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tv   Gov. Larry Hogan Delivers Remarks on State of Republican Party  CSPAN  May 8, 2022 3:15pm-3:53pm EDT

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public service along with these other television providers giving you a front-row seat to democracy. >> maryland governor larry hogan talked about the direction of the republican party, warning that the gop will not win back the white house in 2024 by nominating donald trump. he shared his thoughts on how the party should move forward to getting more support among voters, from the reagan presidential varley in seem -- the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california, this is 25 minutes. please welcome governor larry hogan. [applause]
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>> good evening everyone. i'm the director of the reagan institute. we are the home of the reagan foundation in washington, d.c. just across lafayette park from the white house. i hope all of you have the chance to come and visit someday. as is our tradition at the library in honor of our men and women who defend our freedom around the world, please stand and join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. please be seated. before we get started there's a couple people in the audience i would like to recognize. first the first lady of
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maryland. welcome. [applause] the executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation institute, my boss. [applause] tonight it's my honor to welcome you to the reagan library for the latest installment of the reagan foundation speaker series a time for choosing. this is the tenth even in the series. since last may we've heard from speaker paul ryan, vice president mike pence, secretary mike pompeo, governor christie, ambassador nikki haley, renowned reagan speechwriter peggy nguyen, senator, governor christie no amanda senator tim scott. all have offered perspectives about the path forward for the
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country and for the party of reagan. now the gop decides which path to pursue and grapples with some truly existential questions we feel this is the venue to address those issues. the questions are what should it stand for, what are the republican philosophies we can all agree on, is there still room for reagan optimism in the gop. it truly is a time for choosing. in that phrase the title of the series comes from the 1964 speech that launched ronald reagan's career and catapulted him to political stardom, the governorship and ultimately the presidency. it's a speech so important around here we just call it the speech. but it's not the title that's on my mind tonight. it's the title of the book.
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specifically a tale of two cities. if i measured correctly, the distance between the white house and washington, d.c. and the governor's office in the maryland state house in annapolis is less than 35 miles. but they feel like they are worlds apart today. in annapolis the governor can enjoy an approval rating in the 70s. a republican governor in a blue state with an approval rating higher than 70% amazingly that is not a work of fiction. in washington though the sitting president's approval rating is in the low 40s on a good day. the best of times and worst of times. there's all sorts of reasons for the differences but one reason
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might be governor larry hogan has taken an optimistic practical common sense approach to governing, and it's not surprising. he was already with reagan in 1976. he was the chair and delegate at the republican convention in 40 years later it's reported he wrote ronald reagan for president just to send a message. the pragmatic leadership gets results and those results earned him an easy reelection which is no small feat. he was the first republican reelected in maryland since 1954, before he was born. by the way if you happen to catch recent video of him drinking with orioles fans during opening day last month it's not hard to see why he's so popular. that combined with the fact the
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term is coming to an end has people wondering will he try to repeat the tale of success in another city, perhaps one that is to say 35 miles from in annapolis? i doubt he will answer that tonight but we do expect an answer to the questions we posed to each and every one of the speakers, where does the party go from here. what can bring the party together. what path should it taken the time for choosing. to give us an answer please join me in welcoming the 67th governor of maryland, larry hogan. [applause] >> thank you all so much. thank you very, very much. it's great to see all of you. thank you for the very kind
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introduction. i should probably take roger with me everywhere i go. that was wonderful. i want to thank you very much and the ronald reagan presidential foundation and institute for giving me this opportunity and thank you all for being here tonight. it truly is a great privilege to be here at this incredible library dedicated to the president whom i most admire. the two leaders who inspired me to become a republican were ronald reagan and my dad. my father served on the house judiciary committee during watergate and he was the first republican to come out for the impeachment of president nixon. he put doing the right thing for his country ahead of self-interest and the demands of his party and the decision cost him politically, but it earned something more valuable.
