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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  May 17, 2022 10:07am-10:52am EDT

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battlefront. but here is the u.s. senate, the vote last night reported by alexander bolton in the hell at the the senate advances $40 million ukraine a package. the senate monday overwhelmingly advanced a $40 billion ukraine aid package that easily passed the house last week but stalled in the upper chamber because of an objection by senator rand paul kentucky. senators voted 81 to 11 to end debate on a motion to proceed to the legislation setting up a final bill -- final vote on the bill later in the week. it's an important test of republican support for continued u.s. humanitarian and military assistance for ukraine after several prominent republican voices including former president trump questioned the size of the $40 billion package. some republicans including the haggerty of tennessee announced before the vote they would not support it. "i certainly do not have anything against ukrainians. one to see them when but pumping more aid into the country when we are not taking care of our
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own country, the best thing president biden could do is stop the war he has waged on american industry. -- industry." we will show you comments in particular in particular from senator rand paul and his objection for moving forward on the legislation in a bit. that bill passed in the house last week, a $40 billion a package. here is where some of aid is going. $20 billion is going for additional security assistance including cooperation with nato allies, 8.9 billion dollars to help ukrainian economy for energy supplies and services, and $3 billion humanitarian assistance, and particular in the form of wheat and other commodities. who in assure you the congressional research service who keeps track of how much congress is spending, among other things they do.
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this is the latest from crs, this is crs. u.s. security assistance to ukraine. this was updated at the end of april. the united states has been a leading provider of security assistance to ukraine both before and after russia renewed its invasion of ukraine february 24, 2022. from 2014 when russia first invaded ukraine to april 25 2022, the united states provided more than $6.4 billion in security assistance to help ukraine preserve its territorial integrity, secure borders, and improve interoperability with nato since the start of the 2022 war. the 2022 war. the biden administration committed a total of more than 3.7 billion dollars in security assistance to "provide ukraine the equipment it needs to defend itself." that is from crs, the congressional research service. the lines for you, if you think
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the aid is too much, the line is (202) 748-8000. if it is too little, (202) 748-8001. for those of you that thing fade packages or the amount we have given so far is about right, (202) 748-8002. from reuters this morning, overnight news, this is the headline, more than 250 ukrainian troops surrendered at kyiv. it aimed to evacuate remaining searchers -- soldiers as fighters that held for 82 days began to surrender. on that a package which advanced on the senate floor last night, the majority leader spoke before that vote and was critical of rand paul's opposition to moving forward late last week. [video clip] >> we have a moral obligation to
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pass this assistance as soon as we can in the senate. the vast majority of us in this chamber united in getting this a done as quickly as possible, including myself and republican leader. last thursday the junior senator from kentucky prevented the senate from getting ukraine funding out the door and to the president's desk. the arguments he made on the floor last week made clear he outright opposes giving aid to the people of ukraine as they fight russian authoritarianism. senator paul's obstruction of ukraine funding is totally unacceptable and only serves to strengthen putin hand -- putin's hand in the long run. i urge him to drop the opposition so we can reach an agreement to get this package passed in the senate as soon as we can. but to be clear, his obstruction will not prevent ukraine aid from ultimately passing the senate. one way or another we will get this done and send a clear message to ukraine and the world that america stands on the side of democracy and against putin's deeply immoral campaign of
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violence. host: that a package advances with a final vote later in the week asking you about the amount of aid we are giving to ukraine. if it is too much, (202) 748-8000 is the line to call. if it is too little, (202) 748-8001. and if you think it is about right, (202) 748-8002. let's go to new hampshire and hear from pete, first out. good morning. caller: good morning. bill, right? host: yes, sir, go ahead. caller: yes, bill, what i would like to know and what is a folding me, i'm dead set against this because basically several things. number one is i would like to know and i'm sure a lot of other folks, seeing how we are the taxpayers in this country, i would like to know how many allies we actually have left in nato, number one, but number
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two, what is their share in all of this financially? host: in terms of our allies how much they are contributing? caller: yeah, absolutely. real numbers. i do not need made up numbers. the actual -- what are they contributing financially to the russia/ukraine more effort? host: and your thoughts on how much we are giving? why do you think about that? caller: i think it is too much at this point because -- you know, donald basically had it right. he had our so-called nato allies speak to the fire. if you recall, and made them start and teeing up their fair share in this nato system. the other thing, it goes to a bigger point, bill, what i would like to know is.
