals
10:46 am
with other countries like india and australia to bypass the u.s. dollar. and so this war is provoked by the united states through nato to create a war zone in europe and protect the u.s.'s economic interests in europe. joe biden did a l.n.g. gas deal recently. it's driven to shut down the in order nord stream one and two pipelines. it shifts the interests. i think your lustiners -- listeners know it but don't know it in the way i presented it. host: yahoo has this headline posted on the drudge report this morning. dollar rings, the yen drops. the ascendent of the u.s. dollar headed for its best month in a decade as renewed yen cemented the greenback strength against major peers. a bloomberg gauge of the
10:47 am
greenback climb to its highest level in nearly two years and risen 4.5% this month, set for the best performance since may of 2012. it's clear that the u.s. dollar is king, said a currency trader in singapore. the dollar will continue to strengthen globally as long as the world doesn't keep up in matching interest rate hikes. there's an economic story for you this morning. rosanne, support. good morning. caller: good morning. i agree with what your last caller said about the economics of this war. it will benefit. i feel the united states, we will become the superpower that we once were. but i do believe we should support ukraine because we did not start this war. we did not put soldiers on the
10:48 am
border to come into ukraine. we need to help ukraine because i don't want us fighting in america. i want the war to stay over there, but i do want america to come out on top, which is where we will be with the guidance of our president who's doing a great job. and i feel that freedom is very important. people who want freedom should be helped to have freedom. host: ok. caller: like our state of florida here where we have a governor who professes freedom but passes laws to stop people's freedom. host: ok. i will leave it there, rosanne. coming up this weekend, is the white house correspondents association dinner and c-span is the best place to watch it. if you can't watch it live,
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watch on demand on our free mobile video app c-span now. you can go to to access all our live coverage from the red carpet arrivals to remarks by trevor noah and the president. enjoy all your favorite moments from our coverage of past white house dinners in c-span's video library. it's all in one place and the only way c-span covers it, your unfiltered view of washington happening this saturday, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. you can watch it right here on c-span or the video app c-span now, on our website, susan in seattle, good morning. on this idea of sending more money to ukraine, what do you say? caller: no. i oppose sending more money to ukraine. we have have given them that much. how come in your graph is showing that germany is giving less than estonia? this is the richest country in the world and they're the one
10:50 am
buying. we should choke, you know, putin's line of funding this war. we should stop the oil. president trump has warned them before that we are beholden to russia because of their oil. find another way. now russia is going to belarus and poland of their oil there. so we were oil independent. we could have sold them, you know, our energy to them. but then this president really cut off, you know, the keystone pipeline. and that's -- we should take care of our border. i was watching, you know, the -- mayorkas yesterday. and now they are, you know -- speaker pelosi: good morning. well, as you


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