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a quiet conscience and honored place in history. i learned a lot about integrity and public service from my dad. he taught me that being a republican meant always putting america first. and also albeit accidentally introduced me to my other political hero, ronald reagan. as roger touched on i went to the 76th gop convention in kansas city with my dad and governor reagan was challenging president ford for the republican nomination. my dad was a friend of gerald ford and a chair of the campaign and i admired president ford when i was captivated by the appeal of ronald reagan who expressed common sense conservative values and a positive hopeful vision for america that appealed not just
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the republican voters but also to independent and voters in the other party who would become known as reagan democrats. so i was there 100%. some kids rebelled getting into a little bit of trouble or partying at woodstock. i rebelled by campaigning for ronald reagan. [laughter] and from that moment on, i became a lifelong committed common sense conservative from the reagan wing of the republican party, and i still am. ronald reagan won two of the landslide elections and created a movement that endured for a generation because he understood the simple truths that successful politics is about addition and multiplication, not
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subtraction and division. it's one thing to win an election but quite another to build a broad and durable coalition. for reagan the party wasn't just an electoral imperative, it was moral. he knew that if our party wanted to govern, we couldn't ignore any part of america. in the 1970s, after the debacle of watergate and the tragedy of vietnam, the failed leadership of jimmy carter, the republican party in america was in dire straits. americans were unsure of the future and losing faith in the country. but ronald reagan showed us a better path forward and changed the course of history for
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america and the world. he proved that the change is possible even when the odds seem stacked against you. in 2014, maryland looked a lot like washington did. and what it looks like today, and arrogant and out of touch democratic monopoly. they were calling maryland the california of the east and they didn't mean it as a compliment. no offense. [laughter] maryland raised taxes 43 times in a row. we lost 8,000 businesses and 100,000 jobs and then a gallup poll came out that said 48% of all marylanders wanted to leave the state. and i was a small businessman who never held elected office, but i was fed up enough to try to do something about it and i can tell you not a soul believed
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that it was remotely possible for the republican to win the blue state in america. but i ran and underfunded underdog grassroots campaign that focused on the issues most people cared about and we were able to build a big coalition of republicans, independents and reagan democrats not promised to get the government off our backs and out of our pockets so that we could grow our small businesses and put people back to work and turn the economy around. we pulled off the biggest surprise upset in america. then we did something that seems to rarely ever happened in politics. we actually did exactly what we said we would do. we changed the mission of the government to be unabashedly pro- jobs and pro-business. we eliminated or rewrote thousands of job killing regulations. i was the only governor in america who had an overwhelmingly democratic
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legislature to cut taxes, and we did it eight years in a row by $4.7 billion. we turned the $5.1 billion deficit into the largest surplus in state history, and we took the states overall economic performance from 49th out of 50 states to number six was the biggest economic turnaround in america. when the politicians pander to the far left, dangerous lunacy of defund the police i was the first elected leader in the country to speak out loudly against it. saying you want to improve public safety by defunding the police is like saying you want to improve education by defunding the schools. it is absurd and ridiculous. and the reality is the police are underfunded and under attack. the reverse, the rising tide of
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the violent crimes we need to stop demonizing and sabotaging the dedicated men and women who risk their lives every single day to keep the rest of us safe, which is why i enacted a refund the police initiative that invested more than half a billion dollars more in the state and local police and now others all across america are following the lead. in 2015 i'd only been governor for 89 days when the worst violence in 47 years erupted in the largest city in baltimore. as the mayor said she wanted to give room to destroy i immediately declared a state of emergency in a thousand additional police officers and 4,000 members of the national guard into the city. we followed the doctrine of peace restraint and allowed for
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peaceful protests but immediately stopped the violence and then i walked the streets of baltimore meeting with state leaders and the naacp. people of baltimore thanked me for restoring peace and law and order to their community. they knew we had their backs and i would never put politics before public safety. in the summer of 2020 when cities all across america were facing unrest, baltimore was peaceful and city residents worked with us to keep baltimore safe. we didn't get any of this is done by resorting to the phony partisan posturing that is so typical in this age of politics. my first inaugural in 2015 i
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pledged the politics that have divided the nation need not to divide our state and they haven't. we have sought out and achieved bipartisan commonsense solutions that work for all the people of our state and it turns out that is exactly what most of the voters want. while most americans think that the nation is way off track, as roger mentioned, the overwhelming majority of maryland believe our state is headed in the right direction and more than 70% of every single demographic group, regardless of age, race, gender or party affiliation approve of the job that we are doing. in 2018 while republicans were getting wiped out all across the country in our deep blue state in a big blue year, i became
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only the second republican governor to be reelected in the entire 242 year history of the state. in a state donald trump lost by 33 points, we outran him by 45 points. we completely debunked the false narrative that the way you vote is predetermined by the color of your skin. where you live, where you were born, to who you love or where you worship. we did just as well with republicans and conservatives as donald trump did. but we also won the suburban women. asians, hispanics, young voters and historic levels of the black vote. we succeeded by convincing voters that we have the right ideas and the confidence to get things done.