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we are just burning money. if you look at the amount of money we're printing right now in this country, to try to take care of our financial problems, we have a federal reserve -- it goes back to the federal reserve and imf. janet yellen, these people are under jimmie allen and they are just printing more money to funnel through the imf to begin with. it will come to a point where our country at the rate we are currently spending and our deficit of approximately $30 trillion, this country will go into a solvency. that is where we are headed, down a long, dark, spiraling path financially. china will inevitably take up control of this country. we cannot continue to borrow money from china to give it to other countries. host: appreciate the call. he mentioned the former president, donald trump, and donald trump at a statement
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about this a package that has passed the house and is moving forward in the u.s. senate, the largest single package so far for ukraine aid. the former president writing saying the democrats are sending another $40 billion to ukraine yet america's parents are struggling to even feed their children. there's a massive formula shortage but no one is talking about it. this is a national disgrace. it is unthinkable in the year 2023 -- 2022 american families are unable to your baby formula for the children, the pay mothers and fathers are going through literally cannot get nutrition for their newborns and infants is the mark of internal shame on the democrat party. america first says the former president will be spending time talking about the infant formula shortage in the u.s. later in the program. senator rand paul spoke last week on the floor of the senate and was seeking to amend this bill, seeking additional oversight. here's the senator from the floor of the senate last week.
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>> this bill under consideration would spend $40 billion. this is the second spending bill for ukraine in two months and this bill is three times larger than the first. our military aid to unit -- to ukraine is nothing new to them. since 2014 the united states provided more than $6 billion in security assistance to ukraine. in addition to the $14 million congress authorized a month ago. if this bill passes, the u.s. will have authorized roughly $60 billion in total spending for ukraine. for those that say this is not enough, for those of you in this chamber that's a our military spending is never enough, let's put $60 billion into perspective. according to hell ucsf, a security assistance at the stimson center, they have become the largest recipient of u.s. military the past two decades. insect -- except for the top five countries some $60 billion is more than every country in
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the world spends on their entire military expenditures. if this passes, our total 80 ukraine will almost equal the entire military budget of russia and it is not as if we have the money lying around. we will have to borrow the money from china to send it to ukraine. the cost of this package we are voting on today is more than the u.s. spent during the first year of the u.s. conflict in afghanistan. congress authorized force and the president sent troops into the conflict, and the same cannot be said of ukraine. this proposal towers over domestic priorities as well. the massive package of $60 billion to ukraine dwarfs the $6 million spent on cancer research annually. $60 billion is more than the government collect in gas taxes each year to build roads and bridges. the $60 billion to ukraine could find substantial portions or entire large cabinet departments. that nearly equals the entire state department budget, the 60 billion exceeds the department
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of homeland security budget and department of energy. and congress just wants to keep spending and spending. host: that senator paul talking about the opposition of the a package -- aid package last week. it has advanced on the u.s. senate lord and we expect a final passing but later in the week and we are asking about usa to ukraine. is it too much, (202) 748-8000 is the line to use. too little, (202) 748-8001. about right is (202) 748-8002. other republican members of the house and senate, here is todd young of indiana, senator young tweeting this over the weekend saying "our support to ukraine should not be governed by emotions and blank checks but tailored in accordance with our own economic resources and appropriate guardrails to ensure it is used effectively unaccounted for." from andy biggs on the house side of things, andy biggs says "my congressional colleagues, we
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cannot send $40 billion to ukraine. my colleagues and i were barely given time to read the bill text, our government doesn't have the money and there is no way to tell all this money will be spent." let's go to calls and hear from nick in sarasota, florida. go ahead. caller: good morning. i think all the republicans like rand paul and the president are all exactly correct. the numbers you put up show only $20 million -- $20 billion of it was for military assistance and the other was for humanitarian aid and economic support. we needed some of that here. i'm a retired veteran and i have a 5% raise and now the inflation is really closer to 10%. i don't believe that a number at all. we could have built the border fence and finished it by then, put more money down there. it is too much and all borrowed.
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that is what gets me but nobody like your previous caller i agree with him too, what is the numbers of the other countries giving over there? we need to see that so we are seeing we are not once again having our wallets emptied as taxpayers. host: we were here -- will hear from john next. caller: hello. thanks for taking my call. what i'm not hearing from anybody is this is bidens war. putin warned us or he warned the world he did not way ukraine in nato and biden specifically said we invite ukraine to nato. putin said don't do it and biden came on the radio and said pruden will attack russia. we knew they would attack because he did not want them in ukraine. this is russia's missile crisis.
