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tv   Vice Pres. Harris Addresses Emilys List Conference  CSPAN  May 4, 2022 12:14pm-12:25pm EDT

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griswold was thought to be a bad decision. what happens if you have stage change the law saying that children are lgbtq cannot be in classrooms with other children? is that legit the way that the decision is written? what are the next rights that will be attacked? because this maga crowd is the most extreme that has existed in american history? >> alexandra majorkas will testify on homeland security. vice president kamala harris
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talks about the supreme court's decision on rove the wade on emily's list. kamala harris: good evening. please have a seat. good evening, good evening. i want to thank miss butler. she and i have been in different positions when we first got to know each other working together. i will say that we are very fortunate that we have a leader and miss butler in a moment like this in history.
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i want to recognize a very special person the second gentleman of the united states. so, if there was ever any doubt about why emily's list is important last night makes the point women's rights in america are under attack. roe v. wade has protected women's rights, yeah it is powerful. roe v. wade in its power has protected a woman's right, her
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right to make decisions about her own body for nearly half a century. if the court overturns roe v. wade it would be a direct assault on freedom. on the fundamental right of self-determination to which all americans are entitled. roe v. wade protects the right to access abortions it also protects a woman's right to make decisions about what she does with her own body. but to the friends i say, we have always been clear but today we know our purpose, we know
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also what we are up against, we have been on the front lines of this fight for many years. all of us in this together and now, we enter a new phase. there is nothing hypothetical about this moment. let me be clear, this fight requires the work of this very organization emily's list. to elect pro-choice democrats to congress. now at this very moment roe v. wade remains the law of the land
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but let's talk about what a world without roe v. wade looks like. women and almost half the country could see their access to abortion severely limited and 13 of those states would lose access to abortion immediately and outright. those republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women. when we say, how dare they, how dare they say what a woman can do with her own body. how dare they's top her from determining her own future. how dare they try to deny women there right and their freedom. three years ago when i was
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united states senator i asked the question can you think of any laws that gives the government power to make decisions about the male body? and the response you recall was essentially, can't think of any. when we look at the big picture, those who attack roe v. wade have been clear, they want to ban abortion in every state. they want to bully anyone who seeks or provides reproductive health care and they want to criminalize and punish women for
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making these decisions. at its core, roe v. wade recognizes the fundamental right to privacy. think about that for a moment. was the right -- once the right to privacy is attacked anyone in our country may face a future where the government can interfere with their personal decisions. not just women, anyone. it has never been more clear which party wants to expand our rights and which party wants to restrict them. it has never been more clear.
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it has never been more clear which party wants to lead us forward and which party wants to push us back. some republican leaders, they want to take us back to a time before roe v. wade. back to a time, before ob ergefell d hodges. we are not going back. we are not going back. because at our core, the strength of our country is that we fight to move forward. i have spent my entire career fighting for the health, safety
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and well-being of women in so many of you in this room. now, once again friends we must link arms and fight. i invite all people to join us. if you stand for freedom, for self-determination, for the right to privacy. if you stand for these principles, stand with us. because you see, women's issues are america's issues and democracy, democracy cannot be strong if the rights of women are under attack.
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to all here i say, let us fight for our country and for the principles upon which it was founded in let us fight with everything we have got. god bless you and god bless america. homeland security secretary on the resources needed to secure the u.s.. live coverage at 2:30 p.m. on c-span. online at or on our free app on c-span now. u.s. senate candidate tim ryan won the


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