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in november of 2020, just days after the presidential election and before this terrific series was created i had the honor of speaking at the foundation and institute in washington and i said then that the republican party and america were once again at a time for choosing and that if we wanted to find a better path forward, we should look back to the example set by ronald reagan. i believe that even more today. i've never been more concerned about the direction of the country. america is at a critical turning .1 in which the very fate of our democracy could be at stake. in washington the democratic party is dragging us any production america doesn't want and cannot afford.
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joe biden said he would govern from the center and unite the country but instead he caters to the far left extremes of his party and flails from crisis to crisis showing weakness to the world just like in 1980 america is set by out of control inflation and energy crisis hurting struggling families and businesses into violent crime is devastating the cities and communities. instead of offering americans relief, the biden administration tries to jam us through a reckless grab bag of wish list items, massive spending and tax hikes and handouts to special interest. instead of developing the abundant energy supply and increasing domestic production, the biden administration goes hand in hand begging a dictator in venezuela for oil.
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around the world, america's enemies are emboldened and on the march russia invades a peaceful neighbor and threatens the united states and our nato allies supporting the freedom of the brave people of ukraine. china steals the nation's intellectual property and makes common cause with our enemies around the world. iran and north korea threatened the peace, stability and security of the world as a merging nuclear powers reckless aggressors and enemies of freedom. after the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan, our allies question whether they should still trust us and our enemies question whether they should still fear us. the majority of americans today believe the country is way off
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track and heading in the wrong direction. but americans don't just blame the democratic party. they are fed up with the divisive politics and extremes of both parties. most americans are thoroughly convinced that we are hopelessly divided and that the political system is fundamentally broken and washington is completely dysfunctional. the voices of the exhaustive majority are ignored in deference to the demands of the loudest and angriest few who seem hell-bent on tearing america apart and when so many americans feel that neither party is delivering for them, the result is unrestrained toxic politics, rabid tribalism and hatred of the other. neither side seems to want to
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make progress. they would rather make demands and win arguments on twitter. i'm willing to stand up and fight for the things that really matter but not for status quo politics as usual and not to perpetuate polarization and paralysis. america needs were courses, not show ponies. it's time for less talk and more action. i don't come from the performative orca school of politics. i come from the get things done school of politics and i work with anyone who wants to do the people's business. ronald reagan said there's no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit and he improved with two colonial that a willingness to cooperate and compromise doesn't have to come at the cost of our
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principles. i've always been a guy who tells it like it is. so let me just give it to you straight tonight. a party that lost the popular vote in seven out of the last eight presidential elections and that couldn't even beat joe biden is desperately in need of a course correction. the truth is the last election was not rigged or stolen. we simply didn't offer the majority of the voters what they were looking for. january 6th was not enthusiastic tourists misbehaving. it was an outrageous attack on our democracy incited by the losing candidates and false rhetoric. the last four years were the worst four years for the gop since the 1930s, even worse
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than after watergate when ronald reagan had to rebuild the party from the ashes. we lost the white house, the senate, the house, governor govr seats, state legislative bodies. trump said we would be winning so much we would get tired of winning. i'm tired of the party losing. we have been doing too much subtracting and dividing. ronald reagan was not afraid to stand up and criticize the failures of our party. reagan said don't be afraid to see what we see. reagan knew a major course correction was essential if we were to get back to winning and governing again. we all already know what must be done, to return to the republican party to a successful governing majority. we need to take on the powerful
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and entrenched monopoly and when. we need to stand against the extremes and for the majority of americans. we need a hopeful positive vision for america and a message that appeals to a broad group of voters. we need to convince voters that we have the best ideas and solutions. over the past eight years, just down the road from the nation's capital, we have already shown a better path forward and if we can do that in maryland, there's no place in america where those very same principles will not succeed. the reason ronald reagan's landslide victories are a distant memory is not because his principles lost their widespread appeal, it's because our party has turned its back on them. reagan had a hopeful confidence
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in america. he trusted in the decency and the common sense of americans. today there are people in both parties no longer share the confidence and the unshakable faith in the american people. and they doubt whether we can or should still lead the free world. reagan was a great communicator who believed in the power
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but will the power. a government that government ths and debate with as much civility as passion and with a view to persuade, not intimidate, to encourage, not demonize. a government that can take on the big problems and make things better for all of our citizens.