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we put missiles in northern italy in 1960, russia put missiles into cuba in 1960-1961. they took them up because we took our missiles out of northern italy and greece. this is russia's missile crisis. why would we want to put missiles on the ukrainian/russia border? . i don't know why the biden administration came up with this idea. they want to ruin washer -- ruin russia and that is ok but why kill ukrainians to do it? host: this is from the editorial side of the wall street journal this morning from their opinion pages, the former chess player and chairman of the review democracy initiative, the headline of his editorial says this is no time to go wobbly on russia. he writes the goal is to save ukrainian lives as western leaders say in the only way to
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do it his arm ukraine with every weapon president volodymyr zelenskyy once as quickly as possible. the cease-fire that leaves russian forces on ukrainian soil would only allow mr. putin to continue his genocide and mass deportations undercover as he is been doing since he first invaded in 2014. on the floor of the senate last night, president pro tem, senator leahy of vermont falling -- calling on the senate to pass the aid package. [video clip] >> the horrors we have witnessed in the weeks and months following vladimir putin's attack on ukraine are an abomination. an affront to all civilized people. entire communities wiped from the faith of the earth -- base of the earth, countless lives ruined. we've seen pictures of unarmed civilians executed randomly in the street, civilians.
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millions of desperate people fleeing because one man's zeal to destroy what is ever necessary to realize his own twisted version of the world. all of this fueling a humanitarian crisis across the region, spiraling costs and sparking a global hunger crisis. this congress needs to act decisively, act now to reaffirm our unwavering support of the ukrainian people. and protect their lives and country. host: that aid package advancing pretty much in bipartisan efforts. mitch mcconnell back from a congressional delegation trip to ukraine as well, speaking on the floor.
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also tweeting about his support, saying a delegation of senate republicans just cut ukraine after meeting with president zelenskyy they saw firsthand the courage, unity, and resolve of the ukrainian people. new york times this morning there headline, mcconnell tries this way isolation and his party. they say hours after meeting with the president of key -- in kyiv, mitch mcconnell issued a counterargument to the isolationists there questioned united states should be sending a do ukraine. this is not some hand out the republican of kentucky declared. this could just as easily have been directed at lawmakers. he leads "it is important for the united states to help and important for free world to help." is important to the ukrainians to win and hopefully not many members of my party will choose to politicize this issue. asking you about the amount the
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u.s. is providing an aid to ukraine with this $40 billion package pending. if it is too much, (202) 748-8000 is the line to call. if you think it is too little, (202) 748-8001. if it is about right, (202) 748-8002. chandra in miami, florida. you are on the air. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i've been watching this with my wife. listening to c-span and stuff. today, a call [indiscernible]
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i'm getting so emotional here because brutal dictators around the world are destroying the whole world. people don't understand what they're going through. give them $40 billion, give them 100 billion dollars to put an end to this mass. and charge him, they seize all of these assets and take care of this thing here. i would say no more [indiscernible] we came to this country to get away from this all, you know? i'm sorry to get emotional. thank you. host: we will hear from liz next
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in anderson, south carolina. go ahead. caller: yes. too much. that is the way i feel. the dictators are always gonna be here. we have a humanitarian problem here in our country right now. mothers cannot get baby formula. they are having to wait in line to get free, small amounts of formula to get them by, gas four dollars per gallon, meet $10 per pack for a pack of cube steak. how much longer are they going to keep giving money to other countries? we cannot help these people forever. we can't. we need help here. it is a mess.
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if people keep voting for these democrats, liars, this is how our country is going to continue , and we are going down a rat hole. thank you. host: from the washington post, the headline from the analysis by olivia knox is progressives mostly line up behind bidens ukraine policy. he writes defined the beltway stereotype of democrats in disarray, president biden allies in congress have shown remarkable unity when it comes to supporting his ukraine policy. even as he has laid out an open-ended commitment backed by escalating economic and military assistance. the result has been to give the president much needed political breathing room in foreign policy at a time or the fate of what remains on his domestic agenda is very much in doubt. democrats fear a round in midterm elections. in the vote to send ukraine's
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nearly $40 billion in economic and humanitarian assistance, democrats went 219 to zero in favor on the house side. the senate may approve the package later this week. on the vote to extend world war ii lend lease military assistance programs to expedite weapons shipped to ukraine and other eastern european countries, democrats went 221 to zero in favor. the senate adopted it by votes. banning russian imports, just to progressives, cori bush of missouri and representative omar of minnesota voted no. the final tally among democrats was 291 to two. that analysis in the washington post,.com -- you can send us a text to (202) 748-8003. this is from brian in annapolis that says we have a
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huge stockpile in northern california and arizona we can fast track to ukraine. also need to get them fighters and more antiship missiles. i do not support $40 billion to ukraine until other countries contribute as much says michelle in pennsylvania. this tweet from kurt, how about a breakdown of how the aid is delivered? you are pitching the segment like it is cash being flown during the middle of the night. we showed you some breakdown of the $40 billion, the proposed $40 billion a short while ago and we will do that again. let's hear from ned in an apple us, maryland. go ahead. -- and annapolis maryland. caller: i trust the president on this. i trust the bipartisan vote in the senate. i don't know the exact breakdown and i agree there should be oversight and there will be oversight i'm sure. there will be hearings on where
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the money will go, there will be accountability. we have to prepare ourselves. there will be some corruption along the way. a big program like that has that happened but i think the priority is first comes first, we have to do everything we can as a country and we owe it to ourselves as a country and people in ukraine to try to assure their victory. if president biden says $40 billion and republicans say $40 billion, let's get it over there now. host: the washington post is reporting on spending in the one of the previous covert aid packages. they are reporting billions in benefits siphoned by fraud. they write serena brown thomas just arrived home from her ship as a custodian when she noticed an envelope in the mail bearing her name, address, and last four digits of the social security number. the letter said she was awarded
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unemployment benefits which was a problem since she never applied. 32-year-old notified her bosses believing last summer she put the matter to rest for the real trouble would not start until september when brown thomas did find herself out of a job. she cannot get the financial support she needed. mired in bureaucratic battles, she said she faced a month long struggle just to prove her identity to the city. "i'm still trying to figure out how to get a lot of stuff paid," who at one point was arguing over her eligibility. "it was easy to get my unemployment number and -- social security number and unemployment." attacks targeting the generous coronavirus aid programs. the more than $5 billion approved has become a wellspring for criminal activity, allowing fraudsters to siphon money away from the hardhead american workers and businesses needed to
10:34 am
help most. the post writes the scope of the fraud targeting federal-aid initiatives is unknown even to years later with unemployment benefits however the theft could be significant. testifying in a congressional history -- hearing this spring, a watchdog estimated there could it be -- there could be at least $163 billion in unemployment over payments. comments on the ukraine aid, if it is too much, (202) 748-8000. if it is not enough, (202) 748-8001. if it's about right, (202) 748-8002. representative clay higgins of louisiana was with us last week on this program and talked about the aid package that had come up for a vote in the u.s. house. [video clip] >> the $40 billion we just sent to ukraine, i voted no for different reasons but one of the
10:35 am
dynamics that came into my consideration was 100% of that $40 billion was deficit spending. was a deficit on the ukrainian people? no. it was further deficit spending added to the debt of the american people. so although i support ukraine and its defense and i think we should have been more aggressive in our involvement early on before russia began this renewed invasion of ukraine, that they began in 2014 by the way to be clear, so i think we should have been more aggressively involved in ukraine since they are our ally. the reality is we are not and russia took advantage of the postured weakness america has shown over the last year and half. we are engaged in ukraine and i certainly support my ukrainian
10:36 am
brothers and sisters standing on the front line of freedom in europe at this time. however, i work for the american people and $40 billion of foreign military aid pass under a rule, a procedure in the house, under a rule, no debate, no amendments, passed in five hours, i was a no and i would be again in the same circumstances. host: some of the breakdown of that $40 billion in proposed aid, it is passed in the house and moving forward in the u.s. senate, 24 -- 20.4 billion dollars in military assistance, money to bolster european security. in cooperation with nato allies, $8.5 billion for the ukrainian economy, including support like food, energy, and health care services to the ukrainian people and $3 billion for humanitarian assistance, largely in the form of wheat and other commodities.