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a government that all of america can be proud of. in 2022 and 2024, the republicans had a historic opportunity to put america back on the right course. while there are those who are more interested in attacking their fellow republicans been growing and rebuilding the republican party, my focus has been and will continue to be on growing that bigger tent and building a lasting governing coalition to change america for the better just like ronald reagan did. the divide in the party today really isn't ideological. it's more a difference between those who know how to win and those who only pretend that they want.
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enough of the angry rhetoric and grievance politics. enough of the narcissism of the small differences. we can't build a successful party by tearing it apart or burning it down. and we can't restore america if we keep shrinking the tent and losing to the left. americans will likely make big gains this year simply because of the complete failures of the democrats in washington. we can't let that fool us into complacency. the problems that caused the party to repeatedly lose haven't been addressed. it's easy to make excuses for the failures on our side by pointing out the other side is often worse. but better than the democrats isn't good enough. that isn't a winning strategy or
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long-term roadmap to success. americans are completely disgusted with toxic politics and sick and tired of the lies and excuses. this will not win elections will restore america. only real leadership will do that. we won't win back the white house by nominating donald trump or an impersonation of him. definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. we don't need just another typical professional politician who bends with every political when and stands for nothing. we do it by nominating a candidate who speaks to the majority of americans who are completely fed up and ready for change.
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ladies and gentlemen i can tell you this. i am not about to give up on our party or on america. none of us can because this is not just about the differences between the right and the left. this is about the difference between right and wrong and this isn't just a typical fight between democrats and republicans. it's more important than that. this is a fight for america's future and that is a fight worth fighting for. the best days of america are still ahead of us. together we can change our party and our nation for the better so that america can once again be that shining city on a hill. there is a better path forward
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if only we have the courage to seize it. thank you, god bless you and may god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> how -- the house will take up a bill next week allowing its staff to form unions and set the minimum salary for house staff at $45,000 and the maximum salary at 204,000 dollars.
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60 votes are needed to advance the bill that comes after a draft supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade was leaked to the press. live coverage of the house on c-span. and, the senate on c-span two. >> now available in the c-span shop, c-span's 2022 congressional directory. go there today to order a copy of the congressional directory. this book is your guide to the federal government with contact information for every member of congress including biographies and committee assignments and contact information for state governors and the biden administration cabinet. order your copy today at every purchase helps support c-span's nonprofit operation. >> first lady dr. jill biden made a surprise trip today meeting the first lady of ukraine and ukrainian children displaced by the ongoing war with russia.
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the first ladies worked on arts and crafts with the children at a ukrainian school converted into a temporary shelter. the first lady made the visit to the war-torn country during her four day tour of europe. tonight on c-span's q&a we will discuss dr. biden's involvement in joe biden's political career and her role as a teacher. ap white house reporter darlene superville co-authored a biography of the first lady. watch darlene superville tonight on q&a at 8:00 p.m. eastern. c-span has unfiltered coverage of the u.s. response to russia's invasion of ukraine, bringing you the latest from the president and other white house officials, the pentagon, the state department, and congress. we have international perspectives from the united nations and statements from foreign leaders all on the
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c-span network, the c-span and now free mobile app and our web resource page where you can watch the latest videos on demand and follow street -- follow tweets from journalists on the ground. >> now, a discussion on the opioid epidemic in the u.s.. ideas centered around policy recommendations for the crisis and optimal use of federal resources to reduce the number of opioid deaths. virginia joe manchin -- virginia senator joe manchin was part of this one-hour forum. >>


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