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before the vote in the senate, support from democratic senators on twitter including senator chris murphy who tweeted this, " russia's attack on ukraine is exacerbating -- excuse me, he says fyi trump served as including donald trump, jr. our online pushing for republicans opposing more defense spending for ukraine." this week the house voted to support ukraine i passing a bipartisan funding bill that will equip ukraine with training , weapons, supplies, services, and intelligent support for as long as they needed. the united states will stand with ukraine. from senator mark warner of virginia, russia's attack on ukraine is exacerbating food shortages globally. it's time for the senate to act and pass aid to support ukrainians. deborah is in massachusetts next. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you?
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host: i'm fine, thank you. caller: i'm trying to wrap my head around the funding that has gone to ukraine. while i do agree with most of it, i believe that the funding as far as cash goes should go more towards equipment and a portion should go towards humanitarianism, and i say that because prior history shows that the funding that was sent to ukraine from years past was misused by mr. biden. that is on tape. as a conservative i want to help the ukrainian people where the suffering is real and a lot of people do not believe that even on the concern -- conservative side as well as my democrat friends side. so that is basically what i have to say.
10:39 am
host: we touched on more vague deeper dive into ukraine aid. the congressional research service does this and they have a report, crs., and they do the tally on how much u.s. security eight has been provided to ukraine and they write the fiscal year 2022 security assistance packages have been funded through regular and supplemental appropriations and that is basically what this $40 billion is as well. there is further information, a big report on how that information is being spent at caller: thank you for taking my call and i will be brief. rand paul was on tv last night and they said the american people are trying to overthrow his nato on the money for
10:40 am
ukraine. on russian national television. that will tell you all you need to know about republicans and the money going to ukraine. my second point was out of the funds, i understood and they could be wrong, was to replace materials we have already given them in our sources. republicans scream about military defense, that is going in there, that is replacing it and putting it back in america, saw the scrap and malarkey, the guest on thursday, it is ridiculous. i do not have more, then that. caller: to chris in washington, d.c. good morning. caller: i'm not for the $40 billion. it is amazing how political ideologies just separate people
10:41 am
who have the same common sense. i will give you an example of what i'm saying. there was a lady a few calls back and i agree with practically everything she was saying, talking about how we need the money. that $40 billion, we have a food shortage here for babies. right? we have inflation and high prices everywhere but you have to take this and blame it on the democrats when everybody has their pockets out, their hands out for military-industrial complex. i know that is a concern people utilize but that is $40 billion on everything here that we need to take care of at home. how long are we going to dump money? another thing that was said that it was critical also and this is what i'm talking about political ideologies again, eileen left about trump might have been right about this. how much money are the other nato nations putting into
10:42 am
ukraine and helping the fight? how long are we going to prolong this? how much money are we going to give him tell this thing ends? then where does that put us as americans and where does that put us with what we need here? that $40 billion could do a lot of good right here and now since we are having a hard time feeding babies. host: thanks. katie is next also in washington. go ahead. katie in westminster, maryland, go ahead. caller: actually it's pronounced kade. i believe the $40 billion is close to accurate. i think what is lost on this is it is not just going to be forgotten. there is a return of investment on it. the world is globalized and part of the worn ukraine, the issues, there will be supply issues for the rest of the world that will impact us, so the sooner we can
10:43 am
wrap this up and push the russians out, the more we will get back from that $40 billion. everything is globalized. you cannot take an isolationist view on that. the reason we have prices is because of markets. if we do not do anything, we let the russians push through and ukraine starts to be affected, there supplies, for the rest of the world. we will see prices continue to skyrocket. we have to do something. we can't just leave the ukrainians how to drive because it will eventually bleed over to us. it is money spent but there will be a return on it. host: we are reporting this morning in other news on the massacre over the weekend in buffalo, new york. this is the front page of the new york times and their headline, despite state law, buffalo suspect purchased rifle. online posting suggests months of preparation and planning.
10:44 am
it shows has the suspect evaded a state law that could have prevented him from owning a gun. new york's red flag law took effect in 2019 allowing judges to bar people believed it to be dangerous from possessing firearms yet the 18-year-old man accused of killing 10 people at a top supermarket saturday was able to buy an install style weapon despite having held from a mental health evaluation last year after making a threatening remark at his high school. the times writes he described his remarks and responded to a school project questioning -- questioned by writing he wanted to commit a murder/suicide as a joke according to a law enforcement official familiar with the case and was released. the postings that came to light on monday make it evident he was lying. "i got out of it because i stuck with the story that i was getting out of class and i stupidly wrote that down."
10:45 am
"that is the reason i believe i'm able to purchase guns." ""it was not a joke. i wrote that down because that swells planning to do." on monday, the state police confirmed they did not seek a red flag order against him who is now charged with one of the deadliest races massacres in recent american history. president biden today will head to buffalo. we expect to bring covers of that on the c-span networks. the president yesterday at the white house, and mental valor ceremony for peace officers and law enforcement officials are cross the country recognized and honored aaron salter, the retired police officer working as a security guard at the grocery store when the gunman claimed his life and nine others on sunday. here's what he said. [video clip] pres. biden: we pay tribute to all law enforcement officers and families who understand what it takes, what is at risk to save and protect all of us. that includes paying tribute to
10:46 am
buffalo police officer aaron salter, who gave his life trying to save others when the government shine killed tennis and people in a grocery store -- when i gunman killed 10 people in a grocery store. no one understands more than all of you here today the pain and anguish those families in buffalo feel. when it happens, it's like you are pulled into a black hole inside of your chest. everything, everything, and it is hard. but as you know, part of the special community, because the firefighters and police officers will always be there for you. i notice a small consolation, but they will always be there for you. and your family, children, and
10:47 am
grandchildren, all family. host: again president biden heading to buffalo later today. any update from the associated press on the mass shooting that happened in california's lower the weekend, authorities hate against taiwanese led to chargers hack. a gunman motivated by political hatred against taiwan shut the doors of the california church and head to firebombs inside before shooting at a gathering of mostly elderly parishioners, killing a man who tackled him and possibly saved dozens of lives monday. david chow of las vegas, a citizen who grew up in taiwan, drove to orange county saturday and the next day he attended a lunch held by irvine taiwanese presbyterian church which worshiped at geneva espoo terry in church. though he knew no one there, he spent about an hour mingling with about 40 attendees and executed his plot. authorities said at the news conference.
10:48 am
our question about ukraine aid, the usa to ukraine, military and security aid, humanitarian an -- humanitarian aid. if it is too much, (202) 748-8000. if it is too little, (202) 748-8001 if it is about right, (202) 748-8002. commas on social media, a tweet that says america get ready to provide more aid eerie ones fighting is stopped, what is left to ukraine must be reinforced against russian expansion. he says as much as i agree with helping ukraine event itself from russia, i would like to see a similar charge for the defense of our nation from the south. this one says vote republican in the midterms and you will be signing the death certificate for ukraine. listen to these collars telling you as much. let's hear from our callers, paul in south carolina. go ahead. caller: yes. i think definitely put is a war
10:49 am
criminal and we need to help ukraine. i'm concerned about the aid, the money come of the covid relief. there was $100 million stolen by criminals, and who knows where the money goes. it is hard to understand how money can go missing. if you look at democrats and republicans, they are all millionaires and if you look at their salaries, that is not possible. everybody is divided because they intend to cue our country divided between democrats and republican. it is time we unite. host: to sioux city, iowa, good morning to rick. caller: hello? host: go ahead. you are on the air. caller: thank you. i guess my sense is politicians need to articulate they strategic value of -- the
10:50 am
strategic value of ukraine. one thing i read was in 2013 there was a major natural gas line down there and it goes all the way up into crimea. and that is of the majority of the fighting is going on her now. i know royal dutch shell thought enough about it that they would come in for $10 million of direct investment to go check the wells out. my sense is putin/russia gets a hold of that, of course that is money in their pocket, not to mention the agriculture and all of ukraine. not to mention that, as ukrainian can't get their wheat out of the country, the price russia can charge for their
10:51 am
wheat goes up and that money goes into their pockets in order to fund the fight there. as far as what europe has done, they have the 4.5 million people onto the continent. they are taking care of those folks. i think we were in there for about 100,000 is it? host: in terms of refugees, ukrainian refugees to the u.s.? caller: yes, sir. host: i think the original figure -- you are right, is 100,000. caller: right. so i'm just taking ap care. yeah, so my >> we'll leave this program here to keep our over 40-year commitment to live gavel-to-gavel coverage of congress. the house and senate are holding a joint meeting to hear remarks from the greek prime minister kyriakos mitsotakis.


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